Committee of the State Duma approved a draft on the state protection of the military, fighting terrorism

The State Duma Committee on Security recommended that deputies adopt in first reading a bill establishing the same level of protection for Russian military personnel involved in operations against terrorists and performing functions to ensure the country's security, as well as for judges and officials, reports RIA News.

Committee of the State Duma approved a draft on the state protection of the military, fighting terrorism

"The draft law proposes to supplement the Federal Law" On State Protection of Judges, Law Enforcement Officials and Supervisory Authorities "with a new category of protected persons (military personnel of the foreign intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation who directly participated in special operations or performed special functions to ensure the security of the Russian Federation)," explanatory documentation.

The authors of the bill also propose to refer to the persons subject to state protection, "military personnel who took part in the fight against terrorism, and military police officers who took part in the suppression of the actions of criminals."

In addition, the document proposes “to determine the order of security measures in relation to a protected person whose physical condition does not allow expressing consent to their use”, as well as to consider “an extension of the inspection period for the facts stated in the statement on the application of security measures from 3 to 30 days.

According to the authors, the implementation of the project “will enhance the effectiveness of security measures and will not require additional costs from the federal budget.”
  • RIA News. Andrey Chaplygin
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  1. +1
    11 November 2016 12: 23
    It’s a strange bill, not by itself, but by the formats by which such bills are submitted. Bills of this kind should be combined in one "law on military service" and everything should be spelled out there. And then it turns out that someone falls, someone does not. As in the USSR it was "The Motherland will not forget you, but it will not remember either." Now draft laws are being published, then they will need to be systematized or combined into a code.
    1. +1
      11 November 2016 12: 25
      The fight against unemployment :)
      And in fact - I fully agree with you - there should be a single law "On military service."
      1. 0
        11 November 2016 12: 32
        When was the Military Service Law adopted? You can't foresee everything at once. But such a bill should have been considered even before the introduction of our contingent in Syria (or, to be more precise, before Afghanistan).
      2. +2
        11 November 2016 12: 49
        It is very good that our legislators have guessed to create this bill, now we would have to pass it without delay.
  2. 0
    11 November 2016 12: 49
    Quote: rotmistr60
    When was the Military Service Law adopted? You can't foresee everything at once.

    Yes, here I am about the same. That it is necessary to pass one normal bill and to provide for all these things.
  3. +2
    11 November 2016 12: 57
    Ours in Syria
  4. +8
    11 November 2016 12: 59
    "How good and fresh the roses will be, thrown into my coffin by my country" - in fact, this is always the case. Maybe a belated decision, but the right one: it is necessary to interrupt service people.
    And we also need a legal mechanism to crush all sorts of gerashchenki and peacekeepers, and especially "gently" to crush those who leak data about servicemen. And to explain to the servicemen themselves how to use mobile phones, social networks - so that they do not give themselves away
  5. +1
    11 November 2016 13: 02
    So it’s interesting to me, and not fate, to include all this in the law on the social status of a soldier and to duplicate the same in the provision on the procedure for military service?
  6. +3
    11 November 2016 14: 28
    This is what bothers me in this story ... Specifically, the Chechen security forces .... They used to pop up here and there from time to time here and there not in the most personal form, regarding their unlimited behavior in Moscow, for example ... and now what? from the point of view of the law, will they become untouchable? Well then, they will begin to get wet just for reasons of self-preservation ... Kadyrov would not be sick to conduct explanatory conversations with his wards as often as possible on the conduct of conduct in Russian cities ... It is clear that all this is Russia .. and Grozny and Moscow ... only for some reason they don’t behave so greyhound in Moscow as in Moscow ..

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