Wrath of WASPs. Who voted for trump and why?

Until the very last moment, when the United States began to announce the election results, almost no one believed that Donald Trump could become the new American president. But the Republican nominee bypassed Democrats Hillary Clinton. It was Donald Trump who became the new head of the American state. His election as president was the answer of most Americans dissatisfied with the policies of the Washington elite.

They managed to get tired of the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, who was in charge of US foreign policy, never enjoyed the special sympathies of the Americans, just as the media controlled by the Democrats did not seek it. Hillary Clinton was remembered by an aggressive foreign policy, crazy laughter over the brutal murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, "clanging weapons"In relation to Russia. Clinton is now a thing of the past. For a seventy-year-old American grandmother, a political career has ended - she will no longer go to the next presidential election. As it turned out, to be the wife of one of the American presidents is not enough to become the president.

Hillary Clinton supported the entire US democratic establishment, as well as most of the liberal-minded part of American society. Who are potential Hillary voters? First of all, it is women and African Americans. More women voted for Clinton than for her rival Trump. Even more vivid are the election results among the African American population of the United States. According to polls, 88% of black Americans voted for Clinton, and only 8% of African descendants cast their votes to Donald Trump. Hillary's greatest support was with African-American women — 94% of African-American women voted for her, while among African-American men, Clinton was supported by 80%. Nevertheless, Donald Trump won in the "black" states of the United States - in the south of the country, where there are entire cities and towns, inhabited almost exclusively by African Americans.

Secondly, citizens of the USA who have recently received American citizenship voted for Hillary Clinton. If Trump was supported by US-born citizens, then Clinton led by a significant margin among the "new citizens." This is not surprising - during his election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly spoke out against illegal migration and called for limiting opportunities for foreign immigrants. Hispanic immigrants, especially Mexicans, were subjected to the toughest attacks on his part. Trump even promised to build a capital wall on the US-Mexican border to protect the United States from the influx of Mexican immigrants. At the same time, among the Latin American population of the United States, the position of Donald Trump was still more durable than among the African American population. 33% of men of Hispanic descent and 26% of women of Hispanic descent voted for Trump. However, for Clinton, they gave their votes to 68% Hispanic women and 62% Hispanic men.

Wrath of WASPs. Who voted for trump and why?

Third, Hillary Clinton was supported by liberal populations concentrated in New York and several other major American cities. So, for the Clinton majority of representatives of sexual minorities voted, since Donald Trump was also noted for speaking out against the legalization of same-sex marriage. Clinton voted feminists and supporters of the legalization of abortion. It was all of these categories of citizens that went on to thousands of demonstrations that took place in American cities immediately after the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States.

In turn, Donald Trump can rightfully call himself the American president. He enlisted the support of that part of the population that created the United States of America — white Christian men, Protestants, and Catholics. Today, sociologists paint a portrait of a typical voter who voted for Donald Trump. This is a white man aged 45 and older, without a higher education, a believer, attending church at least once a week, conservative, Protestant or Catholic. In fact, of course, Trump, like Clinton, was supported by different people and different groups of the population. It is safe to say that Donald Trump became the president of White America - 63% of white men and 53% of white women voted for him. Clinton gained the support of only 31% white men and 43% white women.

First of all, the “biblical belt” voted for Trump. These are the southern and central states of the United States (Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, etc.), in which the positions of more conservative Republicans are traditionally strong. Although there are a large number of African Americans and Latin Americans living in the southern states, the white population is still in the majority. It was she who voted in support of Donald Trump. Residents of the South were impressed by Trump's promises not to touch the age-old and sacred for many Americans the right to bear arms, which the Democrats were undertaking a serious offensive. By the way, in the South, 44% of citizens have a weapon - this is almost two times more than the number of armed citizens in the North of the USA (about 27% are armed there). The population of the South is generally poorer and less educated than the inhabitants of the North, which is not surprising - the southern states are known mainly as agrarian territories. But in the southern states, traditional values ​​are strong, there is a greater percentage of believers who regularly attend church (55% of southerners go to church at least once a week) and are influenced by their religious communities. It is not by chance that the southern and central states are called the “biblical belt.” Over 14% of the population of the southern states can be attributed to the so-called. “Hard conservatives” among whom nationalist and racist sentiments are strong.

Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken out against abortion, which has won the support of numerous Christian fundamentalists in the United States and so-called. "Prolifera". Of course, Donald Trump was inclined to support Catholic and Protestant communities, with the exception of African-American churches, whose members, nevertheless, constitute Hillary Clinton's electorate.

All the southern states bordering on Mexico voted for Trump. This is quite understandable - Donald Trump promised to build a wall on the border and stop illegal migration, which affects the population of the region. After all, the destabilization of the social situation, the increase in crime and drug trafficking, and competition in the market of low-skilled labor are associated with the flow of illegal migrants. California was the only exception - they voted for Clinton, and this is because this state has long been home to a large number of representatives of the American intelligentsia, subcultures, and sexual minorities. Even the fact that the Californian parishes of the Roman Catholic Church did not help the congregation to give their votes to Donald Trump did not help.

However, besides the traditionally conservative southern states of the United States, many northern states voted for the candidate from the Republican party this time. This is also not surprising, only the support of Trump in the north of the country has not a religious-political, but a social background. During the years of the Democrats' rule, the industrial states of the North found themselves in a severe crisis. The direct cause of the rise in unemployment and the mass migration of white people to other states was the transfer of a large part of large industrial enterprises to China and Mexico. As a result of this policy, American workers turned into unemployed, and American companies provided jobs for citizens of other states. American workers are frightened by the growing number of immigrants, most of whom are willing to work for less money and, accordingly, represent potential competitors for American employees.

Donald Trump chose the right strategy, appealing to the working class and its interests. Although Republicans have always been considered a more right-wing party than Democrats, in the modern era of shifting and transforming ideological coordinates, it was the “right” Trump that proved to be the spokesman for the working class. Life itself refuted the Marxist concept of the absence of the fatherland among the proletariat. In fact, the modern worker has both a fatherland and a developed national identity. He is well aware of his interests and sees that illegal migration from the Third World countries or the transfer of industrial enterprises to countries where labor is cheaper, directly affect his standard of living. Trump has promised to resolve the issue with migrants and stop the withdrawal of production outside the United States. This was enough for the residents of the industrial northern states to finally decide on their sympathies.

Trump's third support group is middle class Americans. First of all, Trump impressed them as an entrepreneur, a person who managed to develop and maintain a profitable business. Billionaire Trump thinks well of money and he is focused precisely on supporting the American economy, and not on moving enterprises and businesses abroad. Do not forget that the American middle class is, first of all, representatives of the white part of the population. Trump's anti-migrant rhetoric also appealed to them. The American middle class is dissatisfied with the results of the Democrats' economic and social policies. It is quite understandable - after all, recently the welfare of Americans, which can be attributed to the middle class, has decreased significantly, even in comparison with the middle class in many countries of Western Europe or the middle class of neighboring Canada. American economist Joseph Stiglitz noted that the middle class in the United States today is generally worse off than even sixty years ago. White Americans lost up to 30-40% of their wealth. The specific proportion of the middle class in American society also fell for the first time — less than half (49%) of American households were attributed to it, whereas previously in the US the middle class was more than half of the population. On the other hand, the number of poor families has increased significantly, due to rising unemployment and lower incomes. That is, in the socio-economic situation of average Americans, there is not progress, but regression. At the same time, the state is also attacking the traditional values ​​that lay at the very basis of American identity and American statehood. Strong traditional family, diligence, discipline cease to be a value, primarily due to the democrats controlled by the media, which persistently spread tolerance to minorities, hedonistic lifestyle, the desire for "easy money", the neglect of their own stories and culture.

From the point of view of the American middle class, the US Democratic Party has long become an expression of the interests of African Americans, foreign immigrants, sexual minorities, liberal intellectuals, and finance capital. But the interests of these groups are alien to most Americans, including the middle class. Therefore, Donald Trump was voted, first of all, in protest against the policies of the Democrats, who are increasingly seen as “freeloaders” around the neck of ordinary Americans. It is the financial elite of the USA connected with the democrats that ordinary Americans accuse of having usurped the achievements of the American economy and almost exclusively use enormous incomes from the growth of the American GDP.

With the fact that the election of Trump was a response of ordinary Americans to the financial and political elite of the country, many analysts and even Trump’s Democratic opponents agree. For example, B. Sanders, who was one of the candidates from the US Democratic Party, and then called to support Clinton, nevertheless noted that Donald Trump "hit the pain point" - took advantage of the growing discontent of the poor American middle class. At one time, the Americans had high hopes for Democrat Barack Obama. An African American, an intellectual and a man of quite liberal views, he seemed to many to be a symbol of change. He was expected to reduce aggressive attacks in foreign policy, strengthen the social sphere in the United States, growth of the economy, improve relations with Russia. As you can see - this did not happen. On the contrary, the policy of Barack Obama led to the destabilization of the situation in many countries around the world. It was during his presidency that the bloody wars began in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, the terrorists in Iraq intensified, problems with illegal migration became aggravated, both in Europe and in the United States itself. Hillary Clinton, who was responsible for US foreign policy, of course, would have continued the course of Obama, as she herself repeatedly stated. Naturally, this prospect did not suit a significant part of the American population, because Donald Trump was able to get the support of the majority of voters.

By the way, it is noteworthy that Donald Trump was supported by the stepbrother of Barack Obama himself Malik Obama. Malik Obama, 50, has dual citizenship - American and Kenyan. He had previously negatively responded to the policies of his brother as president of the United States, supported Trump in his election debates. African Muslim Malik Obama has the strongest rejection of US foreign policy, for which Hillary Clinton was responsible, primarily aggression in the Middle East and North Africa and the brutal murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
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  1. +9
    14 November 2016 18: 03
    One can only repeat: - From the point of view of the American middle class, the Democratic Party of the United States has long become a spokesman for the interests of African Americans, foreign immigrants, sexual minorities, liberal intelligentsia, and financial capital.
    Skillfully using the disgust of the American people to all of the above nits, a predictable result was obtained.
    1. +4
      14 November 2016 18: 50
      Nothing new - marginals and narrow-minded people who have seen enough soap operas voted for a senile.
    2. +2
      14 November 2016 18: 56
      Who cares who voted for whom? The main thing is that the clinton was flushed down the toilet good Nuclear war is canceled Yes
      1. +3
        14 November 2016 21: 26
        GS, you, as always, in your repertoire ... If only for something to blur for the stars.
        If you tighten your jaw muscles, you might be born thinking that starting a nuclear war is not so easy ...
        It does not start with the push of a button - first you need to put forward submarines, strategic bombers, nuclear weapons from allies, and so on. Guess from three times - such preparations remain invisible? It must be assumed at once that all our intelligence was blinded and deaf at once ... Well, or your comments have been read - which is basically the same thing.
        Further. If you once again strain what is considered to be your brain, then you will probably come to the conclusion again that if such preparations remain unnoticed, then ... not only the Russian Federation has an atomic bomb ... There is also China. And with him what? But such heavy thoughts are not known to you. Further. Russia, as well as the United States is monitoring the movement of nuclear weapons, are we really not going to take retaliatory measures?
        Even further. No one is safe from the answer now. So one hell - there will be no WINNERS.
        So, to suggest that Clinton is a NUCLEAR WAR - it must be in the same room as her next door.
        Thus, you are our patriotic one, defiant of the suggestion of the media and other propaganda, the advice remains valid: think with your head, and not just eat it.
      2. 0
        14 November 2016 23: 28
        Well, they argue, analyze, why so?
        The answer is simple!
        There was a girl Gadya who jumped a lot and got lost ... (qw)
        Well, the holy place ....
    3. +5
      14 November 2016 19: 53
      For me, this Trump election is a visual lesson for the Russian people as a voter.

      [quoteAboutly taking advantage of the disgust of the American people to all of the above nits, a predictable result was obtained.] [/ quote]
      Replacing the American with the Russian, and remembering the liberal and pseudo-patrotic nits, we, the people of Russia, can also, if we powerfully go to the polls (at any level), get the result that the country and people need.
      1. +2
        15 November 2016 16: 41
        Quote: NordUral
        if we powerfully go to the polls (at any level), get the result that the country and people need.

        Already "powerfully" went. I don’t know how anyone, but I, and almost all my acquaintances, friends, relatives went to the last elections to vote not for someone, just not for the EDR. And you know what happened.
    4. 0
      14 November 2016 20: 13
      Maybe a little off topic, but fresh news. Deck Mig-29 crashed in Syria, the pilot is safe. Source: "Russia-1"
      1. 0
        14 November 2016 20: 26
        And Lyazhko got into a melon for his long tongue laughing
    5. 0
      14 November 2016 23: 14
      Quote: Sergey-8848
      Skillfully taking advantage of the disgust of the American people

      I will tell you a secret: there is no people, but there is a population that is obliged to consume and go to elections. As soon as the population ceases to fulfill this sacred duty, they begin to reduce it. The results of "elections" are always a matter of technique. Anyone who goes to the polls votes for an informational image, and not for a real person. There is no Trump, and neither is Hillary.
    6. 0
      15 November 2016 00: 33
      Quote: Sergey-8848
      One can only repeat: - From the point of view of the American middle class, the Democratic Party of the United States has long become a spokesman for the interests of African Americans, foreign immigrants, sexual minorities, liberal intelligentsia, and financial capital.
      Skillfully using the disgust of the American people to all of the above nits, a predictable result was obtained.

      Gay fagots would have been enough for a shit-amerikos to lose, and they decided to collect the whole bouquet!
  2. +3
    14 November 2016 18: 05
    The article is already the day before yesterday. But if the situation is like in the late USSR, all around there is only "the struggle for peace (with terrorism" and to help the "brothers" the United States take off their last pants. ISRAEL -3 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY! To its DETROIT-ZERO!
    1. +1
      14 November 2016 18: 30
      Until the very last moment, when the United States began to announce the election results, almost no one believed that Donald Trump could become the new American president.
      Wolfovich believed! fellow
      1. +2
        17 November 2016 22: 51
        Volfovich is the Clinton agitator who sang along. He believed ..
        First, shortly before the election, Reuters gives an interview confirming the American voters the legend that Tamp is the best choice for Russia (and from the lips of Zhirinovsky these praises sound just like that), i.e. in fact, it works for the Clinton headquarters, which threw this legend into the media.
        Thus, Zhirinovsky turned away part of the patriotic electorate in the United States from Trump in the light of anti-Russian hysteria in the West, exactly shortly before the presidential elections in the states.
        And now, with his splashes of champagne, Volfovich is spoiling the already acting President of the United States, they say friends with Russia forever, i.e. continues to blow in the same tune and further drives wedges into diplomatic relations between the two countries, which are already tense.
        Say Zhirinovsky does not understand this !? Too experienced politician and far from stupid person not to understand this, therefore, crap deliberately. And Russia and Trump.
        At the same time, Trump is a US patriot and not a pro-Russian president.
  3. +2
    14 November 2016 18: 24
    An old woman has already broken off,
    she was sent far away ...
  4. +1
    14 November 2016 23: 03
    Trump, like many other Americans, long ago realized that the "allies" were using the snobbery of the American "elite" to cheat on their affairs. As in Africa (France eliminated Gaddafi in order not to pay debts), in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Qatar to do away with Syria), in the Pacific region, the United States is using the United States to solve its problems with its neighbors Japan and Taiwan, etc. And rightly so, why bother when he assented to the states, and they are happy to try. Europe in general has become insolent and directly calls on them to be an international gendarme! And there is nothing to say about small mongrels, such as the Balts. Therefore, Trump, it seems to me, will close this shop. and will make the partners in democracy live according to their means. They feel it and rush about, as, as one of the political scientists aptly put it, chickens in a chicken coop without a rooster
  5. +2
    14 November 2016 23: 09
    The result of the vote was fucking predictable. And now the question is: how many years did the ruling clans in the United States ignore the sentiments of those "who created America"? Everything is the same in all "civilized countries" - one to one. It is necessary to ask another question: has something really died in the forest, and if yes, then what? Our "political scientists" suddenly became "Trumpaholics". Only one can hear: "trump-pump-pump". Let's see what they sing tomorrow.
  6. +1
    14 November 2016 23: 17
    Quote: NordUral
    and we, the people of Russia, if we powerfully go to the polls (at any level), get the result that the country and people need.

    Unfortunately, no matter how the voter would vote with a result of 102%, EP and the incumbent president would win! Just stand on your head. So their elections are archaic, and we have direct and honest ones. lol tongue hi
    1. 0
      23 November 2016 14: 38
      And in addition to GDP, we have no one to vote for!
      We are lucky who still doubts the genius of our president recommend living in Ukraine for five years!
      and immediately there will be something to compare .. you snickered Comrade Muscovites and Petersburgers!
  7. 0
    15 November 2016 10: 34
    Reliance on financial capital - national minorities and liberal intelligentsia bully
  8. -1
    16 November 2016 14: 19
    Quote: NordUral
    Replacing the American with the Russian, and remembering the liberal and pseudo-patrotic nits, we, the people of Russia, can also, if we powerfully go to the polls (at any level), get the result that the country and people need.

    As soon as the leader of the level of the incumbent president is identified, the result that is needed for the people and country will be obtained.
    For now - alas.
  9. 0
    18 November 2016 01: 43
    Good article.

    In the spirit of dialectical materialism. In the sense of "who needs it."

    Thanks to the author.

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