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Airborne assault boat BK-16: a new member of the Syrian operation

For a long time, the military of different countries, experts and the general public followed the updates of the Russian group aviation equipment and ground equipment stationed in Syria. Now the most pressing issue in the context of the Syrian operation is the solution of combat missions by a naval group that came to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the topic of discussion has already managed to become the transfer to the coast of Syria of a certain number of boats of various types. One of the light ships was sent to a new place of work just a few days ago.

In the first days of November, photographs of the Russian Kielector KIL-158 (project 141), sailing from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, were published. It was not the first time the ship had passed this route, but now its interest in it was associated with cargo carried on deck. Part of the payload of the sectoral vessel was a boat one of the latest models. Initially, a version appeared according to which the transported boat belongs to the 03610 Raptor project. However, other messages soon appeared. According to later reports of the national press, KIL-158 transported landing craft project 02510 or BK-16. The Raptor and BK-16 boats are very similar in appearance, which is why the observed confusion with the types is quite understandable.

Boat BK-16 in motion. Photo GK "Euroyachting" /

The speed assault boat of the type BK-16 is one of the latest domestic developments of its class. Such equipment is intended for solving transport, amphibious or combat missions on rivers or in the coastal maritime zone. Characteristic features of such boats are the ability to move at high speed, the presence of a large landing bay with a large number of seats, as well as the ability to approach directly to the coast with the subsequent landing of fighters. The project provides for the use of various small arms and grenade launchers, whose composition is determined in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The 02510 speedboat project was developed at the beginning of this decade by Rybinsk Shipyard, one of the structural divisions of the Euroyachting group of companies. To date, Euroyachting and Rybinsk Shipyard have become part of the Kalashnikov Concern. In developing the project, domestic and foreign experience in creating technology of this class was taken into account, which, among other things, led to the formation of a characteristic image that makes the BK-16 similar to some other light vessels of the Russian and foreign industries. Nevertheless, all work was carried out by Russian designers independently and without the help of foreign colleagues.

In 2014, Rybinsk Shipyard built the lead boat of a new project. In the fall of the same year, the first BK-16 was sent to the Black Sea for testing. Already then it was claimed that after completion of all necessary checks the boat would be transferred to one of the special units of the Black Sea fleet. In mid-2015, the lead boat of project 02510 was introduced into the fleet. At the same time, the manufacturer began testing a second boat, the construction of which was completed by then.

Airborne assault boat BK-16: a new member of the Syrian operation
The boat is on the deck of the KIL-158 vessel. Photo

In the summer and autumn of 2015, new type of boats were first shown to representatives of the country's military and political leadership, as well as to the general public. The first platforms for demonstration of the equipment of the type BK-16 were the International Naval Salon in St. Petersburg and the military-technical forum Army-2015. In both cases, full-fledged full-featured boats were demonstrated, suitable for use by the armed forces.

The boat BK-16 is intended for solving a wide range of tasks related to the transportation of personnel or cargoes, the landing of fighters on the unprepared coast, the use of small arms, etc. Such requirements have led to the formation of the appropriate appearance of technology, and more specifically, to the use of existing ideas and solutions, worked out in some foreign projects and confirmed their potential. This approach led to the successful completion of the development of the boat with the required characteristics, but its direct result was the characteristic appearance that makes the BK-16 boats look like some other samples of a similar purpose.

An important feature of the project 02510, directly related to the requirements for driving performance, is widely used in the construction of aluminum-magnesium alloy. This allows to provide the required strength with a relatively small mass. So, with a length of 16,45 m, a width of 4 m and a height of 4,33 m, the empty displacement is 13 t. The total is 19,5 t. The normal draft is determined in 0,87 m.

The scheme of the boat. Figure concern "Kalashnikov" /

The hull form of the BK-16 was designed to improve driving performance. The layout of the internal volumes is determined taking into account modern developments in the field of high-speed amphibious assault boats. The nose of the hull is given under the tunnel for landing troops on the shore. Behind it is a deckhouse with crew jobs. The largest compartment is the central troop compartment in which the target equipment should be installed. In the stern of the hull placed units of the power plant. An important feature of the boat project 02510 is the absence of large add-ons. In the bow there is a cabin with glazing, while the roof of the amphibious compartment serves as a deck.

The design of the boat provides for the use of armor plates that protect the crew and the assault force from rifle weapons different types. The composition of the glazing uses multi-layered packages of large thickness, also protecting people.

In the aft compartment of the hull is placed the power plant, built on the basis of two diesel engines with an 780 horsepower. As a propulsion boat uses a set of water cannons placed in the stern. The power plant and propeller allow the boat to reach the maximum speed of the 42 node. Economic speed is defined at the level of 30 nodes. Cruising range for fuel - 400 nautical miles.

Top view and diagram of the internal device. Figure concern "Kalashnikov" /

The boat is controlled from the bow cabin, inside of which the workplaces of two crew members are placed. The control stations are equipped with a set of all necessary equipment, allowing to exercise control over boat systems, navigation, etc. The crew is protected from external influences by the cabin having glazing. The front part of the cabin is made tilted forward, the sides are installed with a blockage inside. Access to the cabin is carried out both through the landing compartment or the nasal passage, and through its own hatches in the roof.

In the basic landing configuration, the boat of the 02510 project is equipped with a large landing compartment located in the central part of the hull. In the existing compartment along the sides are installed 18 seats for the landing. Access to the compartment is provided by a hatch in its stern. A passage is also provided to allow entry into the wheelhouse, and from there into the forward tunnel. When disembarking on an unprepared coastline, paratroopers should use a tunnel equipped with a lowered ramp and a double top cover. This method of landing simplifies the landing, and also allows the soldiers as quickly as possible to begin to perform their tasks.

Several additional boat equipment projects were also developed. In the central compartment of the corps, the command center equipment with 9 workplaces, medical modules and stretchers for the wounded, as well as fire or diving equipment can be placed. Thus, depending on the wishes of the customer, the manufacturer can supply the equipment in the appropriate configuration, designed to solve certain problems.

Battle module on the roof of the cabin. Photo

According to reports, to improve the comfort of the crew and the landing in the project 02510 provides some ideas of a domestic nature. Two rectangular portholes are provided on the sides of the landing compartment. If necessary, people on board can use berths and latrine, which greatly improves the usability and also allows you to increase battery life. In its current form, the speedboat has autonomy on the 1 day.

The BK-16 project allows equipping high-speed boats with weapons of various types with the required characteristics. For example, during last year's exhibitions the following weaponry of the boat was demonstrated. On the roof of the cabin crew mounted remotely controlled combat module. The design of this product allows you to install and use machine guns rifle and large caliber, as well as 30-mm and 40-mm automatic grenade launchers. The module includes a block of optical-electronic equipment that allows you to monitor and find targets at any time of the day.

As part of the onboard fencing of the deck, two swiveling installations for machine guns are provided. Demonstrated boats carried on these devices machine guns PKM rifle caliber. Additional rifle-caliber machine guns are proposed to be mounted in the stern of the sides on a similar installation. The combat module and a set of machine guns allow the crew of the boat to fire in any direction, without dead zones. In addition, the shelling sector of some weapons partially overlap, further enhancing the firing capabilities of the boat. If necessary, personal assault weapons can be used with grenade launchers and machine guns, however, loopholes for its use in the hull are not installed.

Nasal tunnel for disembarkation, view from the inside (left) and outside (right). Photo

On the deck of the boat, behind the cabin of the crew, a mast is mounted to accommodate some electronic equipment. On it, as well as on some other parts of the body, are placed one or another antenna device. In addition, it provides for the use of small-sized radar for navigation and detection of surface targets.

In case of accidents or other similar situations, the boat carries a set of rescue equipment. Mounts for inflatable rafts placed in cylindrical containers are provided on the sides. The boat also has several sets of mountings for life buoys. Along the perimeter of the deck is a fence, which increases the safety of the crew.

To date, the shipbuilding enterprise Rybinsk Shipyard has managed to build and transfer to the customer only two boats BK-16. According to published data, both products are made in the configuration of a high-speed landing craft. They have 19 places for paratroopers with weapons or special equipment, and also carry remote-controlled combat modules and a set of different types of machine guns. In this form, the technique can be used as a vehicle for special units.

BK-16 on the water. Photo

In early July of this year, the press service of the Kalashnikov Concern, whose structural unit became the Rybinsk Shipyard recently, announced that the company had begun mass deliveries of new assault and assault boats of the types BK-10 and BK-16. Both boats are summarized in the so-called. a single battle group, the use of which allows you to perform various tasks. The development of a unified battle group was carried out on its own initiative with the participation of security forces. This made it possible to take into account in the project all the wishes and requirements of the potential customer, thereby increasing the efficiency of the future use of technology.

According to the reports of the beginning of this month, not so long ago one of the boats Ave 02510 / BK-16 aboard the KIL-158 head-boat was delivered to the shores of Syria. The plans of the Russian armed forces regarding the use of this boat have not yet been officially announced. It is known that several boats of the 03610 Raptor project are already present and in use in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. As in the case of the BC-16, the details of the use of "Raptors" were not disclosed.

Due to the lack of official information on the use of technology transferred to Syria, it remains only to make forecasts. In the publications of domestic and foreign media, suggestions are made about the possible use of boats BK-16 and Raptor as a vehicle for special forces. Using such equipment, special forces soldiers can quickly arrive in the specified area, disembark and start performing assigned tasks. Over the past months, unconfirmed information about the participation of Russian special forces in various operations has been repeatedly published. The current situation in Syria can contribute to the conduct of such new operations, in which the available speed boats will be the means of delivering fighters to the shore.

In move. Photo of Kalashnikov Concern /

It should be noted that the boats of 02510 and 03610 projects can be used not only for the transfer of special forces. This technique can solve many other problems. So, boats of these types are able to patrol waters in the coastal zone. Similar to their "functions" can be used to protect objects used by Russian armed forces. In addition, a naval group of the Russian Navy arrived at the shores of Syria, which may also need the help of patrol boats. Terrorists do not have modern marine equipment, but the fleet must be ready to respond to any threats.

The exact purposes of the transfer of the boat BK-16 to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, for obvious reasons, are not specified by officials. The expressed forecasts may be of some interest, but there is no reason to believe that they are completely untrue. Nevertheless, it is possible to speak confidently about some features of the use of the latest technology. The transfer of boats with the aim of solving certain tasks will allow the specialists of the Navy to improve their skills in managing equipment. Mastering boats in peacetime gives noticeable results, but working in real armed conflict will allow crews to test their skills and then improve them.

Since last fall, the Russian armed forces have been conducting an operation to combat terrorist organizations operating in Syria and representing a certain danger to our country. The bulk of the combat work went to the Aerospace Forces, but the navy represented by ships and submarines of several operational-strategic alliances was repeatedly involved in striking targets of illegal armed formations. More recently, it was decided to bring to combat one of the newest high-speed landing craft, which was soon delivered to the combat area. Details of the use of such technology, apparently, will be known only in the future. However, now the crews are testing their skills and mastering work in difficult conditions at a great distance from their permanent bases.

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  1. ydjin
    ydjin 11 November 2016 06: 29
    Cool boat, you can drive the adversary, and you can drive away fishing! I like. wink
    1. Rozmyssel
      Rozmyssel 11 November 2016 09: 53
      they must be abandoned at Alepo, otherwise they were stuck there for a long time.
    2. Vz.58
      Vz.58 11 November 2016 22: 30
      Are you serious, or in the spirit of "Features of national fishing"?
      "Well, for the boat!"
  2. FID
    FID 11 November 2016 08: 31
    I think that now the "svidomye" will scream that they have developed it, and the Russians slammed ...
    1. rudolff
      rudolff 11 November 2016 09: 16
      I think the Swedish authorship is undeniable here. At the heart of the boat is Strb 90H / CB90, the rest is "cosmetics" and "import substitution".
      1. FID
        FID 11 November 2016 09: 32
        I dare not argue, because, I am "air", not "waterfowl" ...
      2. avt
        avt 11 November 2016 10: 37
        Quote: rudolff
        It seems to me that Swedish authorship is undeniable here.

        Yes, you shoo-oh-oh! wassat Well, Cyril wrote
        Such an approach led to the successful completion of the development of the boat with the required characteristics, but its direct consequence was the characteristic appearance, making the BK-16 boats similar to some other models of a similar purpose.
        Here, after all, it’s like - they rolled it in a test pool, blew it in a wind tunnel and .... well, according to the laws of hydroaerodynamics, it turned out ...... like a Swede. wassat bully
        1. rudolff
          rudolff 11 November 2016 11: 05
          Well this, yes ... When the Chinese get something similar to ours, they copy the bastards! And when we suddenly have a clone, then these are the unshakable laws of physics, hydro-, aerodynamics, etc. Although in fairness I must say, in the case of the Raptor, the Swedes themselves helped us. I don’t know how with BC.
          1. avt
            avt 11 November 2016 11: 07
            Quote: rudolff
            in the case of Raptor, the Swedes themselves helped us.

            Well, not for free. bully
      3. Torkvat torkvat
        Torkvat torkvat 11 November 2016 11: 07
        )))) 100500
  3. Ugrumiy
    Ugrumiy 11 November 2016 09: 04
    Good article, interesting. Only now, not BK-16 went to Syria, but his, ts, "elder brother" boat of project 03160 "Raptor". This is very clearly visible in the felling.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. jjj
      jjj 12 November 2016 12: 26
      Yes, the Raptor went. The photograph is very noticeable. In boats, only the architecture of the bow is similar.
  4. Monarchist
    Monarchist 11 November 2016 15: 53
    Given its characteristics and place of application, you can expect everything.
  5. Locomotive
    Locomotive 11 November 2016 17: 37
    Fully licensed production of the Swedish CombatBoat 90, which the author modestly ignored lol
    1. avt
      avt 11 November 2016 18: 47
      Quote: Steam Train
      Fully licensed production of the Swedish CombatBoat 90, which the author modestly ignored

      wassat No. They took the license for Pella, and then they made changes to the project, and Rybinsk ones ... seamless, in the Chinese and Soviet patterns. bully
  6. m.cempbell
    m.cempbell 11 November 2016 19: 12
    Quote: Ugrumiy
    it was not the BK-16 that went to Syria, but his, ts, "elder brother" boat of the project 03160 "Raptor". This is very clearly visible in the felling.

    Also drew attention to this. Cutting is different. And BM is not on it. And the nose, it seems, looks different, although it can only seem because of a different angle of shooting.
    1. jjj
      jjj 12 November 2016 12: 36
      The bow end looks different at the point of contact of the ramp with the tank hatch for the landing. And the Raptor itself is larger than the BK-16. That is why, based on my personal experience of using boats for landing and interception, I can say that the BK-16 is more acceptable for our operating conditions. It's simpler. He has a waist. This is very important for quick movement from the tank to the cockpit and poop, and also makes docking easier. The optimal displacement is 20 tons. The contours are optimal for planing. The move is excellent: the declared 40 knots gives out - even from the pictures it can be seen. Forty years ago we only dreamed of such boats
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. maximka
    maximka 12 November 2016 16: 24
    Concern “Kalashnikov” presents a new type of weapons complex
    The complex was developed in the interests of the power structures and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and includes the BK-10 boat, the new BK-16 multifunctional landing boat with a remotely-controlled combat module on board and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles of light class, with the possibility of their operational launch from the deck of the boat.

    1. Ugrumiy
      Ugrumiy 13 November 2016 03: 54
      The question always arose: why it is impossible to make a machine-gun-grenade launcher system? Always do either or. You can combine Cord and AGS and there will be candy. The open placement of machine gunners is also strange, making bulletproof shields really easy.
      1. Mister22408
        Mister22408 13 November 2016 23: 19
        Maybe a cruiser? But the use of the second glushak on the MMX, I think, did not provide ... I translate - so as not to be louder than the noise of the wave ...
    2. Mister22408
      Mister22408 13 November 2016 23: 15
      Mendel, iPod and sons ...
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    3vs 17 November 2016 08: 56
    And not badly thought out!
    And if it was still possible to vpendyurit at least one "caliber", it would be great! bully
  10. Armata
    Armata 27 November 2016 13: 57
    This is a gloomy parody of the project A77 "Harpoon" (The course is only 60 ++ knots. The armament is modular. It can comfortably accommodate 9 security personnel or attack aircraft). Rejoice in half-measures, URA, rejected or bonded projects. And the count in your chest, Norway, mattresses, shaves, Finns oversold for this project up to $ 40. This is more than the Armata project.
    1. mine
      mine April 2 2017 19: 27
      Quote: Armata
      This is a gloomy parody of the project A77 "Harpoon" (

      is that justified ..?

      Quote: Armata
      The course of all is 60 ++ nodes

      in what reality?
      in the present - the mongoose tore the harpoon
      1. Armata
        Armata April 4 2017 21: 35
        Quote: mina
        in the present - the mongoose tore the harpoon

        And in what broke? Speed ​​pr12150 total 48 nodes. So put up with your invented reality. On the 12150, our helmsman is completely. I can talk for a long time about the difference between the product of KB Almaz and KB Agat, but you don’t understand this. Just because, for you, a screw boat with a speed of 90 km / h tears everyone.
        1. mine
          mine April 4 2017 22: 14
          Quote: Armata
          And in what broke? Speed ​​pr12150 total 48 nodes. So put up with your invented reality

          fez about the table
          September 2007

          Feuilleton style ...
          A.M. Lazarev, chief engineer of FSUE TsMKB Almaz. E.Yu. Lerman, director of the St. Petersburg branch.
          On September 2006 of the year, in the 10 number of the Defense Order, the authors already tried in rather soft form to talk about ethics and the inadmissibility of incorrect competition, which could mislead a wide circle of readers who do not know too well special technical issues.
          Unfortunately, the proposal to create an editorial board or at least a review system did not find a proper understanding, and the concept of an open discussion was proclaimed by the editor of the issue.
          We were forced to speak on the pages of the magazine once again by the article “The second salvo of Harpoon, published in the Special Issue of the Defense Order, No. 15.1 / 15.2.
          To date, a fairly large part of the population of our country has realized what the only Aurora volley led to. The first salvo of the Harpoon, as you know, turned out to be rather weak, the boat did not show the declared characteristics and remained unclaimed, despite the heroic attempts to sell it to law enforcement agencies and even abroad. So is it worth it to shoot a second time?
          It seems that people who do not know the history of shipbuilding and who have distorted the name of the very famous chief designer of speedboats Vladimir Mikhailovich Burlakov, whose 100 years will be celebrated in the 2009 year, are very similar to "Ivanov, who do not remember kinship." And then, as in the tabloid detective story, there is a plot twist and a complete confusion of the reader. Indeed, what is the difference between A125 and 125 ?!
          Maybe these are relatives or very close projects, or maybe perceive them as a whole? And the truth is that 125А is a brilliant project of the diamond-maker V.M. Burlakova, who developed 68 nodes (and not 62 in the article), built at the MORE factory in the amount of 16 units and was decommissioned completely around 1980 of the year, while A125 was not a completely successful project of Agat LLC, which never showed the promised speeds and the loser in-person race with also the diamond 12150ML "Holy Ksenia" during IMMS-2007.
          Now about the 1400 project and its modifications. The boat was massively built at several plants, was delivered to 34 of the country in the amount of 96 units, not counting the operation of hundreds of units in Russia. Its construction was discontinued about 15 years ago, most of the boats were decommissioned, and comparisons with it are hardly correct due to age differences.
          The question arises: where is the modern Sable, which has passed acceptance tests and was adopted by the FSB FS? Bring this data to the authors, the article would not work. It also looks somewhat strained against the backdrop of the three modifications of the Mongoose, 2007 Ave., shown at the MVMS-12150: PS FSB patrol and patrol boat, rescue Ministry of Emergency Situations and St. Petersburg Harpoon laboratory boat of various modifications. You can continue to continue the detailed analysis of the article, but is it worth it? Maybe it's easier to think again about the quality of publications?

          / 189-n27032011-16-21
          1. Armata
            Armata April 5 2017 16: 50
            PR125A withdrawn from service. And for reference 68 nodes, he did not develop a record 63,5. The A77 project has developed the declared 60. Two pluses were given because it was blocked by more than 5 nodes. The A125-1 and A125 projects were developed by Agat Design Bureau, which I also know not by hearsay. And about 12200 ordinary screw. In short, I realized that now it’s cool to collect all the hodgepodge. Pros and cons do not care. The main thing is to hear cooler numbers. To begin, explore the difference in the operation of water cannons and screw boats in the near coastal zone, the approach to shallow water, high-speed qualities when assembling with an air cover. Then start telling tales about the superiority and disadvantages of products of different design bureaus.
            1. mine
              mine April 5 2017 17: 19
              Quote: Armata
              To get started, explore the difference between the work of water jets and screw boats

              to begin with, figure out how arenasons differ from GV;)

              and where are the tales and where is the texture, I prefer to see in the SEA, incl. Conducting acc. tests;)
              p; p = 4 # p791563
              1. Armata
                Armata April 5 2017 18: 55
                Is this your article that you link to? And so, have you seen all the samples at sea? Or did they test themselves? Or just from the Internet they pulled info, not seeing these samples in realities?
                1. mine
                  mine April 5 2017 18: 59
                  Quote: Armata
                  And so, have you seen all the samples at sea? Or did they test themselves? Or just from the Internet they pulled info, not seeing these samples in realities?

                  it’s enough for me that I know well that Leykis objectively and honestly refers to interesting designs of boats (including those that have bypassed his boats), in order to adequately evaluate YOUR “tearing vest”

                  and more than that, what constitutes a "boat theme" with us (with all "Vasya Vasya") I know more than;)

                  Yes, Harpoon did not see, but there is no reason not to trust the opinions of respected and competent people on the grounds of YOUR AAAAAA! I do not see any
                  1. Armata
                    Armata April 5 2017 19: 43
                    Quote: mina
                    it’s enough for me that I know well that Leykis objectively and honestly refers to interesting designs of boats (including those that have bypassed his boats), in order to adequately evaluate YOUR “tearing vest”
                    and more than that, what constitutes a "boat theme" with us (with all "Vasya Vasya") I know more than;)
                    Yes, Harpoon did not see, but there is no reason not to trust the opinions of respected and competent people on the grounds of YOUR AAAAAA! I do not see any

                    Well, this is where we start. Believe, and by the way who is Leykis? Well, that’s not important. That is, you believe him without confirmed facts. A simple request. Publish facts (copies of documents, orders, manufacturer's regulatory documents), even if it is published by a DEAR AND COMPETENT person. Moreover, Lakes is not what I am among the designers, developers, builders. Justify your opinion of the layman please.
                    1. mine
                      mine April 5 2017 19: 45
                      Quote: Armata
                      and by the way who is Leykis .... nor what is Lakes, I have not seen among designers, developers, builders.


                      Would YOU (dear) go to tell their tales to someone else :))))))))))))
                      1. Armata
                        Armata April 5 2017 20: 06
                        Quote: mina
                        Would YOU (dear) go to tell their tales to someone else :))))))))))))

                        And this is an exhaustive answer.)))))))) Farewell to the gullible ignoramus.
  11. mine
    mine April 5 2017 20: 09
    Quote: Armata

    ignoramus see in the mirror, storyteller