One of the parts of the Samara garrison will be given the historical name Alexandria

On Wednesday, Sergei Shoigu at the reception of citizens in the government house promised to assign the name Alexandria, to one of the parts of the Samara garrison, RIA News.

One of the parts of the Samara garrison will be given the historical name Alexandria

Such a request to the Minister was made by the chairman of the Union “Militaryhistorical club "Immortal Hussars" »Artem Gusev.

“A lot of glorious people served in the regiment, the regiment went through three Turkish campaigns, about four Polish campaigns, participated in the war with Napoleon, where he received his name“ Immortal Hussars ””, - said Gusev, reminding at the same time that "this year 240 turned 5-th Hussars of Alexandria Her Majesty Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, which was located in Samara in 1910-1914 years."

According to the head of the union, “the assignment of the historical name of one of the parts will serve to connect the eras and victories of the Russian weapons».

TsVO Commander Vladimir Zarudnitsky reported to the Minister that this issue had already been considered by the military council of the district.

“This proposal was approved, a package of documents was prepared and agreed with the central military authorities. Therefore, there is a proposal to support " - he said.

“Then we will decide. Do a good job, the right thing, ”concluded Sergey Shoigu.
  • RIA News. Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +6
    10 November 2016 14: 58
    I've noticed the current trend, obsir .. everything is Soviet, and to praise all the imperial White Guard ...
    1. +6
      10 November 2016 15: 02
      so we’re getting ready isho once the election and Vova in kings, but sho razi bad king then? a racial man without god and a king of nowhere and then serfdom will come in time we’ll hit the State Department with bast shoes nehoy umoyutsi damned
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +6
      10 November 2016 16: 04
      Quote: DIVAN SOLDIER
      I've noticed the current trend, obsir .. everything is Soviet, and to praise all the imperial White Guard ...

      I agree with you, Colleague. To inspect everything Soviet is fundamentally wrong. But here, it seems to me, the emphasis is on "... Assigning a military unit ....... an honorary title ...", etc. I think that those who were lucky enough to serve not just in the military unit, but in the Guards, for example, or awarded with orders, felt pride, since it was in this military unit! I must note that in Soviet times military units and formations received honorary titles or were awarded, as a rule, for participation in certain military operations. Well, if, thank God, this is not yet, then who is stopping us from reviving the names of units and divisions from our history. After all, we really have someone and something to be proud of! But HOW to do it; one way or another, maybe a debatable question ...
  2. +3
    10 November 2016 15: 06
    the regiment went through three Turkish campaigns, about four Polish campaigns, participated in the war with Napoleon

    Wait in Europe, howling will begin ... the aggressive Russians are preparing for the invasion ... that’s what the military units are renamed ....
    1. +6
      10 November 2016 15: 26
      And that, quite a decent name, inspires respect.
      1. +2
        10 November 2016 15: 29
        Good day!!!! the name is very, very .... that's just what kind of Alexandria will the liberal scribblers remember Ukrainian, Egyptian or American ????? fellow
  3. +4
    10 November 2016 15: 39
    Alexandria Regiment. It sounds no worse than Semenovsky or Preobrazhensky. Or the Kantemirov division.
    Personally, I see a positive point in this, because service in such units simply obliges military personnel to study the glorious past of these military units and, as a result, the history of the Russian state. And to study by archival data, by museum exhibits, and not by that western city ... well, on the Internet and in cinema, with which they are trying to replace real historical facts. A living example is Ukraine with protoucra and a famine. And the Baltic states with occupation.
  4. +2
    10 November 2016 15: 50
    There were only two Brigades in the Samara Garrison, one was relocated to the West ... Which part? 15th Brigade? 23rd Guards Omsbr relocated to Valuyki, Belgorod Region ...

    And there are no regiments in Samara.
    1. +2
      10 November 2016 17: 43
      There are really no regiments in Samara, but Shoigu does not even say that the regiment he said is "one of the units of the garrison" ...
      Therefore, if we take his words literally, it could well be a separate battalion of electronic warfare, which is on Panova St.
      Although ... the headquarters of the 2nd Guards Combined Arms Red Banner Army on Frunze St. is also a numbered part. But, this will already be a bust, and it’s not in tradition that these administrations give such high-sounding names, and then they will rattle in cabinets with Hussar spurs)) )
      P.S. Here the local government runs into the equestrian club --- yes ... But then we will have hussars, but there may be dumb horses ...
  5. +2
    10 November 2016 16: 04
    Are true traditions over? Do we attach artificial traditions? What does today's connection have to the German empress?
    1. +2
      10 November 2016 16: 36
      yes it is mummers ...
      1. +5
        10 November 2016 17: 57
        Quote: Holoy
        yes it is mummers ...
        Also say that we have a "not real king" (C).
        There is a king, so the hussars must be wassat
        I offer them a distinctive sign to return those past hussars of the regimental badge arr. 1918. After all, they renounced the royal symbols then, how not to respect their last will ...?
  6. +1
    10 November 2016 21: 08
    The part in which he served was located in the former barracks of Cuirassiers of His Royal Highness the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. In memory of the immortal cuirassiers, too, probably would have been.
  7. 0
    11 November 2016 02: 33
    Alexandria .. So, the memory of the ancestors worthy ..
  8. 0
    11 November 2016 20: 45
    You know, there is such a thing: "everything is learned in comparison." ... I did not put the ellipsis for "just like that" ..

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