Military Review

1941-1944. A small selection of photos of the war years

1941. Leningrad front. Construction of buildings on the approaches to the northern capital. The workers of the Kuibyshev district of Leningrad dig trenches. 22 November

1941-1944. A small selection of photos of the war years

1941. At the field airfield. Technicians roll the plane into the shelter. September

1941. The defense of Moscow. Crews of the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Krasnukhin, Chumachikov and others. November

1941. Front-line. Refugees

1941. Front-line. Women and children are waiting for sending the train to the east

1941. Tikhvin offensive operation. November

1941-1942. The current army. Battle trophy

1941-1942. The liberation of Kaluga. The bloody trail of Nazi thieves

1941-1942. North-Western Front. Armored workers are firing

1942. The gallows in the occupied Soviet territory

1942. The current army. Offensive. Apenchuk's gun crew at a temporary firing position

1942. Leningrad front. Railway station in the port of Kobona (Ladoga shore). Evacuation of the population. April

1942. The liberated Soviet territories. Civilians shot by the Nazis

1942. Greetings by Marshal Choibalsan to the fighters of the 44th tank guard brigade. December

1942. North-Western Front. Skier warriors surround the forest in which the Germans settled. December

1942. North-Western Front. At night in firing position. The gun crew of the junior sergeant is firing at the enemy

1942. North-Western Front. To repel the enemy's counterattack ready. December

1943. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade. Fighting for the liberation of Ukraine. Command post during the battle. Brigade Commander Mikhail Leonov

1943. Fighting in the settlements. The infantry is waiting for the support of the Soviet tankers to continue the offensive. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade. July

1943. Fighters shooting division before the attack

1943. Military actions in the Kursk Bulge area

1943. The current army. Performances to the soldiers of the Guards Red Banner Tank Unit

1943. The current army. North-Western Front. Pilots-attack aircraft order bearers Devyatkov and Vasilchenko

1943. The current army. North-Western Front. Attack aircraft "IL-2". Refueling

1943. The current army. Ural Volunteer Tank Corps. Guard mechanic senior sergeant N. Kruglov

1943. Kursk arc. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade. Tank "Marshal Choibalsan." Tankers on vacation

1943. After the battle of Kursk. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade

1943. North-Western Front. Padded German tank

1943. North-Western Front. Broken enemy equipment

1943. Tank column "Revolutionary Mongolia". Tank "Marshal Choibalsan" on the march

1944. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade (1-I tank Guards Army). On the forced march

1944. Automator V. Kh. Timchenko knocks down a German road sign

1944. The submachine units of V. V. Gladionov were the first to break into the outskirts of the city. Gatchina

1944. The Mongolian delegation with the commanders of the 1 Guards Tank Army Mikhail Katukov (first right), the commander of the 1 Guards Tank Army, Andrei Getman and others

1944. Crossing the river Dniester. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade

1944. Crossing the river Pilica. 44-I Guards Tank Brigade

1944. Promotion of the Red Army. Red Village

1944. The scouts of the Marine Corps of Senior Lieutenant Punonov, acting together with the armor, exterminate the enemy’s machine gunners and torchbearers in the populated areas. Leningrad region

1944. Destroyed during the fighting Ukrainian village

1944. District Gatchina (Krasnogvardeysk). Repair of the bridge across the Izhora River, blown up by the Nazis during the retreat. 8 March

1944. The evacuees are taken to the railway station. Leningrad

1944. Tanks 44-th tank brigade on the march. Poland

Pupil of the 63 Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade Tolya Yakishev in a minute of rest

63-I Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade. The standard-bearer of the brigade, foreman A.A. Sokolov reads the collective letter of the fellow countrymen to the soldiers Summer autumn

63-I Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade. Special correspondent of the newspaper “Chelyabinsky Rabochy” Mikhail Lvov with soldiers of the guard reconnaissance platoon

63-I Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade. The crew of the tank 1-th tank battalion. The tank commander, Lieutenant Buranov. August

Military operations in Ukraine. The crew of the tank 1-th tank battalion 63-th Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

Restoration of the tracks in the section “Uritsk-Strelna” (Gulf of Finland) on the land liberated from fascist invaders

Handing over Komsomol tickets to young fighters who distinguished themselves in battles by the assistant chief of the political department of the brigade for the Komsomol senior lieutenant Cherednichenko

The border. Crew of tank 3 — th tank battalion of 63 Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

The current army. 63-I Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade. Hiking shoe shop

The current army. In the minutes of rest the fighters listen to the harmonica Pantakhov

The current army. On the roads of war. German troops are losing technology and "living" forces

The current army. Liberation of Ukraine. Command personnel of the 63 Guards Chelyabinsk Volunteer Tank Brigade

Komorgi tank battalions 63-th Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

Meadows on fire. January

Lviv operation. The crew of the tank. The commander is Guards Junior Lieutenant Semenov, the driver-mechanic of the Guard, Senior Sergeant A. S. Basinsky. The crew will die near Lviv

Lvov-Sandomir offensive operation. July

German cemetery near Novgorod. 20 January

The first working train passed through Pudost station (Leningrad — Gatchina direction) along restored railway lines, which were blown up by the enemy in January, 1944. 17 January

Before the start of the Lviv operation. The crew of the tank "Guards" 2-th tank battalion 63-th Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

Borisov Mane Station. The queue of residents of besieged Leningrad for food. 2 January

Tikhvin. German cemetery on a street of the city

Highway "Leningrad-Novgorod". Wrecked German staff car and the corpses of German soldiers. February 12

Storm of Luga. Gunners are firing on the southern outskirts of the city. 12 January

Evacuation of the population of the city in the Leningrad region. On vehicles evacuees delivered to the railway station. 3 January

The crew of the tank guard of Senior Lieutenant V. Lychkov (2 tank battalion of the 63 Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade) considers a padded German tank

German soldiers taken prisoner by the Red Army

POW camp. Barbershop. Chelyabinsk region

The border of Poland and Germany. The crew of the tank 3-th tank battalion 63-th Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

44-I Guards Tank Brigade with the battles broke into the town Ulenhorst. Tanks in the streets of Ulenhorst

The crew of the tank 2-th tank battalion. 63-I Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

The crew of the tank 2 of the tank company of the 1 of the tank battalion of the 63 of the Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade. Company Commander Senior Lieutenant N. N. Shilov

63-I Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade. Kombrig Mikhail Fomichev with students of the brigade

Former Prime Minister, Chairman of the National Assembly of France Edouard Herriot and his spouse with the commander of the 63 Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade Mikhail Fomichev

On the territory of a concentration camp. Pomerania

Prisoners of the fascist concentration camp. Pomerania

One of the death camps. Victims of Nazi crimes. Pomerania

The kilns of the concentration camp where the corpses of prisoners were burned. Pomerania

The remains of concentration camp prisoners. Pomerania

German cemetery

Platoon reconnaissance 63-th Guards Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade

The political department chief of the 44 Guards Tank Brigade The Anointed One sets up a red flag on the surviving building

On the streets of Berlin

Alexander Nikolaevich Postnikov at the walls of the defeated Reichstag

Ruins of the Reich Chancellery

Fallen Reichstag. View from the west. Head of the Political Department 11 — th Guards Tank Corps, General Sokolov

Winners In the center with accordion A. Siunov, a native of the city of Verkhny Ufaley

Participants storming Berlin at the post office

Soldiers and officers of the 525 — th artillery regiment. Budapest

March of the 63 Chelyabinsk Tank Brigade to Prague

Fighters 63-th Guards Tank Brigade greet residents of the capital. Prague

Tankers 63-th Guards Tank Brigade in the area of ​​the liberated city. Prague

Soldiers participating in the liberation and restoration of East Germany

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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 10 November 2016 06: 39
    Thank you very much, I have not seen these photos yet, special thanks for the signatures.
  2. k174oun7
    k174oun7 10 November 2016 07: 08
    Wonderful selection of photos. Part of the story in the images of our soldiers. Thank.
  3. Semirek
    Semirek 10 November 2016 07: 13
    A deep bow to our grandfathers
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 10 November 2016 07: 37
    Great selection ... a lot of positive.
  5. _my opinion
    _my opinion 10 November 2016 10: 28
    photo "943. After the Battle of the Kursk Bulge. 44th Guards Tank Brigade"
    if I'm not mistaken, then in this photo Mikhail Efremovich Katukov himself awards.
  6. Evver
    Evver 10 November 2016 10: 53
    Yes, I also liked it, and the majority - unknown to me!
  7. nivander
    nivander 10 November 2016 12: 11
    excellent selection - and I’ll add a photo of 63 gb tb
  8. antivirus
    antivirus 10 November 2016 19: 10
    see such photos with magnification, for analysis of details and the background
    The meaning of life is visible in the details
  9. moskowit
    moskowit 11 November 2016 14: 42
    The documentary history of the People who defeated fascism !!! Thank you so much for the selection. Unfortunately, some of the photos are not quite correctly attributed in time and technique. But this is now a trend. The farther the time of events, the fewer witnesses. And many thanks to the people who find and present such documentary evidence. The essence is important. The heroic essence of our people !!!
    1. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 11 November 2016 14: 53
      You look at the faces of people and see, somewhere tired, somewhere tragedy, but for the most part, CONFIDENCE that victory will be ours.
      Thanks to the author for the memory.