Maria Zakharova: Why is the FBI in control of the US election monitoring procedure?

Edition Daily Mail announces a decision by Barack Obama to dismiss the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Komi after the presidential election. The publication refers to sources close to the situation, and reports that Obama is ready to accept this decision after a dialogue with the adviser Valerie Jarett.

The submission says that Komi, who started and closed the investigation by H. Clinton's correspondence, was not dismissed before the elections, as Obama considered that this could affect the voting process. The current US president, according to the Daily Mail, refrained from such a move, since dismissing the head of the FBI would mean pressure on the investigation. And now Komi Clinton's correspondence investigation has closed, which means Obama’s hands on the current FBI director are untied.

According to Valerie Jarrett, the dismissal of James Komi in the country's parliament will be supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

This is another manifestation of the so-called American “democracy”, on the basis of which one can get rid of a person who attempted to start an investigation of a crime on a state scale committed by a government official (at that time, Clinton was the US Secretary of State).

Against this background, the Russian Foreign Ministry reports on the FBI’s attempts to put pressure on Russian diplomats in the United States.

Maria Zakharova: Why is the FBI in control of the US election monitoring procedure?

The situation describes Maria Zakharova:

FBI - Fse We fight Russia

I do not understand what is happening with Washington: the hand of Moscow in all places, "Kremlin hackers", leaks of secret information, a ban on Russian diplomats from approaching polling stations. It came to open intimidation of employees of diplomatic institutions. Thus, the State Department recommended that the Russian representatives “not to approach the polling stations on their own”, and the authorities of some states went even further and threatened with criminal prosecution. That is, you cannot even look at the voting procedure.
But at the weekend, what happened is still not described in the textbooks. Washington connected to the case of special services.

In recent days, there have been instances of direct pressure on Russian overseas agencies in the United States by the FBI, whose agents, with undisguised threat, made it clear that we should not be interested in the American elections. Moreover, in Houston, in order to make such a “warning”, an entire special operation was arranged in the style of Hollywood militants with the blocking of an employee of our Consulate General on the road. They stopped the car and began to “inspire” that it is impossible not only to watch the vote, you cannot even think about it. Exactly: why do you think about our elections? The foremost guys - they have already been taught to think about permission.
This case is not unique.

Our Embassy in Washington made an appropriate presentation to the State Department.

But the question arises: what can a foreign diplomat see at a US polling station such that “Mr. Smith” took up the case, and why is the election monitoring procedure generally controlled by the FBI ?!
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  1. +8
    8 November 2016 06: 32
    what a foreign diplomat can see in American polling stations

    zombie vote. Scary - already scary!
    1. +11
      8 November 2016 06: 42
      Well, honestly. What is the difference in FIG, which of these two will win? Nominal figures who compete only in the manner and persuasiveness of the presentation of their speeches. At the helm in any case there will be another gopota.
      1. +5
        8 November 2016 07: 24
        That's right. A nasty country. Fat on blood and robbery. Faster would have chosen a new talking head. Hysteria here more. For Russia, Trump and Clinton are all bad, because in the United States it’s not the president at the helm, but corporatocracy
        1. +4
          8 November 2016 08: 36
          Apparently, the closure of the Clinton correspondence case was Komi’s mistake. Indeed, in life, as it happens, when the kidnappers get theirs from the kidnapped, then, as a rule, they liquidate him. This is what they will do with Komi.
      2. +8
        8 November 2016 07: 27
        Quote: RussianRoulette
        What is the difference in FIG, which of these two will win?

        Yes. But the old woman is really crazy, with a man at least there is hope to come to an agreement if something happens.
      3. 0
        8 November 2016 08: 27
        Quote: RussianRoulette
        Well, honestly. What is the difference in FIG, which of these two will win?

        Personally, I don’t know, but Elena Gromova really wants to win trump. She says that he is good.
        Women's naivete lol
      4. win
        8 November 2016 10: 42
        What is the difference in FIG, which of these two will win?

        But the “K” department of the FSB of Russia supported Hillary Clinton in the elections due to the reluctance to re-select passwords for the email of the new US president
      5. 0
        8 November 2016 18: 28
        it’s a big difference who wins, Killary Clinton wins, most likely there will be a war, Trump will win, there is a chance that we will split the world.
      6. 0
        9 November 2016 07: 42
        Quote: RussianRoulette
        Well, honestly. What is the difference in FIG, which of these two will win?

        No, a stranger’s head wakes up for crocodiles ... That's why they don’t let Trump in, because a stranger’s head doesn’t take root.
        1. 0
          9 November 2016 07: 49
          Quote: Lightest
          That's why they do not let Trump ...

          - so far it is not very successful to "not let":

    2. +1
      8 November 2016 08: 15
      The stunningly high level of freedom and social responsibility does not allow the FBI to stay away from such an important event. Therefore, they are doing everything possible so that Russian diplomats are not speechless from what they can see in the precincts. laughing
  2. +3
    8 November 2016 06: 32
    We don’t care about their problems? When we put things in order, everything is done according to the order from above, no initiative on the ground and total corruption. Article.
    1. 0
      8 November 2016 06: 37
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      - everything is done according to the order from above,

      ... also in the "pedal" mode ... More precisely, in the "pendal" mode ...
    2. +9
      8 November 2016 06: 46
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      We don’t care about their problems?

      Yes, you! Can not be!
      Of course, we can’t say a word against the elves either, where are we already raw ... There de ... ocratia!
      This is our election at gunpoint,
      This is our carousel,
      This is one third of the country that we vote in advance for the devil knows who knows the rules,
      We prohibit the presence of international diplomats,
      We have both candidates and rapists, and state traitors and for each of the investigations,
      We are blaming the whole world for the lack of democracy and bombing those who are objectionable in the hope of bringing the sprouts of people's power to these countries,
      This is us .. But in other matters, enough ...
      Oh yes, I forgot about earflaps, bears and drunken homeless people in quilted jackets - that’s us, yeah. Enough order? Now you can whimper over the elves, that is, of course I wanted to write to contrive the light of democracy and peace, or did I miss something else?

      This overseas game dares to tell us how to live and dictate the rules, and we are obliged to poke their own dung with their faces and faces of our libroids, that the king is not just blind, he is charred.
  3. +1
    8 November 2016 06: 36
    Today in America, the election-choose yourself an idiot or an idiot who will continue to lie to you about your exceptionalism and in the end the war will either start a new world war, or will destroy the United States into a bunch of microstates fighting one against the other.
  4. +2
    8 November 2016 06: 48
    Komi did it .. I didn’t put it on that horse.
  5. 0
    8 November 2016 06: 56
    (There is life on Mars, there is no life on Mars. Who cares) With the words from the old film, so are we about the elections in the USA.
  6. 0
    8 November 2016 06: 58
    The meriatos have a mess and reeling, as before a revolution! It was recommended, a buboin! laughing
  7. +2
    8 November 2016 07: 03
    Daily Mail reports on the decision by Barack Obama to dismiss the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Komi after the presidential election.

    Well, the dude has nothing more to lose now, so he can "throw firewood on the fire" of politics, so that Clintor has less chances. On the other hand, all votes have already been counted correctly, but at least he will get moral satisfaction. laughing
  8. SOF
    8 November 2016 07: 22
    And if I were in our place, I would convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, and for the entire Ivanovskaya I would declare that in order to avoid provocations from the US special services and to exclude any possibility of RF interference in the most "democratic" procedure destination US President, we decided to evacuate ALL diplomatic corps to the MOTHERLAND, up to the moment when the US administration is stuck to recognize RF NON-INTERFERENCE. That would be Hochma .... Such a knock on the door would turn out .... followed by a grave drafts ....
  9. +2
    8 November 2016 07: 27
    the whistle of the media has already gotten there, there’s no softer than the American election, and in general there really are no other more significant news and events in the world ...
  10. +4
    8 November 2016 07: 32
    But the question arises: what can a foreign diplomat see at US polling stations

    So Zhenya has long answered

  11. +3
    8 November 2016 07: 51
    and what a foreign diplomat can see at American polling stations that "Mr. Smiths" got down to business, and why the election observation procedure is generally controlled by the FBI
    Well, after all ... it's not just diplomats, but from Russia .. Considering that relations between our countries are extremely tense, the Americans have every right to forbid foreign citizens (even under diplomatic cover) to their huts without explanation .
    Tough ...? And how else should the service responsible for internal security act? Having before us the sad experience of the Kiev Maidan, we still do not stop playing "democracy" and the American ambassador makes a whole tour with us before the elections, meeting and working with our rotten so-called Opposition. There, such tricks as we see do not pass. Are you all surprised?
  12. +2
    8 November 2016 07: 51
    In general, with such "elections" the question of the legitimacy of those elected arises. But after the recognition of the Bandera government, the presence of steel Faberge in our government is not even considered.
    And by the way. Yes. Children, families, money, real estate of our government there ... That's all politics.
  13. +1
    8 November 2016 08: 29
    Quote: aszzz888
    The meriatos have a mess and reeling, as before a revolution! It was recommended, a buboin! laughing

    Yes, this all comes with the feeling that the US is rapidly flying into the abyss that the country can soon be controlled only by shooting on the streets. Maybe I'm wrong, but something tells me that not.
  14. +1
    8 November 2016 08: 47
    in general, there is no difference who wins, the elected head of the Federal Reserve Service rules in omega, he is elected for 14 years, and during this time it is he who establishes and pursues the policy set for him and try the new president (talking head) not to fit into the stream, it will end disastrously.
  15. 0
    8 November 2016 09: 23
    and why the election observation procedure is generally controlled by the FBI

    But because in our country the KGB was a "devil of Hell" (according to their and our liberals' interpretation), and the FBI was the basis and support of American "democracy". They can do everything in all countries, but no one can do the same in the USA. The limit of arrogance and "narcissism".
    I once wrote when considering this topic, and why, on this basis, do not prohibit the American representatives from controlling the elections taking place in our country. Or weak? But the grounds - here they are from the United States.
  16. +1
    8 November 2016 09: 42
    Strange interest in watching the vote. What Russia cares about the American election !? They will figure it out.
    1. +1
      8 November 2016 13: 36
      And what amers care about internal problems in Russia, they’re climbing the same way, so you have to do the same and blow it in all the media.
  17. +2
    8 November 2016 09: 45
    I believe that in 2018 mattresses will have a keen interest in holding the presidential elections in Russia. Relying on the "experience" gained in the course of an object lesson on the persecution of Russian diplomats and observers in the current US elections, arrange for them the same. Let them watch via satellite.
  18. +2
    8 November 2016 10: 40
    Damn all channels this Amerov circus with elections. Most Russians will play one of two cannibals.
  19. +3
    8 November 2016 13: 34
    It’s simply amazing that Russian representatives are not allowed to participate in the elections, after the election you can come up with some kind of accusation against the United States of the violation of the vote and officially announce to the whole world that the elections were held with violations, that the elected president is not legitimate and therefore independent observers they didn’t allow for elections. Let them wash them off later.
  20. +1
    8 November 2016 15: 21
    Since there is SUCH secrecy, they are obviously trying to hide something in the "most honest" elections themselves! fool Simply put - burned!
  21. 0
    9 November 2016 00: 14
    I have a purely scientific interest of a natural scientist, which of the two bugs will be able to roll a ball ....
  22. 0
    9 November 2016 20: 40
    Our Masha again does not understand.

    I do not understand what is happening with Washington:[i] [/ i]

    It is time to understand and live your own mind, and not stick your nose into other people's affairs, and even publicly resent that they are not allowed! Not allowed - and do not!

    Do not let the West’s controllers go to our most honest and free, as well as fair and popular, besides democratic and liberal Russian elections.

    But you are proud that these gentlemen from Europe are present at the elections in Russia, considering their presence a sign of approval of Russian sovereign democracy. As if by a seal of the "I approve" type on all procedures of the Russian election procedure, whatever it may be, starting from churovism and early guardians of justice. And the current churov in a skirt is not much better ...
    1. 0
      9 November 2016 20: 55
      Quote: akudr48
      Our Masha again does not understand

      - Have you read the article, in general? Read carefully? Was the brain on or off?
      - congratulations. They say about this: "he looks into a book, he sees ... a dummy"
      - "Masha" perfectly understands everything. Unlike you. The questions there are mostly rhetorical. Almost statements Yes
      - And you, dear, once again prove themselves to be a tree. Highly doped. Not tired yet? wink
  23. 0
    9 November 2016 20: 50
    Quote: sergeyzzz
    It’s just amazing that Russian representatives are not allowed

    American voters are #yeedey. Imagine if somebody shouts out "Russians are coming!" ? Everyone will raise their hands, enter into a stupor and amba for the elections. How much money has been put in? wink
  24. 0
    9 November 2016 21: 21
    Quote: Cat Man Null
    and you, dear, once again prove themselves to be a tree

    Every little tree, but not every one tracks and reports, not respected ...
    1. 0
      9 November 2016 21: 36
      Quote: akudr48
      not everyone tracks and reports

      - what is it - "as an advertisement"?

      Quote: akudr48
      not respected

      - spelled together
      - mutually negative

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