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Media: For half a month there was a second emergency with a submarine in the Northern Fleet

On Saturday, January 14, a fire was recorded on the Cheetah submarine, which stood at the pier in the dock belonging to the 10th ship repair plant located in Aleksandrovsk in the Murmansk Region. This is the second state of emergency in the past half a month. The fire was quickly eliminated, so the boat equipment was not seriously damaged, but the possible damage has not yet been established. None of the team was injured. Several sources have reported this incident in recent days, however, information on it has not been officially confirmed either by the Ministry of Emergencies or by the press service. fleet.

Media: For half a month there was a second emergency with a submarine in the Northern Fleet

Most likely, the representatives of the nationalist Internet resource “Sturm” received this information first, who posted a brief report on 16 in January, without citing sources. Moreover, the message was written in the “specific style” used on the site, which is why news and not widespread.

The report said: “Workers worked in the fourth compartment, cleaning the reversible transducer with alcohol. The carrying lamp accidentally fell onto the deck, and a fire occurred. The compartment was extinguished by double feeding into the LOCH compartment (bulk chemical system for extinguishing bulk fires). ”

And on Wednesday, January 18, there was a message about the fire that occurred at the Gepard nuclear submarine in the Murmansk edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda, citing its own “credible sources from the security forces of Aleksandrovsk. According to the data published in the message, an alcohol-containing liquid was used to clean one of the compartments. In this case, the compartment was lit with a portable lamp. During operation, the lamp has fallen, and alcohol vapors are ignited. Fortunately, not far from the compartment there was a special means for extinguishing fires, which were used in time.

Murmansk "Komsomolskaya Pravda" clarified on Wednesday that the fact of the fire occurred at the plant is denied. The head of the press service of the Northern Fleet, Vadim Serga, also did not confirm this incident. According to him, there have been no cases of fires or fires registered on any of the ships of the Northern Fleet in the past few weeks.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, the Kommersant newspaper also confirmed the fact of a fire that occurred on Saturday during a technical inspection. The newspaper refers to sources in the shipbuilding industry, who stressed that only civilian specialists, not military, were to blame for the incident.

A number of tasks during the inspection was assigned to civilian specialists. One of them consisted in rubbing with alcohol some NPS units for their cleaning. During processing and cleaning of the reversible transducer, using a portable lamp for lighting, one of the workers accidentally dropped it, and it crashed. This was enough to ignite the alcohol vapor.

He confirmed the version of the fire in the fourth compartment and the source of the publication from the Ministry of Defense. He said that only for one reason did not further spread the fire: the freon-type fire-fighting system worked twice. However, no damage to the equipment of the boat due to the possibility of radiation leakage occurred. Also remained intact people who were at the time of ignition in the compartment.

However, the information obtained by the “Merchant” states that it is impossible to completely exclude the option with a negative impact on the reversible submarine converter, which serves to provide emergency power to all volatile devices with low consumption currents from the backup source with decreasing voltage. According to experts, if the equipment is still out of order, then it can take at least several months to replace it.

Representatives of the military department clarified that the leadership of the Northern Fleet created a commission to establish the possible extent of damage. In addition, the fact of fire was checked by the main military investigative department in the Murmansk region, which confirmed the guilt of a civilian specialist in the incident. In this regard, the investigative committee, which may later be prosecuted under Article 347 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Destruction or Damage of Military Equipment through Negligence”, will take over its own audit.

However, it should be noted that if we take into account the exact wording of the article, according to which the maximum penalty is two years in prison, it sounds like this: “Destruction or damage by negligence weapons, ammunition or items of military equipment that entailed grave consequences, ”while the incident with the submarine“ Cheetah ”does not fall under it.

It is worth remembering about another case of fire that occurred on December 29 on the Yekaterinburg submarine, in the 50 special floating dock 82 of the ship repair plant, located in Roslyakovo in the Murmansk region. The elimination of fire took as much as 20 hours.

The preliminary version states that the fire originated during the work with the autogenous: because of a spark, the wooden scaffolding that had been mounted near the submarine caught fire. The fire quickly spread to the light outer skin of the submarine, covered with a special anti-hydrolocation rubber coating.

According to the data from the Emergencies Ministry, during the fire on the "Yekaterinburg" nine people were injured, of whom seven were crew members, and two were employees of the department.

President Dmitry Medvedev became interested in this case, who instructed the vice-premier Igor Sechin and Dmitry Rogozin to investigate the incident. Rogozin, in turn, promised that all the guilty will be found and punished immediately after the completion of work on the investigation of the incident.

K-335 "Cheetah" is a nuclear submarine, created in the framework of the project 971М "Pike-B". It belongs to the third generation of the Premier League. We laid the 23 September boat 1991 on Sevmash in the city of Severodvinsk. 2 February 1993, the boat received the name "Cheetah" and entered the lists of the ships of the Navy. On the water "Cheetah" launched 17 September 1999 of the year. She joined the 24 Division of nuclear submarines in January 2002. The crew of the submarine is 73 man, and the home port is Gadzhiyevo.

Some technical characteristics of the third-generation submarines are the following: 12770 tons of underwater displacement, 110.3 meters in length, 13.5 meters in width, 9.6 meters in draft. Able to develop under water speed up to 33 nodes. The nuclear power plant has a capacity of 50 thousand hp It has four 650 mm and four 533 mm torpedo tubes.

President Vladimir Putin participated in the flag raising ceremony at the Cheetah, which took place in December 2001. The submarine commander is Kirill Shport, guard captain of the 1 rank. Patronage on it is carried out by the company "Rosneft".

Defense Ministry refutes reports of ignition on nuclear-powered "Cheetah"

The Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defense) of the Russian Federation refutes media reports about the ignition of the Northern Fleet’s nuclear submarine Gepard. As reported by RBC press secretary of the Western Military District Andrei Bobrun, the information published in a number of media outlets that a fire allegedly happened on the boat does not correspond to reality. "Only the fact of ignition of a crashed portable lighting lamp during the performance of work in one of the internal spaceships of the nuclear submarine took place. As a result, the LOH system (boat volume chemical fire extinguishing system) was activated, which reacts even to minor temperature changes in the submarine compartments," A. said Bobrun.

He stressed that this incident did not cause any damage. This case does not belong to the category of fire or fire. Currently, the crew of the submarine continues to carry out activities in accordance with the plan of combat training and the daily routine of the ship in the base of the Northern Fleet.

According to the media
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  1. Igor
    Igor 20 January 2012 07: 13
    damn !!! Is it really that bad
    1. Julia
      Julia 20 January 2012 15: 36
      Igor, what good ... boats are burning!
      and the "potreoty" minus you .. hey-i-i-th ... wow.
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 20 January 2012 20: 03
      Cadres decide everything, proof on the rocks of the Mediterranean
  2. H1dRUS
    H1dRUS 20 January 2012 08: 02
    but I think that most likely this is something like sabotage, it seems to me that if there was a small incident, it would not have leaked to the media, but then someone "knocked".

    This is not the first time this has happened with the army, that year the weapons depots were burning one after another, then several T-72 tanks burned down, and now the nuclear submarines are burning, and not the oldest ones. For me, it's LJZ not casual
    1. snek
      snek 20 January 2012 22: 26
      Phobos-ground did not fly - NASA radar is to blame, the submarine is on fire - enemy saboteurs are to blame. I recently got someone unscrewed all the bulbs in the stairwell - probably these are pests from the Pentagon.
  3. Igor
    Igor 20 January 2012 08: 14
    Quote: H1dRUS
    but I think that most likely this is something like sabotage, it seems to me that if there was a small incident, it would not have leaked to the media, but then someone "knocked".

    With this guidance, devirsants are not needed.
    Quote: H1dRUS
    , that year, arms depots were burning one after another

    Operation "Y" and other adventures of officials from the Ministry of Defense.
  4. 755962
    755962 20 January 2012 09: 05
    Well, this is already through CHUR, as the saying goes. How much can you "please" with such news. No matter how fashionable, God forbid. And it really is something amiss, like sabotage.
  5. Owl
    Owl 20 January 2012 09: 15
    Once - an accident;
    The second time - think, figure it out, eliminate it;
    Third time - "a masochist's dream"
  6. Ascetic
    Ascetic 20 January 2012 09: 18
    because of a spark, the wooden scaffolding that was mounted near the submarine caught fire
    Because of the spark, wooden forests from damp spruce rough boards usually do not light up, they smolder at most. the hearth can be put out by improvised means ..

    During the processing and cleaning of a reversible converter, using a portable lamp for lighting, one of the workers accidentally dropped it and it crashed. This was enough to ignite the vapor of alcohol.

    What kind of carrier was there? Completely killed, probably like "Goodbye Homeland" with Ilyich's light bulb. And the normal one is probably written off and is in the garage of the master (pictured). Well, the guys obviously received communion with alcohol if everything falls out of their hands.
    1. Yazov
      Yazov 20 January 2012 18: 56
      At how much alcohol do you need to spill on the floor? And in fire hazardous and explosive rooms use special tools and equipment. 12 volt lamp, in the ceiling, I doubt that it will give a spark capable of igniting alcohol vapor. And if T.B. at zero, it’s necessary to drive such repairmen.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 20 January 2012 20: 18
        Quote: Yazov
        At how much alcohol do you need to spill on the floor?

        Why immediately to the floor? In the north for such (even thoughts) you can lose face
  7. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 20 January 2012 09: 27
    There is Art. 58-14 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, namely: "Counter-revolutionary sabotage, that is, deliberate failure by someone to fulfill certain duties or deliberately negligent fulfillment of them with the special purpose of weakening the power of the government and the activities of the state apparatus, entails - imprisonment for a period of at least one year, with the confiscation of all or part of the property, with an increase, about especially aggravating circumstances, up to the highest measure of social protection - execution, with the confiscation of property. "
    1. dmitry98
      dmitry98 20 January 2012 22: 43
      for klibanophoros <Art. 58-14 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR>
      EXACTLY, you would be there, at that time, you would immediately receive:
      1) Art. 58-4 (PS, pants, refrigerator, TV set and toilet paper are probably imported) ---> shooting or declaring the enemy of workers with confiscation of property and deprivation of citizenship of the Union republic and, thereby, citizenship of the USSR and expulsion from the USSR forever , assuming with mitigating circumstances reduction to imprisonment for a term of not less than three years, with confiscation of all or part of the property.
      / for emollients, other TV, PS, no toilet paper, or barbed /
      2) Art. 58-12 .---> from 6 months of imprisonment.
      / On Chubais, Abramovich, Berezovsky, etc. - DONOS It did not follow? from YOU, from PATRIOTIC /
      Probably enough? (cumulatively), on the BLOOM, and there, WHERE 3–4 million have been visited, at that time.
      Although ... I think Comrade Vyshinsky would probably not agree, for stupid talkativeness, they would add (and you, after a 10-minute stay in Lubyanka, would honestly admit)
      according to St., St.: 58-3 (I listened to foreign music, I watched the film, I used the Internet (pah)), 58-10 (Blogs, patriotic newspapers), 58-14 (Well, like: tax evasion, receiving a TO ticket (for left), I did not buy a ticket on the bus, etc., etc.).
      So, in aggregate, they ran into 5-7, so that in vain transport would not be driven into the taiga.
      CONCLUSION: "do not wake up smartly .... otherwise you will get the first one in your ear"
  8. Varnaga
    Varnaga 20 January 2012 11: 00
    Indeed, as I am already tired of these natural journals ... yeah, streams of shit from shitty publications like Komersant, MK, etc. pour out like a cornucopia, while some insignificant event is taken, swells 100 times, or has no basis at all , all this is interspersed with references to "sources" from the MO, and it is concluded that everything, all the polymers, have been lost. Immediately on thematic resources, eternally offended asshole lovers come up, they are echoed by an army of undernourished trolls and an old, good shit begins.
    From all this, there is only one wish - to kill your head against the wall to all participants in the cycle of this shit ... in inf. field.
  9. OMEDB
    OMEDB 20 January 2012 11: 36
    Oh, what a handsome man in the photo, straight pride bursts. If the news is true, then this is some kind of wrecking work, not good.
  10. altman
    altman 20 January 2012 13: 07
    soon will be writing about every clog of the toilet on the warship !! ))) I don’t even know if this is good? or is someone systematically "smearing" the fleet?
    1. Julia
      Julia 20 January 2012 15: 33
      Is the fire an obsir of the fleet ?? Maybe we don’t even know about it, but don’t write to them?
      1. altman
        altman 21 January 2012 07: 50
        I don’t know what you have to do with the fleet .. yes and it doesn’t matter .. just know that SUCH incidents can happen in any apartment ..
  11. koosss
    koosss 20 January 2012 13: 09
    photo yes, test (second which)
  12. Torus
    Torus 20 January 2012 19: 29
    maybe in military shipbuilding have already begun to recruit guest workers? sad
  13. Mujahiddin777
    Mujahiddin777 20 January 2012 21: 25
    Seems to me, "rats" we got!
    Really saboteurs? Or worst of all, traitors .. God forbid!
    1. LiRoy
      LiRoy 20 January 2012 21: 28
      We got rats in the General Staff, and this, I agree, is a hundred times worse than saboteurs.
  14. Denis
    Denis 20 January 2012 23: 31
    it seems that the fire is extinguished with such a spit, or like welders with a bottle of water that is always at hand,
    the facts are sucked from your finger, your favorite pastime media
  15. reflex
    reflex 21 January 2012 10: 58
    Only a fool does not understand that these are not isolated cases, but already a trend, and not only in the army but also in other sectors (utilities, transport, river fleet, etc.), the wear and tear of everything that was built in the USSR makes itself felt, and the staff they are not the same as before, and the sailors we always have, as always, are admirals, not admirals. Read on the site about the new WTO developments in the West, and it will become clear to ours and to you who is developing and who is falling apart. Just don’t say that I don’t love the Motherland, if I didn’t love it, it also pretended that everything was fine with us!
  16. Veteran
    Veteran 21 January 2012 15: 35
    Problems in the staff - their professionalism, responsibility and discipline of work.
    The Filipino sailors were the first to run from the liner.
  17. Veteran
    Veteran 21 January 2012 16: 19
    The problem is personnel - their professionalism, responsibility, organization and discipline of labor.
    And the Filipino sailors were the first to run from the liner.
  18. morpex
    morpex 22 January 2012 20: 20
    Always, at all times, in the Navy, like everywhere else, emergency happened and will happen. It’s just that this information was closed earlier. And now a little what will happen, even the smallest emergency situation, immediately rises. With and without.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 22 January 2012 20: 55
    I can report .... I have 23 years of service on the nuclear submarine, and "Cheetah" is my last ship from which I quit .... Previously, there were no less actual accidents, maybe even more, based on the fact that there were well at least an order of magnitude more ... another thing is that the level of training of personnel and the material and technical base have seriously suffered during the years of "absence of a potential enemy" and now extremely painstaking work must be carried out to implement the program for the restoration and development of the Navy!
  20. kk-64
    kk-64 30 January 2012 13: 46
    violated by technical security and all are all fucked up. for this, Stalin would be to the wall.