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Sunken ships that are visible from the surface


Through the bitter-salty water show the deck of ships sunken at shallow depths. Like ghosts from a parallel world, they have plunged into oblivion and are now scaring random witnesses from the depths.

At low tide hours, they approach the surface itself, where the foot of an unwary swimmer can touch the rusty and slimy side of a dead man.

When the tide comes, the sea hides the trophy, carrying it into the depths of the waves, under the weight of the high waters. There, where everything is shrouded in darkness: the wreckage of ships, and the plunging cities, and octopuses, and storms, and boxes of gold ...

Ship's Graveyard in Truda Bay

Destroyers, patrol boats, submarines, amphibious ships - the entire 42 object in a submerged and semi-submerged state. The main attraction of the island of Russian pictures from space.

Most of them are decommissioned Pacific ships. fleet. Many have been waiting for their fate since the mid-1970s, and have already lost all hope of disposal in normal conditions. Nowadays, Labor Bay has become a popular place for surfing due to its magnificent and frightening views of the rusty ridges of ships lying under water.

Sunken ships that are visible from the surface

The remains of "Phoenix" and BEKA-1 on the Black Sea coast near Odessa

Sunken ship in Copenhagen harbor

“Island of the Dead Ships” off the coast of Australia

Deck fighter "Hellcat" F6F, shot down over the lagoon of the Pacific atoll

The legendary "Mod" (Maud) - Expeditionary vessel R. Amundsen, sunk by the ice off the Arctic coast of Canada

Landing ship "Spiegel Grove" (LSD-32) from an unusual angle. A semi-drowned ship in an inverted position is towed to the oceanic shelf, where it will forever remain in the form of an artificial coral reef

The sunken schooner on Lake Huron, already mentioned in the previous review. This time - aerial view

The cruiser "Murmansk", flown on the cliffs of Hammerfest. The most heroic representative of the entire collection of dead ships

The former flagship of the Northern Fleet, Murmansk KRL, served 36 years, leaving astern over 240 thousands of nautical miles. In 1989, the old cruiser was expelled from the current fleet and sucked; three years later sold for metal.

In December, 1994, while towing to India, the old warrior fell from the towing cables. Death on the stinking beach of Alanga seemed unworthy of the flagship of the Federation Council. Like a samurai who chose seppuku, the cruiser preferred to breastfeed on sharp rocks.

He spent long 15 years off the coast of Norway, turning into a local attraction for those who want to gawk at a Soviet warship. However, the fears of the Norwegian environmentalists took up - in 2010, work began on the cutting of "Murmansk" in an improvised drained "lagoon". By now there are no more traces of him.

The picturesque silhouette of the yacht "Mar Sem Fim" ("Endless Sea"). Maxwell Bay in Antarctica, 2012

Next - ships from around the world.

For all those who have not yet had the opportunity to get acquainted with the first half of the exhibition of sunken ships, which can be seen through the water column, I invite you to follow the link: "Sunken ships that are visible through the water". There you expect the battleships of Pearl Harbor, the German cruiser "Prince Eugen" and many other interesting objects, forever remaining in the oceans.

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