Demarche director of the FBI, James Komi

The resumption of the FBI investigation of the e-mail of the favorite of the presidential race Hillary Clinton a few days before the November 8 presidential election speaks of some serious processes at the very top of the US pyramid in favor of Donald Trump. Moreover, in the holy of holy power elites - in the special services, the director of the FBI, James Komi, allegedly spent two weeks thinking about the decision to resume the investigation, and resumed.

Demarche director of the FBI, James Komi

Jeffrey Sachs, an economist, a symbolic figure in the American establishment, unexpectedly made a prophecy about the collapse of the United States on the model of the USSR, due to excessive military overstrain, that is, spoke in support of the political course of Donald Trump, insisting on reducing the US military tension ...

Why is it important? Because in the USA there is no democracy from the word “in general”, the outcome of the elections determines precisely the balance of votes in the elites, and not the voters in the polling stations, and these elites, as we see, suddenly got into motion before the very elections. As they count votes, this will be the declared will of the people. The electoral process is designed to make as respectable as possible, if necessary, the falsification of those in power. Under the slogan: "A miracle happened!", Or, on the contrary, "A miracle did not happen!"

Therefore, the main question of the presidential election: what was James Komi thinking about for two weeks, and with whom? Which election scenario won, and where? However, be that as it may, the ongoing turmoil in the American elites speak of their serious split.

An important conclusion follows from this: no matter who becomes the president of the United States, he will be a weak president, because he will rely on a split society, the foundation of his power will be unstable. Especially after such a sexually scandalous presidential campaign, with accusations of presidential candidates of high treason! With Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The United States is not a banana state, so that it can influence its election campaign, the Russian president noted, but this means that the Clinton party has relied on a banana campaign against Donald Trump. For Clinton and supranational elites, the situation in the United States is so bad that to justify their policies they need the image of an “external enemy”: at least Putin’s ubiquitous computer hackers. Although it is stupid, because Putin is far away, and the United States is definitely not a banana country.

It is easy to guess that the fighters for global freedom and LGBT democracy will soon switch from the struggle against the “external enemy” to the “internal enemy” to which you can reach, in the offices of which in America the bottles with an incendiary mixture are already flying, like in Ukraine ... Donald Trump. He, in turn, declares: “We can’t be stopped anymore!” Perhaps it is the prospects for “Ukrainization” of America that James Komi and his friends in special services fear. And go for broke!

Many American commentators write about the revolt in the US special services against supranational elites. Compromising against Clinton, attributed to the “Russian hackers”, owes its birth to sources in the NSA, the US - recently appeared in the American press. There was also a sexual incrimination against Vice President Joe Biden, an amateur of girls, the second key figure in the globalist elites. Of the iconic globalists not affected, it seems that only Soros, an American of Hungarian origin, is closely associated with the intelligence community, however, he is not making any broadcast announcements.

Consider, however, the worst option. Perhaps the demarche of James Komi is a kind of SOS signal that those to whom he or she may not hear. In general, everyone knows that Clinton, in the event of his victory, will dry-clean the special services in order to clean out of them all rebels like Komi. Therefore, with his rebellion, he may slam the door goodbye.

Anyway, as long as the Clinton administration cleans up supporters of Donald Trump and potential “Putin's friends,” Russia can take a breath and focus on the next tasks. All the more so for a period of time, hands will be untied for the solution of the next urgent tasks.

The presidential election in the United States is, of course, the Rubicon, after which major political changes will take place. There will be a certainty that allows for delayed political steps. Russia can, for example, declare the revival of Bandera Nazism in Ukraine, and about the involvement of the West in this. And to draw the obvious analogies with the coming to power in Germany of Hitler, also with the favorable attitude of the western "democratic" powers.

Interesting in this regard is the October pseudo “Norman” meeting in Berlin, which ended with an alleged oral agreement on the development of a “road map” to the Minsk agreements. Until the end of October. It is already November in the courtyard, but instead of the “road map”, Gazprom apparently has access to the German pipeline system OPAL, which will allow Nord Stream - 100 to be downloaded to 1%. This is clearly the result of the October meeting in Berlin in the "Norman format," and, very likely, there are other results that we don’t know about.

The conclusion suggests itself: Berlin and Moscow are preparing to halt the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, in general and forever. At the Valdai Club, Vladimir Putin made one very important statement in Ukraine: “We were divided and poisoned” ... This is a very serious warning to those who are responsible for this. The next step, according to logic, Putin will invoice the guilty of this crime.
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  1. +6
    7 November 2016 06: 00
    On Sunday, November 6, FBI chief James Comey said that according to a study of the newly discovered part of the correspondence of the former US Secretary of State, the Bureau did not begin to indict Hillary Clinton. Looks like in one of the letters he read that he and his family would be torn off his head ... They say that one of his agents, who had infused Old Wikilix, had already torn off his head with his wife, imagining the case was suicide, so Komi stopped everything from harm's way!
    1. +2
      7 November 2016 07: 30
      Yes, the investigation is closed. Obviously, there was such pressure that it was better to stop yourself than to wait for the consequences later. As a result, the Clinton is back on horseback, although this lowered her rating.
      Putin will invoice the perpetrators of this crime.

      It would be nice, but the question is, how will this bill be billed?
      1. 0
        7 November 2016 12: 32
        And what do you think? He came and, without taking off his overcoat, began to lay out terrible state secrets? This will not happen ...
        1. 0
          7 November 2016 12: 51
          I think that he will take off his overcoat and sit at his desk. Then he will call whoever is needed and set a "combat" task for whom and how to frown in all directions.
      2. +1
        7 November 2016 21: 32
        Quote: rotmistr60
        how will this bill be billed?

        What do you mean ? There are no others, but those are far away ...
        Quote: rotmistr60
        "We were divided and pitted" ...

        Until the first Maidan, the KGB / FSB kept the whole situation "on the tip of a knife." About 800 special forces were ready to act - quickly and decisively ... However, a LOT of shit never gave the go-ahead ... as a result, the Western gopniks in Kiev got a free hand.
        And then there was what it was ... And to whom now I present to sculpt?
        And then, this is not the style of "polite people"!
        If something happens, it will be done in the best traditions of the GRU special forces ... And the external surroundings are in another department ... like Zhirinovsky: loud and challenging!
  2. +2
    7 November 2016 08: 50
    Everything will be decided tomorrow. Whom corporations were sentenced to the presidency, he will be seated in the White House. The mattress people simply participates in this political show, makes bets - but decides nothing.
    1. 0
      7 November 2016 09: 14
      Tomorrow is only the first stage, which will not solve anything. Only representatives are elected .... but they will "hold elections" on December 15 (if I am not mistaken)
  3. +1
    7 November 2016 09: 03
    I hear a sound voice about the complete absence of democracy in the United States. laughing And there is; there was no democracy (besides fascism) in this belching of the world community. And these insolents are still trying to teach someone whether to recognize or not recognize the elections, while the free and direct elections themselves did not even have fantasies. Hand on hand; it is desirable that it also hits the legs. laughing

    US Evolution:
    1. White racist president.
    2. Black homophobic president.
    3. Woman president who committed treason.

    Political correctness has penetrated the field of criminal law. laughing
  4. 0
    7 November 2016 09: 05
    Quote: Nyrobsky
    Everything will be decided tomorrow. Whom corporations were sentenced to the presidency, they will sit in the White House.
    I don’t understand why we are so worried about these supposedly elections, why are our media paying much more attention to them than to other issues? There, the average American will not give a damn about who will be the next talking head. Elections are farce, public opinion research is part of a grand show.
  5. 0
    7 November 2016 09: 12
    This is the main question of the presidential election: what did James Komi reflect on for two weeks, and with whom? Which election scenario won, and where? However, be that as it may, the upheavals in the American elites speak of their serious split.
    1. SPECIAL SERVICES are not special services.
    2. A split is not a fall into the abyss.
    3. Repainting shoulder straps is not treason, but "the requirement of time."
    4. The surrender of the US allies is not a defeat, but a maneuver to take more advantageous positions before the next offensive.
    early to bury mattress covers. we need them.
    who will track (not even control) the whole world?
    Will there be enough gauges for all the chaos in the whole world?
    Someone will have to support and sincerely rejoice in "mutual understanding" with this "owner of the White House"
    The process is not for 3-5 years (+ - presidential cycle), but for the life of a generation. The main thing here is of our generation: to build an independent life ("life" is more voluminous and wider than "politics") in the course of 20-30-50 years
    A window of opportunity will appear (I doubt it)
    Build roads .., host the 2018 World Cup, commission Vostochny ... and that's it?
  6. 0
    7 November 2016 12: 18
    while the Clinton administration will clean up Donald Trump’s supporters and potential “Putin friends”, Russia can take a breath and focus on next tasks. Moreover, hands will be untied for a period next urgent tasks

    The last three words are a masterpiece wink
    Dear author, who has tied our hands now? And why do you think that after the election they will automatically unleash?
    In general, all these arguments about "when", "if" and "so far" are very similar to the situations with the participation of our players in international tournaments. When everything is already about ... (well, you get the idea), they begin to calculate the odds: if those win against these, and these lose to those who play a draw, then maybe we will have a chance for a play-off with a weak opponent ...

    You always want to yell - AND YOURSELF! Now too.
    1. 0
      7 November 2016 12: 38
      One politician said: it was early yesterday, tomorrow it would be late, which means today. The situation will change after the elections in the United States, and it is important not to scare the game away ahead of time. And we don’t need to play football: Lavrov doesn’t play football, but with the State Department.
      1. 0
        8 November 2016 03: 29
        Are you not talking about revolution for an hour? ;)
        And I'm talking about the economy, about which we can say that it was too late yesterday.
  7. 0
    9 November 2016 10: 26
    Trump, with his victory in the election, will take D. Komi to himself.

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