75 Anniversary Parade on Red Square November 7 1941

75 years ago - 7 November 1941 of the year - an event took place that forever entered the national history. On the pavement of the Red Square of Moscow, fighters of the Red Army and military equipment were held as part of the parade dedicated to the 24 anniversary of the October Revolution.

Even to a person who, due to circumstances, did not go into historiographic details, it is clear that the very fact that the parade was held in November on 1941 is a truly unique phenomenon. It is unique if only because after the parade march, servicemen, many of whom took the oath just a few days, were sent to the front - to protect the capital of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from an approaching enemy.

The commanders of the Nazi divisions were already preparing to report to Berlin on how their units entered Moscow. Already prepared seats on the ceremonies for new awards. Already the soldiers and officers of the German fascist troops, with odes to themselves, wrote letters to their "frau" and "fraulein" about how they "defeated the Russians near Moscow." Fate laughed at such self-conceit, and by the forces of the Soviet people, including those soldiers whom 7 November entered directly from the parade near Moscow, possibly in their last battle, stopped the Nazi armada, inflicting the first crushing defeat in history.

Archival documents express the feelings of those who came to conquer the Soviet people with weapons in hand. After the first smashing blows of the Red Army inflicted on the Nazis near Moscow, there was a half-misunderstanding and half-devastation in the documents. The commanders asked for reinforcements, reporting that Moscow was about to fall. When the situation on the front finally became apparent in favor of the Red Army, bewilderment and confusion began to show through in letters. The army, which, with a song and rolled-up sleeves, briskly paced through most European capitals, received such a blow, from which its legs gave way. Hitler's car wanted, if to speak figuratively, to wave his hands, but the battle was already lost. And it was not lost to “General Frost,” as liberal historians have been trying to expose the situation so far, but to the courage and heroism of those who stood to death near Moscow.

Personnel chronicles talk about the November 7 parade of the year 1941. On them you can see the faces of those who did everything to defeat the enemy, the advanced parts of which were at that time no further than 30 km from the walls of the Kremlin.

Certain groups of historians speak of the ideological background of the November 7 parade of 1941. It is strange to deny it today. It is even more strange to look for some pitfalls and negative aspects of the ideological basis of the parade, as the above-mentioned representatives of liberal views on the history of the country are trying to do. Yes, let this parade had at least three times the ideological basis, the main thing is that it achieved its goal. The warriors, who were passing through the main square of the country, were literally charged with its energy, in order then with the help of this energy to give battle to the enemy and gain an invaluable victory.

On this day, one can not forget about another important parade, which also “celebrates” the anniversary date. This is the November 7 parade of 1941 in Kuibyshev. For many years, information about that event was classified as "secret." Only in 2013, some documents of the Russian Ministry of Defense made public. And in 2014, all the documents about the Kuibyshev parade were classified as “secret”.

The parade had aviation "Bias". More than 230 flight crews of 8 aviation regiments and 5 aviation schools took part in it. Archival documents show that the grandiose event in Kuibyshev (now Samara) was prepared in record time - in just 3 days.

From the materials of the management of the press service and information MO RF:
This parade became for pilots a kind of professional skill test and a welcome pass to the front - after its completion, the command carried out a meticulous and detailed analysis of the actions of each pilot. Soon they were all at war with the Nazis on the front line.

In addition to the air part of the parade in Kuibyshev there was also a part of the land. Fighters of the 65 th rifle division, who arrived from the Far East, marched through the city in a parade march, and the next day after the parade they went by train to the front - under Tikhvin, where they entered the battle against the Nazis.

From materials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:
According to declassified documents, Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council Mikhail Kalinin and Marshal of the Soviet Union Clement Voroshilov, representative of the Supreme Command Headquarters Marshal of the Soviet Union, took part in the parade in Kuybyshev. They praised the morale and skill of the participants.

Returning to the Moscow parade, the glorious date of which Russia is celebrating today, it is necessary to submit important archival information. The parade began to the sounds of the composer SA Chernetsky’s eponymous march. 28487 soldiers and officers marched through Red Square, of which 19044 are infantrymen, 546 are cavalrymen, 732 are arrows and machine gunners of rifle subunits, 2165 gunners, 480 tank crews and 5520 militias.

75 Anniversary Parade on Red Square November 7 1941

The military parade was received by the Deputy Defense Commander Marshal of the Soviet Union S.M. Budyonny. Commanded the parade commander of the Moscow Military District Lt. Gen. P.Artemyev. A speech was made before the Red Army by JV Stalin.

The date of November 7 - in honor of the 1941 parade of the year - is today one of the Days of Military Glory of Russia, - a date emphasizing the courage and heroism of the defenders of the Fatherland, who stopped the enemy near Moscow.
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  1. +25
    7 November 2016 05: 38
    Happy holiday, forum users, everyone who has not forgotten

    The parade in Kuibyshev.
    1. 0
      7 November 2016 08: 24
      Thank you.
      This photo is often shown on the marching location of the arrester.
      Question. Flame arrester in the stowed position: have not yet managed to translate into combat or previously transferred for further maneuvers?
      1. +1
        7 November 2016 13: 06
        Quote: igordok
        Question. Flame arrester in the stowed position: have not yet managed to translate into combat or previously transferred for further maneuvers?

        The troops from that Parade immediately went to the front.
        1. +1
          7 November 2016 16: 20
          This is not entirely true.
          Not much went to the front lines.
        2. 0
          11 November 2016 12: 00
          It is interesting to know which front in November 1941 of the year you could leave Kuibyshev?
    2. +11
      7 November 2016 15: 56

      Snow on Red Square, blowing snow,
      The silent, walking formation of soldiers.
      A skinny knapsack
      And the set of suffering is not readily.

      Thousands will pass behind a company of a company,
      And die in a fierce battle.
      You look, people, at these photos:
      There the heroes froze in the ranks!
      And then the way was given to the tanks -
      The roar of engines, a clang in front of the Kremlin.
      Following them: - Death to the German invaders! -
      The echo repeated after the leader.
      The beardless boys, in their overcoats,
      Straight to the frozen fields
      We were in the ranks
      and trembled ate
      Snowy branches near the Kremlin.
      The women watched with tears after:
      Sorry for his. But ... evil touched everyone ...
      - At home, son, I went for an hour, at least!
      - What are you, mom! The time has not come!
      In the cold I thought about summer
      About the warmth of the beloved and the wife.
      But they met the death of Seryoga, Petit,
      In the severe cold, on the warpath.
      In November, near Kryukov and Peshki,
      In the snowy slopes and naked fields
      The guys dug trenches in a hurry,
      To stay in them forever.
      They died under Yakhroma and Klin,
      Stack frozen, along the roads ...
      Maybe to mothers, a crane wedge,
      Did their souls return to the threshold?

      Other companies will avenge them,
      Protect the country and father’s shelter,
      And to the Brandenburg Gate,
      Cast a glance from the imperial domes.
      And the Victory Parade will take place,
      And the whole country will hear the salute.
      Show, close-up of the face,
      In order not to forget their NAMES! ..

      Nikolay Butylin
  2. +15
    7 November 2016 05: 38
    Here was a holiday at one time, so a celebration to the delight of people, not like now. And on November 7, 1941, the parade showed the world that the Soviet Union and its army were still alive and ready to fight back fascism.
  3. +19
    7 November 2016 05: 47
    Here it is UNITY. NOVEMBER 7. And not invented by the liberal nobility on November 4. It's just that this nobility is too afraid of this day, November 7th.
    1. +7
      7 November 2016 06: 33
      Quote: pravednik
      And not invented by the liberal nobility on November 4

      Who celebrates it? Who wants to drink, so for them any reason is a holiday. Moreover, it is not necessary to work.
      1. +7
        7 November 2016 08: 40
        Happy Holidays, dear forum users!
        1. +5
          7 November 2016 09: 55
          Evgeny Nikolaevich love , Dmitry love , dear forum users love , WITH HOLIDAY!
          1. +5
            7 November 2016 12: 24
            I join! All a Happy Holiday! drinks
            once again make a reservation - look at the frames of the parade. Artillery was represented by samples of the WWI, in many ways. Schneider’s 75 mm guns were never in service with our army; most likely, these were trophies of the Civil War and the Polish campaign of the 39th year. Anti-aircraft guns were represented by the ancient guns of Lender-Tarnovsky. That is, they got everything that could shoot! This once again underlines the feat of the army and the people who were able to break the ridge of the German beast! soldier
      2. +13
        7 November 2016 12: 46
        EvgNik Today, 06:33 ↑
        Who celebrates it? Who wants to drink, so for them any reason is a holiday. Moreover, it is not necessary to work.
        Hello Zhen, glad to see! Happy Holidays! Happy Great October Socialist Revolution Day! For me, there has always been and is only this holiday, especially since I have a double, I have a birthday today. And on November 4, if they wanted to celebrate it so much, it should have been called "The Day of the End of the Great Troubles", and not "The Day of National Unity." Some kind of insanity, they are like trying to reconcile white and red, but somehow they get it crooked. We are now erecting monuments to whites wherever we go, and monuments to reds have been removed almost by all. And monuments are erected to such as manergeim, an awesome figure ... A good "fitting" can not be said!
        Everyone again with the HOLIDAY! love
        1. +4
          7 November 2016 13: 32
          Quote: Diana Ilyina
          I have it double, today is my birthday.

          love Diana, I congratulate you twice, let them not overshadow your birthday, cries of those who do not recognize the main holidays of our country! love
  4. +15
    7 November 2016 05: 52
    Parade. November XNUMX.
    Here he is - the unfortunate forty-first ...
    Hearts burn with hope.
    The people breathe severely in faith.

    Shoulder to shoulder, chased step.
    They are crucified in the homeland
    will go, keeping their red banner,
    forward to a happy forty-fifth.

    Through unequal battles
    turmoil of a trampled power
    they go - theirs, theirs! -
    through death go for eternal glory.

    They carry a happy year.
    on thrown up rifle souls
    (As they are now lacking,
    now that the Union is destroyed!)

    How many are given to save
    others - and pay the wound ...
    All this is just ahead.
    It’s too early to bury them today.

    Parade. November XNUMX…
    Here he is, the unfortunate forty-first!
    Hearts burn with hope.
    The people breathe severely in faith ...
    Afanasyeva Alla
    1. +11
      7 November 2016 06: 35
      Already ambassadors live in the rear of the deep,
      Already in Moscow not to see the Commissars,
      And the armored armies of von Bock
      Khimki continues to attack.

      They decide at the headquarters of the Western Front -
      Headquarters east of Moscow,
      And the sun is a wound of the Russian people
      Lit amid the autumn blue ...

      Responsible persons already in Moscow
      They do not understand only one thing:
      When will he leave the capital -
      But how to ask about it yourself?

      Yes, how to ask? The question is crucial
      Such that you can’t postpone it for later:
      - When to send your regiment of protection
      To Kuibyshev? The composition is already ready.

      Glass shook in an air rumble
      Sparkled in the Alexander Garden ...
      He said calmly: - If necessary,
      I will lead this regiment into the attack.

      Chuev Felix Ivanovich
  5. +10
    7 November 2016 06: 20
    On this day, one can not forget about another important parade, which also “celebrates” the anniversary date. This is the November 7 parade of 1941 in Kuibyshev. For many years, information about that event was classified as "secret." Only in 2013, some documents of the Russian Ministry of Defense made public. And in 2014, all the documents about the Kuibyshev parade were classified as “secret”.

    I don’t know when they started hiding data about this parade, but Shakhurin and some other people's commissars and deputy commissars have vague references to it. I agree that the parade was not widely covered as in Moscow, but they knew about it.
    "On November 7, 1941, on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution, a military parade was held in the city of Kuibyshev. Then three military parades took place in the country - in Moscow, Voronezh and Kuibyshev. The country managed to demonstrate its military power to the whole world and prove: we will stand. Foreign military attaches and correspondents were simply shocked by the sight and made them believe that the USSR was not broken! " http://gubernya63.ru/history/legends/parad.html
    By the way! Eugene your photo from the Kuibyshev parade and hide the Kuibyshev parade was impossible for the simple reason that it was attended by foreign diplomats, but that there was still a parade in Voronezh, I learned from the material posted in the link.
    1. +7
      7 November 2016 06: 40
      Quote: Amurets
      By the way! Zhenya is your photo from the Kuibyshev Parade

      Zhenya! Sorry Did not notice ! Because all attention was paid to the Voronezh parade unknown to me on this date.
      1. +9
        7 November 2016 06: 55
        Nothing, Kolya, it happens. From the parade in Voronezh:
  6. +7
    7 November 2016 06: 36
    Russia lived, Russia lives, Russia will live!
  7. +9
    7 November 2016 07: 55
    Passage of infantry units on Red Square during the parade on November 7, 1941.
  8. +8
    7 November 2016 07: 57
    November is the month. Bad weather.
    Winters are a bleak motive.
    The war brought overcoats into fashion
    Defining life for years.

    The front line is not far ...
    But there will be a festive parade.
    Snowstorm - a soldier covered her shoulders,
    Like a camouflage robe.

    The columns went, driving snow
    Rifles at the ready ...
    And carried the pavement
    Footsteps soldier around.

    Dividing their years, days, minutes
    Fate and Death agree on the price ...
    There are shelves, bayonets are attached,
    To prove: "We do not give up!"

    Already today, right from the march,
    Shouting: "Hurray!", Rush into battle ...
    Not many will have to be older
    Towards the end of a fatal attack

    And every warrior knows this,
    Going in a holiday formation ...
    And every memory is worthy
    Kohl fell for the motherland in battle!
  9. +16
    7 November 2016 07: 58
    The current government of the type celebrates the anniversary of the parade on November 7.11.1941, XNUMX. But "forgets" the reason for the parade itself. And he pretends that the October Revolution did not exist.
    1. +7
      7 November 2016 08: 25
      I also thought that it looked like hypocrisy and left an unpleasant aftertaste. It is undeniable and not proud of our history. The October Revolution did a lot and gave people, although there were a lot of tragedies. All with the 99th anniversary!
    2. avt
      7 November 2016 09: 41
      Quote: erased
      But "forgets" the reason for the parade itself. And he pretends that the October Revolution did not exist.

      request And what exactly did you want!? In 1991, they sold the birthright - they converted the preached ideology into quite nishty here and now material. But they didn’t get full Hepines. Suddenly it turned out (What a surprise! laughing ) they didn’t put people at one table to rule the world. This is with that kind of money! bully “Suddenly" the old Russian truth became clear - "money is not happiness" and what is most offensive - not even in their quantity bully It seems like the "elite" has already gotten used to it, but here's Pushkin, we don't want to read everything
      Of course, the king: your power is strong,
      You are mercy, joy and generosity
      Adopted the hearts of his slaves.
      But you know yourself: senseless mob
      Changeable, rebellious, superstitious,
      Easily empty hope betrayed,
      To instant suggestion is obedient,
      For the truth is deaf and indifferent,
      And she feeds on fables.
      She likes shameless courage.
      So if this unknown tramp
      Cross the Lithuanian border
      A crowd of madmen will attract him
      Demetrius is the resurrected name.
      bully The tale is a lie, but in it a hint is a lesson for good fellows.
      And the Russians ... let alone ...
      Before you I will not dissemble;
      But do you know how strong we are, Basmanov?
      Not by army, no, not by Polish help,
      A opinion; Yes! popular opinion.
  10. +12
    7 November 2016 08: 31
    Many of those who walked along Red Square that day did not return home already. And the memory of them must be passed on from generation to generation. My two Panfilov uncles were not in the parade. They fought in those days. Now they lie in the same mass grave near Moscow. My children remember and honor them and, I am sure, will pass this memory on to their children.
    Will Putin again be "embarrassed" to take the podium of the mausoleum?
  11. +12
    7 November 2016 08: 46
    To organize and hold a Parade in those conditions when the whole world counted the days before the fall of Moscow was an unheard of audacity. How much spirit did our ancestors have, from the Red Army and the militia to the Supreme Commander ... Eternal Glory to them ...
    1. +1
      8 November 2016 17: 47
      Thank you for reminding me! It was a good movie! And this song is beautiful !!!
  12. +14
    7 November 2016 09: 19
    Let's not forget the main thing.
    This parade would not go down in history if 99 years ago the main event in the history of OUR country did not happen.
    Happy holiday comrades.
    Happy Great October Socialist Revolution !!!!! URA-a-a-a-a
  13. +6
    7 November 2016 09: 36
    And I took part in the Voronezh parade and reconstruction.
  14. +6
    7 November 2016 10: 34
    that’s where the double standards come from. Everything about parade 41 and not a word for the revolution in 1917 and now power by all means and ways hides what it really was 99 years ago. And we say that someone is distorting the story you have to start behaving right yourself then point your finger at others
    1. +4
      7 November 2016 13: 04
      Then we are surprised that we cannot give an adequate answer to all Anglo-Saxon enemies, if we are lying in our own country, then the parade in honor of the parade, without giving a reason, then on May 9 we drape the Mausoleum and not a word about the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.
  15. +3
    7 November 2016 12: 24
    On the 99th anniversary of the Great October Revolution !!!
    1. 0
      7 November 2016 20: 32
      You fell victim to the revolutionary requiem Russian Choir
  16. +5
    7 November 2016 12: 39
    All REAL patriots of Russia and the Russian / Russian people on the Holiday.
    The consequence of the October Revolution was the large-scale development of Russia, the reduction of mortality of the people, the creation of a social State for the people.
    And the consequence of the capture of Russia by those who hate the October Revolution was the total degradation of Russia, increased mortality of the people, deprivation of the rights and social benefits given to the people by the Communists, impoverishment of Russia and the majority of the Russian people, and enrichment of the haters of the October Revolution at the expense of them.
  17. +7
    7 November 2016 12: 59
    Some kind of crazy situation - a parade in honor of the parade in honor of the Great October Socialist Revolution ...
    Maybe throw out the middle of the phrase?
    There will be a parade in honor of the Great October Socialist Revolution.
  18. +1
    7 November 2016 14: 53
    You can write as you like: correctly, obsequiously, training the roughness of the tongue. True - in the fresh air. And there is "Vlasovism", pseudo-patriotism and bashful curtain of really expensive symbols of the era.
    And this note is a camouflage of deceit, spreading from everywhere for one purpose - to disguise the consequences of the counter-revolutionary coup of the 80s and 90s in the USSR.
    Do not crow! The fox has already eaten everything you need! And you left for later. Till ...
  19. +2
    7 November 2016 19: 25
    Congratulations to all on a holiday! Happy Great October Socialist Revolution!
  20. +1
    7 November 2016 20: 37
    all with a holiday and in a year or 100 years something may change.

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