Indonesia intends to purchase another batch of BMP-3F

Russia and Indonesia are working together on a draft of a new contract for the supply of the next batch of Jakarta BMP-3F, reports RIA News a message from the head of the Rosoboronexport delegation at the Indo Defense 2016 exhibition, Sergei Goreslavsky.

“The Russian and Indonesian parties are working on a project for the delivery of a third batch of BMP-3F for the Indonesian Navy. Rosoboronexport and representatives of the Indonesian side are currently conducting bilateral consultations on this issue, ”he said.

Goreslavsky noted that the exhibition presented a full-scale model of the machine. “We are actively marketing to promote it in the Asia-Pacific region,” he added.

According to the head of the delegation, the "BMP-3F BMP-XNUMXF standing in service with the Marine Corps of Indonesia proved to be excellent".

“In terms of their tactical and technical characteristics, combat capabilities and the ratio of the“ cost-effectiveness ”criterion, they objectively have no equal in this class on the international arms market. Therefore, we look forward to continuing purchases of the BMP-3F for the Indonesian Navy, ”Goreslavsky said.

The first BMP-3F within the framework of the agreement from 2007 g for the supply of 17 units began to arrive in Indonesia in 2010 g, and in May 2013-th, Jakarta signed a new contract for the supply of 37 armored vehicles with a total value of $ 114 million. 2014
  • RIA News. Mikhail Tsyganov
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  1. +8
    5 November 2016 12: 09
    So, the Indonesians figured out that the BMP-3F is cooler than the M2 "Bradley". "Bell" for mattresses bully
    1. +23
      5 November 2016 12: 32
      Not. They BMP-3 perform the role of reinforcing amphibious tanks in landing operations with the DKVD Makassar.

      They have a basic requirement for marine equipment - excellent buoyancy. And Bradley only swims with an ax.

      They have the base AMX-10P + LVT-P7 for the landing.
      Impact means BMP-3 + PT-76 with a new SLA and 90mm gun.
      In general, they still have that zoo, all sorts of museum TCPs are still in service.
      1. +5
        5 November 2016 12: 57
        The first BMP-3F within the framework of the agreement from 2007 g for the supply of 17 units began to arrive in Indonesia in 2010 g, and in May 2013-th, Jakarta signed a new contract for the supply of 37 armored vehicles with a total value of $ 114 million. 2014

        A good contract and there will be more to come.
      2. 0
        5 November 2016 20: 50
        BMP 3 in general with its 100 gun is suitable (and classified) as a light tank ...
    2. +4
      5 November 2016 12: 33
      Let them enjoy ... The machine is reliable and tested! Combat in one word ...
  2. +2
    5 November 2016 12: 11
    If there is a desire and finances, then for God's sake, let them buy a BMP, but not in the same way as the Su-35, then we take it, then we don’t take it.
    1. 0
      5 November 2016 12: 14
      Here are just the past, were from our own loan and paid.
      1. +12
        5 November 2016 12: 45
        It is necessary to adjust the netting. They make Makassar for the 1,5 of the year in the export version of the 54 machine - they are the whole 3 of Makassar (each from 38 to 47 million dollars from the configuration and the long-short base).

        In any case, it is cheaper than the 11711 BDK, in the series, and has better characteristics than any amphibious landing ship under construction / under construction.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. +6
            5 November 2016 13: 59
            Well, there is only a Korean project, and they are riveted to PAL - in Indonesia, and PAL has all the rights to the ship. The equipment is different, there is Chinese, there is European, there is a combined. For the customer.

            Depending on the corps by avigroup:
            2 platforms + hangar on 4 cars - the original Makassar itself, plus two ordered by the Philippines and Peru.
            3 platforms + hangar on 2 cars - the site is added mainly due to the superstructure in the metal 2 ship for Indonesia.

            3 platforms + hangar on 6 cars - this is the same version for 48,5 million dollars, not in metal.

            By capacity:
            400 fighters / 518 for a short flight
            up to 40 units of equipment (these are BTR-50, BMP-2 / 3, AMX-10P, LVT).

            By landing means:
            2 TDK in the docking chamber / LCAC + 2 fast boats.
            2 sponsored speedboats
            amphibious agents go under water on their own

            At the moment, 5 units have been delivered to customers in different configurations, more 3 are being built (2 of them are in Peru).
            1. The comment was deleted.
        2. 0
          5 November 2016 20: 52
          question of questions ... and what ice class do they have ???
        3. +2
          5 November 2016 20: 56
          Quote: donavi49
          each from 38 to 47 million dollars from configuration and long-short base

          Dear donavi49 hi Are you sure that these are the right prices? Because, it's almost for nothing! Even for civilian courts, this is not expensive. 30-35 million worth of a 5-7 year old tanker chemical tanker the size of panamax.
          1. 0
            5 November 2016 23: 38
            Donavi49 was not mistaken. 45 million. Koreans make such a 122 meter ship in 1,5 years.
      2. +3
        5 November 2016 12: 59
        Now everyone is doing it. And the same US in the first place. The main thing is to stake out the market. So they began to design a tank together with Turkey - this is our omission. They did not talk on the T-90.
    2. +2
      5 November 2016 16: 47
      This is east. Will be traded until the last. Or you understand it and work or do not trade with them.
  3. +1
    5 November 2016 12: 18
    We are only "for"! For us, the Asian market, like any other, is very important !!!
    1. +1
      5 November 2016 14: 46
      In small steps we are moving forward in the arms market of Southeast Asia, but we are moving forward.
  4. +1
    5 November 2016 12: 28
    54 units are good, but still not so much.
    1. +3
      5 November 2016 12: 41
      Why do they need more? They will write off the PT-76 and partially the BTR-50 under this.

      They have 3 DKVD and 3 separate marines. In addition to the BMP-3, they have a bit of BMP-2 + BTR-80 + AMX-10P.
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. +5
      5 November 2016 14: 21
      This is not the point, our marines under the command of the Navy and have always been funded as "Cinderella" on a leftover basis, it would be nice to allocate it to a separate main command as the Airborne Forces, but who will allow it !?
      1. +5
        5 November 2016 16: 33
        Quote: 73bor
        our marines are under the command of the Navy and have always been "Cinderella"

        Yes, the same "Carnations", at one time, on occasion were staffed, because 2s1 were created not at all for the MP.
    2. +5
      5 November 2016 15: 13
      Fact, the first tests were in Kazachka in May-July 1990, since then 26 years have passed, neither BMP-3F, nor BTR-3F, ​​.... NETUU. : - ((, in principle, you can even swear obscenities.
  6. +5
    5 November 2016 12: 43
    The right thing to do. This is the only way - one for oneself - one - for the side. Otherwise we will offend our marines, they also need good floating "armor", not all of them on armored personnel carriers ...
    1. +6
      5 November 2016 14: 02
      Perhaps, it’s even more correct when at first they armed their army, and then sell it to the side, and then, when a more modern model appears for itself. I didn’t hear (maybe I missed it) that for our marines BMP-3F are being bought, only wheeled armored personnel carriers. For the BMPT, there is no place in the ground forces, apparently because there is no understanding of their application in the brains of our generals, and nothing is said in the old charters of the BMPT. So think about why this is so.
  7. +1
    5 November 2016 14: 32
    Whatever they say, but the BMP is really a cool device. Of course, the flaws of this machine in modern combat technology can already be considered critical. If you can’t do anything with mine protection of the bottom structure, but a new level of protection is possible, the field is not plowed for modernization
  8. +4
    5 November 2016 15: 59
    -Yes, Russia is now overeating ... with palm oil ... -He and so in many products ... -will be plenty ...
    -What will Indonesia still have to pay off ..? -Maybe it would be better to equip your troops with new machines first ..?
  9. +2
    5 November 2016 16: 08
    What did you guys like? That's it, the appetite comes with eating! good
  10. DPN
    5 November 2016 18: 50
    Very well, that means that part of the Russian proletariat will have a salary.
  11. 0
    6 November 2016 14: 51
    Normal exit for Indos .. Beha, unlike "Bradlik", swims, runs like a frightened one, shoots 100 with 2A70, is very reliable and surprisingly unassuming to service ... like everything Russian ..
  12. +1
    6 November 2016 17: 17
    Please return the old format of military review, which was before the update, otherwise the new format is just tin.

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