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Minesweeper Plyukhin was not mistaken

Continuing the stories about the military photographs of Ivan Narcissov, I’ll stop at a snapshot of sappers.

Minesweeper Plyukhin was not mistaken

“I want to remember a kind word and sappers,” he wrote. - I don’t remember a case when the command of the military sappers sounded: “Follow me, go ahead!”, As it happened, for example, with machine gunners. But the sappers were often ahead, clearing the way. Brave, valiant warriors - they cut the enemy’s wire barriers, removed enemy mines and modestly reported:
- Pass is ready!

In the picture you see two sappers. Summer forty-three. These people crawled across the swollen land, and the land was a minefield.

Their feat of arms was noted in the corps newspaper “To the Battle for the Motherland!”, Which I have kept in memory of the meeting with the sappers. Here is what was printed in the soldiers' newspaper: “In trying to delay our offensive, the Hitlerites littered the path of their withdrawal with anti-tank mines. But the sappers skillfully and quickly unraveled the cunning of the enemy, cleared the way for our units.

Sappers are those who build and blow up bridges, build crossings under enemy fire, and probe the ground. Skillful sappers proved themselves a corporal Stepanov and a Red Army man Plyukhin. In only one period of fighting, they fished and defused 350 German mines. ” The caption under the photo also noted that the military work of these sappers was marked by government awards ... "

The sapper in the background is Sergei Plyukhin. At the time of the shooting he is twenty-six years old. Narcissus asked: “Isn't it scary at such a job?” And the guy answered: “All the worst has already happened to me ...”

Where Sergei comes from, I do not know. He grew up in a large family, the eldest and only son, he had three sisters. Almost the entire family of the Plyukhins — a ninety-year-old grandfather, a father on crutches (he did not have legs), a mother, and two girls — at the very beginning of the war the fascists burned alive. The house that the Plukhins built with love and diligence with the whole family became their grave. For the refusal to extradite the wounded Red Army men, who, as it became known to the invaders, were hiding from someone in the village. No, not the Plukhins sheltered the wounded, but they knew who did this, and helped with the food.

Sergei learned about the trouble from the former neighbor - she wrote to his front after the occupation (from some records it is clear that it lasted just over a month). A neighbor asked how to be now with her younger sister, who was only eight years old. On that terrible day, realizing the trouble, the mother managed to push the girl out of the window, ordered the gardens to get to Aunt Glasha (she wrote to Sergey). The mother did not have time to save the rest of her daughters — the fascists came.

Aunt Glasha was already old, blind in one eye. She was afraid that she would die before our fascists won. Sergey did not have time to reply to the letter - afterwards, with a difference of just a few days, the second came. It was no longer necessary to decide the fate of the girl: she went outside the village and came across a mine ...

... They say the sapper is mistaken once. There is another saying: wrong twice. The first time - when it becomes a sapper. Sergey was not mistaken once. Sapper, he decided to become not only because of the deceased sister. In their village on mines six more kids were blown up! And, searching for enemy mines, the fighter Plyukhin thought that someone else's life had been saved. Even someone thanks to his work will not receive a letter of trouble ...

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  1. Amurets
    Amurets 10 November 2016 06: 45
    He decided to become a sapper, not only because of his lost sister. Six more kids were blown up in mines in their village!
    I consider anti-personnel landmines to be the meanest weapons, especially against civilians. Yes, in war there are all kinds of situations, you have to use mines, but mines against children, stretch marks against unarmed ones, are the usual weapons of terror.
  2. EvgNik
    EvgNik 10 November 2016 06: 56
    Sappers not only cleared mines, but also planted, blew up railway tracks, bridges, columns with military equipment:

    Mining of the railway near Volkhov.
  3. EvgNik
    EvgNik 10 November 2016 07: 05
    The sappers were part of the assault groups, were among the first to liberate the cities, which were mostly mined. Everyone remembers the salvation of Krakow. And this photo is mine clearance in Berlin:

    Sophia, thanks for another page reminiscent of the heroes of the Great War.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 10 November 2016 08: 03
    And the guy replied: "All the worst has happened to me ..."
    ... Indeed, much worse ...

    Poems by Major General A. Olshansky
    Music Art. Lieutenant Levitsky O.A.

    Any troops are not afraid of campaigns,
    When the sappers come in front,
    Passages are equipped in the rubble
    And for the regiments pave the way.

    And if companies stand at the barrier,
    Sappers instantly build bridges.
    Will go on the attack ahead of the infantry,
    Storming fortresses, redoubts and forts.

    Know subversive well
    And neutralize the enemy landmine,
    The fuse will be removed quickly and skillfully,
    As they did at the school more than once.

    And no matter how difficult the sapper,
    He must remember one rule:
    Minesweeper always does everything reliably,
    Minesweeper is not given a mistake!
  5. Skeptic Self-Taught
    Skeptic Self-Taught 10 November 2016 09: 51
    Excellent article.
    About the "silent heroes".
  6. BAI
    BAI 10 November 2016 13: 09
    Searching for mines in a field strewn with fragments is something else to do! I’ve worked with a metal detector here - I’d surely immediately exploded in my life.
  7. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 11 November 2016 09: 07
    Thank you very much for the story, Sophia! After such messages, I cease to believe in "European values" and "good" "intentions.