Results of the week. "To whom is the prologue, and to whom is the epilogue"

One peck, and no tank

The media is “boiling” with respect to the first long-range cruise of the AUG of the Russian Navy to the shores of Syria, and in the meantime new intriguing details are opened concerning the strike weapons deployed on the basis of the 279-th separate naval fighter regiment deployed on board the Admiral Kuznetsov TAVKR.

It is known that the multipurpose MiG-29K / KUB with a rich nomenclature of missile-bomb armament will form the strike base of the deck wing, and several advanced Su-33 equipped with high-precision SVP-24-33 “Gefest” will have air cover and additional work on ground targets. The composition of the armament of the Ka-52K Katran naval attack helicopters has not been disclosed until recently, however, the Internet version of Izvestia revealed some details to 26 in October: the pilots will receive the Hermes-A (Klevok-A) anti-tank missile system.

What "hotels" on the deck of "Admiral Kuznetsov" are waiting for "moderate" and igilovskikh militants in Syria?

The uniqueness of the Hermes-A, the land and ship versions of which will also later appear on the armament of the Russian Army, is beyond doubt. After equipping a more powerful solid-fuel first stage, the range of a Russian tactical missile can be about 100 km, and the Hermes will turn into one of the most advanced and compact means of air attack.

Comments from our readers:

I remember that in the comments to any article about aircraft carriers there have been a lot of screams like “Yes, what for are these floating barges with airplanes ??? !!! These are floating targets, terribly expensive and useless for our fleet! " And then came the fierce nonsense (as evidence), which I do not want to bring.
And practice now shows us that we cannot do without aircraft carriers in the future. And at least one or two things we have to stand on the "siding" in any case.

I understand this: MiGs, "Dryers" and "Katrans" should be aired in the minds of some gentlemen. Airing is good for health, so "Grasshopper" and came to air. So to say, delivery service.

Well, what can you say? Good luck in the application of new products and to work reliably and accurately, and the identified shortcomings (better without them) are fixed in the shortest possible time! Our defense d. B. reliable and effective in countering the global foe. Our diplomats do not interfere with the military to do their job firmly and irresistibly for the enemy.

War criminal show face

US State Department spokesman John Kirby said at a briefing that the American coalition bombed terrorists and extremists exclusively, while Russia and Syria "are attacking civilians, including oppositionists." According to Kirby, there are practically no terrorists in Aleppo, while Russia and Syria are attacking the “moderate opposition” and civilians.

Kirby: "In Mosul, we bomb terrorists, and in Aleppo, Russia and Syria bomb the opposition and civilians"
The use of chemical weapons by militants in Aleppo do not see, Russian submarines see...

Mr. Kirby must not have read the statement of the UN special envoy to resolve the conflict in Syria, Staffan de Mistura. This man identified the “moderate rebels” with the terrorists: the named “rebels” lead indiscriminate shelling of the western quarters in Aleppo, as well as the corridors along which civilians want to go. Mistura noted that such actions of the "rebels" should be considered as unequivocal war crimes.

Mr. Kirby along with his boss in this case should be classified as people covering war criminals.

By the way, the Syrian news agency SANA reports on the use by militants of terrorist groups, persistently called by the West "moderate opposition", chemical weapons. Militants fired shells with toxic substances quarter, which is the military academy of Aleppo. Mr Kirby did not notice.

Comments from our readers:

Giant thought
This is a real paranoid schizophrenic, which is incurable. There is only one way out - smear your forehead with greens so that there is no infection when you get a bullet.

Yes, sorry for him to spend a bullet! Straitjacket, Charcot's shower, wheels of insanity, to the area under Salekhard, when they are cured. Here's what to do with it. And after ...

Mountain shooter
And what is there to argue? This is an artist, and "he sees it." They all "see it that way." Because democracy, in their deep conviction, is not the power of the people. This is the power of the American people!

Banishing liberoids
Here you have the lack aviation, and negotiations with the militants - they not only regrouped, but also replenished the arsenal and went on the attack again.

Obama in a puddle

The Russian Ministry of Defense has notified the Pentagon that attempts by the US Air Force to bomb targets in Syria without permission from the Kremlin will receive a forceful response, they write in the West. Foreign analysts conclude: Putin has achieved strategic goals in Syria. He saved the Assad regime, and the Americans managed to portray the villains who support the terrorists. Obama with his policy sat in a puddle.

John Schindler in Observer, in fact, recognized Putin as the winner in Syria. The author drew a parallel between the situation in Syria and historical situation in the former Yugoslavia. Both confrontations in ethnically and religiously diverse states "were unnatural." Yugoslavia actually broke up exactly 20 years before Syria began to boil, but the conflicts that led to the disaster of the two states now seem similar: a cruel mishmash of opposing groups, religious and ethnic extremism, contempt for civilians. There is a difference: Russia helping Assad can change the outcome of the conflict in Syria.

Western opinion: Russians won in Syria

True, the author of the material in the Observer does not consider that Putin and his ministers are “strategic geniuses”. Not at all. Putin and his ministers "acted cynically and cunningly in Syria," but the White House, which failed, gave the opportunity to them, whose owner demonstrated "stunning, unprecedented foreign policy incompetence." Again and again, Obama and his entourage made mistakes and eventually turned foreign policy into some kind of amateur activity. These losers were again and again conquered by Russians who looked at American politicians "with undisguised contempt."

Comments from our readers:

If you omit the emotional component, whether in the article, in yourself after reading, then I come to only one conclusion, backing up all the results for today: Syria is our tactical victory undoubtedly. I think that it’s not entirely correct to talk about strategic victory in modern politics in general, and in the Middle East in particular. In my opinion, it is obvious that our leadership (in the person it is clear whom), most likely has a strategic goal (no one will say that to us), but moves towards this goal with tactical segments. Accurate and accurate. God forbid ...

Russia's victory in Syria will be when there is a stable environment. As the last attack of barmaglots under Aleppo shows, they still have strength, and the sponsors have coins. Victory is still far away.

The operation in Syria is a real necessity, we would have delayed a little bit more, and we would have been squeezed out of the European gas market. It’s not just that the European Union put sticks into the South Stream project, everything was done with the knowledge and at the direction of the United States and in their interests. And the interest is to replace Russian gas in Europe with Qatari and have a good income from it. Nothing personal, only business is Yankee’s favorite saying.

Sarah, we are not alone

The Israeli publication publishes material in which it argues that "there is a growing likelihood of conflict" between Israel and Russia. The newspaper writes that the strengthening of Russia's military presence in the region is worrying the Israeli military, since "for the first time in 40 years, the Israeli Air Force and Navy in the region are not alone and do not have full control."

The publication refers to some representatives of the armed forces of the country, who "in private conversations" declare their surprise about the quantity and quality of Russian weapons and military equipment operating "near the borders of Israel." The portal reports that the Israeli army is actually accustomed to complete freedom of action in the region: on land, at sea and in the air. Now, for example, the Israeli military pilots are forced to act with an eye to the fact that Russia has the latest air defense systems in Syria.

According to the author of the article in the Israeli media, “the clash between Israel and Russia” is only a matter of time.

Israeli media: "The likelihood of an armed conflict between Israel and Russia is growing"

Two or three more such articles, and the rumor will reach the “international media”, where it will be corrected and edited so that the globe will become clear: Muscovites, dug “near the borders of Israel”, are threatened with “complete control” of Tel Aviv. Further, of course, followed by the annexation of Israel and its accession to the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Comments from our readers:

Israel, I see only one benefit. Syria is now a zone of responsibility of Russia. White House damn it, that there will be on the border, if the bearded will die Damascus. Everything shows that Bibi does not particularly trust the US authorities. And then such a player in the face of the Russian Federation - if anything, there is much to complain about and find justice for the same Hezbollah, for example. So some advantages for Israel. Well, you can fly in the direction of the sea, even under the air defense eye and under the "record".

Ingvar 72
No, nothing will happen. There are no real prerequisites. Another media stuffing of the waste products of the body to the fan.

Maki Avellevich
I hope you are right. Unfortunately, in history there have been precedents for wars without obvious real prerequisites and an understandable rational. Human motivation is sometimes hidden from our minds.

Will Israel fight Russia?
This is crazy nonsense, or a way to make money.
Balts, Poles, Georgians, Bulgarians and others. These slogans live and get paid for this verbal diarrhea.
So some group of Jews decided to pay for Russophobia.
Every family has its black sheep.

Sorry, but you are to blame

On Saturday last week, the story of how an American aircraft type AWACS (aviation detection and guidance complex), coming out of its train in the sky of Syria, approached about half a kilometer (according to other information, about half a mile) to the Russian fighter Su -35. Perhaps, for the first time in recent years, the American side decided to apologize for breaking the flight regime (leaving the train). Given the deepest American confidence in their own infallibility and planetary exclusivity, it draws on a sensation. However, realizing that they themselves create a precedent, the Americans immediately decided to play back.

A representative of the so-called American coalition operating in Syria, said that the guilty party “should be considered a Russian pilot,” but the Americans decided to “have mercy” on the “unlucky Russian pilot” and declared that his actions were not premeditated ...

Incident Su-35 - AWACS. About stupor, hand wheels and diapers ...

Well, we are waiting for the third statement from the Americans: that the Russian pilot showed a “low level of professionalism,” or even real “unprofessionalism,” violated the rules of peaceful life in the sky and generally planned to circle Syria, and then sharply turn, fly to Washington and shoot the White House, where the main peacemaker of the planet lives in the last weeks.

Comments from our readers:

Of course, no one there changed diapers at an early pace - neither on the “Cook” nor on airplanes, all the more. Surprise - yes, caused. Quite rightly: they lost their scent, they got used to the fact that everyone gives up their place. This is the reason for these incidents.

Tatar 174
It’s not far from here before the present incident with the use of weapons, if they don’t stop considering us to be eternally undermined by Russians with an economy torn to shreds, rusty to holes, incomprehensible like flying airplanes and smoking like an engine, aircraft carriers ... The faster we put them in place, the safer it will be in the world.

Radiofrequency and thermal "portrait" was done for the Su-35, and then "apologized." In general, they have done their work, and the people in the forums have a ... who is better.

Hybrid warfare in the canteen

The publication of The Telegraph colorfully tells about the incident that occurred with representatives of the British military contingent in Latvia. A couple of royal warriors who ate hamburgers in the McDonalds canteen were attacked suddenly. Bottom line: beatings and injuries. Who inflicted? There is a version! British journalists argue that the attack was carried out in the framework of the “hybrid war of Russia against Western countries, in particular, Britain.”

In Riga, beat British soldiers. This is Putin's fault ...

Moreover, the British media claims that those who attacked the valiant soldiers of Her Majesty with their fists, then "disappeared into the office of the media, known for its pro-Russian views." The fight in the catering establishment is very agile and mobile people managed to shoot a video camera. True, the name of the media with "pro-Russian views" is not mentioned. And the address is not specified.

The NATO soldier biomass, which for some time has settled in Latvia, behaves ugly in the republic, for which, it must be supposed, it gets into the snout. NATO members urinate on the flower beds, on the statues, arrange dances on the roof of a taxi and take off their pants in front of the cafe windows. NATO members, we note, not Russian.

Comments from our readers:

Major Yurik
If both saxes from one blow flew out to the shop window, and the shoes stayed at the place of the meal, then our beats beat, from the heart, with all the hybridity!

In my opinion, they confuse the hybrid war with the guerrilla.

An eyewitness said that he had seen one of the guys, before entering McDonald's, put on an earflap with an asterisk, saluted the elder and said: “I promise to hit half-and-half, comrade captain!”

Good commission

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal, having managed to get ahead of its European colleagues, published a report that the European Commission had allowed the Russian concern Gazprom to increase the load on the OPAL gas pipeline. News This somehow did not become a sensation. European media sluggishly duplicated it, but refrained from commenting.

The European Commission with fright opened the way for Russian gas to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe

To be precise, the European Commission allowed the Russian concern to use OPAL on 90% of its capacity. I would allow everything to 100, but for the time being the European officials are “holding their face,” notes G. Granovsky.

The reason is simple: in recent years, when the Cold War was revived, the OPAL gas pipeline was for Europeans not only an infrastructure object, but also a means of deterring Gazprom’s export plans. After all, the attacks on Gazprom are one of the best ways to pressure Russia, highly dependent on the supply of raw materials abroad.

With the Russian gas pipeline helped ... Ukraine. The European Commission did not play political games with the people of Kiev who are not in a hurry to fill gas storages with Russian gas and are demanding money from the EU, and as much as possible opened the gas valve for Gazprom’s access to the countries where hydrocarbon supplies were threatened by Ukraine. The bargaining of the gas company turned out to be inappropriate for the EU, as it was supposed. There wasn’t enough Brussels to depend on Kiev’s position!

The political and economic outcome is clear: the European Commission, by its decision, has made it clear who Europe can really count on and who is a reliable partner for it.

Comments from our readers:

In the pragmatic West, they are well aware that politics is politics, but if problems with heating start due to negligent Ukraine, the electorate raises out of these comfortable Brussels leather chairs all these Tusk, Shultsev, and the heads of state will get it!

Masya masya
Frost and sun; a wonderful day!

If the greed of "Gazprom" did not overshadow the mind, long ago many problems would have been solved. We need to start by avoiding responsibility for pumping gas through the territory of Ukraine. And in general, do not assume obligations, the fulfillment of which is not within the competence of Gazprom. Then, after a year or two, the EU itself will build a new gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. In general, this gas has more problems than good. No one guaranteed that the EU would not introduce any 5 or 6 energy package, which would bring down all the agreements. Or what kind of sanctions without a reason, and everything will again go on a new one. Today OPAL was opened on 90%, tomorrow they will be closed ... As soon as the gas from Azerbaijan (TANAP) comes to Turkey (possibly 2017), then they will pull threads in the EU, who will prevent them from twisting the arms of Gazprom for any contrived reason?

That's why it's time to finish trading resources. There are plenty of such diggers without us.

Counterintelligence went public

Russia poses a growing threat to the stability of Britain and uses all the modern means at its disposal to achieve its goals, said Andrew Parker, director general of the British Security Service, to The Guardian.

By the way, this man became the first general director among all the chiefs of MI5, who agreed to give interviews to journalists. This was not the 107 years of service!

According to MI5, Moscow uses a variety of means and methods to “promote its foreign policy” in foreign countries. Russian spying, sabotage, cyber attacks and propaganda. So it happens "throughout Europe and the UK."

Invisible Russians in London

Earlier, Mr. Parker stated that his agency has reasons to make part of MI5’s activities public: “We must find an approach to people, develop public relations and involve citizens in the service as agents, to work for us.”

Obviously, we add, the head of the British counterintelligence service found a convenient excuse both for expanding the activities and staff of his service, and for making excuses before an incorruptible court and a tumultuous British civil society, and at the same time to some extent even before Snowden, whose documents are in 2013. It was published in The Gurdian (the newspaper did not fear the wrath of the Prime Minister himself). The reason is the “Russian threat”, which no one thought about in 2013.

The strange thing is that the head of MI5 was revealed to the press only at the end of 2016. And such a headache is headed by a powerful intelligence service, who dreams of defeating the Russians?

It is not surprising that this man did not name in an interview any Russian spy-saboteur caught in the last three years, sent to London by comrade Putin.

Comments from our readers:

Something happened to the mass consciousness in Europe. Even the most important counterintelligence officer of Her Majesty began to carry complete nonsense.
Although he wasn’t supposed to open his mouth at all, which was just 107 gods.
But what happened: confusion and vacillation. And if it is possible for someone to blather and withdraw a bonus, so why can't we?
LLC "Mi-5". Something like this.
Old Europe is close to chaos.

The name of the western enemy was and remains one - the Englishman. The enemy is cruel and savage, unprincipled and inhuman, insidious and ruthless, arrogant and treacherous. An enemy who, not once for the sake of his own profit, entered into an alliance with Russia and each time sold and betrayed her. General A. E. Vandam (Aleksey Efimovich Yedrikhin) said: "It is bad to have an Anglo-Saxon enemy, but it is even worse to have him as a friend."

Skeptic Self-Taught
Interestingly the girls are dancing ...
So, when everyone, who is not lazy, collapsed Russia, sponsored terrorism in the Caucasus, organized sabotage in industry and manufacturing, oh ... they fucked up our history - was everything good? And when otvetki began to arrive, we immediately try to hide behind the "laws"?
The next yelling and calls for "humanitarian bombardment" and the preparation of the population for ... but what is the topic of a separate conversation.

Commonwealth №4

Lawmakers in Kiev and Warsaw recently adopted a joint resolution “On the Declaration of Memory and Solidarity of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”. Announcing this event, the politicians of the two countries talked about a trilateral political action, to which the deputies of the Lithuanian Seimas should join. On this occasion, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Andrey Paruby, even made a special statement. He noted that the Seimas International Affairs Committee had already supported the text of the declaration. Ukrainian deputies nodded to Parubiy approvingly, paying little attention to the fact that the election campaign was over in Lithuania, and a different composition of the deputies of the Lithuanian parliament should give an assessment of the joint declaration, observer G. Granovsky notes.

Political improvisations in Warsaw are aimed at the return of Polish lands

The Seimas deputies did not accidentally mention the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in their resolution. In fact, the tragic events of 1943 took place in the occupied territory of Soviet Ukraine. As you know, Volyn only until 1939, was part of Poland. During the war, fascist henchmen hosted here - Ukrainian nationalists.

Poland persistently promotes its idea to return the lands lost before the war and form the fourth Rzeczpospolita. The provisions on the illegality of the rejection of its eastern territories and the "crime" of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact have already been entrenched in the PACE and European Parliament documents. Now they are migrating to bilateral agreements with their neighbors.

The politicians of old Europe refer to the eastern plans of Poland with a certain degree of condescension and call them not “strategy”, but “improvisation”.

Comments from our readers:

It would be great if the Poles really, at the level of their Foreign Ministry, would have made territorial claims to Ukraine.
But this, unfortunately, will not. Big Brother will not allow them, because it is unprofitable.

Yes, there is not so much the "Big Brother" will not allow, as the EU, because the territorial claims in this time followed by Germany to Poland, too. So no one will directly take away any land.
It can be assumed that this topic will initially acquire the implementation in the form of creating nat. autonomy on the territory of Ukraine, in which the interests of Hungary, Romania, Poland involved will be consolidated, well, and in the future it is likely that the issue will be resolved through a referendum in these autonomies on voluntary adherence to designated countries. So to say, through the will of the people !!!
It seems that soon the topic of non-recognition by Europe of the Crimean referendum will be resolved in favor of its recognition, in order to use this precedent in resolving territorial claims with Ukraine, but already with Poland, Hungary and Romania.
So the division of Ukraine, it seems, can not be avoided.

These two "friendly nations" can fight with each other and then at a single table to drink halb-letter schnapps and make friends with a new one, and there’s no need for us to get confused under our feet.

The quantity is, the matter of quality?

“Recently, in various media outlets in the West and in Russia, more and more often there is an interesting topic from the point of view of exactly what I wrote above. Theme forced peace of Ukraine. Donbass nothing to fear. APU and punishers have nothing and nothing to shoot. They buried the Ukrainian Armed Forces before the deadline, ”write military experts A. Staver and R. Skomorokhov.

In fact, although they write about the absence of soldiers for the ATO (about the lack of personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and law enforcement agencies), the influx takes place: “And for a compulsory conscription, and, oddly enough, they go completely to themselves voluntarily. And not disabled people go at all, but quite healthy young guys. Those who worked in the factories the day before yesterday, but today are simply out of work. Not everyone has the opportunity to trade in the market, and the purchasing power in Ukraine today is not the same. And the army is a place where a person will be guaranteed to be provided with everything (or almost everything) necessary. By the way, about the same situation in LDNR. Even worse. ”

Is there anyone to fight in Ukraine??

Therefore, in today's Ukraine there is someone to serve. How to serve is another quality issue. As for the quantity, Kiev has enough ammunition as well as soldiers.

Comments from our readers:

Ammunition is easy to find with proper funding (Eastern Europe is close by and close), the intensity of the battles is low compared to the real war. Strangely enough, more or less normal guys are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army. I talked with some, they say "here (at the front) everything is fair, open and honest relations between the guys, and in the civilian community there are problems: finding a normal job, everyday problems and so on." So many do not want to leave and demobilize in order to plunge into "normal life."
If there are funding problems with ammunition, weapons and people will not be problems.

"Normal guys" - in the civilian world there is nowhere to earn, I will go to kill my own (for money)! Is this, in your opinion, "normal guys" ??? And Bandera they have an example to follow!

Fighting mainly from the center and south. Such Russian Ukrainians quite well (if you can put it that way), those who always fought well in any war of the RI / USSR. Those who could need Russia, but not needed. Bandera they are not a hero. But the oath - these people are quite self disciplined, because their environment is urban ...

Do not confuse the concept of the oath and the country with the ideals of the nationalists (who are fighting very badly, and even framed the APU). The army of Ukraine is heterogeneous in its ideas, but for the most part it is the defense of the country. That it is promoted by the media. And Bandera doesn’t like the Southerners and is not at all central. He is a stranger.

The people and the party are one

On October 31, during the meeting of the Council on Interethnic Relations in Astrakhan, Vladimir Putin supported the idea of ​​the need to “work on the adoption” of the law on the unity of the Russian nation. Vladimir Putin is quoted as saying by TASS: “What exactly is absolutely possible and necessary to implement, right above this, you need to think about it and in practical terms, start working - this is the law on the Russian nation. Good offer".

Some time ago, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, head of the department of national and federative relations of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service, voiced a proposal to state men to consider the adoption of the law “On the Russian Nation and the Management of Inter-Ethnic Relations”. The name of a possible future law also belongs to Vyacheslav Mikhailov, who at one time served as Minister for Nationalities Affairs, and who today advocates changing the Constitution in terms of introducing into it the concept of the same “Russian nation”.

According to Mikhailov, the state must determine the ideological line in order to continue development. At the same time, Mikhailov believes that the idea should be as fundamental as the idea of ​​building communism. If in a nutshell, the Russian nation is offered not to “pull down from above” in the form of a “pointer”, but rather to build: the citizen of the Russian Federation should be conscious that he is primarily a citizen of Russia with his nationality.

A few words on the possible law on the Russian nation

You would think the idea of ​​communism was not lowered from above! Remember the slogan: "Things and thoughts of Ilyich will survive the centuries"? Centuries really survived the affairs and thoughts of Lenin. Yes, there is a century, a few decades is enough.

No foundation, especially Marxist, in the construction of "communism" and did not smell. To build, and without a foundation, it was possible only that state capitalism, which Grandfather Lenin preached. Very unstable structure came out.

And here is a much more complicated question - the nation. It cannot be defined by any law there. There was a law - got the nation. It's as funny as waiting for communism for the 1980 year or a separate apartment for the 2000 year.

And how should one speak to a Russian person about oneself? "I am Russian Russian"? Or "I am Russian Russian"?

Mikhailov's “good offer” is nothing more than an attempt to replace the historically dead definition of “Soviet” with the definition of “Russian”. The imperial vision of the future of Russia is obvious here. With the difference that the word "Soviet" came for history, and did not run ahead of it. Moreover, the ideologists of the law of unity hardly have any idea about the replacement of communism. Perhaps instead of communism we substitute oligarchic capitalism and corruption?

Although, of course, the law must be taken. In the end, we already have a “united” party, and the people cannot be left behind from the party in terms of unity.

Comments from our readers:

Oh well. What about the law of love for the motherland? A nation must be united by ideology, not by law. For any law is already coercion.

Tatar 174
It looks like a search for a national idea, which was talked about a lot, but now it's silent, and not finding it. It seems to me that both the national idea and the formation of the Russian nation will come themselves when the people in Russia live much easier than they do now, when everyone has a normal job and salary, when everyone is really equal before the law, when there are no strongly highlights and sticks out its more equal degree in society compared to others, when inflation becomes imperceptible, when health care becomes decent and affordable, and not formal, as it is now. Well, a lot of things in the same spirit. And it all boils down to raising the country's economy and respecting the laws by all without exception.

You listen, as in the times of Ivan the Terrible or, say, Nikolai Pavlovich, the people in Russia either lived much easier than they do now, or there was no national idea at all. Nevertheless, she was and expressed through faith. I myself am an atheist, but this has nothing to do with this historical fact. Before the revolution, the Russian superethnos, in the language of L. N. Gumilyov, identified itself through Orthodoxy, through its moral and ethical attitudes. After the revolution, Christ was replaced by a moral code of the builder of communism. The replacement, it must be said, is purely formal: the essence of the installations has not changed a single gram. This is the essence that was lost in 1991. It is necessary to return to her. But I am afraid that it will be incredibly difficult to do this, if not impossible at all. Who now will support the rejection of the personal for the community? Waiver of the right to "privacy", as they now call elementary bliss, for the sake of raising a decent young generation? If there are any, honor and praise to them.

Chechnya is on its feet

The proposal of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the budget of Chechnya for the next year, suggesting a reduction in expenses, is unacceptable for the republic, RIA Novosti reports Ramzan Kadyrov’s statement.

The head of the republic noted that Chechnya is “only now on its feet,” but there are still a lot of problems. “Chechnya is among the two only regions where there are three shifts in schools. We restored the facilities, but after that the most difficult part begins - to purchase equipment, to train specialists. We need to develop the main directions of the economy, ”he said at the budget meeting.

Kadyrov: the proposal of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to cut the republican budget is unacceptable for Chechnya

Commenting on Kadyrov’s statement and the budget theme, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, used the expression “substance”.

"This is a topic of argumentation, this question is not simply related to the interest of one subject of the Russian Federation, it is a question of the country's general budget, a rather complicated substance, where all aspects should be taken into account, which, in fact, will occur in the State Duma," the press secretary quotes Interfax.

Comments from our readers:

There is no money, but you hold on, all the best.

Budget cuts are bad for any region. Because the regions are accustomed to living on financial distributions from the center. Must be able to earn. In every region there is something to develop and where to make a profit. It’s just that the managers should not be politicians-administrators, but competent business executives. And the swamp, which now controls the regions, should be put in more stringent conditions.

And it was not necessary to sell state property indiscriminately. Would leave all the administrative buildings and warehouses, which were owned by the state, and would live by renting a cloak without the outflow of capital in the center. But racherachili, sold, stole. Well, now with an outstretched hand to Moscow and on the knees, only on the knees, otherwise it is impossible.

And where is the money from Moscow, from the Mausoleum? Or from the regions?
In general, it is necessary to stop the situation. Take the civil servants. A person with the same position, duties, if he lives in Moscow and the region, then the difference in salaries is several times. As a result, everyone rushes to the capital, and Muscovites as residents of another planet. Or am I wrong?

230 million and censorship

This week was made a sensational statement by K. A. Raikin about the “censorship” in Russia: “... I am very worried - I think, like you all - those phenomena that occur in our life. These, so to speak, assaults on art, on theater, in particular. These are completely lawless, extremist, arrogant, aggressive, hiding behind the words about morality, about morality, and in general with all sorts of, so to speak, good and lofty words: “patriotism”, “Motherland” and “high morality”.

Kostya Raikin in the "chains of censorship"

Why not even submit to censorship? Whose money?

According to media reports, in 2016, the Satirikon Theater, headed by Konstantin Arkadyevich, received more than 230 million rubles from the budget! It means that Konstantin Arkadyevich needs to keep his mouth shut. And do what they say.

As economists say, the market is simple but tough. Put performances without budget funding. Based on market self-sufficiency and profitability. Will this theater, consuming such sums, remain afloat? Clearly not. Is censorship really to blame?

Comments from our readers:

In my opinion, something like censorship is necessary. In the Theater of the Young Spectator there was a production in which they spat in the direction of the hall, shot, imitated intercourse, mate and other abuse. Here the censors will be just angels. You can call them moderators.

What is bad life in the capital court theaters? Rental of premises, their maintenance and repair, all utilities, the salaries of actors and scenery at public expense. That is, at the expense of taxpayers. Satirikon also earns about 250 millions a year for the seb. Here, if anything, a medal, the title of "national", then to Medina. How so? His role is more expensive to sell the same state, for example, in the movie. As they say, the one who pays is the one who orders the music. But the point is not that there is no state censorship, but the fact that every “bydlo” (it’s also a taxpayer) tries to criticize their “artists” who teach us how to live. It turns out that troubadours and buffoons are introducing their ideology into the masses. And in order for these masses to carry to them, not the poor, money, and, moreover, love them, you need to give more chernukha from the stage. No ... we want you to give out a clean and highly moral product, and not a slurry of your orientation towards the fun of mink coats.

Well, it seems to me that here it’s not so much self-promotion as banal extortion of the dough and the requirement to leave the “artist” alone. Something like: give money and do not meddle in the "soul to the artist, he sees it."
In general, once again I am convinced of the corruption of our so-called "intelligentsia". After all, you see what names are: Makarevich, Akhedzhakova, Basilashvili, Rogovtseva, Rotaru, Kikabidze, Raikin, Efremov, etc. Notice, all the fry-ups of the "scoop" they hate, so here's the paradox. In this very "scoop" with "cruellest" censorship and total "bloody gebn" these figures (let's call them that) made great films that, unlike modern ones, I want and I want to watch, composed songs that the whole country listened to. Why were masterpieces created in the “bloody totalitarian scoop”, and now one shit, wrapped in a wrapper “the artist sees it so”? And how much is he "an artist"? And who inspired him in general that he was an “artist,” and even “ingenious”? When I see our so-called "bohemia", "elite", discussing another masterpiece a la Kandinsky, Malevich and others like them, or as a degenerate drug addict who imagines himself an artist, nails his genitals to the next fence, he begins to feel sick. I immediately recall the fairy tale "The Naked King". This is the most accurate description of the orgy that is going on in them. This disgusting, bydlyatsky in all respects, community of "artists" who consider themselves intellectuals, and you yourself know the people by whom, it's time to destroy or escort out of the country. No wonder that during the troubles and revolutions, the people first of all dealt with just such figures. Already got "artists".
Yesterday Medinovsky was looking at Solovyov, he also gave ... money, I don’t interfere in censorship ... especially after the incident with the Mannerheim board.
No, gentlemen, "artists", either live on their own personal account, or the state gives money, but at the same time introduces strict censorship! Otherwise we will destroy ourselves, with such a "culture"!

Era robots-killers

Whoever wins the presidential election in the United States, he will have to despise diplomacy and start a war with Russia. Journalists and analysts hint at this in their materials, believing that after the elections, Washington will advance with “aggressive politics”. What war will begin? Nuclear? No, military experts are predicting an era of killer robots. Thousands of quadcopters with on board explosives will fly into the air. In such a reality, humanity will be in two years.

Project "ZZ". Win elections and go to war with Russians

Obviously, Western analysts, military and computer science professors have decided on the unenviable future that awaits the unfortunate planet.

Since diplomacy in the United States turned into a formal institution, needed only to call for peace after the war, it is Washington’s “aggressive policy” that will become the prologue to the start of the third world war in which the United States, Russia and China can clash.

In view of the fact that no one wants to start a nuclear war, and also because the technologies drones are rapidly developing and improving, a new war will be fought with the help of flocks of quadrocopters and similar means that recognize and destroy people, tanks and even ships "automatically", that is, without human intervention.

American commanders without fear and reproach of conscience will send such flocks to the attack: there is no risk to people's lives.

Comments from our readers:

Mountain shooter
This is the prospect of a not too near future (meaning the army of killer drones). Independently, these "birds" YET cannot act, intelligence at the level of ants, however, it is not difficult to deal with them yet.

Skeptic Self-Taught
Fighting quadrocopters ... Then, I suppose that they will all fall in Siberia ...

What kind of Siberia, to God, you imagine yourself flight performance characteristics from the 3-, 4-see the drone! Where in range can it fly? If NORMAL airplanes and helicopters are FORCED to refuel even when flying in the European part of Russia! Strategic are forced to refuel in flights over the Russian Federation ...
Or will they first win the RF, and then start sending drones?

I am also wondering what can a drone in centimeters 3-4? His elementary will blow the wind. Yes, and where he can fly, at what distance? In general, about flocks of mini-drones - this is some kind of nonsense, at least at the modern level.

A cowboy’s offer to fence with a sword when he has a colt on his side - didn’t anything more funny come up with?
Where are those three people who are going to control the drones, and how are they going to control them?
Above Donald Cook. if you remember, 12 once flew our plane with a jammer, while the operators of this "miracle of American technology" fought for a place in the latrine (toilet on the ship, in an army style "push"). And where did they go after that?
Right! We wrote a report on the dismissal.
Something like that.
You can tickle a bear in a den, of course, (by drone or drone), but only theoretically. The bear has a very good nose.

* "To whom the prologue, and to whom and the epilogue." - a phrase from the movie “Days of the Turbins”
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    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. +29
    6 November 2016 06: 04
    Regarding the law on the nation and Kostya Raikin, here's what I’ll say .. I’m generally a supporter of the elimination of national republics –– name federal regions, provinces, whatever else .. But what wouldn’t be part of Russia-Dagestan, Yakutia and further down the list- all this leads to nationalism. If you follow the logic, then there should be a Russian federal republic. We should live in a single country without any impurities of any national entity. And a nation should be only one citizen of Russia .. Without impurity and an indication that a Tatar or Kalmyk. About Raikin. I’ll tell you one thing: build a theater with a bank loan and live off the sale of tickets. And no censorship will affect you. Do you milk the state and want it to control you?
    1. +18
      6 November 2016 07: 04
      Quote: dmi.pris
      We must live in a single country without an admixture of any national entities. And a nation should be only one citizen of Russia .. Without an admixture and an indication that the Tatar or Kalmyk

      Exactly. In Ukraine they did just that ... "a single country and since you live here, then you are a Ukrainian." And what have you come to? And what about those who do not want to be Ukrainian, but stubbornly repeats: "I am Russian ... Rusyn, Greek, Tatar ...."
      1. +24
        6 November 2016 08: 54
        Quote: Egoza
        And what have you come to? And what about those who do not want to be Ukrainian, but stubbornly repeats: "I am Russian ... Rusyn, Greek, Tatar ...."

        I have a feeling that everything that happens is a nightmare ..... Tomorrow is the holiday!
        Day is November 7th.
        Red calendar day!
        Look out your window
        how light it is on the street!
        1. +5
          6 November 2016 10: 01
          I agree one hundred percent
        2. Cat
          6 November 2016 19: 40
          We are different and we are together! And this is our strength!
          And so at the level of EBN - "dear scattered." Doesn't roll, we are Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs, Ukrainians, Khanty, Mansi and ....... 182 nationalities. The most important thing is that we live in the same country, RUSSIA.
    2. +9
      6 November 2016 09: 36
      The policy of the USSR led to this, but the last 25 years made a huge rollback.
    3. +2
      6 November 2016 16: 23
      Thank you for the work involved in the release of the results. Funed caricatures by vitaly laughing ! For Chechnya, it takes joy that it is on its feet ... Honestly, someone should laughing Let Chechnya be ...
  3. +6
    6 November 2016 06: 08
    The week of course is full of events for US pleasant and not very, well, for example:
    “The Mark IV atomic bomb lost 66 years ago by the US Air Force over the Pacific Ocean may have been found by a Canadian diver, writes the Guardian. Now this message is due to the Canadian Navy.

    I must say that this is not the only case when the US Air Force lost such a lethal ammunition. According to declassified documents, at least 1950 such incidents occurred with US thermonuclear warheads between 1968 and 21.

    One of them in 2014, after the NSA removed the secrecy label from some data, told The Independent. The US Air Force B-52, carrying two nuclear bombs, accidentally lost its weapons in January 1961 while airborne near Goldsboro, North Carolina.
    The explosion did not happen by fluke. said Robert McNamara, who served as US Secretary of Defense in the 60s: the two wires of one of the bombs simply did not connect, and the impact of the second bomb on the ground softened the opening parachute "
    And then there is the scandal with Hillary from Clinton, legends from analysts about the "color" (or) revolution after the presidential elections in the USSR ...
    Did you know that: In the USA, a counter-coup against Hillary Clinton is announced. Civil service and intelligence officials set out to prevent the Clinton criminal family from entering the White House. к сожалению видео выложить не смог, исчезло с сайта, однако...
  4. +8
    6 November 2016 06: 13
    In continuation:

    scored pumpkin seeds, I expect ...
    1. +4
      6 November 2016 10: 01
      Yes, there’s nothing to wait for, they will choose the witch Clinton, in spite of any scandals, all this election fuss is a show for the plebs, and for Clintons the real financial, administrative and information resource. Trump, of course, is good, but not this time. Supporters of the witch look more monolithic. I.M.Kh.O. hi
      1. +1
        6 November 2016 12: 35
        Well, then our brainy secret services are eating their bread for nothing? Once the states are substituted, then let them get their boomerang. It would be necessary to disseminate information on behalf of Trump or this group of protesters that in such and such days they should take such and such steps. At the same time, they should understand that both Trump and these from the group will completely refute their involvement ...
      2. 0
        10 November 2016 10: 02
        Well, you farted in a puddle!
        the witch flew like plywood over Paris. Now, I completely agree with Uncle Zhenya, who is Satanovsky: ... everything now depends on our bosses ...
  5. +21
    6 November 2016 06: 49
    No! And it became insolent UN! It requires some contributions from Ukraine! Moreover, they threaten to deprive the voting rights if we do not pay! After all, everyone knows that this UN owes us for a heroic battle with Russia, and they .... Well, wait a minute! Wait, we’ll move our fleet ... Shaw? no fleet? Will be! They definitely promised us!
    Ukraine is re-equipping and expanding its navy, including repairing its flagship - the frigate "Getman Sagaidachny" - as opposed to strengthening the Russian fleet in Crimea.
    This was stated by the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko, writes Reuters.
    To modernize the fleet, the United States will provide $ 30 million, which is part of a $ 500 million aid package for the Ukrainian military, which Kiev expects to receive next year.
    “Step by step, we will restore our fleet from scratch,” Vice Admiral Igor Voronchenko said in an interview with the agency.
    “Our capabilities in terms of quality will be better than those in the Crimea,” he added.
    The Ukrainian Navy also plans to get a new military corvette and a new missile boat until 2020.

    So we're fine. But the sadness took Pan Korchinsky .... he says "only those who do not want to work go to Bandera!" Well, I forgot to add that the lads want to eat, drink and rob those who work. Maybe next time she'll tell you? wassat
    1. +1
      6 November 2016 11: 28
      Quote: Egoza
      So everything is fine with us.

      Hi Elena.
      Okay, say hmmm? If something has arrived somewhere, then something has disappeared somewhere.
      Here is "uzho" the flourishing of the Ukrainian fleet is on its way (well, very close) and the economy of the former is on the rise unprecedented (ie, this has not been observed before) - by as much as 0,3%. But in the ranks of senior officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it has departed. It took two years for the independent security guard to determine that Kostik Grishin, who called himself a major and a hero of the ATO (klikuha - Semen Semenchenko), is not a major and not a military man at all, but a purest impostor. And how many such impostors with stars on the shoulder straps are in the discordant Bandera ranks - uuu yoyo ....
    2. +2
      6 November 2016 12: 55
      Quote: Egoza
      Wait, we’ll move our fleet ... Shaw? no fleet?

      But what, did Krajina U dig a navigable ditch along the border with Russia with a barbed wire fence? From sea to sea. As soon as they dig it, the fleet from the West will appear. smile
  6. +6
    6 November 2016 07: 07
    Obama with his policies sat in a puddle.

    To be objective, he has long been sitting in a puddle. Another thing is that American politicians, through their own and other Western media, have spread a Russophobic hysteria in order to distract attention from their already systematic schools.
    Thanks to the authors for the review.
    1. +3
      6 November 2016 09: 17
      All hysteria is the essence of a mental illness with a predictable end, such as depression and complete devastation of consciousness. Worse if it ends in banal suicide.
      1. +2
        6 November 2016 10: 03
        What we wish them.
        1. +2
          6 November 2016 19: 42
          Mr. Captain, you monster, if you wish suicide "partner"! But the liberal fauna will remain the same as ours. She is ineradicable as a pale spirochete.laughing
          And so, plus 100500!
    2. +5
      6 November 2016 11: 37
      Quote: rotmistr60
      that American politicians, through their own and other Western media, have spread a Russophobic tantrum

      Well, when our "sworn" are seething with anger towards us Russians and towards the country of Russia, this is understandable somewhere, but when this anger comes from the citizens of our country, it becomes disgusting at heart and (as I. Ilyinsky said) I want to tear and throw.
  7. +3
    6 November 2016 07: 57
    Thanks - The review came out crisp and clear. however, as always - thanks again to the authors for their work! I start whenever possible every Sunday with a review - it has already become a tradition ....... it is a pity only in the new design of the site, and it became not convenient to search for articles. Sincerely, Volga Cossack!
  8. +9
    6 November 2016 09: 53
    Well, I gave :)))))
    By the way, this man became the first general director among all the chiefs of MI5, who agreed to give interviews to journalists. This was not the 107 years of service!

    Apparently that's why MI5 was considered a serious organization for as many as 107 years.
    The Israeli publication publishes material that argues that there is an “increasing likelihood of conflict” between Israel and Russia

    I can’t imagine how happy Russia is attacking a country, a significant part of the population of which is our compatriots, that is, Russian Jews.
    We fought against bandits in Chechnya. We fought against the Georgian army when it fired hail on a peaceful city and killed our peacekeepers. We give a snot of barmaley in Syria, because they are trying to create a terrorist state.
    But with what fright should we fight with Israel ?! Well, yes, we have different views on life, but this is natural for two different countries. In the most acute period of our relations, we supported the Arabs, but still did not fight openly. And now ... We have no territorial claims, and in general, by and large, there is nothing of the sort that would be worth not just fighting, but just cursing. All issues are resolved through ordinary negotiations ... We respect the Israelis, they are to us. And where does this nonsense about the war come from?
    Maybe Israel was going to attack us? laughing
    This week, KA Raikin’s statement about “censorship” in Russia was sensational

    There, there was no discussion of censorship, only about assaults :)))) In general, I’m just dying with our cultural figures :)))) Do not stop the artist from expressing himself at our expense and that’s the point! (state money is our money with you, if that)
    In general, in this matter, I deeply regret the times of the Russian Empire. Then the work of the actor was considered extremely unprestigious and completely ignoble. "Brit as an Actor" talked about a man who does not wear a beard :))) However, with the filing of Hollywood, the actor has become a symbol of success, and life on drugs, changing 4-5 husbands or wives, constant scandals - a role model.
    1. +4
      6 November 2016 10: 50
      Quote: Andrew from Chelyabinsk.
      But with what fright should we fight with Israel ?! Well, yes, we have different views on life, but this is natural for two different countries. In the most acute period of our relations, we supported the Arabs, but still did not fight openly. And now ... We have no territorial claims, and in general, by and large, there is nothing of the sort that would be worth not just fighting, but just cursing. All issues are resolved through ordinary negotiations ... We respect the Israelis, they are to us. And where does this nonsense about the war come from?

      First clarify the statement that we have fewer relatives in Ukraine than in Israel? And in the Donbas is a war with aliens?
      And the second, everything, as always, is economic interests, namely; by the oil and gas pipeline from the Saudis to Europe, this is the Suez Canal, do you think Israel will benefit if the flow of goods from China, Japan, South Korea goes 80% through the Arctic, that is, icebreaking caravans.

      If the distance traveled by ships from the port of Murmansk to the port of Yokohama (Japan) through the Suez Canal is 12 nautical miles, then the Northern Sea Route is only 840 nautical miles.
      Rough Route of merchant ships to Hamburg, London, French ports for 6000 nautical miles shorter, you imagine the amount that will be saved? With complete safety of transportation, that is, not any Somali pirates, or accidental loss of ships due to the constant wars in this region.

      Israel is the 51st state of USA, the main ally of the Americans in the Middle East, and in addition to the chain dog that guards the Suez Canal's trade route and makes huge profits from it, the Israelis are even more interested than the Americans to close the Arctic Trade Route project and do everything to at all levels to prevent him, and relatives will not help, your piece of bread with butter and caviar is closer to the body, as well as in Ukraine where are all our relatives?
      1. kig
        6 November 2016 12: 42
        Have you looked at the map for a long time? So look where is Israel and where is the Suez Canal. And what does the Northern Sea Route have to do with it? It’s hard to invent more nonsense.
      2. +2
        6 November 2016 13: 10
        Quote: N100
        First clarify the statement that we have fewer relatives in Ukraine than in Israel?

        Well, my mother is Ukrainian, all her relatives are there. AND?
        Quote: N100
        And in the Donbas is a war with aliens?

        The Russian Federation does not fight in Donbass. I would fight - it all ended in two days in Kiev. The valor of the Ukrainian military was tested by us in the Crimea.
        At the same time, we have something to share with Ukraine - unlike Israel. Today's Ukraine is a state hostile to the Russian Federation, where upbringing in the hatred of Russians is elevated to the rank of state policy
        Quote: N100
        this is the Suez Canal, do you think Israel is beneficial if the flow of goods from China

        Buy a globe. Where is Israel, and where is Suez? :))
    2. +7
      6 November 2016 11: 07
      But in general - I’m just bleeding from our cultural figures :)))) Do not stop the artist from expressing himself at our expense and that’s the point! (state money is our money with you, if that) .... with the filing of Hollywood, the actor has become a symbol of success, and life on drugs, the change of 4-5 husbands or wives, constant scandals - a role model.

      I fully agree with you, better than you, I could not express my attitude to this topic!
      1. +2
        6 November 2016 13: 11
        Thank you! drinks Always glad to like-minded
  9. +3
    6 November 2016 09: 54
    Returning to the "shameless" hackers from Russia:
    "According to the Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, as a result of sabotage, Moscow allegedly wants to ensure the victory of leaders pleasing to Russia in the elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany. It is noted that even if the attacks are unsuccessful, they will spoil the internal situation in these countries and will force the leadership to pay more attention to their problems, which will lead to a softening of the anti-Russian sanctions regime and a more favorable environment for the Russian presidential elections in 2018. "- Well, nobody can say taperech that the US authorities are interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign state-TVs, the perpetrators are known in advance ... recourse
    1. +3
      6 November 2016 10: 11
      The attack was repelled by our hackers .... Of course there are losses! Now our move ... (and it will no longer be viewing Hillary's mail ..))))
  10. +3
    6 November 2016 10: 13
    About Israel.
    On the eve of his visit to Israel, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to the Second Channel of Israeli Television. In a conversation with TV presenter Yonit Levy, he said that Moscow had never denied Israel’s rights to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or the Wailing Wall.
    After these, God forgive me, speeches, how will the Palestinians treat us? Mister, a lover of iPhones, once wisely with Libya, he still hiccups. And now, he again blurted out about what 50 years have been a dispute between the Palestine and Israel over the war. Well, the king, good, is silent, it’s clear again, he doesn’t know, or they both have a pedigree from there, if they talk like that.
    1. +3
      6 November 2016 10: 29
      Quote: Tambov Wolf
      Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview on the eve of his visit to Israel

      Nobody has taken this seriously for a long time ... Although the West has long dreamed of such a "president of Russia" again ...
      1. +2
        6 November 2016 10: 49
        If one does not take seriously the statements of the second largest person in the country, what does this person do at the helm in Russia? You hopefully understand that any word in the world spoken by such people has more than simple meaning or chatter.
        1. +3
          6 November 2016 18: 35
          Quote: Tambov Wolf
          If one does not take seriously the statements of the second largest person in the country, what does this person do at the helm in Russia? You hopefully understand that any word in the world,said by such people are not simple meaning or chatter.
          Oh well, Wolf ... In the world, words go better. But Medvedev is a political marginal better than anyone !!! Yes ... And the holiday has passed ...- He is FALSE DMITRY !!!
      2. +2
        6 November 2016 16: 51
        Although in the west they have long dreamed of such a "president of Russia" again ....

        "President Panimash" would be even better for them.
    2. kig
      6 November 2016 12: 44
      Apparently, he was referring to Moscow Russia, not the USSR.
  11. +3
    6 November 2016 10: 34
    Today they opened OPAL by 90%, tomorrow they will close ...
    Allow me! Until the 30th year they will not cover:
    "... Now, until 2033, this law will not apply to IHL."
    1. +6
      6 November 2016 12: 45
      healthy, slam hi Will you go to work tomorrow?
  12. +4
    6 November 2016 10: 56
    The political and economic outcome is clear: the European Commission, by its decision, has made it clear who Europe can really count on and who is a reliable partner for it. The matured commission.

    I can only highlight this article. Europe is beginning, contrary to its "claims" to think sanely (like, nothing personal, just business). All the rest is already gritty topics. Raikin was also remembered, let him practice in the satiricon, and not in politics and ideology, those more in VO.
    1. +3
      6 November 2016 11: 54
      Quote: dima-fesko
      Raikin was still remembered, let him practice in the satyricon, and not in politics and ideology, all the more so in VO.

      It’s true that the politician is from this actor as if from a ... but a bullet.
  13. +2
    6 November 2016 11: 37
    It was still not enough that Brussels depended on the position of Kiev!

    The political and economic outcome is clear: the European Commission, by its decision, made it clear who Europe can really count on ....
    A drunken performer will come to the shop. He will be removed from work, and the work, if urgent, will be given to another. And since the detail has to be made “yesterday” all the time, they will give it back for sure and someone else will do it. Another thing is when the boss is drunk. If it is strong, then nothing else, you can work, does not climb anywhere. But when under the "best", it will annoy everyone. The boss drinks trouble for everyone, both for the sober and for the drunk. Bad for everyone. So, the Ukrainians are in trouble for you. And you can't see a gap. Treatment only.
  14. +2
    6 November 2016 12: 43
    Hillary Clinton's FBI agent responsible for recent email leaks when she was Secretary of State was found dead early Saturday morning

    Investigators believe that the FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45 years old, shot his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, late on Friday night before setting fire to his own house, and after all, he aimed his gun at himself and shot himself.

    Brown, a veteran of the Washington City Police Department, worked for the police for 12 years before being transferred to the FBI, where he worked for the past six years.

    The neighbors saw smoke coming out of Brown's residence and called 9-1-1 at about 23:50. By the time the fire brigades arrived, the whole house was already in flames.

    "The death of Brown's wife was the result of a bullet wound prior to the fire," Police Chief Pat Frederick said, "while Brown stuck a bullet in his own head."

    “The body of evidence leads us to believe that this is murder and suicide. We believe that he killed her, started a fire, and then decided to glue the flippers himself, which in fact he did,” said Frederic.
    1. +2
      6 November 2016 13: 19
      then Trump will be elected .... so suicides have gone ... wouldn't it be too early ??? it seems that the investigation has not really begun yet ... or it might not have begun if this "exceptional" madam from her own brain won the election ... but the cleansing of witnesses went ... Trump will win ...
  15. +1
    6 November 2016 12: 55
    .... the last peacekeeper of the planet is living out the last weeks
    Why are you so Obama ... let him live ...
  16. +5
    6 November 2016 14: 33
    Only I can see the predominance of "shapkozakidatelstva" in the comments? Potential opponents in the region have 20 air bases and several hundred (400+) aircraft (including allied ones). "A small victorious war", "with little blood and on foreign territory" - we have already heard such phrases without regard to real forces and organization. Moreover, there should be no frivolity in such matters. 50 will never beat 500.
    Someone say about nuclear weapons? Is he personally ready to burn his children in the name of someone's show off at the devil on the horns?
    1. 0
      7 November 2016 01: 29
      Quote: 3danimal
      Someone say about nuclear weapons? Is he personally ready to burn his children in the name of someone's show off at the devil on the horns?

      You cringe, nobody offers to burn your children. Sing us a song about "the tear of a child" and "evil Putin".
      1. 0
        10 November 2016 11: 32
        Quote: KaPToC
        Sing us a song about "tears of a child" and "evil Putin".

        What are you speaking about? It was about couch nuclear militarists, already quite tired of the order ...
        And the conflict with the use of conventional weapons in a foreign country will remain such, at any outcome for the military of the Russian Federation. In top management, fortunately, there is no set of scumbags.
        I hope this option does not happen, sorry for the people.
        1. 0
          10 November 2016 12: 49
          Quote: 3danimal
          What are you speaking about?

          I mean that you here proposed to burn our children, but our children will be burned by the enemy, and so that this does not happen, we must be ready to burn "their children"
          And also your words about
          Quote: 3danimal
          in the name of someone show off the devil on the horns

          There is a story, study it, we left Afghanistan and got wars in Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus. If we leave Syria, the war in Ukraine will resume, if we leave Ukraine, we will fight in Voronezh, in the Kuban. What is happening in Syria is precisely "a little blood on foreign territory."
          It was necessary to fight in Czechoslovakia, in Yugoslavia, in Poland - then there would be no defeat for the forty-first year, no matter how many lives Russia saved and you
          Quote: 3danimal
          sorry for people

          They regretted a dozen - lost tens of millions, this is exactly the case when "the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  17. +3
    7 November 2016 00: 27
    Thank you Oleg for the Weekly Review !!! By laughing, spitting, but I will not comment! By the fact that I know that my comments will not change anything.
  18. +1
    7 November 2016 09: 04
    From the whole article I will choose one, this is financing of Chechnya and here I will support Kadyrov, he is right why the budget is being cut and why not only Chechnya, but also other regions are being cut, the economic bloc of power - "rotten eggs" for two years and a half could not create a normal one, understandable program for overcoming the crisis, in which they themselves are to blame, they have been sitting for many years in the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, in the presidential administration, where foreseeing the situation, where planning, strategic development, and now they are cutting the budget, then for such a bad job to cut and your salaries, and it is better to bend you like you are stupid and incompetent, never when they do not take the economy out of the crisis and it is a pity that the guarantor of the Constitution does not see this, then he is simply blind. It is also a pity that the local authorities are silent, only one Kadyrov plucked up the courage and said that if this is translated into a normal language, YOU gentlemen in the government and the authorities in Moscow are getting drunk, about being rude despite the fact that your professionalism is below the baseboard.
  19. 0
    10 November 2016 10: 10
    Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
    In the most acute period of our relations, we supported the Arabs, but still did not fight open. And now ... We have no territorial claims, and in general, by and large, there is nothing of this because it would be worth not just fighting, but just cursing

    that's it. Moreover, the main losses of our guys at that time (70-72 years) were due to "friendly fire" from our "brothers" and we had practically no problems with the Israelis.
  20. +1
    10 November 2016 13: 26
    Quote: KaPToC
    I mean that you here proposed to burn our children, but our children will be burned by the enemy, and so that this does not happen, we must be ready to burn "their children"

    You, obviously, do not perceive well "complex" verbal constructions. Are you okay?
    I chew: such a strong enemy, attacked in a conventional conflict with nuclear weapons, will respond in kind, which is fraught with escalation into full-scale strikes on each other's territories. And the victims will go to millions, including children. And the first strike of nuclear weapons in a remote conflict is tantamount to a willingness to make such sacrifices. As I said, many "couch militarists" do not understand this. Am I getting it clear?

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