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Holiday "invisible" soldiers. To the Day of Military Intelligence of the Russian Federation


So many legends and inventions, how many go about these people, probably, it is not thought up about one military specialty. On November 5, military intelligence officers will celebrate their holiday on 10. All those who are somehow connected today or have been connected with military intelligence in the past will gather around the table, remember something, will tell the next “tales”. Drink the traditional one hundred grams, remember the dead friends.

I had to be at such "parties". And it always amazed how much the image created in our heads by films and the memories of eyewitnesses is not true. Yes, among the operational-tactical intelligence link, you can meet quite impressive in size and strength of people. But not "Schwarzenegger" for sure. Strong, big people. With good sports training.

But in the strategic intelligence link ... Complete break in the pattern. Ordinary, often gray, men, which are many on the street. More often kind, than "with steel characters". You will meet such on the street and even thoughts will not arise that he is involved in some serious military affairs. But precisely these guys traveled around the world in Soviet times. Worked in the armies of many countries.

Frequently asked about the date itself. What was the "point of reference" for the new holiday? After all, intelligence has existed exactly since the first army appeared.

Indeed, the история military intelligence began in the distant year already 1654 under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. It was then that the first specialized order was created in Russia that was engaged in intelligence - the Order of Secret Affairs. Moreover, we must pay tribute to the commanders of the time, the order became one of the most effective governing bodies of that time.

Further, the story has evolved. State intelligence status was granted in 1716. Emperor Peter the Great legally established the status of military intelligence officers in the “Military Regulations”.

So where did the date for November 5 come from? This date is the legacy of the Red Army. it was in the Red Army that the Field Headquarters of the Red Army of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic was created. This decision was made by 1 on November 1918 of the year. And on November 5 the order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic No. 197 / 27 was issued. It was this order that became the basis for the creation of the administration, which became the prototype of the GRU: Registration Office for coordinating the efforts of all the intelligence agencies of the army.

Called the first organ of the Republic in accordance with the revolutionary trends - Registerrupp.

Many are aware of the intelligence activities of the GRU. More precisely, they assume. But few people know that the famous and scary for the spies of the enemy and their accomplices, "Smersh", created in April 1943, was also organizationally part of intelligence.

Most people who are not associated with such organizations are firmly convinced that military intelligence officers are engaged in issues related to the armies of other states. If the military, then it is specialists in military matters. However, this is not the case.

Strategic and operational intelligence for military intelligence officers is indeed a priority. However, no one removes tasks from the GRU to resolve other issues. This includes military-technical intelligence, military-political intelligence, environmental intelligence, military-economic intelligence ... It’s not a grateful and even stupid task to list the tasks of modern intelligence officers. There are no issues that in the modern world are not related to the army.

The “eyes and ears” of our army today are equipped with the most modern equipment and weapons. Information for intelligence today is available in the widest range of possibilities. From the ocean depths to space. But the old, traditional methods of intelligence no one forgets. The intelligence network of the GRU is quite a serious argument in disputes with the opposing party.

Particular attention would be paid to the GRU special forces. This year, this structure is 66. Yes, total 66! The special divisions of the GRU USSR were created in 1950 year. Talk about the number and composition of units of this structure today is not possible. The composition and number of such units is strictly secret.

But what they are capable of sometimes gets into the press. Then in one, then in another country, events occur that can only be called as a “miracle”. Dictators die, arsenals of armies that are ready to attack neighboring states explode, terrorists miraculously become agreeable negotiators and release hostages, the allies for some reason begin to fight each other instead of a prepared operation to seize something.

It is difficult to overestimate the activities of military intelligence officers. You can underestimate, by virtue of the secrecy of most operations. But it was precisely military intelligence that stood and was at the forefront of the defense of Russia. It is the scouts who will be the first to report the impending attack or sabotage. That scouts will help find the gang of terrorists. That intelligence in peacetime really are at war.

I would like to touch on a topic that is widely heard today in most media. At the hearing thanks to the intelligence department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The theme of the emblem of military intelligence. Many people remember and saw the popular bat on the background of the globe. The emblem of the Soviet intelligence.

By the way, this sign has never been the official emblem of the GRU. There is no order to approve it as such. But the order to wear the uniform and emblems of the units and divisions of the garrison is. So, military intelligence officers have always been tankers, paratroopers, gunners and other representatives of the garrison majority. And the mouse, it seems to me, appeared already at the end of the 20 century. More precisely, at the end of 80-x - the beginning of 90-s.

After the adoption of the new Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service" 11 in February 1993, where the obligation to designate the belonging to a type of troops with non-uniform chevrons appeared, many "bestial" emblems appeared. Echoes of this event you can see today on any beach in Russia. Wolves, scorpions, eagles ... Against the background of the emblems of the Airborne Forces, the globe and other things ...

Therefore, in the 2002 year, the GRU adopted the official emblem - a red carnation against a black background and a grenade in the center. But on the floor in control of the GRU of the Russian Federation the mouse "still" lies! But next to the wall is really a carnation.

We have already written about the difficult everyday life of army intelligence. The fact that these guys are the elite of our armed forces is indisputable. Training, training, exercises. And absolute closeness.

And it so happened that right on the eve of the holiday, on the training ground, where the next exercises were held, we, without even knowing it, were the first to come over for reconnaissance.

Good roads rarely lead to interesting places. And on the landfills, the more there, the nastier - the more informative at the end. And at the end of this direction, if I may say so, we saw buildings that weren't there last time. Well, we decided to drive up, the benefit, it seems, the direction quite allowed.
Two merry women in dirty white overalls over the “Gorki”, fully equipped happily, told us that we had arrived and taken prisoner. Yeah, right now ... With the support of a spokesman for the ZVO prisoner, we captured a reconnaissance group of a separate intelligence unit of one of the ZVO brigades based in the neighboring area.

We did not know that over the past two weeks this range was significantly expanded in size and became a place for working off combat missions with all nearby units, since it now allows you to work with warheads for everything from mortar to self-propelled guns.

We started with a hut. The situation has not been completely clarified; from intelligence to hammer out any information is something else. But as we understood, the guys were too lazy for the sake of one night to carry these huge tents. And even more so, they first put, and then disassemble. And then the winter began with all the special effects.

I had to equip myself more equipped overnight ...

And then, the authorities, seeing the fruits of creativity, expressed their approval and ordered to make a study place out of this place. The place turned out, as for us.

The scouts themselves had to do completely different things. And they showed them to us. The task was to organize a position for covert surveillance of the road.

This is not an attempt to remove the winter landscape. This I rented the place of the first NP. Stump was not real, but quite man-made.

The fighters immediately explained that in a combat situation all the equipment would be made of branches, sticks, wire and other unobtrusive materials. And here the plastic basin, treated with a bayonet-knife, quite approached. On the question of where they took the civilian plastic basin, the guys honestly looking into the eyes, said they had bought. Mentally imagining where the nearest store is located, I mentally shuddered ...

Under the "kick" was a room about a meter 2x1,5. Having estimated the dimensions, I almost agreed that one could sit there for more than one hour. Almost - this is because I really did not want to check for myself, and the fighters were quite ready to shove me there. But the weather and the prospect of returning about the same camouflage (very dirty) made me agree "on time".

Then we went to the place of the second NP.

All the same dirty snowy landscape. It seems that the tracks should have shown where the caches were, but I saw him only when the group leader gave the command "Serge, stick out the pipe!"

Seryoga stuck out. Burned the place. Under normal conditions, as commander Maxim explained, a plaster is wound on the pipe, a little bit seized with dirty hands, and that’s all, disguise is provided.

Although it (the pipe) and so not very noticeable.

The third NP. It has not yet been completed, the soldiers deployed a surveillance system.

Unfortunately, we could not wait for the end, it was time to get down to what we actually came for. So having said goodbye and wished success to our “captives”, we left the reconnaissance group.

Personal impression: elite nihilists with great potential. In a word - intelligence!

So, on behalf of the editorial staff and the authors of the Military Outlook, let me congratulate those who today wear cloves and those who continue to wear mice on their professional holiday. "Only stars are above us!" With the holiday "big-eyed" and "eagles"!
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 November 2016 05: 36 New
    Happy Military Intelligence Day! All the best and health! drinks
    1. The black
      The black 5 November 2016 05: 47 New
      Military Intelligence -
      Worthy, cool, cheeky!
      Your life is risk, roulette,
      You are the first to know everything.
      What price are given
      Information to you - we know.
      From the tasks of all return
      We wish you whole!

      And to your families - peace,
      Tranquility and happiness!
      And to get around you
      Adversity and bad weather!

      HAPPY !!!
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 5 November 2016 07: 22 New
        There has always been intelligence among the troops. My grandfather back in the First World War in the enemy trenches on his bellies there for the German (tongue), and back his being dragged. He told how he once "crushed" the same scout crawling from the German side. And he shows him five fingers, they say, five kinders are waiting at home. The same peasant. My grandfather then also had five children at home. Well, we crawled on, each with his own task. And fraternization soon began. He returned from the front with George on his chest and a gold ducat in his pocket from Nicholas II. That's it.
        Happy holiday intelligence!
        1. Giant thought
          Giant thought 5 November 2016 08: 45 New
          My eldest son has a friend who serves in the GRU, we wish him and all the other employees good luck and always return from assignments safe and sound. Happy holiday of "invisible people"!
          1. Inok10
            Inok10 5 November 2016 11: 37 New
            ... all involved with the holiday! ... and from open access ... to understand the range of tasks ... drinks
            1. win
              win 5 November 2016 22: 00 New

              All "special" Happy Holiday!

      2. The black
        The black 5 November 2016 07: 40 New
        ... and the song ...
    2. Evil543
      Evil543 5 November 2016 08: 05 New
      Happy holiday! 16 OBRSpN, 137 ORB, RR 166 OMSBr 95-96 drinks
      1. krops777
        krops777 5 November 2016 11: 49 New
        Happy 24th ObrSpN 94-96g and all the rest! soldier
    3. Vend
      Vend 7 November 2016 10: 20 New
      Happy holiday! Let the result of your inconspicuous actions inspire terror in the hearts of enemies.
  2. kebeskin
    kebeskin 5 November 2016 05: 47 New
    I had the opportunity to serve among these guys. And the truth is that the contingent is very versatile. From the Uncles of the Schwarzeneggers tearing the berets in half in one motion and to simple thin thin guys but with very sensible technical knowledge. I think that I spent one of the best time periods in my life. Happy holiday men!
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 5 November 2016 06: 07 New
      There can’t be universal soldiers! Everyone is strong in something, especially technical knowledge in modern warfare, as well as equipping intelligence officers, play a huge role. I join in congratulations ..
    2. The black
      The black 5 November 2016 07: 25 New
      Quote: kebeskin
      I had the opportunity to serve among these guys.

      Separate reconnaissance battalion of Szekesfehervar (Hungary) Hello everyone! smile

      Anecdote to the holiday:
      The late Leonid Ilyich somehow arrived in the States on a case to Carter. The meeting took place in an informal setting, tete — a — tete, only the secretary served. Brezhnev looks at the secretary, well, everything is with her, and tells Carter: - Jimmy, how would she ... her ... comrade ...? Carter replies: - Very nice girl !!! Just does not give anyone, you want to try, maybe something will work out for you. Brezhnev treats the secretary with chocolate, sits it next to him and, while she is eating chocolate, begins to stroke her knee. Secretary: - Smooth, smooth, you will reach the left egg, do not make a silly face. Hello homeland! Scout Major Sidorov. laughing

  3. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 5 November 2016 05: 50 New
    Erysipelas in the mud, in the ass twigs laughing these are intelligence guys lol! Happy holiday drinks soldier intelligence service!!! good soldier
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 5 November 2016 08: 32 New
      As stated in the TV commercial: Intelligence is the elite of the army! Happy holiday !!! drinks soldier
  4. Masya masya
    Masya masya 5 November 2016 05: 56 New
    Happy Holidays! love
  5. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 5 November 2016 05: 58 New
    Military intelligence is GRU! My cousin served there and died in Chechnya !! Remember those who have not returned from intelligence soldier Earth rest in peace, and many thanks from the living !!! soldier
    1. Shark Lover
      Shark Lover 5 November 2016 07: 02 New
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      Military intelligence is GRU!

      Military intelligence everything from reconnaissance platoon battalion and above. Each unit has its own intelligence niche, its own depth, its own tasks, its own methods (special), its own special .. training. Each unit operates in the interests and band of its connection, all data goes to HP and beyond. It turns out the big picture, starting from the tip of the nose of the scout, ending with the office of Ubama))).
      Conducting ambushes, raids, and implementations is the most, so to speak, dynamic part of the work. The main work, tedious, NP (observation)
      Working on the border with China, thanks to the Tratata Company (RTRT), the action of the intelligence corps (ORB) on training and combat NPs along the border, a training center was opened in 91, which had never been mentioned before. And further, further other units already worked.
      Good holiday, good people.
  6. realist
    realist 5 November 2016 05: 59 New
    Congratulations to military intelligence on a holiday. I wish you good luck and long life!
  7. alexvdv78
    alexvdv78 5 November 2016 06: 18 New
    Happy holiday, forum users, everyone involved! But that's why 10 times? We took the oath that day and it was then a holiday and a weekend with us. It was in 97g. 282 OOSpN 14ObrSpN. HOLIDAY !!!!
  8. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 5 November 2016 06: 33 New
    Holiday Intelligence! Low bow to the Veterans! Health to all of you and your families. Yes, keep in God and Commander!
  9. Hubun
    Hubun 5 November 2016 07: 12 New
    Happy holiday, colleagues !!! An urgent contract and one in the military intelligence, about which not a bit sorry. Not only that, I will be proud and proud. In our family, starting with my grandfather, everyone served in intelligence. One of my three sons is sure to continue the tradition
  10. tanit
    tanit 5 November 2016 07: 13 New
    People ... With a capital L.
    1. The black
      The black 5 November 2016 07: 30 New
      Trying not to make noise, a company of Estonian scouts crept to the enemy headquarters. - Residents of all the surrounding villages came to see this!

      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 5 November 2016 10: 26 New
        Happy holiday, Intelligence! Huge respect to all Military Intelligence !!!
      2. pensioneree
        pensioneree 6 November 2016 12: 58 New
        So at Bati they asked dry firewood in order to light a fire! (Dad was "not himself). Dal could envy the Russian!
  11. valent45
    valent45 5 November 2016 07: 29 New
    Happy holiday, intelligence! Keep up the good work!
  12. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 5 November 2016 07: 41 New
    Happy Comrades, Happy Holidays !!!!!!!! And .... the motto is any task, anywhere, anytime, by any means, NO ONE has canceled ... Once again with the holiday SFy, give GOD all the best to you ... soldier drinks
  13. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 5 November 2016 07: 49 New
    Happy Holiday Intelligence! Good and Peace Service Brothers!
  14. Orionvit
    Orionvit 5 November 2016 08: 08 New
    Quote: siberalt
    And soon fraternities began. He returned from the front with George on his chest and a gold dime in his pocket from Nicholas II. That's it.

    In 1945, the same fraternization began, and then what? Where are the brothers?
  15. MsRedMaster
    MsRedMaster 5 November 2016 08: 10 New
    Happy Holiday Bats, You Are Always On The Edge !!! Thank God that we have you !!!
  16. Orionvit
    Orionvit 5 November 2016 08: 16 New
    Quote: Hubun
    Not only that, I will be proud and proud.

    Moreover, it is necessary to do something. Ukraine is asking ... whether.
  17. YarGa
    YarGa 5 November 2016 08: 19 New
    Happy holiday !!! Work, brothers !!!
  18. GeorgeSev85
    GeorgeSev85 5 November 2016 08: 40 New
    HAPPY HOLIDAY! All the best!!!!
    By the way ... about the owl ...
  19. OLD FART
    OLD FART 5 November 2016 09: 30 New
    Atalef is your holiday today too ..? You have a mouse on the picture too ... bully
    But seriously, great job guys, work well Keep it up!
    Happy Holiday to you and thank you for everything!
    1. atalef
      atalef 5 November 2016 09: 36 New
      Quote: STARPER
      Atalef is your holiday today too ..? You also have a mouse on the picture

      I used to have chupocabra laughing
      VKS, Evpatoria - 19, ETR-2, DES-3000.
      Energy platoon.
      All with a holiday, more precisely all - whose holiday hi
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 5 November 2016 09: 56 New
        How quickly you reacted Atalef! Feels like school ... hi
        1. atalef
          atalef 5 November 2016 09: 59 New
          Quote: STARPER
          How quickly you reacted Atalef! Feels like school ... hi

          You won’t drink skill.
          Who is your turn today - well, in terms of tearing, chopping with a saber, throwing hats? wink
          1. OLD FART
            OLD FART 5 November 2016 10: 08 New
            Quote: atalef
            Quote: STARPER
            How quickly you reacted Atalef! Feels like school ... hi

            You won’t drink skill.
            Who is your turn today - well, in terms of tearing, chopping with a saber, throwing hats? wink

            While searching ...))) bully Eh and the catty you are Atalef, I'll tell you ..))))
            1. atalef
              atalef 5 November 2016 10: 12 New
              Quote: STARPER
              While searching ..

              Well, the scout wink alternative universe
              there are scouts whom no one sees, but they feel the consequences of their presence, the opposite is the case with you
              everyone sees you, but harm to the adversary is zero wink
              1. OLD FART
                OLD FART 5 November 2016 10: 41 New
                Well, how to say ... Here you are responding to me, then I am writing correctly, well, there’s everything else .. hi
  20. Sidel45
    Sidel45 5 November 2016 09: 33 New
    Many thanks to the authors of the article, the editorial board of Voenniy Obozreniye and everyone who congratulated us on our professional holiday! There is only one amendment to the article: the GRU of the USSR never existed and the GRU of the Russian Federation does not exist. Reconnaissance in the troops is organized by headquarters from the battalion headquarters to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, and intelligence management bodies are part of the structure of these headquarters. The GRU is no exception. Therefore, in Soviet times there was the GRU General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, and now it is the GRU General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. Thanks again!
    1. creak
      creak 5 November 2016 12: 47 New
      In the topic, I join in the congratulations, but to the above I would like to add that contrary to what the authors write, SMERSH was never organizationally part of intelligence. The situation was exactly the opposite - SMERSH was engaged counterintelligence providing the Army in force.
      In addition to the GUKR SMERSH NCO (Abakumov) reporting directly to Stalin, there were also departments in two other people's commissariats - SMERSH of the Navy, subordinate to Narkom Kuznetsov and SMERSH in the NKVD, which was supervised by Beria. Indeed, little is known about these last two SMERSH offices ...
      1. domokl
        domokl 5 November 2016 14: 11 New
        Quote: ranger
        GUKR SMERSH NPO (Abakumov) reporting directly to Stalin

        Throw out Wikipedia and never open it if you want to have more or less objective data ...
        1. creak
          creak 5 November 2016 15: 31 New
          Quote: domokl
          Throw out Wikipedia and never open it if you want to have more or less objective data ...

          I consider my information objective enough how objective documents can be ...
          I have more reliable sources besides Wikipedia which say that Decree of the GKO of the USSR of 21.04.43. The head of the GUKR SMERSH Abakumov is the Deputy People's Commissar of Defense and reports directly to the People’s Commissar of Defense. Who was the People’s Commissar during this period - if you don’t know, I’m reporting - Stalin ....
          It seems that you should deal with your sources and not consider yourself the ultimate truth ...
          1. creak
            creak 5 November 2016 16: 01 New
            PS And in the future, no longer being the deputy people's commissar, but only the head of the GUKR SMERSH Abakumov received instructions directly from Stalin and from no one else.
            1. Holoy
              Holoy 5 November 2016 16: 56 New
              By the way, on Wikipedia, this is true information ...
  21. Bort radist
    Bort radist 5 November 2016 09: 47 New
    Happy holiday! Desperate, daring, capable of the impossible, fighting beyond the bounds when the hope is only of skill and combat fraternity. Good luck to you and those who are waiting for you at home.
  22. esaul1950
    esaul1950 5 November 2016 10: 02 New
    Happy holiday of all past and present. Good luck!
  23. Holoy
    Holoy 5 November 2016 10: 11 New
    Today is generally the day of the military intelligence, not the GRU Special Forces, especially the GRU no longer has Special Forces, it has been transferred to the subordination of the ground forces ...

    All Russian Special Forces Have their Holiday on October 24th! Something like this ... Based on the logic of the Decrees of the President of Russia ...

    And on October 24, the Special Forces did not congratulate ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 5 November 2016 14: 10 New
      Two of you, dear ... There has never been a special forces, there is no GRU and so on. So many times they buried this structure, that .. Let it be gone laughing And about the special forces ... It is ... different happens .. Including the admission laughing
      1. Holoy
        Holoy 5 November 2016 16: 44 New
        It’s different in your head ... There are a lot of people in Russia ... But in fact you didn’t say anything, because they were officially approved by Putin on the two dates of October 24 and November 5 ... Holidays spread ... You refute Putin, but not me ... On October 24, the holiday was asked to postpone Putin, including members of the Former Brigades of the General Staff of the GRU ... hi
  24. ruskih
    ruskih 5 November 2016 10: 14 New
    Happy Holiday! We see your faces only in films. Health and good luck!
  25. Holoy
    Holoy 5 November 2016 10: 25 New
    The GRU of the General Staff of the USSR never had an official Emblem, and its units, due to their secrecy, never had their form ...
  26. infantry76
    infantry76 5 November 2016 10: 57 New
    To all who served in 16 ORB 93 Guards. MSD UGV, peaceful sky, prosperity, kindness and good luck!
    I have the honor!
  27. razved
    razved 5 November 2016 11: 51 New
  28. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 5 November 2016 12: 15 New
    Happy holiday "little eyes" and "big ears"! good
  29. Bloodsucker
    Bloodsucker 5 November 2016 12: 22 New
    All who served in the Intelligence, Happy Holiday!
    Separately, 417 orb, 54 Ts PRP, and a company of special forces 58 A!
    And I would also like to convey my best wishes to those who at 95 provided near Orekhovo, in the Chechen Republic, top-class specialists!
  30. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 5 November 2016 12: 28 New

    Happy Holidays!
    1. win
      win 5 November 2016 21: 17 New

      For you, for us, for OsNaz

  31. midivan
    midivan 5 November 2016 12: 31 New
    All a happy holiday !!! You Scouts with a professional day! And us with what we have drinks
  32. Ossetian
    Ossetian 5 November 2016 15: 05 New
    All involved with the holiday !!!
  33. da Vinci
    da Vinci 5 November 2016 15: 07 New
    Personally, I really like the "Pennant" model of the 80s goals of the 20th century. Only for this EBNya with his code can be remembered with an unkind word ... Sorry. hi
  34. burigaz2010
    burigaz2010 5 November 2016 15: 20 New
    Fly our winged mice! Guys happy holiday !!!
  35. cedar
    cedar 5 November 2016 16: 29 New
    I wish the eyes of the Army and Russia to grow to the root and see everything through and even deeper ... And that would come out as many of the reconnaissance as two ... And that there would always be a reliable comrade behind and a reliable commander at headquarters. .. Live the men. We need you and Russia. While you are alive, Russia is alive.

    God bless you.
  36. xavbek7
    xavbek7 5 November 2016 17: 10 New
    By the way, why is our intelligence, they won’t sue their betman. Plagiarism is on the face, and second-rate!
  37. Pasha
    Pasha 5 November 2016 18: 33 New
    happy holiday !!!
    and a peaceful sky above your head !!!
    soldier soldier soldier
  38. win
    win 5 November 2016 21: 30 New

    Anthem Osnaz GRU
  39. Disant
    Disant 6 November 2016 00: 27 New
    axx = a = ha. The first photo was very reminiscent of the film "Man from Boulevard des Capucines".
    In general, they shot a report, read it, and the readers went to bed.
    but they didn’t start congratulating everyone, “firing off” their ip, mail and other bindings, because you’ll chat about something in a year or two.
    After all, a pencil, and then the technique itself will sort it out, sort it out. Not our technique, if anyone does not understand.
  40. Pavel sin
    Pavel sin 6 November 2016 18: 51 New
    Happy Holiday Intelligence! Good and Peaceful Service! Thanks you.