Future air defense

Future air defenseI have a friend. Well, very cool, in the sense of informed. He has everywhere, and above all at the very top, of such connections that I am afraid not only to speak, but also to think about it. So, we occasionally meet with him for a glass of tea. And he tells me such things! .. My hair on my entire body begins to move, and then I can not fall asleep for three days. It becomes terrible for our sworn partners. FEARFULLY. Only mineral water and saves, three days only her and drink.

God, if they only knew about the thoughts of our most important military men (of course, God forbid), they would even forget about the very concept of war with Russia. There was such a thought out that even the president, having visited once only a small part of the exhibition with this, well, by thinking that, came out and said: “Some kind of fiction”.

You, probably, already understood that to all our PARTNERS, if anything, Khan. Well, okay, I'm not talking about that.

During our last meeting, which took place last weekend (I just finished the course of taking mineral water), he told me this ... DOWNLOAD! This will generally turn all the concepts of air defense systems, especially about detection and targeting. And such a thought, well, it is VERY NON-STANDARD, in the style of judo (apparently, the influence of our president is having an effect: it’s not for nothing that he meets with the military so often - that’s what he taught!). Of course, I will miss all the top-secret details so as not to get somewhere, but I will tell you the essence, as this can help individual readers of “VO” not only learn about the latest developments in this closed and top-secret area, but some to take part in the construction of this ingenious, unique and simple (at first glance), ultra-modern and deeply echeloned air defense system of a new generation.

Let's start with the problems of all modern air defense systems. They all see only what they can see within the line of sight of the work of the locators. If a hill, even a small one, stands in the way of the locator, that's it, some enemy cruise missile or even F-22, -35 can hide behind it. The plane, even invisible, is still better to hide ... so that nothing happens. And there were many such places. Of course, I can’t name them: VERY secret information! Our generals know about them and have been thinking for a very long time how to close them. But there is a bigger problem here. After all, all air defense radars always work in an active radiating mode, and therefore, as soon as they turn on, all their coordinates are already known to our partners (one might say, instantly). Naturally, if anything, they will start (they have already openly said that they will definitely attack us, it is practically only a matter of time) to bomb these radars with various missiles and drones. If bombed, then we are Khan. So, it turns out that our generals came up with such a thing that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to bomb our air defense locators. There will not be enough bombs and missiles, and then, when the entire system is inactive, that is, it works in receive-only mode, they (the partners) will NEVER be able to determine that it exists and is constantly on the alert. So just the very existence of such an opportunity - to be spotted (especially for F-22, -35), will be a very serious deterrent against attacking us. Further, I will speak mainly in hints, as they can be imprisoned for disclosing ...

The system has a very long and complex name, but there is the word "optoelectronic". In fact, this particular class of systems is the most promising. These systems emit nothing, and therefore it is impossible to detect even their presence. But their main disadvantage is the short range: the system can only be seen within the line of sight, that is, no further than 20-30 km from the ground or so. Now found a way to solve this problem.

The idea itself is simple to ugliness and, apparently, that is why it never occurred to anyone until our generals. So, if there was a possibility, one would have to make a portable “optoelectronic” station for detecting all the flying objects and issue such stations to every or almost every citizen of Russia. And the problem would be solved. The density of coverage of our territory by citizens is sufficient for the confident detection of 99,999% of all flying objects. The most important thing is that they (citizens) are moving somewhere all the time, and it’s almost impossible to detect and even more predict these movements. So, as soon as a citizen discovered that something was flying, he immediately sends the lens of a portable optoelectronic station to this object, takes a high-resolution photo and immediately sends it to the General Staff via the Internet on a special server, where all the pictures from all the owners of these stations with reference to geographic coordinates are automatically received, processed and classified.

Well, then already, as they say, - the matter of technology. If it is a cruise missile or enemy aircraft, the coordinates, the flight path are calculated and a command is issued to launch the missile (or better than two) from the launcher nearest to the target.

That's all. But as it turned out, not all.

The Ministry of Defense in strict secrecy began several pilot projects to confirm the possibility of deploying such a system and encountered unexpected problems. As always, the human factor affected, which turned out to be a weak link.

The images made were very often quite fuzzy and practically unsuitable for identifying flying objects, especially in northern latitudes and especially in winter. And also in the first days of the week. At first they blamed the developers and staged them, but they took control photographs and got the pictures even better than from NASA. According to the developers, the question was removed. But the problem remains. After statistical analysis and mathematical modeling carried out over several years, the following factors were identified that influenced the quality of the images:

1. The tremor of the hands (this is scientifically), and in the people it is called a jitter. Well, when my hands are shaking after Sundays, you understand what I'm talking about. When shooting from such shaking hands, the images are fuzzy, especially at high magnification.

2. Tobacco smoke. If a citizen smokes and takes pictures, then the smoke obscures the lens of the system’s camera, and the pictures are fuzzy.

3. Active life in confined spaces, oddly enough (apartment, library, museum, etc.). First of all, everything is rattling there (because of domestic scandals, and especially in clubs, restaurants, theaters, etc.) that the noise of the engines of a flying cruise missile can not be heard. This led to the fact that cruise missiles flew over our peaceful cities completely unnoticed. And even when they were finally heard (oh, something seems to be flying!) And urgently rushed out to take a picture, the camera lens was corny. Conclusion: to get a high-quality picture, the camera, as well as its carrier, a citizen, must be outdoors all or most of it.

The simulation also showed that for confident and uniform coverage of the whole territory of Russia, a little more than 1 million stations are required. After the adjusted calculation, it turned out that even taking into account the fact that part of the stations can be entrusted to the citizens, the Defense Ministry cannot collect the required number of carriers. This is a serious problem for national security. It was decided to launch a hidden propaganda campaign for a healthy lifestyle - against smoking, alcoholism and generally unhealthy lifestyle. Even by approximate calculations, only these measures will lead to a significant increase in the number of potential candidates for wearing stations.

You, probably, have already noticed how much importance is attached to this direction today. Even the president himself agreed to free participation in it. Either he will be shown on horseback, then on skis or with a stick, and how many times he personally spoke out against smoking and alcohol - I lost my account.

So, everything goes according to plan, according to a secret and very important plan. Do you think, in vain, perhaps, for alcohol and cigarettes raise prices? No, everything is taken into account in advance. The country needs HEALTHY, non-drinkers, non-smokers and almost all of the time spending in the open air citizens with good physical preparation, so that if necessary they can quickly photograph a flying cruise missile or a plane of partners from a good angle, and the choice of a good angle sometimes requires a quick (in a few seconds) movement on the ground. You need to get used to lead a healthy lifestyle and play sports outdoors. What you can not do to improve the defense!

After these discoveries, the system deployment program was substantially adjusted. It was decided to significantly tighten the requirements for candidates for wearing these miracle stations. Already, there is a tacit selection of candidates for wearing stations through the analysis of Internet traffic with the exact definition of the coordinates of citizens. This is done with one sole purpose: to identify among them the most suitable and reliable. Know that as soon as it is determined that you have entered a store where you can buy alcohol, a club or a restaurant, that's all, the system will mark you as unsuitable. You should not even hope that you will be entrusted with an important and secret mission to carry the miracle stations.

So, that's enough, I seem to have said too much. Think further and analyze yourself.

Now the fun part. What kind of stations are these? It is generally complete here ... So, it turned out that the development of such stations alone, if made well camouflaged to avoid attention, is worth HUGE MONEY. Billions and billions of dollars. And the production is the same. And the budget needs to be saved. After bringing in our specialists from the SVR, the FSB and the GRU and the secret meeting with the president, where he taught them how to use judo (this, you know, when they use the opponent’s power to win him), through our deployed agents in the largest companies in the world it was possible to use the methods of telepathy and hypnosis to introduce into the minds of their developers the exact parameters of these stations, skillfully camouflaged as ... modern mobile phones. At the same time, they did not even realize that it was all from our guys from the special services.

Dexterously, right? Do you understand the chip? They are developing a new revolutionary model (in fact, invented by us and our TZ), well, for example, iPhone 7 or Samsung GALAXY Edge 7. They spend many billions on development, then billions on organizing production and production itself, and then start selling them in Russia at dumping prices due to competition. And our guys are just sitting and waiting for the moment when they will be available. As soon as they appeared, they immediately clapped their special software on it, screwed up the optics, and here you have a ready-made modern optical-electronic station. Great, right? So that's not all! For the complete disorientation of partners, the manufacture of optics was organized in China in the same way, in the form of a separate lens attached to a cell phone camera. This, I tell you, turned out to be a cool thing, that when photographing, you can even determine the serial number of a cruise missile, not to mention F-22, -35. So people work!

But you do not think that partners are so naive. They, too, are not bored. What do you think, why the Duma banned the use of Apple products? Our guys from the security services found that these sly people also actually turned the company's products into wearable stations, but only a few other profiles - spyware. That is, everything you say, shoot, write and transmit, almost immediately via the Internet gets to the CIA, where a file is automatically created on you that can be used for your recruitment when going abroad. That's it!

Snowden only confirmed what we already knew for a long time. So be careful with Apple, but rather give it to your wife or girlfriend, they will confuse the CIA so much that there will not be enough computers. Yes, the CIA will just go broke on the disks to store the resulting misinformation ...

I will tell you in confidence that the base station will most likely be deployed on the basis of the Samsung GALAXY Edge 7 and higher as the most promising model. So think for yourself if you want to help the Motherland.

Actually, I did not tell you a hundredth part of what else is planned to be done with these stations. If anyone interested, let us know, share.
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  1. 0
    5 November 2016 05: 40
    To remove all "foreign", and the sooner the better. We ourselves can do no worse, and even better, Westerners.
    1. +10
      5 November 2016 06: 55
      Long time no read feuilletons. A friend of mine, who served in the Dzerzhinsky’s division in the Olympic year, told me that there was a telephone number on which any soldier could see the ambassadorial car from the nearest machine. Having reported the number of the car, the place and time of travel, he then reported his name and part number. The price of each call is 1 ruble in favor of the caller.
    2. +6
      5 November 2016 07: 07
      A cruise missile flies, although not very fast, but is very low, and therefore, from the moment of its discovery to the moment of its disappearance, it will end earlier than the observer can photograph the object. Much more benefit would be with DVRs. And a hundred laser pointers directed towards the enemy drone will burn the matrix faster. The problem is different. People are increasingly looking under their feet. Because the hatches are open, the coin is not lying around, or there are simply a lot of worries.
      1. +5
        5 November 2016 09: 24
        In secret, I’ll say that the base station is likely to be deployed on the basis of Samsung GALAXY Edge 7 and above as the most promising model.

        The author clearly works for the advertising company Samsung GALAXY Edge 7. smile
      2. idr
        5 November 2016 09: 45
        Look at the Kurds tested so even managed to shoot a video

      3. +2
        5 November 2016 11: 10
        Quote: Mahmut
        A cruise missile flies, although not very fast, but is very low, and therefore, from the moment of its discovery to the moment of its disappearance, it will end earlier than the observer can photograph the object.

        Quote: Mahmut
        Long time no read feuilletons.

        .... :))))))))))))))))))
        ... All the more so 2 drinking buddies who are "over a glass of tea" - discussing the OBS info;)))))))

        The method of registering "everything that flies a little over the roof" has long been known. Moreover, it seems that they even wrote about this on the VO (about the registration and processing of "anomalies", that is, induced interference in the NETWORK of cellular stations, which involuntarily provoke low-flying objects, such as UAVs, KR ...).
    3. +4
      5 November 2016 10: 32
      Begin it first. Break your computer with a monitor, throw your cell phone in the toilet, transfer from a foreign car (give it to kindergarten) to a bicycle with a D-6 engine, and then you will get the cards in your hands. Or the main thing is to write the first comment for you to write more put the pluses?
      1. +1
        5 November 2016 11: 49
        Quote: Tambov Wolf
        Begin it first. Break your computer with a monitor, throw your cell phone in the toilet, transfer from a foreign car (give it to kindergarten) to a bicycle with a D-6 engine, and then you will get the cards in your hands. Or the main thing is to write the first comment for you to write more put the pluses?

        Yes, something none of the Uri patriots refused either from the American computer and the Internet, or from a mobile phone, or from personal transport of a foreign-bourgeois brand laughing But they can call a liberalist any other PC user and car owner laughing
    4. +4
      5 November 2016 10: 42
      So why not? And then ish, give them foreign cars! Submarine propeller machines are purchased in Japan; old equipment is being brought from Austria for good trunks.
      1. jjj
        5 November 2016 11: 49
        Yes, only then they bring the screws to the same Japan and set themselves
        1. +2
          5 November 2016 17: 25
          Who said that? Information about contracts in the studio! Did you read this in Rossiyskaya Gazeta? Or did they believe Vremya Pokazhet?
          1. 0
            5 November 2016 18: 48
            as soon as a citizen has discovered that something is flying, he immediately directs the lens of the portable optoelectronic station to this object, takes a high-resolution photo and immediately sends it to the General Staff through Internet on a special server
            It’s up to you to invent and implement your own Internet in Russia.
            In this article, I liked the correct assessment of the real capabilities of the ground air defense system, namely, the indication of its "Achilles heel" - this is the vulnerability of the reconnaissance vehicles that are not numerous compared to the fire vehicles. Therefore, even the removal of the number of S-300 in Iran does the chances of safely surviving the waves of NATO strikes. Yes, with great tension, but NATO will be able to clear space for the operation of its ground forces. Because the Iranian air defense is not balanced by a large number of interceptor fighters. Although they can come in handy from an unexpected one-time IDF raid, because the tactics of these raids are understandable and the enemy will not have other zones to get close to the object of interest. Here and block these zones. In addition, the objects are buried in the rock, only a piece goods can break through such a "roll-over" and it still needs to be brought on a fighter bomber. Even a missile strike from submarines will not guarantee.
  2. +12
    5 November 2016 05: 46
    And each resident of Russia has 2 spare caps with him. 450 million caps. We will shower everyone, even tanks will not resist such a mass, not like planes, even battleships, will be overturned.
  3. +13
    5 November 2016 06: 13
    VO turns into a herald of gossip, tales and other mura .. The article should be directed to comedians, they will expand this topic ..
    1. +6
      5 November 2016 06: 35
      Quote: dmi.pris
      VO turns into a herald of gossip, tales and other mura .. The article should be directed to comedians, they will expand this topic ..

      I agree with you, after reading the article I thought - maybe it's better to create a separate section, well, there is a "smoking room" or "tales from the crypt" ....
      1. +4
        5 November 2016 06: 41
        You know, Andrei. Reading similar articles about such "air defense", the attack of the Mossad on the unit in Tambov and so on, I don't want to go here anymore, leave this site .. Many did so. But it seems like I got hooked, there are also friends who have a similar point of view , there are also opponents.
      2. +2
        5 November 2016 06: 49
        Quote: ziqzaq
        maybe it's better to create a separate section

        Well, yes, the professional section, with admission only "after a liter of drunk" (c). The author specifically writes:
        we meet periodically for a glass of tea. And he tells me SUCH! ..
        1. idr
          5 November 2016 10: 10
          I am an honest person. As it was, I wrote ... smile
        2. 0
          5 November 2016 13: 13
          Quote: region58
          Quote: ziqzaq
          maybe it's better to create a separate section
          Well, yes, the professional section, with admission only "after a liter of drunk" (c). The author specifically writes:
          we meet periodically for a glass of tea. And he tells me SUCH! ..

          It is quite possible .... Your name is quite consistent with some "opuses" on the site.
      3. 0
        5 November 2016 11: 12
        Quote: ziqzaq
        it is better to create a separate section

        ... exactly!
        Section - "Tales";)
    2. +7
      5 November 2016 07: 04
      Quote: dmi.pris
      to comedians, they deployed this topic ..

      It doesn’t attract humor. Humor is like this: https://cont.ws/post/416394
      Excerpt from there:
      Shoigu finished reading, set the paper aside and looked thoughtfully at General Konashenkov.

      “Are you sure what our communiqué of the Pentagon should look like about its Roy project?” Maybe it's better to draw diagrams, graphs and numbers for them?

      Konashenkov sighed heavily.

      “They don’t understand, Comrade Minister of Defense.” Well they are like children. That’s why we decided to convey the information, so to speak, in a comic book format that is familiar and accessible to them.

      “Yes, you are right, Igor Evgenievich,” Shoigu stood up and shook the general's hand. - Submit. Let them stop fooling around with their prodigies.


      The next day, The Washington Post came out with a huge headline on the first page: "The latest Russian missile system is sowing death!" and with a photo of Piglet shooting the ball.

      The State Department demanded that Russia immediately return the captured pilot F-35.

      Hilary Clinton appeared on national television and announced that she knew this pilot, that his call sign was Grizzly, and that he voted for her.

      - Hold on, John Grizzly! She exclaimed with tears in her eyes. - I and America are with you!

      On the same day, Kiev banned showing cartoons about Winnie the Pooh, as a sneezing Owl in a pink hat intentionally defamed the symbol of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence.

      ..................... ..

      And what Foreign Minister Lavrov thought about all this, no one knew, because he was very well-mannered.

      But all, roughly, guessed.

      Green tea
      1. jjj
        5 November 2016 11: 53
        I agree, this is our way. Gracefully. The mood is uplifting
  4. +2
    5 November 2016 06: 40
    A lot of buccaffs ... barely mastered ... something is a difficult day today ... and srach flows like a river on a fan ...
    need to take a break belay .
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 09: 39
      Urgently on a mineral water and on open air winked
  5. +6
    5 November 2016 06: 56
    I have a friend. Well, very cool, in the sense of informed. He has connections everywhere, and above all at the very top, that I am afraid not only to speak, but also to think about it.

    Of course, I will miss all the top-secret details so as not to get somewhere

    So, enough, I seem to have said too much.

    And what was that? If humor - then to Petrosyan.
    By the way, scientifically not a trimmer, but a tremor.
  6. +1
    5 November 2016 07: 49
    Generally speaking, the microwave equipment of cellular base stations, after minor refinement, can be taught to detect objects within a certain radius around itself, even if the object is hidden by any obstacle, natural or artificial.

    By the way, recently there was information in open sources about the opportunity to look "behind the walls" using a conventional WI-FI transceiver and special software.
    1. 0
      6 November 2016 17: 56
      There are such developments. It has already been discussed earlier. The use of base stations as both a radar and as a means of electronic warfare.
  7. +3
    5 November 2016 07: 53
    This is probably a parody, as a response to an earlier report on the possible use of cellular networks for the detection and subsequent identification of air targets. But, somehow out of place ...
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 09: 40
      For what I bought for that and sell
  8. +6
    5 November 2016 08: 05
    The attempt to amuse visitors to the site did not completely succeed for the author. But a lot of work has been done about the time spent. Therefore, as a polite person, I will thank the author for the work.
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 09: 41
      Well, thanks for that feel
      1. 0
        5 November 2016 09: 42
        No offense. And thanks for our Russian please. hi
  9. +4
    5 November 2016 08: 10
    The author # your friend also has to go to mineral water!
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 08: 18
      I'll tell him laughing
      1. +1
        5 November 2016 10: 52
        Quote: iDr
        I'll tell him laughing

        So you are the author of this article? Do you live in Australia? So what about you for a comrade who simply spreads secret information to a citizen of Australia, an ally of the United States, in which the Queen of England can change her government? belay
        And if this info was really secret, it would not have been published on VO.
  10. +1
    5 November 2016 08: 18
    Hand Trimmer (This is Scientific)

    I really liked this pearl laughing
    Author, tremor .. tremor is scientific Yes
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 08: 49
      those. agree with everything else?
  11. +2
    5 November 2016 08: 24
    "- Do you see a gopher?
    - No...
    - So I don't see ... But he is ... "
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 09: 42
      But with a miracle optics such problems would not have been. wassat
      1. 0
        5 November 2016 15: 25
        This is from the movie "DMB" 2000. A comedy about the army. Only now I do not remember exactly, there is either a gopher or a UFO dialogue. But the essence is the same wink smile
  12. +2
    5 November 2016 09: 12
    This is what I just read?
    1. idr
      5 November 2016 09: 14
      First to the mineral water, and then to the gym ...
  13. +1
    5 November 2016 09: 20
    In the foul-vertil !!
  14. +2
    5 November 2016 10: 24
    Kaptsov writes stories better ...
  15. 0
    5 November 2016 10: 32
    The article is long. Therefore, you cannot write such a "glass of tea" at one time. Along the way here it smells of more than one "pack of tea"! Although, maybe the author has talent ...
  16. 0
    5 November 2016 10: 41
    Know that as soon as you determine that you have gone to a store where you can buy alcohol, to a club or restaurant, that’s all, the system will mark you as unsuitable. You should not even hope that you will be entrusted with an important and secret mission to carry miracle stations.

    And nothing that alcohol is sold in ANY stores and restaurants? So it turns out that 100% of the population will be "unsuitable", EVERYONE goes to grocery stores laughing
    If a person is not addicted to alcohol, but sometimes can culturally "sit" with friends at home or in a restaurant for any reason, drink alcohol but not get drunk, then will the system also write him down as drunks?
  17. +2
    5 November 2016 10: 50
    1) V. Vysotsky had the song "Letter to the editor of the TV show" Obvious incredible "from Kanachikovaya dacha"
    2) Passive systems for detecting air targets exist and have long been adopted. And already drunk in a single air defense system in Europe. Maybe in Russia.
  18. +1
    5 November 2016 12: 32
    The author trolls the trusting auditorium. This is his style. Or maybe it's a "brainstorming".
    1. +1
      5 November 2016 20: 01
      If this is a "brainstorming" then something is not observed here ... just a storm ...
  19. 0
    5 November 2016 13: 28
    And they didn’t try to attract representatives of mammals, as well as migratory birds and mosquitoes to the “service” ... Perhaps it would turn out that the “guilty” would not have to be assigned for the missed adversary’s warhead.
  20. 0
    5 November 2016 14: 53
    There is another way. Not so pretentious. There are stations that operate in automatic mode, including in the thermal range, which can be supplied in sufficient quantity, combining with some engineering objects, with independent power supply from solar panels, and with feedback from powerful Voronezh-type radars, the same , "over the horizon", those that a tennis ball can be detected at great distances. We saw, “alerted” the desired section of the detection network, and that's it - we caught the “bird”.
  21. +1
    5 November 2016 18: 47
    What nonsense ...
  22. 0
    5 November 2016 19: 56
    The article, as I understand it, is the usual banter on the topic of backwardness (or, more correctly, ABSENCE) of domestic electronics. Even there is nothing to discuss. Children's fantasies. For example: "transfer an image to the General Staff." Yes, when ANY COMMUNICATION begins ANYWHERE WILL BE ANYWHERE (except for military channels), and even then it will most likely be destroyed in the first place. And who told the author that the enemy will destroy everything (1 million stations), it is enough to make a gap in the air defense a hundred kilometers wide and an endless stream of CDs, planes and drones will rush there ... Well, if you do a DISTRIBUTED air tracking system, then it is better on the basis of mobile communication towers and that is hopelessness, because they will be jammed in the attack zone TOTALLY. In general, the described "wunderwaffle" will not be able to solve the assigned tasks with sufficient reliability, and you will still have to use proven methods based on radars. The author and his friend seem to be complete amateurs in this matter and by their bravura writing try to raise the morale of local readers. But it looks like an empty shot, understanding readers will not take the described "wunderwaffe" seriously.
  23. 0
    5 November 2016 22: 32
    Some nonsense with a claim to humor. It seems like the author of the site made a mistake. It’s more like a full house, not here ...
  24. 0
    6 November 2016 23: 06
    Isn't it time to add a new section to VO and call it "Humor"? what

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