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Valia Panfilova, brave nurse and daughter of the hero

Perhaps, among the military Photos of Nurse Valentina Panfilova, the daughter of a famous hero, this one is the most famous (also made by Narcissus). I saw her on the stands and posters, in presentations and newspapers. In the Internet resources there is a biography. And here's what I found ...

“One of the days in August, when I visited the medical battalion of the legendary Panfilov Division, I was advised to photograph Nurse Valya,” wrote Ivan Alexandrovich. “When photographing, I took four or five pictures, different ones. The best one was sent to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.” The picture was immediately printed on the first page under the heading "Daughter of the General."

Valya is in the front forest. With a medical bag over the shoulder. The face is serious, pleasant, calm. The text to the photo was written like this: “In the days of the Great Patriotic War, when the fate of the Motherland is being decided, fathers and children fight side by side, inspired by one desire - to destroy the enemy.
The daughter of Major General Panfilov, who died a brave death, a Komsomol member, is worthy of her father-hero. She works at the front as a nurse. Not knowing, tired, not knowing fear, under enemy fire, under brutal air bombardment, she performs her noble cause.

Somehow twenty German planes flew into the village where the medical center was located. Valya did not leave her post. The blast wave threw her into another room, wounded in the head. Wounded herself, she continued to assist the fighters until she lost consciousness.

Young nurse deserved universal love and respect.

Steadfastly, courageously, as befits a Komsomol member, Valya suffered the death of her beloved father. From vacation, from a trip home, she refused.
“I will stay at the front,” she said.

Currently, Valentina Ivanovna with her friendly family lives in Almaty. Conducts a great military-patriotic work on the education of young people. She put a lot of effort into the organization of the Museum of Military Glory, which was opened not so long ago in the city ... "

It was Valentina who was the first in the large Panfilov family (Ivan Vasilyevich had five children) who learned about the death of her father. A seriously wounded patient was admitted to the hospital; Valya helped him. The fighter wept - not quietly and silently, as usual, men cry, and sobbed, loudly, could not calm down. The nurse began to say that the wound was not so dangerous, he would live, so no need to cry.
- Yes, what a wound! - responded the soldier. - Our commander died, Dad, Panfilov ...

Nothing at that moment did not give Valentine her grief. And she told herself not to let this grief go to her heart until she finally became convinced. She believed in the death of her father only when she saw him dead ... After the funeral, Valentina returned to the medical battalion - the former Moscow region sanatorium "Black Dirt". Not only our soldiers came here, but also children and women who suffered during the bombing.

Once they brought mother with a son of about five. The young woman was dying, her wounds were incompatible with life. And the boy had both legs torn off. An urgent operation was required. The kid was conscious, crying, calling his mother. But my mother could not come, the last minutes of her life were walking ... Valentina helped with the baby’s operation and through the open door she saw a dying mother. The nurse began to tell the boy a fairy tale. It was a beautiful, tender tale that goodness would surely conquer evil. And the end will come happy.

The boy gradually calmed down and fell asleep. He had to learn to live without a mother and legs. Valentina wanted to take the baby to herself, but she could not leave work - in the hospital each pair of hands was desperately needed. Therefore, while the boy was in the medical battalion, she agreed to send him to an orphanage. And after the war was going to be his second mother. But the father returned from the war with his father, found his son and took him home. The boy had already learned to walk on prostheses.

I remembered Valentine and the day of our offensive. Then she saw a column of fascist prisoners. One said in broken Russian: “General Panfilov ... His division is very wild ...” But Panfilov was already dead!

Wild ... Apparently, it meant bold, desperate. Yes, there are many such people in Russia - both men and women, and even children. Therefore, our country won in that terrible war.

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  1. EvgNik
    EvgNik 9 November 2016 06: 15
    Very interesting. And the article echoes the article by Roman Skomorokhov under the heading "opinions". It supplements and strengthens our attitude to the war, those who fought and died. Sorry, a little messy.
    Thanks, Sophia. I always look forward to your articles.
  2. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 9 November 2016 06: 17
    Sofushka, your articles warm your heart as usual.
  3. igordok
    igordok 9 November 2016 07: 39
    Another MANY THANKS.
    Off topic.
    After your article "I killed only one fascist in the war," a photo came across in Runet that would supplement the article.
    1. Sofia
      9 November 2016 07: 53
      This photograph is like a story, everything is clear without words ... And whose is it? I have not met her in the printed archives of Narcissova. Not his? Thank!
      1. igordok
        igordok 9 November 2016 08: 09
        I don't know the author. Photo Attributes - 1942- Female "fighting stenographer" takes dictation from a Russian officer.
        On Yandex photos at verum, a lot of rare and interesting things happen. With a photo flea market, not always of good quality, but interesting.
        = 8437 &
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 9 November 2016 07: 55
    Thank you, Sophia ... your miniatures are wonderful .. disturbing your memory, soul ..
  5. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 9 November 2016 08: 11
    My mother’s aunt was also a nurse. She went to the front as a volunteer. She returned alive.
    I am from a generation whose fathers fought. Practically everything. We believed that it was natural that they defended their homeland.
    With age, he began to understand that much could be learned from the direct participants in that war. Although, as a rule, they didn’t talk very much about her. Now it’s too late.
    The article echoes the article about the photo with the militias.
  6. Andrey Zh
    Andrey Zh 9 November 2016 09: 22
    Yes, that's why they won !!!
  7. EvgNik
    EvgNik 9 November 2016 14: 41
    Wounded herself, she continued to assist the fighters until she lost consciousness.

    Willpower, paternal character. The worthy daughter of her father, one of the most respected warriors Great war.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 9 November 2016 21: 17
      Thank you very much for the story, Sophia. Among my relatives there was a nurse who went through the entire Great Patriotic War.
  8. burigaz2010
    burigaz2010 14 November 2016 12: 12
    Sophia thanks for the article !!!
  9. Evgeniy30
    Evgeniy30 20 January 2017 17: 17
    Unfortunately, many were not destined to return. Eternal memory to all.