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Walk so walk!

Quite often there is a situation when a girl who is not endowed with life experience buys an unnecessary thing for the last money. It turns out that the principle works even at the state level. With negative economic growth and a lack of funds, the Polish leadership has focused its efforts on supporting the military sector.

Recall, October 19 in the Polish Sejm passed the state budget readings for the 2017 year, the main thesis of which was the support of the government’s decision to increase the deficit to 3% of GDP. According to parliamentarians, spending in the republic will exceed revenues by 14 billion euros. Note that the preliminary figure already exceeds the cash shortage of Warsaw in 2016-m, amounting to 13,675 billion.

At the same time, there are no prerequisites for a change in the situation for the better. Despite the favorable forecasts that the IMF regularly promises to the Poles, at the beginning of 2016, for the first time in several years, a decline in GDP was recorded in the country.

As it turned out, Warsaw prefers not to notice the economic problems that are brewing up in the republic, wasting its already deficient budget for unreasonable needs. Thus, in August, politicians announced an increase in military spending in 2017 to a record 9 billion euros or 2,01% of GDP. The bulk of the funds will go to the purchase of new equipment and weapons.

It seems that the increase in the financing of the defense complex is connected with the paranoia taken up by the Polish authorities from the Baltic countries, which have been defending themselves against imaginary enemies for more than 10 years. Starting from the 2005 year, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania confidently occupy the first places in the world in increasing military spending, refusing to notice that these actions force citizens to tighten their belts all the time.

Probably one of the few who can not please the mental aggravations, kindly donated by the Baltic States to Polish politicians, is the North Atlantic Alliance. The fact is that one of the requirements for members of the military-political bloc is the need to ensure defense spending in the amount of 2% of gross domestic product, which is rarely respected by alliance members in current crisis conditions. An example of this is the European Union locomotive - Germany, which spends 1,2% of GDP on military needs. It is worth considering that the criterion of two percent deductions is of interest primarily to the United States - the main exporter weapons NATO countries.

Anyway, the attempt of the Polish authorities to modernize the armed forces was doomed to failure. In addition to the internal economic problems associated with the budget deficit, the implementation of the militaristic plans of Warsaw is also hampered by external factors.

It's no secret that Poland is a subsidized region of the European Union. Only in the period 2004-2014. the republic received from Brussels 85 billion euros, giving in return 20. Also two years ago, the European partners promised to allocate Warsaw to 2020, another 105 billion. It is now clear that with the release of the union of Great Britain, the second donor after Germany in the EU, the promised amount of subsidies will be revised downwards.

One gets the impression that the project approved by the Polish leadership to increase military spending, to put it mildly, does not take into account modern realities. In this situation, there is a tendency to please the interests of the West, even to the detriment of their own people. However, for Poland this is not the first time.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 4 November 2016 15: 09
    Be that as it may, an attempt by the Polish authorities to modernize the armed forces is doomed to failure in advance.
    This is the business of Poland. I didn’t have any questions if they had not covered up this process with screams at us.
    1. Finches
      Finches 4 November 2016 15: 30
      It happens undershot ..., unloved woman, and Poland undershot ... unloved country with an ever-progressing complex of its own inferiority! Therefore, they are all to blame, but Russia especially, and their actions do not follow from the logic of the current moment, but because of the emotions simmering at the moment! laughing
      1. svp67
        svp67 4 November 2016 15: 41
        Quote: Finches
        Therefore, they are all to blame, but Russia especially, and their actions do not follow from the logic of the moment, but because of the emotions simmering at the moment!

        They would remember Lublin better than 1944, it was not so long ago.

        Lord, SLAVS, this is how we need to "fight" ...
        1. Was mammoth
          Was mammoth 4 November 2016 15: 55
          Quote: svp67
          that's how to "fight" ...

          About the Poles, the article, of course, is just right today! Especially your second video. Revenge!
          I recalled an old joke, the truth about the Jews.
          The bully is being tried. The last speech: "I am sitting, drinking beer. On the radio, the Jews began aggression in the Middle East. I ran out of beer, I had to go to the store. I go out, and they are already here. Well, and ...".
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 4 November 2016 18: 17
      Poles are patient people and will not exchange their "pride" (aka ambition) for sausage. Well, they want to feel great and the flag in their hands. Poland in all world wars becomes a gateway for the opposing forces. And what can you do, such a fate! lol
      1. Sergey-8848
        Sergey-8848 4 November 2016 21: 48
        Corridor fate. The neighbors go to visit each other, then scandal and bogo, but all this happens on a shabby corridor. Now imagine that the corridor (rug) stands in a pose and declares that he is also a room and wants to get preferences for walking around here and there. Because of this, for some reason he is great (if you really want, then clairvoyant), no more, no less.
    3. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 4 November 2016 18: 27
      Poland in terms of "popularity" on the site shares the second place with the Balts after Ukraine .. Isn't there a lot of honor .. More precisely, attention to the lyakham, and the rest of the yapping?
  2. cannabis
    cannabis 4 November 2016 15: 14
    Poland: "I'm all so awkward, all so angular ... I'm all so sudden, so contradictory all."
  3. sq
    sq 4 November 2016 15: 22
    Decrepit European hyena is trying to insert new teeth. For Belarus, the news is not the best.
  4. 4 November 2016 15: 43
    wassat schiz lol mows the Polish ranks laughing Gee-gee-gy-gygygygygygyyy bully
  5. Locomotive
    Locomotive 4 November 2016 15: 47
    With negative economic growth and a lack of funds, the Polish leadership focused its efforts on supporting the military sector.

    Honestly, I did not understand the laughter about Poland.
    Replace the "Polish leadership" from the quote with the Russian leadership ... the laughter diminished, go?))
    1. Senior manager
      Senior manager 4 November 2016 17: 04
      Steam engine, do you really want to conquer Poland? But the FSA really wants to defeat Russia in one way or another. Feel the difference.
  6. Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 4 November 2016 15: 49
    We walk, people! Happy holiday to all! drinks
  7. Awaz
    Awaz 4 November 2016 16: 31
    we don’t care at all. This is their internal problem. And in general, for us this should even be a plus if the pans still continue in the same vein. Worse for the Russian Federation, they will not do anything anyway, but if in the Russian Federation the authorities are engaged in establishing the economy and raising the living standards of the population. then for any riffraff there will be no reason to compare the EU’s border territories with Russia in terms of their prosperity and development.
  8. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 4 November 2016 17: 56
    It is somehow indecent to count other people's money !!! As for the Balts, in 10 years there will be pensioners and NATO battalions, that is, there will be no one to "tighten" their belts.
  9. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 4 November 2016 19: 26
    Psheks act quite logically and very, so to speak, historically. The gentry from time immemorial tried to correct the finances upset by the diners by robbery. The ship was bought with the last money (often the same one that was drunk the day before) and the brave howl flew into the raid.
    Judging by the hysterical barking in our direction, the Poles have no doubt - soon it will be possible to rob Russia of all means. Finally! Always dreamed, from the last almost successful time. Since they climbed deep into NATO without soap, and even deeper into the muddy corridors around Capitol Hill (the dirtiest of the dirtiest), we should be wary even more than now.
    Not the light pumped elves from the Overseas West to throw at us, really? It clearly did not work out with the Ukrainians. Well, the Poles are clearly the best candidates then. How are they all the same hoping to get around our nuclear weapons? Really put on the assassination of the president?
  10. nord62
    nord62 4 November 2016 19: 47
    Brothers! To understand what Poland is and who the Poles are, you need to read their classics Henryk Sienkiewicz ("The Flood", "With Fire and Sword", etc.). Only then will it become clear that this people can be described as hypocritical, boastful, envious, servile to the marrow of bones, snobby, etc. If we take the story, then the Poles in all ages have received in the face, and having found themselves, they have trumpeted the whole world — what cool warriors they are. Their story does not teach anything !!! hi
  11. izya top
    izya top 4 November 2016 20: 58
    otherwise how? request because the mordor is overhanging, and the bloody gebist is ready to send his slaves to kill democracy at any second crying
  12. Belarus
    Belarus 4 November 2016 21: 31
    I apologize for the pun, but I will say this: This is all Putin laughing spread all NATO to increase defense spending which (NATO defense) will not save them Yes
  13. Dart2027
    Dart2027 4 November 2016 22: 08
    It is possible that everything is not so simple.
    The EU countries do not really want to run errands for "Uncle Sam", and even more so they do not want to fight for him. For example, in Afghanistan, the Germans broke down helicopters almost all the time. And the Poles are happy to try. So there is a possibility that weapons will simply be handed over to them in exchange for outrageous Russophobia.
  14. Aleksey_K
    Aleksey_K 5 November 2016 00: 15
    Quote: Finches
    Therefore, they are all to blame, but Russia especially, and their actions do not follow from the logic of the moment, but because of the emotions simmering at the moment!

    Politics is never based on emotions. Politicians always think logically and act in the interests of their countries. It’s just that they sometimes make mistakes, after which our troops get either to Paris or to Berlin. And as for the Poles, they hate the Russian Slavs for several millennia and even managed to manage the Kremlin in troubled times. Themselves fell under the control of the Russian tsars. This hatred is passed down from generation to generation.
  15. Orionvit
    Orionvit 5 November 2016 08: 20
    However, for Poland this is not the first time.
    Keywords. Let them bark.
  16. Orionvit
    Orionvit 5 November 2016 08: 30
    Quote: Mikhail3
    The gentry from time immemorial tried to fix the finances upset by the drunkards by robbery

    This technique they have ended since the 16th century. Since then, Poland has simply been an appendage of Europe.
    In addition to the internal economic problems associated with the budget deficit, external factors impede the implementation of Warsaw’s militaristic plans.
    And even very internal, the Poles have never been fighters, and have always played only on the balance of power (Sweden, the Livonian Order, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the rest of Europe are against Russia in life.) As Churchill said, "Poles are jackals of Europe." ...
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 5 November 2016 21: 13
      Quote: Orionvit
      This technique they have ended with the 16-th century.

      You inattentively read my comment. Where did I say that the Poles are ready to fight? It was this crush that they lost in the 16 century, yeah. They are getting ready to ROB. As always. Like before. Counting on something that should lead us to humility. And they have a good chance.
      In the 16 century, it was necessary to cope with all of Russia. And now only with those who have access to weapons, that is, with a very small group that can be neutralized in many ways. For example, by direct order of the Supreme Commander. This, the current, frightening to wet pants, in the expense, and put your ...
  17. andrewkor
    andrewkor 5 November 2016 09: 35
    So, let them continue to tear apart the "Great Rzeczpospolita." The funds invested in weapons that do not bring real returns (economic, geopolitical, etc.) were thrown to the wind!