Battle robots in the ranks

The other day I read on "VO" about humanoid combat robots and thought. But what if these damned partners decide to replace our entire army of robots overnight with their own robots? After all, they don’t even have to do anything: just don’t polish the faces of their robots so that they look like ours, and that’s all. And I got sick. They can do so much disgrace under the guise of our correct robots that then CNN will work on our robots in their media for a whole year! We have no right to allow this, so we need to come up with an identification system right now (such as “friend or foe” for aircraft, you probably heard). But there is a serious problem here. They say that this system is very cumbersome for humanoid robots, and therefore cannot be used on humanoid robots. I had to think. And I think I found the answer. It is necessary to discuss the issue comprehensively. If the answer is right, implement it immediately! Even the General Staff, if necessary, to connect. It's something super serious.

Battle robots in the ranks

It turns out that there is no need to insert any “friend-foe” system. It is just necessary to implant in their artificial intelligence (a cool word, I have been searching for a long time in Google) some such knowledge, well, very specific, and as a result only ours, the correct ones, will respond correctly.

At first I thought about profanity. However, he quickly realized that the president would not approve this idea. And then, the partners probably took note of it for a long time and learned it all, even our proverbs ... Vaughn Michael Bom, well, the one that Solovyov keeps hanging around for some reason, every time he throws proverbs about it and without it, I don’t even I heard a lot of them, so I work, guys. By the way, heard, he lives with us for more than 20 years ... Now, think about WHY. Obviously he has a task (most likely from the CIA). I, however, did not quite understand the replica of V. Solovyov on one of the recent programs, where he called him, ATTENTION, Mikhail Bomov from Ryazan. Maybe our gallant boys have long since recruited him? But why then talk about it all over the country? Indeed, Solovyov is probably being watched at the US embassy, ​​especially when Mikhail Bomov (Michael Bom) is performing there. You can not do it this way. If anyone sees him, advise Solovyov not to do more of this, otherwise you can burn your agent, but the president does not like this and will not understand. It is quite possible that Solovyov could start having problems because of this ... So I still have a complete misunderstanding on this point.

Although a completely different option is possible: at first he was with us to Mikhail Bomov, then he went to them and became Michael Bom there, and after that he came to us again with a special mission, and Solovyov, calling his original name (maybe even on the instructions, but already our bodies), casually hinted to him that look like, we all know about you, so that he did not learn all the proverbs, and those that he learned would have forgotten, having understood that we already saw through him.

Well, okay, back to the identification. So, I have several options:

1. We need to embed mathematics (where we are the best) in their artificial intelligence. Now I will explain. Just imagine: our ensign is suitable (not a robot, of course, but our real ensign, whom practically no robot will ever be able to replace), and asks: “What will the triple integral of ... be equal to?” And calls the function behind it. If the robot is ours, it will immediately hesitate and give the correct answer, but the enemy robot will immediately be overloaded by the processor, memory and communication channel, since such a formula is unknown to it, and it can only be located on any remote server in any some old university in the USA. I want to say to the ignorant: if there is a delay in the answer, then this means that the robot does not have this answer in the brain, and it does remote access to external knowledge banks. And this is a sure sign that this is a misleading Cossack. I think the idea is clear. WELL VERY RELIABLE METHOD.

2. Another test, simpler. It may even be necessary to begin with it. Again, our ensign (well, the one that is real, not a robot) takes the squad out to the parade ground and says sharply in American: “Lie down!” This will be unexpected, and all our robots will not lie, but ours will remain standing, since the American language do not understand ... Such a military trick. You need to understand that all their robots MUST implicitly know, understand and execute American teams. But our neither know nor do them even can not, because our best programmers speak only Russian ... Now the idea is clear? Simple, like all brilliant!

Now - the most important moment. How to "swaddle" all the robots sent? After all, our ensign does not know in advance how many there may be in the department, maybe one, or maybe the whole department. (This is if our intelligence doesn’t work well, but I don’t believe in it, of course. In our intelligence, these guys are working, even if they’re taking the presidency, by the way, you know, he’s from there, I mean our president, well, you they understood where they came from. By the way, he hinted about it himself.) So, another problem arose: how an ensign to disarm all enemy robots, because if there are a lot of them, they themselves can be neutralized. I thought for a long time and found a super genial solution. Paint! Yes, ordinary paint from a can, pshikalka such, it draws graffiti. So, the ensign must have such a can of paint disguised as a lubricant, saying that the robots need to lubricate the joints. But! As soon as he determined that it was not our robot, right away, not allowing him to come to his senses, he had to jump into his eyes, that is, the cameras, splash out of the can. And without eyes as without hands! Like this. So you can in a few seconds to neutralize the whole office, if it was all identified as enemy. True, if the microphone was of poor quality, well, you know, it sometimes wheezes on the phone, wheezes, then there is a chance that the team wasn’t heard by our robot (if the test goes by the formula), and therefore it didn’t execute it. And as a result, the ensign spattered him with the paint of his eyes, that is, the camera, wrong. A combat readiness should not suffer.

1. Designers: microphones need to be set only the highest quality and check them repeatedly, especially for mathematical formulas.
2. Ensigns carry a solvent with them so that in the case of passing the first test (well, mathematically) as expected, it was possible to wipe the robot's eyes (camera) and return the robot to operation quickly and without loss.

If anyone has better suggestions, share. (But honestly, I VERY doubt.) It is a matter of national importance.
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  1. +2
    4 November 2016 06: 32
    Second Zhvanetsky
    1. +2
      4 November 2016 07: 48
      A fighter-patriot will not be replaced by any robot. Unless as an additional weapon. Without Will and Spirit there can be no victory!
  2. +4
    4 November 2016 06: 34
    The introduction of such "robotoas" is dust in the eyes of the authorities and "sawing" means. Only laughter and obscenities cover when you look at such a stuffed animal on an ATV.! Why plant an "iron man", if the ATV breaks down and goes on foot to carry out combat Nellia was to put the control unit under the seat, put the drives on the throttle and steering wheel, and put the orienteering devices on a small rack - and EVERYTHING! Of course it does not look, but this "Iron Man" only raises the center of gravity and in fact it is a MANIPULATOR! OPERATOR.
    I think our renowned Skolkovo will soon overwhelm the military with such “ideas.” It’s a waste of budget money, although in our country, the country of “kickbacks,” I think to get a lot of funding!
    I think all radio electronics begins with components, so we need to start with this, not "pry". in devices Asian microcircuits. fool hi
    1. +1
      4 November 2016 07: 06
      Quote: fa2998
      Why plant an "iron man", if he breaks down the ATV will get up and go on foot to carry out a combat mission?

      The iron dude's name is Fedya. Fyodor is walking poorly so far, but his hands are working well, and the ATV is garbage, they plan to send Fedya to the ISS - he will be there with American astronauts cutting cards into clicks.
  3. +3
    4 November 2016 07: 40

    Author zhzhot laughing On the potato of all mishandled soldier
  4. +1
    4 November 2016 10: 32
    [/ quote] If anyone has better suggestions, share. [quote]
    what First, you share the weed, sit together, think about it laughing
    1. +3
      4 November 2016 12: 04
      + 100 you will not answer in another way :-) :-))))

      Roger Penrose (born Roger Penrose, born August 8, 1931, Colchester, England) is an English academic who is active in various fields of mathematics, general theory of relativity, and quantum theory; author of the theory of twistors.

      Quote: About Artificial Intelligence based on the human mind, Psychologists, Philosophers, Mathematicians, etc. stop, you lost this battle, the human consciousness does not fit into the cognitive system of the world. Briefly ..... human consciousness is a quantum anomaly.

      Source: Tatyana Chernigovskaya Doctor of Philology, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg State University, Interview in the film Show the mirror to nature, first part, broadcast from 17.01.2011/23/XNUMX, which would make it easier to find the XNUMX minute rubric Dark matter of the brain.
      I did not find online for the link, but a bunch of torrents.

      That is, before the release of quantum computers, and reducing their size to the size of a soccer ball, talking about artificial intelligence is the same as talking about SDI as a US film actor-presenter R. Reigen, 25 years have passed where is SDI? like Hadji Nasredin, or donkey will die or shah .....
      1. +1
        5 November 2016 00: 50
        Regarding SDI, this was one of the largest CIA information operations, ending in complete success. I doubt that Reagan knew about her, even in the axes, in order to carry the blizzard so talented in all the media, you need to firmly believe in her
        As for androids, are they needed at all? The generation of robotics designers, brought up in line with the information paradigm set by Azimov, is retiring, and young people have an understanding that an android - like furniture from Ikea - is expensive, square and not functional.
    2. +2
      4 November 2016 12: 16
      Sorry, the interview. Let’s show the mirror to nature, the section is not the dark matter of the brain, but the section Quantum anomaly.
  5. +1
    4 November 2016 11: 13
    Complete nonsense
  6. 0
    4 November 2016 18: 13
    Teach robots to drink vodka
    1. +1
      5 November 2016 10: 15

      Kaiten Yesterday, 18:13 New
      Teach robots to drink vodka

      What for? when there are people like you, there is an old Russian proverb drunk overslept, (modern ODA: oligophrenic) never.
  7. 0
    5 November 2016 15: 04
    The author ... go to teach lessons ... Because the Americans are not so much "Well stupid" according to Zadornov. Let it be known to you by the way that almost all electronics come from the west, and FPGAs too. Accordingly, nothing prevents Xilinx from making a hidden code in its FPGAs to turn off electronics. For example, German SImens machines work like that. If you want to move the machine to the window so that you can see it better, it will take it and turn itself off, and they will tell you that the machine will not work in another place, since it is not programmed for this place. And besides, the use of robotic avatars on an independent basis is not expected in the next 10-20 years. If only as a radio-controlled platform if, but no more ...

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