Kostya Raikin in the "chains of censorship"

If you come to a modern theater that is advanced in all respects and did not see rubber phalluses or the main character of the production on the stage, on which from the wardrobe there is a causal place wrapped with colored tape, then the theater is swallowed up by a “scoop” ... At least this is the label “ advanced audience. "

I sat in a chair in the hall - a group of actors employed in the performance with a bottle of brandy from the cafeteria flashed past you - and this is already art ... No, they were not late at all to the beginning of the action ... This is just an advanced director who "sees this." Theater, you understand, everywhere - from the hanger and the sideboard to the hall - is one, you see, space, and the viewer should feel it for himself. The addict in the play by Ostrovsky - please, the attacking Juliet with a tattoo in the form of Chinese characters - also please. The pederasts, who, forgive, lick each other right on the stage, are also director's visions, and such directors are often not embarrassed even by the fact that they put on performances in Russian classics. He is an “artist”. He has the same look ...

I have already had to say that going to the modern theater with a child is a dangerous undertaking. After all, you will try to attach your child to the beautiful - even according to the school curriculum - and there such “And the dawns are quiet here ...” or “The Brothers Karamazov” will sometimes give you that you want to talk frankly with a director like a man. It is better to inquire in advance about the director, so that it does not happen that “according to his vision,” foreman Fedot Evgrafych Vaskov must necessarily with all his subordinates, well ... you understood ...

What is this all about? And all of that topic, which is so actively discussed by the public after the sensational statement of Konstantin Raikin. It all started with the production of "All shades of blue" in the theater "Satyricon", headed by Konstantin Arkadyevich. In order to avoid variations on the theme “I did not see the performance, but I condemn it”, your humble servant (the author of the material) doesn’t pay attention to the performance of “Satirikon”, but to the statement of K.A. Raikin about the alleged “censorship” in Russia. If suddenly among our readers there are those who are not aware of the Raikinsky statement, then here is Raikin's speech at the congress of the union of theatrical figures:

Several text excerpts (portal publication «Medusa»):
... I am very disturbed - I think, like you all - those phenomena that occur in our life. These, so to speak, assaults on art, on theater, in particular. These are completely lawless, extremist, arrogant, aggressive, hiding behind the words about morality, about morality, and in general with all sorts of, so to speak, good and lofty words: “patriotism”, “Motherland” and “high morality”. These groups of offended supposedly people who close the performances, close the exhibitions, brazenly behave themselves, to which somehow very strange power is neutral - it distances itself. It seems to me that this is ugly assault on the freedom of creativity, on the prohibition of censorship. And the ban of censorship - I don’t know how anyone relates to this, but I believe that this is the greatest event of secular significance in our life, in the artistic, spiritual life of our country ... This is a curse and a centuries-old shame in general of our national culture, our art - finally was banned.

I now see how someone’s hands are obviously itching on this - to change it and bring it back. And to return back not just in times of stagnation, but even in more ancient times - in Stalin's times. Because our superiors are talking to us with such direct vocabulary of Stalin’s, such Stalin’s installations, that you don’t believe in your ears!

I remember: we all come from the Soviet regime. I remember this shameful idiocy! This is the only reason I don’t want to be young, I don’t want to go back there to read this nasty book. And they make me read this book again. Because words about morality, the Motherland and the people, and patriotism hide behind, as a rule, very low goals. I do not believe these groups of indignant and offended people, who, you see, have religious feelings offended. I do not believe! I believe that they paid. So - these are small groups of vile people who fight illegal moral ways for morality, you see.

Kostya Raikin in the "chains of censorship"

Why does “VO” raise this topic? Well, in fact, all these attempts of creative figures to expose outright dirt under the guise of "ingenious works" already, sorry for the slang, got it. At roundtables with the president, leaders nod their heads when it comes to the need to step up work in the direction of civic-patriotic education, but as soon as they go back to their little world, the hormone plays — gray hair — a beard, a rib. That minor representatives of sexual minorities, to whom it is necessary to relate, you understand, tolerantly, then drug addicts, who need to be understood and forgiven ... Then again phalluses on the stage and outright porn instead of theatrical performance of the Russian theater.
It is clear that the loot reigns here, but after all, in a situation with the People's Artist of the Russian Federation who is angry at everything and everyone, the financial means of the Russian Federation are also state-owned. According to media reports, Satirikon in 2016 received more than 230 million rubles from the budget! For any provincial theater where truly artistic works are put and they don’t chase the audience exclusively with the help of a comedy or “below the belt” drama, this is an astronomical sum. And for the Moscow theater - the norm ... So who then paid for it? .. And by whom? ..

His censorship, you understand, has been driven into oblivion ... You understand, Raikin does not wish to return, for there is “Stalinism”, “gebnya” and “a vile little book that is forced to read”.

Excuse me, of course, Konstantin Arkadyevich, just a few questions: were you born behind barbed wire? Have you been in dire need in your childhood and youth?

As far as we, the citizens of the Russian Federation, have heard, your father is a person to whom it was a sin to complain about the Soviet censorship in particular and the Soviet power as a whole. Arkady Isaakovich was a truly favorite actor who put on sharp plays, and he himself participated in them as an actor. But in order for him to be “blooded by the Stalinist-Khrushchev-Brezhnev gebnya” - is this when it happened? At that moment, when he received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR in the "Stalinist" 1948-m, People's Artist of the USSR in the "Brezhnevsky" 1968-m? Or, perhaps, when he became the winner of the Lenin Prize (in 1980) and received the Order of the Hero of Socialist Labor (in 1981).

And about censorship. The most interesting thing is that when real censorship existed in our country, truly brilliant works appeared on the stage, in cinema and literature. - Works that today want to revise and reread. What happened brilliant in the last 25 years? If it happened, it can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

What is coming out now? In a certain environment, it is customary to consider everything that is either riddled with Russophobia, or contains frank baseness, or misinterprets a “genius work” historical the truth. He wrote a little book in which he talked about “10 million Muscovites killed by the Grozny oprichnina in a year” - get a prize and recognition from “aesthetes” who don’t care that so many residents under Ivan IV in Russia didn’t exist ... a film in which there is one essence: binge, corruption, adultery, dirt, suicide - and you are a great artist, a brilliant creator ...

Pay attention to the enormous difficulty with which the creation of the film “28 Panfilov’s people” was advanced, but how quickly “kinoocherki” were stamped, in which the “artist” presented the idea that “General Frost” won the war, about “one rifle for three” and “ two million German women raped. " It is not customary in our country to make films and put on plays about the truth of Bandera gangs, Polish concentration camps in which tens of thousands of Soviet prisoners of war have rotted. For unformat ... And then what format? "Format" in the absence of censorship - is money, sexual intercourse, the perversion of values, permissiveness, rampant consumption.

Do I need to return censorship? Complex issue. If in order to become a spectator of a new genius work of the format of Bondarchuk Sr., Andrei Tarkovsky, Leonid Gaidai and other masters of Russian art, that is quite ... - even if art and rotten vulgarity are two different things. There is a brilliant sculpture of Apollo - and this is a true work of art, and there are attempts to focus only on one element of this sculpture with approximations and tastes. This is about the second variant of the individual "artists" and they are trying to pass off the muse ...
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  1. +52
    3 November 2016 06: 29
    In my opinion, something like censorship is simply necessary. In the Theater of the Young Spectator there was a production in which they spat, shot, imitated intercourse, obscenities and other abuse towards the hall. Here the censors will be just angels. You can call them moderators.
    1. +52
      3 November 2016 07: 19
      In the photo, the man is demanding, I don’t like censorship, live from the sale of tickets ..
      1. +17
        3 November 2016 09: 10
        I remember this shameful idiocy

        Father defended the communist system (albeit through satire), and because of this, his son became famous. And for the son, this shameful idiocy turns out to be ...
        And in the second picture he looks like Timati smile
        1. +36
          3 November 2016 09: 48
          Quote: umah
          Father defended the communist system

          He got out at the expense of his father, but as history shows, a good father is far from the same grandson or son. We are looking for a link Egor Gaidar.
          Ms. Vasilieva, who had spent time in an eight-room cell, wrote poetry and sang songs, and painted pictures.
          My would, would be all the Raikins, Kirkorovs, Buzov avant-garde artists of Malevich, gathered in one place and .......... Pushcha fly
          1. +16
            3 November 2016 10: 00
            There was at one time such a cultural figure as "Demyan the poor - a harmful man" and he wrote so many nasty things (from his point of view of "satire") about the Russian people that it took only one formidable hail from the leader and this scribe stopped printing both in newspapers and in magazines. The poor fellow washed down and cried out about injustice - only the leader put the device on his screams. And, we have an increase in government funding (30 shekels is not enough ...).
          2. +7
            3 November 2016 12: 41
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            My would, would be all the Raikins, Kirkorovs, Buzov avant-garde artists of Malevich, gathered in one place and .......... Pushcha fly

            Alexander Romanov became a "militant" anti-Semite lol And most likely the "plus signs" are just disguised.
            By the way, where is your best friend from Israel atalef with whom you usually comment on articles together? Is it really for permanent residence in Bulgaria decided to stay? lol
            1. +3
              4 November 2016 08: 30
              expose frank dirt under the guise of "brilliant works" already, sorry for the slang, got it.

              Watching Dirt is certainly disgusting. And in life it is disgusting and on stage. To write about the unsightly sides of pre-revolutionary life in Russia is good. It is worthy of respect - to open ulcers and abscesses, ruthlessly criticize, etc. But it is impossible to show the life of Soviet or modern Russia in an unsightly form. Because it is slander and chernukha. And the authors, respectively, liars and traitors. About the dashing 90s they write that people were killed for spheres of influence - it's just chernukha. But about the fact that in the 70s-80s people were killed in even greater numbers, and not for spheres of influence, but because he went to the wrong street or the wrong entrance, for not giving 20 cents, for not smoking, or just stabbing for fun. They don’t write about it because it’s slander. There was no mass drunkenness and street crime in the USSR - because the whole nation was inspired by the great ideas of Marxism of Leninism and confidently built a bright future. And this is confirmed by numerous films, paintings, newspaper articles, posters and protocols of Komsomol and party meetings and congresses. And this is a document by the way!
              1. +2
                4 November 2016 08: 56
                It is good that they remembered Arkady Isaakovich, the father of our buzoter. He also criticized, but myachsha, with intelligence, subtle hints, so as not to offend any influential. He criticized certain shortcomings and in no case a system (with the exception of his last monologue about a tree). He walked along the heights of problems, simultaneously removing the foam in the form of titles, prizes and universal respect. But the acre of Arkady Isaakovich, Alexander Isaevich lived in the country. He also criticized, but not individual, but systemic shortcomings. He saw, as Kozma Prutkov said, at the root. But instead of thunderous applause, turning into a standing ovation, he kicked a kick in the ass in a westerly direction. And Isaakovich stayed and hinted with might and main that a tree cannot be destroyed. But he hinted too softly, because he did not save the tree. Maybe Kostya decided to take into account his father’s mistakes and bring everything down in plain text, not sparing the viewer’s psyche, not hiding a single shade of gray or blue.
          3. The comment was deleted.
            1. +11
              3 November 2016 13: 13
              Quote: MY THOUGHT
              It’s obscurantists to burn you all,

              You’ve already burned both the Churches and the people. Have you got enough blood? if you want freedom from morality, take a ticket to Europe for a geo-parade.
              1. +2
                3 November 2016 13: 51
                little pppy burned at the stake ,? few shot in 37, a lot of freedom ticket to Iran!
                1. +4
                  3 November 2016 17: 04
                  Quote: MY THOUGHT
                  little pppy burned at the stake ,?

                  How did you survive
                  Quote: MY THOUGHT
                  few were shot in 37,

                  A lot, and people like you would love to continue executions. But now your time of murderers has passed
                  1. +1
                    3 November 2016 20: 29
                    The desire to get restrictions on the part of anyone, whether bosses or states is a normal thing, I do not blame you. Slavish thinking and the impossibility of self-control, the search for patronage is a relic of the psychology of our long-suffering people, thank God having a rudimentary character and manifesting itself in the marginal part of society which you are tongue
                    1. +4
                      4 November 2016 05: 53
                      Quote: MY THOUGHT
                      The desire to get restrictions on the part of anyone, whether bosses or states is a normal thing, I do not blame you. Slavish thinking and the impossibility of self-control,

                      Have you moved from Ukraine to Russia? Why, they have already got rid of slavery, thanks to people like you. Returning to their "paradise"
                      1. 0
                        4 November 2016 10: 47
                        Do not worry, people who do not keep up with the development of civilization are missing and there you are not alone lol
                2. +3
                  5 November 2016 13: 44
                  This is my country too. I do not urge anyone to leave, come. I just want OUR Ministry of Culture to invest in a predictable result that the government needs, and not in a "stream of urine and poop." Of course, someone can say that this is the result they planned. Then questions will arise to the Ministry of Culture, and not to Raikin. "No censorship = no government funding." If you want to be a free artist, be free from public money. The artist must be hungry.
            2. +20
              3 November 2016 14: 51
              Quote: MY THOUGHT
              fights themselves from porn sites will not come out

              Wow! A freedom-loving personality drew horseradish you can't erase it. You turned everything around into a porn site! Kharlamov from the stage said "pisya" - gee-gee-gee, how funny! The ass was shown - generally a complete waste! Damn degenerates! Don't go to the movies with your child. Either the "genius" leviathans and the tired suns, now the imports of splinters. On TV - the dominance of Russophobes! About "high art" - generally keep quiet: pido op for pid ore and pid orom drives. Hello not a fighter hi
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. 0
                5 November 2016 13: 46
                Man, go to proven theaters. And more fun, and the educational part is much cooler. Yes, and for money it can often be cheaper, well, there with season tickets, for example.
          4. +1
            4 November 2016 20: 26
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            My would, would be all the Raikins, Kirkorovs, Buzov avant-garde artists of Malevich, gathered in one place and .......... Pushcha fly

            Yes, this is some kind of Stalinism.
        2. +24
          3 November 2016 09: 53
          Quote: umah
          Father defended the communist system (albeit through satire), and because of this, his son became famous. And for the son, this shameful idiocy turns out to be ...

          Kostya is the untalented son of a great father, a clown and a figur. Without a father, he would be NO
          1. +4
            3 November 2016 10: 05
            Quote: Aleksander
            Without a father, he would be NO

            Well, why no one, movers in liquor stores. Also needed
            1. +16
              3 November 2016 10: 18
              Well, why no one, movers in liquor stores. Also needed

              Sorry, but have you seen at least one Jewish loader? Even in Birobidzhan where, allegedly not the right Jews, this is difficult to find.
              1. +4
                3 November 2016 16: 15
                “Rabinovich, are you by any chance a loader?”
                -– I am not accidental at all, not a loader!
              2. 0
                4 November 2016 01: 49
                Quote: rotmistr60
                but have you seen at least one Jewish loader?

                K. Raikin cross. renegade in one word.
                1. +1
                  4 November 2016 07: 01
                  K. Raikin cross. renegade in one word.

                  It is nice to hear the attitude of a Jew (probably the true one) towards the one who imagines himself from above letting him go.
          2. +5
            3 November 2016 14: 59
            Quote: Aleksander
            Kostya is the untalented son of a great father, a clown and a figur. Without a father, he would be NO

            Well, why? While he was an actor, a dancer - he was a good lyceum.
            1973 - Much Ado About Nothing - Benedict
            1974 - His among strangers, a stranger among his own - Kayum, Tatar
            1976 - Truffaldino from Bergamo - Truffaldino, servant of two masters
            But as he sat down in the commanding chair, he swam right away.
            Since 1988, Konstantin has been the artistic director of the Satyricon Theater.
      2. +6
        3 November 2016 12: 05
        Quote: dmi.pris
        don't like censorship, live on ticket sales ..

        not just for sale, first buy land and build your building
    2. +10
      3 November 2016 07: 25
      It is strange that the State Department has not yet raised its concern and concern. With the words that freedom of speech is being violated in Russia
      1. +6
        3 November 2016 07: 41
        So many comments about * parasitic and ....... e *, pent. But I'm talking about the fact that we all need to prepare for the fact that ALL of us will be declared marginalized and others, despite the fact that WE, unlike * figures from culture *, EARN MONEY.
        1. +17
          3 November 2016 10: 08
          Quote: Vasily50
          So many comments about * parasitic and ....... e *, pent.

          There’s always been enough fools, and not only there, turn on the horror movie there. will give you a fantasy-erotica ..........
          But wait, you can watch. Only after 23 00, there the wolf smokes sad
          1. +2
            3 November 2016 12: 06
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Again, switched, -Oh, give ist fiction-erotica .....
            but don’t pay for porn channels, they are always a separate package and if you can switch to them then you yourself paid for them
            1. +3
              3 November 2016 12: 14
              Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
              but don’t pay for porn channels,

              Yes, I don’t cry. The basic instinct with Sharon Stone is free and there are a lot of such films.
          2. 0
            4 November 2016 20: 25
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            But wait, you can watch. Only after 23 00, there the wolf smokes

            And besides, this is a bloody communist legacy. Do not whine what they wanted.
        2. +1
          4 November 2016 01: 12
          There are so many comments, and all about the cries of the impaired pride of the lyceum, suffering from the genius of the pope. Well, people do not want to watch his brilliant attempts, so he found the reason. CENSORING DOESN'T PUSH THE VIEWER. But you really want self-esteem. Recently, on television shows, cultural figures expressed a general demand, for the government - even more money, for the audience - * eat what * the creator * created *.
    3. +5
      3 November 2016 13: 27
      Why is life bad for the capital's court theaters? Rent of premises, their maintenance and repair, the entire communal apartment, salaries to actors and scenery at the state expense. Those. at the expense of taxpayers. "Satyricon" himself also earns about 250 million a year for the sebe. Here, if anything, a medal for the title of "national", then to Medinsky. But what about? It is more expensive to sell your role to the same state, for example, in the cinema. As the saying goes, he who pays calls the tune. But the point is not even that there is no state censorship, but that every "wasted" (it is a taxpayer) is trying to criticize their "artists" who teach us how to live. So it turns out that the troubadours and buffoons are introducing their ideology to the masses. And in order for these masses to bring them money to the non-poor, and even love them, you need to give out more chernukha from the stage. No, dear "Kasym", we want you to give out a clean and highly moral product, and not the slurry of your orientation to the fun of mink coats.
      1. 0
        3 November 2016 14: 49
        In fact, not only Moscow. A friend of my parents was once the director of one of the theaters in St. Petersburg. So he somehow told how he tried to put finances in the theater in order. So in, in addition to ordering the lease, etc. An entertaining episode was told.
        After studying the payroll, he found that several actors play one or two plays a month, and receive significant amounts. And all with the ranks.
        That's how he called one actor - People's Artist, a decent age.
        A friend asks: Are you not ashamed to receive money and not play?
        Answer: No. I supposedly deserved it with my rank.
        Here is a layer of such "actors" for you. Most importantly, I don’t know how it is now, but then it was difficult to fire them, tk. the theater must have a certain number of actors with titles.
    4. +1
      3 November 2016 13: 36
      Only the return of business will save our youth from the corrupting influence of the West!

      The patriotic attitude of the young towards the Fatherland has not yet been revived!
      1. 0
        3 November 2016 15: 04
        Yes, not state censorship is needed, but at least artistic councils. All theater management is appointed by the Ministry of Culture. But it (producers and artistic men) is no longer subject to anyone, if there is no obvious crime in their actions. A theater troupe is not a football team. There are outstanding personalities, but they are devoid of words. So they play naked in the bath at the direction of the boss. So what to do?
    5. +3
      3 November 2016 22: 02
      there are 100 theaters in Moscow alone and all live off the budget, and why is this done? Actors must be hungry in order to be closer to the problems of the people, otherwise art simply does not sprout. Raikin did not specify what performances and exhibitions are being disrupted. If it concerns performances in which vulgarity, immorality and cosmopolitanism are savored, then we do not need such performances, but maybe that is why such "art" is financed.
  2. c3r
    3 November 2016 06: 36
    Cultural workers, they are always offended! And we don’t take offense to receive money from the state and to leave the lion's share of the earned money for ourselves, it’s normal with us! Whoever pays the girl, it’s time to get used to the girl and the dancing!
    1. +6
      3 November 2016 07: 17
      Another "deprived" one was found! So that they would not forget, I decided to promote ..
      1. +37
        3 November 2016 09: 18
        dmi.pris Today, 07:17 ↑ New
        One more "deprived" was found! That would not be forgotten, I decided to promote.
        Well, it seems to me here not so much self-promotion as banal extortion of dough and the demand to leave the "artist" alone. Something like: give me money and do not meddle in "the soul of the artist, he sees so."

        In general, I am once again convinced of the venality of our so-called "intelligentsia". After all, look at what names: Makarevich, Akhedzhakova, Basilashvili, Rogovtseva, Rotaru, Kikabidze, Raikin, Efremov, etc. Note, all the fosterlings of the "scoop" so hated by them, but that's a paradox. In this very "scoop" under the "cruel" censorship and total "bloody gebna", these figures (let's call them that) shot excellent films that, unlike modern ones, you want and want to review, composed songs that the whole country listened to. Why in the "bloody totalitarian scoop" were created masterpieces, and now one shit wrapped in a shell "the artist sees it this way"? How "artist" is he? And who, in general, suggested to him that he was an "artist", and even a "genius"? When I see our so-called "bohemian", "beau monde", discussing another masterpiece a la "Kondinsky, Malevich and others like them" or as a drug addict de_generate who imagines himself an "artist" nails his genitals to the next fence, I feel sick starts. I immediately remember the fairy tale "The Naked King". This is the most accurate description of the orgy that is going on with them. This disgusting community of "artists", which is disgusting in all respects, who consider themselves to be the intelligentsia, and the people you know by whom, it is high time to destroy or drive them out of the country. It is not for nothing that during the troubles and revolutions, the people first of all dealt with just such figures. Already got the "artists".
        Yesterday, he looked at Medinsky’s with Solovyov, who was also walrus horseradish, I don’t interfere with censorship, I’ve got a goat’s piece, especially after the incident with the board of Mannerheim.

        No, gentlemen, "artists" either live at your own expense, or the state gives money, but at the same time introduces strict censorship! Otherwise we will ruin ourselves, with such a "culture"!
        1. +18
          3 November 2016 10: 00
          Alex_1973 Today, 09:18
          No, gentlemen, "artists" either live at your own expense, or the state gives money, but at the same time introduces strict censorship! Otherwise we will ruin ourselves, with such a "culture"!
          Bravo Alex! They took it off the tongue. These so-called "cultural figures" were so disgusted. Their "culture" is all concentrated in the fifth point. I immediately remembered a fragment of the film "What Men Talk About":
          - Why are you crazy, this picture costs $ 3000 ?!
          - no Slav, but what did you want, this is Tishchenko ...
          - no, yes, yes, I heard ... Tishchenko!
          - No, it’s clear that the picture is good, but $ 750 ?! I don’t have that kind of money now ... Well, I’m good at Moscow ...
          - okay, let's get $ 50 and let's go.
          - why $ 50, it costs 3000.
          - we joked, this picture costs $ 200.
          - why does it cost $ 200, is it Tishchenko?
          - and who is Tishchenko, you know, I do not.
          - there Glory heard something about him ...

          In this film, I think the guys have opened this topic very nicely. And in general "Quartet I" is one of the few who now makes interesting performances and films, although all kinds of such as Efremov are shot in their films (although as an actor I like him)!
          1. +15
            3 November 2016 10: 12
            Quote: Diana Ilyina
            - why does it cost $ 200, is it Tishchenko?

            But it costs $ 7 million. You want to find out how many cretins are in the city, put it up and count it. Who will come to see that round ****. They will still argue what is painted here
            1. +24
              3 November 2016 10: 25
              Alexander Romanov Today, 10:12 ↑ New
              But it costs $ 7 million
              Alexander, well, in my opinion, Alex wrote about this above. Discussion of the "bohemian" paintings of Malevich, Chagall, Kondinsky and other "artists" on the level "oh my God, what an image, such an unusual vision of the artist" reminds me of the conversation of patients from ward No. 6. Here I completely agree with you, we have more than enough kreaklokretinov.
              1. +10
                3 November 2016 11: 06
                Diana, a joke (in the discussion thread):
                Mental hospital. One crazy man talks to another:
                - Did you like my new book?
                - Nothing, but there are a lot of actors.
                A doctor enters the room and shouts: "Hey, who got my phone book ?!"
              2. +4
                3 November 2016 13: 35
                Quote: Diana Ilyina
                Discussion of the "bohemian" paintings of Malevich, Chagall, Kondinsky and other "artists" on the level "oh my God, what an image, such an unusual vision of the artist" reminds me of the conversation of patients from ward No. 6.

                He-he-he ... do you remember the series "Connoisseurs lead the investigation"? A series of "Supplements with a cucumber" about fakes of Faberge products - when well-known and respected professional art expert compares two modern products of the same jeweler, one of which bears the Faberge brand, and the other the author represents - and teaches the author the subtle differences between "the creation of the master and imitation, not having special artistic value"? laughing
              3. +5
                3 November 2016 14: 55
                The funny thing was with Van Gogh's painting "Chair". Numerous critics have written about what the artist wanted to say with this picture. And then in his memoirs, or elsewhere, Van Gogh himself said: Guys, I just drew a chair. I liked it. And I had no other thoughts.
                1. +6
                  3 November 2016 16: 26
                  ... The student of the famous professor of semiotics Yuri Lotman really liked the film "Flying in a dream and in reality," and he wrote me a letter - an analysis of the film. It was impossible to read, since he found his explanation for each step. For example, in the film there is a frame where the main character runs across the field to a haystack. And on it are sneakers with a red sole. The critic wrote: “These are not just soles; they are red soles. Because the earth is burning under his feet! ” And I recall how on the court yelled at the requisite: "What a fool, couldn’t you find shoes with normal soles ?!"
                  © Filmmaker Roman Balayan
            2. +1
              5 November 2016 21: 59
              I took a little photoshop here over the "masterpiece". It turned out that the artistic "genius" painted over with black paint his other not so "brilliant" creation
          2. +2
            3 November 2016 10: 13
            and in their paintings all kinds of films of the same Ephraim
            Diana, my respect! love hi You haven't been seen for a long time. I guess you meant to say "bad people" like ...? I agree with you, however, as always. By the way, one of my favorite modern films is, in my opinion, the most intelligent guys among contemporaries. At least not another gum.
            Regards, Alexey! hi
            1. +8
              3 November 2016 10: 28
              Alex_1973 Today, 10:13 ↑ New
              Regards, Alexey! hi
              Alexey, and good day to you! love
              You have not been seen for a long time.
              All work, work ...!
  3. dFG
    3 November 2016 06: 38
    In theaters with state participation, there must simply be a representative of the Ministry of Culture with the mandatory right to control the repertoire ... who refuses to deprive him of money, we now all have capitalism and the so-called scoop.
  4. +39
    3 November 2016 06: 38
    As I understand it, they decided to move Raikin's son a little away from the state trough. And immediately hysterical .... As you know, without free money to live? "Evil" censorship blocked the life-giving stream of the state. infusions. And we ourselves either do not want to earn, or we do not know how. And why, we are already well fed.
    But there wouldn’t be a performance to put the spectator in line for tickets for three days. Not given. Yes, and we don’t want to.
    1. +4
      3 November 2016 14: 05
      it would not hurt to tear the players away from the “sponsor's chest”. So that, like wolves, "the legs are fed."
      1. +5
        3 November 2016 16: 06
        At least sponsors feed the footballers, although Gazprom is kind of like a "national" property. And these are directly grubbed from the budget. Moreover, they howl that their poor were offended.
        1. +1
          3 November 2016 16: 16
          here I am about the "national heritage" drinks . To so plump in Monaco, like those two shameful people, honestly you won’t work for your whole life am I live in St. Petersburg, "Zenith", like some stoned, I'm not going to be proud, football (at least this) is not interesting.
          1. +2
            3 November 2016 16: 30
            Quote: Mikado
            To so plump in Monaco, like those two shameful people, honestly you won’t work for your whole life

            The circle of these people is narrow, they are terribly far from the people. smile
            Quote: Mikado
            I live in St. Petersburg, "Zenith", like some stoned, I'm not going to be proud

            And what is he to be proud of ... not a team, but a pendulum: one has only to break out into the leaders - and then squabbles, squabbles, shouts of "down with the coach!" - and rolling back. sad
    2. 0
      4 November 2016 01: 54
      Quote: Smog
      As I understand it, Raikin decided to move his son a little from the state feeder. And immediately a tantrum ....

      he was left with the only way out, to head his father's anti-Zionist committee.
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. +5
      3 November 2016 06: 52
      I read the article, read the comments, and again made sure Everything is according to Klimov. And in politics, and in art, and in economics, and even in science. Let Puchkov Klimov scold him, apparently he did not read it, but when you look at what is happening in the world from the point of view of Klimov, everything falls into place.
      1. +2
        3 November 2016 07: 03
        Quote: Orionvit
        All according to Klimov. And in politics, and in art, and in economics, and even in science.

        In medicine too. good Especially in maternity hospitals.
        1. 0
          4 November 2016 07: 00
          And in the maternity hospitals, then what?) By the way, medical institutions now live only on money earned by the fund, only major repairs are financed from the budget and no one just gives them 250 Lyamov ..
          1. 0
            4 November 2016 07: 09
            Quote: Dr.Serg
            And what about maternity hospitals?)

            I'm not talking about financing, but about staff. The staff of maternity hospitals differs from the staff of other departments, often even externally. Have you read G. Klimov?
            Quote: Dr.Serg
            By the way, medical facilities are now living only for money earned by the fund

            They earn money not only on the fund. hi
            1. 0
              4 November 2016 07: 36
              It's funny ... he worked in all three maternity hospitals in my city ... colleagues - two Cossacks, Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians, Dagestan, Tatar .... everyone has two arms, two legs, a head, like everyone else, a Jew was one, but he didn’t like to work in intensive care; he left
              1. 0
                4 November 2016 08: 49
                Quote: Dr.Serg
                everyone has two arms, two legs, a head, sort of like everyone

                There were no slanting, lame from birth? In the Togliatti maternity hospital there. He personally saw two.
                P.S. So they read Klimov? I recommend reading it, the facts from the book are often confirmed in real life.
                P.P.S. The question is for you as a doctor - why do all women in labor in a row get hormonal stimulation? The only obvious answer is too lazy to "pull" the time of birth set by nature. As a result, the child is born faster, walks along unprepared paths, and as a result, breaks in mothers, and birth injuries in the child.
  6. +13
    3 November 2016 06: 57
    You look in the TV shows, no matter what the director is, it’s necessarily a liberal. Already got it!
    And censorship in art is necessary nowadays! Everywhere they drive a gag.
    1. +4
      3 November 2016 09: 57
      Quote: valent45
      And censorship in art is necessary nowadays! Everywhere they drive a gag.

      Well, just gag, so they also drive homosexual ... sad
    2. 0
      3 November 2016 09: 58
      Not only a liberal. Often also "folk".
    3. +7
      3 November 2016 10: 42
      Here I do not agree. We have Dostal, there is Shakhnazarov, there is Sokurov, there is a wonderful Ursulyak, Snezhkin, quite good Popogrebsky ... - the list can and should be continued. There is good and there is very good. And "good" floats from above, and therefore catches the eye.
    4. +1
      3 November 2016 15: 11
      And censorship in art in our time is necessary
      and who is the censor? Those who decided to hang Mannerheim's board?
  7. +27
    3 November 2016 07: 07
    Well yes. Raikin well done! Right in the eye ... for yourself. The theater receives money for performances, for renting premises, for costumes, and for paying actors. Received from the state. Yesterday, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation said this with a blue eye. But all the profit remains with the theater.
    So maybe these theaters really need to be transferred to capitalist tracks? The province due to low purchasing power is poor, but proud. Including theaters. But Moscow theaters live on and have huge hephaesthes on ticket prices.
    That is why when a person is given a lot, he ceases to appreciate it? Why has narcissism become the norm for some great or semi-great artists? They can throw mud at a country, they can call people cattle, they can spit towards Victory. can support the Nazis in Ukraine ... Why?
    The old one who pays the one and orders the music should work. And if you are a great artist or director, then your theater will always be crowded and profitable ...
    1. +9
      3 November 2016 07: 19
      And if you are a great artist or director, then your theater will always be crowded and profitable ...
      I just remembered

      Work, create! What for?
      They feed us so well.
  8. +9
    3 November 2016 07: 15
    Yes, nature rested on it - he was either sick all head, or from permissiveness he went off the coils, or he is conducting a public relations campaign to attract the audience. But in any case, such as he should not be allowed to reach the mass audience.
  9. +19
    3 November 2016 07: 16
    This year there was a series of performances "Satyricon" at the TC "Culture". Shakespeare. Well, I think I'll finally join! In the main role - Raikin. He's King Lear takes off his pants and rushes around the stage. All other characters are hysterics (all!) Well, not a single phlegm. Suits are a gray flaw. From the decorations, a table and a chair of huge sizes in a cave style. Turned it off on act 1. Maybe I just don't understand art?
    1. +12
      3 November 2016 07: 34
      Yes, you my friend gray scoop and padded jacket. Ponimash decided to bring you closer to high ..... And you? I didn’t understand, I didn’t like it .... Eh. You did not understand the GREAT CREATOR and the ARTIST. And HE SEES so ....... (well, not like normal people fellow )
    2. 0
      3 November 2016 08: 37
      For complete "moral satisfaction" you still need to go to the production of Viktyuk, here, in my opinion, everything is in order with the censor!
      1. jjj
        3 November 2016 13: 00
        Once Viktyuk staged a performance in Arkhangelsk. Naked men running around the stage. One lady shared what she saw:
        - It's not nice to watch. The guys are fat. Sagging bellies. Some meager merits hang out. One disgust. Moreover, the smell of unwashed body drains into the hall from the stage. I almost got sick
  10. +3
    3 November 2016 07: 18
    Once, in a humorous program, the current Raikin portrayed how anyone enters * artists * and all this with animal tweaks. I just couldn’t do it myself.
    But now he has made claims and all because of money. Otherwise, he would not be silent and kaaak would say something again. The Ministry of Culture * had * to pay off the blackmailer with such, albeit dead, dad.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. +7
    3 November 2016 07: 19
    Subsidies for theaters should be canceled. If the theater puts on worthy performances, then it will survive and prosper. And the nonsense that some directors see in a special way put on, but with budget money, you don't need to release it. Otherwise, give money, but don't go into that. what I produce. Brad of some kind. KTO pays, he orders the music. And since Raikin "ate" a little, it happens.
    1. +17
      3 November 2016 07: 58
      Oh, what a fellow you are ... But what about theaters in the outback? For Moscow and some other cities, a ticket worth 1000 rubles is only a gallery. And in the province for 1000 rubles they won’t go to the theater. Salaries do not allow .. And all other expenses from theaters are saved.
      And there are few "greats" in the province. There are almost no such scandals. Solid theater, classical. There are also innovative ones, but they also have their own audience. But poverty in the provinces must not be allowed .. They will spit on the street. I recently watched a production of the Ulyanov Northern Theater. Theater from the regional center of the Omsk region. District! He came out as if he had been in the bathhouse with his soul .. Everything is clean inside ... And you will order him to be deprived of subsidies?
    2. +1
      3 November 2016 10: 09
      Quote: astronom1973n
      because raikin ate a little,

      Snickering. Rudeness, disrespect for the viewer. Little money is given for THEIR VISIONS.
  12. +14
    3 November 2016 07: 21
    We have moderators sitting on our site. They sit and watch, if they banyat something right away. And nothing, no one is offended. The rules have rules. But then, we mere mortals, and here, panimash, bohemia, people of art, panimash. They have their own vision, by the way, if he began to compare, it happens with us too. the authors of the articles go too far in a fit of emotion in terms of mat and nothing (probably, too, the modders are ranked as bohemians).
    So what am I talking about? As long as we have an article about insulting the feelings of believers, security checks have begun. The Internet is being monitored. I don’t see anything wrong with returning to good old censorship, when abusive and low-grade literature simply didn’t give a way to the reader and viewer. censorship, but not political, but moral and ethical. Do not be afraid of GDP, here the people will support you unanimously. I am sure of this.
  13. +14
    3 November 2016 07: 22
    As for me, it’s best to return these comrades, as under the priest-tsar, to the category of "vile class" - so that they knew their mesto, the sculptors mlyn ... he sees it that way, yeah ... he sees a dudu on ice ... ...
    1. +14
      3 November 2016 09: 26
      Right view!
      Dear forum users, why are you so worried?
      Some clown is dissatisfied with something? What are you doing then?
      First, with the help of the media, they made idols for themselves, and now we are discussing them? Worthless.
      By and large, the blathering of such Raikins - you should not pay attention to them at all ...
      You know, I probably couldn’t say better, I’ll quote:
      "..." Is it really interesting for the audience? - The girl smiled coquettishly. - She did not want to talk about politics with such a male, but the rules of good manners did not suggest options.
      - The fire in the house of tolerance is interesting only to those who live for their own sake, and the service of such individuals is the real prostitution. And you decide who you want to be. Meat in the market or gardener in the imperial field. Because if you want to be meat on the field of upbringing, you will soon find yourself in a car that completely disobeys the controls.
      Despite the calm tone, Rangor’s words on the journalist died in a grave cold.
      - So easy to take and kill?
      - Not easy. - Father smiled. - Only those who will continue to stain the souls of our boys. Consider this the new policy of the empire. Two worlds. Big where the newest ships take off and small, where the most important news will be the shameful illness of the next "style icon". The small world will not be forbidden, but even at the slightest attempt to climb higher, we will hard hit on the hands ... "(c) Andrey Zemlyanoy.

      Do you understand? TWO WORLDS: the first is where the Raikins stage plays about the blues, and the second is where they cook steel and bake bread, where young people go camping on warships and the wives of the special forces prayed so much that they all live and live. TWO WORLDS: the world of creatures and the world of heroes.
      So why do we listen to the creature world?
      In general, there is a proposal.
      It is simple to the point of horror - it sounds like this: vote in rubles.
      Vaughn Makarevich quickly "was blown away" when they stopped buying tickets for his concerts in large quantities, and the number of marginals is not so great ...
      So, so ...
      But once again I repeat: two worlds ... One is undeservedly forgotten, but the second considers itself the center of the universe.
      Let's get back as it should be ...
  14. +16
    3 November 2016 07: 22
    You get money from the state budget - be ready for censorship!
    ... If you don't get it, you live on "creative self-sufficiency" - well, go ahead ... except for and excluding acts stipulated by law - codes! ...
    So - all over the world! Frankly propaganda: - books, theatrical productions, photo exhibitions (!!!), movies - are made (stamped ...) by state order; Hollywood is especially famous for this ...
    As for Konstantin Raikin - he traveled long and far in fame and his father's name! But - as time goes on, it is necessary to show your own "creative person"! ... But there is no such person, we are leaving for the conjuncture! - like "wrapped in colored tape ...
    Yes, and the current Raikin is a delicate blue flower compared to the monsters of Russophobia, debauchery and anti-Russian propaganda, safely operating and flourishing in our country! Precisely - IN OUR! and they consider her as their ... For example? Please - "courtly mannerist" Dmitry Bykov, Latynina again ... and others like them (or the devil with them? ...)
    Of course, you can try to understand, say, the same Makarevich - an iconic media figure, again they hit their pockets with the Crimea ... Vyaknul too loudly - and, realizing that he was "mistaken", "he was in the stream", back down seemed shameful! how is - a star on an equal footing with the president ... the minister ... the coat of arms and the flag ... and so on! Overestimation, do you understand your own significance in art, and in life in general - because of the sweet and fatty life and the abundance of dough (and censorship does not interfere! ...) ...
    But it turned out - loot something and not the main thing in this life! (as if this was not taught in the Soviet school ... forgot it early!).
    ... Well, such - overrated - have accumulated lately ... Due to publicity - a word, eh !? - and false pride does not allow "to turn back", and grants from the State Department, which has grasped these media personalities ...
    1. +2
      3 November 2016 09: 22
      To ten !!!! Surprising one thing, are they SO SO stupid ?!
  15. +3
    3 November 2016 07: 31
    Something I stop respecting some cultural figures ...
  16. +2
    3 November 2016 07: 34
    Quote: kimanas
    Maybe I just don’t understand art?

    Just understand.
  17. +7
    3 November 2016 07: 42
    Quote: guzik007
    Let there be censorship, but not of a political, but of a moral and ethical kind
    Why did you decide that there should be no political censorship? Democracy and liberal values ​​have played out in Ukraine, the result is obvious. Now the censorship is such that all the previous "totalitarian regimes" are resting. And it all starts with politics, then pluralism of opinions, then porno ny in the theater, then at school, and then the "lost" generation and country.
  18. +1
    3 November 2016 07: 53
    Some people think that democracy is permissiveness and moral principles are not their code; they lost their MIND, HONOR and CONSCIENCE one word of the lyceum!
  19. +6
    3 November 2016 07: 58
    And the "Surgeon" is a man! Correctly shaved off, and did not apologize, although Peskov hinted. Maybe the p ... stov have their own vision of the world, but you don't need to poke them all in the face, and not at public expense.
  20. +1
    3 November 2016 08: 02
    On the one hand, there should be a state. a commission (which would consist of 2/3 of distinguished cultural figures) which, including financially, should encourage those theaters whose performances propagandize traditional values ​​and state. An idea (which does not exist yet ...), on the other hand, is to restore the institute of theater critics. And theaters obligate to indicate on the posters the age threshold of the audience. Well, to prohibit the staging of performances for children like ... with gay Santa Clauses, drug addicts Snow Maidens, alcoholic Pinocchio, etc., etc. .......
    1. +1
      3 November 2016 10: 00
      Yeah, and they’ll pick up 2/3 of those like Kostya, that’s the result of such a commission! Guess who will get the money once. They will justify that this is traditional (for them) values.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. +1
    3 November 2016 08: 30
    lousy skin, dump it where you don’t have to strain and there are pigeons there, shameful!
  23. +2
    3 November 2016 08: 31
    Quote: standing
    And the "Surgeon" is a man! Correctly shaved off, and did not apologize,

    This wolf is on his own mind. He doesn't care about the problems of theatrical art and censorship. Moreover, he himself is from the same dovecote as Raikin. I repeat, it is about money, and only about it. Zaldostanov fit into this topic so as not to be left without budget funding. And he has it, and his "Night Wolves" is considerable. When the food supply is reduced, then squabbles over land begins. This is what we see clearly in this example. Barked at a renegade - got a grant. That's all the background.
  24. a
    3 November 2016 08: 40
    And our Perm was visited by the venerable Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin with a creative performance, only when in the middle of his speech he began to tell how he "lived badly" when he finished school and entered the university, something bad seemed to me in his speech, then - more, he became to complain about the repressions and Stalin ... But I didn't come to listen to THIS, especially with a child, but to enjoy the performance of a BIG ACTOR! And such a bummer! In general, the impression is below the plinth, I stopped respecting the respected K.A. Raikin ... Then my wife went to his performance and that's it, I don't even want to hear him after that ... It's a shame that some figures, masters in their in fact, they begin to get up in completely different areas, in which they do not understand anything. If you are a good actor, why are you getting into politics?
  25. +4
    3 November 2016 08: 40
    Mr. Raikin now rents the notorious KVN center, which is located next to the renovated Satyrikon and, together with the Maslyakovs, quite successfully pockets state money (approximately 87 million was appropriated by Maslyakov Jr.). Mr. Mironov (Eugene) by the way works as artistic director and earned 43 (!!) million rubles last year. Not bad for the "starving" artists and that he "artistically directs" there, that there are practically no classical productions, and in ballet troupes some dancers and ballerinas fall from hunger. In general, such are the things in art. For some reason, Ms. Volochkova is quite successfully self-financed, Khabensky collects money for children and does not whine, and Mr. Raikin wants both socialism and capitalism. Nearby there is also "Raikin Plaza", a shopping center. We will not remind him of what nationality Mr. Raikin is, we will advise him to "go into business", if art does not work out well.
  26. +3
    3 November 2016 08: 44
    From this whole story the mercapta stinks disgustingly .., no, mercapti, mercantile ... Well, you get the idea. Such a familiar hysteria in the style of "Shee vi, pozi, teach me how to live, ghonite pennies and I will do this, but I lived like that!" If all this talk about censorship and offended feelings of the "artist" did not coincide with the authorities' attempt to cut the "content" for an openly non-folk artist, it would be possible to understand, as it is, typical "mountain begging" according to Ilf and Petrov: Kisya and Osya, having danced a lezginka, demand money. Dengi come on !!, Dengi!
  27. +8
    3 November 2016 09: 07
    It’s clear that the loot is ruled by a ball
    "Everything that is acquired by back-breaking labor"
  28. +2
    3 November 2016 09: 18
    Dear colleague, everything has already been decided and without our opinion, as usual. The man who spoke at the opening of the Mannerheim memo board in St. Petersburg has already agreed with Kostik.
    Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky held a meeting with the artistic director of the Satyricon Theater Konstantin Raikin, during which the parties “overcame misunderstanding,” said Medinsky’s deputy Alexander Zhuravsky, RIA Novosti reports.

    “Colleagues from Satyricon found our assessment of the economic situation unfair, we are not ready to admit their assessment of the theater’s financial condition and claims for censorship are fair. We agreed calmly and without involving the media to resolve the issues in a working order, ”he said.

    According to him, the minister confirmed his readiness to support the Satyricon Theater in 2017 after the approval of the federal budget. Theater director Anatoly Polyankin, in turn, said that the parties “apologized for their emotionality,” and mutual understanding was restored.
  29. +2
    3 November 2016 09: 19
    Looking at all this ... I can’t find the word in any way (censors will not miss wink ) I can’t understand in any way - the apple tree was rotten, the apple rolled far away or it was simply overexposed in the warmth that they had rotted.
  30. 0
    3 November 2016 09: 32
    Quote: Orionvit
    Let Puchkov scold Klimov there,

    Is it Tufts which Goblin is? Mega-translator, mega-art historian, mega-historian and so on?
    It's funny to watch them in their commercials, one former opera who calls himself a translator, and a second geographer who calls himself a historian authoritatively cuts the truth-womb about the director's techniques of a children's cartoon. At the same time, they themselves are not specialists in the areas they discuss.
    It's even more fun to watch an army of "Goblin Witnesses" furiously approving of all the nonsense their guru authoritatively claims.
    These will not lie.
    Scientists against myths.
  31. +3
    3 November 2016 09: 33
    Quote: 78bor1973
    For complete "moral satisfaction" you still need to go to the production of Viktyuk, here, in my opinion, everything is in order with the censor!

    ... I was always perplexed - why is "Vic" and who is "bale"?! ...
    How did this typus - a pathological pervert - get into the "directors"?
    ... somewhere came across - "red gray" ... It's not about him, for an hour?
  32. +1
    3 November 2016 09: 41
    Well done Raikin, at least someone voiced this topic, otherwise, for example, the Yarovaya package violates the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in particular "Article 23
    2. Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other messages. Limitation of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision. "

    According to the aforementioned package, which obliges cellular operators to record and store voice and data for six months, everyone is written down as offenders and no one even uttered an insult to feelings or, in an extreme case, rights
  33. +8
    3 November 2016 09: 41
    I sat down in a chair in the hall - a group of actors engaged in the performance flashed past you with an open bottle of cognac from the buffet - but this is already art ... No, they were not late at the beginning of the action ... It's just an advanced director "sees it like that."

    Ilf and Petrov were Great people, for even then they foresaw ...
  34. +1
    3 November 2016 09: 54
    Open abomination and vulgarity presented on the stage or pouring from the screen is not so terrible for society. The venerable figures of the film industry who influence the subconscious of the audience are much more terrible. As an example I will cite Govorukhin's film "In Jazz Style". The story is simple - a talented young writer and three beautiful women - the mother of the flight attendant is a beauty, and her two daughters from different husbands. One artist is another, either a schoolgirl or a musical vocational school. And with all these people, complex relationships arise. Not clearly, but with a hint of the possible. And right there is Juliet Mazina, who glorified prostitution in the 50s, with which the sexual coven in the cinema began. As it was correctly noted here, "everything is according to Klimov." After all, physical signs of degeneration are immediately visible and cause laughter and rejection, but such a hidden work to corrupt young souls is mortally dangerous for popular culture.
    1. +3
      3 November 2016 10: 29
      Maybe I misunderstood you, but Fellini did not sing the praises of prostitution, the "Road" shows the cruel, tragic fate of a girl forced to take the path of prostitution.
      1. 0
        3 November 2016 10: 34
        Maybe I misunderstood, but it was the Fellini Italian creeps who beat in the face for advertising prostitution from the screen. Right Doctor! SHOWED the girls in a difficult situation .....
        1. +2
          3 November 2016 12: 22
          Only mediocrity and fools could beat him.
          Fellini is a great artist, unlike the newly minted Raikins.
          That way and Dostoevsky can be blamed for the same.
          But it seemed to me that you adhere to the point of view of Dr. Antonio from that same Fellini :)
          1. 0
            3 November 2016 13: 07
            I have my own point of view on everything, moving along the front and in depth, I bring this point to events, facts, opinions. He revealed that if some Fellini starts a worldwide prostitute show, then after 50 years, some Minister of Education introduces in his country the teaching of the basics of sexual life in primary school.
  35. 0
    3 November 2016 09: 57
    An insult to the feelings of believers recourse Someone believes in Christ, someone in the Prophet, Buddha, Communism, the god Kuzyu .... and everyone has their own faith! And all so vulnerable recourse What is the difference between warlike atheists and warlike believers? Absolutely nothing! With this I agree with Raikin Konstantin. I agree with the fact that each time has its own viewer. I'm lucky! Theater actors, directors forced us to get a ticket, stand in line at the box office, use our official position to go to the premiere fellow Now the directors are trying to please the viewer, slide down to the level of the yellow press and lose the viewer. crying Theater "Satyricon" - theater of satire! Trufaldino from Bergamo - YES fellow King Lear? Comedy? As for financing - it’s difficult now for everyone, the Ministry of Culture allocated money and most likely, this is not additional funding, but due to the reduction of other expenses crying And I absolutely agree that if a person cannot make a living from his work, he will always depend on someone. Do not be offended by Konstantin! You are really a very good actor. hi
    1. 0
      3 November 2016 10: 06
      Quote: fif21
      What is the difference between warlike atheists and warlike believers?

      deeply religious Tsarist Russia was predominantly an agrarian country, after the 17th year, with the transition to a material model of the surrounding world, an industrial revolution was carried out in a single country, such differences, merging the church with the state does not lead to anything good
      1. +1
        3 November 2016 13: 01
        Quote: sa-ag
        deeply religious Tsarist Russia was predominantly an agrarian country, after the 17th year, with the transition to a material model of the surrounding world, an industrial revolution was carried out in a single country
        Was Russia an agrarian country because it was deeply religious? belay Why did Germany, England not remain agrarian countries?

        Quote: sa-ag
        the merging of the church with the state does not lead to anything good

        The Church calls for humility! And the authorities do not care which shepherd grazes the herd. The church was admitted to the army, the question of introducing the study of the law of God in schools is being decided, and there is no talk of any merging. It's about mutually beneficial cooperation. hi
        1. +2
          3 November 2016 15: 17
          But such cooperation between the Church and the state we have already passed. All this then ended in the 17th year.
          Let's face it: Now the institution of the church is a business (both in our country and in the West). Those. the church is degenerating. Yes, there remain those priests who are truly a healer of souls and their mentor, but for the most part they have become just businessmen in robes / turban and what else is there.

          I am very afraid that all this will sooner or later end again with a new 17 year.
  36. +4
    3 November 2016 10: 02
    Censorship is vital.
    But the most important censorship in the head should be. If people go to all abomination, then the problem is the internal content of the viewer.
    Pseudo-intelligentsia - the most dangerous link in society, pseudo-creation and betrayal (all spiritual and fundamental) walk alongside close-knit rows.
  37. +2
    3 November 2016 10: 06
    Raikin is an expert in theatrical business. Not a politician, not a social scientist. Let him do the clown. This is his business, on the shoulder. But when clowns begin to get involved in politics - this is a disaster. The trouble is that the clowns were given a lot of will, They "form" public opinion, set "standards" of behavior, sometimes immoral and irresponsible, live in grand style. We need to shorten them.
  38. +2
    3 November 2016 10: 13
    There is a theater with an impeccable reputation: Tashkent Academic Russian Theater !! Except for jokes !!
  39. +4
    3 November 2016 10: 19
    I read the article as my own. Thank you, Alex.
    Only few of us are left. And every day less and less ...
  40. +7
    3 November 2016 10: 19
    Kostya is not an actor at all.
    I visited his performances. There usually is a Main Role. The rest of the troupe revolves around this character, which Kostya always plays. Moreover, it plays shitty, as nature usually rests on the children of geniuses
  41. +6
    3 November 2016 10: 24
    The absence of censorship, in my opinion, is a direct road to non-professionalism in art. In her, censorship, absence, any pretentiousness and stupidity is called "performance" and is presented from the standpoint of innovation and freedom of vision, without representing, however, value, but only misleading those who are at the beginning of the path of forming artistic taste.
    1. +2
      3 November 2016 10: 43
      True said. I support.
  42. 0
    3 November 2016 10: 27
    Fools advocating censorship! Where are you going to download the kin (games, win7, etc. software) when Roskomnadzor covers everything that it can? Nothing on TV with ad breaks? The individual must have a choice, and the choice is Freedom. Well done comrade Raikin, stirred up a sleepy bourgeois swamp. Art belongs to the people!
    1. +3
      3 November 2016 10: 43
      Well, come up with it yourself? Or who prompted? :)
      Freedom is not Raikin, so to speak. :)
      1. 0
        3 November 2016 10: 48
        Did you listen carefully to the song "Where Does the Motherland Begin"?)) by freedom )
        1. +4
          3 November 2016 12: 18
          Do not confuse freedom with permissiveness. Do not confuse freedom with the opportunity with impunity. And where the Motherland begins has long been known.
        2. +3
          3 November 2016 12: 27
          Either I didn’t catch your irony, or what? :)
          In this song, eternal values ​​are sung, and not about re-interpretation of classic and vomit close-up, figuratively speaking. :)
    2. +2
      3 November 2016 12: 26
      Art, yes, but not what the "art of pseudo-intelligentsia" is.
      1. 0
        3 November 2016 14: 00
        Freedom is the aggregate of small freedoms, the right to keep a budennovka or Cossack hat in the closet.
        If some citizens are not versed in high or not very art, then let him haut, scold, but have no right to prohibit. Just give free rein to the detainees and the public will not see the masterpiece (for example, Herman's film "Checking on the Roads" was filmed at 71 on screens since 85).

        The issue of financing is another topic, but again it comes from civil liberties - the society either controls the distribution of state dough or passively watches overflow from the treasury into the pockets of district and other socially close authorities.
  43. +7
    3 November 2016 10: 41
    Thank you, I was waiting for such an article on V.O. I liked this clown so much, who said that they say give money, but don't even open your mouth to the final product. You understand the creative process .. Ha, this "great figure" has forgotten, even to him, a trader from birth, the understandable old truth "who pays and orders the tune"? It seemed to me alone that the processes that are taking place in Russia as a litmus test showed the essence of some "great creators" in the bulk, among other things, representatives of a famous people? Maybe it's time to really think about who these creators are? What money do they "do" with? And how useful are they in the development of social society? There has been no censorship for God knows how many years and what genius have they created? Name me a creation for example of the same Raikin comparable to his roles in the "power of censorship with a bloody gebnya"? Society has changed, and the demands of society have changed accordingly. All this brilliantly glamorous pedoslag is losing its already small audience and feels it. But he can do nothing but complain about the new censorship. Is it bad for them here? The people do not understand their creations? So let them go to Brighton for the rest of their lives in front of old women under the metro line in homeless people, or in Israel they sweep up anything with a broom ... Freedom is such freedom you understand.
    1. 0
      3 November 2016 10: 52
      "who pays and calls the tune"
      this is the key question. Who pays? Yes, the one who hangs boards Mannerheim. If he censors, he will halve the film "Officers", you can be sure.
  44. +5
    3 November 2016 10: 44
    I read the comments, I pointed out the pros to almost everyone. good Everyone spoke out unanimously on the case, as if nothing else could be added. Yes
  45. +5
    3 November 2016 10: 48
    Or am I not understanding something or aren't skiing?
    How much has already been written about this,
    get government funding, be prepared for censorship, who pays the one and orders the music,
    Do you want to be independent, build, rent a theater building for your money.
    Live from the sale of tickets, the audience will flock to you chicane honestly earned millions,
    It’s not forbidden for the dictator to talk no matter what you get.
    No spectators have no money, and since you don’t know how to do anything good, except to grimace,
    chew crackers, the artist must be hungry and happiness will come to you.
  46. +1
    3 November 2016 11: 02
    Everything is said, not in the eyebrow but in the eye. externally and spiritually.
  47. +7
    3 November 2016 11: 16
    For some reason, the GDP is firmly convinced that since we have a civilized European state, then there must be liberals, well, like every dog ​​has at least a couple of fleas. And since the Russian liberals are a worthless public, accustomed to always living at the expense of the people (subsidies from the state) and always wanting it, they are sincerely perplexed when they stop feeding them. After all, they are the last bastion of civilization in Russia. It’s enough to feed the parasites. We have what and for whom to spend money.
    1. 0
      3 November 2016 13: 40
      the rest are exactly the same - they all want wealth at all costs
  48. +7
    3 November 2016 11: 20
    The article is an absolute plus! Wait. It will not work out in detail - emotions will interfere. Therefore, I will say as briefly as possible. In my opinion, one of the main problems in this plane is that clown or buffoon, albeit with a capital letter, but become authorities on a national scale. I think that if this is a clown or a buffoon, then he should play a performance or dance or sing. No more. For some reason we do not glorify in the same way the work of a miner, combine operator, baker or welder, but no one. They began to pay attention to the soldiers and officers, and even then, mainly after their death! And here - "hello" !!! Maybe I personally with K.A. Raikin and would agree in many respects, but here is different. The society of buffoons and clowns has become a squad of untouchables. Censorship may not be what you need, but this is also the wrong way.
  49. +3
    3 November 2016 12: 03
    And the answer to the rhetorical question is whether censorship should be unambiguous - if self-censorship does not work, then censorship appears with all the ensuing consequences. And I don’t see anything terrible in this, because the most ingenious works of world art were not created in the era of complete creative freedom. But why there is no reporting for millions provided by the state? I wanted specialists to appreciate the justification of such investments.
  50. +1
    3 November 2016 12: 09
    "... and received the Order of the Hero of Socialist Labor (in 1981) ..."

    For reference .... There was no such order. There was the title of "Hero of Socialist Labor". When conferring this title, the medal "Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor" and the Order of Lenin were awarded.
  51. +2
    3 November 2016 12: 17
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    [avant-garde artists Malevichs,

    Recently they found the sitter who posed for Malevich for the painting “Black Square”...
  52. 0
    3 November 2016 12: 20
    These “far-sighted” people like K. Raikin and other liberoids bring their “bright thoughts” to the masses without thinking about it...do the masses need this?...Let this figure buy himself a goose and compost his brains.
  53. +1
    3 November 2016 12: 20
    Raikin is right, fear has appeared in society. Fear of “offending” those who are at the feeding trough, who are covered with various “crusts”, who have a father, mother, father-in-law or son-in-law in the authorities or in gangs, offending those who have thrown mud at you or been rude, but have privileges and powers. This is the fear of lack of rights in the face of rudeness, dirt, theft, robbery on the streets, legalized racketeering in housing and communal services, in supermarkets, in public places, fear of migrants, clerks, drug addicts, drunkenness, police and “security” services of various stripes. Fear, the government will surrender the country overnight along with all the people. That a war will begin. In a word, fear.
    Raikin just expressed all this in a chaotic, artistic, veiled way: read, they say, between the lines.
  54. 0
    3 November 2016 12: 22
    Quote: Gamer
    Fools advocating censorship! Where are you going to download the kin (games, win7, etc. software) when Roskomnadzor covers everything that it can? Nothing on TV with ad breaks? The individual must have a choice, and the choice is Freedom. Well done comrade Raikin, stirred up a sleepy bourgeois swamp. Art belongs to the people!

    ...and the nickname of this “people” is Gamer!
    1. 0
      3 November 2016 14: 08
      and another billion people, downloading and distributing from torrents and file hosting sites, who do not take or give money, people who are free spiritually and want to help little people like you crawl out of the pit of obscurantism and poverty of thought CONTROL.
  55. +2
    3 November 2016 12: 25
    Quote: Gunia
    To ten !!!! Surprising one thing, are they SO SO stupid ?!

    In Orthodoxy this is called “falling into delusion”; "pride"!
  56. +3
    3 November 2016 12: 26
    Mr. Raikin is a prominent representative of the snickering “creative intelligentsia” who can no longer do anything interesting in art, but want money and fame. Scum...
  57. 0
    3 November 2016 12: 30
    Quote: andrewkor
    There is a theater with an impeccable reputation: Tashkent Academic Russian Theater !! Except for jokes !!

    Tolokonnikov, who "Sharikov" is not from there?
    1. +2
      3 November 2016 12: 37
      No, Colleague, he is from Almaty.
  58. +1
    3 November 2016 12: 56
    The state needs to send this Raikin and a bunch of other “artists” who have joined the state. budget for 3 famous letters walking sexual route! They put up all sorts of trash for our money, and then pretend to be the “conscience of the nation”... Creatures! If it weren’t for the famous dad, who would know this Raikin now? Where did he leave a noticeable mark on art? So-so, an ordinary actor, no more than everyone else, but with a famous dad, at whose expense he gets out. But the principle of state subsidies in the country should be the same - equally for everyone, and then let them suffer themselves! If you can’t stage normal performances, people don’t go to them, there’s no revenue, then move over and make room for someone else who can do it better! And let such “champions of freedom” shove all the “new and avant-garde” productions, which are essentially disgusting to our people, into their proper place. That's where they belong...
    1. +2
      3 November 2016 13: 35
      Arkady Raikin, to be honest, was a rather rotten type. He often blasphemed the USSR for not allowing him to show all his talent, but he knocked on the KGB, and maybe he knocked like a woodpecker on his colleagues in the shop. But once the KGB blamed him, he ended up in the hospital and was poisoned. It turned out that he had some chicken bones stuck in his... opa, he was in the Kremlin for an awards ceremony, and afterward, as usual, there was a buffet reception, and of course, he ate the freebie like a pig. They say these buffets were a very unpleasant sight for ordinary people, all the bohemianism flew away from the artists and they rushed to the tables pushing each other. I thought that theaters were self-sufficient, but it turns out that’s how it is. In America, it seems they earn money themselves and bring huge amounts of money to the budget, both cinemas and theaters. And they just ask us for more
  59. +1
    3 November 2016 13: 16
    Yes, the money is divided there.. Soloviev invited this Raikin to his show.. he excused himself like matters are important.. the issue of censorship is a type of blackmail, and the essence is money..
  60. +5
    3 November 2016 13: 41
    How can one not recall George Frideric Handel, composer and musician: I would be very sorry if my music only entertained my listeners: I tried to make them better.
    This is what the position of an artist should be in Russian culture.
  61. +9
    3 November 2016 13: 48
    Gentlemen, comrades, what does the Jews have to do with censorship?
    You can't see the forest for the trees!
    This buffoon Raikin is not talking about censorship in the literal sense, he is talking about censorship of groups of people whom no one from the authorities gathered or financed, unlike Raikin himself.
    That is, he is indignant at the actions of society and the people. BUT THIS IS IT CIVIL SOCIETY! The same thing when ordinary people themselves unite and tell the honored artist (who is even a heap and is covered by the president’s press secret) what they think. This is the very society for which the Raikins allegedly fought themselves. Only now it turns out that freedom of speech is only for them and not for you and me.

    Therefore, their words are worthless (because they are lies), all their works are worthless (because they are dirt), their freedom is worthless (because it is slavery). That is what they are - arrogant liberal bullshit.
  62. +6
    3 November 2016 13: 53
    I absolutely agree with the author. If you follow the thoughts and aspirations of Raikin Jr., then our advanced liberals from art will soon demand universal freedom, including for murderers and rapists - after all, they are also “pressured” by the authorities, which violates their human rights. And therefore, Mr. Raikin, you don’t have enough freedom in Russia - go to the USA, Israel, wherever you want and look for your freedom there, but personally, I want to enjoy not pornography on stage, but true art, without a director’s vision, when a hunchbacked buffoon Rigoletto, who lived in the 15th century, walks on stage without a hump or a rattle, but in sneakers and jeans.
  63. +5
    3 November 2016 13: 56
    Khrushchev was right when he called obscenities at the artists at the memorable exhibition, because the nonsense that most of the “masters” of stage, screen (including television), brushes, photography, sculpture and other things are showing us today, these pseudo-creators cannot create anything other than ass and phallus . And he wants money. That’s why Kostya is making faces. I want my father’s fame and money, but I don’t have enough talent. Now everything is occupied by representatives of the chosen nation and they do not allow anyone near the stage for a cannon shot. It’s like “The Voice” is being held, but where are its laureates? On stage there are still Filka and Kolka, who called themselves the “king” and the “golden voice”, as well as empresses and all sorts of prima donnas who are already bored to death. Therefore, only censorship that will throw off the stage the rotten cord, the weepy Petrosyan with his idiots, the “great” Leps with the no less “great” Mikhailov and many others, so that talented youth will finally replace them. The role of censors should not be officials, but creative councils made up of real artists like Glazunov, Gradsky, Vasiliev and other worthy people, of whom we still have many in the country. Well, the audience should not remain on the sidelines, they will vote with their feet. And if government funds are given for creative projects, then the Raikins should not talk at all, but do what is ordered. But they want freedom, for health BUT at their own expense. It will be fair.
  64. +3
    3 November 2016 14: 06
    Kosher circle. Their task is to turn Russia into a semblance of the Euro-West - without morality, any restrictions, that is, conscience - a complete democracy and put all this into the souls of our future generation. They stepped on their tail a little, and they are going crazy. And the Truth lies in the purity of the soul and its union with God, and not with the devil’s tricks. They consider themselves chosen, but by whom? Censorship is bad, but freedom of infamy is even worse.
  65. 0
    3 November 2016 14: 32
    It's all Khrushchev's fault. If he hadn’t dispersed this obscenity in the playpen, everyone would have forgotten about it the next day and blamed the authors. So it turns out that he dragged these figures and “activists” into the political process. I have nothing against actors, directors and other artists. But if you play, play, and you get money from the budget, so don’t bite the hand of the giver. And if you really want to bite the bullet, refuse subsidies and live off the tickets if you can. We have a market.
  66. 0
    3 November 2016 14: 41
    I watched the video and for some reason I wanted to shoot a red bird at the screen with a slingshot.
  67. +2
    3 November 2016 14: 44
    I’ll write it this way, even if it sounds rude, but there’s no other way. Over the past 20-30 years, the so-called “creative intelligentsia” have become greedy and have lost SHAME, CONSCIENCE and MORALITY. And it’s not for nothing that Kostya yells from the podium: Who will protect us creative intelligentsia from the CROWD? So, I’ll ask Kostya a counter question: Tell Kostya, who will protect the simple CROWD of US from the insinuations and perversions of YOUR so-called creative intelligentsia??? The answer is simple: CENSORSHIP OF SOCIETY (in your understanding, THE CROWD) and state CENSORSHIP, which unfortunately does not exist.
  68. +1
    3 November 2016 14: 54
    Quote: Gamer
    the rest are exactly the same - they all want wealth at all costs

    Personally, I don’t need material wealth at any cost. I would be quite satisfied with a job in accordance with my qualifications and a decent salary.
  69. +2
    3 November 2016 15: 30
    A plus to the author for the video, but still not many of those discussing it watched it.
    There are places where I agree with Raikin, because the “censors” close one obscenity, but don’t see the same kind of other obscenity.
    On the other hand, why are all these clowns our number two elite?
  70. +1
    3 November 2016 15: 34
    thank God his father did not experience this shame... I was disappointed in the younger Raikin, I must become like that... mutated... how, after all, envy, pride and thirst for money spoil a person, and the pseudo liberal values ​​of the West devoured his soul..
  71. +2
    3 November 2016 17: 55
    For people like Raikin and others like him, censorship must be mandatory! If you receive even a penny for your maintenance from the budget, then be so kind as to live according to the rules of the state. Only if you show your ass or lick the phallus at the expense of sponsors or from your own funds, then please show and lick. And then there are certain moral standards accepted in society. What I don't like is the suitcase, the train station and Geyropa!!! Wonder there. We've had enough of this Western liberal crap! angry
  72. 0
    3 November 2016 19: 19
    There are no specifics in Konstantin Raikin’s speech, only hints. I could have enlightened “” about the artistry of Sturgess’ photographs or the punk prayer. Or is this not a royal matter? Otherwise, we don’t understand the language of “high art” here; we see only naturalism and vulgarity and nothing more. It's not even funny.
  73. 0
    3 November 2016 21: 51
    Many cultural figures even in Soviet times were not distinguished by high moral qualities, but it’s not worth talking about the current time. I feel sorry for the current Raikin, he is far from his dad, although I understand, a difficult childhood, toys made of rags, hunger and cold... ugh, it’s disgusting just to look at this guy. It’s a pity that there is no good censorship in today’s “Russia”; maybe our “cultural figures” have created something worthwhile?
  74. +1
    3 November 2016 21: 59
    It is necessary to put pressure on such "figures" from "art" who grew up and became famous in the "damned scoop" and largely due to this "scoop", and now play the role of victims of the bloody totalitarian regime and censorship generated by this regime. The same Makarevich whines that he is a victim, but he realized himself as a "creative person" under the Soviet regime, and daddy (the chief architect of Moscow under the USSR) helped. These people are the fifth column, only in art. Agents of influence appeared a little early, but the "owner" probably knows better when the jackals bark. These figures do not like art in themselves, but love themselves in art.
  75. +3
    3 November 2016 22: 10
    Such theatrical figures, who educate the audience on what is below the belt, and do not elevate the viewer spiritually, should simply be boycotted from their works of “art”. Let pigeons and pederasty attend their performances. In general, we need a public discussion on the topic of theater and cinema. Yes, and control over the snickering theatrical, supposedly intelligentsia, from the point of view of the quality of their products, is needed, at least in rubles. We don’t need the rotten morality of Western pederasty, and, in fact, propaganda in the theater. In my opinion, this is prohibited by law. And let them shove their flawed vision deeper into themselves and their friends and enjoy it at home in a narrow circle. Intellectual comes from the word intellect. But it is absent from their works. So these are not intellectuals, but senile people from pseudo-art! am
  76. +1
    3 November 2016 23: 00
    I wonder what special Raikin Jr. has done over the past 20 years for Russia and its people? And perhaps I also didn’t do much before that. I remember his work in the film and theatrical production "Figaro". And that's it. Convince me if possible!
  77. 0
    3 November 2016 23: 03
    Our public has been stirred up by MEDIOCITY, which OUR new generation has not even heard of! I'm not talking about Moscow and its residents, but about Russia as a whole.
  78. +1
    4 November 2016 00: 48
    Someone smart wrote it well: “If you want to be free, live on your own!” laughing
  79. +3
    4 November 2016 00: 55
    Quote: esaul1950
    difficult childhood, toys made of rags, hunger and cold

    What is a difficult childhood like? We are almost the same age! We had a normal childhood - my mother returned from the front (she reached Berlin), my father returned from evacuation from Chelyabinsk (worked at ChTZ) and they met. Then both worked at the Kirov plant, making tanks all their lives. And we lived - WELL! No hunger or cold, the stoves were lit. They baked pies, sewed and knitted themselves, whatever they could. As everybody. The toys are still lying on the mezzanine - both my dolls and the teddy bear. So don't! good
  80. 0
    4 November 2016 11: 43
    Raikin is right. He and his colleagues put on a show based on how they see life around them. The world is subject to the unclean. And our “righteous” anger is hypocrisy, for we too live in this world and use its (unclean) false values. ALL!!!. What is better, for example, lieutenant colonel in the reserve Kakashkin, who speaks foul language, wishes death to his fellow citizens and non-citizens, regularly drinks alcohol, spews poison of condemnation of everyone and everything in VO??? Or his wife who had 2-3 abortions? Or his children, who go to the theater to see the luminaries? What right do we, living in this world, have to judge this world, which we use???? Everything here is “garlic”. It all belongs to Satan. We will each answer to God for ourselves! “For every idle word that people speak, they will give an answer on the day of judgment” (Matthew 12:36).
  81. 0
    4 November 2016 12: 06
    Kostya is the son of the great Raikin, Stalin’s satirist, an artist of a great country, a genius of his own, who was able to become great under the conditions of the most severe censorship. It is clear that after such a breakthrough nature decided to rest, but did Arkady Raikin really not earn a comfortable life for his son? Give him more money and stop checking the financial statements.
  82. 0
    4 November 2016 14: 18
    Quote: Gamer
    Fools who advocate censorship! Where will you download movies (games, win7 and other software) when Roskomnadzor will cover everything you can?

    Censorship is different from censorship. Permissiveness leads to many troubles. It’s a disaster if, referring to “freedom of choice,” they insult and revile what is sacred and especially valuable for people. The trouble is, if they do not refer to the notorious “freedom”, proudly exposing their “I”, the freedom-bearers trample on the right of most people to adhere to age-old traditions and customs, whining only about their “rights”. They believe that their understanding of freedom is so unique that they have the right to impunity. Today in Russia the Raikins, Kirkorovs, and Galkins rule the roost. On television you will not see or hear the WORD of a teacher, worker, peasant, there is no place for provincial cultural figures. This needs to end. The emphasis should be placed by those on whom Great Russia really rests.
    1. +1
      4 November 2016 15: 39
      Quote: Fagelov
      Great Russia

      There is only one Russia - the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation is the Anti-USSR, an oligarchic state, and therefore the censorship is oligarchic. Everything that serves oligarchic power is moral. Something like this.
    2. 0
      5 November 2016 20: 10
      On television you will not see or hear the WORD of a teacher, worker, peasant, there is no place for provincial cultural figures. This needs to end.

      Turn on the SPAS channel and see who’s in the way?
  83. 0
    4 November 2016 20: 57
    I assume that Raikin became worried about a very specific case. In Moscow, a group of people in spotted uniforms, simply camouflage, blocked the exhibition of a photographer from the United States. And the main photographs of this photographer were of a certain kind, it’s clear what. This ban, and, moreover, a very convincing one, became a reason for Raikin to discharge himself into hysterics.
    It is clear that if a group of concerned and respectable citizens “closed down” the exhibition of a photographer from “America itself,” then what could happen in relation to
    "creativity" of local artists and cultural figures? It's scary to think! Here Konstantin suffered.
    Most of the “folk”, “honored” ones are from the Soviet past. There was civil society then, but not like it is now. And when Raikin, Makarevich and others are faced with the manifestation of today’s civil society, they simply do not understand it, Probably because in fact they are not people’s people, but they consider themselves “people’s people”.

    1. 0
      5 November 2016 13: 27
      I don’t know why people are attracted to these photos... right now schoolgirls are roaming around in much more revealing outfits - I’ve never seen anything like that, and on the street.
  84. 0
    5 November 2016 12: 58
    “Already in the field of ballet we are BEHIND the entire planet” am

    It seems that they began to fight various piggies in the field of education, but forgot about culture in a broad sense. For some reason, in the terrible Russian Empire there were Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, etc. Yes, and in the USSR there was Sholokhov; even Solzhenitsyn (although in some places he wrote lampoons). But in modern Russia - no one.

    Russian cinema is such a stinking horror that it’s scary. Apart from remakes, various lampoons and completely stupid redneck products, there is nothing.

    The theater, I see, has also caught up. laughing
  85. 0
    5 November 2016 13: 16
    Raikin's son as the face of liberal power. Or nationality. Or tolerance. Or diaspora. Or the hopes of all handshake humanity. Or - maybe - Panikovsky’s face with a modest request “give me a million”...
  86. +1
    5 November 2016 13: 25
    In a word - parasites. First of all, censorship needs to be introduced on his “face” - they will only scare children. They said it right here - whoever pays for dinner gets the girl to dance. And they receive money from the state and still want to swing on the chandelier. No chandeliers!
  87. +1
    5 November 2016 16: 46
    Necessary. These shitheads are sick of them.

    And about censorship. The most interesting thing is that when real censorship existed in our country, truly brilliant works were published on stage, in cinema and literature.
  88. 0
    5 November 2016 20: 07
    And for some reason everyone attacked Raikin, well, the man said at his official meeting his thoughts about... So what? At our planning meetings they still say something different, but no one is making a tragedy out of it. And since there was a wave from a closed get-together, it means that Kostya was right when he spoke about the need for shop-floor solidarity, otherwise it was almost fashionable to talk to Malakhov on TV - “whose son is this and from whom do you have such millions” - all the questions that should It’s up to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to decide why are the extras and deputies in the studios procrastinating? And when it comes down to it - eight years probation and the higher the defendant, the shorter the term, regardless of the crime.
    Why should some official decide for me whether to watch something or not, whether I’m worthy of this masterpiece or not, if necessary, I myself am able to determine what to pay for, and to clean my face for what. But if you want censorship, there’s no point in creating new bodies The authorities have a council under the president, let him sort it out. One thing has already been decided: they closed all electronic libraries, let’s also close public ones, people will become even smarter from this... And in general, since they raised such a wave of feces about the next statement, it means that someone has been covered by this wave and they need to work off the invested “loot”, that there is nothing else to do in the country - everything has already been replaced by imports?
  89. 0
    5 November 2016 21: 05
    Raikin says that “.. these groups of supposedly insulted people who close performances, close exhibitions, behave very brazenly,” and “the authorities are neutral - they distance themselves.”
    For the slow-witted and stupid from Russia, Raikin demands not just the introduction of censorship, he demands more - to ensure repression of “a group of vile people who fight for morality in illegal vile ways, you see.”
    After all, these are “vile people” who fight for morality in “illegal vile ways,” you see.
    1. 0
      5 November 2016 21: 10
      And I agree with him to some extent, if you don’t like it, don’t go and don’t pay, and if it doesn’t concern you, then walk by. There is no need to go everywhere in both the Kalash and pork rows
  90. 0
    7 November 2016 02: 07
    Censorship, censorship, but when all sorts of pussies walk around and shit in galleries... Art is different, and if someone doesn’t like something, don’t watch it. It has always been the case that people voted with their feet for all sorts of bullshit, simply without visiting..... In the sensational cases in Moscow, the guys definitely promoted themselves, gained fame, now we expect they will blackmail and demand money, and if something happens, as always, they will punish someone... something indicative. laughing
    But seriously..... we don't need censorship, but normal thins. advice, where famous and authoritative people would be represented, whose opinion would matter, but at the same time would not prohibit squalor, but would be necessarily indicated in the annotation and poster.
  91. 0
    7 November 2016 10: 31
  92. 0
    7 November 2016 14: 17
    The question is simple. Why should I, as a taxpayer, pay for the beautiful life of the creator Konstantin Raikin and not have from him what I like, and not brainless nonsense poorly played in his theater. In the USA there is censorship of money for purchased tickets and no government subsidies. The creator can show the bare asses of the artists and the state will not get anything for it, but the audience can also do mischief. If the creator has done something interesting to the viewer, there is income. If you didn’t do anything, you’re bankrupt and no one cares why the public didn’t like you. If you don’t watch the creator’s performances, it means you are not a creator, but a craftsman. And with us, a craftsman from art is also a creator at once. Kostya doesn’t need any censorship. He is creatively immature enough to censor. He showed off for no reason. It only disgraces the family name.

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