Jungle france How the streets of Paris turned into a camp of "refugees"

In France, the epic continues around the infamous refugee camp in Calais, which the press has nicknamed very succinctly - "Jungle". This tent camp in the suburb of Calais was known as the largest refugee camp in the country. Here concentrated numerous migrants who were going to cross the English Channel and get into the territory of Great Britain. The population of the tent camp numbered from six to eight thousand people. Basically, the inhabitants of the "Jungle" - people from Asian and African countries - Afghans, Somalis, Sudanese, Eritreans, Syrians. Existing for several years, the camp has become a source of increased danger to the local population. He fully justified his informal name - the real jungle. That there just did not happen. Then hundreds of migrants - "refugees" tried to storm the tunnel under the English Channel, trying to break through the police cordon. That group of Afghans raped a woman - a translator from Pashto, by the way - also a native of Afghanistan. At the same time, Afghans threatened the woman with knives.

Jungle france How the streets of Paris turned into a camp of "refugees"

In the end, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is about to run for president, promised the local people that as soon as he became President of France, he would immediately demolish the “Jungle”. Fearing that the residents of Kale would vote for Sarkozy, the incumbent head of state, Francois Hollande himself, turned to the city authorities demanding an end to the refugee camp. October 24 began the demolition of the "Jungle". Their inhabitants were supposed to be resettled to numerous temporary refugee accommodation centers, of which hundreds have appeared in France in recent years. But many migrants were extremely concerned about this decision of the authorities - they are afraid that they will be deported from a prosperous France to their homeland. However, the inhabitants of the "Jungle" were evicted by force, with the help of gendarmerie and police. The workers dismantled numerous tents and makeshift huts erected by the inhabitants of the camp. According to the press, there are only three huts that Sudanese have built for the administration of religious rites.

However, the sweep of the “Jungle” only complicated the situation with the “refugees” in France. The fact is that before the demolition of the tent camp, thousands of Asian and African migrants were concentrated in one place. After the police events, they literally wandered around the country. Although the leadership of the French law enforcement authorities promised that all the refugees from the “Jungle” would be evenly dispersed throughout the 450 refugee centers, in fact most of them did not want to go to the provincial towns of France, and even if they were taken there by the police, then they would I got out of the centers and left for larger cities. Indeed, in large cities there are much more opportunities for begging, criminal activities, and getting help from all kinds of volunteer organizations.

As was to be expected, at the end of 20's October numbers 2016, the inhabitants of the “Jungle” appeared on the streets of Paris. Mostly they come from Sudan and Eritrea. Dozens of tents with Africans began to appear on the streets of the French capital, right on the sidewalks, in parks and squares. At least 2,5 thousand people moved to Paris. Immediately after their appearance, complaints of citizens about the increase in street crime and hooligan behavior on the part of Sudanese people became more frequent. Spontaneous tent camps of the “children of the jungle” appeared near the “Stalingrad” metro station, on Avenue de Flandres and Joure. Most of the migrants had accumulated in the camp at the “Stalingrad” metro station, which the locals now prefer to avoid because they are afraid of falling victim to the attack of “thankful refugees”. In addition, citizens fear the spread of disease, as in the spontaneous refugee tent camps on the streets of the capital, there is complete lack of sanitation.

Pascal Bras, who heads the service for refugees and displaced persons, tried to reassure the Parisians, promising that the state was about to build two new temporary accommodation centers for refugees who could receive about one thousand Sudanese. But it is unlikely that these words of the official greatly pleased the residents of the French capital - it turns out that even after the construction of the centers, at least one and a half thousand Sudanese migrants will remain on the streets of the city. What to do with them? What will they do? The leadership of France is not yet able to give answers to these questions.

The police and gendarmerie to the best of their ability to try to respond to the presence of a huge number of migrants and refugees in the territory of the French capital. Periodically, illegal immigrants are detained and sent to temporary shelter centers for refugees, but they soon return to the streets of Paris. Despite the fact that for the second year they are trying to clear the capital of refugees, in reality they only get bigger and bigger.

By the way, the camps of African and Asian refugees appeared on the streets of the French capital even before the police and gendarmes eliminated the camp in Calais. The authorities of the French capital have repeatedly attempted to get rid of the tent cities on the streets of Paris, but to no avail. For example, in June 2016, the Paris authorities demolished a tent camp in which about a thousand immigrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea lived. The people who were in it were taken by buses to special centers for the accommodation of refugees, but soon they reappeared on the streets of Paris.

The inhabitants of the “Jungle” are not even Algerians or Moroccans, to whom the inhabitants of Paris are already more or less used. This, for example, comes from Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia. In Sudan, as is known, a civil war has been going on for a very long time in the Darfur region in the west of the country. Several years ago, South Sudan was proclaimed - so the region inhabited by Negroids - Christians or animists for the most part, finally separated from the Arab-Muslim Northern Sudan. But independence did not begin a new, peaceful and prosperous life for South Sudan. Immediately a new war broke out - this time between the Nuer and Nuer and Dinka peoples, which are the largest in the country.
The war in South Sudan is accompanied by numerous murders, rapes, looting of the civilian population, the genocide of entire tribes is carried out. Experts believe that the civil war that began after the independence of South Sudan was declared was the result of a clash of interests between the United States and China in this young African state. Be that as it may, the civilian population suffers in the first place. Escaping from the war, and indeed in search of a better life, the Sudanese flooded into Europe. This is completely alien to European culture and mentality of people who simply do not understand and do not know the basic rules of behavior and life in an unfamiliar country. It is worth noting that, unlike the same former French colonies in West Africa, the interior regions of Sudan were almost not familiar with European culture, there still remains a very archaic way of life.

Eritreans are not, in principle, refugees. Rather, they are simply migrants who have moved away from the rigid political regime that exists in their homeland. Eritrea has total unemployment. In order to minimize social discontent, the authorities of the country call all young people into the army, and already military units are used in the construction of facilities, in agricultural work, and so on. The conditions of service are harsh, food is practically absent, and an ordinary Eritrean during his youth may be called up for military service several times. Many people do not like it, so young men are fleeing from their home country to Europe or to Israel (another popular Eritrean migration trend, although recently the scale of migration from Eritrea to Israel has significantly decreased).

Somalis - immigrants from the country of permanent war. After the collapse of the regime of General Siad Barre, from the beginning of the 1990-ies in Somalia is a bloody civil war. As a result of the hostilities, the country actually fell apart, the central government does not control the situation. Naturally, in such conditions, there is no question of the full socio-economic development of the country, so more and more new refugee groups are leaving it. In the overwhelming majority, these are people with absolutely no education, no qualifications, and without the slightest idea of ​​how people live and behave in modern European countries.

Another large group of “refugees” is people from Afghanistan. These are typical representatives of the Middle East, who also had little contact with European culture. Among them are many people with direct experience of participation in hostilities, or - "children of war". Violence and cruelty for them - quite a common thing, and when they get into an environment where most people simply can not resist them, it takes a very pitiful momentum. It would seem that in this case the French law enforcement agencies should take all possible measures to protect the citizens of the country from the dangerous neighborhood. But it was not there. This is due to the notorious migration policy of the European Union, which provides for an overly liberal attitude of the authorities towards the incessant flow of “refugees” and migrants, and conniving at the hooligan and extremist tricks on their part. The gendarmes and police do not have the ability to fully respond to the behavior of "refugees" and migrants, which creates additional problems. We already wrote how the police in Paris were forced to go to the night demonstration in protest against the violation of their rights. This is just one of the testimonies of the entire complexity of the situation that has developed around migrants and “refugees” in France.

On the other hand, a number of left-liberal organizations have now launched a “campaign of help” to the former inhabitants of the “Jungle” who moved to the streets of Paris. Volunteers of these organizations distribute food, clothing, and tents to Africans who sleep on the streets of Paris, convincing the latter even more of the possibility of quietly living in France in idleness and for other people's money. If the volunteers and the state would not assist the so-called. "Refugees", most of them would be forced to either seek any employment opportunity, or return to their homeland. But while you can eat and get clothes for free, which of them will work or, moreover, leave such a “fertile” place?

Levatsk and liberal organizations also serve as the main street support lobbyists for migration and the reception of refugees. It is the leftists who take to the streets of Paris, being ready even to enter into confrontation with the police, just to protect the interests of the Sudanese, Eritrean and other refugees who are so fond of them. At a higher level, officials and politicians who are focused on the political course of the European Union and completely neglect the interests of the French people are lobbying for migration flows. Perhaps, that among ordinary French people there is only hope for a change in the situation in the event of the victory of such candidates as Marie Le Pen. But, of course, it is unlikely she will be allowed to take the post of head of the French state.

Meanwhile, October 30 François Hollande promised - this time to the Parisians, not the residents of Calais, that the tent camp of the “jungle children” would be demolished by the authorities. The president promised to create special centers for refugees in 9 000 in France and stressed that he no longer intends to tolerate “migrant camps that violate national solidarity values”. Hollande resorts to such harsh rhetoric because the failure of his migration and national policies is quite obvious. Now the main task of the president is to prevent the final disappointment of the French voter in his activities. Otherwise, he may lose the support even of socialists and, by the way, of the same second and third generation migrants - descendants of French North African descendents - just as uncomfortable to be in a situation of constant threat from the "refugees" as well as ethnic French.

However, one should not exclude the fact that the demolition of tent camps in Paris itself can develop into real street clashes between police and migrants, as well as all sorts of leftists who will inevitably come to the aid of migrants, embodying “civil society support”. The population of the tent camps largely consists of strong young people 16-40 years, and not from the unfortunate women, children and the elderly, who appear to us at the word "refugees". These young men are fighting, arrogant, and most importantly - they have absolutely nothing to lose. In France, nothing worse can happen to them to return to their homeland, so they will be ready to literally fight to the last, just to stay in Europe in favorable conditions for themselves. The process of forcibly placing refugees in special centers, which, by the way, were originally intended for this, is likely to be very painful for the French authorities.

The situation with the so-called. "Refugees" and illegal migrants in France went very far. Now, in order to normalize the situation in the country, to solve the problem of the existence of permanent hotbeds of crime and instability, a radical revision of the country's migration policy is necessary, including in the direction of uncompromising deportation of migrants illegally staying in the country. Only in this case, you can count on the fact that the problem will be solved at least partially. But the French authorities will not agree to such a tough policy, otherwise their actions will run counter to the course of the European Union and the “overseas partner”. Therefore, the population of the country is actually left alone with this most serious problem.
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  1. +12
    2 November 2016 15: 11
    France, the next Germany and .. and all.
    There are no longer strong states on the continent of Europe (not counting Russia). And it turns out, but what happens ...
    The Britons "threw" the EU, and will clog up on the islands. Small ethnic cleansing in Britain will go completely unnoticed at the level of the war that will be in the EU between migrants and "indigenous". Thus, we get: the thief took the club away from the thief.
    Europe has enriched itself in robbery, and when it becomes dangerous to rob (Russia has nuclear weapons and the habit of winning in wars) because you can get it by the head - you have to rob the robbers themselves.
    The beneficiaries of all this action are arrogant Saxons. But the NATO contingents, so that the population would not twitch, or you never know what ... Well, the reason seems to be there: Russia is aggressive (according to NATO and their media).
    The EU will be thrown back to the level of countries that cannot fully provide for themselves, and here they will be finished off ...
    Bravo Britta, bravo!
    1. CAM
      2 November 2016 15: 45
      So it is. + The Britons jumped off the roasting, and even in Calais, the wall being built France becomes one 13th district, and the rest seems to be shining on the shore.
      1. +1
        2 November 2016 16: 12
        This "tabor" will show you where the crayfish hibernate.
    2. 0
      2 November 2016 20: 26
      such a nuance ...
      all countries of eastern europe, including the Baltic states, are champions in terms of the percentage of infected hiv. and refugees and countries filled with refugees are practically safe in this regard. the question is: if there are clear facts that HIV is nothing but a means of controlling dissidents, but as a medical factor, which is a myth, why does our government (and I don’t say others care about them) support and finance such a lie?
      I don’t mention other types of lies that allow manipulating the consciousness of the masses.
      ps by the way, here's the answer to the question, why do people in Ukraine suffer such bullying ...
  2. +1
    2 November 2016 15: 49
    jump, jump and rake again! Geyropovtsy reappeared! laughing And GDP WARNED!
  3. 0
    2 November 2016 16: 04
    They destroyed the USSR, for some reason created the EU ...
    Now Russia has begun to rise, the EU has begun to deflate ...
    Therefore, migrants of all stripes are the striking force of the EU destroyer,
    BUT ... the author didn’t designate it for us, he moved the arrows from the prechina to the investigation.
    Article minus.
  4. 0
    2 November 2016 16: 16
    When comes the realization that tolerance is their main enemy, what do you think?
    1. +2
      2 November 2016 16: 24
      I think it will come as soon as the migrants actually capture some city. But only in one country. That is, for example - unrest began in Poland, everyone else will "gaze with strange longing, how the city decided to resist." In other words, if it does not blaze immediately and everywhere, but consistently, then awareness will not come. Rather, it will come to the last two countries ... Hehe ...
      But it will be too late.
  5. 0
    2 November 2016 16: 34
    Calmly, boys, he's putting things in order here ...

  6. +6
    2 November 2016 16: 58
    1. 0
      3 November 2016 03: 32
      HA ETOM PHOTO USA sad (like bi)
  7. +3
    2 November 2016 17: 36
    I remember about two years ago, on the central television showed the Roma who rushed from Romania to France, after the admission of this Romania to the EU. The gypsies were "flowers", but the "berries" were ripe. One thing I don't understand is how it was possible to bring several hundred million educated people to such a state with propaganda? The impression is that they already have it at the genetic level. Their migrants put "ra ..", and they consider this position normal. At the same time, we are considered "poor". And our "liberasts" look in their mouths. For free (visa-free) travel to Europe, they are ready to sell their homeland. Yes, of course, I really want the authorities to listen to the people, so that officials would steal less. But not at this price.
  8. +6
    2 November 2016 19: 07
    Recently I was traveling with my colleagues on the Dunkirk-Paris (Charles de Gaulle) train. There was one transplant. It was simply not possible to get on the train, a huge crowd of people had accumulated at the entrance, everyone sat down slowly, shoving their luggage into the storage places that were near the entrance. The train itself was dirty, the carpeted floor was in some kind of stains, as if it was either pecked or stabbed to death. Many of the soft seats were dirty, as if greasy, unwashed hands were constantly wiping on them. Trash-cups, wrappers from "snacks" and so on were scattered around. An uncontrollable horde of Arab children was screaming along the carriage, periodically devouring something and throwing the half-eaten on the floor. Two of my colleagues talked to each other in Russian, obviously I heard this from which the audience was constantly loitering from car to car. As a result, the police approached them and asked them to show their documents and took them to the vestibule where their luggage was searched. Not finding anything reprehensible, after half an hour they were released .... Europe.
  9. 0
    2 November 2016 19: 14
    You have to pay for everything! And let the United States and the fucking coalition say thanks again laughing
  10. +4
    2 November 2016 19: 23
    Paris ... France, but how many were there? We leave aside cultural heritage, museums, architecture and more. It is truly admirable. What about the rest? And for some reason no one talks about it. But will you believe that long before the refugees in the very center of Paris, around the square of the Elf Tower, there were tents of closharov (in our homeless people). Separate individuals even managed to take them for several days to Russian extremals. All the grass zaa to disgrace. And who watched the dirt and not well-groomed on the streets? And how did the locals shy away from these closhars? And how is this different from today's refugee camps?
    And in the shops you want to buy a real French perfume, cognac or something else. Whatever the case, basically everything is Polish ... The present should be searched properly. And not the fact that you find. In general, decay began there long ago. Refugees play the role of a catalyst, so what is there to blame them all. Europe is with them, that without them it will degrade anyway. With refugees only faster.
    1. 0
      2 November 2016 20: 25
      I fully subscribe, it was just that I was whored by cars and instead of a bypass they went across Paris (since then I have been writing with a small letter), it’s a pity I forgot my photos on my hard drive, but I completely agree with you, pigsty, and not the city of love Yes But a couple of pictures on the topic of the site is what I share with the forum users with pleasure laughing As I understand it, the commander’s (it’s not even interesting to know what’s called) laughing
      1. 0
        2 November 2016 20: 27
        well, I don’t know, probably theirs "kayfun" smile they moved at a speed of 60-75 km maximum
        1. +1
          2 November 2016 20: 29
          And these tourists are rogue from Russia wink
  11. +1
    2 November 2016 19: 27
    What these Europeans turned Europe into is terrible, already in the early 00s on the eve of 2000, being in France he himself was struck by the dominance of niggas from Africa, selling all kinds of crap needed and unnecessary, but vigorously driving passers-by ... DOESN'T MEET THE STATUS OF FRANCE SUCH ANYTHING CONTINGENT-this is nonsense and humiliation of the nation ....
  12. +2
    2 November 2016 20: 56
    Dear commentators, do not wishful thinking. If in Europe it would be as bad as they write and speak on our TV, then our officials, deputies, businessmen, cultural figures, etc., figures did not go there and the children lived there.
    1. +3
      2 November 2016 21: 06
      You have to go and see for yourself. On TV, just beauty is shown. Advertising for fools and suckers. Try not to travel on a tour. How many unexpected things will you discover. And then remember and understand the meaning of the statement - "to see Paris and die", or "Foggy Albion" ... Everything will be honest.
    2. +2
      2 November 2016 21: 19
      Maaaaaaalenky clarification.

      With SUCH money, you can live well here. We are not talking about those who buy palaces for themselves, but about those who live and work - the so-called. middle class. Those who do not live in their suburban residences with security, but who coexist next to the "come in large numbers" ...
  13. +1
    2 November 2016 21: 24
    Here it is - the revenge of M. Gaddafi! Citizens keep old records with French films, there will be something to remember.
  14. 0
    2 November 2016 22: 51
    Well, nafig such an article.
    Today a visitor came to me with the words "At least look at Russian faces"
    Another hungover guest of the capital (and in fact its owner has long been a long time ago) shot down five at the bus stop at the wheel of a minibus.
  15. 0
    3 November 2016 13: 49
    Met a few people who moved back to Russia from Germany. They say there is not very good. According to them, in Europe now only in England is normal.
  16. +1
    4 November 2016 17: 31
    Having existed for several years, the camp has become a source of increased danger to the local population.
    Not only France, but the entire foolish Europe faced the consequences of its own foreign policy, and it has no idea what to do next. And who is there to be offended at? Was it not by order of Sarkozy that the French were bombing Libya? They destroyed what had been created there for decades - factories, cities, scientific institutes. There were places of work and earnings not only for Libyans, but also for many foreigners, for example, our specialists from Russia have worked in Libya since Soviet times ... But the United States needed to adjust oil prices - and so, get it, gentlemen, Europeans! You have done the dirty work for Uncle Sam - and now resettle those whom you yourself have deprived of their homes and jobs ... It's time to send all the accomplices of the "Arab Spring" to The Hague, and not only the "Muslim Brotherhood" to judge by their place of residence ... The whole scam cost the EU and Eurasia too much. But gentlemen humanists do not consider this a "crime against humanity", doing in fact again dirty work - which was once engaged in under Hitler and Remus stormtroopers in Germany ... No matter how dear it cost them.

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