Western opinion: Russians won in Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense has notified the Pentagon that attempts by the US Air Force to bomb targets in Syria without permission from the Kremlin will receive a forceful response, they write in the West. Foreign analysts conclude: Putin has achieved strategic goals in Syria. He saved the Assad regime, and the Americans managed to portray the villains who support the terrorists. Obama with his policy sat in a puddle.

Западное мнение: русские победили в Сирии

John schindler in Observer actually recognized Putin as the winner in Syria.

A few days ago, Donald Trump, a US presidential candidate, accused rival Hillary Clinton of recklessness: they say she is seeking confrontation with Russia because of Syria, but she is not sufficiently concerned about the "Islamic state" (prohibited in the Russian Federation).

According to Trump, you should focus on the "IG", and not concentrate on Syria. If you listen to Hillary, you can be on the verge of a third world war.

The journalist notes that Trump essentially voiced (“repeated as a parrot”) the Kremlin’s foreign policy line.

In recent months, the author recalls, the Kremlin has made it clear to Washington that Americans should keep their nose away from further participation in the Syrian civil war. In October, the Russian Ministry of Defense, which strengthened its air defense systems in Syria with modern C-300 and C-400 complexes, and this despite the fact that IG does not have airplanes, told the Pentagon that any efforts by the US Air Force aimed at bombing targets in Syria without the approval of Moscow, stumble upon the use of force without delay and hesitation.

Hot statement! But why not? In Syria, the analyst believes, Putin achieved his strategic goals: he kept the Assad regime, at the same time creating the image of the West as a gathering of stupid and villains supporting jihadists.

Not so long ago, President B.H. Obama predicted that the Russians would get bogged down in Syria just as Soviet troops were stuck on 10 years in Afghanistan, or like the Americans had settled in Iraq at the time. Obama was wrong. By the way, the Pentagon knew perfectly well that the Russian military would welcome an operation in Syria.

Americans need to accept the situation as a given.

Further, the author draws a parallel between the situation in Syria and historical situation in the former Yugoslavia. Both confrontations in ethnically and religiously diverse states "were unnatural," Schindler believes. Yugoslavia actually collapsed exactly 20 years before Syria began to boil, but the conflicts that led to the disaster of the two states now seem similar: a cruel mishmash of opposing groups, religious and ethnic extremism, contempt for civilians.

There is a difference: helping Assad Russia can change the outcome of the conflict in Syria.

If Moscow after the defeat of the Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the “Soviet empire” was powerless to save Yugoslavia from Western aggression (this is the “Russian term,” the author adds), then in Syria Moscow recovering from its former geopolitical weakness may become a winner.

Thus, for Putin, the Syrian intervention represents an “unequivocal victory on the world stage”. The fruit of this victory can be a demonstration in geopolitics of behavior that can be described as follows: unlike Washington, Moscow will stand up for its friends.

There are reasons for such an interpretation of behavior on the world stage. For example, Hosni Mubarak, a loyal ally of the United States who ruled Egypt for three decades, but whose regime collapsed in the 2011 year, did not receive support from Washington. President Obama, contrary to the advice of his national security experts, gave Mubarak "to be torn apart by mob," and did not even want to answer his phone calls.

Russians responded to the request of Assad in Syria. Bashar al-Assad "received all the help he requested from Moscow," writes Schindler. Russia rescued Assad, not caring a bit about the cries from the international community and non-governmental organizations.

This signal is not missed in the Middle East. It is not surprising that even Israel is now seeking to enter into negotiations with Moscow: in fact, Moscow has now replaced Washington as a new regional sheriff. Egypt also renewed security ties with the Kremlin.

True, the author of the material in the Observer does not consider that Putin and his ministers are “strategic geniuses”. Not at all. Putin and his ministers "acted cynically and cunningly in Syria," but the White House, which failed, gave the opportunity to them, whose owner demonstrated "stunning, unprecedented foreign policy incompetence." Again and again, Obama and his entourage made mistakes and eventually turned foreign policy into some kind of amateur activity. These losers were again and again conquered by Russians who looked at American politicians "with undisguised contempt."

On the portal "Antimedia" An article by James Holbrux has been published, which believes that the Russians are implementing a whole strategy around Syria.

In connection with some deterioration in relations with the United States and the strengthening of cooperation with Russia, Turkey is trying to become a “military joker” in the Middle East. There is also a well-known economic evidence of the deepening of Russian-Turkish relations: both countries signed an agreement on the construction of an undersea pipeline through which natural gas will soon be delivered to Europe.

Well, and Egypt. In mid-October, the press reported that Russia and Egypt would conduct joint military exercises for the first time in history. This was followed by news of the sale by Russia of helicopters to this North African country and the desire to invest billions in Egyptian infrastructure. In addition, Egypt seeks to see Russians again as tourists.

Look at the map: Egypt is located opposite Turkey, between them lies the Mediterranean Sea. This means that when the Russian fleet reaches the Mediterranean, it can either stay in these waters and engage in Aleppo bombings, or simply show the Russian power to the world. Some analysts think so. Other experts note that Russia will be surrounded by friends: Turkey, Syria and Egypt.

A good geographical position for someone who intends to build a gas pipeline! Turkey, by the way, shares the northern border with the Black Sea, which is connected to the southern coast of Russia. And in recent years, the Black Sea has simply been "teeming with Russian warships."

This is what we get?

And it turns out that Comrade Putin deftly hid his country with the help of Turkey and Egypt from the encroachments of the West, accusing Russia of "aggression." But both Turkey and Egypt were previously loyal allies of the United States.

At least some analysts in the West see the situation in this way.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for topwar.ru
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    1. +8
      2 November 2016 15: 30
      Here it is, the GAS PIPELINE! Eat it ... In Libya, this was not ..
      1. +17
        2 November 2016 15: 47
        Quote: dmi.pris
        Here it is, the GAS PIPELINE! Eat it ... In Libya, this was not ..

        How to know. If you run a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe, then neither Syria nor Libya can be circumvented. But if you hold it, then the United States, which has a considerable influence on Qatar and will develop these gas fields, will receive considerable profits and are able to squeeze Russia out of the European market. Gaddafi and Assad were opposed. Then think for yourself why they destroyed Libya and tried to destroy Syria.
        1. +4
          2 November 2016 18: 01
          Quote: square
          If you run a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe, then neither Syria nor Libya can be circumvented.

          And Libya, located in the north of Africa, which side can interfere?
          1. +1
            3 November 2016 07: 23
            Iraq, not Libya, was more likely meant. Here is a diagram across Syria.
          2. +1
            3 November 2016 07: 26
            But this scheme with the option through Iraq.
      2. +2
        4 November 2016 22: 16
        Quote: dmi.pris
        Here it is, the GAS PIPELINE! Eat it ... In Libya, this was not ..

        Yes Yes! All this bloody catastrophe in the Middle East was started by the Yankees because of gas and oil profits ...
    2. +1
      2 November 2016 15: 44
      A very non-trivial point of view ...
      1. +1
        2 November 2016 16: 15
        Yes, this has long been known!
    3. +10
      2 November 2016 15: 53
      We should not deceive ourselves. Flattery dampens.
      1. +3
        2 November 2016 16: 06
        Fear Danians bringing gifts ...
    4. +3
      2 November 2016 15: 53
      What can you do, the Americans need to be wiser to choose the president, and the president himself should not forget that the king is made by the retinue, and the cadres decide everything, it means taking people to the administration with brains in their heads, not with jelly. recourse
    5. +15
      2 November 2016 15: 55
      If we omit the emotional component, whether in the article or in myself, after reading it, I come to only one conclusion, knocking out all the results for today: Syria is undoubtedly our tactical victory. I think that talking about a strategic victory in modern politics in general, and in the Middle East in particular, is not entirely correct. In my opinion, it is obvious that our leadership (in whose person it is clear who) is most likely to have a strategic goal (no one will tell us this), but is moving towards this goal with tactical segments. Accurately and accurately. God grant ...
    6. +5
      2 November 2016 16: 20
      Russia will be surrounded friends on three sides: Turkey from the north, Syria from the east and Egypt from the south.

      Friends ?!
    7. +2
      2 November 2016 16: 20
      Russia's victory in Syria will be when there is a stable situation. As the last offensive of the Jabberwockers near Aleppo shows. they still have powers, and the sponsors have coins. Victory is still a long way off.
    8. +6
      2 November 2016 16: 27
      Turkey, I would be careful not to write to the allies !! Behind them, an eye is needed.
      1. 0
        2 November 2016 19: 38
        Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.
    9. +7
      2 November 2016 16: 43
      An operation in Syria is a real need, if we had delayed a little more, we would have been squeezed out of the European gas market. It’s not just that the European Union put sticks into the South Stream project, everything was done with the knowledge and at the direction of the United States and in their interests. And the interest is to replace Russian gas with Qatari in Europe and have a good income from this. Nothing personal, only business is a Yankee favorite saying.
    10. +4
      2 November 2016 17: 47
      Well, at least honestly, the interests of Gazprom, the interests of the Russian Federation.
      Although the namesake article says "friends" and mentions Turkey ..
      The Russian Federation does not have such friends! Turkey has its own interests. Iran has its own. Interests temporarily coincide at a specific point.
      As they said cynically, "the victory of the Russian Federation" in this war will be in the war itself (the longer it goes on, the less likely the gas pipeline is). Winning is optional - the main thing is not to let anyone win.
      1. +1
        2 November 2016 18: 19
        Quote: Retvizan
        As they said cynically, "the victory of the Russian Federation" in this war will be in the war itself (the longer it goes on, the less likely the gas pipeline is).

        It is argued that one of the main reasons for the "Maidan" in Syria is precisely the reluctance of the Assad government to lay a transit pipeline through its territory. It is unlikely that anything will change in the foreseeable future.
        1. 0
          2 November 2016 18: 30
          Russia's victory in the Syrian war is to expand Russia's interests in the Middle East and cut back on US interests and more.

          One scoop of Turkey’s interests is worth what - we want to drive through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles and would like to spit on the entire Turkish military machine, including US nuclear bombs at Incirlik airbase.

          And if Turkey moves to block the straits, we will turn it into nuclear ashes with all Turkish 100500 + F-35. The military doctrine of the Russian Federation allows.
    11. +1
      2 November 2016 17: 55
      The West is "moving away" from the euphoria of the 90s. There is no colossus on feet of clay, there is an "adversary" worthy in all respects, and the sooner they begin to understand and accept, the faster the relationship will improve.
    12. 0
      2 November 2016 18: 31
      "... through which natural gas will soon be supplied to Europe."
      And what does he think about this comrade Zhukov European Commission?
    13. +3
      2 November 2016 19: 34
      Yes, the VICTORY will be ours:
    14. 0
      2 November 2016 19: 54
      What is "victory in Syria"? This is not a systematic approach. It's impossible to win. The task is to survive. Survived means won.
      1. +1
        3 November 2016 00: 36
        Russia, in principle, cannot win in Syria, because in Syria the Arabs are cooler than all, as in Vietnam - the Vietnamese, and in Russia - the Russians, for example, and Putin understands this perfectly well, but to do so that our Arabs won, Russia may well, - what it is doing, because "their" democratic Arabs, in principle, do not exist, and to solve its problems the West uses terrorist bandits, who in any case will have to be rolled.
    15. +1
      2 November 2016 20: 03
      Would live ten years! Maybe some new V. Pikul or Yu. Semenov will reveal all the secrets of today's events. It will be very interesting to read.
    16. +2
      3 November 2016 00: 13
      Russia has no friends (in fact, there shouldn't be any). Everyone whom we considered "friends" were friends with us for their interest, and as soon as this interest ended, the "friends" turned their backs at best. So you can only count on Army and Navy and strengthen them in every possible way. (Last winter, the leadership of the city of Genichesk turned to Russia for help because of the lack of gas, survived the winter and in the spring cheerfully reported to their president that they were ready to repel Russian aggression. New winter is coming and history repeats itself - really we will again step on the old rake? But he was considered a brotherly people.)
      1. +3
        4 November 2016 22: 39
        There was no need to destroy the USSR, then REAL friends would not have to show the figs, and they, in turn, would turn their backs ... And since they themselves destroyed, now there is nothing to blame on former friends. Remember how respected Russia has treated Yugoslavia, Cuba, Vietnam, not to mention the Union republics ... hence the result ...
        1. +1
          6 November 2016 20: 13
          Quote: Former battalion commander
          It was not necessary to destroy the USSR ... And since they themselves destroyed, now there is nothing to blame on former friends. Remember how respected Russia has treated Yugoslavia, Cuba, Vietnam, not to mention the Union republics ...

          - that is, the Union destroyed the Russian Federation? belay
          - "Did I ruin the chapel too?" (from) fool
          1. +1
            6 November 2016 21: 25
            Quote: Cat Man Null
            about is the Union destroyed the Russian Federation

            - Yes, they realized for three - besides Russia, both Ukraine and Belarus were noted ... Your knowledge of recent history is simply depressing. Or did Kazakhstan destroy the Soviet Union? Nazarbayev flew to Belovezhskaya Pushcha and whispered into the ears of all three leaders of the Slavic states and beguiled them laughing Yes, probably it was. It’s like men, and the memory is like that of a woman. The truth is being warmed - a person forgets what he wants to forget. No, brothers, it’s impossible to forget, as long as there are people who wanted to preserve the USSR, we saw and heard everything with our own ears, he goes to the referendum and who implemented the Union Agreement in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, he personally saw it. Oh, and by the way, it's time to throw off the loafers from Asia, like, enough to feed the parasites! and to live humanly - this is also often heard, moreover, this was the prevailing opinion of all the people of the Russian Federation of that time. So, let’s not have a la-la here - to be pretended by white sheep and innocent victims. Sami broke firewood - have the courage and look in the mirror.
            1. 0
              6 November 2016 21: 32
              Quote: aksakal
              Your knowledge of recent history is simply depressing

              - this is not my "knowledge", read the comment above mine more accusative...

              aksakal, so what are you straining something like that? Did someone offend you? So it’s definitely not me, call request

              All that I wanted to convey to the comrade Former battalion commander (under Belarusian, m / y by the way, with the flag), you yourself said explicitly:

              Quote: aksakal
              in addition to Russia, there is Ukraine, and Belarus noted

              And all yes
    17. 0
      3 November 2016 08: 52
      The famous multi-way GDP. good
    18. +2
      3 November 2016 09: 10
      True, the author of the material in The Observer does not believe that Putin and his ministers are “strategic geniuses.” Not at all. Putin and his ministers “acted cynically and insidiously in Syria,” but they were given the opportunity by the blaming White House, whose master demonstrated “stunning, unprecedented foreign policy incompetence.”

      The behavior of the West in the Middle East is cynical, but not of Russia at all. The cynicism of Putin and the authorities as a whole is in relation to his people, I hope so far his own.
    19. +1
      3 November 2016 10: 04
      He saved the Assad regime, and managed to portray the Americans as villains supporting terrorists.

      Considering that the Assad himself is a butcher who is still at war with such allies as the Ksir - a recognized terrorist organization and Hezbollah (recognized even by the Arab League as terrorists), that statement is far-fetched, to put it mildly. In addition, in the "west" Assad is not considered an independent political figure, it is just the talking head of Iran and a little bit of the Russian Federation ...
      smoothly of course it was on paper ... to defeat everyone ....
      1. +3
        4 November 2016 22: 33
        Judging by the flag, your comment could not be read. It’s a song about a butcher. Israel and the Jews are so simply fluffy here like kittens. But in fact, all the porridge and blood in the Middle East IS THE RESULT OF ACTION OF Israel. Without Israel, there would have been quiet and calm. Here are some who are butchers, so this is the Israeli leadership and the people there are also the same.
        1. +1
          4 November 2016 22: 41
          Quote: Former battalion commander
          Without Israel, it would have been quiet and peaceful ...

          - ABOUT HOW ... belay
          - and what - BEFORE Israel came to BV (at least someday) was it "quiet and calm"?
          - I do not believe (c) Stanislavsky
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. 0
            5 November 2016 00: 46
            Quote: Cat Man Null
            and what - BEFORE Israel appeared in the BV (at least someday) it was "quiet and calm"?

            There were still British, French, Germans, Italians, without them, yes, it would be quiet and calm, the Arabs themselves are not soft militant people, and Islam is a peaceful religion, especially in comparison with Catholics and other sectarians (Protestants, Anglicans and etc.)
            1. 0
              7 November 2016 23: 42
              Quote: KaPToC

              and Islam is a peaceful religion

              Quran, surah xnumx ayah xnumx:
              "Kill them (the polytheists) wherever you meet them, and drive them out of where they drove you from. Temptation is worse than murder. But do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight you in it. If but they will fight with you, then kill them. Such is the reward for the unbelievers! "
              Sura 4, ayah 89:
              "They want you to become unbelievers like them, and that you would be equal. Therefore, do not take them as your helpers and friends until they migrate in the way of Allah. If they turn away, then grab them and kill them wherever you are. they were not found. Do not take from them either patrons or assistants. "
              Surah 8 ayah 12:
              "Here is your Lord inspired the angels:" I am with you. Strengthen those who believe! I will strike terror into the hearts of those who do not believe. Chop off their heads and chop off all their fingers. "
              Surah 8 ayah 39:
              "Fight them until the temptation disappears and until the religion (worship) is completely devoted to Allah. If they stop, then Allah sees what they are doing."
              Surah 9 ayah 5:
              "When the forbidden months are over, kill the polytheists, wherever you find them, take them prisoner, besiege them and arrange any ambush for them. If they repent and begin to pray and pay zakat, then release them, for Allah - Forgiving, Merciful "
              Surah 9 ayah 29:
              "Fight with those of the people of the Book who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day, who do not consider it forbidden that Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, who do not profess the true religion, until they pay tribute with their own hands, remaining humiliated. "
              Surah 9 ayah 73:
              "O Prophet! Fight against unbelievers and hypocrites and be hard on them. Gehenna will be their refuge. How bad this place of arrival is! (Even the prophet is pushed to battle)"

              There are "Tafsirs" - which in Russian means "Interpretations" for each sura and each ayat from the Koran, calls for murder are confirmed in all tafsirs. hmm .... a peaceful religion. I do not want to offend anyone, and even more so - to offend. I just read the Koran in Russian and found everything quoted above. Therefore, my question is - what was the basis for the conclusion about a peaceful religion? if possible - justify your words please. maybe I just misunderstand something
              1. +1
                8 November 2016 10: 11
                Dear Arameev, you read the Torah, or the Bible. I’ll draw your attention to the fact that the Quran calls for fighting on the threshold of the Mosque, that is, it is not a call to violence, it is a call to defend oneself.
                1. +1
                  8 November 2016 12: 52
                  Quote: KaPToC
                  you read the Torah, or the Bible. ... this is not a call to violence ....

                  already! read carefully even before your advice. but the words and direct instructions "Kill them (polytheists), wherever you meet them", "Chop off their heads and chop off all their fingers" did not find either in the Torah, much less in the Bible. As for the Protected Mosque, I agree that this part of the verse speaks of defense. but! literally the previous phrase in the same verse ?! come on ... don't deny the obvious or provide an explanation.
                  with respect ....
                  1. +1
                    8 November 2016 14: 44
                    Quote: Arameev
                    already! read carefully before your advice.

                    I had no doubt about this; it is such a turn of speech.
                    Quote: Arameev
                    not found in the Torah, much less in the Bible

                    And you read it ALL, and not just fragments that are pleasant to hearing.
                    Quote: Arameev
                    but words and direct instructions "Kill them (polytheists)

                    Goy Heh! No kidding.
                    Although ... in every joke there is a fraction ... jokes.
                    Quote: Arameev
                    literally the previous phrase in the same ayah ?! well ... do not deny the obvious or explain.

                    I do not deny the obvious, Islam is a rather aggressive religion, but in comparison with the Catholic religions and all kinds of Anglicans, Protestants and other sectarians, as well as in comparison with your Jewish religion, Muslims are peaceful people.
                    1. 0
                      9 November 2016 13: 56
                      Quote: KaPToC
                      in comparison with the Catholic religions and all sorts of Anglicans, Protestants and other sectarians, as well as in comparison with your Jewish religion, Muslims are peaceful people.

                      I think it is a big mistake not to separate the teaching itself from the actions of its (teaching) adepts. I grew up in the Caucasus, among the Muslims there, and by and large, I can't say anything bad about those people. mostly good. I mean that I have absolutely no prejudice. Islam itself as a religion is another matter. teaching. in my opinion, this is a very aggressive teaching. the fact that the crusaders and other inquisitors, with the name of Christ, have been doing evil for centuries, no one disputes. but nowhere in the Bible or in the Torah is there a direct indication of "kill him." if you, dear KARTOS, do not agree with this, then give at least a couple of quotes from primary sources. I will note right away - not the interpretation of this or that piece of the Bible or the Torah, but the direct speech - "kill" !! for now, I remain unconvinced: Islam cannot be called a peaceful religion.
                      with respect ...
          3. +1
            5 November 2016 12: 19
            And what was troubled there? Alavbars squabbled among themselves and no one had any idea about them until oil was needed and the British dug in there. And off we go.
      2. 0
        5 November 2016 12: 17
        Your call is very important to us, stay on the line, the operator will answer you ...
      3. 0
        6 November 2016 21: 41
        Quote: MarioG
        asad is a butcher in himself still a warrior

        - facts to the studio. Where is at least one head cut off by Assad fighters? And from the opponents of this butcher, as you put it, this video is more than enough, even children are cut heads! am Your sympathies scare. From the bay, flounders were called the butcher of the eye doctor, and he throws us here .... Your premieres are better? They rape their own secretaries - the noise is there, but all the same - to call the head of the neighboring state a butcher and on this basis to support real thugs - this is always welcome.
        Quote: MarioG
        ksir - a recognized terrorist organization and hezbollah (recognized even by the League of Arab States as terrorists)
        - not at all credibility. The fact that the IRGC is recognized as a terrorist organization is the same as recognizing Iran as a terrorist state. But he is not such, in fact, Iran is simply a strong opponent of Israel and Saudi Arabia in the struggle for influence on the BV, that’s all. Without Iran, both the Saudis and the Jews will become completely rabid, on a shaver flying over the palace of the president of a neighboring state, etc. So Iran is that cat that you would not be a borzoi. On terror in Russia - there are no traces of Iran there. But Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the West have inherited from the heart. So your version of Shiite terrorists does not stand up to criticism, the Russian experience clearly suggests this. It’s hard to call Hezbollah a terrorist organization — as it turns out, it’s a completely militant organization and it is fighting with you as a military organization, and not as a terrorist organization.
      4. 0
        8 November 2016 00: 36
        Quote: MarioG

        Given that Assad itself is still a butcher

        buddy, I certainly understand your antipathy to the Assad (and I myself do not feel sympathy for him for obvious reasons), but I am sure that he is no more a "butcher" than any other representative of those in power. talk to our Arabesses who visited Syria before current events. according to their stories, it was a completely ordinary, secular (as far as possible in Arab realities) country. and all these ... passions-muzzles - I think, nothing more than the propaganda of our and Western media. just Qatar (read - USA) really needs a pipeline to the Mediterranean coast. and Assad ... you yourself say, pro-Iranian. forced to be pro-Iranian, given his Alawite descent and the Sunni majority in his country. and since he is pro-Iranian, it means he will not accept any Qatari-Saudi-American projects a priori. but the states still need a pipe !!! Well this is the most direct way to create very serious problems for Russian gas in Geyrope. and this, as you understand, is a considerable part of the Russian budget. that's the whole secret of his .... "butchery". well this is my personal IMHO
        1. 0
          8 November 2016 01: 26
          The war in Syria is quite possible as planned by the initiators - Qatar and Saudi Arabia - as a war for gas pipelines, but it ends as a war for scrapping US dominance (along with their local allies) in the Middle East.

          The mere sending of Egyptian instructors (Sunnis) to the aid of the Syrian government army, the growing political split between Turkey and NATO countries and the introduction of American ground forces in Mosul is expensive.

          Everything is exactly according to the proverb: "Don't dig another hole" bully
    20. +1
      4 November 2016 22: 28
      Similar articles in the West are practiced to lull the vigilance of enemies. So it is here. It is possible that Trump supporters drown Clintonsha with similar articles. In any case, if you wave it, you need to beat with all your might, and not as the Russian leadership does it - then a truce, then the corridors.
    21. 0
      8 November 2016 20: 35
      That should worry least of all what the next "observer" is scribbling there. That is not our joy, but as someone already said in the comments, this is clearly a Trump order during the presidential race in the United States. Just another lump of earth to Obama, ricochet over the Clintons. They are having fun, bourgeois overseas.

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