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Israel has refused to sell UAE Dominator drone

Israel has refused to sell UAE Dominator drone

The Israeli Ministry of Defense blocked a deal to sell UAVs Dominator XP to the United Arab Emirates. Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems, engaged in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, the reason for the ban is not explained. The Israeli Defense Ministry also does not disclose the reason for blocking supplies of Dominator XP UAE.

The UAE, in turn, said that Israel had received an advance payment for the vehicles, and the delivery of UAVs should have started as soon as possible. It is not yet known at what time the deal was made with the United Arab Emirates. In 2011, ADS announced the first export contract for the supply of Dominator XP, which was allowed to be exported in May 2011. However, neither the amount of the transaction nor the name of the country of purchaser has been disclosed.

UAV Dominator XP was created on the basis of a passenger four-seater Diamond DA42. The device can increase the speed up to 350 km / h, the duration of the flight - 28 hours. The height of the Dominator XP can reach 9,2 thousands of meters. The mass of the payload that the device is capable of taking on board is equal to 300 kilograms.

It is noted that Israel has recently become more strictly regulated its own export policy. In December last year, the Israeli government blocked a deal with Turkey, according to which Lorop intelligence systems for the Air Force were to enter the country. The data cited by the Israeli Defense Ministry indicate that the equipment intended for delivery is a high-tech model of Israeli defense products.

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  1. snek
    snek 18 January 2012 18: 38
    Outwardly, it looks like something like a redone sesna.
    1. mengeleff
      mengeleff 18 January 2012 19: 14
      right now the most dangerous devil on the site will come here
      Chernobyl troll mutant Mr. Tank wink
      1. Dimok
        Dimok 18 January 2012 19: 18
        So bored without him
        1. Auschwitz
          Auschwitz 18 January 2012 19: 28
          he's busy googling bitch stuff digs lol
        2. Snake831
          Snake831 18 January 2012 23: 17
          Quote: DimOK
          So bored without him

          And he’ll get nauseous with him! He’ll tell us all that in fact the drawings of this device were stolen from Great Ukraine at the dawn of time, so that everyone shut up, listen and bow before the scientific genius of Great Ukraine! smile smile smile
      2. m.metis2011
        m.metis2011 19 January 2012 00: 58
        right now the most terrible devil on the site will come here, Chernobyl mutant Mr.Tank
        Something is delayed, I suppose went Pindos to wave. Apparently on a different info. bully
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 January 2012 20: 30
      About "Cessna" almost to the point.
      Dominator XP is based on the twin-engine four-seater passenger aircraft Diamond DA42. The device is capable of speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour, and its flight duration is 28 hours. The maximum flight height of Dominator XP is 9,2 thousand meters. The device is capable of taking on board a payload weighing up to 300 kilograms.

      On the topic - the big question is who and what refused actually the UAVs sold in 2009 to Russia turned out to be in fact “semi-finished goods”, because the delivered vehicles were not equipped with full-fledged avionics, again high technology. Who needs convenience foods?
  2. alatau_09
    alatau_09 18 January 2012 18: 43
    The situation in the region is aggravating and drones can eventually fly towards Israel ... they regained consciousness after they took an advance payment ... or it was just thought, to breed Arabs for money ... they cost each other ...
  3. Hey
    Hey 18 January 2012 18: 50
    Perhaps in the near future they themselves may need. In anticipation of a conflict with Iran.
  4. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 18 January 2012 19: 03
    Yes, it’s just not clear how to be a Jew when all the Muslims around will revolt around the trunks, the outcome of the war with Iran is difficult to predict
    1. Dimok
      Dimok 18 January 2012 19: 24
      For Israel, this war may be the last.
    APASUS 18 January 2012 19: 21
    Israeli Ministry of Defense blocks Dominator XP drone sale to United Arab Emirates

    In Israel, there are a fairly large number of organizations that have a veto right to deal with the sale of weapons. So the Israeli Foreign Ministry blocked the sale of 100 Merkava tanks to Georgians in 2007, believing that this could adversely affect Israel’s image in the world.
    1. alatau_09
      alatau_09 18 January 2012 20: 09
      Russia threatened the Israelis with a complete suspension of trade relations and cooperation in the event of the supply of military equipment to Georgia, after which they thought ... but they managed to put UAVs, although they knew who they would use ... dodgy ...
      By the way, Chubais opened a branch of Rusnano in Israel at the end of last year ...
      1. alatau_09
        alatau_09 18 January 2012 23: 38
        - 'Caucasian Israel'? ("The Washington Times", USA)

        “Apart from the United States, special relations between Georgia and Israel, although they were mostly not advertised. Georgian Defense Minister David Kezerashvili is a former citizen of Israel, and he, with American help, arranged Tel Aviv's supply of arms to Tbilisi. The press quotes him as saying: 'We now we are fighting against huge Russia, and our hopes are pinned with the help of the White House, because Georgia cannot survive on its own. '

        On August 12, the Jerusalem Post reported: "On Tuesday morning, Georgian Prime Minister Vladimir Gurgenidze called Israel to receive a blessing from one of the most prominent spiritual leaders of the Haredi community, Rabbi Aaron Leib Steinman." The newspaper quotes him as saying: "I ask him to pray for us and for our state."

        Israel started selling arms to Georgia seven years ago; these purchases were made with US financial assistance. On the Israeli side, the former minister and mayor of Tel Aviv, Roni Milo, representing Elbit Systems, and his brother Shlomo, the former general director of the Defense Industry concern, participated. Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles UAV, produced by Elbit Maarahot Systems, carried out reconnaissance flights over the southern regions of Russia, as well as over the territory of Iran. "...........

        - "Deliveries of Israeli weapons to Georgia: to be continued?" .......................
      2. Cardamom
        Cardamom 19 January 2012 00: 22
        but they managed to deliver UAVs, although they knew against whom it would be used ... cunning ...

        All this is true, but what do we want, after joyfully and with a sense of terrible pride we supply Syria and Iran with modern weapons, knowing perfectly well who their potential enemy is, as well as knowing in advance that the same ATGMs often end up in Hezbollah and Hamas, which know how and against whom they are used ... We must be aware that double standards are going sideways for Russia. We will arm the Arabs for ideological reasons, the Israelis will sell weapons to the Georgians or to someone else with whom we have a graver, and for purely business reasons.
  6. UI-Spb
    UI-Spb 18 January 2012 19: 24
    And who can such a bulky car dominate? Over the Papuans without air defense? Or was it planned to be used only in peacetime?
    1. 755962
      755962 19 January 2012 00: 38
      Such a plane flies, outwardly civilian with an appropriate coloring, is not remarkable for anything, flies means ...... DAY and you’ll understand the hell .. Truncate?
      1. UI-Spb
        UI-Spb 19 January 2012 11: 39
        Yeah, the war isn’t answering the requests, and in general, the war is around, and it’s white and fluffy.
  7. suharev-52
    suharev-52 19 January 2012 00: 12
    And here we have Buran, which without a crew flew into space and sat down, it turns out the Jews were engaged. And then they fled to Israel and set up drones there. Sorry for the sarcasm. But if we could then do it with Buran, then why bl ..... we can not make a drone? Who will explain to me? What is he so much more complicated than Buran?
  8. NNN73ME
    NNN73ME 19 January 2012 02: 36
    do not sell for 1 reason, the point shrank, the match does not stick!