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Iran instead of the American UAV wants to return a toy copy to the United States

Iran instead of the American UAV wants to return a toy copy to the United States

Iran, on whose territory in the beginning of December last year the American reconnaissance UAV was shot down (forcibly planted), is ready to return it to the US However, it will not be a real unit that will be returned, but only a reduced copy. Such an extraordinary step on the part of Tehran, which is very reminiscent of a mockery of Washington, the Iranian state radio station reported.

According to the radio station, a toy version of the UAV RQ-170 will be sent to the White House in response to an official request from the United States. Unmanned aerial vehicles of the 1 / 80 scale will be sold in Iran for 70 thousand Reais (about 4 dollars).

The administration of Barack Obama, the president of the United States, requested Tehran to return the UAV, which, according to Iranian authorities, was discovered 225 kilometers from the Afghan border in the eastern part of the country. Until recently, the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran refused to return the device, at least, having in mind the real drone, and not a toy copy, which only children and collectors can be interested in.

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  1. VikVik741
    VikVik741 18 January 2012 16: 42
    Handsome men)))))))))
    1. ba1ex
      ba1ex 18 January 2012 17: 27
      Easy trolling has not harmed anyone yet)))) Well done Iranians
      1. GRIGORIY1957
        GRIGORIY1957 18 January 2012 19: 37
        Quote: ba1ex
        Easy trolling has not harmed anyone yet)))) Well done Iranians

  2. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 18 January 2012 16: 44
    Correctly America copy to Russia original wink
    1. mengeleff
      mengeleff 18 January 2012 18: 26
      they crave to return
    2. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 18 January 2012 19: 19
      1. lightforcer
        lightforcer 18 January 2012 19: 38
        And in Iran they say not only the USSR, but also Russia is called "the little Satan." However, Israel has also always claimed this name.
      2. gor
        gor 18 January 2012 23: 14
        why the hell you sentinel.on-the same finished as everything American)))))))))) this Russian has no analogues))))))))))))))))
        1. NNN73ME
          NNN73ME 19 January 2012 02: 17
          has no analogues ... so they will tell you the truth. everyone has been selling for a long time and at high speeds
  3. Denis
    Denis 18 January 2012 16: 48
    And a toy aircraft carrier to boot wink
    1. esaul
      esaul 18 January 2012 21: 10
      In the 90s, after ours began to chop off their missiles from the shoulder and, by the willful decision of the EBN, transferred a number of advanced weapons developments to the Yus, one of the defense research institutes received a mocking package from their Yus "colleagues." In this package were dumped toy rockets and airplanes - a mocking hint by the insolent Pindos that now Russia is destined to have rockets only in the form of toys. The yusy hastened to scoff! Everyone knows a good proverb - "He who laughs last laughs well!", But the Yusy apparently did not know this. wink wink wink
  4. Sergh
    Sergh 18 January 2012 16: 48
    Here will be a joke, then merikos molars to the gums will be erased from anger. Well done!
  5. Igor
    Igor 18 January 2012 16: 50
    Here, this is what we must do, we need to sell the S-300 to Iran and say that this is a toy for adults.
    1. alexng
      alexng 19 January 2012 02: 20
      And in my opinion C-300 is already in Iran. No wonder Iran said that it had developed its analogue of C-300. Why did it happen? I think not only C-300 but Clab (s) are also killer aircraft carriers ..
  6. Skiff
    Skiff 18 January 2012 16: 58
    Ahmadinejad has a good "plan". Very insidious, I would say wink
  7. maksim
    maksim 18 January 2012 17: 00
    and rightly so, now Pindos have the opportunity to make money on toy models by launching them in mass production, only first buy a patent from the Iranians wink wink wink
  8. UI-Spb
    UI-Spb 18 January 2012 17: 04
    Wonderful "Fuck you ..." in Persian! 5+
  9. DEfindER
    DEfindER 18 January 2012 17: 10
    Damn it was necessary after the war in South Ossetia, to return to the Pindos a collection of toy hammers ..
    well done Persians!
  10. maksim
    maksim 18 January 2012 17: 18
    Ken can ride Barbie on this toy model winked
  11. bereg
    bereg 18 January 2012 17: 29
    Trojan horse
  12. Net
    Net 18 January 2012 17: 31
    And let Israel return the missiles ... on their own smile
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 18 January 2012 18: 05
      And do you want to return Kuzkin’s mother to Russia?
      1. UAZ Patriot
        UAZ Patriot 18 January 2012 18: 36
        Jews did not give a word!
        1. lightforcer
          lightforcer 18 January 2012 19: 07
          And I'm not a Jew.
          1. Vasilenko Vladimir
            Vasilenko Vladimir 18 January 2012 19: 20
            not something ...?! smile
            1. lightforcer
              lightforcer 18 January 2012 19: 25
              If you look at this site in this style, you will find that its main patrons are Arabs and Persians.
      2. GRIGORIY1957
        GRIGORIY1957 18 January 2012 19: 25
        Quote: lightforcer

        And do you want to return Kuzkin’s mother to Russia?


        ... GOODS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE ... bully
  13. sanyarusian
    sanyarusian 18 January 2012 17: 39
    Iranians have a good sense of humor. Well done!
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 18 January 2012 19: 37
      Quote: Sanyarusian
      Iranians have a good sense of humor. Well done!

      This is more likely not an Iranian, but an Asian sense of humor. Not to offend, but rather to tuck .................... the east is a delicate matter!
  14. Fullback
    Fullback 18 January 2012 17: 43
    Yeah ... SO pendos for a long time no one troll smile
  15. ab
    ab 18 January 2012 17: 48
    Quote: FullBack
    Yeah ... SO pendos for a long time no one troll
    saddam trollil wink i where on now bully
    1. mengeleff
      mengeleff 18 January 2012 17: 52
      you, bleak, specially placed emoticons in the text - these * pores * lye of humor can not understand?
  16. kosmos84
    kosmos84 18 January 2012 18: 08
    1. gor
      gor 18 January 2012 23: 18
      Yes, they will return them 200 years ago. Why defeat them
        FREGATENKAPITAN 18 January 2012 23: 51
        This is almost the whole history for Pindostan for 200 years, but for Iran with its millennia-old history, it’s crazy!
  17. Dimka off
    Dimka off 18 January 2012 18: 20
    well thought up))) still got the nerve to ask back!))
  18. vovan100
    vovan100 18 January 2012 18: 39
    Now it will go into world practice)))
    PARTISAN 18 January 2012 19: 17
    Here are the beauties! As in the kiosks, for 90 rubles, any copy, any Pindos trinkets? With all the secret developments!
  20. valerei
    valerei 18 January 2012 20: 34
    If all this is true about the demand for a UAV return, then the audacity of the amers knows no bounds! Or the amers firmly grasped (though I don’t understand why?) That the whole world owes them. This is how shameless it is to go to claim a return! Everything, I have no more words.
  21. Owl
    Owl 18 January 2012 20: 58
    Good real Iranian humor ...
  22. wolk71
    wolk71 18 January 2012 21: 22
    Well done !!! Don’t be afraid of them, it’s cowards.
  23. Russich
    Russich 18 January 2012 21: 42
    UAVs require? And x @ y who? - shout from the audience wink Well done Iranians !!!! Respect to them on my part.
  24. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 18 January 2012 22: 59
    What to say, pranksters +++ lol
  25. kosmos84
    kosmos84 18 January 2012 23: 03
  26. suharev-52
    suharev-52 18 January 2012 23: 07
    And what a normal move. From this drone, although no one will be harmed. And the protocol was followed: "You asked, We returned"
  27. Jek boroda
    Jek boroda 19 January 2012 00: 21
    There are no words! Well done guys, I read and a little bad with a laughter died! All right - goats goat! By this I bow, all with baptism! I’m going to plunge into the Kuzminsk pond! wink
  28. kosmos84
    kosmos84 19 January 2012 00: 47
    according to Christian customs, plunged 3 times-STATE OF THE CLASS !!!!!! MUSICS! WATCH OUT - DO NOT READ !!!!!
  29. NNN73ME
    NNN73ME 19 January 2012 02: 13
    He said that Iran behaves like a Leo! The Russian Federation would believe immediately by force. Having shown a refusal to return on the news. So that the people rejoiced ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 19 January 2012 04: 39
      Well, children can still believe grandma’s tales, but I don’t need to rub. How about this:

      Most of the noise was raised after our military seized six American Humvees near Poti. Immediately there was a call from Washington: "Return immediately." It is hard to believe that Washington reacted so quickly and brazenly to the loss of just six vehicles. In Iraq, they burn in batches - the Americans have no claims to the rebels there. War. And everything can be on it. Everything turned out differently with Georgian jeeps.

      In addition, according to some reports, the machines turned out to be not only closed encrypted communication systems and equipment for accurately determining the location and pointing weapons using a GPS signal, but also a system that could receive data from American satellites for early warning of a missile attack. The use of this element of the strategic US NMD in a local conflict in South Ossetia can be considered a sensation.

      And they are also furious because the Georgians have humiliated the United States for the whole world, - the source of Izvestia in the Ministry of Defense believes. - For five years they were preparing an army for them, armed with the most modern weapons and equipment, and they scattered like rats, abandoning everything under the first blows of our troops.

      “We are not going to give out trophies anywhere,” said Nogovitsyn. “We'll see what kind of trophies they are.”
      1. NNN73ME
        NNN73ME 19 January 2012 05: 50
        Well, here's another 1 victim of grandmother's tales. Who is in power? Media under whose control? Generals who lick a point? Think Vasya, think ...

        Show me a photo of this hammer this year!? Where is it? Pendos 1000%

        If you think that the Russian Federation is opposed to the United States, you are either a donkey or a donkey: D the same thing: D

        Russia smoothly licks a point for them, and develops according to European standards so as not to be goal number 1 after the collapse of the ME. So Moscowabad! And there is no tool to restore the global economy. Soon everything will collapse, the USA is the biggest debtor, and it’s not going to give anyone its debts. It will end World War III sooner or later. And you like will enjoy the next armament of the Russian army, which in real life is not.
        1. Victor
          Victor 19 January 2012 10: 51
          NNN73ME And you like them will enjoy the next weapon of the Russian army, which in real life is not.
          In real life there is no one like you. People like you are the product of Internet trolling and the worst qualities of human nature. Realizing that you are moral urges, such as you sprinkle anger and pus on everything that carries at least a little bit of light and love for the Motherland. It is people like you who are ready for a stupid loot to lick everything that your Pindos hosts with "greenery" indicate. You, unhappy, evil little man, will never understand people like us. Those who have served and serve their country and are trying to make it better. But take my word for it, the time will come, and soon enough, when such people with a black and purulent soul, such as we will, will be scribbled with a red-hot iron in order to live better and brighter.
          1. NNN73ME
            NNN73ME 19 January 2012 16: 51
            YOUR KIND OF EB * AL
  30. NNN73ME
    NNN73ME 19 January 2012 06: 10
    all that they do is typical for the Russian Federation they sell over the hill
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 19 January 2012 16: 54
      or rather you can explain (if possible without mats) ?!
      1. NNN73ME
        NNN73ME 19 January 2012 17: 04

  31. Gurza
    Gurza 19 January 2012 10: 09
    The US is most afraid of losing its technology. The principle that the Russians will do better and much cheaper while it works!
    Recall the transaction that did not take place when Sberbank tried to buy Opel, it was GMC that disrupted the transaction, motivating it with the fact that then technology would fall into the hands of the Russians.
    1. DEfindER
      DEfindER 19 January 2012 11: 25
      It’s even a pity that the old Europe is lying under the Pindos .. The missile defense system is hosted by itself, knowing full well that it will take the first blow in the event of a conflict, takes sanctions against its own fuel suppliers, even smashed its own gas station near by, and removed the leader who was already he danced to their tune, and financed all their projects, drove themselves into a terrible crisis by such a policy, and what’s next, if they don’t get out of the hands of the USA, then Europe will end ..