Humanitarian pause and anti-human weapons


A humanitarian pause is good. Such a decision, firstly, allows civilians to leave the zone of active hostilities. Secondly, it helps to ensure that some terrorists, thinking about their fate, fold weapon. Thirdly, Thirdly, it is intended to reduce the pressure of the “world community”, at least for the time of a fragile truce.

Beautiful, in theory. All this "beauty", however, is crumbling due to one simple fact: humanitarian pauses are now one-sided.

The other day, the Russian military appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to allow him to once again strike at the positions of terrorists in Syria. The Kremlin refused. As stated by the press secretary of V.Putin Dmitry Peskov, the president intends "continue humanitarian pause for the withdrawal of the wounded and the release of militants". "And also, importantly, in order to enable our American partners to fulfill their earlier promise and commitment to separate the so-called moderate opposition and terrorist groups"Added Sands.

On October 30, the Russian Ministry of Defense specified: for the past 13 days, the Russian aviation does not strike anti-Syrian terrorists.

The Kremlin certainly has its reasons. It would seem that Russia has done everything possible to finally stop it indiscriminately blaming all sins and sufferings of the Syrian people.. But what do we see in practice?

Terrorists "opposition" mined humanitarian corridors created by Russia. Strictly banned civilians from leaving the quarters under the control of "freedom fighters". In other words, deprived people of the very freedom for which they allegedly advocate. Well, you can try to understand them - the “opposition” badly needs a human shield.

Moreover, relatives of those who still managed to break through mined humanitarian corridors are being tortured. Why does the "opposition" punish people? But for that. They don’t want to die for dubious ideas - they spoil the picture for “great democrats” who need sacrifices in order to cry out about them from various international tribunes.

Unfortunately, the unilateral humanitarian pause announced by Russia was not in vain. Militants launched an offensive. Captured Dahiyat Al-Asad - the western suburb of Aleppo. At the same time, which has already become a tradition, they used the undermining of trucks driven by suicide bombers. In addition, the gangs are trying to capture another suburb - Zahra. To date, the Syrian Arab Army has partially regained control over previously lost territories, destroying jihadists around 500.

In addition, the terrorists intensified mortar shelling of Aleppo neighborhoods, which are under the control of the Syrian army. So, at a briefing for journalists, which was held on October 28, the Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Sergei Rudskoy shared the following data: for the three previous days, the 62 militants fired at residential areas of Aleppo with mortars and Hellfire. Because of what 43 civilians died. 96 people were injured.

Again - the death of civilians ... And the suffering that does not bother the "international mourners" ...

These "weepers" still need to have victims, for which one can demonstratively "cry." And if insidious Russia continues to hold a humanitarian pause - it’s up to you: you need to invent another heartbreaking history. In this among these gentlemen - a great successful experience. They did not ignore the use of a frank installation in the fabrication of a plot about a supposedly bombed school in Hasse village, Idleb province. Just do not decide exactly who to blame - whether Syria, or Russia. Of the alleged perpetrators, only terrorists were taken out of the “opposition” - they say, they could not do this, because they do not have aviation (do they not have other weapons either?).

The Russian side immediately expressed regret over the incident and promised to investigate. But it was enough to start the investigation, as it showed: it was simply fake concocted.

Unfortunately, there are real attacks against schools. But, first, it happens all in the same Aleppo, and secondly, it is the terrorists who are involved in this. October 26 "fighters with the regime" fired on a school in Shekhba quarter. Three children died, 15 suffered. The next day, October 27, three shells of the “opposition” landed in a school in the High Al-Andaluz district. 12 citizens, including three children, became victims of the shelling. 14 people were injured. And no aviation was needed by the terrorists - they have mortars and other weapons generously supplied by the sponsors.

In the evening of October 30, Aleppo received another dramatic news. Militants of the "opposition" used homemade shells filled with a poisonous chemical against soldiers and civilians in the Al-Hamdaniyah quarter. According to the Syrian Agency SANA, one person died, 35 suffered - they have marked asthma attacks.

But it is precisely in the use of chemicals that international patrons of terrorists are trying to accuse Syria and on this basis push more and more new sanctions, trying to impose a decision on direct aggression against the state fighting against terrorism!

Unfortunately, the longer the unilateral humanitarian pause lasts, the more and more the militants of illegal armed groups are becoming more and more impudent. They feel strong support behind their backs in the face of those who falsely mourn the suffering of the Syrians.
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  1. +7
    1 November 2016 15: 22
    passed. 1 Chechnya. Chekhov in the mountains, a truce. Armed, receive money, treat the wounded, war. pressed - a truce. how it ended is known.
    1. +10
      1 November 2016 16: 30
      the longer a one-sided humanitarian pause lasts, the more and more the militants of the illegal armed groups become impudent. They feel strong support behind their backs in the face of those who falsely mourn the suffering of the Syrians.

      Thank you Elena for the article, everything has been discussed here for a long time about this pause, and today, without knowing it, I repeated your quote in my comment. hi Well, in the city everything is decided by the infantry. hi
    2. +3
      1 November 2016 20: 53
      And we repeat it. "Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to consider options for additional funding for the North Caucasus Federal District for 2018-2020. Head of the government Dmitry Medvedev has been appointed responsible for the implementation of the order. The deadline for the execution of the order is October 15, 2017." the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov opposed the initiative of the Ministry of Finance to cut the republic's budget. According to Kadyrov, in previous years, the federal targeted program for the restoration of the economy and social sphere of Chechnya until 2020 was sequestered. In other regions, the budgets were fully approved, Kadyrov noted. "So we are getting ready. In the opinion of those in power and others like them, Russian Vanka will endure everything. They just forget WHAT IS BEFORE TIME.
  2. +3
    1 November 2016 17: 57
    It is very easy to track who benefits from this war. But apparently, calling these patrons is not beneficial to anyone, otherwise there will be something worse than sanctions.
  3. +8
    1 November 2016 18: 06
    Yes, this "humanitarian initiative" with a unilateral truce is already in the liver. Who else could clearly explain why this is being done?
    What to show the West how "good" we are? So they are not interested in it .. Their task is different - to create an image of an enemy out of Russia. Since they control 99% of the world's media, they succeed, one RT channel cannot resist the entire propaganda machine.
    Crush barmaley need. Due to the fact that VKS planes do not fly over Aleppo, they have not become less blaming Russia. Then why this pause?
  4. +1
    1 November 2016 18: 12
    Here, as they say: - God the God, Caesar Caesarean.
    What the strategists are planning, both from the one side and the other, no one will tell us ahead of time. If there is an operational need to hold back aviation and keep pause, then they will keep it - this is in the jurisdiction of analysts. It seems to me that the operation to liberate Aleppo will begin either on the eve of the elections in the United States or during their holding, when the whole world and the mattresses themselves will not have time for the barmaley who have settled in Aleppo. In any case, we will not make any "gifts" to mattresses prematurely.
    Regarding the use of toxic substances, the mattresses insist that Damascus give in chlorine, which disinfect the water, and in Aleppo sarin is used, which cannot be hung on Assad because its reserves were destroyed. And the question already arises for mattresses, where did their wards take it? Today Shoigu already openly asked them a question in the forehead - Who are you fighting with? With terrorists or with Russia?
    They are silent for now. They think)))
  5. +6
    1 November 2016 19: 02
    What real reasons for the “truce” can only be guessed at, maybe this is the way it should be. Probably there is a hell of a Natavian military, whom a sane and adequate person would certainly destroy. And there are several good reasons for this. So far, only the feeling is created that our authorities are in the role of suffering and omission.
  6. +3
    1 November 2016 19: 26
    Everything, as in the Donbass in 2014.

    The offensive, the APU fled, ahead of clean Mariupol and the road to the Crimea.

    But the stop-machine, humanitarian pause, the city was not taken, the road was lost, the APU was saved and Minsk-1 was given time to come to life.

    Then, in more difficult conditions, in 2015, a similar chain of events - and Minsk-2.

    As a result, the Donbass is in a trap, its inhabitants are in misery, there are no prospects for recognizing LDNR. Waiting for the collapse of Ukraine. You can wait a long time. Russia in obviously not white robes, the supreme, as usual, deep behind the stage, no matter how it is not visible, it so happened by itself ...

    Now, such a well-established technology of guaranteed defeat is used in Syria, near Aleppo.

    Apparently, to adequately escape from there. As in a joke, well, I couldn’t ...

    Recall the trajectory of the supreme maneuvers:
    1. In the fall of 2015, they entered into a just cause to help the legitimate Ruler
    2. In the spring of 2016 they came out, almost because all the problems were solved, Palmyra, a concert, Raldugin, a cello for 3 billion ...
    3. In the fall of 2016, it turned out that not all problems were solved, for which they began to release Aleppo
    4. Release, release, wait for the carrier group from all fleets to the coast of Syria, then release.
    Or do not release, then load the contingent and nobly leave the stage, and possibly with the Ruler on board.
    1. +3
      1 November 2016 19: 39
      The last option is absolutely excluded.
    2. +9
      1 November 2016 20: 07
      Quote: akudr48
      Or do not release, then load the contingent and nobly leave the stage, and possibly with the Ruler on board.

      What is a smoking weed then? wink Ek as you sausage that. good
    3. 0
      2 November 2016 00: 37
      Quote: akudr48
      Or do not release, then load the contingent and nobly leave the stage, and possibly with the Ruler on board.

      Why is the ruler afraid to fly? Or can’t he live without the sea and is ready to hang out on the waves for a month? laughing
  7. +3
    1 November 2016 22: 50
    I don't know a single so-called. "humanitarian" pause, which would end with good. Each time the same thing - regrouping, replenishment and more blood ...
  8. 0
    2 November 2016 00: 44
    Quote: elenagromova
    The last option is absolutely excluded.

    Absolutely nothing in politics cannot be ruled out. Therefore, we'll see.
  9. +2
    2 November 2016 02: 15
    Why aren't they bombed? Think about it yourself? Which daughter close to the leadership of the Russian Federation refused to return "to Rashka"? Who is easier and easier for our enemies to put pressure on? That's the same ... And you say - peacocks ...
    1. +1
      2 November 2016 06: 55
      Well, I don’t think ... this figure is of the wrong caliber ... If necessary, they will crush it without any problems.

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