The latest daring corvette laid at the North Shipyard of St. Petersburg

The newest corvette "Daring" was laid today at the Northern shipyard of St. Petersburg. Its developer was the design office "Almaz". “Daring” - the first ship of the new project. Among its features - a balanced composition of weapons, as well as the latest electronic equipment and robotic systems.

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    1. +3
      28 October 2016 19: 52
      Well, nice. Repetition is the mother of learning !!!!!! fellow
    2. +2
      28 October 2016 20: 02
      I look, racing articles with the same content type.
      1. +1
        28 October 2016 20: 53
        Quote: Sergey333
        I look, racing articles with the same content type.

        Admins clicked lol again...
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. +1
        28 October 2016 21: 03
        Right now, fresh info-Russia24, our warriors in Syria have turned to the President with a request to resume airstrikes ... have been refused.
        The meaning is not very clear to me, to be honest .. maybe we are waiting for the AUG SF approach, followed by massive high-precision strikes against reconnoitered targets using the Ka-52K and their Hermes?
        Well, God forbid! So that our flyers will return all to their deck after 100% completion of the combat mission! yes
        1. +4
          28 October 2016 21: 30
          "... waiting for the AUG approach ..."
          Yeah ... we are waiting .... We are waiting until the Assad army is "kicked out" of the positions taken so hard ... ISIS has been given time ... The Americans will try to seize the moment. Let's see what Putin still "otchebuchit" .... With his May decrees regarding the indexation of pensions of military pensioners by 2% higher than inflation (including), he has already "screwed up". But what "turned on the brake" in the Syrian operation - at least strange and ... suspicious. Maybe you received an offer (warning) from which it is "impossible to refuse"? Or another "cunning plan"?
          And regarding the "combat mission" ...- "Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the NATO" assumptions "that the ships of the Northern Fleet are going to the eastern Mediterranean to participate in the operation in Aleppo, untrue." Https: // topwar .ru / 102728-a
          vianosnaya-gruppa-sf-rf-u-beregov-marokko.html # co
          So, it is not clear whether there is a "combat mission", or not ... We have, as usual, "seven Fridays a week."
          1. +2
            28 October 2016 22: 34
            Quote: sub307
            So, it is not clear there is a "combat mission", or not ... We have, as usual - "seven Fridays a week"

            But we don’t know what is in the envelopes for the captains of the AUG SF? So a little patience, we'll see.
    3. 0
      14 February 2018 08: 42
      The main thing is not to stop production, but the quantity will increase over time.

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