Kalashnikov introduced the upgraded MP-446C Viking-M sport pistol

At the Arms & Hunting exhibition held in October 2016 in Moscow in Gostiny Dvor, at the stand of the Kalashnikov concern, an updated version of the MP-446C Viking-M sports pistol was presented. This model is based on the Yarygin army pistol (PY). The changes affected not only the appearance of the pistol, but also its internal structure. At the same time, the resource has grown significantly weapons: The manufacturer promises that the MP-446C Viking-M will outlast 50 thousands of shots.

Simultaneously with the introduction into service of the Russian army in 2003, the 9-mm self-loading pistol designed by Vladimir Alexandrovich Yarygin (GRAU index - 6P35, R & D program “Grach”) Izhevsk Mechanical Plant also developed its sports version. The sports modification of the pistol, which received the designation MP-446 Viking, was developed in accordance with the requirements of the rules of IPSC - International Confederation of Practical Shooting. In the same year 2003, the pistol was added to the official list of weapons that can be used at international competitions held according to the rules of IPSC.

Gun Yarygin - PYA

The pistol MP-446 Viking was a success with the athletes-shooters, who used it to improve the skill of possession of weapons. The gun successfully combined the reliability of military models and the structural elements inherent in modern sports weapons: improved accuracy and accuracy of shooting with respect to the base model; the ability to adjust the magnitude of the stroke (failure) of the trigger after the shot; the presence of a shop on 10 cartridges.

The MP-446C Viking sports pistol quickly found its niche in the market as a budgetary pistol for ISPC as well as novice shooters, gaining sufficient popularity not only among Russian, but also foreign athletes: a total of the pistol was exported to 28 states of Europe, Asia and Africa, which is a very good result. The owners of this weapon attracted not only the low price of the pistol, but also the simplicity of its device, ease of disassembly (incomplete carried out using a single drift), unpretentious maintenance and operation - the fact that the progenitor of the sports version was created by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Despite this, during the operation of the sports sample, a number of shortcomings were identified, primarily its insufficient resource.

MP-446C Viking

Taking this into account, the Izhevsk designers, headed by Vladimir Alexandrovich Yarygin, began to refine the design of the sports pistol. Work in this direction began in 2013 in the framework of the agreement with the Federation of practical shooting Udmurtia, which was of great importance, since the practice of arms, including Federation Chairman Andrei Utrobin, was involved in the weapon design process. The result of the work was an order of magnitude increased resource pistol. At the same time, the barrel was extended to 120 mm, previously this was done only by special order, and the standard barrel length of the MP-446C Viking model was 112,8 mm.

On the updated model MP-446 Viking-M, it became possible to install “optoelectronic”, light-gathering inserts for front and rear sights, as well as adjustable aiming devices. The store latch has undergone changes - it is made larger and serving, which positively affects the convenience of changing the store with arrows that have different anthropometric parameters of the brush. The bottom of the store is made of metal, not plastic. The weapon's ergonomics, pistol balance were improved, and sharp edges were removed, which caused discomfort during long-term gun shooting.

MP-446C Viking-M

An additional notch appeared in the front of the pistol casing, designed for a more secure grip when retracted. The upgraded MP-446С Viking-M sports pistol has acquired an elegant appearance due to the appearance of a spectacular wear-resistant light coating on the handle and the pistol casing. This is a rather important innovation, and not a simple trend of modern armory “fashion”: quite often, foreign shooters-athletes expressed surprise with a careless finish and a somewhat rough “appearance” of the pistol. And the first impression very often for commercial weapons can be crucial.

The MP-446С Viking-M sports pistol is planned to be equipped with four stores that have interchangeability. In addition, the kit will include a magazine loading accelerator, a magazine extension that meets the requirements of an open class up to 170 mm, and a rear sight adjustment device (RHF). A standardized Picatinny standard strip MIL-STD-1913 appeared in the front lower part of the gun frame, which If desired, allows you to install various tactical devices.

MP-446C Viking-M

According to Mikhail Degtyarev, editor-in-chief of Kalashnikov magazine, test samples of the updated MP-446C Viking-M sports pistol were able to withstand thousands of shots without significant damage during shooting in commercial shooting galleries. This significantly exceeds the resource of the previous version of the gun. The cost of the new model, according to the manufacturer, will be 50 thousand rubles (about 60 euros). The gun can be purchased on the Russian firearms market in 25.

The demonstration of the MP-446C Viking-M sports pistol at an exhibition in Moscow was not the only one in October of this year. The full debut of the novelty took place within the framework of the first own match on practical shooting from a Kalashnikov Cup pistol. According to the press service of the Kalashnikov Concern, the competition included a presentation of the fire capabilities of the upgraded MP-446C Viking-M pistol, which has an increased working life - not less than 50 thousands of shots. Kalashnikov Cup competitions were held in the Moscow region from 20 to October 23 based on the world's largest indoor shooting complex "Object".

The presentation of the updated model was personally held by Alexey Pichugin, who is a five-time champion of the Russian Federation in practical shooting, a European champion in the team, a member of the Central Council of the Federation of Practical Shooting in Russia. It is also important that Alexey was directly involved in the formulation of a technical task for improving the MP-446C VIKING-M and testing a pistol.

Kalashnikov introduced the upgraded MP-446C Viking-M sport pistol

Thanks to the joint efforts of the team of designers of the Kalashnikov concern, under the leadership of Vladimir Yarygin himself and Russian athletes - shooters of the Practical Shooting Federation of Russia, by making changes in the design of the barrel, the life of the weapon was significantly increased - to 50 thousand shots. A convenient magazine reset button and a modified pistol grip significantly improved the ergonomics of a sports pistol.

Thanks to the weighting placed in the front part of the pistol frame in the form of a picatinny rifle bar, as well as a thickened and elongated barrel, the balance of the pistol was significantly improved and its surge was reduced during firing. The design of the pistol provides for the use of springs with different efforts, which allows the shooter to customize the weapon for themselves. Also the sports pistol MP-446 Viking-M received a new store with a single-row output, designed for 15 cartridges, while maintaining compatibility with stores with a two-row cartridges output. The modernized sports pistol can be fitted not only with factory sights, but also designed for a Glock pistol.

Performance characteristics of the MR-446 Viking-M:
Caliber - 9 mm.
Cartridge - 9x19 mm "Parabellum".
Overall dimensions - 206x145x38 mm.
Barrel length - 120 mm.
Mass - 950
Magazine capacity - 15 cartridges.
The frame material is metal.

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  1. +3
    27 October 2016 15: 35
    Could also make replaceable pads on the handle, if the gun is sports, otherwise we somehow lag behind the trends.
    1. +10
      27 October 2016 16: 28
      It is somehow wrong to call domestic weapons in the Latin alphabet, well, maybe it would be better to call them "Varyag".
      1. +1
        28 October 2016 19: 30
        It is generally accepted to call commercial samples Latin letters ... For the military, there are codes for internal, civil names in Cyrillic.
        1. 0
          20 November 2016 21: 53

          Correctly. The civilian market, for the civilian. The army is not interested in them.

          Finally, the "Kalashnikov", instead of whining about replacing a good army PM, allegedly for modernization, took up the right thing. Production of weapons for collection and shooting sports.
  2. +3
    27 October 2016 15: 51
    PYa in the army, the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs were often rejected. Will the new Viking-PYa be better? In light of the competition for the Udar pistol, where the updated SPS (SP-1) is the favorite and taking into account the PL-15, the choice is not obvious.
    And it was possible to upgrade the APS. Reduce the length of the barrel and weapons, remove the automatic mode, facilitate the design and move under the cartridge 9x19. Plus some more improvements. Would it turn out better? In any case, it was worth a try.
    1. 0
      27 October 2016 16: 31
      Refused? Yes "Rook" is considered almost the best Russian pistol.
      1. Hon
        28 October 2016 12: 32
        who is considered?
      2. +3
        28 October 2016 19: 38
        I agree. Look at the gun in the hands of the Egyptian paratroopers (exchanged arrows with the Russian) ...
      3. c3r
        2 November 2016 19: 35
        It’s not the best to the point! It would be better if the Makar was improved! Simple, reliable, comfortable to wear both in an outfit, and secretly not heavy, although there are two times less cartridges, but on the other hand, this "Magnum" (PYa) also won’t make much !
        1. 0
          20 February 2017 01: 28
          gun PMM
    2. +3
      27 October 2016 17: 13
      A long-standing army-friendly option was made - Berdysh, with interchangeable barrels and capacious stores.
    3. +3
      28 October 2016 00: 42
      In the APS, the whole structure would have to be changed altogether, for it even the modernized 9x18 PMM cartridge is too powerful, and even the 9x19, requiring an interlocked shutter, will require a complete change. It’s easier to design a new one.
    4. 0
      20 November 2016 21: 55

      Yes it will not. Nobody shoves this gun into the army. At last. Kalashnikov took up the civilian market.
  3. 0
    27 October 2016 16: 05
    sympathetic ... but ... the weapon should be dark and preferably dull black ....
    1. +4
      27 October 2016 17: 11
      The weapon should be whitish, shabby and polished with hands and a holster as a result of hours of training and constant wear. Then it's a weapon, not a toy.
  4. +13
    27 October 2016 16: 12
    White flies paint in the color of the repainted frame ...? Probably so that the front and rear front sight was better seen against the background of the white target. Strongly .... As it was given to turn Viking 1 (so to speak). , well, I didn’t hold a pistol in my hands, there is a “shine” of workmanship, and “ergonomics” and wedges with pipes in the “assortment”, bulky and “bulky”. And this is a gun? I think that the military Yarygin is supplied a little in the best form. And "it" was adopted? "Insufficient pistol resource" in service is how to understand? The new candy was made from "the same", but the candy is still from "the same" .. And I do not understand why factories cannot release a "modern" pistol, where modernity is determined mainly by the presence of plastic pads under the shooter's arm and polymer shutter frames. The very designs of self-loading pistols are almost a hundred years old. Pakistanis on their knees plan pistols almost better than this creation. A crisis in design thought? No, it can't be, everything has already been invented there. Lack of new materials? , It can't be. Machine park? Design offices? We don't know how? After all, there was Khaidurov, Stechkin, Tokarev, Margolin, Makarov ..... Everything is past the checkout .... Everything is there, everything, there is no desire to produce a modern, reliable and convenient pistol. The white color of sights is the quintessence of "white noise" in the minds of developers and design bureaus to create this very pistol.
    1. +5
      27 October 2016 23: 18
      Quote: tracer
      And I do not understand at point-blank why factories cannot produce a "modern" pistol

      And because the leadership is like you. They believe that it is enough to "create conditions", introduce a system of "lean manufacturing", a quality system "kaizen", production management "kanban", hire students instead of experienced designers and technologists, and a new quality model will appear by itself.
      The professional layer of designers, technologists and production workers is knocked out. Eventual opponents can rub their hands. The only samples brought by the concern are the Yaryginsky pistol and the MP-142 M. Dragunov modular carbine.
      1. 0
        20 November 2016 22: 04
        Tracer, bunta.

        You are both wrong.

        You are considering products without considering the niche of the purpose of the weapon.

        In the form in which it is, this is a perfectly acceptable option, given its cost as well.

        You are considering a pistol in the civilian market. This version does not have to be top-end, it is basic. And to her addition, flies, pillars, cheeks, frames, collimators, trunks. Flashlights, holsters. Paints, stickers, wrapping, etc.
    2. +1
      28 October 2016 13: 02
      Most likely, the problem is in the implementation - In Europe and the United States with difficulty, because the laws there are written for their gunsmiths, In the "third world" countries there either Western weapons (for political reasons) or there is no money, and there is no special market in Russia They buy goods themselves and they need a little, supplies go to the army, let's say, not only in terms of performance characteristics, but personal weapons are prohibited!
      And what is the point of our gunsmiths investing in unpromising models that grandmas will beat off with great difficulty?
  5. +4
    27 October 2016 16: 30
    And so, on a note, for those who do not know. There are not so many pistols "accepted" in this kind of shooting sport according to the IPSC standard. These are Glock, CZ, Tanfoglio, Smith & Wesson, Sphinks, or maybe a couple of three American and German firms. If you enter the competition with the Viking, you will at least be considered a WONDER and your authority as an athlete will roll downhill. Why? Precisely because the athletes of this sport have a colossal shot and are well versed in weapons.
  6. 0
    27 October 2016 16: 32
    Why 15 cartridges, the store clearly shows the number 16.
  7. +7
    27 October 2016 16: 37
    Quote: tracer
    And so, on a note, for those who do not know. There are not so many pistols "accepted" in this kind of shooting sport according to the IPSC standard. These are Glock, CZ, Tanfoglio, Smith & Wesson, Sphinks, or maybe a couple of three American and German firms. If you enter the competition with the Viking, you will at least be considered a WONDER and your authority as an athlete will roll downhill. Why? Precisely because the athletes of this sport have a colossal shot and are well versed in weapons.

    And I, sinfully, thought that the authority of an athlete is determined by his athletic performance ...
    1. +1
      27 October 2016 16: 54
      These substances are closely related. One cannot exist without the other. In shooting sports, no one will ever show good results without a good and proven barrel. From TOZ 8 you "Ural" (these are old small-bore rifles from the times of the USSR) will never shoot, even if you resist the "horn".
    2. +5
      27 October 2016 19: 34
      in this sport it is customary to measure up with pussies in terms of the coolness of the equipment :). so there is some truth in this.
      and let me throw the sleepers, I seriously do not take this sport IMHO pampering for adult uncles.
    3. 0
      25 March 2017 16: 05
      The same Sphinx there were cases falling apart in the hands of athletes during the shooting. This Swiss clone CZ 75 in one of the models has a titanium handle bolted to the bolt guides!
  8. +3
    27 October 2016 16: 51
    And of course the picatinny rail, even without the pistol. It’s bad that the Russian language is poor, you have to use foreign words and letters
    1. 0
      27 October 2016 16: 52
      Well why. Different stray and enough for a pistol.
      1. +1
        27 October 2016 17: 23
        There are a lot of stray people, but they were needed in conditions of using a pistol.

        Many boast accuracy, athletes, all things. It is interesting to look at these snipers after a 3 km run made 25 times by a frog, and push-ups 30 times. Here let them shoot and see what a huge shot
        1. 0
          20 November 2016 22: 31
          Kostya Andreev

          Tracer, of course an athlete. He will take the match pistol and win the competition.

          I am also an athlete. I will buy this pistol from the article. I will go 5 times to the shooting gallery. And nevertheless, they will also consider me an athlete. Because I bought a "sports" pistol.

          This is all a play on words and concepts. But the reality is that Kalashnikov made money. And since its basic model is not perfect, the upgrades will be my next purchase.

          This is a civilian market.
  9. 0
    27 October 2016 17: 59
    It is great that instead of a pistol that was criticized a lot, a modification appeared in which all the flaws were eliminated.
  10. +4
    27 October 2016 19: 00
    A good pistol should easily withstand 100 thousand shots with a standard 9x19 mm cartridge without replacing key parts. The first "Viking" is crap of the highest standard with a guaranteed shot of only 4 thousand shots, because for sports this is a critical drawback. The new pistol is significantly better than the first model in terms of ergonomics, but its resource is still inferior to the best foreign models. The task of the designers and the manufacturer is to be equal in terms of reliability and resource with Western counterparts. If we face the truth, then this is exactly what the Yarygin pistol should have been when it was put into service.
  11. 0
    27 October 2016 19: 24
    For six years they are accustomed to PY. Great trunk. It was just quite difficult to get used to aiming, and even to the shooting itself, after PMa. The only tangible minus is the clumsy equipment of the store (we are talking about 7N21). Well, if the stores are not from your trunk, then difficulties may arise. Viking, like a sports pistol, is also nothing
    1. 0
      27 October 2016 20: 24
      I haven’t shot with PJ yet, but all my friends don’t favor me. liked very much CZ and Tanfoglio.
    2. +2
      27 October 2016 23: 01
      The PM was adopted by the army in its raw form in 2003. I never said that it has a bad design, but it has not been brought to mind so far.
  12. 0
    27 October 2016 20: 53
    I once happened to see PMS in preservation grease after 7-8 years of wearing. Sports - achievements in sports, combat - reliability and quality of work - these are the criteria for weapons.
    1. +1
      28 October 2016 04: 09
      PMS? And why would anyone carry around 8 years with the Low Noise Shooting Device? Yes, even in preservation grease? Maybe PSM?
      PSM (self-loading small-sized pistol, GRAU index - 6P23) is a self-loading pistol developed by the Tula TsKIB SOO design team (T. I. Lashnev, A. A. Simarin and L. L. Kulikov) under a cartridge of 5,45 × 18 mm.

      It was created on the instructions for the development of a small-sized pistol for arming the high command staff of the Soviet army, operational groups of the KGB of the USSR and the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. The main requirements were the minimum dimensions and weight in the absence of protruding parts. Work on the creation of weapons was carried out from 1970 to 1972. After state tests, the PSM pistol was adopted by the KGB of the USSR and the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1974. In the same year, its mass production began.

      In the post-Soviet space, PSM has been used to date as a weapon of operational employees of law enforcement agencies and special services, as well as self-defense weapons of constant wearing for the army general and the leadership of law enforcement agencies. [1] It is also an award weapon.
  13. +3
    27 October 2016 23: 07
    How much crap was poured on the designer for a low resource. Here you are, they gave 50 000.
    I'm not very pistol. Who is in the subject, give information - which of the other pistols can simultaneously use two types of stores with two- and single-row exits?
    1. +2
      27 October 2016 23: 50
      But why do pistols need shops with a double row exit? I understand that they are easier to manufacture and cheaper than stores with redevelopment in one row, but have certain disadvantages. For example, this design of the store requires a very careful study of the entrance to the chamber. Because of this, there may be problems using different cartridges. Foreigners are far from fools if they use stores with single-row supply of cartridges at their exit in their best pistols. Now for the resource. What prevented the manufacturer from initially making a gun with a high resource, and not to spoil his reputation by issuing junk? Confidence in the pros is easy to lose, but very difficult to regain. Russian weapons should not be inferior in terms of workmanship and finish to the best world analogues, having a lower price, otherwise we will not succeed.
      1. +4
        28 October 2016 07: 38
        If dirty, lining up can jam the cartridges in the magazine. This was proved by Schmeisser's shops in the MP-40 even during the Second World War. This is the only reason. There are no special problems of "working off" the entrances to the chamber, as well as with different cartridges. Cartridge problems due to varying case length tolerances and coating. In a single row arrangement, the chamber entrance is located immediately in front of the magazine. Therefore, a pistol with double-row magazines can be adapted to single-row, but not vice versa. In addition, this is a task of the highest category of complexity for designers. No wonder I asked if there were any analogues. No.
        Now for the resource. You simply do not know how real reliability is achieved. It is achieved by collecting statistics. To do this, more than one hundred pistols had to shoot ten thousand shots. After that, designers and technologists make changes and not the fact that their decisions will be right the first time. So the firing pin in AK had about 100 options until an optimal solution was found. Moreover, the solution was not design, but technological. So the reliability of both AK and PM was tested.
        And we will succeed only when we refuse to make universal models. We need to design weapons for the military, hunters and athletes separately.
        1. +2
          28 October 2016 10: 49
          Tired of it already. MP 40 was manufactured by Erma Werke. Designer Heinrich Vollmer. Schmeisser was not there and there
          1. +2
            28 October 2016 12: 13

            Broaden your horizons. Vollmer sold his VMP patent to Geipel and never worked for ERMA. And Geipel's engineers "creatively reworked" VMP into MP-38/40 that even dad himself did not recognize him.
            1. +1
              28 October 2016 12: 36
              On the MP 40, the firing mechanism was approximately close to the design of engineer Schmeisser, the return spring was Vollmer. MP 40 comes from MP 38, which is the cystic Erma and Vollmer. The name of the designers who converted the MP 38 to the MP 40 is unknown, but not Schmeisser. That way, the AK-47 can be called Schmeisser, tk. engineer Hugo Schmeisser from October 1945 to 1952 worked in Izhevsk under the "leadership" of Mikhail Kalashnikov
              1. +2
                28 October 2016 13: 23
                You carefully read my post? I talked about the Schmeisser stores, and not the whole machine.
                And the rest:
                1. +1
                  28 October 2016 14: 33
                  Re-read. Got it!
          2. The comment was deleted.
  14. 0
    27 October 2016 23: 10
    When will we be shown a pistol created as part of the "Boa" program? Is the development of a good army pistol more difficult than creating a new rocket, if they still cannot adopt a worthy model? It seems to me that the very concept of a pistol chambered for a 9 mm cartridge has become outdated with the massive appearance of bulletproof bulletproof vests of 4-5 protection classes in the enemy. Why even a last-chance weapon that is not capable of piercing a bulletproof vest at a short distance?
  15. +2
    30 October 2016 18: 30
    And the "source", then, the sports-"army" PYa, by no means shone with a thoughtful design (and in terms of everyday "cleaning, lubrication and caress" too) and manufacturability (for an army pistol, all surfaces should be expediently simple, allowing the use of progressive processing technologies, including mechanical processing "in passing", and ensuring mass production during the war period ...), but this "miscarriage" (with its even greater "beauty" and mud-collecting "delights") surpassed even him wink ?
    To be honest, I do not see any practical benefit in this quasi "practical shooting" ... IMHO, but if there is a market demand, then why should the businessmen from the "defense industry" not indulge the adult "gamers" with the "machines" they need, and profit from "toys" should not be allowed to develop a really (at) standing army pistol (chambered for 9x19 Pair) - an unobtrusive companion of an officer and a soldier (in a combat situation), who will be a sight, simple and reliable, unpretentious in operation - in battle and in study, have reasonable trigger characteristics, weight and dimensions, and a magazine (with a two-round output) with a capacity of 13-16 rounds, so that, even with minimal preparation, it would be possible to shoot from it (equally convenient for right-handers and left-handers!) self-cocking (only the first shot) and confidently hit at a distance of up to 70 meters in the head-chest-stomach winked ...?!
    Since this will be a system with a short barrel stroke, it is advisable to provide for a simple "readjustment" of such a pistol for cartridges 7.62x25 TT (for training purposes, you can use the deposits of these cartridges in artillery depots) - of course, the designers will have to "defy" the trigger layouts to place the magazine with these longer cartridges in the handle ... but that's why they are professionals (as you know, a professional is someone who can do the right thing, and not "how it goes"!) wink .
    By the way, with a "Parabellum" cartridge, you can tilt the pistol grip slightly more than in PM and APS, without reducing the reliability of feeding cartridges from the store, but without fanaticism ... smile
  16. 0
    31 October 2016 19: 26
    Quote: pishchak
    and the profit from "toys" should not be used to develop a really (at) standing army pistol (chambered for 9x19 Pair), an unobtrusive companion of an officer and a soldier (in a combat situation), who will be a sight, simple and reliable, unpretentious in operation, in battle and in study, have reasonable trigger characteristics, weight and dimensions, and a magazine (with a two-round output) with a capacity of 13-16 rounds, so that, even with minimal training, it would be possible to shoot from it (equally convenient for right-handers and left-handers!) self-cocking (only the first shot) and confidently hit at a distance of up to 70 meters in the head-chest-stomach ...?!

    You have now declared requirements for PMM? Under the cartridge 9 × 18 mm PMM?
    1. +1
      31 October 2016 22: 14
      And where am I talking about PMM ???
      PMM (pistol and cartridge) is a palliative and no more ... dead end branch wink .
      The Russian defense industry produces good armor-piercing cartridges in the 9x19mm Steam "form factor", surpassing NATO ones, so that the rumors circulating (since the 1980s) about the alleged "exhaustion of the resource" of this pistol cartridge can be considered premature ... and calmly develop promising pistols for him (larger and smaller caliber are suitable only for highly specialized tasks-IMHO).
      A "practical" pistol and a combat pistol are two big differences, therefore, approaches to their design should be different, taking into account the specifics of their use as much as possible, placing at the forefront the requirements and convenience of weapon "users" rather than the technological capabilities and preferences of manufacturers!
      PS A combat pistol should be RELIABLE and "aimed", not burdensome in battle and on a campaign, "adhering to the body" and "sticking to the hand", and not "square" (as thick and long as a powerful revolver of the 19th century) mega-loading weighty "odorobal" with hooky "tsatzki" and ridiculous "dirt collectors" ...
  17. 0
    2 November 2016 18: 28
    Quote: pishchak

    PS A combat pistol should be RELIABLE and "aimed", not burdensome in battle and on a campaign, "adhering to the body" and "sticking to the hand", and not "square" (as thick and long as a powerful revolver of the 19th century) mega-loading weighty "odorobal" with hooky "tsatzki" and ridiculous "dirt collectors" ...

    You have not described the PMM now? Why should a "promising" combat pistol be chambered for 9x19, which is more than 100 years old? The military needs a lightweight and lightweight pistol, like ... PMM, for example.
    1. +1
      3 November 2016 17: 41
      I don't see anything wrong with the 100-year-old "age" of a well-proven cartridge with good modernization potential and balanced characteristics, and the Russian defense industry is also releasing improved cartridges of this "standard size", which once again confirms the prospects of pistols chambered for 9x19 Pair. The widespread use of this cartridge is also important, in
      different "configurations", so "users" should not have problems with ammunition supply smile ...
      PMM (pistol and cartridge) was a forced palliative, therefore it did not take root in the army, and thank God! For civil self-defense, an ordinary PM (pistol and cartridge) is good, but for the army, a combat pistol is needed for a more powerful pistol cartridge-9x19. Pair is my personal vision of the current situation with a domestic pistol - all these "rooks" .... PYa, GSh, I consider CP, like hypothetical "swifts ... swans" to be transitional-search constructions, but "the truth is somewhere nearby" is within the power of a persistent and non-lazy, conceptually thinking, gunsmith designer, who correctly understands his task and relies on experience predecessors ... and (if designers, production workers and testers try hard) there will be happiness for everyone in the army - in the form of a reliable, "dexterous" and "aimed" combat pistol, with which it is easy in battle, in training, and on a campaign wink .

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