Philippines without America. How President Duterte is trying to do away with US influence.

Recently, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been trying to demonstrate an extraordinary independent policy. The other day the head of this distant island state made a very interesting statement. During the talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who took place on October 26 in Tokyo, Rodrigo Duterte promised to get rid of all foreign military bases and all foreign troops stationed in the Philippines over the next two years. Words worthy of a true patriot of their country. Especially when you consider that foreign military personnel are military personnel of the United States of America. It was the United States for almost all stories sovereign Philippine state use the territory of this country for their military bases. The Philippines is of great interest to them, as it allows them to exercise control over the strategically important part of the Asia-Pacific region.

Philippines without America. How President Duterte is trying to do away with US influence.

The Philippines is not just a country where American military bases are located. This is a historic ally of the United States. Although ordinary Filipinos and many of the country's politicians are very negatively disposed towards this cooperation, the Philippines served the United States faithfully for almost the entire twentieth century. More precisely, the United States forced the Philippines to provide territory for military bases and to carry out all sorts of allied activities, including, for example, sending its military to the wars that the United States waged in Korea and Vietnam.

30 August 1951 was signed by the Mutual Defense Treaty between the United States of America and the Republic of the Philippines, which laid the foundations for the entire post-war security system in the country. Considering that after the end of the Second World War, the rise of the communist movement took place in Southeast, East and South Asia, the United States was very much afraid of losing influence in the region. Therefore, a lot of attention was paid to the formation of a counterweight to the Soviet, and then Chinese, influence in the Asia-Pacific region. First of all, the United States enlisted the support of countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, South Vietnam, and South Korea. That is, the Philippines had to play one of the most important roles in the American "security system."

In order to ensure control over the Philippines and protect the islands (the latter, incidentally, it was more likely related to protection from “internal opponents” - communist guerrillas), military bases of the American armed forces were deployed in the country with the permission of the then pro-American leadership. By the way, the Agreement on military bases was signed four more years before the Mutual Defense Treaty. In accordance with this agreement, the US armed forces were able to use 23 bases in the Philippines for military purposes with a total area of ​​4 thousand square meters. kilometers In fact, 1,3% of the country turned out to be transferred to US military bases. Four more military bases, including an airfield, could be used at any time by the United States at the request of the American leadership. The agreement provided for the use of the mentioned bases until 2046 of the year - that is, it was concluded for a whole century ahead. Thus began the seventy-year history of the modern US military presence in the Philippines (in fact, this presence is much longer, since even after the Philippine independence war at the end of the 19th century, the islands were occupied by the United States).

For a long time, the Philippine leaders did not raise unnecessary questions about the presence of US military bases. Perhaps they simply did not dare to lose their support from the United States, as they feared the communist revolution. The communist guerrilla movement, which originated during the Second World War and went back to anti-Japanese resistance, enjoyed great influence in the Philippines and met sincere sympathy from the peasant masses. This was due to the specifics of the socio-economic situation of the Filipino workers — the islands were dominated by American capital and local latifundists. Naturally, a significant part of the population, primarily the lower classes, was very negative about this state of affairs. No less negative attitude on their part was caused by the power, in words demonstrating the desire for political independence of the state, but in practice remained in the role of the American satellite. So there was more than enough reason to keep the US military bases with the Philippine leadership. In addition, they brought quite good financial assets, including work to the local population. True, on the other hand, not everything is measured in money. The presence of a large number of free young men who are far from families and at home has contributed to the flourishing of the trade in alcohol, drugs and prostitution in the Philippines. On the other hand, there were not uncommon crimes committed by foreign soldiers against Filipinos, including, for example, rape of girls and women.

The most important US military bases used in conjunction with the armed forces of the Philippines are the military bases Clark and Subic Ben, which are located aviation and the naval base of the US armed forces, as well as the port of Appari, the troposphere communications center Kabuyo and two training ranges. We will briefly talk about each of these bases. So, the US Air Force base Clark is located on the island of Luzon - 82 kilometers northwest of Manila. It is one of the oldest air bases in the Philippines. It was built before the Second World War, after the war it was restored, and they began to exploit as much as possible during the war in Vietnam. Then, units of the 13th Air Force of the US Air Force and auxiliary units with a total of 20 thousand people were stationed here. During the Vietnam War, the headquarters of the 13th Air Army was planning operations against the Vietnamese and Lao revolutionary forces and was responsible for the logistical and military construction support of the US Air Force in the Philippines. In fact, it was Clark Air Base that was the main base for the rear and logistical support of American troops in the Asia-Pacific region. The base was also used as an alternate aerodrome for American aircraft flying from Andersen Air Base on Guam Island and attacking the patriotic forces of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The naval base of the United States Navy Subic Bay was also built on the island of Luzon - in the Subic Bay, which is in 80 km. west of the Philippine capital of Manila. Favorable location and size of the base allowed the US naval command to use it to accommodate a large number of ships. Like Clark Air Base, Subic Bay naval base was built before the independence of the Philippines. During the American aggression in Vietnam, the development of the infrastructure of this naval base received the most attention. This was due to the active use of the US Navy base. So, only in 1958, the US military ships once entered the 2607 base. These figures give a comprehensive picture of the importance of the Subic Bay base during the Vietnam War. Subic Bay Base is equipped with 20 berths for ships of all classes. At the same time, part of the berths are also equipped with the necessary equipment to supply the US Navy with fuel and ammunition. It is also equipped with a berthless tanker unloading point, from which an oil pipeline leading to the Clark air base is laid. In addition, a maintenance and technical enterprise with five docks operates on the Subic Bay base, which allows for the prompt repair of warships of various levels.

In addition to aviation and naval bases, traditionally a very important role for organizing the provision of the American army, aviation and fleet played communication centers located in the Philippines. In fact, it is the Philippines that are the center of communications services for the US Armed Forces in the Asia-Pacific region. A trans-Pacific submarine cable from the USA stretches to the coast of Luzon Island.

Thus, the military bases in the Philippines play a very large role in the combat support of the American armed forces in Southeast Asia. However, from the beginning of the 1990's. The Philippine leadership, under pressure from the growing anti-American sentiment in the country, began to insist on the withdrawal of the US military from the country’s territory. In 1991, the Senate rejected the new treaty, which led to the gradual withdrawal of bases in the Philippines. This was also facilitated by hopes that the USA would see serious opponents disappear after the collapse of the USSR and the collapse of the socialist bloc.

However, strengthening the military and political power of China and Russia, combined with the growth of international terrorism, which is closely linked to religious-fundamentalist organizations operating, including in Southeast Asia, negotiations between the US and Philippine leadership began again bases. 11 November 2011 of the year on board the US destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62), which arrived in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, a solemn ceremony was held in honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on mutual defense. From this time on, the Americans were once again convinced that the Philippines would remain their reliable ally in Southeast Asia. Perhaps it would have been so if the charismatic Rodrigo Duterte had not won the presidential election in this country.

Despite the years, and Rodrigo Duterte is already over seventy, the new Filipino president, even before being elected head of state, was distinguished by a sharp temper. When Duterte headed the city of Davao, he stepped up the fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking. Recall that for the Philippines, this problem is really extremely serious. Drug addiction takes the lives and health of young people, and drug traffickers pose a huge threat to national security and public order. Duterte explicitly named the names of several hundreds of Filipino generals, police officers, special services and the armed forces, politicians and officials who are involved in drug trafficking and organized crime in the country. By itself, this act was already very brave.

Then, after becoming president, Duterte became famous for calling on the police and the army to destroy drug dealers without trial. These words of the Philippine president provoked a negative reaction from the American representatives, who accused Duterte of violating human rights. As you know, for the American side, such accusations are often not associated with the real facts of human rights violations, but with an emphasis on the disloyalty of a politician to the US authorities. For example, Bashar al-Assad, a European-educated person, the president of Syria, was accused of violating human rights, but they did not accuse the monarchs of the feudal states of the Gulf countries, who still use medieval justice methods.
However, Duterte responded to these accusations by the US State Department very worthily. 21 August 2016, he said that the Philippines may have to quit the United Nations, as this structure is not able to cope with the global problems of modern humanity - for example, international terrorism, famine in the third world and the war on Middle East. At the same time, the United Nations and the United States allow themselves to intervene in the internal affairs of the Philippines, forgetting that the Philippines is an independent state and is capable of determining its own law enforcement policy.

US Ambassador Philip Goldberg, who tried to criticize Rodrigo Duterte for the active, in the opinion of the United States, the fight against drug trafficking and drug addiction, bothered the unflattering epithets from the Philippine president. The diplomat was called nothing less than a "son of a bitch." Later, September 5 2016, Duterte launched a verbal attack on Barack Obama, which brought the Philippine president worldwide fame.

Speaking before the beginning of the East Asian Summit, held in Laos, Duterta said the following: “You must show respect. Do not rush questions and statements. Son of a whore, I curse you at the summit. ” These words were addressed in the direction of Barack Obama - President of the United States, one of the largest world powers. Moreover, the President of the Philippines, a country that until recently was considered the traditional "junior partner" of the United States, said. Perhaps none of the modern heads of state did not allow such words to the American president.

And now - one more news from the Philippines. Rodrigo Duterte decided as quickly as possible to eliminate all US military bases. “I look forward to the moment when I will no longer see any military in my country other than the Philippines,” said Rodrigo Duterte. By the way, at the forum held in China, Duterte stressed that his country would no longer actively cooperate with the United States, but would reorient to develop relations with China and, possibly, with Russia. Reverence towards Russia Duterte undertook and declared that he would go to Moscow and declare that only three countries in the world are independent - China, Russia and the Philippines.
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  1. +7
    27 October 2016 15: 13
    Somehow, we actively began to advertise this person. And first you need to figure out who he is and for whom. First of all, this is a politician of the extreme right ideology - he will allow everyone who wants to kill drug addicts for a monetary reward, he will compare himself with Hitler, or he will begin to flirt with China. China itself is a very nationalist state, and the activists abroad whom it supports and do not disdain overt Nazism at all. China certainly wants the Philippines, and not only them. Vietnam, Taiwan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and further up to the Indian Ocean. Of course, strengthening China to counterbalance the US is necessary. But too strong China is already a threat to us. The Chinese have not forgotten and will not forget about our Far East and Siberia. That is, China’s excessive strengthening for Russia is even more of a problem than the current push-push situation when the United States and China (+/- Japan and Korea) share Southeast Asia.
    1. +6
      27 October 2016 15: 18
      While he is really doing something in his country. And says reasonable things. If he does what he says it is very good for Russia. Another reliable partner in a good sense is a word to us in the piggy bank. We need to work with this person - in other matters, we should not teach the Russian GRU.
      1. +1
        29 October 2016 07: 34
        A man over 70. What should he be afraid of. Finally decided to have fun.
    2. +5
      27 October 2016 18: 49
      Drug traffickers in our country should be shot like mad animals. And as for the Filipino, I think the following — he probably decided to jump into the carriage to China, let's say ..
      1. 0
        29 October 2016 12: 58
        And do not forget about pedophiles.
    3. 0
      27 October 2016 22: 13
      Philippines without America. How President Duterte is trying to do away with US influence.

    4. +1
      28 October 2016 10: 48
      He is a demagogue. And nonsense. Non-state person. To begin with, the president of a rather large country should not behave like a marketer in a bazaar. The name-calling party (by the way, I myself really do not like Obama) does not honor any person, and if this person is the president, then it is generally unacceptable! Does he know that he is chatting about the Americans? The Philippines is no less dependent on the States than the States are on them. Feeding the hundred millionth population is not a joke. Here you need to maneuver in foreign policy, and not behave like an elephant in a china shop.
      1. 0
        29 October 2016 11: 00
        He was tired of maneuvering. He does not receive pleasure from intricate body movements, like other respectable tackers by the fifth point.
      2. 0
        30 October 2016 10: 47
        For the sake of their country there really is nothing to lose and age has nothing to do with it!
  2. +4
    27 October 2016 15: 25
    They would rather get rid of Duterte than he would get rid of "US influence." In the Philippines, the entire population prays for the United States and EU-men dream of going there to work, and women dream of marrying an American or European, and this one dreams of ending the influence of the United States. Yeah. The Philippines is home to one hundred million people with a population growth of 1 this year alone, and how, interestingly, this "smart guy" will feed such a horde if the US and the EU turn their backs on them, and even, God forbid, they introduce their beloved are they sanctioned?
    1. +1
      27 October 2016 17: 42
      Soak up Rodrigo Duterte how to give a drink, while suffering, or maybe all of this is conceived so)))
      Here he is chatting and chatting .. As soon as Obamych did not call names, but they don’t react to him (like, what a democratic country of the United States ..)))) I think that’s all about this!
      1. 0
        27 October 2016 19: 08
        Quote: STARPER
        Soak up Rodrigo Duterte how to give a drink, while suffering, or maybe all of this is conceived so)))
        Here he is chatting and chatting .. As soon as Obamych did not call names, but they don’t react to him (like, what a democratic country of the United States ..)))) I think that’s all about this!

        In the US, other problems are elections. Therefore, first cognac (elections), then cherry (coup), then stone ("bone").
        The US base is easy to get, but get rid .....
        1. 0
          27 October 2016 19: 30
          Quote: Mavrikiy
          The US base is easy to get, but get rid .....

          Kiev would have it in the ears ....
      2. 0
        29 October 2016 15: 32
        but called something, I think, something is negotiated.
  3. +5
    27 October 2016 15: 37
    I'm waiting for the words "fraternal Filipino people" :-)
  4. +2
    27 October 2016 15: 37
    And first you need to figure out who he is and for whom.

    Well, this is a completely different world, mentality and behavior. Therefore, it is not necessary to tailor all as mattresses for yourself.
  5. +8
    27 October 2016 18: 15
    The first impression of this person is pleasant: he simply dresses, in a straightforward manner, even sharply, he says. In 70 years he looks good - he spent years in work and sobriety - 7 times in a row he was elected mayor of the city - 22 years. The kid was a slobber (2 times they drove out of school) - i.e. normal man. Mom is a teacher. Already lived enough not to be afraid. I haven’t opened accounts in foreign currency; I haven’t sent children to Miami. Yes, they can. They can even kill with the hands of someone from the inner circle, so that it would be more painful if there was a corrupt little soul. But others, apparently, did not take it: there are trousers, there is a shirt - it is enough for him.
    Well, we'll see. If it goes from words to action, it will be possible to help, if not unprofitable.
    However, if you take a closer look, what a striking contrast with others begins to appear ...
    I have a sympathy for this man.
  6. 0
    28 October 2016 00: 06
    God forbid the calves, the WOLF eat !!! Well, Duterte success in his endeavors! But here the most important thing is that HIS would not leave ahead of time. Then we’ll see what happens.
  7. +1
    28 October 2016 09: 01
    F ** k he, not the president. One day sends Obama, the next - apologizes. And he recently said that in the military sphere he will cooperate only with the States. Here you have the Philippines without America. Poser ordinary.
  8. 0
    28 October 2016 13: 16
    Security would strengthen him. The Americans are still the sons of the female dog, and they will fight by any means to preserve their influence.
  9. +1
    29 October 2016 11: 00
    Ah yes, well done, showed the middle finger to the coal, and the leaders of all Europe are on all fours in front of this coal
  10. 0
    29 October 2016 12: 50
    Rather, they will end Duterte.
    1. 0
      29 October 2016 22: 16
      actually, there are strong positions of women Lisa, it seems ...

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