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Germany buys 12 Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy armored trucks

Germany buys 12 Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy armored trucks

Mercedes-Benz delivered twelve heavy armored emergency and maintenance trucks (HABRV) to the Bundeswehr. These models are an important addition to the current fleet of the German armed forces. At the official ceremony held at the Logistics Management Center in Hesedorf, Mercedes-Benz Special Vehicles Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Dietz handed over the keys to Hans Thünemann, Project Manager for the Federal Office for Defense Technologies and Purchasing (BWB).

The commander of the 13 motorized infantry division, Brigadier General Klaus von Heimendahl, acted as the representative of the host country.

Along with the HABRV trucks, Mercedes-Benz will also provide special tools, original equipment parts, an integrated rear support package, technical documentation and instructor training. The service agreement includes after-sales support for Mercedes Benz both in Germany and abroad.

Pre-sales car preparation includes comprehensive checks at the Mercedes-Benz test site. This will allow trucks to be ready for immediate use on their 2012 arrival in Afghanistan in January.

The order for the production and supply of 12 HABRV entered Mercedes-Benz only in March 2011 of the year with the proviso that vehicles must be delivered between September and December of 2011. The fact that half a year has passed between signing a contract and delivering the first car demonstrates not only that Mercedes-Benz is ready for mass production, but also that it is already capable of supplying them to the troops.

The base for HABRV is the Actros 4151 AK 8x8. Mercedes-Benz manufactures these special vehicles using tried-and-tested parts and components for mass production as part of their own special production processes.

The heavily armored HABRV Bison, implemented on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 4151 AK 8x8, set new standards for vehicle logistics in terms of mobility, performance and protection.

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  1. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 18 January 2012 08: 27
    The Bundeswehr seems to have gotten really crazy during the crisis. Now they just have to buy a few armored Porsche Cayenne jeeps, with dozens of armored Ferraris and an armored Rolls-Royce for the Secretary of Defense. wink
    1. Nick
      Nick 18 January 2012 08: 35
      Why fucked up, Alex? In Russia, on the basis of all-wheel drive KAMAZs, they also began to produce armored trucks for the aircraft. The trend however.
      1. Aleksey67
        Aleksey67 18 January 2012 08: 40
        Nick with all due respect, you are right, something "locked" me on MB. The image of the brand affected (it can be seen so far "got up, but forgot to wake up" smile ). request
        And on the basis of MAN, would it not be cheaper and not more reliable?
        1. Professor
          18 January 2012 10: 09
          And on the basis of MAN, would it not be cheaper and not more reliable?

          Mercedes has no quality problems, experience and production capacity more than MAN.
          1. Aleksey67
            Aleksey67 18 January 2012 10: 40
            Professor, maybe I'm wrong, but MB has always focused more on the production of cars, and their trucks and buses continue the line.

            MAN’s military program also consists of several families of all-wheel drive vehicles and tractors with wheel formulas from 4x4 to 10x10, with engines from 110 to 1000 hp. They are widely used to create airfield fire engines.

            With a full load, cars reach a maximum speed of 120-140 km / h, from a standstill to 80 km / h can accelerate in 22 ~ 25 s and have a guaranteed service life of 20 years. In 2000, MAN acquired the English company ERF (ERF) and the Polish plant Star (Star). Now about 32 thousand people are employed at his enterprises. In 1999, another record was set - 56,3 thousand cars with a gross weight of more than 6 tons were manufactured at MAN factories, which amounted to 3,5% of world production. At the beginning of 2000, the 1 millionth MAN truck was assembled. On average, MAN accounts for 13,5% of the truck market in Western Europe.

            PS Totally:
            1. Aleksey67
              Aleksey67 18 January 2012 11: 00
              Found additionally in the internet:
              The range of military vehicles AHSVS is designed to transport various weapons and tracked vehicles and is based on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 4151 AK 8x8. AHSVS range of trucks will form a four-axle truck tractor capable of operating as a part of a road train with a gross weight of up to 110 tons, a transport-loading vehicle of the multiple launch rocket system; a chassis for transporting various containers (photo 22) and an army heavy tow truck (photo 23).
              Actros 4151 AK 8x8 is equipped with a fully armored cockpit that protects the crew from shelling from all types of small arms and protects them in the event of a vehicle colliding with a mine. The front-wheel drive units are also protected, and the entire vehicle complies with ballistic protection level 4 and mine protection level 4b according to STANAG 4569. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 88 km / h.
              The experience of the hostilities taking place today, in which the military of the NATO countries have to participate, tells logisticians the requirements for modern vehicles. In the army, to transport a large amount of cargo, it is necessary to use only well-protected heavy vehicles with a carrying capacity of 12-20 tons. This allows you to get an acceptable compromise between the mobility and tactical flexibility of military vehicles.
            2. Professor
              18 January 2012 11: 19
              You are not quite right, Mercedes focuses not only on cars. In October, I was not in an exhibition in Stuttgart, and in my spare time I visited a couple of attractions. Among other things, the museum and the exhibition center are MV. Buses and trucks occupy a worthy place there. Particularly impressed with their circuit on which at that time drove a truck.
              There is no doubt that MAN is a serious company.
              1. Foamas
                Foamas 18 January 2012 14: 51
                What is the mass of the car? (met information that 80 tons). belay
                probably wrong ..
                I will add pictures from testing (train on the competitor MAN) smile

                ps Professor where is the amphibious kit for "Reno" ??
                Forcing the water barrier is at stake ...
                1. Professor
                  18 January 2012 15: 19
                  Thanks for the wonderful photos, you are always on top.
                  About Renault, I honestly didn't look anymore.

                  The protected Special Vehicle has a weight of 33.500 kg, a length of 10.530 mm, a width of 2.800 mm and a height of 3.400 mm. The wheelbase of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 8x8 is 5.580 mm. The BlueTec 5-V8-engine of the type OM 502 LA has a power of 375 kW / 510 hp.

  2. sazhka0
    sazhka0 18 January 2012 08: 50
    Well, that's why they decided to do and did ... Without buildup and fuss .. When will we work SO? For six months ... from start to finish ..
    1. datur
      datur 18 January 2012 12: 10
      sazhka0and our bureaucrats need to earn money for kids for 10 generations of milk ahead of time, or how fellow
  3. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 19 January 2012 11: 47
    The Munich concern demonstrated a heavy tow truck on the chassis of the MAN SX 45 (8x8) logistic family. The car is an order from the British army of 288 similar special trucks, which should replace the obsolete Foden tow trucks, issued 30 years ago, in the army.
    The towing company is engaged in the English company EKA. The equipment of the recovery and recovery vehicle includes three hydraulically driven Rotzler winches (main, auxiliary and for self-extraction) and a Terex Atlas hydraulic crane with remote control.
    The chassis is equipped with a proprietary 20-horsepower D540 engine. and the 12-speed MAN TipMatic automatic transmission, as well as all-wheel torsion bar suspension, well suited for off-road use. In addition, the car is equipped with an armored cabin with ballistic protection level 3 according to STANAG 4569

    Another interesting truck featured at the show was the Wisent (8x8) multi-purpose armored vehicle.
    The MAN concern was engaged in the Zubr project together with the Rheinmetall company by order of the German army. The Bundeswehr this year will offer a contract for the production of 250 armored wheeled transporters.
    According to the army leadership, Rheinmetall Wisent will fill the niche between the Dingo-2 armored car and the Boxer armored personnel carrier. The Zubr truck consists of three main sections: the cab, the engine compartment and the rear movable cargo module, designed for a load of 6000 kg. The latter can have various purposes and equipment, depending on the requirements. The superstructure can be universal, sanitary, or in the form of a vehicle for transporting 10 soldiers. The Zubr's two-seater cockpit has a high level of protection against a variety of threats, including direct fire from small arms 7,62mm, shrapnel from artillery shells and mines, or explosions of improvised explosive devices.
    In addition, the vehicle can be equipped with a 7,62 or 12,7 mm machine gun and an automatic launcher of grenades.
  4. Korvin
    Korvin 20 January 2012 23: 01
    MANs with armor from KMW have already been purchased from them, only for other purposes ... Here: A module for transporting personnel in hazardous areas of EADS production with protection from bullets, mines, IEDs and RPGs.