In Germany during the "anti-terrorist" raid detained only immigrants from Russia

Radio station Deutsche Welle reports a major raid by the German police, called anti-terrorism. The submission states that special measures, including apartment searches and the detention of persons suspected of involvement in terrorism, were held in a number of federal lands in Germany. This is a raid in Bavaria, Hamburg, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as in Thuringia.

In Germany during the "anti-terrorist" raid detained only immigrants from Russia

The report says that 13 people were detained during the raid. It is noteworthy that they all come from Russia. "Deutshe Welle" reports that the 10 detainees are men, three people are women. Each of the years detained in the aforementioned federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany is from 20 to 30. According to some reports, they all previously lived in the North Caucasus.

German police claim that people from Russia have links with ISIS militants (prohibited in the Russian Federation) in Syria. In addition, it is added that 13 immigrants from the Russian Federation filed a request for asylum in Germany.

At the same time, the German special services report that the detention was carried out “without the threat of public danger”. None of the detainees resisted the German law enforcement officers.

Representatives of the German security service said that the apartments of the detainees (and this is 12 apartments and houses) are being searched for "the subject of obtaining evidence of the involvement of immigrants from Russia to ISIL." It turns out that the involvement in ISIS has not yet been identified, and now in Germany they will look for suitable ground to call the detention justified.

This is a kind of signal for all those who once arrived in Germany from Russia (USSR) for permanent residence. After all, now the German special services under the guise of fighting terrorism can seize any former (current) Russian, and then push the "evidence".

It is also noteworthy that, in addition to immigrants from the Russian Federation, the German special services did not detain anyone during the "anti-terrorist" raid. Even those who came from Syria under the guise of a refugee, while he himself was captured in the photo with weapons under the black flag of terrorism ... At the same time, real militants who previously operated in the North Caucasus, in the EU feel quite at ease. As an option, Mr. Zakayev in London, in respect of whom no special operations are being carried out ...
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  1. +5
    25 October 2016 15: 07
    Burn this cesspool. We got it already.
    1. +12
      25 October 2016 15: 44
      Did you expect otherwise? Russians are most like Arabs, Syrians, Iraqis, Turks, Yemenis, Libyans, all those who make up the bulk of IS and Nusra. Or a complete vinaigrette in the brain or purposeful Russophobia in real life. The point is in the opposite, who gave birth to this monster, today they are trying to convince mankind that Russia did it, who supplies terrorists with money and weapons, convinces the whole world that Russia is doing it. In general, pure propaganda, lies and unsubstantiated accusations, all this is the current "democracy", by the way, it was like that under Roosevelt and under Reagan and under Rubyroid, only it is becoming more impudent, boorish, and unprincipled.
      1. +3
        25 October 2016 15: 49
        Merkkelsha is preparing for the election campaign. It's time to raise the ratings. So they imitate the fight against the "Russian threat".
        1. +11
          25 October 2016 15: 56
          Oh well.

          Paste pictures and sign
          - they wished to live in Germany, in search of a better life.
          Germany accepted them and assigned them to the zone.
          Let them go.
          1. 0
            25 October 2016 16: 10
            Now they will be asked to the Turks and further throughout the Near and Middle East and Africa.
          2. 0
            26 October 2016 08: 54
            She herself gave them the green light, now she is fighting with them. Now she has turned on the reverse gear and began to fight with her terrorists who grew this evil. Just before the election he wants to show what kind of fighter she is, and taking photos with the terrorist as a keepsake.
      2. +10
        25 October 2016 16: 54
        The article distorted the facts. If you detained Caucasians seeking asylum in Europe - this is the problem of Europe, and Russia should request their extradition and try on all the membership in the illegal armed groups that we still have. These immigrant Caucasians can be attributed to Russians only by an unfinished Euro-producer with the supply of Eurosmi. But you are adults ...
      3. +4
        25 October 2016 17: 14
        and who do you think people from the Caucasus look like? )))
        1. +3
          25 October 2016 18: 14
          so many of them have settled our sons - let them catch them - it’s a pity that not out of kindness and conscience - but in the political situation

          There would still be in Poland with all sorts of Londons

      4. +12
        25 October 2016 18: 21
        These are not Russians, but the remnants from the North Caucasus and members of their families - the result of the past turbulent 90s. They were driven out of here, so they dispersed to NATO countries, which paid them a salary for banditry in Russia. Let them now disentangle the result of a policy of double standards.
      5. +6
        25 October 2016 19: 03
        What else is Russian. They are all Chechens and indulgence. Che at once Russian, in Dagestan such packs are caught.
      6. +2
        25 October 2016 20: 22
        for normal people it is written in the article that all detained people come from the North Caucasus. read carefully.
  2. +14
    25 October 2016 15: 09
    If these are those who were squeezed out of the North Caucasus, the former bandit underground, then the news is good! In general, the Germans - you need to look carefully at who you are hosting, not all of Russia's enemies are your friends!
    1. 0
      25 October 2016 15: 16
      The Germans are worse. Real terrorists have left and will arrange a good boom.
    2. +3
      25 October 2016 15: 20
      Well, it's not a fact. Information is zero. In general, the Germans may have begun to cooperate with our specialists. Otherwise, how to explain the scale?
      1. +5
        25 October 2016 15: 51
        Quote: hirurg
        In general, the Germans may have begun to cooperate with our specialists.

        Do you think this is possible under the current government?
        In principle, of course, there is nothing wrong with such a design, if it were so. To exchange information with the Germans, and not just to exchange information, but also to realize it (to conduct searches, detentions, extraditions) - such cooperation would greatly help in a real (I emphasize - IN REAL!) Fight against barmaley.
        The question is different: is it a real fight, the one that the Germans are waging, or just a provocation? The authors of the article consider it a provocation. Until there is accurate and reliable information about who was detained, on what grounds and for what sins, and, most importantly, how it all ends, it is impossible to draw conclusions.
        Three versions:
        1. A well-thought-out and large-scale special operation in cooperation with the FSB on its tips, or the implementation of its own developments in the framework of the real fight against terrorism.
        2. Provocation against Russia.
        3. Operation on distraction, operation-screen. Among all the detainees, only one, maximum two, is of real interest. The rest are taken "to the heap" in order to hide the true intentions of the special services, not to expose a valuable source of information, for example.
        The first point - cooperation - seems to me too idealistic to be true in such a political environment. Although anything can happen ... The second point - a provocation - does not seem to me the main one, because too much money has been spent and too little stench has been raised according to the results. I give preference to the third - operation-screen. Is very similar.
        The fact that among our immigrants from the Caucasus who settled in the Bundes are in abundance there are those to whom the FSB has a lot of questions, obviously. Maybe the first option, huh?
        1. +1
          25 October 2016 15: 56
          Yes HZ, and I say information is not enough.
          We live, as they say ...
          We are waiting for the reaction of our Foreign Ministry.
    3. +2
      25 October 2016 15: 35
      Quote: Hunter
      If these are those who were squeezed out of the North Caucasus, the former bandit underground, then the news is good! In general, the Germans - you need to look carefully at who you are hosting, not all of Russia's enemies are your friends!

      The news is good. BUT! The question is how it will be presented to ordinary Germans and other Europeans. I am afraid that the presence among the detained only of the barmaley, immigrants from the Russian Federation suggests that a screech will be raised in Western media about the fact that we support the igil
      1. 0
        25 October 2016 15: 50
        This is hardly a ride. Otherwise, they would have been hiding in the territory of the Russian Federation, and not in Germany.
        And here, the very fact that immigrants from Russia ... The media can lick, but this is only in the short term.
    4. 0
      25 October 2016 17: 11
      On the radio right now they spoke directly about Chechen
      And the fact that many of them have long been monitored
  3. +6
    25 October 2016 15: 14
    All the detainees are already a headache for Germany! Take "rebels" (your words) from the Caucasus!
  4. +2
    25 October 2016 15: 15
    It's just that these "immigrants from Russia, they all previously lived in the North Caucasus," cut through Germany in jeeps, firing from guns.
  5. +14
    25 October 2016 15: 19
    Previously, they called them "refugees from Chechnya" or "Chechen rebels", joyfully opening their gates before them. Now they have "immigrants from Russia". The main thing is that in any negative event in the West the word “Russia” should be heard.
    1. +3
      25 October 2016 15: 31
      Quote: askort154
      "refugees from Chechnya" or "Chechen rebels"

      Let them come back, Kadyrov will figure out who is a "refugee" and who is a "rebel".
  6. 0
    25 October 2016 15: 40
    What? Russia again? We were surprised, honestly. As if I don’t know that the Russians in general are to blame for the fact that the Americans never landed on the moon, and the VVP in particular, he also shot the apolosha with a slingshot - a hooligan. But seriously, let's hope that, as we wrote above, this is a real joint work of special services against jackals mummers under the "unfortunate refugees from the totalitarian regime." It would be nice.
  7. +7
    25 October 2016 16: 02
  8. 0
    25 October 2016 16: 04
    Quote: Temples
    Oh well.

    Paste pictures and sign
    - they wished to live in Germany, in search of a better life.
    Germany accepted them and assigned them to the zone.
    Let them go.

    Absolutely agree! We have a democratic country, - if you want to live as a person, - live. I do not like the Motherland - no one is holding, wali. And there already someone like ...
  9. +1
    25 October 2016 16: 11
    This is the last Basayev’s associates decided to kick back to us, such as steel are not needed?
  10. +1
    25 October 2016 16: 15
    "According to some reports, they all previously lived in the North Caucasus."
    "In addition, it is added that 13 immigrants from the Russian Federation have applied for asylum in Germany."
    It is strange, and recently they were so loved in Europe, they were shown on television, and invited to parliaments. These are freedom fighters! You can’t do this with fighters.
  11. cap
    25 October 2016 16: 16
    All the Russians are going to the mill. It doesn't matter where it explodes, the "Russian trace" has appeared.
    "Natives of Russia", although they have documents, and they did not show any resistance. It remains to find incriminating evidence, which in general is not a problem. They obviously do not read books in German, until they figure out what is written in them, it may take years.
    Provocation clearly, instead of real work.
    Let them catch freshly shaved barmaleys, it will be more true. This is really a difficult and dangerous event.
  12. 0
    25 October 2016 16: 35
    Now all the "prisoners of conscience" and "freedom fighters" will be driven to obtain "freedom and conscience" in Russia.
  13. 0
    25 October 2016 16: 40
    Along the way, the "freedom fighters" returned ahead of time to the owners, and they were not happy ...
    1. +1
      26 October 2016 07: 26
      Let them grab them - probably the first one caught was Khodarkovsky and Kosyanov and their thieves' retinue. Let them take it, we will throw them under them, we have enough of this stuff. Let the Germans "build" the economy - they set up for us, now we are clearing the rubble. The main thing is not to write the names - probably secret terrorists, so that the public does not know. Otherwise, all of Germany will flee to Russia.
  14. 0
    25 October 2016 17: 08
    ... In the course of the anti-terrorist "actions", the anti-terrorists received mordas from completely innocent Russians. What else do anti-terrorists need ?!
  15. 0
    25 October 2016 17: 22
    And here is the original. Who can read.
    Ermittler finden in Thüringen Substanzen zur Sprengstoffherstellung
  16. +2
    25 October 2016 17: 26
    This is how the Germans decided to take revenge for 1945. Bring the public opinion of the planet to the conclusion that Russia is a terrorist state, exclude it from the UN, deprive it of the possibility of having an armed forces, and put the country under NATO control. The plan, mind you, is being carried out by peaceful means. While "fighting" with "terrorists". So?
    The fact that our President speaks German does not mean that the Germans are friends with us. These are our worst enemies lurking for the main blow. As they always did. Does anyone else have doubts?
    1. 0
      26 October 2016 08: 12
      This is not 1941 - Russia has learned all the habits of the beast, now we will not step on a rake, and at all persuasions and with a malicious smile, look at us. Now this will not happen - we are not against you, but now we will put a lot on you. We know every "Friends" rat politician in Europe - let the people deal with it before it's too late. If they provoke a war, we will not wake up to watch, we will pack everyone. Russia is not the same - it will sweep away not by going to their territory. They know - let their heads keep laughing in cold water, otherwise they have overheated it strongly. We are not for war - but if anything, the answer wakes up sad for them.
  17. 0
    25 October 2016 17: 51
    The Germans completely lost their "scent". Well, nothing, let's see how this farce ends. I won't wang, but nothing good for Germany. Although if from the Caucasus, then let them cooperate with the Russian special services. If there is something listed for these individuals, then they probably have a dossier on them.
  18. 0
    25 October 2016 18: 23
    prove ownership? not? do not notice the log in the eye? once it all started the same way for you: at first they drove the Communists, after the fire in the Reichstag, and now the brown plague is in power. But now your native and beloved Hitler is not shining for you, a new German idol is waiting for you: Ben Laden, and the kirche will be replaced by a mosque, Frau Chancellor will head the overall Deutsche Hare.))) We will not release Berlin again, we are taught.
  19. 0
    25 October 2016 19: 04
    this is democracy - nothing more
  20. +1
    25 October 2016 19: 38
    According to some reports, they all previously lived in the North Caucasus.

    My boss also previously lived in the North Caucasus ... And why didn’t he go to Germany? ... recourse
  21. 0
    25 October 2016 21: 21
    Well, nevertheless, I think that most likely these are really former bandits with whom the Russian Federation fought in the Caucasus or sympathize with them. I did not look what the German press writes on this topic, but we should not write here that these are suffering Russian immigrants. Most likely, the Germans are really trying to make publicity on the Russian track, but still, as it seems to me, they detain those who have a stigma in the cannon. Though not directly, but indirectly ...
  22. 0
    26 October 2016 01: 06
    Quote: juborg
    Russians are most similar to Arabs, Syrians, Iraqis, Turks, Yemenis, Libyans, all those who make up the bulk of IS and Nusra.

    But not even that is terrible for the Russian man, he is terrible for his patience.
  23. 0
    26 October 2016 01: 17
    do not let back !!!
    it would be nice even in the United States to start so to fight with Isis
  24. 0
    26 October 2016 01: 52
    In Russia, it is necessary to carry out a similar raid and bind all citizens of NATO countries located in the Russian Federation ... Start with US citizens, since Washington has long become the world capital of terrorism.
  25. +1
    26 October 2016 07: 08
    The German elite did not write about terrorists from Russia two years ago. Today they began to bend their fingers, soon they will assign us all refugees to the category of terrorists. Mother Teresa Merkel, an accomplice of all these criminals, wants to wash away all the dirt from herself at the expense of Russia. How she hugged Ukrainian terrorists - they are better than ISL, they just have different names, but they do the same job. They kill - we live, burn, shoot down passenger planes. They are in no hurry to investigate - they hide the criminals, that's all lousy politics. It's clear that all the terrorists of the world will root for Merkel, she helps with weapons and money. Prevents these "LOVE" people from dying. Hang her beard - it will look like Ben - Ladon.
  26. 0
    26 October 2016 11: 31
    Chechens were caught, not Russian .. do not twist the facts.
  27. 0
    26 October 2016 15: 28
    Probably the authorities of Germany decided to recruit people from the Caucasus and send them to Abwehr schools for further use of these people in Russia.
  28. 0
    26 October 2016 16: 46
    Until that moment, these "immigrants from Russia" categorically did not want to speak Russian and admit that they had come from Russia. They all came from the country "Chechenya".
    Now, probably, after some processing, they will sing together that they are all "Russians" and were personally sent by Putin.
    God works in mysterious ways!

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