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Russian paratroopers will receive paragliders "Dalolet"

Servicemen of the Special Operations Forces Command will receive new Dalolet parachutes with which they will be able to parachute from a height of up to 10 thousand meters and overcome with a tailwind up to 100 km, according to News.

The hybrid of the paraglider and parachute was developed by the specialists of the Ivanovo parachute plant “Polet”.

“Currently, the product passes factory flight design tests. Already in the summer of 2017, he will be placed in units of special operations forces for further testing. All work is planned to be completed by the end of next year and at the same time to transfer the first batch of unique products to the soldiers of the special purpose centers of the Ministry of Defense - A military source told the newspaper.

According to the lead designer of the Ivanovo plant, Sergey Kirichenko, "factory tests of the Dalneleta", held in conjunction with the instructors of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) paragliding school, showed that the system is almost as good as full-scale paragliders in the air.

Unlike most other parachutes, the suspension system of the new product is equipped with a special seat.

“Since the Dalolet allows them to cover much longer distances than on conventional parachutes of the flying wing system, paratroopers have to be in the air for a long time. A standard parachute mount in such conditions can lead to numbness in the legs, which makes the fighter vulnerable after landing. In order to get rid of this side effect, we equipped the Dalolet with a seat that will allow the paratrooper to remain operational throughout the entire flight, ”said Kirichenko.

At the same time, according to the designer, “Dalolet” when folded is so compact that both the main and reserve parachutes are placed in one shoulder pack, and the released chest mount allows the fighter to take along a cargo container with ammunition. ”

“In a complete set the new parachute system weighs 20 kg. Formally, with a load of up to 190 kg, the “Dalolet” can overcome up to 60 km, but with a fair wind this figure can reach 100 km, ”added Kirichenko.
Photos used: / Russian Ministry of Defense

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 25 October 2016 12: 18
    Good thing, and useful in the economy of the Airborne Forces. good
    1. cniza
      cniza 25 October 2016 12: 24
      Technological progress however. Successes.
    2. Landing Station6
      Landing Station6 25 October 2016 13: 20
      useful in the economy of the airborne

      D-10s will remain in the regiments of the Airborne Forces, and these parachutes are intended for divisional reconnaissance, including motorized rifles.
      1. x.andvlad
        x.andvlad 25 October 2016 13: 29
        The article indicates the recipient is more specific - MTR, which may be paratroopers too. This is not about the Airborne Forces and not about motorized rifles.
      2. In100gram
        In100gram 25 October 2016 14: 02
        Quote: Airborne6
        These parachutes are intended for divisional reconnaissance, including motorized rifles.

        Rather, to throw saboteurs. The perfect tool
    3. Juborg
      Juborg 25 October 2016 13: 48
      The thing is certainly necessary, but expensive for mass use. This is more for special forces.
      1. Titsen
        Titsen 25 October 2016 15: 11
        I agree to all 100%!

        Only for specialists!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 October 2016 12: 21
    Formally, with a load of up to 190 kg "Dalolet" can overcome up to 60 km, but with a tailwind, this figure can reach 100 km

    Impressive. And they decided well with the seat. During normal jumps when you are in the air for 2-2,5 minutes. and then the suspension (albeit with a pillow) can be pretty unnerving.
  3. Smoked
    Smoked 25 October 2016 12: 27
    And landing system, softback.
  4. my five cents
    my five cents 25 October 2016 13: 02
    here the info went through, a double-scuba scuba gear was made in St. Petersburg, everything in the subject. You can breathe at an altitude of up to 10 meters and under water up to 000 meters. Weighs 20 kg. Class! You see, ours are getting ready for defense ....
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 26 October 2016 14: 35
      At 10000, his gear will freeze.
  5. Sochi
    Sochi 25 October 2016 14: 04
    Class !!! 100 km sitting in the suspension ... or 100 km on a pedestrian?
  6. pts-m
    pts-m 25 October 2016 15: 10
    They tested it. And now in the series and in the ranks of youth, so that there is experience for future “movements” in geyrop and pendosia.
  7. OlegYola
    OlegYola 25 October 2016 15: 12
    Spherical horse in a vacuum.
    The aerodynamic quality of modern paragliders reaches ± 8. This means that per meter of descent you fly 8 meters horizontally (in calm). The speed of decline is 1-1,2 m / s.
    The landing option will obviously be worse (is the paraglider not intended for parachute jumping? ... The fundamental difference between a paraglider and a parachute is that the paraglider is designed for flight.
    [/ quote] Formally, with a load of up to 190 kg, Dalolet can cover up to 60 km, but with a tailwind, this figure can reach 100 km, "Kirichenko added.
    with a fair wind, this figure can reach 100 km [quote]
    (with a tail wind of 100km / h possible!)
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 25 October 2016 17: 57
      it seems that this is nonsense, a bunch of nameplate paragliders sporting characteristics with lightweight material, large elongation, rare tapeless thin stoppers give 50 km per hour, tailwind in 50 is almost a storm paragliders do not fly, and who will throw in such weather? it’s possible, although I don’t believe that this is a high-speed glide to decrease, so far it seems to me to connect a parachute and a paraglider it is nonsense 2 different conflicting tasks, and like we could
      1. Tatanka Yotanka
        Tatanka Yotanka 25 October 2016 18: 04
        sorry)) the article does not indicate the speed, koment confused, well, from a great height to overcome a hundred kilometers of distance is quite possible
        1. OlegYola
          OlegYola 27 October 2016 13: 42
          Do not confuse the maximum speed of 60+ on the axle, with a balancing speed, materials (fabrics, slings) for a hybrid paraglider paraglider and a normal paraglider, about 100km wind in general banter, purely in the formula that would be enough!
  8. Holoy
    Holoy 25 October 2016 18: 20
    Special Forces Command troops will receive new Dalnaulet parachutes

    What about paratroopers? Airborne is not MTR ...
  9. aud13
    aud13 25 October 2016 20: 35
    If our pilots had such a parachute, from an SU-24 shot down in Syria, you would have looked calmly planned away from the location of the militant. Life would be saved.
    You might think that pilots should have similar parachutes?