Impenetrable "Warrior" and the unsolved secrets of the Ministry of Defense

"Warrior" - Russian military equipment, developed by the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering, combines modern small arms and effective protection kits.

The development of equipment began in the 2000s by designer Vladimir Lepin. It was based on the Barmitsa kit, but with some improvements.

Impenetrable "Warrior" and the unsolved secrets of the Ministry of Defense

Combat equipment includes more than 10 subsystems, including:

1. Complex reconnaissance, control and communications "Strelets" and "Strelets-M".

2. Protective set "Permyachka" and "Permyachka-M".

3. Military uniform clothing of a “Warrior” serviceman (goggles, body armor with ceramic plates, splinter overalls, knee and elbow joints, etc.).

4. Life supporting system.

5. Surveillance system (thermal sight, night vision device).

6. Weapons system (Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle, grenades, ammunition shops, etc.).

7. Special multi-layered 1 protection helmet with ceramic armor plates.

8. Optional equipment.

9. Elements of protection from non-lethal weapons (sound, tear gas, thermal, etc.).

10. Elements of protection against weapons of toxic effects.

11. Water filters.

12. Autonomous heat sources.

13. Sets of energy supplies.

14. Medical control system.

15. First Aid Kit

16. Detector microwave exposure.

Bullet-proof vest, goggles and multilayered helmet of 1-th protection class:

Body armor 6B43 adopted for use in 2010 year. In the maximum configuration 6B43 protects from bullets chest, back and side projection, as well as the groin and shoulders from shrapnel. A bullet fired from a SVD rifle, its ceramic-composite armor panel will keep 10 meters away.

In the event that the armor panel is broken through both inside and outside, the body armor has another additional protection - screens that are made of ballistic fabric - rusar. Even foreign experts have started talking about the uniqueness of this fabric, because, despite the fact that Rusara has a 27 surface density that is less than the Kevlar panel, it can have 12% more ballistic resistance.

Also, the body armor has a climate-depreciation support, it allows the soldier to avoid injuries associated with contusion. Its advantage is that when it strikes, it softens and distributes the force of impact throughout the body.

Technical characteristics of the armor 6B43 for the "Warrior":

Bulk weight in the extended configuration, kg, - to 15.

The area of ​​the splinterproof protection (splinterproof module), dm2, - 63,8-72,5, including:
- apron splinterproof removable 5-5,3 dm2;
- Shoulder pads Xench-13,8 dmXnumx.

Area gain unified bulletproof armor panels, dm2, - 26,5-29,9, including:
- side bulletproof armored panels: 6-7 dm2;
- bulletproof apron armor panel: 3-3,5 dm2;
- dorsal lower bulletproof armor panel: 2,5-3 dm2.

Armored panel (BP) - 5 protection class.

Armored panel (BP) - 6 protection class.

The fragmentation resistance of the body armor, V50%, is at least 550 m / s.

Protection area of ​​the body armor - at least 45 square. dm, weight - no more than 3,2 kg.

For the "Warrior" was developed and a new multi-layered helmet. Its main advantage was the low mass - only 1300 grams. At the same time, in terms of its characteristics, it is no worse than foreign “heavy” models: in the same way, the helmet protects against fragments and is able to withstand a hit of a 9-mm pistol bullet from five meters away.

He is recognized as the lightest and most durable modern combined-arms helmet in Russia and around the world.

When creating this helmet, experts preferred the structure of three layers: a composite casing on the outside, discrete-fabric material, which is now used as an alternative to past-end steel. Composite material is also used on the inside. The convenience of its use lies in the fact that the shock wave as it dissipates and leads to an elastic deformation of the material. The shell flexes to acceptable values, but remains intact.
As a result, the armored helmet provides fragmentation protection with a probability of 50%, which fly at a decent speed in 630 m / s.

Experiments using the Makarov pistol and the SVD:

Watch with 9: 20.

Both the body armor and the helmet withstood the direct hit from close range with ease.

In addition to body armor and helmet, a set of aramid fibers is included in the “Warrior” kit. Overalls manufactured, provides protection from small fragments, and is also able to withstand contact with an open flame, however, for quite a limited time (10 seconds). In addition, the jumpsuit reduces the likelihood of detecting a fighter with night vision devices and thermal imagers.

This interesting feature of the jumpsuit is achieved due to the fact that the device of the suit itself does not transmit heat and blocks radiation in the ultraviolet and infrared spectra, which makes the fighter invisible in a thermal sight.

The modularity allows you to attach any pockets to the discharge vest. A "breathable" design of the "Warrior" allows you to continuously wear it at least 48 hours.

The total weight of the standard version of the overalls and body armor 5-th class of protection - about 10 kilograms, the maximum - with a helmet, assault body armor 6-th class of protection, armor for the shoulders and hips - about 20 kg.

The elements of clothing set "Warrior" provides "Velcro" for chevrons and epaulettes. Therefore, removing any identifying marks is a matter of one minute.

Goggles provide protection from shrapnel, shock and short-term exposure to open flame.

The first generation of protective glasses produced by JSC "Breastplate" has anti-shatter resistance V50% ≥ 240 m / s.

Mass points - no more than 160 g.

Protection area - at least 1,3 square. dm


- significantly increased anti-splitting resistance - V50% ≥ 350 ÷ 380 m / s (not less than 10 hits with a steel ball with a diameter of 6,35 mm);

- glasses lens with thickness up to 6,5 mm is made of optically pure polycarbonate and has the first optical class according to GOST (EN 166), which provides the possibility of wearing glasses without time limit and an excellent panoramic view without distortion;

- the lens has a high shockproof survivability;

- high-strength anti-scratch and anti-fog coating applied to the lens;

- open-cell polyurethane foam (material of the obturator) has a high mechanical strength, allows you to comfortably adapt glasses to any type of face, protects the skin and eyes from dust, collects moisture from the face, provides ventilation under the glasses;

- weight of glasses (without transportation pouch) - no more than 200 g.

Safety glasses capable of withstanding hit of shards of size 6 mm flying at speeds of 350 m / s.

Opinion of foreign experts

The DuPont test center in Geneva concluded that it was Russian 6B47, which is included in the “Warrior” equipment, the best defender of the soldier on the battlefield.

The main advantage is definitely weight. And although 6B47 has a slightly smaller area of ​​protection than Sentri, but it is impressively different from the Russian predecessor 6Б7-1М, because the difference in area affects the visibility convenience.

American helmet comes with a system for mounting night vision devices. But it is difficult to call an advantage, as the installation of such devices and tactical flashlights is possible on the helmet of the “Warrior”.

Thread "Rusar"

In a scientific article, where the Americans described the results of a study of the properties of the Rusar thread, it was stated that this thread surpasses the famous Zailon in dynamic strength, not to mention Kevlar. The authors wonder how a soft textile armor panel made of aramid yarn with a merchandise with a surface density of 27 percent lower than that of a Kevlar panel can have a ballistic resistance of 12 percent higher. Such data was obtained in December 2007 year in the testing laboratory of Wichita, Kansas, USA.

In September and December, 2008 were repeated tests of armor panels of merchant yarns and fabrics from these threads of other lots. The stability of the test results remained at the same high level for the whole range of imitators of fragments and bullets.

However, on the outstanding properties of Rusara in America, we learned before the above studies were conducted. Russian ballistic fabrics made from Rusar fibers were repeatedly tested in other American, as well as in British and German laboratories, where they showed record results compared to the best foreign analogues.

Perhaps that is why the company Alkemi Technology, which conducts marketing research in the foreign ballistic market, has assigned the brand AuTx (Autex) to ballistic articles made of merchants. Aurum (Au) in Latin means gold.

Naturally, Western manufacturers of aramid fabrics immediately defended the reputation of their product. In 2006, the manufacturer of Kevlar, DuPont, and in 2008, the manufacturer of Twaron, Teijin Aramid, was persistently trying to convince ballistics specialists of instability and adverse side effects of Rusar. However, scientists from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) came to a different conclusion as a result of research: the thread in the 2-2,5 merchandise is more stable than Twaron and Kevlar.


Compared to the previous set, all elements have been redesigned to achieve unification, functionality and weight reduction.

Secondly, the Sagittarius control system appeared, providing unprecedented communication capabilities both within the detachment and the combat unit with the center. And this is the technology of network-centric warfare.

Third, the expansion of sighting equipment: instead of night vision goggles, we have here a day-night sighting system, as well as several types of thermal sights and a television sight.

Specially under the "Warrior" is developed and small arms of new generations. Already developed thermal system aiming, as well as a special video module that allows you to fire from around the corner or because of a suitable shelter. At the same time, the transfer of information from the sight of the weapon to the screen of the soldier eye cup occurs wirelessly.

Fourth, rechargeable batteries to power all this stuff.

What awaits us next?


First, the recognition system "friend or foe" for both combat vehicles and soldiers.

Secondly, by this time the production of cardiovisors will be fully established. This device allows real-time recording of ECG, heart rate, respiratory movements, and temperature. Based on these data, the commander may have an idea of ​​the physical and emotional state of his soldiers.
By the way, such a system is already being tested on the “Warrior-1” (medical module).

Thirdly, the time of aramid fabrics ends and they are replaced by more practical and durable high molecular weight polyethylene.


We’ll have to wait for this equipment update no earlier than 2025-2030, but it’s very promising:

- Helmet with anti-splinter transparent visor, on the inside of which displays information about the fight and target designation. The fact that today the soldier is forced to look at the receiver, being distracted, in the “Warrior-3” will be available right before your eyes.

- Camouflage will change color, and the armor will get an integrated power supply.

- The total weight will drop by several kilograms.

- Well, we expect the Russian exoskeleton.

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  1. +1
    26 October 2016 06: 12
    Equipment for any soldier is an extremely important thing, but the main highlight - communications and unit management systems - that’s really important! The ability to control the operational situation! I would like to add that something similar, the complex - Land Warroir, the Americans, although they had already washed it down before, were still not fully adopted for service!
    1. 0
      26 October 2016 07: 24
      Warrior 3 with an exoskeleton will be almost a cyborg bully
  2. +1
    26 October 2016 06: 16
    This is all extremely necessary in the army. We are waiting!
    1. +9
      26 October 2016 09: 52
      It seems to me alone that it is necessary to cut in two versions? Conditional "Ratnik-P" for conscripts and "partisans" (simplified and cheaper) and "Ratnik-S" for troops on the front line?
      In everyday life, a military unit also needs a "lump", but a full-fledged kit for a conscript? - a little expensive. But if there is mobilization, then it will already be easier for him to transfer to Warrior for military operations, because he has already run most of the functions on a simplified version.
      What do you think?
      1. +10
        26 October 2016 10: 11
        What do you think?

        A sound thought, IMHO.
      2. +2
        26 October 2016 15: 59
        Quote: Lord_Bran
        what you need to cut in two versions

        In my time there was a sand field form that faded in the sun after two months. Your thought is sound. Warrior can be any. It is modular. The number of required modules will be determined in the MO.
      3. 0
        28 October 2016 23: 17
        There were also such thoughts. It’s clear that the whole army, especially in wartime, you can’t dress in a Warrior. So you can give a Warrior for example to the Airborne Forces and contract soldiers.
      4. 0
        30 October 2016 01: 30
        So there seems to be a kit for Heavy Assault Brigades!
  3. +4
    26 October 2016 07: 47
    Maybe they’ll buy for specials, but for everyone it’s expensive. The ways of Moscow region have long been known, there is no war and hersnim. And it will happen, we have a lot of people.
  4. +2
    26 October 2016 08: 59
    For me, this helmet is better than others are heavy, but still.
    1. 0
      26 October 2016 09: 51
      This is an assault helmet. Not for everyday use in the army.
      1. +1
        26 October 2016 16: 36
        Prospective helmets are similar to motorcycle helmets with bulletproof glass, augmented reality, integrated communications, chemical protection and sighting mark on the glass.
  5. +2
    26 October 2016 09: 07
    And what about small arms then? All the same, AEK or AK-12? There are a lot of rumors ... there are even those that will accept both automatic weapons.
    1. 0
      28 October 2016 01: 03
      it turned out a lot of problems with ak12, they (managers) pushed ak12 but in the end there a bunch of jambs and tests failed, judging by the fact that there is still no information about the purchase, the MO decided to wait and give both developers time to finish,
  6. +3
    26 October 2016 09: 17
    Good thing, to be sure. That's just - "Fresh giving, but it's hard to believe" in the ALL-INCLUDING provision of this equipment for at least only the l / s units taking part in direct fire contact.
    In the foreseeable future - "Warrior" is for the infantry - that "Armata" is for tankers - they heard, even saw, even someone said that somewhere this is all there ...
  7. +6
    26 October 2016 09: 25
    The article was immediately alerted by the news that the gentlemen of the Baskervilia praised the quality of our product. So something podlyana is conceived, if the praise is from your main enemy. Glasses. Well, it's a miracle! Protect from balls - fragments, but they protect from the outbreak of a nuclear explosion? do they protect against a laser gun? Not said. Now about the armor protection. The fact that "udi and mudi" are protected is a class, but why does the article say about protection from PM and SVD? What ammo do the opponents have? Right ! Beretta 9 for 21 IMI, 7,62 for 51 NATO. So they should be checked. Bullet-proof vests are good, but where is the data on how long a person loses consciousness after "distribution of shock load", how many cases of cardiac arrest as a result of extensive chest contusion, and how long does it take to recover the ability to move and think? Only knowing the truth about the capabilities and shortcomings of your weapons and equipment is a warrior able to make the right decisions. Deception or ignorance leads to dire consequences. In the seventies, an individual first-aid kit of 40 types of self-help means was created for a Chinese soldier, where even a wide transparent adhesive plaster was used to stop bleeding and protect extensive wounds. What do we have? Not a word about it! An article like a brochure from an international arms exhibition.
    1. +2
      26 October 2016 10: 59
      6B43 uses ceramic panels that do not bend and do not cause injury.

      The armor-piercing bullet of the SVD caliber 7,62x54 is an analogue of the armor-piercing bullet 7,62x51 mm. 6 class - this means that it can withstand rifle bullet fire, similar to ESAPI. Especially for the information of journalists on the forum :)
      1. +1
        26 October 2016 11: 12
        Muzzle energy of 7.62 mm cartridge averages 3000 joules. Divide this number by 9.8, it turns out about 300 kilograms per second. Well, let the bullet fly, fly a little and then get into the bulletproof vest. Well, the impact force will be some kind of miserable 150 kg per meter per second. Maybe someone wants to try to substitute? After all, there will be no other injuries. As the youth says - Well, and Cho?
        1. +1
          26 October 2016 18: 04
          Impulse bullet cartridge 7,6254 mm is
          0,01 kg x 840 m / s = 8,4 kgs

          At 300 kgf the recoil from the shot would have been carried away by the shooter along with the rifle a mile away from the place of shooting laughing
          1. 0
            26 October 2016 20: 27
            How to put it more gently .... What you call "impulse" refers to the phenomenon of recoil when fired. What I wrote about characterizes the energy of the bullet when it leaves the barrel. To make it even clearer, I will say about the power of cartridge 7.62. At the moment of firing in a time interval of 0,002 seconds, a gigantic work takes place in the barrel of the weapon! For example, 1 kg of black powder, burning, does the work of 20 horsepower. You can easily calculate the power of the screw cartridge, because it contains only about 000 grams. gunpowder.
            1. 0
              26 October 2016 23: 05
              Momentum of a bullet + momentum of emitted powder gases = impulse of recoil of a firearm.

              The recoil impulse is transmitted to the shooter, the bullet impulse is transmitted to the target, the impulse of the powder gases - "money down the drain" (or a decrease in the recoil impulse in the presence of a muzzle brake).

              The kinetic energy of a bullet characterizes its penetration of the barrier.

              The power and operation of a heat engine (firearm) characterize only the efficiency of the machine for accelerating the piston (bullet) during the combustion of gunpowder in the barrel.
              1. 0
                27 October 2016 07: 41
                The vectors of mind and intelligence are oppositely directed and inversely proportional. This sad truth is noted in the Bible - "He who multiplies knowledge multiplies sorrow"
      2. 0
        30 October 2016 01: 38
        What? Bullet SVD analog bullet 7.62x51, damn it and NATO all know about it ???
  8. +2
    26 October 2016 09: 32
    Quote: Finches
    Equipment for any soldier is an extremely important thing, but the main highlight - communications and unit management systems - that’s really important!

    While cyborgs are not fighting, so the most important thing is the weight of the equipment!

    You can cram anything you like, only it will be impossible to fight because of the weight of the crammed one!

    A person is not a terminator from a movie or a character from a km-shooter shooter!
    1. +5
      26 October 2016 10: 09
      While cyborgs are not fighting, so the most important thing is the weight of the equipment!

      You can cram anything you like, only it will be impossible to fight because of the weight of the crammed one!

      A person is not a terminator from a movie or a character from a km-shooter shooter!

      "The needle is heavy for a soldier on a campaign."

      I hope that with the appearance of the exoskeleton in Ratnik-3, the problem of weight will be solved at least partially.
    2. +1
      26 October 2016 16: 01
      Quote: Titsen
      therefore, the most important thing is the weight of the equipment

      I absolutely agree. Roughly consider:
      Bronik-15 kg
      Automatic 3.5 kg
      BP (take 2 BK-900 rounds)
      Lunch-3 days
      Water-1,5-3 liters
      Grenades-4 pieces
      Sleeping bag, first aid kit, raincoat, night lamp
      In addition, the ribbon to the PC (take 2 rounds each, okay 000-1 ribbons) the calculation itself will not be erased, distributed across all.
      Disposable grenade launchers-1 pieces
      Well, GP, if a soldier takes it.
      Plus there are AGS, Cliff, mortars, to them, too, carry BP distributed to all
      As in a joke, And now with this we’ll try to take off.
      5 kilometers on slightly rough terrain, then immediately into battle, on the go, try.
      A kilogram of 50-60 will definitely be. I’m not saying that it’s not necessary, yes, a battle in the city, without separation from the rear, is an excellent thing, but a war is not only a battle, it is a march to a battle, transitions, equipment does not go everywhere.
      Imagine conscripts, medium, like a gamer-game of tanks))))
      Or vice versa, imagine a good fighter (not a soldier, namely a fighter), constantly in motion, running, etc.
      For parades, special operations thing! For mass use, life will show (it would be better not to show)
      1. +2
        26 October 2016 16: 45
        We are talking about the most massive form of ground troops - motorized infantry (motorized infantry), and not about paratroopers or DRGs.

        Therefore, wearable ammunition and SIBZ motorized rifle includes:
        - helmet 1 kg
        - body armor from 15 (V class) to 20 (VI class) kg
        - 450 cartridges in 15 stores 10 kg
        - machine 3 kg
        - hand grenades 10 kg
        - first aid kit and water 1 kg

        The rest is messing with BMP. The load on the calculation of a machine gun from a PC or on a grenade launcher with RPG-7 is more, on a sniper of a motorized rifle compartment - less.

        In total, the load of a motorized infantry from 40 to 45 kg (taking into account a one-time RPG from 50 to 55 kg). It is quite normal for an hour-long battle with short dashes (and not a run with a full calculation of the distance 5 km), by the end of which the wearable weight decreases to 20-25 kg.

        BZ with aluminum oxide armor panels, which completely protects the infantryman from armor-piercing bullets of caliber from 5,45x39 to 7,62x54 mm at all firing distances up to 10 meters, is an excellent solution. And taking into account the transition in the near future to boron carbide panels with a reduction in BZ weight to 15 kg, in general, all existing models of AK, M16, SVD, M14, PC, MAG, etc. are transferred to the category of non-lethal weapons.
        1. 0
          26 October 2016 23: 01
          Now new cartridges have appeared - from a long distance, bulletproof vests of class 6 penetrate.
        2. 0
          27 October 2016 10: 59
          I explain for those who have not served ... the set of AK (M, 74) includes 4 (four) stores. Established, estimated quantity of ammunition for a soldier is 0,5 ammunition. This is 300 rounds of 7.62 or 400 cal 5.45. Depending on the tasks performed, the lack of the possibility of separation of ammunition, and therefore the exclusion of the possibility of replenishment during the execution of the task, the number of wearable ammunition may increase. The industry has been mastered and for many years cartridges have been manufactured in cartridges of 10 pcs for SCS and 15 pcs for AK with special adapters that facilitate and speed up the process of equipping stores. And you can continue to carry the extra 11 stores for endurance training.
          1. 0
            27 October 2016 14: 45
            If for a motorized rifle the regular wearable number of cartridges is equal to 10 (and not 15) stores for 30 cartridges each, then I am for it.
      2. +1
        26 October 2016 20: 43
        Quote: Shark Lover
        As in a joke, And now with this we’ll try to take off.
        5 kilometers on slightly rough terrain, then immediately into battle, on the go, try.
        A kilogram of 50-60 will definitely be.

        During my youth I was engaged in mountaineering. Were in the Tien Shan, Pamir, Sayan mountains. So this was the weight of the backpacks, especially at the beginning of the routes. Up to 40 km a day passed, the elevation reached 1500 meters up and down. At the same time, everyone was fairly modest in size. I did not stand out, although my height was 1,7 meters and weight was about 70 kg. A typical day's running rarely exceeded 10 hours. So even with a weight of 50-60 kg you can move quite energetically over decent distances. It's all about fitness. hi
        1. 0
          26 October 2016 23: 13
          We are talking about an hour-long fight (until the wearable stock of cartridges is over) with short dashes, shelters behind obstacles, short-term rest, crawling, etc., i.e. with a torn rhythm under stress (enemy fire).

          For the hour of battle, the capabilities of a medium-trained infantryman with a load of 45-50 kg (decreasing in time to 20-25 kg) are usually enough.
  9. 0
    26 October 2016 10: 11
    I'd love to hear the opinions of real users in real combat ....
  10. +1
    26 October 2016 10: 38
    or I inattentively read or did not disclose the topic of protecting a soldier’s neck from a fracture when even a pistol bullet hits a helmet that seems to withstand it. Is there a collar on the back?
    1. 0
      26 October 2016 16: 40
      The only solution on this topic among the pilots of Formula 1. A soldier, unlike such a pilot, can fly from all sides, therefore I consider the helmet to be more promising semi-rigidly connected to the shoulder pads, much like divers.
  11. +1
    26 October 2016 10: 50
    It’s necessary. But, you must agree that "Warrior" is necessary primarily for the forces located on the line of direct contact with the enemy - scouts, paratroopers, specialists of various structures, for work in urban conditions, etc. But not for a trench warrior, and far from each infantryman is ready, (or tomorrow will be ready) to carry around 20kg + weapons and ammunition for days on end. We need options, I hope they know and think about it.
    1. +2
      26 October 2016 11: 38
      Just the opposite! Warrior - this is for the infantry (trench, lice fighter). But reconnaissance and airborne infantry need something else. Speaking of intelligence. 1944 year. reconnaissance group "Experienced" passing along the bottom of the river and breathing through the reeds 1100 meters into the depth of the defense, 10 days acted behind enemy lines and captured the commander of the 17th artillery battalion of the RGK Germans. In 1943, the reconnaissance group of Art. L-that Bukhtoyarova acted in the rear of the enemy for 54 days, covering more than 500 km, capturing and interrogating 31 prisoners and sending 70 radiograms with information. Well, do such groups need Ratnik, or not?
    2. 0
      28 October 2016 23: 24
      Don’t be confused, “Warrior” is a kit for a simple soldier. A normal helmet is simply better, an ordinary armor is simply better, goggles, knee pads are all not show off for special forces, but normal ordinary things of every soldier.
      But things like NVD and certainly not for everyone.
  12. 0
    26 October 2016 11: 13
    The total weight of 20 kg with a bulletproof protection area of ​​30 sq. Dm and anti-shatter 45 sq. Dm is not bad for a start (the main US BJ ESAPI standard has 16 kg).

    It’s time to scrap all the rifles / rifles under the low-pulse cartridges 5,45x39 / 5,56x45 mm, and at the same time under the high-pulse 7,62x51 / 7,62x54 mm, and switch to 6x49 mm.

    You give mass training to targeted single-shot shooting a la OSOVIAHIM laughing
    1. 0
      26 October 2016 13: 28
      It's time to arm yourself with 23 mm rifles. Shot ... and forgot. And then bulletproof vests, active protection, laser knee pads.
      1. 0
        26 October 2016 23: 04
        Better is 14,5 - his potential for modernization is large and the rifle is appropriate - like Azerbaijan
  13. 0
    26 October 2016 13: 39
    When will the troops see this miracle?
  14. 0
    26 October 2016 14: 27
    I want myself so
    1. 0
      28 October 2016 23: 24
      Everything is sold on the Internet. Almost everything. I have assembled myself such a one. The number 40 probably came out.
  15. +1
    26 October 2016 18: 05
    When I read articles about "exoskeletons" and "superforms" I remember an anecdote:
    Exercises Russia - NATO. In the beginning - parades. The adversary has a company of rangers in trendy camouflage with an unknown block on his chest. Our general wondered - what kind of block? Approaches the extreme black:
    - Son, what is it with you?
    - Superblock, sir!
    “What is he for?”
    - See the three buttons? Upper for the far north. I press it and the overalls heating turns on. Three days I can sleep in the snow!
    - And the second?
    “For the desert, sir!” When you turn it on, the air conditioner starts - I can roam the sand for three days!
    - Well, the third ?!
    - Biochemical reactions. When I press it, even in the case of a serious injury, I retain the ability to live for three days!
    Go to ours. The general quickly picks up the foreman and gives the appropriate orders.
    Come to our location. There is a landing system - oblique fathom in the shoulders. The form is brand new, but three buttons are polished to a shine, and the door is fastened behind!
    The NATO general rubbed his eyes and goes to the last fighter.
    “Why is your top button glittering?”
    - For especially cold climates. I close the door behind, fasten it with a button - it's warmer for me.
    - And the second?
    - For a hot climate! I will unbutton the button - the door will open slightly behind. the draft will go. I'm colder!
    - And the third fuck ?!
    - This is the main button. If I’m tired or injured, then I will unbutton her, the door will fall behind, and without her I can run for three more days !!!
  16. +2
    26 October 2016 20: 31
    In my opinion, it is worth thinking about changing the design of the helmet as a closed motorcycle. Why?
    Now almost all helmets, to one degree or another, provide protection from penetration. BUT! The impact impulse is such that it can simply break the neck, therefore, support must be provided for the cervical spine. Then. Due to cheek and zygomatic protection, the area of ​​protection of the face from injuries will increase. It will be possible to install an intercom (microphone), a tube for drinking water on the go from the built-in reservoir (in addition to a flask), install a more massive visor to protect the eyes (in addition to wearing ballistic tactical glasses directly under the helmet) It is also possible in the near future the output of information for the soldier directly on this took away, both tactical (who, where) and the image from the built-in day and night vision cameras, thermal imagers, and in the future, sighting markers compatible with such weapons. Also, with such helmets, you can organize active jamming of sounds like active headphones. Plus a built-in filter mask is possible. IMHO. hi

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