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Sniper units appeared in the Southern Military District

More than 1,3 thousand snipers joined the ranks of special sniper units, formations and units of the Southern Military District (SOR), created in the framework of structural changes.

"At the present time, military personnel at the district training grounds and training centers under the guidance of experienced instructors are learning how to properly equip firing positions, organize and detect ambushes in different combat conditions and on different types of terrain," said Col. Igor Gorbul, head of the press service of the Southern Military District. .

He added that, in addition, more than 50 military personnel are currently undergoing three-month training at specialized centers of the Russian Ministry of Defense, where they are studying modern weapons and special equipment, combat tactics, counter-sniper training techniques, camouflage techniques, engineering training, ballistics, and will also master artillery fire adjustment and army targeting aviation.

The press service of the Southern Military District also said that the equipment of sniper units within the framework of the state defense order this year will receive the latest small-scale laser reconnaissance devices, portable weather stations, digital range finders and ballistic calculators.

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  1. redmont
    redmont 17 January 2012 13: 02
    Of course it's good, but how many of them.
  2. vadimus
    vadimus 17 January 2012 13: 34
    Some boil in the south is ripening. It’s not for nothing that they are rearming them at such a pace. Caspian pimple or Iranian chiri? However, the fever ...
    1. KGB161rus
      KGB161rus 17 January 2012 13: 54

      Matures, matures, not in vain China went to Saudi Arabia, wants to play it safe, perhaps Iran has not been hit yet just because the forces are gathering. . And there the gimmick will begin, I think that Iran and Syria are bound by a pact of mutual assistance, if Syria is drawn into the war, can we also ?!
  3. Mujahiddin777
    Mujahiddin777 17 January 2012 14: 58
    The chain reaction is obtained ...
    But snipers are needed like air, at a distance, at a distance they will restrain the enemy.
    And I also know that under the USSR they trained snipers to destroy ballistic missiles at a distance of 1,5 - 2 km ... during launch, when the rocket hangs a little in the air, before the engines start ... something like that ...
    1. Owl
      Owl 17 January 2012 15: 06
      12, 7 mm rifle V-94 had a folding barrel so that there would be a possibility of airborne landing or landing on the coast (including covert, from an underwater vehicle or from a delivery vessel), damage (destruction) of enemy objects ("probable ally" ) it was necessary to carry out on the march, when deploying in positions, and so on.
  4. vrnfox
    vrnfox 17 January 2012 18: 02
    in any case, a sniper is a good beast)))
    Well, in mathematics, an uncle with a special gun trained much cheaper than an airplane at an airport or a tank in a parking lot, well, that’s all)))
    1. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 18 January 2012 15: 11
      Aha! Here are to collect 50 people, well trained with rifles of the B-94 type and send them to a secret operation, let them kill the Pindos "drones" and "traitors" ... just see the drawings where the brain is located, I suppose one 12,7 bullet is enough to endure the brain of this thing ...
  5. NNN73ME
    NNN73ME 17 January 2012 21: 17
    We will soon find out that a sailor robe appeared on the Navy sailboat. It will facilitate the service of sailors and allow them to wear off! This article will have no analogues in the world and our sailors will be the first in the media to give out a second robe. In response to this, the United States will issue military men to a valiant army US 2 is a uniform that will be bulletproof with auto-smoothing when generals appear within a radius of 2 miles.

    Really funny. Sniper units appeared in the Southern Military District.
    1. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 18 January 2012 23: 36
      I have not heard anything stupid in the entire history of the planet ....
      1. NNN73ME
        NNN73ME 19 January 2012 02: 25
        Is it stupid? It's true! I see you better smart lies than stupid truth!
        1. Mujahiddin777
          Mujahiddin777 19 January 2012 14: 54
          No! The truth is needed and real!
  6. Nilfgaard
    Nilfgaard 18 January 2012 02: 18
    And this news was presented by the Russian "independent" media as .... Due to the fact that Russia is maturing an African revolution, sniper squads will be created to suppress the metezi (True, only complete ones can come up with sniper fire to calm people down!). This was said before the elections, that is, they had already prepared the ground, but how it turned out that the special services did not eat their bread for nothing!