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Results of the week. “This is an Indian national folk hut -“ FIG YOU ”is called! ..”

You went undefeated

October 16 in Donetsk - in the elevator of his own house - was killed by one of the most famous commanders of the DPR militia Arseny Pavlov (Motorola). The explosion claimed the lives of Motorola and his guard.

Results of the week. “This is an Indian national folk hut -“ FIG YOU ”is called! ..”

You can once again indulge in lengthy arguments on the topic of who is behind the terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of the Motorola battalion. You can make statements that it is for any "bloodsucker" Zakharchenko, who, with a couple, you understand, with the "bloodsucker" Plotnitsky, literally "torments all militia commanders and revels in power." You can knock on the table with your fist and commemorate the hand of the Kremlin, the machinations of the Security Service of Ukraine, then the agents of MI6, the Mossad with "underground Latvian arrows." But this is all speculation, which you can rush as much as you like, only the course of the investigation (even if someone considers it a priori prejudiced) has not been canceled.

And so now - only one thing: Sleep well, Motorola! You left undefeated, and neither Donbass, nor Russia is your masculine decision to take in hand weapon and protect the common people and understandable to everyone ideas will not be forgotten. Pathetic ... But this is the main reality.

Comments from our readers:

Motorola is a Warrior, with a capital letter. Leader and father commander, what to look for.
The dogs killed him, but will the dogs succeed? This we will see.

Arsen is a bright memory. He will be revenged, and it will be necessary. Family condolences.

I light a candle, let it burn
I'll take a glass, cover it with a crust of bread
And silently, "bitter", to the bottom ...
You, Arseny, seeing off to the sky ...

During the action period of the “set of measures to be carried out," more militia commanders died and left than during combat. I do not want to fuss, but here you are the results of the "cunning plan." It seems that the remaining ones are stupidly hinting at getting out in the Russian Federation and sitting quietly, otherwise ... And this is done with the non-interference of the leadership of the LDNR and the Kremlin. They say that this question should already be zamylen and quietly merge. Thank you all, all the differences, there is nothing to look at. Sorry for the emotions.

"Minsk" in Berlin

The meeting in Berlin, which could have taken place without Putin, did not take place without Putin. In Germany, they even write about “eine kleine politische Sensation” about this.

Ukrainian "warriors of light" were beating Donbass before meeting in Berlin, they were beaten during a meeting, they were beaten even after it. Don Pedro, as befits a doll worn on a five, opens its mouth, quickly moves “around the stage”, spreads its arms, makes “pirouettes” and “somersaults”, and things are still there. Puppet show to the audience, however, pretty tired.

At this time, the Ukrainian army with horns perseverance beating horns in the direction of the adjacent territory, the horns systematically "snatches" and again beats. So they live ... A doll on the arm and an army of animals, although why do we offend animals ... Each other, these “phenomena” of the Novo-Ukrainian reality do not matter. To the people - even more so.

But the owner of “tent” with large striped ears does not intend to stop the bloody performance, because there is a financial and geopolitical interest. Obviously, they are not going to give the last act even against the background that a new master of dolls will soon appear in the main office “tent” across the ocean. Rather, the mistress ...

Comments from our readers:

The trouble is that Hollande and Merkel, harnessed to a peacekeeping mission, hoped to correct their shaken authority, but did not take into account that Poroshenko listens more to their masters from overseas than their European vassals, and besides, does not have much power at home over the rebel nazi bandyuganami!
Now Hollande and Merkel, most likely, are two political corpses, while in America, the Oral cabinet is being replaced ... Oval Cabinet, so it was difficult to expect anything from this meeting! Nevertheless, there is a benefit from it - now the European "partners" already indiscriminately do not blame only Russia, but they are trying to kick Petsu, who is already tired of everything, forgetting Ukraine as a whole and gradually transferring his howl to our actions in Syria! If Pece EU does not grant visa-free this year, it will also turn into a stinking stinking corpse, but in the conditions of independent gangsterization, it can become not only a political but also a real corpse ...
While he is supported by clowns like Tusk, Schulz and similar russophobes from the Brussels cloaca, and the IMF gives pennies, Pets is spinning like that, fooling the already tight population of Ukraine, but it will not be so long anyway ... Elections in Germany, France , the change of president in the US, the failure in the economy of the house, and the kiddo about EU visa-free access will definitely bury Petsu and his goblins! But whoever comes to power is adequate people who are not visible on Ukraine’s political Olympus or ultranationalists who fully confirm the Strugatsky’s formula: “Black always comes after the brown ones!”

That's when all will not find it ...

Skeptic Self-Taught
Poroshenko was invited only then, so that everyone would have the appearance that the alleged main issue is Ukraine, although the main issue there is Syria. Poroshenko - a typical Zits-chairman at this meeting. I believe that his opinion was of no interest to anyone there at all. What he was told was what he would do: sit down, stand up, bring beer ...
Take a look.
Suppose there is a card game.
What are the cards in your opponent's hands? The war in Ukraine. The failure of Kiev to Minsk. Accusations of Russia on the situation in Syria. Sanctions. At the same time, let's say, the “viewers” ​​commentators (media) shout that all the trump cards are in the hands of the EU, and the Russian Federation cheats and changes the trumps in the game.
In other words, there is an attempt to intimidate: it seems like we give you even more and different sanctions, and you get out of Syria, merge Ukraine, return Crimea and so on.
Now we look, what cards are in our hands. Legitimate presence in Syria. The absence of our troops in Ukraine. Consent of Novorossia with Minsk. The deceit of the OSCE and other "observers." Counter sanctions. And probably the most important trump card: withdrawal from the Treaty on military plutonium.
Question: what were the stakes in the game? I have no answer. What was offered as a bargain? I have no answer, because the cries of politicians for the press clearly resemble pure populism for ordinary people, and not “the words of the husbands of the state”. What did you win after the game and ours and those of the EU? I have no answer.
And this is just what lies "on the surface." I have no data on anything else. Therefore, I do not undertake to build forecasts. Because Petyuny was pushed back when the conversation turned to Syria.
It can be assumed that the "Ukraine" card was played - but who was in the black when drawing is absolutely not clear.
So I say that we will see how our people will behave in Syria, what will happen in Ukraine, and whether new sanctions will be introduced.

The medical board gathered around the dead patient and decided that it was not worth changing the method of treatment.

In the fridge box?

In Ukraine, happy dances on the occasion of receiving a billion US dollars tranche from the International Monetary Fund ended successfully. The fund promised this money last September, but delayed their transfer for exactly one year.

To demonstrate that the Maidan was not in vain, the Ukrainian government decided to make a gift to the citizens. No, while still not lace panties. Other ... They say: from now on, you will be able to pay utility bills by installments ... Not yet on credit ... For November 2016 pay at least the entire 2017. When to pay 2016 for November and actually for 2017 itself, it’s not said, but there is a feeling that the formula will be that Schrödinger with his equation “smokes nervously aside” ... It turns out that the Ukrainian authorities invented a unique phenomenon in world economy - installments (credit), on which a priori it is impossible to pay, unless you move into the box from under the fridge ...

Comments from our readers:

Revolutions ripen within the country only in the immortal works of V.I. Lenin. In all other cases, they cannot start without financial, informational and political support from outside. The government in the state does not finance and does not support its own overthrow. So if in Ukraine the prerequisites for the new Maidan will be created, then without the “goodwill” of the “interested forces” it will not take place. In addition, what is the hypothetical future of Ukraine after the hypothetical "third Maidan"? Well this is going to be such an “outcast”, to which such as Russia and North Korea will not grow. The magnificent European Commission, the State Department and the "exceptional media" will trample the poor nezalezhnuyu in such crap that it will not make sense to wash, it is easier to dry, then use on agricultural fields. Over 25 years Svidomo raised, and this is a whole generation, and this, given the duration of human life, a third of the population at least. Plus propaganda punched, and old and young. Plus those who prefer a sofa to any kipish. For whom to take "everything" to the fields?

(... the IMF requirement to adopt the law of Ukraine "On the turnover of agricultural land." The West wants unhindered access to the free market for the sale of Ukrainian land. The fund insists on selling 1 a million hectares of agricultural land in the state fund today.)

And this is a “hello” to the speaking Ukrainian heads (Kovtun, Yakhno, Voronina, etc.), who, choking on saliva, squealed on Russian TV channels, that they would never sell a handful of their land to anyone. Will sell, and even as - run and cheap.

I can write exactly one thing that this summer wild brigades from independent Ukraine zadolbali dumping in the construction market, from which prices fell% on 15-20, which did not affect the cost of housing, of course, but only on the builders' salaries. I would like to limit their arrival, well, at least with visas ...

In the BBC tense

Western partners have clearly stepped up thinking about what other restrictive measures to introduce in relation to the Russian Federation in order to stop the process of growing Russian influence in the world, clearly undermining the foundations of American unipolarity.

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian Today Russia TV channel, reported that the British bank NatWest announced the closure of television accounts in the UK without giving any reasons. This event took place against the backdrop of the statement by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the need to "stop Russia by introducing new sanctions." The RBS group, which includes the bank, according to the Times, seems to have invited RT representatives to discuss the problem of closing the accounts of the British branch.

Invited or not invited - the question is still open. And by and large to discuss something and nothing. All questions could easily remove a sort of "ordinary" search in the bureau of the Russian Service BBC with the discovery of sanctions products in the studio "mini-bar" or a personal greeting card addressed to the editorial office by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ...

Comments from our readers:

Alexey RA
Hmmm ... this resolution on countering the “Russian propaganda” painfully recalls the speeches of the “old guard” of the CPSU from the time of perestroika. These also believed that all the troubles were from journalists: if journalists would not write about shortcomings, then there would be no shortcomings.

lysyj bob
And then they got stuck ... It remains only to introduce new sanctions. No longer capable of anything.

What can I say, two-faced creatures. As in that joke. And let's Russia accounts freeze. And if she is to us? And why should we?

Selfie with "Kuzey"

The Norwegian press publishes extensive reports on how ships of the Norwegian Navy left the bases to accompany the Russian carrier-based ship group, which includes the Admiral Kuznetsov TARK in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The fleets and rafts of all the NATO states, near the territorial waters of which the Russian carrier group went through the week, went out to sea to make a "selfie" with "enemy number one." With the passage of "Peter the Great" and "Admiral Kuznetsov" with perplexity, they got the numbers of their own press 8-year-old, stating that the Russian fleet (including the Northern ...) had long been sunk somewhere in the Pitsunda area by the great Georgian squadron, and " remnants ”were delivered to the point of reception of the Chermet. Approaching at a respectful distance to the squadron of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation moving towards the Mediterranean Sea, they smoked one by one - in the hope that an order “into a gun” would not come from the president of an exceptional state. Gavk on Russia through the TV screen, it'll always calmer than five nautical miles from the aircraft carrier ...

Comments from our readers:

“Norway does not see any threat from Russia, but at the same time it considers that the demonstration of military power of the Russian Federation must be taken“ with all seriousness. ”
I do not understand, in this statement there is more fear, envy or stupidity. Well, build yourself a couple of ships of 250-270 m, stuff with weapons and demonstrate your military power. Nobody is against it. Or ours the fleet Now do not complete the tasks because of their "seriousness"?

Our fighters against terrorism will be accompanied by countries - accomplices of terrorists.

Or maybe they also guessed that if the SF went out to sea, then most of it is not visible? And the one that is visible is the less dangerous part of the fleet ...

Why so much pathos? The event for the Russian fleet is extraordinary, this is understandable. The West hysteria, is also understandable, because in Syria, events are clearly brewing, at which Russia is going to put an end. That's when it happens, then we'll scream hooray. And now, like we throw hats, tremble damn burzhuiny. It is too early.

Putin is to blame ...

Ukrainian media cite the statement Parubiya, a certificate from one medical institution which, apparently, really has:
“Actually, in this statement we intend to indicate who was to blame for this tragedy that occurred in our lands, and the culprits were the Russian Empire, German Nazism, which started World War II.”

No, well, how small float (and this can only float ...) MPs of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Polish Sejm. It was necessary to say bluntly: “Putin was personally to blame for unleashing World War II,” because “anticipating that in 13 years a boy named Vova would be born, Hitler decided to start a war against Poland, so that later matserevichs, poroshes, one-and-a-half and pararuzhiyam I would not have had to eat myself from the inside in an attempt to resist the glaring Kremlin threat. "

Comments from our readers:

Here it is, the price of a medical error ... Or an abortion victim?

Sketched in haste:

Fire! Run! Where he pulled?
There are brothers, THIS! Rada has fallen!
How did you fall? People, help!
The Empire has attacked us!
I'm at the door, and there they are already!
Attic - and there already flashed
And I'm in the window, in negligee!
And there I have met!
I do not take the Empire!
I, it, will fight back!
Horse and checker file me!
It's time for me to deal with them!

Where to ride? Around enemies
But we are also not toys for them! ...
Hello! Andryusha Paruby?
To you, this, uncle from a mental hospital!

Mountain shooter
Victim education Svidomo. If only I could read some books. Even if the memoirs of the German generals ...


The Ukrainian military presents their vision of the situation in which Poroshenko recently transferred “new” military equipment for the needs of the so-called “ATO” with comments on the equipment itself. Recall that Poroshenko, arriving in the Kharkiv region (in Chuguev), with great pomp, transferred troops of military equipment, including Tanks, anti-aircraft installations, armored vehicles, etc.

What is a new Ukrainian weapon? - A couple of buckets of paint - and the new tank, and even the plane, are ready. Well, still welding ... Places - "liquid" ... It remains (whether it is not its own way) to reach at least Chuguev, build a line of rank, make a bravura speech about the rise of the Ukrainian defense and volunteering of the Ukrainian army, then dump back to Kyiv, leaving the herd to "test the latest technology" in combat conditions. In combat conditions, it turns out that the “newest tools” through one turn out to be disposable tools, and that even a double layer of paint is not identical to armor ...

Comments from our readers:

Tanks in the army handed over in the city of Chuguev, as soon as possible you were dead, Poroshenko ... ev. Bad man and alcoholic in general.

izya top
Yellow-camouflage camouflage adds + 100 to hydration and + 500 to armor.

This is a brilliant scheme! Get equipment with long-term storage, paint and sell your own state as new. Pocket difference. Glory dill! Well, Petyun shaher maher!

In the spring they wrote that Kharkiv tanks in the “ATO zone” received atypical damage - disruption of the tower from the shoulder strap - in the absence of signs of detonation of the ammunition assembly; rupture of armor along the weld seams, down to the breakdown of armor plates; atypical deformation of armor plates. This was explained by the fact that instead of armor, they took standard steel, or violated the technology of processing and welding, and so low-quality imported armor (Polish). The trunks, even before the supreme commander Poroshenko, tried to make of weighted pipes for oil production and drilling equipment. It ended with the fact that we had to remove Soviet-made barrels for export, and put oil pipes on the Ukrainian industrial plants, which are now being transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The engines are entirely Soviet, mined by canalization, and their release does not cover even the current needs of repair.

Folk Japanese tradition

The leadership of the Land of the Rising Sun can recognize the right of the Russian Federation to two of the four islands of the Kuril Ridge. This was reported by Kyodo, citing a source in the cabinet of ministers of the country. The Japanese government is allegedly reviewing the negotiation strategy in order to make progress on the issue of concluding a peace treaty.

However, in fact, the Japanese government did not change its position regarding the negotiations on the Southern Kuriles and the conclusion of a peace treaty with Russia, a spokesman for the Japanese Foreign Ministry told TASS. “This is not true,” the agency cites the words of a diplomat. “The position of our country has not changed: we are in favor of resolving the issue of ownership of all four northern islands and concluding a peace treaty on this basis.”

In addition, TASS recalls the material of the influential Japanese newspaper "Yomiuri". At the end of September, the publication published material stating that Tokyo was ready to sign a peace treaty with Moscow on the conditions of the transfer of two islands, and not four. However, even then the Japanese Foreign Ministry denied the publication. And one more thing: 17 of October, the government refuted the message of the business newspaper “Nikkei” about the study of Tokyo about the joint Russian-Japanese management of the southern part of the Kuril Islands

By the way, the other day 60 was exactly the same as the signing of the Soviet-Japanese joint declaration: this event took place on October 19 on 1956 in Moscow. The document entered into force 12 December of the same year.

In the debates of recent years, Tokyo was not based on this declaration, but stamped and demanded all four islands. True, Shinzo Abe announced in 2016 about some kind of “new approach” to the issue of “northern territories”. Explanations of the "innovations" from the Land of the Rising Sun, however, have not been received. Therefore, we can only guess what the Japanese hints mean. This is not known not only in Russia, but also in the Japanese parliament: Mr. Abe does not say anything concrete there either.

Voiced, however, in the media is another interesting option. In October of this year, some Japanese newspapers wrote that Shinzo Abe could offer Putin joint control of the islands. However, this information was immediately refuted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Apparently, an essay News on the Kuril topic, followed by their refutation by the government - a Japanese folk tradition.

Comments from our readers:

Question: Is a peace treaty beneficial to both countries? If yes, then there is no connection between it and the islands. These are two SEPARATE questions. Our position on the islands is final, and not subject to change. There will be a peace treaty, perhaps the joint development of the islands under our sovereignty over the islands.

Falls leaf on sakura.
Nothing is forever in this world.
Only the dreams of the islands.

Well, they gave part of the Barents Sea to the Norwegians, the main thing here is to correctly present it to the electorate on TV, they say, these values ​​do not represent these rocks, there is no population, no garrison, submarines will be able to go to the Pacific Ocean, and in Inhabited island ”, it’s not for nothing that this work has been filmed now, has anyone wondered why?

Go out without leaving

The Reuters news agency, citing a representative of one of the cells of Syrian militants, reported that the representatives of the groups hostile to official Damascus refused to take the Russian initiative to exit through the "green corridors". The leader of the militant cell said that "no threats from Russia and Assad will stop his comrades."

Here is another source. Syrian news agency SANA reports that even before the humanitarian pause began (from 8: 00 to 20: 00), some militant groups who laid down their arms began to use corridors to exit Aleppo.

In addition, the beginning of the exit through the humanitarian corridors of the civilian population from the eastern part of the city was witnessed. Recall that all of these corridors Syria and Russia provide eight: two - for the militants in the direction of Idlib and to the border with Turkey, six - for the civilian population.

The press also cites a message from the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Rudsky. According to him, the situation in Aleppo remains extremely difficult. Militants have intensified shelling residential areas of the western districts of the city. In addition, Rudskoy notes that the militants in Syria have received from the foreign sponsors of the American anti-tank missile systems TOW.

Comments from our readers:

Aleppo is the second largest city of Syria. This is the industrial heart of the country. Do not forget that the Syrian army is fighting on its territory? All that will be destroyed in the process of assault, also to restore the government of Syria. Again, there are citizens of Syria, whom the Syrian army promised to protect. Bloodless storming of megacities is from the realm of fantasy. That is, it is necessary to storm the stone labyrinth, prepared for defense, with extensive underground communications and civilians rushing about in the line of fire and underfoot. Not to mention the militants' live shield. If there is a chance to avoid this, you should use it.
However, slippers seem to make life easier for our videoconferencing and the Syrian army are not going to. And this means that in front of them is a heavy and bloody assault on their fortifications in residential areas in the center and in the south of Aleppo.

Aaron Zawi
I understand that the 150 man came out of Ahrar al-Sham. The main militant group remained in Aleppo.

Then the news of the receipt of Strel and RCC in Yemen should soon be heard so that the life of the “sponsors” does not seem raspberry, and in Syria, it would strike at all the identified locations of the “consultants”.
Maybe when the losses of the "masterminds" begin, their brain will work. It is impossible for terrorists to supply weapons, especially when Russia is at war with them.

Target goals achieved

Kurdish armed groups that are part of a coalition engaged in an operation to liberate Iraqi Mosul from terrorists have unexpectedly announced that they are no longer participating in hostilities. The ARANews Information Service reports that the Kurdish militia decided to limit those successes that the Kurds themselves announced the other day: “On Monday, our troops took the lead in clearing the neighborhood of Mosul from igilovtsy. In less than 24 hours we cleared 9 villages from terrorists and took control of a section of the Mosul-Erbil road. ” The head of Iraqi Kurdistan Barzani said: “Our troops stop the operation. We achieved our goals by freeing 200 square meters from the militants. km of territory near Mosul. We already hosted about 1,8 million refugees. The rest is beyond the capabilities of Kurdistan. ”

As for the actions of the coalition in Mosul, then, as stated by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov, data were obtained on six bombardments of Mosul by planes of the American coalition: “Over the last day we recorded eight sorties aviation coalitions with six powerful bombing attacks around the city. In total, since the start of the operation on October 17, the coalition has carried out 35 sorties and delivered 27 air strikes at various objects of the city of Mosul. ”

We also recall that in the operation to liberate Mosul from IG (prohibited in the Russian Federation), a joint grouping of troops from Iraq, the United States, Turkey and other NATO countries, numbering more than 60 thousand, is participating. The main part - the Iraqi military.

Comments from our readers:

The Americans gave the yoke a lot of money so that they would not resist in Mosul. Barak needs a victory at any price (in the sense of money). By 8 November. And he took the yoke and the money, and beats the coalition. Will have to fight in earnest. A coalition does not know how

The black
We are waiting for the statement of the Pentagon: our troops stop the operation. We have achieved our goals. The donkey, which prevented our instructors from sleeping with its cry, was destroyed by a direct hit by a cruise missile. Thanks to everybody, you're free…
Something American allies are not particularly eager to fight for the American dream. Looks like it hurts and costs.

The Kurds have abandoned the role of cannon fodder. And to tear off widely advertised posters is too late.

When see the "green men"

The Commander of the National Armed Forces of Latvia, Raymond Graube, told the Latvian media about how Latvia is going to defend itself in the event of “military aggression”. To the question “What will you do if you see green men?” The main warrior of the republic answered: “What are we going to do? We will use weapons. We are ready for such a scenario. ”

According to the commander, Latvia "will win the war against the aggressor." If will act jointly with NATO troops.

It is difficult to understand why Latvia speaks so much about “aggressors” and “green men”. If we assume that the Latvian commanders do not drink the Riga Riga balsam or drink it, but they bite it properly with sprats, then no little people should imagine anything. If the use of a balm has already gone beyond the medical framework, then it is probably true that the time has come to use a weapon. Right in the room. Straight to the brain.

Comments from our readers:

I did not read the article, but I would venture to suggest that he will come out to greet the liberators with flowers.

And I read the article, but I agree with your opinion. Moreover, after the solemn meeting of the tank column, this man is the first to join the ranks of the Russian army.

That's it, and they will still shout: “Glory to the CPSU!” Don't go to the fortuneteller. He is with flowers, and his wife is with bread and salt. Or bread with sprats.

Putin is preparing to attack the United States

If the Russian Federation decides to attack the United States, then the first thing to seize the territory of Alaska, which is the most defenseless state, writes "Daily Star".

Russia "is preparing to seize Alaska using submarines," the tabloid claims. According to some retired military leader of the US Navy, "the coast of the northernmost state of America is completely unprotected and is an ideal place for an initial attack."

Putin's strategy to capture Alaska is laid out in the article on the shelves.

First, the Kremlin knows that Obama has turned Alaska into a defenseless territory. And this territory will become the front line in the event of the start of the Third World War.

Secondly, the invasion will occur in the area from Alaska to Canada, and there and further.

Third, the Russians are already acting. Those of them who come to Alaska are disguised as “road-building brigades”. These people during the “time of full-scale conflict” will cut the lines of communication and seize the “important bridges”. There are other Russians who “quietly come to Alaska in civilian clothes, live in abandoned motels and military bases.”

Apparently, we add, Mr. Obama is very pleased that he will soon leave the post of president. Under the next president Alaska will be Russian.

Comments from our readers:

It is strange that US generals did not fit their version historical, so to speak, arguments, it would be believable))

SRC P-15
Yes, Alaska has long been ours: all Russians consider it their own!

It is necessary to correct: the invasion of America, Russian troops will start with return Alaska.

And there it is not specified, we will seize Alaska before or after the Baltic States and Poland?

FIG them!

President Putin believes that there is no need to soften counter-sanctions. The entire Internet quotes the head of the Russian state: “FIG them! .. I said this briefly, but rightly.”

According to the Russian leader, the introduction of financial restrictions against the country made it impossible to refinance for Russian banks. But the Russian market is open. A long time ago, from the beginning of 1990's, a situation arose in which “it became almost impossible for our agricultural enterprises to even win back part of their own market.” And now in the Kremlin “they took advantage of this situation and took certain restrictive measures”.

Obviously, let us add, in the conditions of incessant sanctions, Moscow cannot form any other economic program, besides the one that is focused on domestic production and domestic needs. Another question is how successful such a program will be.

25 years of the so-called market economy in the country have shown that Russia's export potential is low and, moreover, is based mainly on the raw material component (primarily oil and gas). Few people need our goods, but we are overwhelmed with Chinese and Turkish junk — from panties and sneakers to rusting shower stalls and smelly plastics. We could have done better, but we are not profitable. As a result, the decline in mineral prices in 2014, simultaneously with the introduction of Western sanctions, instantly resulted in an unstable economy and finances dependent on the world market situation to the crisis: there was a deficit in the budget, despite the depreciation of the ruble against the dollar by half, and enterprises began to close and go bankrupt. Delayed salaries and layoffs began.

For a quarter century, the Russian government has done almost nothing to support domestic production. This production, which is not competitive in open world conditions, even for a small increase, needs a strong depreciation of its own currency, which in itself is already a “countermeasure”. So it was after the 1998 year, something like this is the case after the 2014 year. The Kremlin is constantly stepping on one rake. The history of our rulers does not teach anything.

And now in the Kremlin “they took advantage of this situation and took certain restrictive measures,” says our president. “Why only now? - I want to ask him. - Where were you before? And why rushed to the WTO? For the sake of oil tubes? ”

Comments from our readers:

"Fig them! .. I said this briefly, but rightly." Briefly, correctly and very intelligibly. The West is still hoping that Russia will keep silent on its sanctions and think about in the best case. And the West needs to think.

“Why only now? - I want to ask him. - Where were you before? And why were they rushing into the WTO? ”Putin’s will and decisions alone are few, remember the“ May Decrees ”and their implementation. As long as it comes directly to the performers, it will be sabotaged dozens of times, merged and not performed in every way at all levels. Whose only interests are not affected in any meaningful decision (interests of both oilmen, agricultural producers, bankers, military, foreign interests, etc., etc.) and each of them has its own lobby. Plus, the interests of various clans. Therefore, really radical, but correct, in our worldly view, things are very, very difficult to bring to life. Or reduce the number of officials, or strengthen their control, but this, again, will meet with tremendous resistance.

“And why were they rushing into the WTO?” Only the raw oligarchs “were torn” at the WTO in order to profitably sell the raw material resources of the USSR they received after 1991 for dollars. The result of membership in the WTO is an obligation to ruin the engineering of the USSR, to import consumer goods and expired foodstuffs from countries-importers of raw materials. The population is paid benefits from taxes in rubles from the sale of resources and weapons for dollars.
Maybe Putin showed a piece to the West, but he does not show the country's development strategy since 2000.

“A man plays the trumpet”

There is an opinion that the “Turkish Stream” is a geopolitical project rather than an energy one. Thanks to the new pipe, Russia will be able to bypass Ukraine and will get additional access to the commodity markets of Western Europe, and Turkey will begin to buy natural gas much cheaper. No wonder the head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak announced a discount on gas for Turkey. According to him, the discount will depend on the volume of consumption. “And there is still to be finalized the formula, which to date has so far only been formulated in the form of principles. In general, we are ready to move. Now work between our companies will be continued, ”Novak said.

As a result, some Western experts come to the conclusion that the goal of laying the pipeline is not so much an economic gain, as Moscow’s desire to demonstrate to the world community a rapprochement with Ankara and a game of political muscles.

According to the same Novak, Russia considers promising a project to lay a gas pipeline to India. The working group will study it carefully: “We consider this project quite promising, but requiring careful study.” According to the Russian minister, the project should now be worked out regarding the feasibility study, payback and efficiency.

As you can see, Russia not only does not reduce its dependence on the global commodity market, but, on the contrary, it is increasing, preparing to draw endless "streams" in all directions of the globe right up to India and supply gas with discounts. Regarding Ankara, it makes no sense even to think that the Turks will not claim a big discount for themselves: otherwise there will simply be no “flow”.

The volume of gas supplies for export has greatly increased during the years of the rule of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin. Shipments abroad from 1985 to 2015 quantified more than doubled. According to the statistics of Gazprom Export, 1985 billion cubic meters of gas went off to foreign countries in 69,4, 2000 billion cubic meters went to 130,3, and 2015 billion cubic meters to 158,6. m. Most gas goes to Western European countries (on the 1 location Germany) and to Turkey.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
There is nothing to rejoice ... Our country is actively ridding itself of its natural resources, supplying them to the whole world ... To whom is war, and to whom is the sonorous coin from the disguised robbery of the people.
What will happen when the reserves of gas, oil, rare metals start running out? How will our descendants live without the natural resources necessary for survival?
Such a policy is a policy of parasites on the body of a healthy organism. This is a dead end in the long run ... Do not the Kremlin really understand this? Do they hope to survive somewhere later in London or Brussels? It is sad to see a limited mind in long-term forecasts ... We live one day, not realizing that we are sawing the branch on which we sit.

So the current rulers will be gone when the mineral resources of Russia are over.

Not to develop natural resources is the height of stupidity, but how to develop them is the question! To develop, of course, necessary! But even after extraction, it is necessary to subject the source material to deep processing inside the country. Not to hand over raw materials to foreigners, but to bring this raw material to the final stage of processing. I was constantly outraged and outraged by the supply of Finnish round timber to the forest, this is just other than wrecking! And then, at an exorbitant price, buy Finnish-made furniture from Russian wood in Russia ?! And the weak? How oil fields are exploited is a special article, such fields as the legendary Samotlor, calculated with competent exploitation (competent, not predatory) for 100 years, ended in the first 25 years. And now oil is being produced there with such watering that it becomes unprofitable to extract it! And what harm is done to the ecology, to the fragile northern nature, it is just incomprehensible to the mind! What depresses most is the fact that we remind the robbers who rushed into a foreign territory to plunder, and not prudent owners of their own resources!

* “This is an Indian national folk hut -“ FIG YOU ”is called ...!” - a phrase from the cartoon “Winter in Prostokvashino”
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  1. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 23 October 2016 06: 38
    I went to the site "I was crying" .. There the British were joking over the Russian ship - a rusty bucket and the like ... It turned out that it was the English HMS "Richmond.". As for RT .. Yes, it would not hurt to arrange a "mask show "in the Russian service of the BBC .. Or we want to be kind with little guys ..
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 23 October 2016 06: 57
      Quote: dmi.pris
      destroyer "Rind"

      actually ..-. HMS "Richmond."
      t-shturmom-bukingemskiy-dvorec.html # comment-id-63
      1. dmi.pris
        dmi.pris 23 October 2016 07: 12
        That's right, a typo. And the main thing I tried to fix, it did not help.
      2. Cat
        Cat 23 October 2016 07: 25
        One "figvam" does it make any difference to us, the most important thing is he "cried" over a British trough, not a Russian.
        The question is, what did he do at sea! sad
        Selfies with our squadron! fellow
        Or swam to America for help? crying
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 23 October 2016 10: 09
          Thanks to the authors for the "Results"!
          This news from Ukraine amused me:
          "The Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko was offered to postpone school and student summer vacations for the winter to save energy. The corresponding petition was published on October 21 in the profile section of the official website of the head of state.
          The author of the initiative claims that this step will help significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and gas in the country.
          In the event that the petition is supported by 25 thousand citizens, the document will go to the head of state for consideration. 92 days left until the end of signature collection "
          Read more:
          I think they were modest: wasn’t it easier to postpone summer to winter, and then vice versa - this will be "savings"! laughing
          1. Smog
            Smog 23 October 2016 11: 30
            Thank. Smiled. And the news itself, and especially your addition to it.
          2. Lelek
            Lelek 23 October 2016 13: 49
            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            The author of the initiative claims that this step will help significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and gas in the country.

            It seems that the energy and financial kirdychok is steadily entering everyday life. It’s a pity, of course, the horses, but they wanted it themselves (and want, as the Italians say, it’s not enough to be standing).
            Here is what Dnepropetrovsk has:
          3. Cat
            Cat 23 October 2016 16: 14
            Oh well. Let Ukrainian schoolchildren fade at home, not at school.
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 23 October 2016 12: 40
      Quote: dmi.pris
      .There the British were joking about the Russian ship - a rusty bucket and the like ... It turned out that it was the English HMS "Richmond."

      From anonymous sources: "Elizabeth of Windsor (about the above) has a third day of diarrhea, and May has scrofula." We sympathize with our Russian good nature. bully
    3. gray smeet
      gray smeet 25 October 2016 10: 06
      Quote: dmi.pris
      I went to the site "I was crying" .. There the British were joking over the Russian ship - a rusty bucket and the like ... It turned out that it was the English HMS "Richmond.". As for RT .. Yes, it would not hurt to arrange a "mask show "in the Russian service of the BBC .. Or we want to be kind with little guys ..

      They jerked, they joked .... but to crawl all the same crawled out:
      1. gray smeet
        gray smeet 25 October 2016 10: 08
        И AK-130 "Peter the Great" looks at the European coast in greeting .. soldier

        1. gray smeet
          gray smeet 25 October 2016 10: 14
          Repin's painting "The Russians Are Coming!" laughing

          1. gray smeet
            gray smeet 25 October 2016 10: 15
            Ah, yes .... also fly!

            1. gray smeet
              gray smeet 25 October 2016 10: 17
              In a word, the British were musing on the topic:

  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 23 October 2016 06: 57
    Interestingly, according to the review for the week, "our", so-called "pantners" their mother by the leg, but about the corner, well, they will not calm down, as I understand it .... can they in response to screw nuts on energy on the eve of winter? Let them return to the Middle Ages, when they washed themselves twice in life — at birth and at death. These things with regards to geyropeytsev .... On zvezdsto-marshmallow ..... Launched a rocket with saloids? So let it fly on it ... like a certain tovarisch with Ion the Terrible on a barrel of gunpowder (cf Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession) .... Many thanks to the authors, for the good memories from childhood, about political information ...
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 23 October 2016 07: 03
    To bark at Russia through the TV screen, it’s always calmer than five nautical miles from an aircraft carrier ...

    It’s true, whining and pouring gasoline into the fire - they can be very successful saucy-sax.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 October 2016 07: 22
    All questions could well be removed by a sort of “ordinary” search in the bureau of the “Russian Service of the BBC” ...

    Great offer. But for some reason it seems that our government will not take advantage of this, habitually turns the other cheek for the next slap in the face. But in vain.
  5. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 23 October 2016 07: 35
    Quote: Shiva83483
    Here let him fly and fly .... like a certain comrade at Ion the Terrible on a barrel of gunpowder (KF Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession) ....
    Original offer. In the interests of the State, I am sending it to the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. Sorry, but on my own behalf ...
  6. cap
    cap 23 October 2016 08: 05
    I sympathize with the authors, the week is not on the positive.
    However, if you look from the point of view of an optimist, the glass, although half, but full.
    Less began to recede. The forecasts, including those in the VO, were justified, that the states would find someone to substitute for themselves. It turned out to be the best Belgians who explained that the Russians would not be hit the first time (you were not there, but we will confirm), the next ones in line Germans, though they are undergoing repairs. I think they will not pull until the arrival of the forces of the fleet, they will seek the victim by pulling matches.
    The information war with the use of chlorine-containing detergents, which Russia will not ban in any form of liquids in Syria, justifies the money invested in it.
    A peacekeeper with a white flag, who was going to withdraw the "militants" from eastern Aleppo (it looks like instructors from NATO and others like them), was lost last week, but the militants considered this "evacuation" a banal betrayal and "asked" their comrades to stay.
    Of course, history is written "after", not "before", we will wait for "Results" next week.
    Authors ++. hi This is already traditional.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 23 October 2016 09: 30
    On Thursday, October 20, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the “Declaration of Memory and Solidarity” jointly with the Polish Sejm, which condemns the “Communist Soviet Union” (as in the document), which signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact together with Nazi Germany on August 23, 1939.

    As far as I understand, Poland got tired of waiting for the association to be there, and decided to chop off Western Ukraine through this decree. It was in vain that the documents for the return of property were collected. And our "wise deputies" will give it up. Then we'll have some fun .... all the Westerners will rush home to defend "MOE", Donbass will become easier, and Kiev will become cleaner. However, it is not in vain that the son of Shukhevych is already yelling about rejoicing. oh, the Poles will play out before the second Volyn massacre ...
    1. Smog
      Smog 23 October 2016 11: 36
      ..all zapadentsy will rush home to defend "MOE", Donbass will become easier, and Kiev will become cleaner.

      And in Russia it will become cleaner too.
      Ukrainians dumped on the labor market in Russia, oh, how dumped. Especially in construction. Interest on 15-20 prices is brought down.
    OLD FART 23 October 2016 09: 35
    For the results, guys, thanks as always .... And about the site, a special thank you for the "bell" near your personal account .. Thing! At first I was scared "the number appeared there" well, I think that's it, again warnings "The Banshee is fierce with Simrnov" ...)))) And a sigh of relief, a great thing, otherwise you rush around the site before looking for your comments and answers ...
    Well, some interesting info ...
    Poland expects clear position on Mistrals from Russia Photo: reuters
    The spokesman for the press of the Ministry of Defense of Poland Katarzyna Yakubowska said that the Polish side expects from Russia a clear position on the refusal to purchase the French helicopter carriers "Mistral", reported "Radio Poland".

    What difference does it make to them, well .... drinks
    1. Cat
      Cat 23 October 2016 09: 50
      It was necessary to start like this. "The great sea power Poland is waiting ......." will not wait for Pan. fellow
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 23 October 2016 09: 37
    Pleased this week and Nadia ....
    “As for strong Ukrainian diplomacy ... After such negotiations, Pyotr Alekseyevich will have to apologize to Viktor Fedorovich, invite him to Ukraine and give up his chair. Because, unfortunately, our diplomacy is weaker at the moment, ”she said, commenting on the outcome of the meeting of the“ Norman Four ”in Berlin.

    Well, it remains to wait for the rest of the people to scream "Yanukovych, come back."
    The people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the "Fatherland" Nadezhda Savchenko urged "not to invest in it" if she gets captured again during her trips to the Donbass, about which she talks so much lately.
    According to Ukrainian media, she commented on the risk of visiting her People’s Republics, which Savchenko announced during her speech at PACE.

    Well, what Nadya liked to be in prison in Russia! and shouts "well, take me!" yet again. will sit in Russia under the new Nuremberg will not fall. But he will be!
  10. izya top
    izya top 23 October 2016 10: 18
    Russia "is preparing to capture Alaska with the help of submarines"
    no, with the help of chainsaws "friendship". let's cut off from the mainland, Alaska itself will drift to Chukotka bully
  11. Sotskiy
    Sotskiy 23 October 2016 10: 38
    Our fighters against terrorism will be accompanied by countries - accomplices of terrorists

    Are these not the accomplices of the terrorists to whom Mr. Medvedev presented part of the territory of the Russian Federation as a token of "eternal love", so to speak?
    1. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA 23 October 2016 21: 50
      ... Medvedev had learned English the other day, although with a clumsy pronunciation, citizen Peskov didn’t do anything about motorola, so that the sanctions would not be prolonged and not tightened ... And what will the friends-bankers-edrosses do and master the virgin lands of production? l ...
  12. vitaly314
    vitaly314 23 October 2016 11: 09
    "You, enemy Poles, will have a commemoration for Ostap!"
  13. Sotskiy
    Sotskiy 23 October 2016 11: 20
    And now in the Kremlin “they took advantage of this situation and took certain restrictive measures,” says our president. “Why only now? - I want to ask him. - Where were you before? And why rushed to the WTO? For the sake of oil tubes? ”

    Why rushed to the WTO? So the "green toad" strangled. At that time Ukraine had already "entered" the WTO, but what, are we bald or what? The "parrot" disease is contagious ...
  14. iouris
    iouris 23 October 2016 12: 51
    "Figvam" can be interpreted as you like. In foreign policy, words now mean nothing. Gorby told us that he had agreed, everyone believed, but ended up with NATO planes at our former airfields 15-30 minutes away from Leningrad and Moscow, our Ukraine is ruled by enemies who are destroying our economy.
  15. Alena Frolovna
    Alena Frolovna 23 October 2016 13: 05
    LIGHT MEMORY Arsen Pavlov

    Do you hear, Colonel, this howl?
    So the enemy rejoices, grinding his teeth.
    Not understanding - you are alive for us!
    And your name is like a victory banner.

    Do you hear, Colonel, this cry?
    The land of Donbass is not able to contain the pain.
    The executioner is vainly predatory
    Raising a sword, it's time to lie in the graves.

    Do you hear, Colonel, this groan?
    Birch trees in a mournful bow.
    But the world will be saved from evil,
    And it will be true to sit on the throne.

    Colonel, do you hear the cranes blowing?
    From heaven, the earth is visible in the palm of your hand ...
    You are on the way. Fly, our battalion commander!
    Our Motorola. Our hero. Our warrior.

    Elena Mishchenko, October 18 2016
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 23 October 2016 13: 54
      Quote: Alena Frolovna
      Elena Mishchenko, October 18 2016

      Here is another photo of the RUSSIAN GUY to accompany your poems.
    2. Green trumpet
      Green trumpet 23 October 2016 16: 36
      LIGHT MEMORY Arsen Pavlov
      Strong lines, Alena))) Even very much!
  16. GYGOLA
    GYGOLA 23 October 2016 17: 20
    dmi.pris, andrey yurevich
    What are you guys repeating? No way for the pros ...
    Thanks to the military review for not forgetting such a topic as the loss of a Russian hero, he rest in peace!
    Thank you for the huge release of the results.
    If the Russian Federation decides to attack the USA, then the first thing it will take is the territory of Alaska
    Not exactly. Here: if Russia wants to return Alaska, then the first thing is to destroy the United States.
    The tragedy of the week happened and, most importantly ... grief ...
    Thanks for the work!
  17. batyanya
    batyanya 23 October 2016 18: 39
    "Likbez" from Michael Bohm: the Americans did not kill the Indians, and the Russians killed
    [media = http: //
    a-ameri% 20kantsy-ne-ubivali-indejtsev-a-russkie-u
    bivali /]
  18. prawdawsegda
    prawdawsegda 23 October 2016 19: 24
    Alaska will be taken with the help of Sobyanin and Khusnullin! Very quickly the guys are building the subway!
  19. Severok
    Severok 23 October 2016 20: 13
    About all sorts of "streams" there. How I would like to see in power someone who BLOCKS all "flows" abroad, makes prices for fuel and energy resources twice lower than world prices for domestic consumers, blocks trips to study for "golden" (in fact, rotten) youth abroad, who will shut off the breath of the Central Bank completely and nationalize all financial flows of lending in the country ...

    But with THIS generation of officials, only the final impoverishment of the production workers awaits us, and the further obesity of the West's suppliers.
  20. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 24 October 2016 07: 52
    The saddest news this week was about Motorola. The Kingdom of Heaven and Eternal Memory to You Soldier!