Mobile command posts of a new generation began to arrive.

The Ministry of Defense received the first batch of mobile tactical command posts of a new generation, reports TASS a message from a representative of the United Instrument-Making Corporation.

Mobile command posts of a new generation began to arrive.

“The mobile point is designed to work in the field, away from civilization, with the operational deployment of troops. Up to ten people can work at this point simultaneously. In addition to all work accessories, there is a recreation room, a kitchen, other household amenities, even a clothes drying cabinet, ”said a representative of the military-industrial complex at the Military Communications-2016 exhibition.

The mobile unit operates as part of the automated command and control system.

“It looks like a regular van with a trailer.” In any locality, at the expense of a special design, it is transformed into a full-fledged headquarters room - with workplaces for officers equipped with modern computing, telecommunications and other equipment, software and information support, ”explained the source.

The deployment time of the item is a few minutes.

“The command post was tested during the recent operational training of the Armed Forces and was highly appreciated by the leadership of the General Staff. The head developer of this technology is our concern Systemprom, ”said a representative of the corporation.

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  1. +8
    20 October 2016 08: 52
    Symbolically, on the day of the signalman, once again Happy Holiday!
    1. +2
      20 October 2016 08: 56
      A good complex with a rich filling, but so far a little complicated to operate. It takes time to train specialists who are not yet enough to work. However, all these are temporary difficulties, no more.
      1. +2
        20 October 2016 08: 57
        Communication and coordination have always been our weak point. I am glad that the situation is changing radically!
  2. Gur
    20 October 2016 09: 08
    And why does the video talk about the Belarusian army))
  3. +1
    20 October 2016 09: 25
    A 40-year-old mobile commander based on KAMAZ? How much can you upgrade old stuff, maybe it's time to stop "laundering" and "rolling back", but to cut something really new ???
    1. +4
      20 October 2016 09: 39
      Quote: von_Tilsit
      A mobile komcentr based on KAMAZ 40 years ago?

      Oh ... Show me at least one standing off-road cargo chassis, which is less ..? You can, of course, design a new truck, and even build a plant for it, but how will it be better than KAMAZ?
      1. 0
        24 October 2016 11: 53
        Easy - FMTV, the date of delivery to the US Army is 2011, the transport has bulletproof armor and, as a rule, is armed with a heavy. machine gun.
        LMTV A1 MTV A1
        Payload: 2 kg 268 kg
        Towing load: 4 kg 700 kg
        Fuel: JP8 JP8
        Transmission: Automatic Automatic
        Power: 168KV 216KV
        Drive: 4×4 6×6

        You can find the photo yourself. And in general - you can beat yourself with your heel in the chest as much as you like and shout about the merits of the old KAMAZ. This is treated by getting the first bullet in an unarmored cabin))
  4. +2
    20 October 2016 09: 46
    Happy holiday military signalmen! Give a connection without marriage!
    In hardware communications, appearance is not the main thing, but the filling. Nobody has come up with a better KAMAZ and the old apron KUNG. Ideally, the hardware should not differ from conventional transport.
    1. +2
      20 October 2016 12: 45
      So this is not hardware - the old MSH-PSH URAL 4320 is in the video, and the network is still MSH-PSH - ZiL-131 and Kamaz 4310. The video is not about our army - but Belarus.
  5. 0
    20 October 2016 11: 55
    What is it called that?
  6. 0
    20 October 2016 12: 01
    The idea is good, the implementation causes a strong negative. I won’t say for communication and other special stuff, not a specialist. Furniture, interior decoration does not stand up to any criticism. Materials, accessories, ergonomic and technical solutions of the working interior - were developed and manufactured by amateurs.
    Also the layout / reduction algorithm of the kung in working position is puzzling .. In any car service, the largest garage will develop and implement more technological and convenient solutions.
    It is hoped that what is shown is prototypes for working out conceptual solutions; qualitatively different ones will go into the series.
  7. 0
    20 October 2016 12: 13
    But the prices are directly prohibitive, cut again.
    1. 0
      20 October 2016 18: 06
      Why outrageous, the movie is about the Belarusian army. What kind of hack is this? And I put a plus.
    2. 0
      21 October 2016 02: 27
      Yes, prices are extremely low: 24 million in Belarusian rubles = $ 1200 per body.
  8. 0
    20 October 2016 12: 42
    And where does the Armed Forces of Belarus and the Armed Forces of Russia? They are modernizing the old USSR MSH-PSH, ours are releasing new ones.
    The video is off topic.
  9. +1
    20 October 2016 18: 55
    These butterflies are used as CBU (Combat Control Center). Tables for cards, for communication, "draloscope". The trailers are equipped with berths for 4 people like a carriage compartment. These trailers have a drawback - due to the high center of gravity and the design features of the coupling device, they have a tendency to overturn. And there is nothing complicated about them, they are deployed by the soldiers of the commandant company as quickly as the tents of the CSS, or the UST.

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