Why Iraq and Syria were given to militants in 2014

Why Iraq and Syria were given to militants in 2014

When the IG, banned in the Russian Federation, took Mosul in 2014, an incredible thing happened. In one day, militants came to a million-plus city, and the government army simply left the city, abandoning Humvi and Grada. That's where, by the way, the "IG" excellent military equipment.

In June 2014, without attempts to resist, the terrorists, in numbers up to 1500, simply took a two-millionth city, and as a reward they also received the equipment of the Iraqi army abandoned at the entrances to the area. But the 30-thousandth army of Iraq was not weak. She abandoned Mosul because she received an order from a higher command.

The links of terrorists with "charitable foundations" based in the Middle East, mainly in the Sunni regions, are widely known in the BV itself. Individuals and foundations working in Saudi Arabia and other Sunni monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula "sent hundreds of thousands of dollars" to the needs of IS in Syria and Iraq.

And everyone is silent, but not only because the commanders and, apparently, the officer corps, paid fees to surrender Mosul, but also that the Sunni militant movement was very attractive to numerous Sunni formations orphaned after the US vandalism and the death of the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

And now, even without waiting for the end of October, the almost hundred-thousandth army of Iraqi soldiers, coalition, Kurds, Turks and small associations (including local Christians) began to romp about a large city - the center of "IG" in Iraq. Parallel to this, the latest truce warning has been made to Aleppo.

But, of course, first of all the States will focus their attention and media attention on Mosul. First, there are as many 1,5 million people can be saved (and not "some" 280 of thousands, like in Aleppo).

Secondly, in the case of a massive escape of locals to Syria and Turkey, one can borrow many more millions of dollars from the UN in addition to the $ 61 million already declared.

Thirdly, everything is so “difficult” that it is necessary to pull the tires for at least two months in order to clean up all the traces of their presence here 12-year-old during this period.

Fourth, delaying the operation and creating additional agiotage means speeding up the flows of refugees, which, as practice shows, the US approves, and the EU is forced to execute.

The fact that they make a fuss is precisely under the strict guidance of the United States, says the statement of the head of the US anti-terrorist coalition: "The battle can last for months, and it will be a tough battle" (Major General Gary Wolesky).

Again. In Mosul, from 6 to 10 thousands of radicals (according to various estimates, the spread is, of course, indecent, but what to do). Mosul is surrounded by an army of thousands of people in 94, and the offensive is supported by 90 aircraft.
94 thousands of people cannot safely clean up the city from radicals, even though a few weeks ago the Iraqi army cut off the militants supply line. They can not create safe corridors, can not separate the peaceful from the militants. And they can not develop an operation to identify and neutralize the heads of "IG". Given that the Kurds alone cleared a square in 200 km per day. But the Kurds have their own, very selfish territorial interest. But after all, Mosul is the territory of Iraq, which means that there is no less interest there!

It is worth noting that the Kurds in different parts of Iraq behaved not logical. In August, 2014 Kurdish Peshmerga units stationed in the Sinjar area (northeastern Iraq), a Yezidi Kurdish region, for the unknown reasons, left their positions. That is, then, and at their command, contrary to their immediate interests, there was an order to surrender territories to those who would later destroy the banks, seize the monopoly on energy resources and establish their own rules and prices. And they passed, then to win. True, there were those who were not going to give up their land in 2014: the Kurdish forces north of Mosul managed to stop the movement of militants. They wanted - they could. But the thousands of well-armed government army in Iraq could not? More precisely, did not plan?

Who and why hand over the city under the "IG"? Indeed, not only in Iraq, but also in Syria, the capital of the radicals - Raqqah in March of 2013 for several hours was under the control of anti-government forces. His very quickly, without warning the local population, left the Syrian army. There was also a significant Christian community in Raqqah. Arabs-Christians lived in Mosul, there was an imposing community of Assyrians professing different currents of Christianity, there were some important shrines for Middle Eastern Christians. The surrender of these cities undermined confidence in Shiite governments and Shiites in general. Usually, Christians in the Middle East treat Shiites much more favorably than Sunnis.

The traditional representative of the Sunnis with an inordinate thirst for power in the entire Middle East is Saudi Arabia (KSA). It was in KSA that a “startup” called “ISIL” was going to, and it was KSA that, together with the States, was fighting in the entire Middle East. And it is precisely KSA that is not allowed to invade Syria on a large scale, despite the ships that have been sent to Turkish ports long ago. Whether it is in oil, or in the Sunni-Shiite confrontation, but after questions about al-Qaeda, as well as to Washington, to Riyadh questions arise about the creation, financing and promotion of the IG. And besides KSA, there really was no one to cover such budgets so that army commanders voluntarily leave the cities.
By the way, no Shiite formations are allowed to operate in Mosul. Anyone. but not the main opponents of the Sunni radicals. Also a dubious coincidence.

Well, now a little more about why the liberation of Mosul is delayed. Within a day and a half, some of the terrorists “ran away” towards Syria.

As I wrote here ("The Iraqi assault. The US will transfer terrorists to attack Palmyra"), this is the grand plan. And two months is a great time for most of the terrorists to slowly move to a new location.
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  1. +4
    20 October 2016 06: 13
    Why? Because it was necessary for someone, everything was correct in the article. And the Iraqi and the Syrian army were betrayed first of all by their commanders - they could not obey the criminal order and the situation would then be different.
  2. +4
    20 October 2016 07: 43
    IG is the brainchild of the United States, created with the support of part of the Arab countries to achieve the selfish interests of the creators. And the point.
    Any force opposing terrorism must understand this and take action in light of this fundamental factor.
    And one cannot believe the statements of the creators of the IG to the states and all their satellites starting from the EU and the Arab countries — they created and NEVER will do anything to destroy them. They need terror in the world and they are scurrying about for the sole purpose: no, not to help the peoples of the BV, and not to let terrorism be destroyed.
  3. 0
    20 October 2016 09: 08
    ... to separate the "bad" fighters from the "good" opposition!
    Goats, then - from the lamb ...
    What about goats in camouflage from angel robes? And angels in goatskins?
    ... It is especially difficult to separate these aspects when camouflage is fused with its own skin and becomes their essence ...
  4. 0
    20 October 2016 13: 26
    For me, the news is that Mosul and Rakku passed without fights. And where are those warlords now? It’s clear with Iraq, the Americans rule everything there, but Syria is fighting. Who should protect Rakku?
    1. 0
      21 October 2016 10: 20
      It’s hard for us to figure it out. Kutuzov at one time surrendered Moscow to save the army. Maybe something like that here.
  5. +3
    20 October 2016 14: 29
    Create difficulties for yourself and others and then begin to overcome them “heroically”? Money, money and more money! Some scoundrels are sitting on the island, others across the ocean ... Never mind, their turn will come!

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