The BBC’s attempt to analyze the causes of today's conflict between the West and Russia

"BBC" publishes material by Jonathan Marcus, an observer who finds the strength to at least try to analyze what the real conflict between the West and Russia is based on. Against the background of numerous publications of the same type in the Western media that Russia is “enemy number one,” “country committing war crimes,” “stronghold of totalitarian politics,” and so forth, an analysis with a cool head was made in the material of observer Markus.

According to Marcus, after the end of the Cold War, there was hope that the confrontation between the West and Russia would remain in the past. However, according to a BBC observer, in the West (primarily in the US), despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was continued to be seen as the embodiment of the USSR within different boundaries. When Russia took steps to strengthen its influence in the region, in Washington it was considered solely as a manifestation of “ambitions to restore Soviet influence”. Marcus cites a statement by American CIA veteran Paul Pillar (translation RIA News):

Relations deteriorated when the West did not begin to perceive Russia as a nation that shook off communism. She should have been accepted into the new community of countries — but instead she was perceived as the heir of the USSR, which remained the main source of distrust for the West.

The BBC’s attempt to analyze the causes of today's conflict between the West and Russia

Marcus himself adds that this idea is being confirmed by the constant expansion of NATO, although Gorbachev was also promised not to transfer the NATO infrastructure east after the unification of Germany.

The material contains a statement by the former head of British intelligence, John Sawers. This statement consists in the fact that the next US president is responsible for defusing relations with Russia, since it is Russia and the US that are able to solve the global security issue together.

Once again, attention is drawn to the fact that sound thoughts are expressed exclusively the former by American and British officials. Yes, and the article by the columnist Jonathan Marcus runs the risk of being lost in the articles of numerous Western “hawks” against the background of the cruelest anti-Russian rhetoric of acting officials.
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    1. +5
      17 October 2016 10: 26
      I would try to analyze

      But the same Air Force has made a huge contribution to fueling the conflict between the West and Russia. What, conscience began to torment? Although unlikely.
      1. +11
        17 October 2016 10: 34
        I never believed and will not believe in the repentance of Anglo-Saxon ... even this article was published, or maybe written solely to indicate the alleged freedom of speech, and not for the sake of some kind of objective analysis! All this from the field of bleating wolf in sheep's clothing!
        1. +6
          17 October 2016 10: 54
          Votes will be cast, but in general they need an enemy and Russia is best suited for this, so nothing will change.
        2. +1
          17 October 2016 21: 36
          Moreover, the analysis is fundamentally wrong. They are well aware that Russia is the bearer of a different ideology that is directly opposed to Western ideas of global domination, social stratification by people, nations and countries. As long as Russia and the Russians exist, they will always interfere with the West even with their existence as genetic carriers of another idea. The West knows this very well, but continues to bleat about some insults and communism. But out loud they will never say that.
          1. +1
            19 October 2016 17: 48
            Of all the comments above, my dear Orionvit is closest to me!

            in fact, all this talk about the alleged mistake of the West - that after the death of our homeland, the USSR would have to accept Russia in Europe, and so on - utter nonsense!

            The West and the Fed have never fought against the USSR and Communism!

            They fought with Eurasia - according to the laws of geopolitics and the science and theories of McKinder and Machen, etc.

            This war has been going on for thousands of years - and will never stop - and it will continue

            Europe has always tried to make its "African colony" out of Eurasia - since the time of Alexander Nevsky, German and Swedish knights went to make our great-grandfathers slaves - but they stumbled upon the empire of the steppe
            The Swedes walked and reached Poltava - but stumbled upon the empire of Peter 1
            Napoleon and Hitler walked, etc., and stumbled upon our people — the Russians in the first place — but with the Russians there was always the whole great steppe — from the Kyrgyz to the Tatars and Buryats and the Caucasus with them

            The fact that they have not come to us with fire and sword yet now - say thank you to the USSR for leaving us a legacy of strategic nuclear forces that are holding back the aggressor

            But if we don’t regroup - and we don’t come up with something together - then the strategic nuclear forces will not last forever - technology will change - and the dog knights will come tomorrow for us all - both for the Russians and the steppes
      2. +1
        17 October 2016 10: 36
        ] Once again, the fact that sound thoughts are expressed exclusively by former American and British officials is noteworthy. [/ Quote]
        Everyone who had an opinion different from the general line of the party was squeezed out of the control apparatus. So everyone is silent who have an opinion at least slightly different. Well, after retirement, you can say what you think.
        1. +2
          17 October 2016 18: 14
          Quote: square
          Once again, the fact that

          The fact that everyone knows and understands everything, but they are doing their dirty deed ....
      3. 0
        17 October 2016 10: 41
        Quote: rotmistr60
        I would try to analyze

        But the same Air Force has made a huge contribution to fueling the conflict between the West and Russia. What, conscience began to torment? Although unlikely.

        They don’t know who will come to power, so they’re trying to please everyone just in case. You also will not see such a range of opinions in the near future.
      4. WKS
        17 October 2016 10: 43
        Quote: rotmistr60
        But the same Air Force has made a huge contribution to fueling the conflict between the West and Russia. What, conscience began to torment?

        So she continues to contribute. Her daily compilation of events and their interpretation are such that, reading, it seems that Britain is at war with Russia. And this editorial policy did not begin in 2014 and not in 2008, and did not stop since the days of the USSR.
        Most likely this is a consequence of the well-known principle: "my cow died - so that yours also died," the empire is meant as a cow.
        1. 0
          17 October 2016 15: 04
          But the Britons can be understood: if Russia loses the qualities of the Empire, then it will automatically lose its ability to defend its statehood and sovereignty - after all, in the 21st century, wars (EVERYTHING!) Are fought not for space but for resources.
      5. 0
        17 October 2016 15: 14
        Is there the word "conscience" at all?
    2. +3
      17 October 2016 10: 26
      Everything is clear that, in most cases, intelligence professionals and military analysts on both sides of the barricade have their heads in place and they use it, not just eat it, but they are all held hostage by politicians who make decisions and use any means to form public opinion.
      1. +4
        17 October 2016 11: 02
        Quote: Blue Fox
        this is understandable that, in most cases, intelligence professionals and military analysts on both sides of the barricade have their heads in place and they use it

        I agree at this point completely
        Quote: Blue Fox
        But they are all held hostage by decision makers

        Here, let me disagree. Politicians are the talking heads of financial-oligarchic capital. We need to remember what the decision of Kadaffi and Saddam Hussein led to sell oil for gold, and not for colored pieces of paper. And now Russia and China began to threaten the financial welfare of the United States
    3. +6
      17 October 2016 10: 27
      The United States regards the whole world as a "zone of its interests," therefore, even when we are stomping in our "hallway," they declare it a threat to themselves. In general, it is time for them to do their own thing as Trump advises them, and not to climb with their shit to others.
    4. +4
      17 October 2016 10: 33
      One sensible thought out of a thousand idiotic weather will not do. In a century when the media are controlled by large corporations fighting for raw materials and markets, hoping for objectivity is futile.
    5. +2
      17 October 2016 11: 07
      Rummaged, rummaged ... Where are common thoughts?
      Strong Russia does not need the United States.
      How are they. Always drunk, EBN kissed the gums !?
      We started with Russia, because it’s the most dangerous threat to hegemony. Russia is now covering China and India.
    6. +5
      17 October 2016 11: 29
      strange guys, the inspiration comes to them exclusively in retirement, as if all the while they work, they are stuffed with some kind of rubbish, and pensions start to think with their head)
    7. +1
      17 October 2016 11: 31
      How the Air Force can analyze something, I don’t understand !!!!!!! After all, they have only one way analysis - mattress democracy, and the rest of the analysis is only in test tubes and that hu ... very bad !!!!!!
    8. 0
      17 October 2016 11: 32
      Didn’t watch Putin’s speech yesterday, did he really say that the defense of Ukraine should be helped? or fake?
    9. +4
      17 October 2016 11: 54
      The BBC’s attempt to analyze the causes of today's conflict between the West and Russia

      "You are only to blame for the fact that I want to eat!"
      There is no need to look for reasons in yourself of what the West accuses us of, supposedly Russia is not behaving correctly! In the USSR, I did not like communism, now I don’t like that Crimea was reunited, and I didn’t like Crimea under the tsar. And there is only one reason, not the exorbitant appetites of Western imperialism.
    10. 0
      17 October 2016 19: 37
      The air force was creatures, creatures and remained
    11. 0
      18 October 2016 08: 23
      Really repentance? belay

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