Mosquito armament: what should it be

Continued. Start: "Mosquito armament: what should it be".

Yes, an impatient reader will forgive me, but in this part there will be a small introduction, more precisely, an analysis of the responses to the previous publication and the classification of their “superintendents” to try to warn them of re-exposing themselves to ridicule.

So, a separate cohesive group is followed by users from Israel with the motto: “But we still have better!” You can’t argue with that, because friends and do not allow science to develop anywhere else in the world. But we can and we try, despite all the obstacles of your "comrades".

"Shippers": for these, all that has been said is baby talk, “The affiliate idiots, why was he released from an insane asylum?” and other excrement ... However own they never publish analytical reviews, because they are thethat unfairly accuse anyone who dares to make public his thought or assumption.

"Nerdy". Their real profession, apparently proctologists, because they everywhere visited and not a have seen I'm proud that such masters condescend to "insignificance" like me!

"With a cap nailed to the head": this prudently left in the last article a "mirror" with other Goliath planing an even more weighty club on his grave - no, his appearance in this reflection alas, they failed to identify them. I remember the wisdom of the army: "The more oaks in the army ..." And where else would they come in handy ?! But re-read articles three or four times, in contrast to the "detractors" who put their diagnosis already by one name.

“Apologists for the EMP and EW sect”: after every second muttering of lulling mantras about the invincibility of their “idols”, they absolutely have no time to consult technical documentation and learn that shielding and directional antennas reduce the effectiveness of their “divine” weapons millions of times.

There is a very large variety of single-mandated widths, but the analysis of psychedelic deviations of all site visitors is not in our plans. Just ask: if you have sewage clogged at home, fix it; not worth dragging their filth on the forums ...

Let's continue with a brief reminder of the main thoughts of the previous material: mosquito We will call armament a mass self-launched and remotely controlled weapon, one of whose representatives will probably soon be a Scolopendra rocket with a unique set of characteristics. What is it like unified sting for different individuals: bees, wasps, scorpions, waterworms, fish, squid, that is, all the creatures that inhabit our planet in all three environments.

Now that the “sting” parameters are approved (by me), let's take a closer look at a number of his Carriers from the list above. And although the relevance of the “air” arsenal “Skolopendr” in the form of a shock UAV (assembled from mainly extruded window and wall-type panels) is most vital both for Syria and against the more “advanced” enemy, we turn our attention to the most mundane version of the “missile box ”- on a standardized trailer cart (for self-propelled 40-mm grenades from a grenade launcher - the conventional name“ Hog ”, but not limited to it).

I will not impose the laurels of a visionary or Nostradamus, but something tells me a great future for a unified trailer in the ground forces and the Airborne Forces. Like a flask or a sapper shovel, this locker on wheels can become an integral attribute of a soldier’s life and accommodate all his simple baggage wares, including water, supplies, ammunition, medicines and other necessary things when accomplishing military feats. But what about Skolopendry? And not only they: MANPADS, ATGM, quad hand-held grenade launchers, automated machine-gun points from double-barreled 7,62TT machineguns, diesel generators for recharging the Skolopendr and Sobolyatniki radar navigators (in separate trailers), as well as the rest of the day in the day, and then, in the case of unloading events, in the same time, in the case of the Skolopendr and Sobolyatniki radar navigators (in separate trailers), in the case of unloading tables, and in the case of unloading tables, they can be used to unlock the rest of the world, and they should be used to unlock the rest of the world, and they should be used to unlock the rest of the world, and they should be used to unlock the rest of the world, and they should be used to unlock the rest of the world. targets and “tricks”, in general, any items with dimensions somewhere 1,8m x 0,6m x 0,5 m and a mass of the order of 120 kg, i.e., to transport the wounded in case of need will be payload for such an exceptionally convenient movement.

The variety of trailer’s “strategic content” that is not fully considered suggests a significant mass character this device: an indispensable attribute mosquito weapons. “But what about tankety?” A WOT advocate exclaims. There will be, and they will, but in smaller quantities, because the engine and transmission not only increase the weight, but also the cost, at the same time reducing the reliability of the whole mechanism. And for the trailer one of the priority parameters is manual towing one fighter Moreover, the price of a trailer for mass production should not exceed the level of the cost of existing boxes for storing the same MANPADS or ATGM. One can figuratively say that I simply attach wheels to them (without figurative meanings), although the development is much deeper and more multifaceted.

For the Airborne Forces will be trailers with the possibility of landing: lightweight and with planning elements that can later be used as flooring for cargo / wounded, arranging shelters for overnight, etc. Equipping such trailers with aerodynamic control elements and navigation systems will allow them to land in the vicinity of the planned outlets , and additional inflatable bags and propulsion devices - to move them through water barriers. In general, the bulk of achievements promises to be large-scale; although, as mentioned, the trailer is not the only carrier of the Skolopendr and other fire equipment mosquito weapons by land.

Now let's move our eyes to another element ... on the watery surface (surely with the UAV all it is understandable even to individuals with “non-removable” caps). At sea, Skolopendr’s main means of transportation (of various calibers) will be underwater gliders. Only the design of the latter will be very much differ from now existing. The absence of such "before the nose" for some amateurs with titles and a "solid afftoritet" gives them shaky right to deny even the theoretical possibility of creating "combat gliders". I can say simply: I while the only developer in the world of similar constructions, and only I can judge now what they can and cannot do.

Naturally, in the structure of the gliders there will be many elements performed by extrusion of polymers, although this will somewhat limit the depth of the possible immersion, but this is quite enough for its combat missions. In the same way as with a ground trailer, instead of the Skolopendry, gliders will be able to carry other situational equipment, including and peaceful (civil) - its list is no less significant.

Tactics use combat gliders I already previously described. Undoubtedly, it can be expanded, painted, to give romance, but first you need to release means of moving payload under waternew underwater glider. The process is held back by both the notorious “amateurs with titles clapping a poorly fitted torpedo lid” and the general attitude in the military industrial complex: “There will be no war, but the stabilization fund is ending ...” - there is a frantic development of funds for unpromising projects, often ending only bright layouts and showpieces ...

The second mass carrier "Skolopendr" and other mosquito weapons (more precisely, again totalthat fits) in the ocean, I suppose to make robotic sailing unmanned catamarans (RPBK). This development is even more progressive than the previous two (comparable to the UAV and its unique engine): more than a hundred patents are outlined - there will not be a single node without significant changes. Even the sail and the mechanized bell-bell are their own, unique! By the way, civil society has much more in RPBK than gliders, trailers and UAVs taken together - this is the most optimal product to fulfill the president’s order to convert the military-industrial complex - you don’t need to “preserve” here: use any of the two hundred !

However, I have to upset the suffering ones to extract "details" and nuances of technical subtleties - this will not happen. Neither this article nor the following. Nor why for the UAV and ambush firing points at the base of the trailer selected (mosquito!) double-barreled machine gun chambered for 7,62TT, nor about what tankettes are still needed in the army; not about why the UAV "mammoth tusks" ... Of all the diversity mosquitoes Carriers mosquito the arsenal will be considered only the best “friend” of the trailer bogie - the “Hog” tractor in the form of a self-propelled 40-mm grenade from a grenade launcher — these grenades (more precisely, their version is improved several times compared to the version available) "Hog", with proper mass production, will be able to occupy a decent niche in the emerging class mosquito weapons.

Until next time!
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  1. +16
    19 October 2016 05: 48
    The article is literally permeated with the deepest contempt for its potential readers.
    I remember A. Raikin's monologue: "I listened to all of you here and decided - well, you are all fools"
    1. +1
      19 October 2016 08: 13
      My fault is that someone recognized himself in the "reflection" is practically nonexistent: I only provided the "mirror". And a well-read person would compare my sarcasm with Gogol or Saltykov-Shchedrin .. You, apparently, have something in common with Raikin, am I guessing ?! laughing
      1. +7
        19 October 2016 09: 30
        Quote: Aviagr
        And a well-read person would compare my sarcasm with Gogol or Saltykov-Shchedrin.

        Modestly ... smile
        1. +2
          19 October 2016 15: 02
          Today is some day of fecal feuilleton ...

          First, Shpakovsky with shit bombs, now an "experienced designer" with his clogged sewer system and lockers on wheels for cleaning it (in Russian - a wheelbarrow), as well as landing and transporting centipedes ..

          These are lethal things! Landing and deployment of the Airborne Division with planners! 120 kilograms !! wheelbarrows !!! will tear gut laughter to any barmaley!

          But the effectiveness of these weapons for mosquitoes and flies can be significantly increased by combining the ingenious ideas of the authors: on the heads of the broads, directly from the ramp, throw Aviagra gang-carts full of Shpakovsky charges!
          1. 0
            19 October 2016 18: 23
            I’m embarrassed to ask - is this your selfie in the trough? You are so in harmony with the background ...
            And someone else was offended that at the very beginning I "attached" all such commentators to their heaps ...
            1. +1
              19 October 2016 18: 36
              Can't you tell manure from a selfie, and a bath from a trough ?! And also "with experience" ... lol
              But do not be shy and, most importantly, do not be offended and walk ischo. Parjom!
              1. 0
                19 October 2016 19: 19
                Sorry - bathroom changes things! You are a spitting image of an aristocrat! Only that's who "spilled" - well, you know better!
                1. +2
                  19 October 2016 22: 51
                  Something pulls you all the time on one topic ... Check yourself.
                  And check your eyesight, then consider that in that trough from the bathroom - your "idea" to manually mine half of the country with wheelbarrows controlled (by whom?), Cheap (how?), "Cumulative high-explosive fragmentation" (....? ?!) missiles ...

                  With such "inventors", no saboteurs and saws will be needed ...

                  In general, haloperidol with Gridasov’s help,
                  load skolopendra with wheelbarrows! laughing

                  1. 0
                    20 October 2016 08: 51
                    Quote: Thor
                    guided (by whom?), cheap (how?), "cumulative high-explosive fragmentation" (.... ??!) missiles ...

                    Well, you see - you do not know anything besides haloperidols, manure, Gridasov and other turbidity ... But I KNOW how to make rockets - CHEAP, carts - COMFORTABLE, control - EXACT. I’m writing about this. If you delved into the essence of the story, and did not do what I mentioned in the header of this article, maybe understanding would come. But you don’t need THIS - the main thing: TO PREPARE the interlocutor that manifests itself in all posts.
                    We will consider the tactics of using Skolopendre in the 3 part ...
                    1. +1
                      21 October 2016 04: 31
                      Hkhospada, also the third part of this nonsense will be .. fool
    2. 0
      18 January 2017 14: 04
      quotes from this "GYNYAL afftor"
      28.12.2015 10:59
      For these purposes, 20 years ago (!) I developed a UAV made of extruded PVC panels with a unique two-stroke engine, with a payload capacity of 120-150 kg, which may include elements of electronic warfare with target designation for missile-carrying UAVs, or several NUR or UR S-80, or machine guns cartridge 7,62 TT, or anti-tank or air-to-air missiles, free-falling bombs, UAV-glider-bomb, etc.
      28.12.2015 13:04
      TTX already indicated: 120-150 kg PN. The rest depends on this characteristic almost completely. Yes, speed 90-120km / h, range 400km. The cost of a glider with an engine is approaching zero with the serial number of 100tys per year ... Although rockets and a machine gun are also their own, cheaper than existing ones.
      28.12.2015 13:55
      What to "shove" - ​​has already been invented (partially), but there is still no airframe and engine. There are no missiles, no machine guns (to deal with foreign UAVs and manpower) UNDERTAKABLE - these are also my developments.
      28.12.2015 15:04
      During this time (with 2004) it would already be possible to organize MASS production of my (yes mine!) UAVs, on which everyone else can hang anything.
      15.12.2015 13:28
      ... 2. Before the threatened period, I will deploy several thousand robotic sailing catamarans with GAS along the coasts - that is, a layered surface distributed SOSUS with a distance between 10-15 km of catamaran sensors and a two-level depth of hydrophones at each (above and below the sound jump layer).
      3. Some of the catamarans can carry torpedoes (two each) with cable control from the catamaran - both PLO and anti-status defense.
      4. Near the enemy (Russia and China in this case) coasts and in the deployment areas (including under the ice of the Arctic), their submarines will place hundreds of thousands of underwater gliders of various modifications (stamp "Secret") in advance to track ships, submarines, launches Statuses, destruction of stationary SACs, mine-blasting operations, etc.
      15.12.2015 15:44
      2. The catamaran network is the DISTRIBUTED BGAS ...
      3. There is nothing to accompany there: discovered-destroyed. ...
      19.01.2016 08:38
      ... So the polka butterflies are dancing near me, picking out ideas from underwater gliders, robotic catamarans, PVC UAVs, new cruise missiles with a new PuVRD and other unique things. He made a report on Rubin, Malachite and Krylovsky sent descriptions - not enough, come on again. But what about financing? - we will eat it ourselves. ...
      22.01.2016 09:04
      equipped with cheap air-to-air missiles, a continuous border row of several echelons of such UAVs will be able to stop a massive attack by subsonic Tomahawks;
      22.01.2016 11:58
      The Russian Navy needs hundreds of thousands of underwater gliders and robotic unmanned (crewless) sailing catamarans, .... And missiles to them with a new modernized PuVRD: it is possible by barmel at the price of 100tys
      28.01.2016 09:36
      And everyone has their own weapons, up to Calibers / Granites. But I like my "scolopendra" with the new PUVRD better - cheap for mass, imperceptible and merciless, like a praying mantis.
      31.01.2016 20:40
      Therefore, the optimal solution is 30-50kg, for most tasks. Naturally, for the transportation of Caliber or Physics - you need an appropriate solution.
      ... Robotic sailing catamarans cover most of the problems of quick delivery of gliders to the database area, periodic recharging, return to the base in case of breakdowns, relay of important data to the satellite, transmission of positioning coordinates for gliders and submarines without their ascent, protection of the database area (signaling about the presence of strangers) and many others That is, it is a complex task, and we know how to solve it.
      02.02.2016 06:45
      Gliders are carriers of weapons (missiles, torpedoes, etc.), including stationary mines, which did not catch anyone, but sunk a lot of ships and submarines. As with terrestrial ones, it is not necessary to tear a person into atoms, it is enough to damage a leg (50г ВВ) - and a person is practically not a fighter. Will your destroyer be able to do a lot with a damaged sap liner, with destroyed radar, a helm column? Would anyone want to launch from an aircraft carrier or land on it if 80-mm rockets periodically pour on its deck? And the submarines will find something to surprise.
      ... How the glider will be held in position - the answer is 10bn.
      09.02.2016 15:38
      ... and the cost of the glider min bundle is a maximum of 500tys,
      14.02.2016 19:08
      my "Scolopendra" with a modernized PUVRD (yes, subsonic, the range is less than that of the Caliber, but it also costs 200tr in ... my catamaran (without the cost of additional equipment, a workable floating frame) with mass production is about 400tr.
      01.02.2016 08:53
      To execute the algorithm "destroy everything that moves after the Fas command!" enough Chinese scarves for 2-3 thousand rubles ....
      ... and no more: information costs a lot of money.
      Here's an example: Replacing positioning bottom defendant beacons.
      .... When the glider’s battery is low, it will automatically return to base (under the ice - definitely)
      11.02.2016 09:25
      Articles (video) will be posted by a strategic partner who will invest at least 10bn in the development and manufacture of this catamaran - I see no reason to scatter such grandiose inventions.
      11.02.2016 11:27
      some of my own life examples when the factories went bankrupt, including because they refused to introduce new products under MY conditions - ... my ideas have not gone away - even though now take and produce. ..
      I am well versed in the economics of my products, which is why I propose for the time being the only expensive mechanized bell-market:
      09.02.2016 09:23
      Gliders - carriers of a variety of weapons, including and stationary mines, which practically they themselves are due to the low speed. But they have SELF-DELIVERY to the place of mining and BACK TO BASIS for auto-clearance after the conflict,
      11.02.2016 19:27
      Again, the ice-covered PLO is more difficult with it, in view of (who would have thought!) Ice. But there are pluses (I’m keeping silent about them for now) - you need to try, experience.
      In fact, I can download more than one university with the topics of dissertations, including and doctorates in this area,
      30.01.2016 10:27
      one of the functions of my UAVs with missiles with adjustable time of detonation, a pneumatic 30-mm cannon and double-barreled machine guns chambered for 7,62 TT
      .. My catamaran has about 30 !!! different ways of use, including and civilian (in the pre-war time - let him catch a fish, transport goods to Crimea, predict weather, etc.). ... they work in tandem with gliders - those will have the option of a mini-air defense missile from helicopters and planes (starting / landing on an aircraft carrier) - that’s why I say that an aircraft carrier is a useless cruise ship when my gliders fill the expanses of the ocean ( for
      But until I found even with whom to patent the mechanized bell-market, everyone imagines themselves to be great shipbuilders, twirl their noses.
      gliders and catamarans should not be scampering across the ocean, but should ALWAYS BE in the right areas in the right amount. This is decided by ADVANCE and Quantity. ... - their design must be "licked" thoroughly for mass production - and only I can do it!
      For the last 20 years, UAVs of my level cannot even create in virtual.
      Destruction of observing catamarans = loss of communication with them - automatically activates glider mines and torpedoes / missiles - and they will definitely clear the expanses of the ocean from all evil spirits ...
      15.02.2016 09:07
      But let everyone know - I have designs that are many times better than the existing and developed by them. Catamarans and gliders are just a tiny fraction of my designs. I just like to solve problems in a complex way, covering them almost completely with my own solutions (hence the "scolopendra", its own BGAS, a double-barreled machine gun chambered for TT 7,62; a self-propelled mortar under a 40-mm modernized grenade from a grenade launcher, and many others).
      15.02.2016 10:17
      My gliders will still be 6 options, and they are all completely different than the bourgeois ones and copies of ours on them. Want more - you know the price.
      13.02.2016 12:53
      As has been repeatedly stated, sailing robotic catamarans and underwater gliders can serve the purpose of both setting mines and finding them (in various modifications, of course). Hundreds of catamarans with HBO will CONSTANTLY build an 3D-picture of the bottom, glider-carriers of destroyers of bottom mines will destroy identified objects. At the same time, glider mines can barrage near the enemy’s naval base and move to the line by signal (or activate into a fighting position). There will be many modifications too,
      15.02.2016 07:10
      They will be accompanied by aerial drones with missile weapons (and as data transmitters). My version of the UAV with 5-8 flight hours is only for the near zone (but there are no catamarans yet). I count on the help of armed gliders on long trips.
      15.02.2016 15:03
      Already foreign spies have pulled up - they are asking questions, but I don’t remember whom I called what amount for the sale of “homeland”, and the currencies are different for everyone: here, for example, with skulls or dried genital organs? ... :-)
      17.02.2016 10:04
      ... my semi-disposable UAVs are still better - and cheaper, and there is a chance of reusable
  2. idr
    19 October 2016 06: 08
    Well, something cleared up, but frankly, very little. Of course, the author can be understood, if Skolopendra is really what the author is talking about, then no technical characteristics are needed. Otherwise, priority will be lost forever. Only one thing is alarming, due to the fact that only the state can be the customer of this type of product, and there practically everything is monopolized and seized, then the author is going to introduce his development. I wonder if the author contacted any government authorities responsible for this type of product? If so, what was the reaction? And yet, just as a friendly advice, do not waste time and nerves when responding to comments that have nothing to do with the subject of the article.
    1. +6
      19 October 2016 10: 03
      Quote: iDr
      Of course, the author can be understood if Skolopendra is really what the author is talking about

      I am not an arms expert. He served in the SA, worked at a defense enterprise.
      Now I am engaged in the implementation of innovations and the search for innovative solutions.
      So my experience tells me that all organizations, including military - armed forces, obey (with some specific differences) the same laws of development and existence of organizations as such (omit the details).

      And any innovation (and a mosquito theme is innovation), especially a conceptual one (that is, cardinally changing the working methods of the whole organization), cannot but affect (more or less) the composition, equipment and the system of interaction between the departments of this organization.

      Implementation of innovations is the greatest stress for the enterprise. There are even cases of "lethal" outcome. And the army is no exception.

      Now about the goals: innovation sets (usually) the goal of improving the business (it does not matter in which area). And the use of certain technical means stems from methods and methods (i.e. the very concept) of achieving these goals.
      Those. We didn’t buy the machine at first, and then we rack our brains to inject it somewhere, and first we determine the product and only then we buy the right machine.
      I will repeat myself - using the example of "civilian" I showed that the Armed Forces face exactly the same problems, adjusted for specifics.
      1. +6
        19 October 2016 10: 27
        Dance from the stove, from the enemy.
        Depending on its tactics, equipment, and conditions of a theater of war, to develop the most effective tactics.
        Develop technical means depending on tactics

        And not vice versa.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. 0
              20 October 2016 09: 00
              Wow, here it turns out there are individuals whose "nails" are growing out of their heads ... Well, we will enroll you in the staff of "mandate-diameters" - after all, this is the main thing - everything across... laughing
          2. +2
            19 October 2016 22: 26
            Quote: Aviagr
            Now listen to what HAS TO BE DONE for a QUICK victory, and not only over the barmaley ...

            So what? Only specifically, using the example of "Scolopendra", which is "an analogue of the" Spike "-type loitering ammunition as that single ammunition for equipping all the above-mentioned carriers of mosquito weapons with it" (quote from the previous article). Let me also remind you that in your first article you demanded that the Ministry of Defense receive from you these "Scolopendras" with a loitering time of 15 minutes. and did not require an increase in this time. So, they brought 1000 Scolopendras to Syria and ...
            1. 0
              20 October 2016 08: 57
              Quote: Svateev
              So, they brought 1000 Scolopendras to Syria and

              No - delivered (or made on the spot, importing only electronics and other unique parts) 1 million! Skolopendr, 100 thousand UAVs (50 thousand with double-barreled 7,62 TTT), 100 thousand Trailers, 10 thousand Borovs and 1-2 million grenades for them - this is a "mosquito" weapon, the cost of this set is unlikely to exceed one Su-34.
              And then - the tactics that will be considered in the 3 part. Wait ...
        2. 0
          19 October 2016 15: 42

          So after all, and tactics are formed subject to the availability of technical means.
      2. idr
        19 October 2016 11: 46
        I completely agree with your opinion. This is VERY familiar to me. Unfortunately, the author did not answer my question. And at the same time, it is the MOST IMPORTANT and first of all for the author. After all, if you have invented something really unique and are trying to introduce it into production, then the most important cokurent for you will be large companies producing similar products. The simplest thing they do is ask them to familiarize themselves with your product with a view to possible implementation. After that, they drag you to court on the pretext that you stole their intellectual property. If the author does not have a few extra million dollars in his pocket, then the best thing he can do is to abandon his invention in favor of the plaintiff. Otherwise, he will still lose his invention and plus a lot of money. If the invention is properly protected (copyright certificates, patents), then they can offer to buy a company with all intellectual property. And after the purchase, bankrupt it and put everything under the cloth, until better times. Almost all large firms are engaged in this. And it’s true, why have a new, innovative (and God forbid much cheaper) product, and with it a headache in reconfiguring production, finding a sales market, etc., if you continue to produce an old product is much more profitable. Nothing personal just business. And this is in the presence of a large number of potential customers.
        In this case, everything is much worse. The author can have only one customer - the state, and if it does not show interest in this invention, you can forget about it forever. And no matter how revolutionary it is.
        1. +4
          19 October 2016 12: 04
          Quote: iDr
          After all, if you invented something really unique

          I can argue that the author cannot invent something unique for the following reasons:
          1. There is still no concept of mosquito weapons as such.
          2. Even if there is - this is something more than ammunition, since the matter is not limited to the development of ammunition (and the author himself admits this) - these are launchers, and most importantly, it is a mosquito swarm control system - the AI ​​of each ammunition separately and interaction algorithms the whole swarm: the distribution of roles and the corresponding tactics of each "individual".

          It seems to me that the author does not fully understand the very essence of the "mosquito" weaponry.
          1. 0
            19 October 2016 12: 21
            Yes, and it will also be necessary to train soldiers, conduct exercises periodically, in Syria, to finally disperse the Basmachis - there are many problems, I know them. Did I say that I will be able to cope ALONE? I need MoD, Government, Country, finally, which under my strict guidance would realize all this ...
            At the expense of AI - this is a matter of the near future, but a simple target designation for the first time is enough. There is already a lot of things: image identification, and sensors, and optics, and algorithms, and miniaturized computers that are placed in microscopic homing heads - and the miniaturization process has not yet been completed ...
            There are no cheap carriers, there are no launchers that are just as cheap for them - I solved this problem. Now you need to unite our (my) capabilities with thewho have the above.
            1. idr
              19 October 2016 12: 53
              To start a serious conversation, you need a confirmation of the concept. Make an 10-20 scolopendra, build 4-5 targets at least at a distance of 2-4 km with known coordinates (i.e. received from the target) And pulnul on them (without BB of course), and the results on Video and with copy on. And immediately it will be seen whether there is a result or not, and if so, what? This video will be a VERY serious argument and argument in all other conversations, negotiations and simply the best proof of the REALITY of this project.
              1. 0
                19 October 2016 13: 07
                People are planting people for improvised revolvers, but here is a ROCKET WITH MANAGEMENT!
                And what is there to prove? PuVRD has been flying for a hundred years, radio command control has also been almost a hundred years old. Let's start with the Trailer - are there anyone (to finance)?
                1. idr
                  19 October 2016 13: 26
                  You need to go to China for trailers .... But are planes, like radio-controlled missiles, forbidden? .... because they are without explosives ...
                  1. 0
                    19 October 2016 13: 35
                    Quote: iDr
                    For trailers you need to go to China

                    Why not - if mass production is established there - let them turn, consider their proposals ...
                    Missiles, airplanes and other radio-controlled mechanisms should be created in licensed institutions ...
            2. +1
              19 October 2016 22: 32
              Quote: Aviagr
              I need MoD, Government, Country, finally, which under my strict guidance would realize all this ...

              Here is how! But after all, the Ministry of Defense, the Government and the Country, finally, have been doing this for a long time - they are developing sensors, optics, microcomputers, etc.
              What is missing is your sensitive guidance?
              1. 0
                20 October 2016 09: 03
                We are one country mean ?! laughing
          2. 0
            19 October 2016 15: 52

            There is so much that matters in this whole thing that you don’t even know where to start.

            The author, by the way, cited the concept.

            But he does not take into account the modern forms of armament that push his concept into a deep box, until better times.

            Flying rockets Mosquito rockets are RPG-7. "Mosquito" carts are cargo dropped by parachute at the desired or desired points. Somewhere it is not quite that, somewhere it is more expensive, somewhere it is cheaper, but the technologies have been worked out and do not require intervention.
            1. 0
              19 October 2016 21: 17
              Quote: gladcu2
              There is so much that matters in this whole thing that you don’t even know where to start.

              Welcome to the world of pioneers. And how did people fly into space? And before that, to heaven?
              So I’m talking about - we need to be a killer in order to cover or at least outline the whole range of problems, including those related to the achievement of the goal. And, in addition, that this goal should not be false, unattainable in principle.

              Quote: gladcu2
              The author, by the way, cited the concept.

              Here, I confess, I made a mistake: before criticizing the author, I had to decide on him in the subject area.

              But this "bazaar" is about nothing: it's about Ivan, and I'm talking about a fool ...
        2. 0
          19 October 2016 12: 12
          Quote: iDr
          In this case, everything is much worse. The author can have only one customer - the state, and if it does not show interest in this invention, you can forget about it forever.

          Yes, that's just states maybe several ... Belarusians are good at finding partners ..
          But you can’t patent it - according to the Law, all inventions falling under the conditions of the Ministry of Defense automatically become its property with the issuance of a cookie or a fig to the Authors ... Yes, and travel abroad they will do it - after all, it will be Gostaina (which so far belongs to me, then I am the State! Oh, how it is!)
          1. idr
            19 October 2016 12: 33
            Yes, Old Man do not put a finger in your mouth. Total swallow and do not even have time to utter a peep. By the way, you have not answered my questions.
            1. 0
              19 October 2016 12: 56
              I answered: I turned to the right and wrong place, everywhere they require drawings or a prototype with a test report. No one gives money. What else to explain ?!
              1. idr
                19 October 2016 13: 07
                Now everything is clear.
  3. +5
    19 October 2016 07: 16
    Citations: * with dimensions somewhere around 1,8m x 0,6m x 0,5 m and a weight of about 120 kg *, * for a trailer, one of the highest priority parameters is the ability to tow manually by one fighter *.
    The author, show on your example the transportation of a trailer weighing 120 kg by one fighter through the forest or along an overgrown field, onto a hill of its sunset! wassat
    1. idr
      19 October 2016 07: 38
      You are in vain trying to play a trick on the author. After all, he did not particularly go into the design of the trailer, which, in general, is not important. After all, you can insert electric motors into the wheels and drive 100 kilometers on one battery, including off-road and on slides. All that one fighter will need to do is choose the direction of travel. So, for example, open Aliexpress and look at electric bikes in which the payload will be exactly the same 120 kilogram. The cost of such an upgrade will be within 50-60 dollars with the corresponding seriality. So everything is real.
    2. 0
      19 October 2016 08: 16
      And you run with 120kg behind your shoulders - then I will accomplish my feat ... By the way, how in this case Goatrygs, Nerekhty, Companions, etc. will move - their dimensions and weight are much larger ... But a NARROW and light cart - it will crawl everywhere: it is necessary - unloaded, dragged, loaded again (if the ravine is deep or a rivulet) - but you can't bear Nerekhta anymore - good-hearted for such "analytegs" ...
      1. +4
        19 October 2016 08: 52
        Quote: Aviagr
        But the NARROW and light truck - it’ll crawl everywhere

        Yeah .... 8))))) Your happiness is that you have not encountered this in real life.

        Quote: Aviagr
        By the way, as in this case Kozlopryg, Nerekhty, Companions, etc. will move - they have dimensions and mass much more ...

        It's simple, they are disassembled and transferred.
        For example, the 420-kg mortar "Nona M1" is carried by the crew
        1. 0
          19 October 2016 08: 58
          It remains only to demonstrate HOW ONE will do it! man ... And with Nerekhty too ...
          Yes, it’s still necessary to carry ammunition to Nona, right?
          Total: comparing the same forces - 5 people = 5 Trailers = 20 / 30 Scolopendra without EXTREMELY efforts - it’s always easier to roll, I already got into the army, I know what I'm talking about!
          According to Nona: 3 (THREE !!) walks a short distance (die in 5 minutes!) - only for a mortar. And also ammunition ...
          You move your sofa alone - the wife will say thanks ..
          1. +3
            19 October 2016 09: 04
            I’m afraid that one person can only move a 120 kg trailer on a flat asphalt platform. And carrying its contents, and then the cart itself through the ravine, will completely turn into a many-hour saga
            1. 0
              19 October 2016 09: 19
              And why did you bring the mortar pictures from above - you, too, cannot be dragged entirely through the ravine, especially alone.
              120 kg is the maximum load, in 90% of cases it will be about 80kg, although it is also not enough ...
              Yes, even 120kg - rolled crushed stone at a construction site (well, no less than 100kg at a time), the road with potholes and lifts - it goes normally, but that cart was wider, i.e. she is less likely to tip over. But if a person nearby - a fighter - you can always put it back on wheels.
              But on yourself 120kg - you can’t take it away at all ..
              1. +1
                19 October 2016 09: 30
                Quote: Aviagr
                And why did you bring the mortar pictures from above - you, too, cannot be dragged entirely through the ravine, especially alone.

                And why "alone" if there is a calculation? Well, about "entirely through the ravine ...." Indeed, why transfer it if there is, for example, MT-LB. Transport, and all the cases ... Although it is quite easy to transfer. By the forces of calculation.
                1. 0
                  19 October 2016 10: 21
                  Trailer - and Trailer so that it can be TOW ANY WAY, INCLUDING - MANUALLY!!!!
                  Chukchi is not a reader .. not a reader at all ...
                  Cling it to ANYTHING, even to the "motorcycle" carrying your mortar, even to the UAZ, even to the "quadric" - pull the nails out of your cap and put on a buffoon-like cap - it is more suitable for the insanity of messages ...
                  1. +2
                    19 October 2016 10: 34
                    Quote: Aviagr
                    Trailer - and Trailer so that it can be towed by ANY WAY, INCLUDING - MANUALLY !!!!

                    Cool. That is, vehicles are still needed. Question: then why trailers, if any?

                    Quote: Aviagr
                    pull the nails out of the cap and put on a good-looking cap - it is more suitable for the insanity of messages ...

                    Good argument.
                    1. 0
                      19 October 2016 10: 46
                      Quote: Spade
                      That is, vehicles are still needed.

                      They Needbut not always AVAILABLE!
                      They can’t always drive there, WHERE IS NECESSARY, they must not always be SUBSTITUTED under the FIRE, if it is possible to covertly pull MANUAL along the ditches.
                      It’s one thing - to quickly transfer Trailers with Skolopendra along the highway, towing them with the same equipment / horse-drawn method (tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, MLRS, etc.) - almost without tension FOR HER!
                      And another thing: to carry along duvalls, irrigation ditches, mountains, forests, city blockages - i.e. Where it or it will not pass, or it will be LOCKED - that’s where the opportunity to transport MANUALLY one fighter is useful, and not mass grave calculating Nona ...
              2. idr
                19 October 2016 12: 25
                Well, you see how simple it is. Scolopendra weighing 4 kg. in the container 1800x100mm (approximately). Now for a competent engineer it is very simple to find an analog and calculate all the main characteristics. (Explosive weight, range, etc.) The novelty of course will be the CONTROLLABILITY of this munition and the accuracy provided at the lowest cost. But how to fit into the declared 10-15000 rubles remains a mystery.
                1. 0
                  19 October 2016 12: 47
                  The weight of the Skolopendra will be greater, the cost is indicated - workshop (vacation in the military-industrial complex is always 2-5 times more). Cheaper PuVRD does not find anything - but it is modernized. The most expensive is a control / guidance system, especially if there will be some other than radio navigation (ZhPS / Glonass / Baidu / Local), but enough against the barmalei — they have no electronic warfare.
                  1. idr
                    19 October 2016 13: 03
                    Yes, 2-5 times this is not enough ... 800% of overhead expenses somehow rolled out to me ... (So that I live like that). You know, even if the final cost will be 100-200 TR while providing 100% probability of defeating 2-3 with scolopendras. The cost of destroying the bandit will be on the order of 10 dollars, which is on the 3 order better than what the coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing now
                    1. 0
                      19 October 2016 13: 15
                      Well, so it is "mosquito" to be cheap. With a UAV with 7,62TT double-barreled machine guns - you can dispatch three UAVs with a CHANGEOVER for each barmaley (one finished - is returning, the second is already firing, the third is taking off for a change ...). And if they were also supplied with Scolopendras, Syria would have been liberated in 2 months ... Or Yemen ... Yes, the entire Arabian Peninsula ...
          2. +1
            19 October 2016 22: 41
            Quote: Aviagr
            5 people = 5 Trailers = 20 / 30 Scolopendra

            Trailers for what? To a man ?! Do you seriously think that no one before you thought about transporting weights in the army on a trolley? But "it did not go", because on the way it is faster by car, BTT, etc., and ON THE ROAD THE ONLY WAY IS ON HANDS, as your colleague Lopatov showed you in the photographs. A fighter will throw your cart at the very first gully, because he will not be able to drag it in his arms yet.
            1. +1
              20 October 2016 09: 14
              Quote: Svateev
              But "it didn't go", because on the road it was faster by car,

              Here here it was necessary to bring a reference or the author of a book, invention, etc. - and so golem talk! I myself served in the army and trained total to bloody corns where it was easy to transport even with that dung wheelbarrow, in the photo of the Torah above! The principle in our army do not facilitate the service to the soldier - and zae..t! And I repeat THOUSAND TIME: The trailer can be haul THAN ANYTHING !!! Soldier - only where will not pass (for various reasons - see above) technique! And including - Nerekhty and Companions!
              And it would be nice for you and Lopatov to watch a video from the Star when Nerekhta fell onto the presenter and the operator in a ditch - and she weighs under a TON! That's how many people will have to pull it out ?! Yes, and even disassemble / assemble - all in the mud and sand - then wedge nah!
              Therefore, the trailer has a load capacity so that one or two people can easily operate with it!
              And mounted rackets and a machine gun on Nerekhtakh - when capsizing, passing dense shrubs, enemy fire - TRINDER this tubes! It’s immediately obvious that NONE of you served in the FIELDS, the staff officers are bad ...
  4. +1
    19 October 2016 07: 20
    Bravo author, even Newton proved that there is equal counteraction to every action, and any emitting device aka a jammer in the frontline zone can always bring a damaging means, for a technically competent and equipped opponent, any radio-emitting means is an excellent target. By the way, why a caliber of 40 mm is chosen for an UAV, it will not be enough, an UAV, in my opinion, justifies itself if it is a carrier of grenades from RPGs to ATGMs, any vehicle, firing point, mobile or stationary, targets it
    1. idr
      19 October 2016 08: 16
      And you look here
      vyh-malogabaritnyh-granatometov-bur.html Now, take a calculator and you will see that the length of the device proposed by the author is almost two and a half times the given analogue, but the volume of explosives can be exactly that plus or minus or even slightly less. So 40 millimeters is enough to adequately defeat most of the objects you listed. And if you consider that this weapon is also controllable, then once you get to the right place, you can guaranteed to disable any of the listed tools.
    2. 0
      19 October 2016 08: 19
      For the UAV, the 80-mm Scolopendra and the 7,62TT double-barreled machine guns were chosen - you will guess why?
      And the 40-mm grenade launcher - only at the self-propelled mortar Hog, which drags and GUARDS (Lopatov! Well, turn on the thinker!) Trailer with Skolopendra. In the 3 part, the tactics of their application will be described in more detail - I am not surprised that such simple things should be chewed up to semolina ...
      1. +1
        19 October 2016 09: 01
        Quote: Aviagr
        80 mm Scolopendras

        Are you aware of the direct relationship between the diameter of both cumulative and UY ammunition and their armor penetration? What targets are you going to hit with an 80 mm spit?
        1. 0
          19 October 2016 09: 20
          And in the first part it was necessary to read, and not to comment immediately after the Name ...
          1. +3
            19 October 2016 09: 31
            Just re-read. I thought, I suddenly forgot that ... But no, I did not forget. There is nothing there.
            1. 0
              19 October 2016 10: 15
              From the previous article:
              warhead - cumulatively high-explosive fragmentation to defeat weakly protected equipment and damage vulnerabilities in tanks;

              It was not for nothing that I pointed out that the "Desolators" do not read the Names further - they just have to trample them into the mud ...
              Although Raikin is remembered - how old are these grandfathers?! ... bully
              1. +3
                19 October 2016 10: 38
                Yes, even "absorbers"
                What, damn it, goals are you going to destroy expensive 80 mm ammunition?

                Last time I offered you a simple thought experiment: a motorized infantry platoon in a equipped platoon strongpoint. Who are you going to destroy in this case with your School Pendants?
                1. 0
                  19 October 2016 10: 53
                  Read in the 3 part ...
                  I see the nails are rusted? VD-40 or acetic acid for a day pour ... And the jaw, pzhl, insert, otherwise it’s already fepelavit they started - he doesn’t like the Scolopendras: they destroy everything — from aircraft on aircraft carriers to armored vehicles on land — it doesn’t need to be incinerated to atoms, it can be disabled by TENS of missiles - and finish it if the enemy does not want to give up ...
      2. 0
        19 October 2016 22: 52
        Quote: Aviagr
        at the self-propelled hog mortar, which drags and GUARDS the Skolopendra Trailer

        What time! The truck, it turns out, is being pulled by a self-propelled mortar. That is, all the same robotic complex with DBM - 40mm grenade launcher. So after all, such complexes are already running, though without carts on a trailer, because ATGMs and other missiles are put directly on them, which saves on a cart (a joke) and increases the maneuverability of the complex (not a joke).
        And what is the author’s innovation ?.
        1. 0
          20 October 2016 09: 27
          Quote: Svateev
          So after all, such complexes are already running, though without carts on a trailer, because ATGMs and other missiles are put directly on them, which saves on a cart (a joke) and increases the maneuverability of the complex (not a joke).

          I’ve already explained a bit from above, I’ll add: they run hundreds of times more expensive, because heavier, more expensive transmission, ICE, you need your TRANSPORT in the form of KAMAZ, cooks and gypsies with a bear! AND WITHOUT the possibility of TOWING - Nerekhta broke down - call the crane / tractor / tank!
          Yes, my Trailer can be attached to them, HOW TO ANY VEHICLE! ANYONE !!! Plyat (not Rostislav), but at least to donkeys, donkeys, to forum morons - ANYONE !!!
          Mounted rackets will be damaged by enemy fire, when capsizing (see TV Star), passing dense shrubs / forest stands, iron reinforcement in the rubble of the city, etc. And the main thing in battle is weapon reliabilityand not lace on the shirt shirt! Here is one of the INNOVATIONS of the author (others: Cheapness in mass production, Versatility, etc.)
          The selection factors for a mortar grenade launcher for mortars and the joint combat tactics of Borov and Trailer will be considered in the 3 part.
  5. +3
    19 October 2016 07: 32
    Quote: Minus
    The author, show on your example the transportation of a trailer weighing 120 kg by one fighter through the forest or along an overgrown field, onto a hill of its sunset!

    the trolley will levitate ...... and move automatically behind the operator at his speed ...
    at the call
    1. +1
      19 October 2016 07: 35
      An hour is not the same as the one who proposed weapons projects for evaporation of the seas? laughing
      1. +2
        19 October 2016 08: 22
        Why evaporate there - dilute in half with alcohol - they will drink it anyway ... wassat
  6. +5
    19 October 2016 09: 21
    In short, the "mosquito weapon" should fully live up to its name. It will create inconvenience, but it will not pose a particular danger ...
    - Near-zero tactical mobility. Weak operational. Units equipped with "mosquito" by default will have a longer deployment time in battle formation than "classic" ones. That will lead to an unequivocal loss in the main form of modern combat - an oncoming battle.
    - Weak firepower, useless against modern "classics" with its defense systems, armor and KOEP
    - Near-zero protection against REP facilities.
    - The highest cost. As the whole system (requires an excessive saturation of battle formations of this kind with complexes), so does each sample.
    1. 0
      19 October 2016 11: 23
      Will create inconvenience

      - storage places (parks, warehouses, canopies)
      -transportation (cars, cars)
      -losses during combat (no one will dig a caponier, you will not put it into a trench)
      1. 0
        19 October 2016 12: 29
        And now, how shells, cartridges, scoops are stored ?! No difference. For a nizenkoy little prytsep, any pit-groove is suitable for storage, and losses - for that and a war - do not protrude. In the army there is no "lost" - in the army there is "prob..l". Think with your head before leaving your Trailer (bowler hat, ammo box ...) under enemy fire ...
  7. +4
    19 October 2016 09: 55
    There is no panacea.
    For example, ultralight UAVs of a company / platoon level have a lot of limitations.

    The other day I used a light-type drone up to 2 kg.
    Weather restrictions are very significant:
    wind over 5 m / s - problem
    precipitation in the form of rain, wet snow - a problem
    range / autonomy - a problem (3,5 km / 20 min - in winter conditions up to - 50% drop in performance)
    communication stability is a problem (direct dependence of communication on flight altitude and this is even without suppression of frequencies)
    unmasking sound (from 1 km) and visual detection - from 300 m (and this is an ultralight type apparatus!)
    1. 0
      19 October 2016 10: 28
      There is no panacea, I agree. But there is an OPTIMUM at this point in time - and these are not exoskeletons, not Companions, not Nerekhty, not Companions, not Orlans, etc.
      optimum is a synergistic interaction mosquito weapons together with those already available. In 20-30 years, it may be lasers and "new physical principles", but now they are not there, and we are defenseless even before barmaley.
      Once again: since the current tactics and weapons did not bring victory in Syria, then they do not correspond to REALITIES! We need another weapon! - I propose such an option, with chewing tactics and design features.
      But apart from Raikin, I have not yet seen any other "deadly" proposals ...
  8. +4
    19 October 2016 10: 53
    Aviagr, an experienced designer. Well, after we here became someone and different than what, then let Aviagr, a designer with experience, read his articles himself. God meet him. Aviagr, an experienced designer.
    1. 0
      19 October 2016 10: 56
      Thank you, and you do not get sick. drinks
      Of all your mass, I need "highly specialized" readers - iConst already mentioned them ...
  9. 0
    19 October 2016 11: 00
    Personally, I absolutely agree with the author. There is absolutely no substantive approach to the topics discussed. Everything translates into personal emotional perception. Many are simply extras and do not bring anything individual in reasoning. Therefore, there is a real shortage of people capable of working with ifnormation as the subject of analysis.
    And now on the topic. There is a PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SUBSTANTIATION OF LAWS ALLOWING ALLOWING on aircraft to use lightweight engines of a different principle of operation than screws, propellers and a similar name that does not change their essence.
    1. +2
      19 October 2016 14: 23
      I don’t understand why so many unnecessary copies are broken (for technical capabilities, etc.)
      As I understand it, there is a discussion of the concept of this type of weapon. I agree with the concept, but the tactics of application, production technology, etc., are too early to discuss, and it’s not possible to be a specialist in all areas (I’m talking to myself if that). wink hi
    2. +2
      19 October 2016 16: 31
      ABOUT! Gridasov!
      I felt that you would not miss this conceptual article, as the only worthy opponent for the experienced designer!
      You also forgot to roll haloperidol? laughing
      1. 0
        19 October 2016 18: 36
        Here I read the posts and think about what all the ranting? Anyone versed in physics understands that the payload of all these super-small aircraft is incredibly small and therefore they can only be used as reconnaissance equipment. It’s ridiculous to talk about transporting any weapons. From a low payload, the flight duration is short, which means that the flight range is low. Another thing is if all these proportionalities are leveled. Then the placement of mosquito aircraft can be rear and, if necessary, put forward at any range of the front or the bridgehead of use. In general, all old and ineffective physical principles are used. or rather, the algorithms for their organization. Talk about revolution is just talk. Nevertheless, they know that any expert is looking for any novelty and revolutionism in a mathematical basis and in physics.
        1. 0
          19 October 2016 19: 28
          The Skolopendra is not a UAV, it is a rocket - an analogue of the C-8, but with a PoWRD and somehow controlled. The UAV will be with a payload of the same 120kg and a range of 400km, but its dimensions are not miniature. But the launch is possible from the rear. Here is the UAV and can carry several Skolopendr or double-barreled machine gun 7,62TT.
          1. 0
            20 October 2016 10: 02
            You see, but I touch more on the topic of creating new and so effective principles for the movement of aircraft and, in particular, micro and mini UAVs, which can be executors of the ideas that you offer. But there are no effective flight principles, which means there is no possibility of delivery and missiles. Although the new principles of movement may themselves be applicable as propulsion devices on any missiles.
            1. 0
              20 October 2016 10: 12
              My concept is different from the current ones: in an UAV, not only cheap materials are used, but also a LOW ICE, because in a battle the UAV is unlikely to last more than 3-5 sorties. Therefore, its internal combustion engine.
              Mini-UAVs are more useful in anti-sabotage operations - there the cost can be much higher - a single application.
              I have a locust tactic: to destroy everything cleanly (according to the images stored in the memory of robotic devices). But it still hardly knows how to distinguish barmaley from "moderate" ones. laughing
              1. 0
                20 October 2016 10: 31
                Quote: Aviagr
                But it still hardly knows how to distinguish barmaley from "moderate" ones.

                Allah will understand ... smile
                1. 0
                  20 October 2016 10: 35
                  Modern wars are distinguished by the speed of changing situations and situations. Therefore, so that it does not happen that their weapons can be used against their own.
              2. 0
                20 October 2016 10: 31
                In tactics, I completely agree with you. But to create and generally to have disposable, completely cheap, as well as technologically easy to reproduce mini LAs, and also with high payload, it is necessary to solve important scientific and technical problems. That's what I’m talking about. Moreover . For an individual correlation of the flight of each aircraft in a flock, it is necessary to consider not just new software, but a new architecture, in general, of building informational relationships. It is also almost impossible to accomplish at the present stage without transforming the fundamental foundations of mathematics and many other things that many more do not take into account and do not think about.
  10. +2
    19 October 2016 13: 53
    To go nuts. Man-designer was smarter than GAU. Each soldier with a cart ATGM / SAM / OTRK / MLRS.

    The question of mobility is discarded; this is obvious stupidity. Anyone can run with a cart of missiles across the intersection, and naturally dig in to hide.
    The question is how to fill the cart, ATGM or SAM, too naive. Both that and that. ATGM weighs a kilogram of 30 minimum, MANPADS from 10, that is, on a cart the soldier can easily drive each 3 pieces.
    Cherry on the cake, scolopendra. Why is the rocket then? What is the last century? It must be precisely decided that we simply move energy from point a to point b. And in the cart is a battery with the energy of a nuclear explosion.

    Who will destroy a rocket from a snuffbox? How many explosives are there in it, what is the range and armor penetration?
    The author, or eat haloperidol, or lay out figures at least approximate.
    If you justify your ideas, then you can talk through the lip with the rest.
    1. 0
      19 October 2016 14: 07
      Quote: demiurg
      The question is how to fill the cart, ATGM or SAM, too naive. Both that and that. ATGM weighs a kilogram of 30 minimum, MANPADS from 10, that is, on a cart the soldier can easily drive each 3 pieces.

      It is not entirely clear: why does one fighter have different means of destruction, although I see no obstacles.
      The calculation was for ROBOTIZING shots, both RPG / ATGM / Skolopendra and MANPADS - that is: the fighter does not sit next to the mounted and masked Trailer - he only pulls them along the front to repel the attack or its support. There was news about quadruple Jordanian RPG-32 with a Belarusian optical module - this is just payload for the trailer.
      In the 3 part, we will touch on the TACTICS of using mosquito weapons in more detail on the example of Borov with Trailer.
      Scolopendra is the most cheapened version of the CONTROLLED rocket. Those. at a cost as unmanageable, but the same power of the C-8 aviation - is that more clear ?!
      1. 0
        19 October 2016 15: 43
        S-8 flies 2 km when launched from a helicopter, speed 450m / s. Penetration 400mm. But you still need to fasten the control / guidance systems. And weighs 12-13kg.
        With a launcher, more than 2 pieces of soldiers will not carry. What amaze this? Modern tanks and planes are useless.
        Cornet for comparison
        1. +1
          19 October 2016 19: 16
          Quote: demiurg
          With a launcher, more than 2 pieces of soldiers will not be carried away.

          Will ROLL on Trailer, 4..6 units, Skolopendr - analogs of C-8 with a "soft" start; or another 100 types of weapons. You know the thickness of the tank barrel, its rotary mechanisms, optics, rollers, etc. - it is not necessary to destroy it to ATOMS, you can disable it. You will need more armor-piercing weapons - ride ATGMs, Cornets, TOUs, Javelins on Trailers ... - I give a tool that is flexible and convenient. I like to drag on a hump - drag, another five years in Syria ...
    2. idr
      20 October 2016 08: 40
      I have great doubts about the applicability of all this data. I mean the amount of explosives, armor penetration, weight and other characteristics. In the author’s proposal, the key ones are not the missiles themselves with or without containers, and not even the cart in which they are transported, but CONTROLLABILITY and ACCURACY. And the question must be posed in a different way, how many explosives are needed in order to guarantee the failure of a certain type of equipment or structure. In this case, it is not necessary to hit the frontal projection, but only to the place where this equipment / structure is least protected. After all, why break through the wall if you can get out the window. Imagine that a tank is standing in front of you, and you don’t have any weapons. The question is whether you can disable this tank. Naturally, no one will exert any opposition to you. I’m sure that you will immediately figure out how to do this, and taking a stone from the roadside just destroy all the optics and practically put this tank out of action. So if you have a weapon that allows you to hit the target exactly with a deviation of plus or minus 10 centimeters at any distance, I’m sure that the number of explosives can be significantly reduced and as a result all other characteristics will also be improved with the same overall dimensions, either, these overall dimensions can be significantly reduced. And then only a few thousand tanks, and anti-tank guns tens of thousands. So for these well-armored devices you can be calm, there is someone to take care of.
  11. 0
    20 October 2016 23: 59
    double-barrel machine gun 7,62TT

    as I understand it by such a cartridge:
    7,62 × 25 mm TT
    Soviet pistol unitary cartridge with a semi-flange sleeve of a bottle shape, developed on the basis of the German cartridge 7,63 × 25 mm Mauser. It differs from the German cartridge with an enlarged groove and partially protruding edge. This is the first pistol cartridge officially adopted by the USSR and Russia. It was also used in submachine guns.
    1. 0
      21 October 2016 08: 55
      Yes, in my opinion, for UAVs it is the most optimal in power (anti-drone fighter, persecutor of babakhmobiles and temporarily manpower of the enemy ...), weight, length (short!) And the absence of cartridges for potential renters it from crashed UAVs - the last condition for some reason is not considered by manufacturers of terrestrial robots that can (and will be! - T-90 sold * in Syria) fall into the hands of militants of all stripes. Of course, they can buy them, but because of one or two machine guns of not too long range, there is more trouble ...
      Tape food is a unique principle, and indeed, there will be many new solutions only in a machine gun ...
      1. 0
        21 October 2016 09: 35
        thank you
        I agree - on the one hand, the cartridge is powerful, on the other, the return is not so great
        But it has already been discontinued, it is necessary to deploy again if that.
        Only the design you describe is called a submachine gun.
        And so it’s very interesting, the niche in this class of weapons is absolutely free so far.
        In general, I look forward to continuing the topic
        1. +1
          21 October 2016 10: 23
          Quote: prosto_rgb
          But it has already been discontinued, it is necessary to deploy again if that.
          Only the design you describe is called a submachine gun.

          In China, he also is ...
          And you can even call it a "mower", at least a "thresher" - if only it mowed and threshed properly, and the derogatory "pistol" - refers to the cartridge, but I shorter just call him machine gun - by its function.
          Its main highlight is double-barreled, but this is one of the "little things" that cannot be discussed openly for a long time ... laughing
          1. 0
            21 October 2016 15: 22
            Quote: Aviagr
            Its main highlight is its double-barreled nature, but this is one of the "little things" that cannot be discussed openly for a long time ...

            But does he need such a rate of fire?
            1. 0
              21 October 2016 15: 25
              Not only there rate of fire... there are a lot of raisins .. laughing
              1. +1
                21 October 2016 15: 45
                I'm even afraid to imagine what kind of raisins
                it seems to relate to the dimensions and placement of ammunition, but mainly mass production technology
                I can’t get something more global from the design of a 2-barrel submachine gun with tape power, at least for me
                1. 0
                  21 October 2016 18: 52
                  So this is the most important thing - mass production for a penny ..
                  Yes, and all of the above is also there ..
                  1. 0
                    21 October 2016 20: 12
                    Quote: Aviagr
                    So this is the most important thing - mass production for a penny ..

                    Well, if so, then in general terms the installation can be described
                    I hope in one of the sequels will be for her pair of words
  12. 0
    21 October 2016 00: 22
    Thank you for continuing the topic.
    The article is interesting and informative.
    Comments in fact its questions are organically supplemented.
    Unfortunately, there are no illustrations at least approximately showing what it is about.

    Will ROLL on the Trailer, 4..6 pieces, Scolopendra - analogues С-8 with "soft" start; or another 100 types of weapons.

    Perhaps one of the most important points allowing us to move on to the subjectivity of the conversation.
    The transfer of Hydra (and S-8 in the near future) from uncontrollable to controlled with semi-active laser guidance is now engaged in one of Israeli companies, the site was an article.

    Perhaps by illustrations
    Here is something similar to your Skolopendra collected together 15v1

    Called Non Line Of Sight - Launch System
    An autonomous container consisting of 8 missile launchers and an electronics unit. The missiles are 180 cm long, 150 mm in diameter, range - 50 km, guidance by GPS / INS and by the "spot" from a laser designator.

    Instead of the infantry requesting fire support from aviation or artillery, this thing should be under the control of the infantry, and provide fire support without intermediaries. In other words, to put such a thing in the field on our territory, providing protection from the curious, and the infantry will use it remotely.

    The container does not need artillery pay and a special vehicle for transportation - there are enough guards and any truck.
    Here is a video about him (
    1. idr
      21 October 2016 01: 05
      And what is the cost of such a rocket, that’s the question. According to my calculations, it should be in the region of 250-300 thousand dollars apiece. And nobody will shoot from it at a car worth 2-3 thousands of dollars.
      1. 0
        21 October 2016 09: 25
        these are those that are in the video, but they also fly at 50 km and to the turbojet engine, and not PuVRD + they are larger in size
        but controlled hydra (or our S-8), according to an Israeli company, cost about 5-8 thousand after the installation of the guidance unit
        appreciating interceptor missiles for iron bathed also featured up to 10 thousand
        but the article itself
        something like this:
        1. +1
          21 October 2016 09: 46
          I imagine how one of the 100 payload options will do. Only the range of our 4-8km, Skolopendra will have a similar range.
          The main question is COST! If Skolopendra succeeds in making 5-10 times cheaper, then this will be the main breakthrough of the year (millennium). If not, there are 100 different monitors for Trailers and gliders ...
          1. 0
            21 October 2016 10: 03
            I think with the mass production of 10 thousand it will be possible to meet
            1. +1
              21 October 2016 10: 06
              Ruble? Belarusian ?! wassat
              Or have you already switched to yuan? lol
              I rely on 1kilo of eurotugs ...
              1. 0
                21 October 2016 15: 24
                Quote: Aviagr
                Ruble? Belarusian ?!
                Or have you already switched to yuan?

                not here in Belarus, all "global" settlements are carried out exclusively in forever green papers
                eurotugriks in calculations appear in exceptional cases

                I count on 1 kilo of eurotugriks

                at such a price and such characteristics it will be a revolution
                1 rifle cartridge on the market for bulk purchases costs $ 0,3
    2. +1
      21 October 2016 09: 10
      Yes, the principle is similar, but until mosquito he is still far away ... smile
      The range is good, but the cost will be significant. C-8 is correctable also with us - again a matter of cost. In general, the trailer doesn’t matter what to carry - C-8 variations can also be used, but they have a large gas jet impulse, it will be necessary to set guides more carefully - not for robotization.
      The Scolopendra provides for a "soft start" and the launch of the PuVRD already a dozen meters from the Trailer (PU) - I consider this one of its advantages over conventional jet engines.
      And the amers can see an approach against a "weak" enemy: a bulky truck with a large container - such from a UAV or Sobolyatnik you can see from afar and destroy "all eggs in one basket" one rocket... Trailers, however, "creep" over the area, and even if they are detected, putting everyone out of action will cause trouble for any enemy.
      And, as Thor correctly noted above: some of the Trailers can be loaded with shit (air!) - let them spend their CONTROLLED missiles on dummies! A large number of FALSE targets is also an element of "mosquito".
      It's like with ticks - not all of them are encephalitis, but you will run to the hospital by any bite ... laughing
      1. 0
        21 October 2016 09: 42
        this complex is much larger than yours in terms of size and range of use, but in comparison with invoking a ground attack aircraft or artillery brigade, the mosquito element is sufficient
        for the complex itself, it indicated the possibility of pulling rockets apart, but the developers, as always, asked for more money laughing
        here is a more graphic illustration of hydra modernization70
        1. +1
          21 October 2016 10: 01
          Quote: prosto_rgb
          this complex is much larger than yours in terms of size and range of use, but in comparison with invoking a ground attack aircraft or artillery brigade, the mosquito element is sufficient

          Against the "barmaley" - yes, but if we consider the possibility of electronic warfare or clipping the source of the radio signals and the impact on it - it is still easier to have a maximally distributed network of launchers and a minimum transmitter power, which means a short range of the radio signal and the distance between the customer of the missile attack and launchers.
          And piece by piece pulling - and management? pointing at least towards the goal? Yet 4-6 missiles on the same PU-Trailer - I see OPTIMUM.
          Moreover, as I said, the Trailer will be useful for another hundred tasks. So "single-barrel" on land is an expensive overkill. Here at sea in gliders - there, yes, I also have 1 Skolopendra / S-8kor, although larger submarine arsenals of missiles (larger caliber) are also envisaged, also up to 6-8 pieces ...

          That’s actually the missile for the air defense system square was just made with ramjet

          PuVRD - PUbalding Ramjet - direct-flow air jet = two big differences! laughing
          The PUVRD was used on the V-1,2 by the Germans and our UAV targets for air defense exercises - reliable, cheap, unpretentious, but slow and "noticeable" ..
          1. 0
            21 October 2016 10: 21
            Quote: Aviagr
            And piece by piece pulling - and management? pointing at least towards the goal? Yet 4-6 missiles on the same PU-Trailer - I see OPTIMUM.

            there are dimensions, and therefore piece by piece. but for an autonomous piece-start system, developers asked for money
            in the size of a skolopendra 4-6pcs, it’s just a piece there
            Quote: Aviagr
            PuVRD - pulsating, ramjet - ramjet = two big differences!

            that's for sure, but both are noticeable anyway

            By the way, where to turn. Here the video came across. Take a look. Maybe there.
            1. 0
              21 October 2016 10: 45
              I sent my proposals to MISIS, maybe not to Pirozhkov himself - but he is a "locksmith": give him the drawings, a billion - and he will do it. Now, if he said that he would give me a billion to have the HAPPINESS to make my products for me would be another matter.
              In India (maybe China) there are companies that digitize your old drawings for a penny — translate them into 3D — why such generosity ?! - So they get ready-made technologies and designs.
              So in my designs - the main thing is DESIGN and TECHNOLOGIES! And Pirozhkovs with machines around the country / world - millions - all are ready to STEAL, more precisely - to make almost for nothing (except for Pirozhkov) - just to get drawings and ideas. All competitions are designed for this, Skolkovo, Rusnano, etc. - there are CORPORATIONS, but there are no ideas. Patents are a free transfer of ideas to CORPORATIONS. I'm not doing this anymore - there will be money - there will be a conversation. You can start with anything - just the "entry" rate will be different (for Trailer, Hog, Scolopendra, etc.). But I, unlike others, have the whole COMPLEX ready - yes, I don’t know something - but THIS is already on the market (the same guidance systems and radio transmitters). I need a CORPORATION, Country or Planet where I could realize my capabilities ... not for free.
              1. 0
                21 October 2016 15: 33
                For such conditions, you need to become the General Designer for Soviet terminology.
                1. 0
                  21 October 2016 18: 50
                  So I hint about THIS in plain text. Including and your Government - while they refused ...
                  1. 0
                    21 October 2016 20: 14
                    in vain refused
                    all i can say
                    alas I myself am not in government
      2. 0
        21 October 2016 09: 57
        PuVRD or TTRD I do not even know
        I would make installation lots in 2 versions and look, according to the results of military tests, which in the end is more suitable
        soft start can be applied to any of the options
        That’s actually the missile for the air defense system square was just made with ramjet
  13. +1
    25 October 2016 05: 23
    PPKS I wrote about this 4 years ago: Learn bacr Google and the world of the future (1/5) Even this summer, they wrote about UAVs
    1. 0
      26 October 2016 10: 27
      In the last article, almost Tu-160 was called "mosquito" wassat
      I offer REAL designs, in contrast to the "wishlist" members of the forum ...
      But the fact of the matter is that I am a hardware engineer, but there is no electronics engineer or programmer in the team. If you have SOLUTIONS (not ideas!) In this direction, we can cooperate.

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