Ukrainian military commented on samples of equipment transferred Poroshenko for the needs of "ATO"

The Ukrainian military presents their vision of the situation in which Poroshenko recently transferred “new” military equipment for the needs of the so-called “ATO” with comments on the equipment itself. Recall that Poroshenko, arriving in the Kharkiv region (in Chuguev), with great pomp, transferred troops of military equipment, including Tanks, anti-aircraft installations, armored vehicles, etc.

The official (published by leading Ukrainian media) interviews with the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine say that “the fighters are very happy about the present from Kiev, since the old equipment was constantly breaking down”

From an interview with one of the "ATO fighters" on the TV channel TSN:
We now use 1976-1978 mortars, and this is a new mortar - our, Ukrainian!

The soldier of the 27-th separate artillery brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Vladimir Koval:
Modernized, installed new communication systems. This is the 1980 of the year of production. Before 2014, it all went for scrap or for sale, and now they have begun to arm the army.

Ukrainian military commented on samples of equipment transferred Poroshenko for the needs of "ATO"

At the same time, on social networks, servicemen who were not included in the frames of pro-presidential media, publish "evil" remarks. In particular, it is said that this is not the first such pompous transfer of “new” equipment by Petro Poroshenko. And the “novelty” most often consists either in deterioration of the performance characteristics of the Soviet equipment, or in the banal painting with fresh paint, for example, of old tanks that were either already built up in the conflict zone, or were “frozen” in the same Kharkiv region with the replacement of spare parts what is left in stock.

Recall that Poroshenko handed 150 units of equipment to the troops, saying that it would help restore sovereignty over the Donbas. In the same place (in Chuguev), Poroshenko actually acknowledged that he did not intend to implement the Minsk agreements.
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  1. +11
    17 October 2016 08: 27
    Heat in houses in Ukraine has not yet been given. But the juntais always have money for the war.
    1. +17
      17 October 2016 08: 40
      In Ukraine, there is no industrial opportunity to establish full-fledged production of modern weapons, especially heavy ones, only the modernization of the Soviet legacy, and even that most often consists in cleaning from rust and painting with the application of a purple cross on board! However, in the USSR, they knew how to make weapons — the less Ukrainians upgrade it, the more reliable it is, so let them upgrade it better, in this case, the chances of its uselessness sharply increase!
      1. +6
        17 October 2016 08: 50
        "There is no industrial opportunity in Ukraine now to establish a full-fledged production of modern weapons"
        I understand that there is such an opportunity in the DPR / LPR? It is unlikely, so I would not joke about this fact (the transfer of "new" equipment to the APU), at least it is supplied, which enhances the combat potential of the APU.
        1. +6
          17 October 2016 10: 13
          I agree, and I am not joking, but stating a fact! As for the DPR / LPR, that is, a common border with one country .... hi
          1. +4
            17 October 2016 10: 29
            ".... but I am stating a fact!"
            Well, this, as it were, is not quite a fact, but the fact that help comes from the west can also be a non-lethal weapon, but a very valuable ammunition, such as communication and coding equipment, thermal imaging sights, target designation and counter-battery fighting means, and personnel APU is actively exploring and mastering, this is me to your "... it's better to modernize, in this case the chances of its uselessness increase dramatically!" So at one fine moment (not at all perfect for the LPR / DPR) it may strike and the common border will be needed only for the passage of refugees, and whether our leadership decides to send troops is a big question.
            1. +1
              17 October 2016 10: 50
              will help restore sovereignty over the Donbass

              Confused Petya?
              Sovereignty over ...? What is it like?
              Petya, just the sovereignty of Ukraine.
              In this situation (sovereignty) Petya, you need to live and rule yourself.
              Can you? wink
              Petya and you are the President with such brains?
              Do you have chocolate there instead of brains?
            2. 0
              17 October 2016 12: 23
              Aleksey (veteran66), two full-blooded army corps were created in LDN ... As for deliveries from the West, everything is fine with this, but it is extremely insufficient in quantity to bring in a significant strengthening of the Ukrainian army!
            3. +1
              18 October 2016 20: 33
              For two years, non-lethal equipment and ammunition has been supplied to Ukraine, and the more it is delivered there, the more it is sold, and I think there will not be a great moment, because in military terms this does not affect anything! Therefore, as no Ukrainian general commanded a larger formation than a regiment! And this is the main problem of the ATO’s defense rather than communications and equipment!
            4. 0
              19 October 2016 12: 17
              yes let Svidomo raguli master colored tanks and armored personnel carriers from the Chernobyl exclusion zone from Petya Parashenko. in the Armed Forces of such technology already 60 percent.
              You cannot sell radioactive equipment, and no one is sorry for the ragul from "Dung" or "Siktor's rule", let them ride.
              Raguli, radiation is excreted if you take 300 grams of vodka per day.

              and the VSN should check the captured equipment with a dosimeter and mark it with a sign "danger! do not approach".
        2. KCA
          17 October 2016 10: 24
          Well, if Russia was able to drag Buk to Khokhlostan, shoot and take away, which was not noticed by anyone, then Tamanskaya and Kantemirovskaya divisions go straight to the LPR and DPR, we are waiting for the report from the Ukrainians how they defeated them, but in essence, RPG-7 no one did not cancel, old rotten pipe with new shots, goodbye APU armored vehicles
    2. +1
      17 October 2016 08: 52
      Quote: Hupfri
      Heat in houses in Ukraine has not yet been given. But the juntais always have money for the war.

      They didn’t give warmth ... They promise from October 20th ... I have a co-group of interests from Kharkov, we are Adenium water producers, this plant is such a heat-loving. We love our pets, so here she is weighed with IR rugs, writes prices, takes a creep ... That's it.
      1. +5
        17 October 2016 09: 16
        and in Donetsk they gave
    3. +12
      17 October 2016 08: 59
      Quote: Hupfri
      Heat in houses in Ukraine has not yet been given. But the juntais always have money for the war.

      Well, colleague, one mayor of Kiev has already told them that they would be preparing for the land, so they are getting ready.
      1. vmo
        17 October 2016 10: 42
        The only clever idea for the bottom of the year, in my head with one broken off gyrus,
    4. 0
      17 October 2016 14: 53
      Money is partially withdrawn from the bank accounts of the population. It is clear that now all the hostages are all those who have, or perhaps had. Withdrawal from the account, the percentage of the state.
    5. +1
      17 October 2016 21: 52
      The heat has just been given, only no one is happy about it. Paradox, the first time in my life. Now everyone with horror will wait for payment bills. It is true in many cities where heating networks are already so worn out that they officially announced that there will be no heat supply, and put gas meters for everyone in the apartments for free, so that people would not burn gas in the kitchen for nothing. Like we don’t know anything, get out yourself.
  2. +14
    17 October 2016 08: 29
    We now use 1976-1978 mortars, and this is a new mortar - our, Ukrainian!
    Yes, at least some, they never learned to use them ...
    1. +1
      17 October 2016 09: 23
      And what was it? Unsuccessful attempt to shoot a mortar with a direct fire? Or the usual censored multiplied by indifference.
      1. 0
        17 October 2016 11: 28
        Quote: dzvero
        And what was it? Unsuccessful attempt to shoot a mortar with a direct fire? Or the usual censored multiplied by indifference.

        Campaign, there instead of the stove cover from the pan. When falling, it rumbles like a tin.
    2. 0
      18 October 2016 20: 38
      It seems that the collective farmers came to hunt, the stove seems to be lacking in massiveness, after a couple of hundred shots there will be a lack of strength!
  3. +12
    17 October 2016 08: 41
    Tanks in the army handed over in the city of Chuguev, as soon as possible you were dead, Poroshenko ... ev. Bad man and alcoholic in general.
  4. +1
    17 October 2016 08: 46
    As usual, they painted the old trash and gave out for a new, modernized one. Rabble and fight on this.
  5. +9
    17 October 2016 08: 49
    zhovtoblakitny camouflage adds +100 to the water resistance and +500 to the armor protection fellow
  6. +7
    17 October 2016 08: 50
    This is a brilliant scheme! Get paint from long-term storage paint and sell to your own state as new. The difference is in your pocket. Glory to Dill! Well and Petyune a shaher-maher!
    1. +5
      17 October 2016 08: 59
      Quote: bocsman
      Well and Petyune a shaher-maher!

      Petyunya and in hell will trade in tar and firewood!
      1. +5
        17 October 2016 09: 00
        Quote from Uncle Lee
        Petyunya and in hell will trade in tar and firewood

        but no No. seperate angry
        1. vmo
          17 October 2016 10: 48
          And we don’t care, but we don’t care (there was something to drink). !!!
    2. 0
      17 October 2016 11: 05
      Quote: bocsman
      This is a brilliant scheme! Get paint from long-term storage paint and sell to your own state as new. Pocket difference

      We will say this not quite from long-term storage, but from the disposal warehouses ........
      1. +1
        17 October 2016 22: 17
        Who has recycling, and in Ukraine this is called long-term storage. I don’t know what can be collected from this trash, since everything that is more or less worthwhile has long been sold to Africa, or, for example, Georgia, the geography is large.Moreover, the photo is domaydannoe, maybe from this inheritance of "damned Muscovites" something and painted.
    3. 0
      18 October 2016 08: 50
      with gas the same scheme the cost of gas production in the Kharkov region. approximately $ 25 is pumped into a pipe and pushed like a Russian one for 250 bucks before 400 do you think Ukrainians are fighting for a gas pipe, it's a gold mine you do not need to mine ore smelting metal cheaply and angrily creatures selling in one word
  7. +6
    17 October 2016 08: 51
    In the spring they wrote that Kharkov tanks in "anti-terrorist operation zone"receive atypical damage - the turret is disrupted from the shoulder strap - in the absence of signs of detonation of ammunition; breakage of armor along the welded seams, up to breaking of armor plates; atypical deformation of armor plates. This was explained by the fact that instead of armor they took standard steel, or violated the processing and welding technology and so low-quality imported armor (Polish). Barrels, even before Supreme Commander Poroshenko, tried to make weighted pipes for oil production and drilling equipment. This ended up having to remove Soviet-made trunks for export, and put oil pipes on the uk-r-sky, which are now being transferred to the Armed Forces. Engines are entirely Soviet, produced by cannibalization, and their production does not even cover current repair needs.

    Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! laughing
    1. +2
      17 October 2016 09: 35
      instead of armor they took standard steel

      What is it like? About trunks from pipes in general in shock! Or is it a joke?
      1. +1
        17 October 2016 12: 03
        Unfortunately not.

        Of course in open hardly anyone admits it. Pipe manufacturer (never related to the military-industrial complex) - Sumy plant them. Frunze set out to make trunks from pipe blanks. The pipe trunks allegedly got a resource of 600 shots; but in fact - after 300 problems. This tramp began in 2009. It’s not Poroshenko who ruined it, but even before it, but the problem is that it was he who decided to put the useless equipment into business.

        On the armor - there is simply no way to explain the pictures of destroyed tanks with bent armor plates - this is the "Crack" brand armor laughing
    2. 0
      18 October 2016 20: 50
      Well, about the guns, it’s understandable that they never produced them in Ukraine, and about the engines in general it’s not clear 5TDF is their native engine, by the way, there are probably no sights on the dodges either, unless the Poles threw it!
  8. +2
    17 October 2016 08: 52
    "... And the" novelty "most often consists either in alterations of Soviet equipment that worsen the performance characteristics, or in the banal painting with fresh paint, for example, of old tanks ..."

    In addition to chocolates, the steam of Ashenko also began to produce paint ...
    1. 0
      17 October 2016 09: 02
      Why won't it start producing for the sake of its image? It is possible that soon it will start producing sweets under the brand name "Death m ...", and the wrapper can be used for some other purpose.
    2. 0
      18 October 2016 20: 44
      What can I say about armor if, even in 2007, Russian Railways refused to buy Ukrainian roller bearings for cars because of low-quality metal!
  9. 0
    17 October 2016 08: 56
    And why be surprised - after all, the main goal of this ghoul: to grab money! am
  10. +4
    17 October 2016 09: 02
    Quote: Gormengast
    Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

    Shroud of Ukraine! - Ukraine shroud!
    1. +3
      17 October 2016 09: 12
      Herring Cottage Cheese!
  11. 0
    17 October 2016 09: 14
    The range of weapons handed over to Poroshenko is impressive, but everything would be fine if it were not for the fact of its moral and physical deterioration and the poor quality of refurbishment. And the very origin of 100% of parts, spare parts and equipment units, except for paint, is clearly from the USSR. They decommunize everything they can, but they use mate. base of the collapsed USSR, at the same time distorting the fate of technology, replacing the fact of its Soviet origin with the "newest" trend of Ukrainian production.
  12. 0
    17 October 2016 09: 17
    Mortar production is a simple task, even for a technically undeveloped country ...
  13. +2
    17 October 2016 09: 27
    Seeing the new equipment, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shouted "SUHS"and jumped three times. laughing

    Why would the US and Israel design shock drones? It is possible easier:

    Shot from RPG-7 + furniture rollers + electrical tape and plasticine. laughing
  14. +2
    17 October 2016 09: 30
    "Manure" - that says it all. laughing

    Overview - through the eyes from the intercom.
  15. +1
    17 October 2016 09: 35
    a new mortar with a sight of 60 years. Here I understand the weapons of the 21st century.
    1. 0
      17 October 2016 10: 15
      Correctly say - Fashion repeats))
  16. +1
    17 October 2016 09: 37
    Azarov in the transmission of Solovyov’s figures voiced - murderous. Steel production in the country (Maidania) fell by half, and more than double - electricity production. This is an indicator that industry is not just falling, but diving. What new weapon? Soon cartridges will be purchased in the West.
  17. +6
    17 October 2016 09: 51
    Anecdote (not the most recent): I caught a x0x0l hare, brought it home, said to his wife: "Fire it up for me in bacon." Wife: "What fat? There is nothing to eat, everything to go to ATO ...". Х0х0л: "Well then, in sunflower oil." Wife: "Kako butter, all fields were suppressed by tanks, no ...". Х0х0л: "They just fell off the gas !!!" Wife: "The Muscovites did not give gas to the curses ..." A man takes a hare out of anger and throws it out the window. A hare is running on three paws, the fourth is wiping the sweat and yelling: "Glory to Ukraine - glory to the heroes ...."
  18. +3
    17 October 2016 11: 20
    Meanwhile, the death of "Motorola" is reported. As TopNews wrote, Arseny Pavlov was killed in his own house using improvised explosives installed in the elevator of the apartment building where the militia commander lived.
    According to information provided by experts at the scene of the killing, improvised unmanned explosives were remotely activated. It is reported that the bomb’s power was 1,5 kilograms of TNT.
    According to preliminary data, Arseniy Pavlov was monitored before the murder. Motorola died on the spot from his injuries.
    He left a wife with two young children - born in April last year, daughter Miroslava and son Makar, who was born just 2 weeks ago.

    If this is a fact, then GLORY TO THE DONBAS HERO!
    1. 0
      17 October 2016 14: 56
      The Russian version is Donbass.
  19. 0
    17 October 2016 12: 27
    At the disposal of the APU received 150 pieces of freshly painted hearse.

    Peremoga however ....
  20. 0
    17 October 2016 16: 40
    ON THE GO AND THE UN banned them a helicopter (white) - for peace!
  21. +1
    17 October 2016 16: 45
    I personally do not care deeply about the stupidity of Kiev, but !!!
    Death of "Motorola", from another opera! Who fucked up the commander, they will figure it out, it is important not to allow the ruler, and there is no doubt that there is such a task. US instructors don't eat their bread for free. Brothers, be careful, the war is not only in the trenches, it is difficult - but the truth is YOURS !!!!
  22. 0
    18 October 2016 03: 17
    In this situation, it seems that the cartridge cases are running out. A serious technique that they don't trust you. And all the money coming from behind - your "breadwinners" shoved into their pockets. Lord forgive me! - well, you people.
  23. 0
    19 October 2016 18: 48
    Kakly can only spoil, but do something -NEA !!!

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