Ukrainian "menu" for the "Norman dinner": the Armed Forces of Ukraine intensified the offensive order at Novoazovsk ON


Carefully analyzing the growing global tension in such strategically important regions as the Indo-Asia-Pacific, East Asia and Europe, we should not forget about the small, historically and mentally more native small regions, the main of which today continues to be the Donbass represented by young unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Almost 2,5 years after the sensational and quite objective referendum on self-determination of LDNR, Novorossia, having passed the terribly difficult and bloody path of becoming more or less stable statehood, is literally half a step away from the next need to use radical force methods to protect its sovereignty, citizens and the army . And this cannot be avoided even with the involvement of numerous ingenious political mechanisms, since we are all well acquainted with historical the practice of the existence of unrecognized states: after one, two, three or more years, a military outcome nevertheless sets in in resolving a particular territorial redistribution. So it was with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a similar model awaits Novorossia and the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic.

“Frozen” 6 September 2014, the offensive operation of the DPR militia in the Mariupol direction, the signing and observance of the disastrous Minsk agreements, as well as the ineffective “Norman format” - all this hopelessly delayed the operational and successful liberation of the original territory of New Russia from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military forces to the release of Ukrainian nationalist military forces from the Ukrainian nationalist military forces from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations from the Ukrainian nationalist military formations hopelessly and successfully. , mercenaries from the Turkish "Gray Wolves" and ISIS, led to almost two hundred deaths in the eastern outskirts of Mariupol and tens of thousands of victims in other hours tyah republics. It also allowed thousands of anti-Russian militants armed with the most powerful reactive artillery weapons to quietly consolidate on the southern borders of the Kherson region and godlessly terrorize and rob the Russian population of Kherson region, simultaneously damaging the border divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Armed Forces on the northern borders of the Republic of Crimea. The results of concessions to the West are obvious!

Meanwhile, a well-thought-out and purposeful “program” persecution of the Russian Federation, its leadership and population in the global political and economic arenas continues. After the successful actions of our VKS under Aleppo, the German lawmakers "in tune" with the Americans sang about the possibility of imposing additional sanctions from the FRG, while US Secretary of State John Kerry noted the need to extend the existing sanctions in case of non-compliance by Moscow with the same hopeless the Minsk agreements, which "on the thumb", on orders from Washington, and then Kiev will not be respected. On the Syrian issue, everything is very clear with Germany and the States: the SAR is extremely rich in oil deposits, and the further release of its lands by government troops, with the support of our contingent, will lead to higher prices for "black gold" for the whole West and greater economic stability our state. It is for this reason that you can observe moments when the Americans, like the eye of the eye, protect even the smallest groups of Kurds and militants of the “free opposition” with patrolling F-22A, and the Tornado IDS / ECR attack fighters of the Luftwaffe the case appears in different parts of the Syrian airspace with reconnaissance missions, all this is a struggle for strategically important Middle Eastern lands rich in oil. These are the roots of threats from the United States about the attack "Tomahawks" Syrian air bases, and other sensational actions.

This persecution, including various economic benefits, is also intended to drive Russia into a vicious circle, where, under pressure from sanctions and military threats, people are expected to give us complete and unconditional surrender, rejection of the achieved positions on any issues. Similarly, they are going to do about the conflict in the Donbas.

As you know, after the Ukrainian militants attacked a military unit in Armyansk, as well as information about terrorist acts planned in Crimea by the Ukrainian power structures, Vladimir Putin refused to participate in the so-called “Norman format”, since the expediency of agreements with Kiev in such environment completely discredited itself. During the 2 months after the act of aggression on the Crimean frontier post, neither the Ukrainian side nor the European countries patronizing Kiev showed any explanation of what happened. In addition, even some, occasionally operating, “Minsk-2” points on the observance of the cease-fire regime finally disappeared: artillery shelling of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics resumed with a new force in the first days of October 2016, and made by Ukrainian security forces even in the daytime. The framework decision on the breeding of forces and assets in the three sections of the contact line also produced absolutely no results. In the settlement of Petrovskoye (25 km south of Donetsk), the Armed Forces of Ukraine twice thwarted the “mirror lead” of troops. The second attempt in general shocked both the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR and the observers of the JCCC.

During the temporary withdrawal of armored vehicles and artillery of the Armed Forces of the DPR, a representative of the JCCC tried to coordinate the “mirror” withdrawal of Ukrainian armored vehicles with the General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kremenetsky by radio, who carried outright insanity on the radio. Initially, he insisted that he saw a NAF reconnaissance UAV in the air, while it was an OSCE observation drone. When the OSCE officials confirmed their presence drone in the sky near Petrovsky and Viktorovka, Kremenetsky abruptly found a way out of a stupid situation and set off even deeper into the jungle, claiming that he was observing a UFO, and therefore, for security reasons, he could not give an order to withdraw military units from the line of contact.

Then, for a few more minutes, the VSN and the STsKK tried to convey to Kremenetsky that it was time to take retaliatory steps and to withdraw the equipment, but very soon the familiar near hum of "incoming" 82-mm and 120-mm min was heard. Ukrainian bussellers made mortars on the nearby village of Viktorovka, and Kremenetsky argued with foaming at the radio station that the militiamen opened fire on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which could not happen even theoretically - the withdrawal of equipment from the DPR was recorded by OSCE observers. Everything, as usual, happened in the devil-may-care provocative style of the Ukrainian side. Naturally, about any withdrawal of troops after this could not be considered. Exactly the same happened on the frontline of the Stanitsa-Luganskaya-Zolotoe front, where all 5 attempts to withdraw forces were successfully thwarted by the Ukrainian military formations. How do you like this situation? And for whom does the West keep us, letting Kiev take such actions ?!

Any subform of the “Norman format”, whether it is a backstage meeting of the heads of state during a summit or a telephone conference of the “four”, has no logical meaning. Moreover, more 13 of October, it became known that this week, between Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande will be held a conference call in a trilateral format, without the participation of Vladimir Putin. And before that, in a telephone conversation with Francois Hollande, Poroshenko had already managed to accuse the Russian Federation of disrupting Minsk-2, and also to thank the French delegation for supporting the extension of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Some media outlets, as well as some short-sighted political scientists and economists, have already managed to say that V. Putin has decided to re-enter the “Norman format” and even go to the “Norman Four” dinner in October for October in Berlin. But in existing realities, such statements can be regarded very skeptically, especially since even the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov pointed to the preparation of preliminary meetings of our and Western expert groups, the successful outcome of which will determine the future of the "Norman format" with the participation of Russia. And their successful outcome looks very foggy, they would even say ghostly.

At the same time, the rest of the “troika” on the Ukrainian issue all the dots over the “and” have long since been set aside to continue military aggression against Novorossia with further pressure on the Russian Federation, and only the so-called “Norman dinner” is expected to clarify and coordinate Poroshenko’s actions with his European masters, retinue Poroshenko, according to American instructions, decided to act proactively, in order to provide for the "Norman dinner" his "signature menu" with the final point of no return.

Immediately after another holiday hastily invented by the Ukrainian nationalist coup - the so-called “Defender of Ukraine Day”, which Kiev now celebrates on October 14, Poroshenko went to a military airfield in Chuguev (Kharkiv Oblast). There, he officially transferred about 150 units of military equipment controlled by the Ukrainian security forces: MBT, BBM, mortars, MLRS, the remaining front-line and assault tactical Aviation (Su-27, Su-25 and MiG-27), attack and shock transport helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24, as well as the military transport aircraft An-26, the day before which it issued a dizzying pearl that “Every Ukrainian resident has the right to see the equipment in which he invests monthly, paying taxes.”

But Mr. Valtsman (Poroshenko) forgot at this moment to recall the terrifying economic situation in the “Square”, where entire families due to 2, and even to 3 times, the more expensive communal apartments could barely make ends meet. Yes, and still keep quiet about the facts that would simply have horrified a large part of the population of Ukraine, when, for example, a week ago in Novomarinka (a suburb of Donetsk on the Ukrainian part of the contact line) the BMP fences moved the woman (Yana Kornienko) with fenders fire on the legs. From the injuries the woman died on the spot, and the field command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had more than one day threatened the relatives of the dead with violence if they try to investigate the situation involving the Interior Ministry. Everything happened late in the evening, around 23: 00, when the women, among whom was dead, were returning home from the second shift, there were almost no eyewitnesses, they are now trying to hush up the case. Is this not the genocide of the Russian population of Donbass, which is the time to decide the real offensive operation of the Armed Forces LDNR?

The above equipment is only a small part of what has been sent to Dolnbass over the past 6 months. And already now it begins to be applied in real heavy tank battles and artillery duels on the southern front of the DPR, absolutely not looking at the "Minsk-2" and the "Norman format".


By October 12 2016, the Ukrainian artillery and armored units completed the procedure for the formation of offensive orders in the direction of the new U.S. (sector "M"). And in the morning, several groups from the 30 militants (from the 137 battalion of the marines), under the guise of 82's and 120's mortars, as well as 152-mm SAU Hyacinth and Acacia, tried to take the position of the 9's Separate motorized rifle regiment DNR in Kominternovo. They managed to come close to the settlement, but at the same moment the attack of the armed forces was stopped by heavy rifle and mortar fire of the militia. On the part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, about 10 people died, and there was a short lull, during which the junta began regrouping, bringing ammunition for self-propelled guns and mortars, and evacuating the wounded.

Exactly 24 hours later, an attempt to break through the defense of the DPR army in the tactical “triangle” of the Comintern-Lenin-Water from the APU was repeated, but with much greater intensity. So, October 14, the throw of the Ukrainian infantry units was covered with mortar, artillery and rocket artillery fire from the environs of the Mariupol Fortified Area. Residents of the city reported that with n. Macedonian artillery support for the infantry was provided by the BM-21 “Grad” launcher, with Sartans, Sopino and Gnutovo working large-caliber barrel artillery and 120-mm mortars, the purpose of which was the reserves, pulled up by the DPR from the Lenin and Sakhanka villages. Fighting started in just 8 km from Mariupol. The number of assault infantry units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was about a company (70 people). The “backbone” of the unit was advanced by Water in the direction of Kominternovo and Dzerzhinsk. By the time they reached the borders of these settlements, ukry received a powerful mortar and artillery otvetku: from the MLRS Grad and 120-mm mortar shells attacked reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the highway Т0519 (between Talakovka and Lebedinsky). After this, the junta's offensive was stopped.

In the course of this battle, units of the 9 of the Mariupol-Khingan separate motorized rifle regiment NM DPR moved even closer to the city of Mariupol and temporarily took up positions on the outskirts of the village of Water, which caused panic in the ranks of the 36-th separate brigade of the marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (36) ). According to the Ukrainian side, the positions in the water are under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but because of the 5-7-kilometer proximity to the fortified areas of the People’s Militia Corps of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR and Ukrainian formations, none of the parties occupy the Water Front on a regular basis, as they will be regularly fired from small arms and artillery direct fire. For example, in the case of a counter-offensive operation of the Armed Forces of the DPR, this village will be taken under control only as an intermediate support point, after which parts of the 9 regiment will continue to develop a fast attack towards Lebedinsky, which is at a predominant height relative to the main eastern fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ordzhonikidze district Mariupol. The direct visibility of the eastern outskirts of Mariupol from the vicinity of Lebedinsky is ideal for conducting operational artillery reconnaissance of the firing positions of the junta using compact portable counter-battery radar "Aistonok", which is already 2 of the year in service with the Armed Forces of the New Russia. This will help to realize their "sniper" destruction with the help of 100-mm anti-tank guns MT-12 (2А29) "Rapier" and conventional tank guns 2А46М almost without any damage to the urban infrastructure of Mariupol.

There is a whole mass of other tactical options for taking the city into the “cauldron” and getting rid of Ukrainian punishers, but we still have no right to talk about them, and in general we will keep it secret until a real result, which we can probably observe in the near future. The continuation of the offensive throws of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in sector “M” (Novoazovsk direction) may continue very soon, as the residents of Mariupol and its suburbs record the daily nightly transfer of new units of self-propelled artillery, MLRS, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and manpower to the east, to which neither Minsk-2 nor the Norman format have been influenced for a long time. If earlier the favorite activity of optimistic Mariupol residents were walks in the city center, trips to entertainment centers, trips and vacations on the coast of the Azov Sea, over the past two years, for most people, these entertainments have been noticeably pressed by the “sporting interest” that reveals the position of the Ukrainian junta on the outskirts of the city. So, it is very popular to determine the range and direction to the firing positions of artillery of the Ukrainian formations, which are calculated by the time interval between the flash seen from the barrel gases of the shot and the sound of the gap. Even ordinary schoolchildren, salespeople and drivers began to understand perfectly the type of artillery used by the sound of a shot. More than 85% of the city have a pronouncedly anti-Ukrainian mood and expect a speedy sweep of the city by the armed forces of the Donetsk People's Republic.

A very important factor indicating the continuation of hostilities in the Donbass is not only the non-observance of silence from the Ukrainian side and the failure to withdraw forces from the contact line, but also the latest statements by the heads of the Russian Federation and the DPR. Thus, during a press conference held for the media after the end of the summit of the leaders of the BRNS 16 countries in October 2016, Vladimir Putin said that it was “premature” and counterproductive in meetings in the “Normandy format” if the negotiators “Minsk-2” and expert groups they will not consolidate the agreements reached in a noticeable result, and as we see it, it is not expected.

The head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, made his statement for hours 12 during a night meeting with senior officials (ministries) on the occasion of the escalation of the military conflict. A. Zakharchenko accused Poroshenko at the beginning of a new stage of hostilities in the Donbass, as well as refusing to follow the political model of resolving the conflict, which the Ukrainian leadership intends to continue and develop right up until the transfer of the border section of Novorossia with Russia into the hands of the Ukrainian military formations, which is impossible practically, theoretically. This completely rewrite the ideology of the formation of Novorossia, as well as the opinion of millions of LDNR residents expressed during the 2014 referendum.

There is a completely dead-end situation, leading the republics to full-fledged military operations, which are vital for preserving their population as well as ousting the enemy from the rest of the Donetsk region and other southern regions of Ukraine, where militarized nationalist formations begin to pose a real threat to the Republic of Crimea. In other words, the inevitability of war is confirmed both at the level of the so-called “middle diplomatic corps” (representatives of the contact groups of the Minsk agreements) and at the level of the highest management level represented by the participants of the “Norman Four”.


A bit earlier, we had already given an operational-tactical description to the Mariupol ON (called the “M” sector by the Kiev security forces). Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense of the DPR has repeatedly published a strategic map of the Donbas theater of operations, where the approaching tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on ousting the units of the DPR People’s Militia Corps from the Starobeshevsky district, Ilovaisk and Khartsizsk with further tightening of the tactical “loop” around Donetsk-Makeevskaya were exposed. agglomerations, the real powerful blows of the Ukrainian artillery will fall completely on another area of ​​defense VSN.

Attacking the DPR army head-on in the Donetsk and Makeevka directions for the death junta is similar: here is its most powerful armored “fist”, as well as the operational depth of the rear zone to the Russian border with a length of more than 70 km.

Another thing is the more vulnerable Telman area, or, as it is also called, the Telmanovsky Isthmus. Because of the destructive "Minsk format", it so happened that the Volnovakhsky district remained under the occupation of the Ukrainian troops, while the small Telman district (from the Russian border to the Kalmius river) was fixed to the militia, its width is from 28 to 35 km, and therefore all the fortifications and the strongholds of the DPR Armed Forces are located within the radius of the fire impact of the Ukrainian 152-203-mm howitzers and self-propelled guns (“Hyacinth”, “Msta-B” and “Peony”), as well as the Uragan MLRS, transferred to such settlements as Bugas, Prokhorovka and Andreevka (southeast and north of Volnovakhi). The main armored "bones" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are designed to break through the defense of the militia on the Telmanov ON in the area of ​​Granite and Novaya Maryevka, are also concentrated here. The fact that the junta may have a strategic opportunity to cut off the southern group of troops of the DPR (9 OMSP zone of responsibility) from the main forces in the center of the republic and logistic support coming along the Telmanovo-Novoazovsk highway .

In order to increase the effectiveness of the future offensive operation in the Telman area, the junta is now trying to “crush” the positions of the 9-th separate motorized rifle regiment in Kominternovo, Leninsky and Sakhanka, so that the latter would not have the opportunity to quickly penetrate and smash the units attacking the Telmonovsky Isthmus units of the Armed Forces. The most likely plot for a large-scale offensive, Kiev, issued another insane militarization action.

According to the information provided by the Deputy Commander of the Operational Command of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, 4 of the Ukrainian Buk-M1 medium-range anti-aircraft missile complex arrived in the vicinity of Volnovakhi. And this despite the fact that the Armed Forces of New Russia have the only combat-ready Su-25. Such radical measures of support can be explained only by one thing - the preparation for military operations in which the tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces will support the DPR army. It is not quite clear yet what exactly the “flat-headed” leadership of the Ukrainian General Staff had conceived, but with full confidence one can speak of upcoming military provocations aimed at destabilizing the situation on the Russian border. We all know well that both the Pion under the Gnutovo ACS battery and Smerchi silently await the mass escalation chaos, and their range allows to fire at any of the border checkpoints of the Russian Federation bordering Telmanovsky and Amvrosievsky districts. And Kiev is fully capable of deciding on such an adventure for full-fledged military support from NATO, which can begin after the accusations of the destruction of the "Bukov" by Russian air strikes. All this must be considered and calculated. After all, it is not without reason that today such a “silent” wave of the front of the Wave, which is more than the rest filled with weapons and foreign mercenaries of the junta.

At the moment, the balance of forces in this sector is not in our favor, but there is information that countermeasures are already being actively taken. If the security of at least one square meter in the border areas of the Rostov region is in question, Kiev will be much quicker to recall Christina with her little daughter Kira, who died from the fragments of the Ukrainian Grad in Gorlovka, and X-year old girl Polina, whose life was cut short the caterpillars of MTLB in Konstantinovka, and the glorious Russian militiaman Arseny Pavlov (“Motorola”) - the father of two children and just a good man who died on the eve of an explosive device laid by the Ukrainian DRG in the elevator sobs venous entrance. This list goes on and on.

This railway train with 152-mm ACS "Acacia" and other equipment was captured at Liman station (north of the occupied part of the DPR). It will be unloaded on Gorlovsk and Debaltsev ON. Every day, in order to prepare for large-scale hostilities in the Donbass, APU distills dozens of units of the most diverse armored vehicles

Pavel Zhebrivsky, who was appointed the Kiev pro-fascist government to head the Donetsk military civilian administration, being the main pawn-mouthpiece of Poroshenko’s retinue in the Donbas, said today on Facebook that the “Norman format”, all sorts of “Minsk” and other political settlement tools the situation in the Donbass has completely exhausted itself, and as the only way out of the situation has proposed the implementation of the Budapest Agreement, which does not fit in with the existing military and political real s in the Donbass, where Kiev consistently and coolly continues to destroy the once fraternal civilians former Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And this brings us to the only conclusion: there is a big war ahead, in which we will have to show a truly bearish grin, canceling all the ambitious plans of the West without exception in our native Russian land.

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  1. +8
    18 October 2016 06: 19
    so many slops have already been poured on us, that, perhaps, really, Uncle Vova didn’t hesitate to shy on the horses, eh? feel
    1. +1
      18 October 2016 12: 36
      Quote - "so much slop has already been poured on us that maybe, really, Uncle Vova can jump on the horses without hesitation, eh?"

      I don’t know about Uncle Vova’s account, but as for Vladimir Vladimirovich, I suggest that your proposal does not inspire him.
      This is a pack of Kiev scum, in the form of the president, government and deputies, ready to senselessly shoot citizens as if in their own country without worrying about the consequences, and Vladimir Vladimirovich does not have such a task, since far-reaching plans are not solved in this way.
  2. +1
    18 October 2016 06: 29
    And if the Armed Forces of Ukraine start a large-scale attack on Donetsk, will Russia help or not? If such a slag as the Ukrainian state formed near the US border, then the Americans would have bombed it long ago.
  3. +4
    18 October 2016 07: 13
    Oh, to work on time for this echelon (bottom photo), but not at the station, but a clean field. How many lives can be saved.
  4. +1
    18 October 2016 07: 43
    The solution to the issues of life and death of New Russia lies not in the military sphere, but first in the political sphere.

    While the will of "friends and partners" for our government is more important than the will of our own people, every step forward is followed by two steps back, any activity of the VSN is extinguished in the bud, and the most decisive and honest fighters of Novorossiya are calmly destroyed in their own house by "unknown DRGs" - the situation is Donbass will remain an unhealed abscess on the body of the Russian people.
  5. 0
    18 October 2016 08: 05
    It’s time for Zakharchenko to spit on all these Minskys and gouging all this rabble called APU.
    1. 0
      18 October 2016 16: 11
      It’s time for Zakharchenko to spit on all these Minskys and gouging all this rabble called APU.
      You and your clave on the couch know better, but will you have enough resources?
  6. +2
    18 October 2016 08: 44

    Who is the master of this freak?
  7. 0
    18 October 2016 09: 20
    It may be enough to wipe off and substitute cheeks.
  8. aba
    20 October 2016 01: 05
    So it was with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a similar model awaits Novorossia and the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic.

    And then what are we waiting for ?!
  9. 0
    20 October 2016 14: 37
    A good article for pumping emotions. However, nothing to wait for.
    Minsk, our dear Ukrainian partners, the status of Separate Regions, This is Ukraine ...
    The article is one-sided as usual - we are for a just cause, and they are "fascists"
    For me personally, there is no "right or left" case. In my opinion, this is a business war under patriotic slogans to solve certain problems.
    You can appeal to society, shocking with facts, emotions ... not society decides.
  10. 0
    20 October 2016 16: 15
    ... the liberation of the original territory of Novorossia from Ukrainian nationalist paramilitary groups, foreign PMCs, mercenaries from the Turkish Gray Wolves and ISIS, led to almost two hundred deaths in the eastern outskirts of Mariupol and tens of thousands of victims in other parts of the republics. It also allowed thousands of anti-Russian militants armed with powerful rocket and artillery weapons to gain a foothold on the southern borders of the Kherson region and to shamelessly terrorize and rob the Russian population of the Kherson region, while simultaneously damaging the border divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces of Russia on the northern borders of the Republic of Crimea. The results of the concessions to the West are evident!

    From this concentration of pathos propaganda carries a mile away.
    Let's go in order:
    ... mercenaries from the Turkish Gray Wolves and ISIS ...

    What does ISIS have to do with it? The author began to write an article about Syria, halfway through a windshield washer, and then wrote about LDNR? It seems so. Let me remind you that ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and therefore ISIS mercenaries can only be in the Middle East, but not in the vicinity of Mariupol.
    powerful reactive artillery weapons

    Has the APU got something more powerful than the Grad? "Hurricane"? "Tornado"? Where from ?! Not otherwise, the hand of the Kremlin ...
    ...tens of thousands victims in other parts of the republics. Also allowed to thousands anti-Russian militants ...

    Not a single number. The depth of analytics is felt.
    Well, etc., I did not read further.
    And recently, there are more and more such opuses on the site, which is why reading articles becomes like a chore in mines, where for the sake of a nugget you need to dig a bunch of waste rock
  11. +1
    20 October 2016 20: 40
    And this leads us to the only conclusion: there is a big war ahead, in which we will have to show a truly bearish grin, canceling all, without exception, the ambitious plans of the West in our native Russian land.

    A good, colorful and emotional ending to a beautiful and understandable publication! Who wants to understand, he will understand.

    Only it is not clear who will show bear grin, how a big rat can turn into a brown or polar bear with a grin, especially if it immediately turns into a grizzly bear ...

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