Crimean conversations. Tatar folk motifs

Communicating lately with the population of the Crimea, receiving simply mountains of various information, I come to rather strange conclusions.

As the notorious “officer’s daughter” said, it’s really not so simple there.

The signs are different, and the dots that need to be placed above them are also not of the same color. But it's worth a try.

Why I decided to start the continuation of the Crimean cycle with the Tatars, I think, understandable. This is probably the most ambiguous aspect of the Crimean life. And with no people inhabiting the peninsula, there was no such headache as with the Crimean Tatars, and there could not be.

Historical retreat

A little distract your attention with a strange question. Where do you think the hypothetical center (or capital) is for the Crimean Tatars? Many will say - Bakhchisarai. And in their own way they will be right.

But, you know, dear, that we are interested in several other Tatars. Say, strange, what's the difference? Tatarin - he is in Kazan, and in Moscow Tatar. But no. And therefore, as an alternative capital, let's say, alternative Tatars, I will call a somewhat different settlement - Stroganovka.

Crimean probably smile. Yes, Stroganovka is the Crimean synonym for “Kashchenko” or “Kanatchikovo dacha”, “White pillars”, “Plekhanov” and other, less well-known institutions. Synonym for a large neuropsychiatric institution. In fact - a suburb of Simferopol.

But it is Stroganovka that is the actual center of those representatives of the Tatar population of Crimea, to whom the Crimea is not even Ukraine.

A small historical excursion.

The first “swallows” from among those who were once deported, or their descendants, arrived in the times of the USSR, in the year 1989. Profits and settled. For that time, they showed themselves to be quite fanatical believers. But faith is not bad. How to put it, for the benefit or harm.

However, more than a quarter of a century has passed, and Stroganovka, as it was not the most respectable place, remained. But for the suburb of the capital of Crimea looks altogether sad. And, judging by the Crimean sites, real estate and land are not particularly popular there. Although there seems to be good land there, and a suburb of Simferopol after all. It’s not the nuthouse itself that dares people, right?

Apparently, the essence still lies in the local. Or rather, squatters who claim that they are the root Crimean Tatars.

This begs the question, how do the locals live? The answer will be strange, but what I heard is transmitted to you. Local live by protest. Familiar? Not that word.

Moreover, these representatives of the Tatar people live in protest since that time. Apparently, the owners changed (who gave money and ordered music), the power in Simferopol changed. And the essence remained. And the further the Crimea left the Soviet orderliness, the more clearly these ... Tatars exhibited themselves.

In Ukrainian times, everything became very sad. Weapon in a local mosque? Fine. I did not check it myself, but my Crimean correspondents say that under this, if I may say so, mosque, so much was dug and dug out that two such houses could be hidden.

Crimean conversations. Tatar folk motifs

It was this temple that became the place from which activists advanced to numerous land squatting, to the blockade of roads and state institutions, to Mejlis "protest glades" and other, no less apparently godly deeds.

The events of the 2006 year passed by us, when in fact almost hostilities were unleashed in the capital with representatives of the security forces. It came to the use of military equipment and weapons.

Those showdowns on Balaclava ended in nothing. The Ukrainian security forces retreated, and the authorities and the Tatars sat down at the negotiating table. It turned out that everything can be solved peacefully. For one and a half million dollars. Money for a barrel - and Tatar squatters leave the place that they declared to be a zone of their interests. Needless to say, the city authorities of Simferopol had completely different plans. As well as the company “Olvi-Crimea”, which planned to build a residential complex there.

The video recording of the SBU clearly fixed the faces, and subsequent investigations showed that the Tatar troops on Balaklavskaya street were led by young Tatars who had left for Saudi Arabia to “learn religion”. But they were not returned by the imams ...

Crimean branch "Hizb ut-Tahrir"

Fact? Fact. The “Tahrir” people settled down like at home. Nothing, that since 2003, by the decision of the Supreme Court in Russia, has Hizb ut-Tahrir been recognized as a terrorist organization and prohibited? As well, by the way, as well as in the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Egypt, Israel and many other countries. Rare, it should be noted, unanimity.

But in Ukraine this scum licked and nursed all this time. Regardless ... Well, then Ukraine was not Europe and didn’t break there much. But today everything remains the same.

According to official data, inherited by the FSB "by inheritance" from the Crimean Security Service of Ukraine, in the ranks of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Crimea there were more than 10 thousands of militants. That is, individuals of the male, at the age from 18 to 35 years.

I think you should not ask the question of who and for what at some point these people would come out. Actually, we saw them. There, at the Crimean Parliament. And honestly, it looked like a gathering under the blue flag with a tamga and a green cloth with incomprehensible signs very weighty.

I will not particularly focus your attention on nationality, because it is generally accepted that Russians and Tatars clashed with the parliament that day.

However, how much a Tatar is a man, on whose brains the brave bearded guys from Saudi Arabia and Qatar have driven, is another question. Which I will leave open.

The second exodus of the Tatars from Crimea

A lot was said about the first one with taste, especially from the Tatars. What was under Stalin. But there was, it turns out, the second outcome. Not so forced, but still ...

When the FSB received the SBU archives in the Crimea at its disposal, the Tatar issue was worked out very carefully. People went to the addresses of people who were on the lists of “Tahrir” people. No less polite than those who killed at the root of the idea of ​​"the Tatar Crimea under the green banner."

And from March to June, 2014 was clearly explained to everyone on the lists that there was a choice: to stop participating in a banned extremist group and stay in the Russian Crimea or leave the republic.

Apparently, the tape recorder with the record of the popular song “I don’t like it - the suitcase, the train station ...” was also inherited from the SBU. And you understand the correct words, a minute thing.

For the slow-witted there was a different set of perspectives. Court, sentence, prison. Logical and vital.

And indeed, there were those who chose to flee after the leaders, Jamilev, Islyamov and the like. Of course, the number of those who went “to the other side” cannot be compared with the Stalinist resettlements, but, nevertheless, not to name the river of refugees, but sure was such a streamlet.

Those whose brains were finally poisoned by "Tahrir" ideas, who preferred to give up everything and "continue the struggle" on the Ukrainian side. Good riddance to the road, in the Crimea, the air has become clearly cleaner. And Ukraine has at its disposal a certain number of thugs of the most radical sense.

However, the Ukrainian reality for these refugees was not honey. For there were scumbags there with plenty of their own, but there was no money for maintenance. And then there are several thousand loafers who know how to scream, rob, burn and kill from around the corner.

It seems to be a plus and peremoga, but in reality not. For those who came to the bright ideas of Bandera, Shushkevich and other lights of Ukrainian thought, to put it mildly, do not care. They had their masters and their cockroaches in their heads. Different from zapadenskih.

Conflict of concepts, however ...

On the whole, religious fanatics of the Islamist sense in the fascist milieu of Ukraine fell to the court. Since no one was eager to die for the idea of ​​“Ukraine - Tseevrop”, then, accordingly, it was somehow wrong to feed this gang to the Ukrainian authorities. Therefore, the failed Crimean mojaheds got their feet, under the already familiar tune, “a suitcase, a train station ...”

By the way, there were those who set off again. And some have already buried the sands of Syria. Who was more co-operative, went to war with the infidels in the terbats. And he was in the Donbass black soil. Well, and those who are completely lucky (mostly Islyamov’s “guards”, approximate ones), they settled in the territory of the “New Crimea” in the Kherson region, where they did the usual and profitable business. Robberies and looting under the brand "blockade of the Crimea."

But the money did not increase, and without money, as you know, any protest movement in the head obeys protest rumbling in the stomach.

Leaders of the Majlis (banned in the Russian Federation) Dzhemilev, Chubarov and Islyamov with the stubbornness of the doomed tried to prove that they "control" the "resistance" of the Crimean Tatars. Why in quotes? Practice has shown that if there is no resistance, then there is no control over it.

If the two miserable hundreds that could lead to the Chongar checkpoint on the anniversary of the beginning of the “blockade of the Crimea” Islyamov - this is a protest movement, then alas, it did not impress anyone. From Russian border guards to media representatives. And even more so, the sponsors were not impressed.

Moreover, the "protest movement of the Tatars" was pretty much cleared up by the scumbags-pravosekami local bottling.

In short, not impressed.

The last blow to the protesters Tatars who? That's right, of course, Putin!

Actually - Erdogan.

It was rumored that there was such a clause in the agreement on forgiveness. Thanks to information from our regular reader, which relates to, hearing has ceased to be a rumor and has received confirmation.

Indeed, one of the conditions set by Erdogan was the cessation of kissing and feeding Dzhemilev. More precisely, it is not forbidden to meet and kiss, but there is no need to poke money. Apparently, Erdogan imbued with the essence of the moment, and here are the results.

It is impossible to collect Tatars for any decent performances. Even in Ukraine. ATR, the favorite brainchild of Jamilev, was on the verge of bankruptcy and was forced to move to Lithuania. Either it was possible to “push” the idea of ​​“Tatar protest” to illegible Balts, or someone from NATO threw money like Russophobes. Well, these gentlemen are generally ready to take everything, including potatoes. So now the main Tatar is fighting with Russia from the Baltic.

About the wretched formation of Islyamov, proudly called the “Battalion“ Crimea ”, I don’t even want to recall. Fifty unshaven ragged people.

You say, everything is fine, victory, our Crimea and all that?

Yes and no.

Of course, in the Crimea, there are many of these, bearded with Qatari chips in their heads. And the recent events in the mentioned Stroganovka are real confirmation of this.

On October 10, the operational services of the Crimean FSB for combating terrorism, with the participation of the Simferopol riot police "Berkut", searched the homes of several Crimean Tatars suspected of involvement in the extremist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, banned in Russia. As a result of the searches, electronic data carriers were found and seized, as well as disruptive literature with extremist materials.

Five suspects were detained. Given that the suspects are accused under Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (participation in terrorist activities), the court decided to choose a measure of restraint for the detainees in the form of an arrest for two months - until December 11 of 2016.

Those interested can find and watch videos from there. The scenario has not changed much: provocations and threats against security officials, women's hysteria, joint ostentatious prayer, swearing, obscenities and commemoration of Allah to the place and out of place. The latter especially delivered, the combination of Allah and the excellent knowledge of Russian foul language is something.

A crowd of bearded “activists” crowded into the small room of the Kievsky District Court, where the detainees were taken. White working day, on Wednesday. Look at the photo, something there is not observed gray-haired aksakals who, by virtue of their age, are not forbidden to stay at home and teach the youth to the mind. Pretty often the category "before 50".

I wonder what they sit at home? And how do they live? Exhausted by dystrophy is not observed.

Funny, but in social networks they raised a howl on the fact that unfortunate detainees were specially brought to a small room in order to limit the presence of a support group from relatives and fellow villagers.

I did not understand at all what the evil intentions of the authorities were. Indeed, in the same building, bearded loafers were taken under the USSR and Ukraine. What is Russia to blame? What did not rush first to build a courthouse with a hall for a thousand seats to build? So it seems that this was always enough ... Or did the authorities of Simferopol have to for the sake of such a thing, so that everyone could poorativly, the stadium for this to be adapted? How is Pinochet in his time?

Well then, it was necessary to bring all the weapons, which the security forces were pulling out of caches and pseudo-mosques, in this image and likeness. And use as intended in the style of Pinochet. Then surely no one even thought about hiding something in the cellar.

By the way, the weapons of these eternal Protestants were still Ukrainian operatives systematically and regularly raked out. And always effective. And what the FSB did during that spring was not for me to say, hundreds of people were witnesses. And many were terrified of what they saw, because exactly these trunks could spit in their direction and lead.

What is significant, and it instills "a feeling of deep satisfaction," is what a bunch of screaming on the Internet. And if you go to the sites and forums of Dzhankoy, Bakhchisarai and other, not less than the original Tatar habitats, there is silence. Nobody bothered with the bitter fate of the arrested brethren.

Whether people are busy with business, or understanding that not every such organism is a fellow. Both items are satisfied.

In fact, it can be said that the Crimean Tatars (which are normal Tatars, not chipped by Qatar and the Saudis) already perfectly represent themselves, who is their enemy, and who is their friend. Yes, the process of cleaning the minds is a long process, but as they say, we are moving in the right direction.

Of course, there are forces that interfere with the normal development in the Crimea. And we will talk about these forces in our conversations for a long time, for their name is legion. But to be silent means to collaborate. So - to be continued.
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  1. +12
    17 October 2016 15: 08
    We remember other prayers:

    "From the appeal of the Tatar Committee (03.01.42, Simferopol, meeting in the building of the SS Einsatzgruppen" D "):
    “It’s a great honor for us under the leadership of Adolf Hitler,
    the largest leader of the German people, get permission to fight.
    The fact that they trust us gives us strength so that we all speak without a doubt
    under the leadership of the German army "

    Tatars with a mullah recited 3 prayers:
    For achieving a quick victory and common goals, as well as for a long life
    Fuhrer A. Hitler.
    For the German people and their valiant army.
    For the German soldiers who died in battle. "
    1. +1
      17 October 2016 19: 39
      And here are our ..... Ramzan in the Crimea very effectively helped in the Crimea with the Tatars! Thanks Ramzan ....

      We couldn’t have agreed so clearly and quickly, the blood would have poured ...
  2. +10
    17 October 2016 15: 36
    Roman, I remember documentary footage of the XNUMXs, when these "Islyams" seized land by the sea by force.
    In fact, the FSB will not be bored there for a long time.
  3. +11
    17 October 2016 15: 49
    I’m wondering, but if there were Russians in Crimea, there were about 15% of Tatars as now, and the rest of the Tatars and Crimea would belong to Turkey, as once the Ottoman Empire, they would make Russian the second state language in Crimea along with Tatar ??? I think the answer is obvious to everyone.
    I can’t understand what they’re so busy with. From them there are only problems. Who does not like --- Suitcase, train station, Ukraine (or Turkey).
    1. +15
      17 October 2016 18: 27
      I will arouse the wrath of many commentators, but the current events in Crimea are a consequence of the 1917 revolution. If anyone was interested, he knows that the Crimean Tatars, the peoples of the North Caucasus, Central Asia were not drafted into the tsarist army. Our tsars apparently knew the history of these peoples well and remembered how these peoples ended up in Russia. The tsarist government basically did not interfere in the activities of the national elite of these peoples. Knowing their mentality, they took only volunteers, appointed commanders, as a rule, from local representatives - officers of the Russian army. The peoples of the North Caucasus and Central Asia were separated from the rest of Russia by the lands of the Cossack troops. That did not give the possibility of uncontrolled migration and robberies. In 1918, decossackization took place, after the civil war, repressions were carried out against the Cossacks, some were destroyed, some fled abroad, some were evicted, those who resigned remained. The Bolsheviks removed a powerful force that the highlanders respected and feared. The Leninist nationality policy, against which Stalin and Dzerzhinsky opposed, bore fruit, national "self-consciousness" rose. And the peoples who were forcibly annexed to Russia remembered how the Russians enslaved their ancestors. And taking into account the Leninist policy of raising the national outskirts, at the expense of the Russians, they decided that the Russians owe them. This is what Stalin and Dzerzhinsky warned about. In 1941, they began to forcibly call all these peoples into the Red Army, but they basically did not want to fight for the Russians. Naturally they deserted, went over to the side of the Germans, and became bandits. And then they were evicted for treason. But in their concept, they did not betray anyone, they fought against the Russians for their freedom, we will not argue about the methods of struggle. Lenin should have listened to Stalin and Dzerzhinsky, I think Russia would not have collapsed and such clashes on a national basis would not have been seen.
      1. +1
        17 October 2016 19: 25
        Quote: captain
        and they basically did not want to fight for the Russians. Naturally deserted, sided with the Germans, gangsters.

        Milyagi is just like Lato-Lithuanian-Estonians, Western UPAshniki.
      2. 0
        17 October 2016 19: 33
        However, it all depends on the artist. Entrust any good deed to mediocrity and you can safely record it as bad.
        This happened with the national question. If the followers of Lenin and Stalin did not cope with this matter, this does not mean that it was bad.
        And if you were not particularly interested in the dispute, I would say something like this — if they had done differently, today they would have been accused of Russifying and depersonalizing all the nations and nationalities of Russia and then the USSR.
        Nothing personal...
      3. +1
        17 October 2016 20: 00
        but modern events in Crimea, this is a consequence of the 1917 revolution

        Not only in Crimea, but also in the Donbass and Ukraine as a whole
      4. +4
        17 October 2016 21: 22
        Damn, the captain wrote everything right. hi I also thought about this more than once. It's just that it's not clear what to do with this further. This "friendship of peoples" is already pretty boring. Look at what Moscow has become. Caucasians behave cheekily and brazenly. Maybe the English method of colonial policy is more correct, I don't know ...
        1. 0
          18 October 2016 01: 14
          Except on the contrary, their ancestors enslaved the Russians. Yes and even treated with their blood
          according to the English method, they would be allowed to drum
        2. +4
          19 October 2016 08: 14
          Question: why do Caucasians behave cheekily and brazenly in Moscow? and honor the elders and stuff in their own home in Grozny for example? it may be that the Russians have no understandable Culture (culture is a system of internal restrictions). We built temples, but we don’t believe in God and we don’t read the Bible, girls behave cheekily, they don’t respect elders, they only believe in money
          1. 0
            19 October 2016 19: 27
            Well said, right. True human behavior is distorted and turned into unacceptable. This is all from replacing the true meaning of human life with a false one. We forget God. For those who want to live life right, according to the teachings of the Church, St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov) compiled this message http: //brianchaninov.rf/tom4/52.shtml.
      5. SIT
        17 October 2016 23: 17
        Quote: captain
        Naturally deserted, sided with the Germans, gangsters.

        According to the military commissariats, in March 1942, out of 14576 Chechen conscripts deserted 13560 people who went into the mountains and joined the gangs.

        At the end of August 1943, the head of the political department of the military commissariat of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Colonel Ivanov, informed the higher authorities: “The situation continues to be tense in Shatoevsky, Itum-Kalinsky, Cheberloevsky, Sharoevsky and other areas.
        . 12.8.43, a group of bandits entered the district center of Achaluksky district, armed with machine guns, rifles. The bandits fired, attacked the apartment of police officer Bistov, opened fire on the windows. Bistov managed to escape, and the 14-year-old daughter was killed.
        2. 18.8.43, from the collective farm to them. “2nd Five-Year Plan” of the Achaluksky district bandits led away collective farm horses.
        3. 18.8.43, in the area of ​​villages. Buty an armed gang of up to 30 people attacked a convoy with a cargo of Sharoevsky general store.
        4. On 19.8.43, a group of armed gangs in the Kirinsky Village Council stole up to 300 sheep.
        5. In the Achkhoy-Martan district 13.8. 43, in the village of Chu-Zhi-Chu, the chairman of the village council, Comrade Larsonova, was killed by a group of bandits.

        Ordinary gangsters, but what kind of url will shed blood at the front when you can rob in the rear?
        1. +2
          19 October 2016 03: 06
          ideological. I’m not ordinary, Russian slaves began to appear from them almost as soon as they returned
          before that, at least 70 thousand Terek and Kuban Russian Cossacks (disarmed men, women, old children) were destroyed, after the genocide of the population, the Cossack lands were included in Trotsky as part of Chechen-Ingushetia - all of its plain part and part of the mountainous
  4. +3
    17 October 2016 16: 01
    I think there will be something else, liquidation operations like in Dagestan are possible, the quarantine has passed and there will be no ceremony. Their main trump cards are unity, the ability to create large protest rallies, oriented of course to the world press, their goal for the future, this is the sole possession of Crimea, and as Igor1981 suggested, if they had an advantage, they would not be afraid to arrange a massacre, forcing the Russian population to flee from Crimea.
  5. 0
    17 October 2016 16: 06
    I feel our undersigners will finance Crimean ter cells.
  6. +7
    17 October 2016 16: 07
    The Crimean Tatars are a good example of how the descendants of official bandits demand respect for themselves only on the basis that they are descendants of bandits. It is strange that those Tatars who fought against the Germans today are not even mentioned, it seems they were not Tatars, and that the families of these Tatars in Crimea, like the relatives of Akhmet Khan Sultan, were forced to join the * Palitsai *, and those who refused refused were killed by the Tatars - neighbors, those who served the Germans.
  7. +2
    18 October 2016 07: 52
    Crimean Tatars will be a problem if the FSB stops "catching mice" in Crimea. Literally and figuratively. There is no point to count on - so far, the effectiveness of the "siloviks" has been obvious even in Dagestan lately. And there the "base" is much wider.
  8. +1
    18 October 2016 12: 34
    In Crimea, the people are mostly annoyed not by the Tatars, but by local political figures (the authorities), which are generally represented by the old, Ukrainian. As in the Soviet Union - not ordinary communists and Komsomol members suddenly after 91 became democrats and ardent fighters with the CPSU. The corruption and irremovability of power under any regime is frightening.
  9. 0
    18 October 2016 18: 20
    These are just creatures hiding behind politics
  10. 0
    19 October 2016 12: 08
    What did not rush the first thing to build a courthouse with a hall for a thousand seats to build? So it seems that this was always enough ... Or should the authorities of Simferopol be for the sake of such a thing, so that everyone could shout at random, adapt the stadium for this?

    Roman style ... Colosseum ...
    And the cries of the stands: "Death to them" and thumbs down ...
  11. 0
    19 October 2016 19: 10
    The division into Tatars or not Tatars is, to put it mildly, reckless. The author, as it escalates ... There are citizens of Russia who have not yet felt the effects of Russian legislation. If you look at the material from the article in this way, then on the face are some, minor flaws in the authorities. It is time to apply the law to all kinds of support groups for detainees. And no nationalism. Author minus for sucking a finger. Sorry.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"