Russian Defense Ministry called publications on the "death in Syria of six officers of the Russian Armed Forces"

On the eve of the Western media appeared materials in which it was alleged about the death of several Russian soldiers in Syria. At the same time, all references were made to militants from the Failak al-Sham terrorist group, who said that six officers of the Russian Armed Forces had died in Syria. In the Russian Ministry of Defense such statements are refuted.

From the message of the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (results RIA News):
Messages in foreign social networks about the alleged death of Russian servicemen have no basis and are intentional informational stuffing. All Russian military personnel stationed in Syria are alive and healthy and, to the envy of the provocateurs, carry out and will perform tasks for their intended purpose.

Russian Defense Ministry called publications on the "death in Syria of six officers of the Russian Armed Forces"

The liberal users of the Network managed to note the posts that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation "cannot, on the basis of the law, confirm the death of Russian servicemen participating in a military operation." This statement does not withstand any criticism, since the main defense department of the country did not hide the information about any of the servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces who died in Syria.

Against this background, information about the death of an American soldier comes from the Syrian province of Racca. He, under unexplained circumstances, was fatally wounded. The Pentagon has not yet commented on this event.
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  1. +3
    15 October 2016 06: 31
    No matter how you wait, dog children!
    1. Cat
      15 October 2016 06: 48
      Mother-in-law was buried ......, two accordions were torn.
      DO NOT WAIT am
      Here it is the open face of "partners". Especially "climbed" on the Ukrainian and Baltic information sites, everywhere jubilation .......... right up to the lights of the terrorists. Sick gentlemen. hi
      1. jjj
        15 October 2016 07: 36
        And note, the yoke is immediately telegraphed to democratic media, and they are eager to replicate. It turns out that the Western media serves terrorists
        1. +8
          15 October 2016 09: 04
          The "exceptional" try to "wang" ...
          The State Department's "talking head", not marked by the presence of traces of intelligence, says: "Russia will continue to send soldiers home in body bags, continue to lose resources and maybe even more planes ..."
          And as if by a wave, without postponing it on the back burner - in Western social networks and the media, our servicemen began to "die" ...
          As our ancestors used to say - "Don't wake up dashingly while it's quiet ..."
          "Guided" themselves to the fifth point ...
        2. Cat
          15 October 2016 09: 20
          Our left-wing media were also highlighted. In the morning talk about the second "Avgan".
          Quote of one, forgive me "fools": "What we fought for, we ran into it" and this is our left-wing media. One obscene words are asked.
    2. +13
      15 October 2016 07: 38
      Quote: sdc_alex
      No matter how you wait, dog children!

      Why didn’t they wait, they have long been waiting, but I don’t want to rejoice at this, unlike them. negative
      1. 0
        15 October 2016 09: 31
        We in Russia know what losses in "manpower" are .... Now again we are shouting to the whole world "Stop fighting, let's agree .." They don't hear us again ...
        Again we are poisoned and driven into a corner ... But to fight, oh, how I do not want to!
        As Stolypin said, "Give Russia 20 years of peace and you won't recognize it ..."
  2. +7
    15 October 2016 06: 32
    Six generals or marshals would write at once!
    1. 0
      15 October 2016 11: 53
      Ragul-ash-Sham-jalyap-al-Barak news agency and not write ....
  3. +3
    15 October 2016 06: 40
    Alive and will live! And look at their wake! angry
  4. +3
    15 October 2016 06: 41
    Syrian military personnel are alive, well and, to the envy of provocateurs, they carry out and will carry out the tasks as intended.

    They answered well. Regarding the Russian liberal press - what, what, but this "information" of foreign media, this press sucks for a long time and with manic rapture. At the same time, they do not hide their joy. This is who, like the terrorists, must be cut down at the root.
  5. +4
    15 October 2016 06: 46
    When will our media cease to publish backward, unverified false information? Why does our MO not file lawsuits against those media that issue such a lie to the masses? Where are our lawyers? They can literally turn mountains - so what is the problem? ??
    1. 0
      15 October 2016 13: 23
      Because the "hidden, unverified false information" can hardly be refuted, and the chance to win the trial is slightly less than zero. And so you can non-stop lying to your citizens, blurring the truth.
  6. +7
    15 October 2016 07: 32
    Only six? Why so few? Oh, you also need to learn from the Svidomo.
    They have already destroyed the entire Pskov Airborne Division five times, and this is not counting the two regiments of Armat, the armored ammunition of the Buryat and police division, and even so, in detail. fellow
  7. +5
    15 October 2016 07: 34
    To all servicemen in the SAR of good health and good luck for evil to all the barley men and their patrons, Amen! drinks
  8. +2
    15 October 2016 07: 35
    Brothers are working .. do not wait ..... hi
  9. +2
    15 October 2016 07: 36
    This gossip annoys me. Even if it’s true. The fact that the military has such a dangerous job.
  10. +2
    15 October 2016 08: 29
    Eh all of our liberals, send on vacation in the IG. And see how they come back from there, alive, healthy.
    1. +2
      15 October 2016 09: 02
      They would, like in the good old days, be put on a train and sent to those countries that they praise (dreams, dreams). Unfortunately, the times are not the same, compulsory psychiatric treatment is also absent, many necessary articles from the Criminal Code have been removed, and worms have multiplied. Note that today, not a single liberoid $ lyadb (simply traitors to the Motherland) does not voluntarily leave our country, but crap "on the spot", $ rut is eaten there from where it is so convenient and comfortable. Let the devils relax - it will be easier to search, if the time comes, they will sip the people's anger.
  11. +1
    15 October 2016 08: 51
    Interestingly, and this photo was placed by amers to confirm the deaths of servicemen? But after all, such tables are "set" in our country not at funerals, but at awards and assignments of regular military ranks. Another puncture ...
  12. 0
    15 October 2016 09: 05
    They are likened to Ukrainian "well-wishers", but they did not indicate the defeat of the Buryat tank cavalry militia corps near Aleppo ...
  13. +2
    15 October 2016 10: 11
    (Liberal Web users managed to check posts ...)

    Well, what about without them. For Gozmans, Bykovs, Nekrasovs, Uritskys and other Navalny, this is like a balm for the soul. Should anything happen, the division of the "Vlasovites" will rise instantly, although it will be called "Kasyanovtsy" or "Khodorkovtsy". And in front of the orchestra. Makarevich under the direction of Valdis Pelsh. So, in my opinion.
  14. +6
    15 October 2016 11: 44
    Given that Putin ordered the secret of the loss of troops in Syria, there are some doubts about the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry.
    1. 0
      16 October 2016 09: 37
      Yes, you sho? True?
  15. 0
    16 October 2016 10: 22
    Yes, I admit combat losses during hostilities, this is not a walk in the fresh air. But what the Western media do I call arrogance and lies. And I want to remind them of a Russian proverb, The one who laughs the last laughs (paraphrasing it a little), THE ONE WHO IS JOYS THE LAST IS JOY. So, "gentlemen", DO NOT RELAX at our losses, WHETHER EXPRESS OR INCIDENTAL !!!

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