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As Galya confessed in love (the story of the military picture)

This photograph of Ivan Alexandrovich Narcissov is called “Amateur Art Review”. It was made in 1942 on the Kalinin front.

It is incomprehensible: between the bloody battles, in the most difficult marching conditions our soldiers found the strength to compete in the possession of an artistic word, instrument or singing skill. And it’s not for a tick, they did it - what a tick for poems or a song, when around it?
The girl's name is Galina Nagovitsyna. In 1942, she turned 19 years old, she was a health instructor. And the guy on the right is Sergey Komoltsev (or Komolov, I didn’t make out the manuscript).

History This artistic room is amazing, as amazing are the good people and their every act.

Galya from the very first meeting (it happened back in the 1941 year) realized that she had loved Seryozha. Sergei, silent and calm by nature, did not show his feelings, only occasionally blushing when he turned out to be near Galya during lunch.

There were heavy battles under Yelnya. During the attack, Sergei wounded in the leg. This would not be life-threatening, but the soldier Komoltsev lost consciousness and, as a result, a lot of blood. Galya hardly found him in a ditch, partially covered with earth. She pulled out, bandaged and dragged to a sanitary point.

Having come to his senses, Sergey refused from the hospital, referring to the fact that he could soon walk. And at this very moment Galya realized that he was afraid to part with her ...
Understood - but on that for now there was an ellipsis. There were heavy battles, our soldiers fought for their native land. Silent Sergey fought, fervent Galya fought. If it were needed, both would give life for each other without hesitation. But they were afraid to admit their feelings. And time passed ...
Once, at the moment of calm, one of the fighters suggested holding an amateur art contest. The idea instantly provoked a response, smiles, laughter: the exhausted, tired soldiers' souls wanted at least a moment of peaceful life. Began to remember with enthusiasm favorite songs, chastooshkas, verses. Galya volunteered to perform “Oh, frost, frost” - everyone knew that the girl had a very good voice.

And suddenly, in the midst of a cheerful discussion, one elderly soldier quite seriously said:
- Galina! The fact that you sing beautifully, we already know. Read our poems better!

The girl was embarrassed: she knew little poetry. But the soldier did not lag behind:
- Similarly, poems! Pushkin would be. Something about love ... Do you remember the letter of Tatiana Larina?
- No.
- No problem! We will remember him together now. You will record and learn. And at the review we read. Make the old people really nice, daughter.
Well, how to refuse? And Galya, dimly guessing the trick, was forced to agree.

The fighters immediately began to remember. True, the letters did not completely overcome, but still got to the line "But, they say, you are not human ...". The girl began to learn.

On the day of the review, she went to the "stage" (specially constructed wooden flooring) and began:
- I am writing to you, what is more ...
- Well, what is it? - the voice of the soldier suddenly struck. - What kind of letter without Onegin? Well, guys, let's get something, Seryoga, we ask you to go on stage. Read to him, Galya.

The soldiers laughed, clapped, began to push the young fighter forward.

Absolutely embarrassed, bewildered, reddened Galya began again. At first, timidly, and then, as can be seen from the picture, already confidently and sincerely. Of course, she understood everything, but she was not angry with fellow soldiers. Understood and Sergey ...

I do not know whether these two people were destined to forever tie their fate. But I know for sure that Seryozha confessed his love to Gale that evening.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 17 October 2016 07: 53
    Thank you Sophia, very lyrical ..
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 17 October 2016 08: 39
      I will join with all my heart
      .Russian people have always been able to express their feelings, emotions, noble and beautiful.
      This is not the first article that in the most difficult, tragic times, a Russian person could be lyrical, think about a loved one, be attentive to his comrades, to their experiences ..
  2. masiya
    masiya 17 October 2016 07: 57
    Not that platform for lyrics and snot women ...
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 17 October 2016 08: 15
      Quote: masiya
      Not that platform for lyrics and snot women ...

      Here you are not here. From me to the pillar. Ponime?
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 17 October 2016 08: 48
        regretted the absence of minuses for those who are rude outside their home. As it would be simple and clear - 10, -20, -30 ....... And I have to spend a lot of letters.
        Although ----- disrespect for the author is one of the options .......
    2. goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 17 October 2016 20: 42
      (-). Stay there yourself if the point doesn’t flinch ...
  3. EvgNik
    EvgNik 17 October 2016 08: 11
    Sophia, thanks. Compared to yesterday’s article on PAP, heaven and earth.
  4. ildar
    ildar 17 October 2016 19: 42
    it became so warm in my soul
    1. Sofia
      17 October 2016 20: 29
      Thank you, dear forum users! Thank you very much! And you, masiya, I, frankly, sorry. And even silly to explain why it is a pity - you still do not understand.
      Thank you again!