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16-I Red Banner Squadron of submarines

16-I Red Banner Squadron of submarines

Short история squadron looks like this:
July 2, 1938 by decision of the Pacific Military Council fleet Three submarines: L-7, L-9, and L-10 of 41 battalion 6 of the submarine brigade under the flag of captain 1st rank brigade commander Zaostrovtsev were relocated from Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Captain of the 3rd rank A. Kulagin was appointed commander of the division. From the moment it arrived at the new location, the division became known as: 41 separate submarine battalions, 4 brigades of the Pacific Fleet. To provide the submarines with the decision of the Military Council of the Pacific Fleet, 361 coastal submarine bases were created.
The main tasks of the Kamchatka Division were the study and development of the coast in the area of ​​responsibility, reconnaissance, and landing landing operations of reconnaissance and sabotage groups.
During the Great Patriotic War, by decision of the USSR State Defense Committee, four submarines of the Vladivostok base and two submarines of the Kamchatka formation: L-15 and L-16 in 1942 made the transition on the route: Avacha Bay - Dutch Harbor - San Francisco - Panama Canal - Atlantic - Polar (Kola Peninsula), where they merged into the Northern Fleet. During the transition in 820 miles west of San Francisco, the L-16 was attacked by an enemy submarine and sank. “L-15”, having safely flown into the Northern Fleet, subsequently sank the 4 of the German ship and participated in the setting of minefields.
In August, 1945, the submarines of the division provided cover for the landing of Soviet troops on the islands of the Kuril Ridge.
In subsequent years, the division grows to the size of the division, repeatedly changes its name, and its submarines make more and more distant trips, covering several oceans with their presence. Thus, from October 27 1959 to March 24 1960, the 611 submarines of the B-88 and B-90 submarines in support of the Mikhail Kalinin and the tanker Vilyuisk under the general command of the rank of captain B.N. Weschtort under the “Tide” program, they made an inter-fleet transition from the Northern Fleet by the southern route through the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans around Africa and Australia. In 1 days, the squad traveled more than 150 thousands of miles. It was the first in the history of the Navy transoceanic inter-fleet transition of submarines around Australia.
18 June 1963 from the Primorye Territory to the Krasheninnikov Bay on Kamchatka to the permanent base in the 45 division arrived the first nuclear submarine of the X-NUMX project X-NUMX.
Atomic submarines begin to regularly perform transarctic underwater transitions from the Northern Fleet to the Pacific, to make trans-oceanic voyages of tens of thousands of miles and a duration of more than a hundred days.
22 February 1968, in the year of the 50 anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy, for its great contribution to strengthening the defensive power of the Soviet state, for success in military and political training, mastering the 15 technology squadron of submarines of the Pacific Fleet awarded the Order of the Red Banner - the compound became known as the Red Banner.
In the 70 and 80 of the 20 of the century, the composition of the formation ships was regularly updated, the range and duration of the campaigns increased, new tests of the combat capabilities of submarines were conducted.
In October 1975, the second crew of SSBN "K-258" under the command of captain 1 of the rank of G. Marchuk, combining state tests with control and serial tests of rocket weapons, performed rocket shooting with the actual launch of six ballistic missiles, for which an excellent rating was given. Such missile firing in the fleet was carried out for the first time and received high marks from the state commission.
1975 year.
In the 1989, there were five divisions in the flotilla, 42 units of the ship, which was the heyday of the power of the union.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union 26 July 1992, the naval flag of the USSR was solemnly lowered on the ships of the flotilla and the Andrew flag was hoisted.
Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, reflected in the Armed Forces, submarines continued to fulfill the tasks of command and master new methods of firing and the use of submarines for peaceful purposes. In 1993, the submarine under the command of the captain 1 of the rank of S. Igishev, thanks to the high professionalism of the crew, for the first time carried out firing of cruise missiles at coastal targets.
The crew of "K-434" (project XNUMHAU, commander captain 667 rank V. I. Prokhorov) took part in a unique scientific experiment. At the head of the rocket, which was launched into orbit, there was a technological module for the production of interferon, a valuable raw material for the production of drugs.
1 September 1998, the management of the 2 Red Banner Flotilla of nuclear submarines was reorganized into the 16 control of the Red Banner Operations Squadron, and 1 on June 2003 of the year - in the 16 Red Banner Squadron of submarines, having received its current name.

The squadron is 20 submarines, some of which are constantly on duty in the oceans. We were allowed to visit one of the submarines.
The nuclear submarine cruiser of the project 949А "Chelyabinsk" was provided for the visit.


Crews do not protect boats, for this there is a special company of protection



"Catacombs" submarines


Give up hope everyone entering here ©


If the submarine "Karelia" in the Northern Fleet was allowed to shoot in quite a few places, then in "Chelyabinsk" we were held very quickly and practically were not allowed to shoot. At the main command post of the ship they were allowed to remove only this part in a strictly defined perspective.




Memo for those who wish to aggravate


Very surprised by the presence of a sauna in a submarine.
The dressing-room


Steam Room


After the steam room - in the pool. Duck really touched :)


Shower room


In the campaign is allowed to swim every ten days, in shifts. After bathing, you can relax in two cabins, where you can sit, admire various plants, parrots (after a couple of months of hiking, where iron and iron are everywhere, it is very useful), watch movies, play chess
Plant assistants are caring for plants.






From the submarines it was still possible to remove the return of the nuclear submarine cruiser Ave. XNUMHA А Tver ’from firing of Granit anti-ship missiles at a surface target



Large submarine project 877 "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker"


In the foreground is an atomic large submarine, pr. 671РТМ "B-242", then an atomic submarine cruiser, pr. 949А "Krasnoyarsk"


Today, the squadron is preparing to receive three new submarines of the 955 "Borey" project, for which crews have already been formed. One of them is already on the head boat of the project “Yuri Dolgoruky”, which is being tested in the White Sea. The second on "Alexander Nevsky" in Severodvinsk, the third is being trained.

Then we went to the squadron headquarters, which guarded the sentry in such an interesting outfit. Since he was not supposed to talk at his post, it was impossible to find out whether he had glasses or not.


Squadron emblem


Briefly about the squadron, we were told by the commander himself, Rear Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, who has been in this position since July last year.


The commander was told about the base infrastructure so that we sometimes just rolled around laughing, and in the end we applauded to him heartily. Be sure to watch this video, it tells in detail about the formation of the social component of the base.

If someone was too lazy to watch, in short, the situation is as follows: after Putin arrived in 2004, which looked at the devastation taking place at the base, large-scale construction and improvement of the social component of life was undertaken. 14 dwelling houses, two kindergartens, an ice palace, an aquapark with an entertainment center, an officers' house were built and reconstructed. This year, at the end of October, Spetsstroy will continue to work, demolishing three old buildings, on the site of which two residential buildings will be erected on 80 and 100 apartments, respectively.
Even in the headquarters there are simulators.


Billiard room


Recreation area


For the crews of the submarines of the project "Borey" a comfortable hostel barracks was built in advance


All personnel are provided with housing: family apartments are provided with service apartments, single - apartments in the dormitory (they say that they don’t want to move out of the dormitories into the apartment, because the living conditions are the same, but you have to pay and clean up the apartment yourself, while the hostel is all performed by the attendants). Beds in the hostel barracks are only needed for new arrivals for service (as long as they are not provided accommodation) and for the shift on duty


Leisure room


Household room




Shower room


In the next building is a dining room. Room for rank and file


And for the highest officer practically do not differ


Ice rink built in 2009 year



In memory of the deceased team of Yaroslavl


Hockey is very popular at the base, there are several teams that compete with each other. The captain of the team "Ocean", for example, is the commander himself (as a defender)


When hockey players do not train, everyone wants to ride, prices are fairly democratic.


For comparison - the allowance, which receives the rank and file (plus the award on the order number XXUMX). The officers, of course, receive more plus bonuses for the 1010-th order, plus "northern"


The son of one of the officers also participated in the training.


Entertainment center and water park


At the moment, preparations are underway for the winter season, maintenance of boiler rooms, so there is no water now. But the center employees were very much asked to say that the start was postponed until October (something seemed to have stalled with funding), so they are very worried that the season may not start






Visit rates



Since they came on Saturday, there were no children in kindergarten. There are two new kindergartens in the town - "Fairy Tale" and "Little Mermaid" on 200 and 190 children, respectively. Now they will build another one, because available is not enough. The teachers are the wives of the military, who have a pedagogical education. The salary of the educator is small - from 14-16 thousand


View of the military town. In the circle runs a minibus, travel - 10 rubles. There are three companies that provide taxi services, by town - 100 rubles



One of the new residential buildings


The arrival of a horde of journalists carefully watched. In the role of the observer - Chapik :)


All doors on combination locks, on the ground floor a large pram


One-room apartment of one of the lieutenants, who with his wife was given to the "torn apart" by television crews




Living room. All decoration and furniture - state. Lieutenant's wife works at a local photo salon as a photographer



It was impossible to get into the kitchen because of the presence of many cameras, so I did not take it off.
I didn’t have time to ask about a one-room apartment, but a two-room apartment (75 X2) draws 11 500 rubles a month, of which heating takes up the lion’s share (season from late September to early June).

A few photos in the end.
Monument to the submarine "L-16", killed in 1942 year


US Navy AN / SSQ-41B trophy sonar buoy, resettable aviation and designed to search for submarines


And this slope near the town is a local ski slope. In winter, the favorite riding place

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  1. tronin.maxim
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    Very interesting article! Here is the Russian nuclear fist from the triad. Poseidon himself could not imagine such a force! This is our argument for our enemies abroad!
  2. gosha1970
    gosha1970 18 January 2012 10: 05
    And, judging by the photo, it’s not at all bad. I myself served in the Navy for 20 years, of which iron-7.
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    1. KVIRTU-74
      KVIRTU-74 18 January 2012 16: 00
      I happened to be a guest at the Chelyabinsk nuclear submarine in August 2010. Not everything was so beautiful then. Maybe her today's beautiful appearance is the merit of the new captain of the boat who arrived after the academy? Yes, and in those days, by the way, we were taken to this boat. Probably, even then she was in better condition than other boats. But she had enough problems too ... (from a conversation with her commander)
  6. erix-xnumx
    erix-xnumx 18 January 2012 14: 12
    On the 23rd photo, the emblem is not of the 16th squadron, but of the 10th submarine division, which is part of the squadron. On the emblem of another division I saw such a motto - "We are the last argument of Russia." wink
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    SIA 18 January 2012 14: 54
    Cool article, and very good, quality photos.
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    maybe they actually got smarter and realized that the fleet is not only ships, but also infrastructure .. and if Putin hadn’t arrived, I don’t know what would have happened .. (
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