A revolution will take place in the European Union

The liberation fire of the struggle against the totalitarian past of Europe will sweep the cities, uproot the bureaucratic contagion of the supranational government and destroy the hydra of European imperialism.

The paragraph above is a joke for the sake of it. However, some people said about the “revolution” in the EU: Mr. Kaczynski. Viktor Orban signed up with his quiet companions.

Interview with Pan Kaczynski appeared in influential German newspaper «Die Welt». The main thesis of the Pole: "We are reforming the EU, or a collapse will happen to it." Note that Jaroslaw Kaczynski does not say “must reform”, “we will try to reform” or even “intend to reform”. The statement is tough: “We are reforming” (“Wir reformieren die EU ...”).

A revolution will take place in the European Union

Why did the representative of Warsaw start talking about the revolutionary transformation of the European Union? And what is the role of Germany in the fire of the liberation revolution? Or not retracted?

Not diverted.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski imagines the role of the “savior” of the EU practically of himself. Well, or volunteer helpers. Not only he, but already Viktor Orban from Hungary dream of some kind of “counter-revolution”, which in the “traditional” sense is called “revolution”. Kaczynski himself explains these vague ideas like this:

“All of Europe faces significant challenges. Political correctness reduces freedom of speech, as well as freedom of religion, freedom of discussion and freedom of choice. We will be witnessing how democracy is eliminated. We are the ones who defend themselves against this phenomenon, both in Poland and in Europe. Therefore, I spoke with Victor Orban about counter-revolution, although we traditionally prefer to talk about revolution in Poland - it will help us to come to freedom. ”

When asked by the correspondent, “What do you want to achieve with the help of this revolution?” Kaczynski responded with a proposal “to return to the concept of nation states in Europe”. The representative of Warsaw advocates “viable institutions” capable of ensuring democracy, freedom and cultural diversity. Cultural unification of Europe is a “dangerous” path of development.

Further, Mr. Kaczynski proposed to return to the UK Great Britain. This is necessary if only the EU wants to be a “global superpower”. It is not good when “national cultural identities” are thrown overboard.

Then Kaczynski criticized the behavior of the EU towards Poland. According to him, Brussels is "much better and friendlier" to Ankara than to Warsaw. “This is a bitter surprise,” added Kaczynski, “kindness towards Ankara, but the choice of harsh words in relation to Warsaw.”

Brussels does not want to allow a compromise that is possible with respect to little Hungary with respect to a large Poland, the Pole said in an interview. But Poland is a member of the EU and NATO, its economy is growing, order and stability in the treasury. "Poland will always remain Poland!"

As for the future of Europe, Kaczynski depicted him in dark colors. The situation is changing rapidly - "and, I think, not for the better." The spokesmen of national interests are becoming stronger everywhere: in Germany, AfD (AdG, “Alternative for Germany”), in France — Marine Le Pen (“I don’t think she will win the election, but she is young, she still has time”). “Or take a look at the“ League of the North ”and populist parties in Scandinavia,” the interviewee noted.

Kaczynski did not predict what Europe would look like in six years. National movements are expanding in Italy, in the Netherlands an anti-European party has risen, and "strange" forces are becoming stronger in Greece and Spain. “Either we are reforming the EU, or a collapse awaits it,” summed up the politician.

According to Kaczynski, his party is “categorically against any kind of anti-Semitism and racism.” But "if someone comes to the country and wants to live there, he must follow local rules." However, some European countries that accepted refugees "forgotten these rules." Bottom line: conflicts have arisen. “Another problem is the aggressiveness of Muslim immigrants, especially towards women,” added Kaczynski.

Poland will not bend under pressure from Western European countries, Kaczynski said. “We will not bow,” he said. According to him, Angela Merkel with her policy runs the risk of resigning.

The conversation turned about the "military provocation from the Russian side."

Kaczynski believes that "provocations and aggressive behavior of Russia" are demonstrated "constantly". Russia's behavior suggests that it “has not yet adapted to the new European reality 1989 / 91”.

According to the politician, this situation will last for a long time. “We will be able to normalize the situation only when it comes to Russia that there is a limit,” says Kaczynski. Moscow is already living at the limit of resource consumption, and it was just like that “just before the end of the Soviet Union”.

By the way, let us add, the other day in the press, curious reports appeared about the “overcoming” by Poland of “dependence” on Russia.

Of course, the same Mr. Kaczynski announced this.

According to him, the construction of a sea canal through the Baltic Spit will allow Poland to end its dependence on Russia.

As the leader of the Law and Justice Party, Yaroslav Kaczynski, noted, since the times of the Polish People's Republic, due to the opposition from Moscow, the country could not create a channel that should connect the port city of Elblong with the Baltic Sea.

"Due to the construction of the channel, we close this question, show that we are a sovereign state", - quotes Kaczynski "Lenta.ru".

Kaczynski added that in this way Poland "will completely end its dependence on Russia."

At present, we recall, ships come to Elblлонg through the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.

As we see, Mr. Kaczynski intends to organize something like a revolution in the European Union and at the same time end “provocations” of Russia and “dependence” on it. Obviously, a few years later Warsaw will become something like a new Germany in Europe: after all, Angela Merkel in Kaczynski's searchlights has no place.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for topwar.ru
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    1. +2
      17 October 2016 07: 02
      GayES will be "reformed" by migrants, Kaczynski was two years late ...
      1. 0
        17 October 2016 18: 37
        Quote - "Kachinsky was two years late ..."

        No, he was not late, just a void appeared on the EU news and he decided to fill this void with his own nonsense.
        They looked at Poland in the EU condescendingly for the time being, when it was needed, but apparently she already got everyone with her claims and began to slowly forget about her. Kaczynski again decided to remind about Poland, and so he reminded him.

        Everything resembles the fact that unforeseen expenses (in the form of assistance to refugees and terrorists retreating on all fronts) and lost revenues (from Russian countermeasures, England’s contributions and a pan-European decline in production) formed in the EU budget, so Poland decided to go for outright blackmail by the EU, adding steamed Hungary to the heap. The train of thought is understandable, but the result is not obvious - either with the EU or by itself. The first option begs for itself, so one thing remains - to blackmail and scare the EU with their delusional fantasies.

        By the way, Poland is not original and not alone in this regard. The Baltics have long been "hooking up" under the name "Russian military threat and invasion", demanding endless monetary subsidies and various preferences, remembering that the EU financial assistance program for these limitrophes is being pumped in 2020.

        The question is for Brussels, or rather for Germany - either it will shut up the throats of the European beggars and bawlers with small handouts, or will send them to float freely. Considering the German stinginess and pedantry, she will most likely close the issue with small handouts, until she herself runs out of steam or "Uncle Sam" does not read in Bose.
    2. +2
      17 October 2016 07: 08
      Kachinsky, even though he is an enemy of Russia, says absolutely correct words about the EU.

      The totalitarian monster, which has absorbed all the worst aspects of imperialism and socialism, and even equipped with the ideology of sodomy, will certainly fall apart. De facto. How de jure will be there is not so important.

      Political correctness is cursed by all sane citizens. Multiculturalism is a perversion, equal to perhaps only sodomy. Globalism already exists only on paper. Competition is destroyed by the Euroregulators, who are real commissioners - not only by name, but also by essence.
      Pseudo-communist inventions about the socialization of children - this is implemented in the European Union. The supposedly socialist equality of citizens in poverty is the everyday life of the EU, if we recall the level of unemployment, homelessness, and excessive loans (credit slavery).
      Soviet media censorship is booming; just instead of a truly revolutionary ideology, the ideology of sodomy is moving forward. A step to the left, a step to the right - economic shooting on the spot (ostracism, dismissal, etc.).

      All the worst has accumulated in the EU.
      1. +3
        17 October 2016 08: 58
        Quote: Gormengast
        Kachinsky, even though he is an enemy of Russia, says absolutely correct words about the EU.

        The totalitarian monster, which has absorbed all the worst aspects of imperialism and socialism, and even equipped with the ideology of sodomy, will certainly fall apart. De facto. How de jure will be there is not so important.

        pan Kaczynski intends to organize something like a revolution in the European Union

        How do Jews around the world like to make any kind of revolution
    3. +3
      17 October 2016 07: 12
      What will happen to Poland if the Russian Federation, as an energy power, begins to cut off from energy flows? And Germany cut European aid. The EU pumped 160 billion euros into Warsaw in order to transfer to its standards - are they going to give something back or what !? You won’t see any English help anymore - the Poles and the Balts want to drag London into the EU again, which spent 11 billion a year on their well-being. Polish banks and industry controlled by corporations in Western Europe. Well, apples, now they can cut down orchards or plant on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Poles needed this Russophobia - let them look at the Balts with Ukrainians ?! Still others are taught to live. hi
      I’m afraid that instead of reform, they’ll receive an invoice for payment.
      1. 0
        17 October 2016 09: 04
        Quote: Kasym
        Polish banks and industry controlled by corporations in Western Europe.

        It is precisely under the control of corporations, and not under the control of politicians. German and French business are by no means happy with the EU sanctions policy towards Russia and a number of other countries. Perhaps with the help of Poland, and not only Poland - this same business will defend its lost positions. In general, we will watch.
    4. +4
      17 October 2016 07: 14
      Apparently the monarchs of Prussia, Austria and Russia were right at the time when they shared this swaggering state three times already. They were divided up to complete destruction, but the Bolsheviks did their best, ruined the Russian Empire and revived this swagger, created a headache for Russia for centuries and the EU at the same time. We’ll choke on shit with this miracle nation.
    5. +1
      17 October 2016 07: 34
      Oh yes, okay - "revolution". There will be no "revolution". After all, what is the "European Union"? This is, first of all, the abandonment of state sovereignty in favor of free crossing of borders by capital, goods and labor. However, it was a good idea, so to speak "lure", in fact "brossel", or rather the Danish-Dutch political and economic mafia cleverly raked up the power in the "EU" due to the so-called "quotas" of everything and everyone, bringing to naught all the "attractiveness" of the "European Union" for business and entrepreneurship. Politicians and officials in the "EU" have a completely different alignment - all of them, regardless of their nationality, receive a salary from Brussels, that is, they are directly supported by this very Danish-Dutch mafia, this was done on purpose so that they do not have even attempts to defend national interests different from the policy of "Brussels". And the common people ... the common people were given the opportunity to look for work in the entire "European" market and ... that's all. And so, over time, contradictions have accumulated, repelling the business-entrepreneurial part and the labor force from politicians and officials in different countries under the control of Brussels. Entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with the fact that politics now everywhere determines what to do for business and the enormous pressure on their business by populists from the "green" parties that have made their way into the parliaments of countries on the wave of "liberalization". The working class faced internal competition and an influx of migrants in the labor market, moreover, artificially burdened, for political reasons, caused by the crisis. But politicians and officials in European countries, as they bathed in chocolate, so they bathe in it, they do not care about the problems that need to be solved in their countries, they are waiting for "Brussels" to settle everything. So, the Europeans have no way out if they want to live normally in their countries, taking into account their internal interests, they need to throw off their "pro-Brussels" politicians and officials, and this cannot be done without breaking up the "European Union". But it became scary for all the "Caucasians" to ruin it, it would be necessary to "settle" everything themselves: in finance, in the economy and in politics, and therefore no one in the "European countries" will do this, they will shout as the Greeks shouted for noise and shut up.
      1. 0
        17 October 2016 09: 30
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        Danish-Dutch Mafia

        I really didn’t think so. And why exactly the Danes and the Dutch? In my opinion, Germany and France have the main benefits. This is confirmed by statements from different countries that German business is tired of sticking its mug in everything.

        Quote: Monster_Fat
        The working class is faced with internal competition

        Also quite controversial. Western European trade unions themselves created exorbitant conditions for the employer and the creation of a single labor market was a form of struggle against trade unions. And most importantly, white people in Western Europe (with the exception of Spain and France, and even then France is growing at the expense of Arabs and Negroes) and Scandinavia, cheap slave power did not particularly breed and was greeted with open arms.

        Quote: Monster_Fat
        But politicians and officials in European countries, as they bathed in chocolate, so they bathe in it, they do not care about the problems that need to be solved in their countries, they are waiting for "Brussels" to settle everything.

        If you believe one politician from England who advocated Brexit, then everything is exactly the opposite. According to him, Brussels produces extensive directives and laws that have little relevance to the actual needs of countries. And all the work had to be done by local officials along the way trying to put into practice the fear that Brussels was sending. Nevertheless, EU countries have to pay non-feeble salaries to bureaucrats in Brussels.
    6. 0
      17 October 2016 07: 35
      These are Poles, they are not far from Ukrainians "uihaly". That Ukrainians say that they will save the EU, replace the whole UK and without them the EU cannot be extended. Well, these are about the same. Dreamers or drug addicts. Rather the second ...
    7. 0
      17 October 2016 07: 50
      Did the twin want the twin?
    8. +1
      17 October 2016 07: 57
      "Poland will always remain Poland!"
      that is, curvy ... from ce garno
    9. 0
      17 October 2016 08: 21
      Another pug imagines himself an elephant ...
    10. 0
      17 October 2016 08: 32
      We are reforming the EU

      Well, what without too modesty and assertive. That's just when the Poles (especially the Russophobe Kaczynski) begin to speak loudly, then a clear command from the Bati — the United States — has arrived. Poland in its aspirations already openly began to measure strength with Germany. But for some reason it seems that this is not for the good of Poland itself, and even a little strength is mostly not enough economic.
    11. 0
      17 October 2016 09: 29
      all this in the EU stubbornly reminds me of Krylov's fable "The Quartet" ...
    12. 0
      17 October 2016 09: 41
      Given the fact that most of the Polish economy belongs to the Germans, this is perhaps a form of struggle between German business and the policy pursued by Merkel in relation to German business. It is also possible, under the guise of "counter-revolution" and greater independence, the Poles want to take away from the virtues invested in their economy, control over this very economy. "Rob the loot!" and everything in this spirit.
    13. vmo
      17 October 2016 10: 54
      One dust again from psheks! Dreamers and drug addicts.
    14. 0
      17 October 2016 12: 00
      (Obviously, after a few years Warsaw will become in Europe something like a new Germany)

      The blue dream of the current Polish "elite" is the resurrection of the "spolita speech" within the former borders with the prospect "from May to May." An old song on my teeth. Hence all these antics, protruding tummies, puffing out cheeks, attempts to declare their importance and necessity. Who is Jarek Kaczynski - an accidental pimple that jumped on the body under the name of Poland due to the image of his brother, the personality is not ambiguously filthy, petty and evil (maggot of Tsokotukha Flies and a mosquito). In general, the "elite" of Western Europe is degrading from election to election (IMHO).
    15. 0
      17 October 2016 12: 57
      God bless our calves to catch the wolf.
      Frau's business is bad Disappointment if Pan Kochinsky went to revolutionaries
    16. 0
      17 October 2016 13: 33
      The Poles, if you recall their history, are not capable of anything good, only to impersonate.
    17. 0
      17 October 2016 14: 58
      Poland hates Russia since the launch of False Dmitry 1 from the cannon. Previously, they just wanted to chop off a piece, but there was a chance to get the whole thing. It didn’t burn out, and therefore they hated it. Since then, Poland’s influence on the world has only diminished. Ambition remained, but the influence ... And now ambitious Poles want to save the EU from Russia by cleaning toilets in London?
    18. 0
      17 October 2016 18: 01
      What mentally retarded let the pshek talk?
      Let these genetic litter do without our gas. Let them buy in other places or let the gases themselves. That's certainly no relationship with these Papuans. There are none and all.
    19. 0
      18 October 2016 11: 23
      It is strange why Mr. Kaczynski did not call the Poles an exceptional nation? Probably in store for the next speeches.
      As for the ships heading to Elblлонg, who saw them? Maybe there are some units, but they are definitely not worth the construction of the canal, especially the shallow bay. Poland has the former Danzig and Gdynia nearby, on which they also have a channel? A pan is drawn so as not to be forgotten.
    20. 0
      19 October 2016 16: 35
      Poland has broken loose. Sitting after 1945 in one place for the USSR as a hemorrhoid, this pseudo-state after the termination of the existence of the Soviet Union decided that it could influence international politics, the economy, declare and participate in wars, put a spoke in the wheels of those countries that follow the path progress. Once again, the Poles will not succeed. And they will be at a broken trough. It is a pity that A.S. Pushkin did not write a continuation of his tale "About the Fisherman and the Fish". Well, let's look at the example of Poland, what will happen.
    21. 0
      19 October 2016 19: 36
      Pshekah guess. But the geyropa ended: there were small Britain and migrants.
    22. 0
      20 October 2016 10: 39
      Europe has never been united. It was briefly united by Napoleon and Hitler.
      Too many peoples, ambitions, mutual claims.
      Why would Europe suddenly unite now.
      And Britain has already gathered on a long journey. First swallow

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