Children under the fire of the Syrian opposition

Children under the fire of the Syrian opposition

The anti-Syrian "opposition", for the interests of which many of our unscrupulous "partners" advocate this way, once again distinguished itself by committing mass infanticide. October 13 in the city of Aleppo in the quarter of Al-Sulaymaniyah, under the control of the Syrian army, the militants fired at a bus stop near one of the schools. At a time when there was a crowd of children, the terrorists fired several missiles at her.

The Syrian Agency SANA in the wake of the crime reported two dead schoolgirls. The film crew of the TV channel "Russia 24" announced seven small victims. Currently, Syrians in social networks are already talking about the eight dead schoolchildren - wounded children die in hospital beds.

Reports of mortar and rocket attacks from the terrorists of the “Dzhebhat An-Nusra” (organization banned in Russia) and the “moderate opposition” groups that collaborate with it come from Aleppo almost every day. Only October 12 caused similar attacks on the Al-Manshiya, Al-Sheikh Taha and Bustan Al-Bash neighborhoods to kill five civilians and injured 13. And in the evening of October 10, under the blows of the “opposition” militants, the Al-Hamdania quarter was found - four people were killed, 14 were injured.

As the Syrian doctors say, since the beginning of September, at least 130 children of Aleppo have become victims of terrorist attacks. These are the results of the registration of patients from the two main hospitals of the city - Central and Ar-Rai. In fact, the victims are probably even more, as there are other hospitals, including private ones, to which the wounded are also brought.

The so-called "antiterrorist coalition" led by the US is not far behind the terrorists. So, on October 5, the village of Sulsana, located in 50 kilometers north of Aleppo, was subjected to “erroneous” air strikes of this “coalition”. This tragedy claimed the lives of 20 civilians and injured people around 40. Among the dead - three children. And - no apologies, no statements about the investigation, nothing like the United States likes to trump.

At the same time, Washington stubbornly refuses to bomb Dzhebhat An-Nusru, one of the most radical groups, which, like the Islamic State, is banned in many countries and officially declared terrorist. State Department spokesman Mark Toner recently even made a special statement about this. Its essence was that the bombings of “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” are not carried out due to the fact that “their positions are near civilians". According to Toner, the United States previously carried out attacks on this grouping, but they had to be stopped, "when the militants moved into residential areas."

The harsh truth is that for the US, the proximity of civilians has never been a deterrent if they really wanted to bomb someone.

Now let us think: Toner recognized the obvious truth. Both Syria and Russia have been talking about this for a long time: militants of the terrorist organization “Dzhebhat An-Nusra” moved into residential areas. But it is not enough to say “a” - you need to say “b”. If the terrorists are in residential areas, what should be the first priority? The answer is obvious - do everything so that they come out.

This is what Syria insists on. The high command of the Army and the Armed Forces of the SAR 6 of October called on militants to lay down weapon or leave Aleppo. Stacked weapons guaranteed amnesty. (This is a true gesture of goodwill, considering how much evil these criminals caused the soldiers of Syria and their families).

It was precisely to the withdrawal of terrorists from the city that the draft resolution proposed by Russia to the UN Security Council was sent by Russia. But this project, which would really alleviate the situation of the civilian population and would promote a cease-fire in Aleppo, shamefully failed the Western countries.

As a result, “Dzhebhat An-Nusra” and other criminal groups that closely cooperate with it see the position of the West as a signal: they should not leave the city, taking advantage of the peace offer of the Syrian army, as well as the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura. Militants officially declare that they will not leave Aleppo. Why? Yes, because they have no signal from overseas.

Moreover, the terrorists mined all the humanitarian corridors that civilians could take. Because these civilians are needed "oppositionists" as a human shield. Mining is directed against those militants who would like to get away from senseless slaughter.

A discussion has now begun on a new draft resolution of the UN Security Council. This time he was promoted by New Zealand. Judging by the incoming data, this is a slightly modified failure project, recently launched by France. It contains all the same “requirements to put an end to attacks leading to the death of civilians” (only addressed to terrorists), the introduction of 48-hour “humanitarian pauses” (oh, how many of those pauses already, which in the end contributed only to gangs! ) and other similar verbal husks, which do not give an answer to the main question - and how can you still remove terrorists from the residential areas of Aleppo?

At the same time, the Permanent Representative of Britain to the UN, Matthew Rycroft, has already announced that his country will support this draft resolution. In the coming days, we should expect increased pressure on Russia to support the document as well. Or else - there will be another wave of anti-Russian hysteria.

This hysteria is already in full swing, and they are trying to exert pressure on Russian diplomats by showing them photographs of suffering children. So, CNN journalist Christian Amanpour, during an interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, showed him a photograph of the injured Syrian boy Omran Daknish, who was taken out in August from the ruins in Aleppo. Allegedly, the child was injured in the air strikes of the Russian Air Force.

On this occasion, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the author of the story about this boy, Syrian "oppositionist" Mahmud Arslan, a few days before the photo was distributed, was happy to take pictures with terrorists of the Nureddin Az-Zengi group. And this is the very group that executed the Palestinian boy who was abducted from the hospital. The footage of this execution - through decapitation - showed the same CNN television channel.

That is, the children who died at the hands of terrorists did not become symbols of this monstrous war unleashed against Syria and its people. But as a symbol of supposedly Russian “aggression”, a snapshot comes from a dubious and obviously biased source. This picture does not hesitate to even poke in the face of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. And who pokes in the face of all these toners, kirby, clintons, obamam and others like them - but at least this photo of schoolchildren who died during the shelling of the Al-Suleymaniyah quarter in Aleppo on October 13?

Meanwhile, on October 12, the second in recent days, the Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled by the anti-Syrian “opposition”. Mortar shells were fired by the militants Jobar. By luck, no one was hurt. But it is clear that the pressure on Moscow is not only political, diplomatic and informational.

Despite all the tragedy of the article, I would like to finish it well the news. In Aleppo, the Syrian army took control of the height of Sheikh Saeed in eastern Aleppo. In the province of Hama, military personnel cleared the village of Maan from terrorists (previously tragically known in connection with massacre by militants in February 2014 g.).

And on the fertile Syrian coast, in Tartus, a massive demonstration of Syrian solidarity with the people of Yemen suffering from Saudi aggression, as well as in support of the army and the leadership of the SAR, took place. Residents of the city, nearby villages, as well as the islands of Arwad signed a huge letter 10 kilometers long - in support of the courageous soldiers of their homeland and the legitimately elected President Bashar Al-Assad.

Report "Russia-24" about the shelling of schoolchildren in Aleppo
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  1. +7
    14 October 2016 15: 09
    These creatures cannot be called people, and not animals, animals are better than this rabble. it’s a pity that such people are still being born. That they all die. for the death of all children on the planet at the hands of terror
    1. +11
      14 October 2016 17: 33

      The anti-Syrian "opposition", for the interests of which many of our unscrupulous "partners" advocate, distinguished itself once again by committing mass infanticide.

      Let all these oppositionists and their sponsors at the head of the United States, vile and vile insignificance be damned. am
  2. +9
    14 October 2016 15: 29
    (The anti-Syrian "opposition", for the interests of which many of our unscrupulous "partners" advocate, distinguished itself once again by committing mass infanticide.)

    And what is there to be surprised at? Who shouts the loudest: "Stop the thief!"?
  3. +5
    14 October 2016 15: 41
    The West will quietly release everything on the brakes. Interest is not the same - Russia cannot be approached to this.
    1. +1
      14 October 2016 18: 30
      Quote: rotmistr60
      The West will quietly release everything on the brakes. Interest is not the same - Russia cannot be approached to this.

      I think he will not even notice this, or expose the children as victims of the Russian bombing.
  4. +5
    14 October 2016 15: 47
    Killers of children should not live. It would seem that so many mutilated bodies have seen in my lifetime both friends and conscript soldiers, but I will not get used to the little bodies of children.
    1. 0
      16 October 2016 21: 39
      Quote: Blue Fox
      Killers of children should not live. It would seem that so many mutilated bodies have seen in my lifetime both friends and conscript soldiers, but I will not get used to the little bodies of children.

      everything is correct. everything is correct. I completely agree. but a few questions, what else to ... the school is practically on the front line? what were the children doing there? at the bus stop? maybe there are also buses running? Who served in hot spots, judge how this generally relates to the deserted, scrapped quarters and rubble on the streets that are shown on YouTube? this makes no sense. even if there is no possibility for evacuation, then the place of children is in the shelter, and not at the bus stop. is this not a fake at all? the article correctly says "This hysteria is already in full swing, and they are trying to put pressure on Russian diplomats by showing them photographs of suffering children." the more hysteria the further from the brain? and what kind of cannibal one has to be to wage information wars with such demagogy.
  5. +7
    14 October 2016 17: 17
    In the States, since 1969, the Church of Satan has been legalized and officially registered - "murderers from the century and the father of lies." Its followers have infiltrated all levels of government over the past time, including the State Department and the Pentagon.
    In fact, we are dealing with the Satanists of the Satanic States of America. See the root.
  6. +5
    14 October 2016 18: 29
    Actually a pack of rabid dogs ...:
  7. +3
    14 October 2016 18: 34
    To the question: where is the devil now, you can now give an unambiguous answer: in America. And judging by the behavior of those who bring bloody sacrifices to their master of blood, much more will be shed if you do not stop these devils.
    Children are angels on earth and besides anger and curses against those who contribute to the outbreak of war on the planet in which women and children die and civilians can not cause it.
    America is the thousandth power of Sodom and Gomorrah. Americans must answer for all the blood they shed on the planet, even before the normal world community, even in Heavenly judgment, but they must.
  8. +1
    14 October 2016 18: 56
    British pilots allowed to shoot down Russian aircraft in Syria
    heno-sbivat-rossijskie-samolety-v-sirii /
    1. 0
      15 October 2016 20: 28

      Royal Air Force pilots got the right to shoot down Russian planes in Syria, if they prevent them from completing missions to counter the terrorist organization of the Islamic State.
      The Sunday Times British newspaper reported that, according to sources, separate order about this theme did not have.
      However, starting on October 15, as part of the briefing, the pilots received an explanation that they should avoid contact with representatives of the Russian Armed Forces, but in the event of a direct threat, they have the right to open fire to defeat.
      This information is indirectly confirmed by the fact that from 15 October. In 2016, AIM-132 air-to-air missiles were added to the armament of the Tornados aircraft. Each such missile can reach triple the speed of sound and has a range that allows RAF pilots to shoot down Russian planes while staying at an unattainable distance.
      A defense source told the Sunday Times that Great Britain understands that it takes a step towards war, but no other way of interaction with the Russian Federation remained.
  9. +3
    14 October 2016 19: 47
    I don't even know how to comment. One attitude towards nonhumans, deadly destruction. To the conniving and patronizing countries, all this chaos is only an explosive perception of hatred, anger and contempt. I wish them everything that all states where they came, the so-called "democracy", have experienced and are experiencing.
  10. +1
    15 October 2016 09: 38
    The war should come to Europe and the United States, and to exceed the scale of the victims and destruction of WWII by orders of magnitude. Only two powers in the world can potentially do this - Russia and China. I have no doubt that it is we who will have to crush the Western barbarians.
  11. +2
    15 October 2016 10: 08
    Beat creatures non-stop to the last. In addition to Russia, few will do it.

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