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Sudden departure from the coastal zone

In the example fleet the radical rearmament of the PLA is especially noticeable, since this type of aircraft is the most technologically complex, its construction takes longer than the ground forces and aviation.

Back in the middle of the 90's, the PLA Navy consisted of a mass of extremely outdated ships and boats, the latter predominating - the Chinese fleet was essentially coastal. Numerous submarines differed primitive weapons and very high noise.

Sharks of the Pacific

Over the past decade, the fleet of the Celestial Empire has gone the way that the US needed at least 30 years, and even managed to get around Russia and Europe in this record-breaking short period, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The PLA Navy is organizationally divided into three fleets - Northern, Eastern and Southern (hereinafter - the Northern Fleet, the Eastern Fleet and the Southern Fleet) with headquarters in Qingdao, Ningbo and Zhanjiang respectively. Geographical structuring looks somewhat artificial, since, unlike the United States and the Russian Federation, China has one continuous coast. However, since it is quite extensive, the division into three, obviously, facilitates the management of the Navy. At the beginning of 2016, fleets were included in the same-name commands - Northern, Eastern and Southern, created during the reform instead of former districts.

For a long time, the naval component of the Chinese strategic nuclear forces consisted of one very primitive SSBN of the 092 “Xia” project with the 12 SLBM JL-1. At present, four much more modern Jin 094 SSBNs (each with JN-12 2 SLBMs and YJ-8Q ASMs) have been built. Two more modern SSBNs of the 094B project are being completed, each will carry the 16 SLBM JL-2.

The outdated submarines of the 091 “Han” project (five were built, but two have already been written off, the rest are part of the SF) were replaced by six Subchannels of the 093 “Shang” project (including two 093А projects and two 093B projects). The first two are part of the law firm, 2 A and 2 B - in the Federation Council. Construction of 095 submarines, comparable in performance characteristics to advanced American and Russian submarines, is underway. One or two submarines of this type have already been commissioned.

The Chinese diesel submarine fleet is the largest in the world. The most modern 15 PL of the 041A "Yuan" project (they are also the 039А / В project) with RCC YJ-8Q and an air-independent power plant - at least two in the SF, at least 10 in the HF. Launched even more modern submarine project 043.

Rather new are the 12 submarines of Russian construction - two 877 projects, two 636 projects, 8 of the 636EM project with the 3М54Е CRP. In addition, at the beginning of the 2000, the fleet received the 13 Subunit of the 039 "Sun" project - four each at the SF and law firm, five at the VF. There are older, but still combat-ready submarines of the 035 "Min" project. They are 18: 12 in the Federation Council, three each in the VF and LF. May remain in service until the 8 old submarines of the project 033.

In front of the whole of Europe

The only currently Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaonin" (part of the Federation Council) is a former Soviet aircraft carrier cruiser Varyag, acquired by the PRC in the Ukraine in an unfinished state. He is not a full-fledged aircraft carrier because of its design features. First of all, it is a nasal springboard and the absence of a catapult. This ship will forever remain a teaching and experimental, and not a fighting one, just as China has acquired it and launched it. But in China, construction of its own full-fledged aircraft carriers has already begun.

The most powerful ships of the PLA Navy are destroyers. The oldest of them - such as "Lyuda", built on the Soviet projects 50-s, are gradually written off. Three destroyers of the 051 project, or Lyuda-1 (two on the SF, one on the VF, two more are used as training, five in the sludge), one 051D project (on the SF), two projects 2G ("LYUDA-051" at LF).

In 90 and the beginning of 2000, China acquired four destroyers in Russia: two projects each 956 and one project 956EM (all in the WF). At the same time, seven more were built independently, and four different projects: two 051С (SF) projects, one 051В (LF) project, two 052В (LF) projects, two 052 (SF) projects.

In the end, the construction of truly modern ships of this class began in the People's Republic of China (project 052С / D). Currently, the Navy has six destroyers of the 052С project (four at the VF, two at the LF), four projects at the 052D (LF), four more are being built (two for the SF and a WF). In total, as expected, there will be at least 12 ships of this type. It should be noted that China has already technologically bypassed Russia and all European countries in the development of large surface ships, reaching the level of the three most advanced countries in this area - the United States, Japan and South Korea. This is evidenced by the presence of 052С and 052D radars with PAR and classic DPS type American Mk41 on destroyers. On the previous destroyers of the 051 and 052 projects, Russian drum guards were installed, in which only one of the eight missiles was ready for launch, and these guards were designed for only one type of ammunition (C-300F SAM systems). On the new Chinese destroyers are installed UVP, in which all missiles are ready for launch at the same time, and on destroyers of the 052D project they can be of different types and classes. On these ships UVP on 64 rocket. Obviously, it can accommodate maritime missiles HHQ-9, SLCM DH-10 and, possibly, RCC and PLUR. This will provide destroyers with the ability to strike both sea and coastal targets, as well as to carry out air defense of naval connections.

The most numerous class of surface ships of the PLA Navy is frigates. Of these, 30 - ships project 053H, which was built in seven versions. These are the 10 frigates of the 053H3 project (two at the Federation Council, four at the VF and LF), four projects at the 053H2G (VF), six projects at the 053H1G (LF), one at the 053N2 (SF) project, six of the 053H1 project, six of the 053NXXX project, and six VF, armed with MLRS, is used as a support ship for the landing). One 053H transferred to the Coast Guard, two are used as training, four are laid up. As a training, another frigate of the project 053HTN is used. Ships 053H (except for the most modern version of 053H3) are gradually removed from the Navy, some of them are sold to other countries. They replaced two frigates of the 054 project (on the VF) and 22 on the 054 project (six on the Federation Council, eight on the VF and LF). Along with the conventional strike weapons of the PLA Navy (eight C-803 anti-ship missiles in container PU), the 054 project ships were the first Chinese frigates to have an adequate HHQ-32 air defense system for 16 SAM systems based on the Russian Shtil air defense system . Due to this, these frigates will become universal escort ships that can be used to protect aircraft carriers near their shores and to strengthen destroyers in the open ocean (for more details see “Frigates of the New Wave”).

In 2012, the PRC began the construction of 056 project ships, which are classified either as small frigates or as corvettes. Currently, 26 has been put into operation (seven in the Federation Council, six in the VF, 11 in the LF, and two more in the Hong Kong garrison of the LF zone). Total ships of this type will be at least 50 units.

Аcoastal rmada

Sudden departure from the coastal zoneBecoming oceanic, the Chinese fleet holds the first place in the world in the number of combat boats. This, in particular, to 112 rocket: 83 – 86 project 022, six projects 037-II, 20 project 037-IG. The 022 boats are not only the most numerous in the world, but also the most powerful and modern in their class. They are built on the basis of the high-speed catamarans of the Australian company Austal, each carrying eight supersonic anti-ship missiles YJ-83. In the sediment is up to 75 old missile boats of the project 024. Patrol boats in the PLA Navy to 250: up to 46 037-I project, up to 95 037 project, 17 062-I project, to 98 062 project. However, the latter are actively written off.

Mine-sweeping forces are represented by one minzagom project 918, two new minesweepers project 082-II, 16 project 082, four project 081 and six project 082А. This, of course, is not enough. Trawl forces are the Achilles heel of the Chinese fleet.

The landing forces of the PLA Navy include four DTDs for the 071 project (one for the VF, three for the SF), 33 TDK for the 072 project of four modifications (11 for the 072-III project - three for the SF, seven for the VF, one for the SF, 15 of the 072А project - two for SF, seven at the VF, six at the LF, four 072-II projects - one at the VF, three at the LF, three 072 projects - at the VF, 13 of the 073 medium landing craft (10 of the 073A project, one 073-III project, two 073-II project and about 60 small (8 – 10 project 074А, up to 20 project 074, up to 32 project 079-II, the latter are mainly used as cargo ships), as well as four DCNP project 12322, built in Ukraine.

In general, the PLA Navy ranks first in the world in the number of diesel submarines, frigates, missile and patrol boats, landing craft. However, in terms of total tonnage and the capacity of the PLA Navy landing ships are inferior to the US Navy. By the number of nuclear submarines and destroyers, the Chinese fleet is the third in the world (in submarines and submarines - after the US Navy and the Russian Navy, in destroyers - after the American and Japanese).

sea Tanks

Naval aviation organizationally consists of six air divisions. In the Federation Council - 2-I (4, 5, 6-th aviation regiment) and 5-I (13, 14, 15-th aviation regiment); in the VF - 4-I (10, 11, 12-th aviation regiment) and 6-I (16, 17, 18-th aviation regiment); in LF - 8-I (22, 23, 24-th aviation regiment) and 9-I (25, 26, 27-th aviation regiment) aviation division.

In recent years, it has been radically updated, and in terms of the number of aircraft it is the second in the world after the American one.

The PLA Navy Bombers are 39 – 41 aircraft H-6 (including three or four D, 27 – 28 G, three more H-6А, possibly in storage) and 116 – 121 JH7 (including 66 – 70HH -7А). H-6 created on the basis of the extremely outdated Soviet Tu-16, but its modern Chinese modifications are capable of carrying ALCM CJ-10, as well as various anti-ship missiles, therefore, represent a very significant military force. JH-7 - modern tactical bombers, their production continues. In storage up to 15 Q-5 attack aircraft.

The fighters are primarily represented by heavy Su-27 / 30 family vehicles and their Chinese versions. Now armed with naval aviation PLA 23 Sioux 30MK2 Russian production, up to 52 J-11V (up to 36 BH to 16 BSN), which are unlicensed copy of the Su-27, and at least 20 decked J-15, copied from purchased in Ukraine The first version of the Su-27K. In addition, 22 J-10 (15 AN, 7 SН) and up to 46 J-8 (still at least 13 in storage) are in service. Production of J-11 and J-10 continues, so their number will increase. Approximately 70 of the J-7 fighter jets (a copy of the MiG-21) withdrawn from the line-up are in storage.

Anti-submarine aviation is represented by three amphibians SH-5 and 49 helicopters: 14 Russian Ka-28, 35 Chinese Z-9, created on the basis of the French AS365.

There are six DRLO KJ-200 airplanes (based on the Y-8 transport), and four H-6DU tankers (based on the H-6 bomber).

In service is the 32 multi-purpose aircraft Y-8. Of these, eight are used in the DER version, four - as Y-8J DRLO planes, the rest - as transport ones. Three more Y-8 are in storage. In addition, naval aviation has nine Y-7 transport aircraft (up to four more in storage) and eight of their training options, HY-7.

There is up to 139 training aircraft: up to 60 JL-8, 35 JL-9, up to 38 CJ-6, six “corncoppers” Y-5.

The PLA naval aviation also includes nine DRLO Ka-31 helicopters, 35 transport helicopters (six Mi-8, 29 Chinese Z-8, based on the French SA-321, eight SA-321 proper are stored), and also three Ka-27PS rescue helicopter.

Marine Corps includes two brigades (1, 164-i) as part of LF. Chinese marines carry garrison service in the Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands.

This branch of troops is also undergoing rearmament. In particular, it receives a family of combat vehicles Ture 05, based on the BMP ZBD-05, including a light tank ZTD-05. Currently, the Marine Corps has received 124 ZTD-05 and 248 ZBD-05. The old light tank Ture 63A, BMP Ture 86 and BTR Ture 63С (there were 62 units of each of these three types), apparently, were written off. Self-propelled artillery has more than 20 of the newest SAU Type 07 and about the same number of old SAU Type 89 (both caliber - 122 mm). In addition, the PLA Marine Corps is equipped with the MLRS 63, the HJ-73 and HJ-8 ATGMs, and the HN-5 MANPADS.

Even today, the PLA Navy, in cooperation with the Air Force and the amphibious parts of the ground forces, can ensure the successful seizure of Taiwan. This is not done only for political reasons. China has almost reached equality at sea with Japan and achieved overwhelming superiority in surface forces over the Russian Pacific Fleet. In the near future, China will begin building aircraft carriers of at least four or five units, after which the Chinese fleet will be able to seriously compete with the US Navy in the northwestern Pacific and Indian Ocean.

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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 15 October 2016 05: 32
    The power of the Chinese fleet is impressive! Question: where will it be directed? South, East or North?
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 15 October 2016 18: 32
      By the example of the fleet, the radical re-equipment of the PLA is especially noticeable, since this type of aircraft is the most technologically complex, its construction takes more time than the ground forces and aviation.
      who else but us knows ... crying
    2. Monarchist
      Monarchist 16 October 2016 08: 43
      You posed the right question: where will the fleet be sent? A Chinese dragon is mysterious
    3. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 17 October 2016 11: 28
      Are we scared by China? So all scared America, and now narrow-walled? We saw them in the 56 year on x ....... and we will see further, if necessary.
    4. Kolya
      Kolya 18 October 2016 23: 38
      While Russia is diverting the pressure from the West, the Dragon is developing. But the ungrateful Dragon will quickly forget the good deeds of Russia, since this has already become a historical rule. One Chinese man told me: "If Russia did something for us, it was only because it was beneficial to you." I asked him if it was profitable for Russia to lose tens of thousands of Russian lives in the battles for Manchuria? - He did not answer ... Another Chinese answered: China was liberating Manchuria. Like this! That's how they were taught at school!
  2. Cat
    Cat 15 October 2016 06: 11
    The Chinese are well done.
    The ability to "copy" everything became their national feature, which was reflected in the navy. I hope that the vector of their application will not be north.
    1. ava09
      ava09 15 October 2016 08: 51
      "Trust in God, but do not make a mistake yourself" ...
    2. Sevastiec
      Sevastiec 15 October 2016 10: 15
      I think so, the Chinese reason about "copying" is this: first, the Europeans copied everything from us, and then came up with a patent law in order to appropriate everything for themselves. Well, it doesn't concern us.
    3. Sevastiec
      Sevastiec 15 October 2016 10: 32
      I think so, the Chinese reason about "copying" is this: first, the Europeans copied everything from us, and then came up with a patent law in order to appropriate everything for themselves. Well, go to the forest.

      As for the movement to the north, I think the biggest deterrent is the truth that the United States will benefit from the conflict between Russia and China.
      In fact, I think that this is an excellent scheme for the peaceful development of the planet, when there will be three superpowers in the world. When there are two of them, they can not stand it and grapple, but when there are three, then either side is afraid to get into a conflict with one of the others, so that the third does not collect all the cream. But this already happened, after the Second World War, when Europe and Asia were bled, and the United States could well (and undoubtedly were close to this), even then, to become the only superpower, if not for the incredible tension of the Soviet people, who survived the war, still somehow managed to rebuild the country and become equal in power to the United States. By the way, that is why I am against the United States, as many dream, "pay", "be erased", destroyed, etc. This will again lead to imbalance, which, incidentally, happened in the 90s, and we saw what it led to.
      In principle, this time has already come. It remains only to go through a short dangerous period when the United States will either put up with it or get into a fight. As you know, it is very difficult to come to terms with the elusive power. Well, also to adjust some official international means, like the UN, which have become completely controlled by the United States, in order to resolve conflicts honestly, and not by double standards; and maybe humanity, in ten years, will have a chance to enter the "golden age".

      And finally, if you are less philosophical and think more pragmatically, then no one writes off nuclear weapons as the greatest deterrent from a big war.
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 15 October 2016 18: 44
        Quote: Sevastiec

        the train of thought is interesting .. + You have a topic to think about ... hi
      2. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 15 October 2016 19: 23
        Sevastiec Today, 10:32 AM
        In fact, I think this is a wonderful scheme for the peaceful development of the planet when there will be three superpowers in the world.
        You are probably 10 thousand years old, as a Chinese civilization. Even the Great Mao said: China, as the Monkey King, must sit on the mountain and watch the battle in the valley of a tiger and a lion (USSR and USA), and then go down and finish off the winner. 3 super powers.
        Yes, all fellow travelers such as Europe, Turkey, Iran, etc. are worth a lot, but they are not critical. The antagonism of Russia and the USA is global; it cannot be overcome in all directions.
        And the interests and contradictions of China and the United States are of the same origin and are also insurmountable. And we can dance and dance with the USA around China, pulling to our side for at least 1000 years. So there will be a new world order. Triumvirate.
        1. Sevastiec
          Sevastiec 16 October 2016 13: 29
          I read, about 15 years ago, a book written by some economist who wrote: in the upcoming confrontation between the USA and China, Russia should take the place of a wise monkey on a hilltop. In short, this applies to everyone.
          But with us in the West, relations are always sharper. Apparently, the West has some kind of irrational fear or hatred of the Russians, which is why they react to us much more nervously than to China. Although at present, China is a greater competitor for them, because not only in the military, but also in the economic sphere.
          Maybe this is due to our greater intransigence? China is older and has a more restrained and subtle policy. Or maybe the West does not perceive China as a serious military adversary? China has never been known for great military victories.
          In general, it is sad, but the role of the wise monkey is likely to go to China, but again not the fact that it is our fault.
        2. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 17 October 2016 11: 38
          China, as the Monkey King, must sit on the mountain and watch the battle in the valley of the tiger and the lion (USSR and the USA), and then go down and finish off the winner.
          A smart monkey sits on the banks of the river and waits for the corpse of its enemy to pass by.

          Not I said - the Chinese. 1500 years ago.

          Bad article. China extols ... And what is the Chinese military industry? That liquefied by the Union at the end of the 80-beginning of the 90's. WHAT ??????? What has China SAM developed? Rice sticks ??????? The country of liquefied technologies ........
    4. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 15 October 2016 13: 07
      Quote: Kotischa
      The Chinese are well done.

      Yes .... The second economy in the world. And this allows you to pump muscles, build an ocean fleet. Of course, technology is lacking. But copy pasteors are trying ...
      The PLA Navy, in cooperation with the Air Force and amphibious units of the ground forces, is capable of ...
      Further about the capture of. Taiwan ... But the author somehow missed the fact that the PLA Navy interacts with the Missile Forces in the interests of counteracting staff members. Yeah ... But DF-21D on 1500 miles pushed the line of safety for the exceptional carrier carrier ...
      But the main threat to the ships and submarines of hongfuz is the submarine amers. This is what China needs to seriously fear if it is going to dominate the Asia-Pacific region. Namely for this they are going to compete with the users.
      1. megavolt823
        megavolt823 15 October 2016 13: 38
        even china with its population and economy understands. 1) submarine fleet. 2) the development of small and medium displacement surface ships. 3) aircraft carriers and monsters cruisers are considered but not massively stamped. where eras carries us in places. er knows him. hi
        1. spravochnik
          spravochnik 15 October 2016 23: 38
          And the serial construction of large destroyers is to what point. And they are not going to stop at the second aircraft carrier.
          1. megavolt823
            megavolt823 16 October 2016 15: 23
            they can afford to have an 2 composition by 2000 people on an aircraft carrier. and we ? Russia's population from 18 to 35 years? will we compare the economy? Wishlist and uraaaaaa, this is not bad. but sobriety is the best friend of competent judgment. 1 aircraft carrier will require escort. the cost of construction and equipment, the aircraft carrier itself and aircraft + maintenance 2000 people. big ships is an erection of a country in peacetime. 1 and 2 world. History of the monsters of Germany. Tirpitz, Bismarck, Scheer and others. How did they finish? and compare the successes of a little boy named slobber with an underwater cheap diesel engine. read the story. hi
            1. spravochnik
              spravochnik 17 October 2016 09: 06
              I understand that you did not understand my question. I’ll explain it to those who are not very thoughtful.
              aircraft carriers and monsters cruisers consider but do not mass stamp. where eras carries us in places. er knows him
              What is "mass stamping"? in relation to aircraft carriers - serial construction? And the serial construction of EMs in terms of displacement and armament comparable to the CD, how does it compare with the third point? And the common truths, which are already known, do not need to be explained to me.
              1. megavolt823
                megavolt823 18 October 2016 07: 00
                What is "mass stamping"?
                1. megavolt823
                  megavolt823 18 October 2016 07: 39
                  how Americans stamped their aircraft carriers. Yes, and now more than 10.
  3. VadimL
    VadimL 15 October 2016 06: 58
    To attack the north, China would not build an ocean fleet, but tank armies with front-line aviation and front-line air defense systems.
    1. Sevastiec
      Sevastiec 15 October 2016 10: 14
      Well, how can I say ... In the Russo-Japanese war, everything was decided by victory at sea. And the Chinese, still consider Vladivostok (from which you can draw a parallel to Port Arthur), their territory.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 October 2016 07: 30
    Today, directly special selection on the topic: China and intelligence, China and the army. It remains to add an article on the military aspirations of the PRC. Who does not want to feed someone else’s army, he actively strengthens and develops his own.
  5. baudolino
    baudolino 15 October 2016 07: 50
    The quantity, of course, is impressive. But if we take into account that the resource of aircraft engines of Chinese production proper remains extremely low, then the other components of the described power may not be so reliable.
    1. Sergey333
      Sergey333 15 October 2016 09: 06
      A resource is a business, gradually with experience we will be caught up sad
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 15 October 2016 10: 05
        The resource there is normal. The same 054 from the seas do not crawl out, from Portugal and Szm to the Pacific Ocean.

        For example, in Chile:

        The 054 is powered by Shaanxi diesel - which are licensed with MAN.
        On 052С stands MTU + Zorevskaya turbine.
        On 052D stands MTU + Chinese turbine assembled from Zorev kits.
        On DKVD 071 - stands Shaanxi - which are licensed with MAN.
        On 056 - are SEMT Pielstick from France, which are now localized in China under license.
    2. Monarchist
      Monarchist 16 October 2016 08: 57
      As I said: quantity is not an indicator of quality, but Chinese quality is known
  6. NordUral
    NordUral 15 October 2016 08: 47
    It is good that at least in the morning I read this, and not looking at night. You don’t know where this dragon can jump.
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 16 October 2016 09: 01
      Yeah, you can’t sleep at night: you'll wait for the Chinese dragon
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 October 2016 09: 05
    Chinese military equipment is as reliable and efficient as Chinese cars wassat and even worse. And most importantly, I hope they do not know how to fight, as they did not know how to do all of recent history.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 15 October 2016 10: 28
      Well, if anything, then go to the calibronous Buyans from the 6 ship HND CHD622V20 instead of the Busurman MTU.

      Renat Mistakhov (general director of the Zelenodolsk plant) says this:
      - What is the situation with import substitution of MTU engines for Buyanov-M and Grachat?

      - Everything is more complicated here. I had to quickly make changes to the projects in order to install Chinese-made engines. As a result, we have five Buyanov-Ms with MTU diesel engines, and four with Chinese engines. We will install Chinese engines on Hrachat starting from the 8th order. The first engine from China comes in mid-2016, and, I emphasize, the choice in favor of China was made for a reason: they created a commission, traveled to different countries - potential suppliers, but in the end they decided that Chinese is the most suitable for us. "

      So the official HND website confirms -

      However, in order to get into import substitution, the engines will be supplied through the Russian company Marine Propulsion Systems, which certifies them and with which the customer concludes an agreement.
      1. Monarchist
        Monarchist 16 October 2016 09: 14
        But this is annoying: the Chinese were able to arrange the production of diesel engines, but we cannot.
        Considering the quality of the Chinese car industry (I think many members of the forum are familiar with it) the question arises inevitably: what will be the "rook" with the Chinese diesel engine?
  8. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 15 October 2016 10: 56
    The presence of a large number of diesel-electric submarines allows the Chinese to revive the "tactics of wolf packs" and how to "scoop out" any enemy, in any number (even superior), in any square of the World Ocean with a "seine" or "sickle" (curtain)! I envy the Chinese for good - they are smart and far-sighted people, unlike Russian and American strategists and tacticians !? It's a shame for the State: you are not heroes, Lord Rogozins and Shoigu, you are too small for Great Russia!
  9. Damir
    Damir 15 October 2016 13: 59
    He is not a full-fledged aircraft carrier because of its design features. First of all, we are talking about a nasal springboard and the absence of a catapult.

    "Being the first full-fledged aircraft carrier in Soviet naval practice (that is, capable of receiving horizontal takeoff and landing aircraft with high combat qualities), the TAVKR" Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov ", nevertheless, could not fully overcome the shortcomings of the first Soviet TAVKR type Kiev. The bet on replacing full-fledged steam catapults with a springboard led to the difficulty of takeoff and landing operations (due to the presence of only one direction for the start). " - this is from ....
    those. China has a full aircraft carrier .... or not ????? my poor brain .....
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 15 October 2016 14: 29
      Not. He has Kuzya No.2 + in high availability Type001А with a modified add-on and an extended hangar.
    2. spravochnik
      spravochnik 15 October 2016 23: 46
      The author made a laugh.
      He is not a full-fledged aircraft carrier because of its design features. First of all, we are talking about a nasal springboard and the absence of a catapult. This ship will forever remain a training and experimental one, and not a battle ship, it was in that capacity that China acquired and launched it. But in China, the construction of their own full-fledged aircraft carriers has already begun.
      . Soviet-built AB with Trampoline - defective, and own built with Trampoline - full.
  10. kig
    kig 15 October 2016 14: 01
    I have long believed that China will very soon dominate the world in all respects.
  11. Torins
    Torins 15 October 2016 19: 00
    Quote: baudolino
    The quantity, of course, is impressive. But if we take into account that the resource of aircraft engines of Chinese production proper remains extremely low, then the other components of the described power may not be so reliable.

    What difference does it make, if there are so many engines that you can change them at least once a week?
  12. Old Horseradish
    Old Horseradish 16 October 2016 15: 44
    The expansion of the Chinese into Siberia and the Far East has long been in full swing! Here is what foreign newspapers write about this:
    "More and more Chinese perceive the Far East as" stolen land "
    The Chinese are actively penetrating the Far East, where the population density is low, and exerting psychological pressure on the Russians. Russian research institutes predict that in the near future, the Chinese will become the largest nation in the Far Eastern region. About this writes the Japanese edition of Sankei Shimbun.
    Currently, the population of the Far Eastern Federal District, whose area is twice the size of India, is 6,3 million people. At the same time, the population of the Chinese provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang, bordering Russia, exceeds 100 million people. Already, a large flow of Chinese crossing the border is being recorded.
    At the same time, as the newspaper notes, more and more Chinese believe that in the XNUMXth century part of the Far East, including Vladivostok, was illegally taken from them. "
  13. Old26
    Old26 16 October 2016 20: 00
    Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
    that’s what the PLA’s Navy interacts with the Missile Forces in the interests of counteracting the staff members of the AUG — this author somehow missed. Yeah ... But the DF-21D pushed the safety line for exceptional aircraft carrier formations by 1500 miles.

    Good evening, Alexander! I would like to express a slightly different point of view on these anti-ship missiles. To begin with, the world famous photograph showing the outline of an aircraft carrier and two craters from the impact of these missiles is the only photograph of its kind. And many analysts ask the question, when was the outline drawn: before the missiles hit or after. Moreover, an absolutely motionless "contour" is not a ship. My attempts to find confirmation of this test, alas, were unsuccessful. But at the same time, on the English-language Chinese site there was a couple of years ago a fairly adequate article, where it was said about the bottlenecks of the problem, namely about the radar, that its resolution does not allow attacking moving targets. In addition, China currently has only 18 launchers. And this is too little for coastal protection. There are still problems with target designation, although these problems are being solved with great success.

    Quote: spravochnik
    Soviet-built AB with Trampoline - defective, and own built with Trampoline - full.

    From an expert like Khramchikhin you can hear a lot worse. He has two points: rusty Russian Strategic Rocket Forces and superagressive China. Although to be honest, the review is quite informative. And he is basically right. The springboard carrier is still not full-fledged.