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The Russian embassy in Damascus again came under fire

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia spreads the message that the Russian diplomatic mission in Damascus was subjected to another shelling. And this time shelling was carried out from mortars from the positions of militants who are in the suburb of the Syrian capital Jobar.

According to the embassy staff, one of the mines exploded in the immediate vicinity of the embassy guard post. Another munitions fired by militants exploded a few meters from the entrance to the building. Three more mines fell about a hundred - and - more meters away from the external fence, and one of them landed on the roof of the school and, fortunately, did not explode.

From the message Russian Foreign Minister:
As a result of the shelling, the territory of the embassy complex was showered with splinters. None of the Russian employees was injured. (...) Russia's consistent line of uncompromising struggle against terrorists in Syria will continue.

The Russian embassy in Damascus again came under fire

The shelling by insurgents of the Russian embassy in Damascus was resumed after the actual signaling from Washington, when the US State Department made direct threats against Russian citizens. And the worse things are for the militants of various terrorist groups in Syria, the more intense is the desire of the United States by the hands of terrorists to organize a response. The shelling of the Russian embassy is one such manifestation.

It is noteworthy that the United States and the "allies" blocked the Russian initiative in the UN Security Council condemning the actual attack on the embassy. And this is a real indulgence for all the militants who decide to bombard the Russian embassy again. In fact, the West no longer hides this. And today's attack is proof of that.
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  1. katalonec2014
    katalonec2014 13 October 2016 13: 41
    This will not stop until they clean up the adjacent territory, hoping for the conscience of the militants is stupid.
    1. Monos
      Monos 13 October 2016 13: 52
      Quote: katalonec2014
      This will not stop until they clean up the adjacent territory, hoping for the conscience of the militants is stupid.

      This does not stop until p. Indos (namely p. Indos!) Receive an answer. And, looking at our leaders, I have no doubt about it.
    2. square
      square 13 October 2016 13: 55
      Quote: katalonec2014
      This will not stop until they clean up the adjacent territory, hoping for the conscience of the militants is stupid.

      They will clean the territory, the Americans will again accidentally make a mistake, they will not be the first time, maybe even later they will express some regret. Although this will not wait.
      1. Mwg
        Mwg 13 October 2016 19: 44
        If ours are mistaken, little will not seem to anyone. But they can make a mistake ...
        1. WKS
          WKS 13 October 2016 22: 26
          The United States and the "allies" blocked the Russian initiative in the UN Security Council, condemning the actual attack on the embassy. But this is a real indulgence for all those militants who decide to shell the Russian embassy again.

          Indeed, if they voted for that resolution, then the bandits would immediately cease aiming at the Russian embassy. And if they didn’t accept it, we ourselves must burn them out in this suburb with the help of at least Pinocchio without a UN resolution.
    3. Amurets
      Amurets 13 October 2016 14: 26
      This will not stop until they clean up the adjacent territory, hoping for the conscience of the militants is stupid.
      This is done simply and efficiently. They simply find lovers of greenery, agree on the N-th amount and shell the American embassy from American weapons. You can not spare greens, Uncle Sam will still print.
    4. behemot
      behemot 13 October 2016 17: 06
      Washington needs to be cleaned up, then maybe something will change.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 13 October 2016 20: 25
        The tension with the Yankees has gone - it is necessary to resettle the embassy under the cover of the base - there is no need to risk diplomats. "God saves man, who save himself". hi
  2. Hunt
    Hunt 13 October 2016 13: 44
    Yes, apparently the same Barmalean DRG works. Hope to figure it out soon!
  3. avvg
    avvg 13 October 2016 13: 47
    If the West does not notice again, then our VKS must burn all the terrorists.
  4. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 13 October 2016 13: 56
    The "fas" command is given - now it is urgently necessary not only to destroy those who fired at the embassy, ​​but also to put in the place of the United States ...
  5. K-50
    K-50 13 October 2016 13: 56
    We're not running out of warranty for Bomb Pope? It looks like it's time to send the gifts, and besides, it is necessary to fry the barmaley, to bring down arrogance. Well, pinch the "partners" for "Faberge" so that life does not seem like raspberries! laughing
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya 13 October 2016 14: 00
    "None of the Russian employees were injured," the Foreign Ministry noted, adding that the damage to the building is being specified. "- RIA Novosti
    the damage is there, properly count and bill directly to Washington!
  7. cap
    cap 13 October 2016 14: 49
    "It is noteworthy that the United States and the" allies "blocked the Russian initiative in the UN Security Council, condemning the actual attack on the embassy."

    I think it will be thrown to the "spirits" on the sly.
    How not to recall the go-ahead that the Americans gave them.
    Two-faced freaks.
    1. Will
      Will 13 October 2016 15: 09
      In a fight without rules, all means are good and the United States especially prefers this type of communication, because they do not see opponents in this, since at one time they managed to intercept a good foothold - dollars. I can print as much as I like and "buy" anything. It is possible to "knock out" support from under your feet only by incorruptibility for the sake of great common interests. This is precisely why Russia and its peoples are strong, although even here "weeds" quite often sprout ... My observation.
  8. Elephant
    Elephant 13 October 2016 15: 03
    And what prevents Russia from acting in a similar way for militants to beat the Americans and their allies.
  9. EvgNik
    EvgNik 13 October 2016 15: 07
    Nastya Poleva. The enemy forever remains the enemy

    As in the morning the clouds came running
    And now the clear month is shining.
    The beauty Maroussia cries bitterly
    Only now it is in vain.
    A handsome guy, a drunken summer,
    Yes, the summons came in the fall
    How many songs are sung about it,
    Why the hell is such a song?
    The stars are shining, the girl is crying
    And the kid has another dream:
    Machine, yes a car of luck
    To fight, to wind in faces,
    So that he misses a beat
    It has never happened before.
    Tomorrow will get up, yes a song in the mouth,
    Mother hugs and jumps into the jeep.

    And instead of saying goodbye, waving a tanned hand from the window
    It rushes to where the battle begins in smoke and tears,
    Where the stars burn with the sky, no smoke is visible from the smoke,
    Where is the river beyond the forest, the front beyond the river, and the enemies beyond the front.


    The enemy will forever remain the enemy
    Do not share bread with him, do not call him into the house,
    Even if the air smells like peace,
    He, although calm, but still an enemy.
    If he, like you, did not drink his honor,
    The enemy cannot be the former, he will be.
    Be true to the sight, and do not wave your hand,
    You will perish when you regret the enemy.

    Machine, yes a car of luck
    Only the guy was not cheerful again ...
    Letters go, girl cries
    Adding verses to a song.
    The offensive has been going on for a year now,
    And alien huts burn
    The enemy is running, but interestingly,
    What are you like him like brothers.
    Like you fought with the boys
    From the yard, breaking hands
    Guided him guys
    And his girl, sobbing,
    And it’s a shame that chance was given b,
    He would beat you with interest -
    Kohl once called himself an enemy,
    Be at least an enemy hero.

    And instead of curses, devoting living verses to him
    You laugh that it would not be death, but vodka from this hand.
    The sunset trembles in the embrasure, and the smirk creeps along the cheeks,
    How nice it would be to drink now one hundred grams to such fierce enemies ...

    This is a saying, not a fairy tale,
    In war, grief howls like a wolf.
    The word "lyrics" is dangerous here,
    He who achs does not live long.
    The order is given - he defended
    Shooting you in the dark
    In the mountains you chased him
    By itself calculating it:
    The same gestures, the same habits,
    God, really brothers!
    Do not kill - do not survive yourself
    Oh come, ask Dad ...
    And the sky trembled in the sight
    Without hiding tears. And the battle was long.
    It is a pity that he was not your friend.
    You are stronger. And thank God.

    And instead of praying to heaven you send the last cartridge -
    In memory of who was honest and brave, but called himself an enemy.
    Well, the song ended, and in general, the battle ended.
    Why are you sad, pal, now your truth is with you ...

    Better not say.
  10. erased
    erased 13 October 2016 15: 16
    The Yankees keep their word. They said - there will be victims, that’s what they work. Let it with the wrong hands.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 14 October 2016 00: 01
      Yes, the Yankees are not fighting "by someone else's hands"! Terrorists are "their" hands, only in a different guise. In general, these are the "hands" of the members of the Bilderberg Club. Obama, the Clintons, the highest ranks of the Pentagon and the CIA have sold out and are serving this "world government."
  11. novel66
    novel66 13 October 2016 16: 03
    and why don’t we apply the Israeli experience - there’s nothing to hrenk there, in 2 hours you could smell
  12. ilyaches
    ilyaches 14 October 2016 00: 59
    I think it's time for ours to take a number of serious measures. For example, declare a no-fly zone throughout Syria. Notify all "interested persons" and start destroying these *****