Hysterical around "Iskander"

Hysterical around "Iskander"

There is a reason to start an arms race. We had to go to this for several years, but, since Kerry, the author of fashionable anti-Russian trends, heard the words about compliance with the INF Treaty (an agreement on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles), we can assume that the process has been launched.

However, Kerry was not the first to remember the INF.

So, with the difference in 12 hours, the parties mutually exchanged reproaches. Add to this epic of the previous month, when Russia excommunicated the United States from its atom and told about non-compliance with plutonium disposal, - and now everything that so long and diligently “merged” in favor of Washington for the whole 20 years in a row, leaking through the fingers of senators and congressmen.

According to the 1987 agreement of the year, countries are not allowed to deploy ground launchers with short-range and medium-range cruise and ballistic missiles. "Minor" under the contract is the range from 500 to 1000 km, "average" - from 1000 to 5500 km. Deployment of sea-based and air-based cruise missiles that fall within this range of maximum range is permitted (it is also worth noting that information about the development of the Iskander-MRK for the Russian Navy appeared in 2005 in the year).

So, the concerns of the States cause:

- the P-500 cruise missile of the Iskander-M ground-based 9K720 complex, which, by definition, can be considered a medium-range missile if it were not for one big "but." Her tests were conducted at the test site, but using the Iskander-K complex, the firing range of which, according to technical data, does not exceed the mark in 500 km;

- A new ballistic missile RS-26 ("Frontier"), a successful launch of which took place only in the spring 2015 of the year. Here it is precisely in no way can be equated with a breach of contract, since it is intercontinental with a distance from 6000 to 11000 km.

Meanwhile, Moscow has also periodically charged the United States with a similar "crime." Since the end of the last century, the United States conducted tests of its own missile defense system with the help of medium-range missiles, albeit without military equipment. But in recent years in Europe began to appear quite combat-ready launchers. For example, for the Standard SM-3, which is equally efficient from the sea and on land. According to official data, its range does not exceed 500 km, but its improvement allows us to speak of a possible increase in range.

Another suspicious installation is Mark41 (Mk41). In theory, the ship. From it all the same SM-3 can be launched, as well as the famous “Tomahawks” - cruise missiles, the range of any modification of which just clearly falls into the parameters prohibited by the agreement.

"Stamps" and "Standards" are being established today in Romania, and reinforcement is planned in Poland. In parallel with this, the Pentagon is actively working to promote the idea of ​​Russia violating the treaty. Congress at the same time is already preparing a bill that will be aimed at countering the threat of the US missile defense system in Europe. Naturally directed from Russia.

Now it will be a little difficult, but you need to understand this. First, there is NATO air defense deployed in Europe.

Secondly, weapons designed to defend against missiles can easily be transformed into weapons that send nuclear carriers for predetermined targets, just replace the missiles themselves.

Thirdly, there is an INF Treaty, which should block the possibility of a nuclear attack in the specified ranges (first of all, from 500 to 1000 km).

And fourth, finally, there is a treaty on the non-deployment of nuclear weapons NATO in countries that joined the alliance after 1997, when the agreement between the Russian Federation and NATO was signed.

The dashed red line is the countries in which air defense deployment has begun.

The northern air defense zone covers the territory of Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway.

The southern air defense zone controls the territory of Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Turkey, part of the Mediterranean and Black Seas. NATO air defense closely cooperates with the American NORAD, with the national air defense systems of France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, warships of the 6th fleet USA in the Mediterranean Sea.

Here are the elements of NATO air defense, which can organize a nuclear attack on the object: Nike-Hercules SAM (Norway and Denmark); The air defense missile system Spada-2000 (Italy), as an anti-aircraft guided missile as part of the air defense missile system Spada, is used by the Aspide Mk.1 SAM; MIM-104 Patriot.

The most modern combat-capable complexes in Western Europe are the American Patriot PAC-3. As of today, they are available in Germany, Greece, Holland, Spain and Turkey.

On the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, there are two dozen radar stations constantly operating. These are mainly stationary dual-use radars, which are also used by civil dispatch services, as well as mobile radars: AR 327, TRS 2215 / TRS 2230, AN / MPQ-64, GIRAFFE AMB, M3R of the centimeter and decimeter bands. The greatest capabilities are possessed by the French radar GM406F and the American AN / FPS-117.

That is, at any time from a country with a NATO air defense can come a nuclear charge. It is from this that the INF and the contract from 1997 must insure.

And now let us turn to the answer of Russia to such cunning moves.

5 November (attention!) 2008 of the year, in his address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that in response to the deployment of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, Iskander missile systems would be deployed in the Kaliningrad region. Also, electronic countermeasures will be used against the radar.

And 5 February 2010 (!) Of the year, Russia expressed concern about deploying missile defense in Romania.

And the Iskander modifications of the “M” action in 500 km really are located in Kaliningrad. They also regularly travel on dry-cargo ships around the country.

And this is what the real and imaginary coverage looks like.

The red line is a response to the actions of NATO in Europe. The black line is that, according to the Americans, the Iskander of the K version can really.

Where is the breach of the INF Treaty? Unclear. But there are still questions about “Mark” and “Tomahawk”.

As I already wrote, it is to Romania that most of all questions. According to the General Staff of the Russian Federation, the Mk-41 universal launchers for missile defense interceptor missiles that the United States intends to deploy in Romania and Poland can be used to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of up to 2,5 thousands of kilometers. And this is a direct violation of the INF Treaty.

And now a little about the Russian weapons.

First of all, I would like to clarify the effect of sanctions on the supply of our air defense systems abroad. In a number of NATO countries, in the units of military air defense there are our mobile air defense systems: Strela-10, Osa and Thor. But, taking into account the sanctions imposed against Russia, the supply of spare parts for them, the repair and maintenance of these types of weapons becomes almost impossible.

So, in particular, it happened with one of the first modifications of the export C-300 in Slovakia. Outdated elements were to be replaced, but the sanctions did not allow to modify the complexes.

Previously, sanctions, but already against Iran, also tried to prevent our C-300 from creating a competitive NATO air defense system.

With one of the countries, still a member of NATO, something strange has already happened several times. At first, an excellent stock of nuclear weapons was allegedly taken from Turkey to Romania. And a few years ago, Ankara organized a tender for the purchase of long-range air defense systems. The winner in it turned out to be the Chinese FD-2000 (HQ-9), but under pressure from the United States, the results of the competition were disavowed, and the American Patriot missile system "Patriot" was imposed on the Turks. In this regard, I will not share the joys of many hasty patriots, who consider Erdogan to be a friend, and the offer to participate in the tender for the supply of weapons is practically a deal.

A little bit stories

The INF Treaty was signed by Reagan and Gorbachev in 1987. He had to put an end to the Cold War, eliminate the possibility of a nuclear attack. And in fact, he simply discarded the achievements of the USSR and subsequently of the Russian Federation a few years ago. Instead of continuing to be ahead of the rest of the world, Moscow concluded treaties that it observed unilaterally, while its counterpart enemy literally forgot about the existence of agreements.

As Syria has shown, any documents are needed by the United States in order to use them only for their own purposes. Cost to pay tribute: in this country, legal science and the judicial system are at such a level that they can afford almost everything thanks to the skill of their own lawyers, who interpret any phrase in 4 in different contexts.

Has it been washed to negotiate with a country for which there is nothing unambiguous except, perhaps, the Russian "aggression"?

Thus, it is worth focusing on several points at once. The air defense system in Romania is violating the INF treaty, and the possible presence of nuclear weapons there from the Turkish Incirlik base signals a violation of the second treaty - the non-deployment of such weapons in the new NATO member countries.

In a short period, a whole list of joint treaties, including on atoms and weapons, was violated. Plutonium, nuclear development, joint operations, disposal and non-deployment are all signals of decisive action.
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  1. +2
    14 October 2016 06: 28
    Not, after all, no matter what anyone says - our people are GREAT !!! Remember - how long T-shirts "Don't tell my ISKANDERS" have been in use! fellow
    1. +2
      14 October 2016 10: 19
      Each distinguished NATO country will fly. But first, Seshepe! piss ... and!
  2. +4
    14 October 2016 06: 28
    ABOUT! And it only dawned on our rulers that they were arrogantly hired ... lying for the last ten years lying Yankees?
    Estonians are just lightning people compared to our rulers!
  3. +1
    14 October 2016 06: 41
    Well, how are they afraid of our Iskander, right in hysterics they are ready to fight so that we don’t post them.
    1. +6
      14 October 2016 10: 07
      Quote: Danil Larionov
      Well, how are they afraid of our Iskander,

      They are afraid ... And why are they afraid of them, even with the Iskander-K radius assumed by them, these missiles DO NOT threaten US territory. All that can go to their European allies. But they can hide behind this and deploy their missile systems there. And it will be much cheaper and safer for them. So that they are NOT AFRAID, but use the created situation by them.
      1. 0
        14 October 2016 14: 14
        Iskanders threaten Amer units in Europe. without Americans, Europe will not fight with Russia - there are no people so stubborn there. all the more so, the same iskander aimed at pro systems (which are not at all about, but with tomahawks), this is a decent deterrent.
        1. 0
          14 October 2016 20: 21
          Quote: DrVintorez
          without Americans, Europe will not fight with Russia - there are no so stubborn people

          Hmm ... Great Britain, Germany, France ... without any Americans fought with Russia, invading its territory ...
          And if we talk about the middle of the twentieth century (World War II, for us - the Great Patriotic War) - then how many were stubborn as an aggressor on the territory of the USSR-Russia !!! ...
  4. 0
    14 October 2016 06: 45
    world wide american sharpie hi
    1. 0
      14 October 2016 06: 53
      Hold the thief! the thief himself screams louder ..
  5. +12
    14 October 2016 06: 51
    It is necessary to act like mericatos - to listen, nod your head and do YOURS. Convincing them is impossible, arguing with them is pointless. All that remains is to do as it is beneficial to us ONLY, and to our security.
    1. +1
      14 October 2016 07: 02
      I absolutely agree with you good hi
  6. +5
    14 October 2016 07: 00
    Do not make gestures towards Russia and there will be no concern. As for hysteria, it is very noticeable, especially in the Baltic states. Here, in our political talk shows, the Latvian actor began to loom constantly, and so he is already starting to scream about the threats to Russia. That and look kondrat enough.
    1. +1
      14 October 2016 11: 17
      Quote: rotmistr60
      the Latvian actor looms, and so he is already starting to work when he starts yelling about the threats to Russia. That and look kondrat enough.

      When I see his tantrum, I am so laughter wassat gee-gee-gee sneaks well, damn it I don’t laugh at Mikhail Zadrnov as at the tantrums of this geek character wassat laughing lol !!!
  7. +7
    14 October 2016 07: 06
    The most incomprehensible thing in this story is that Europe, apparently, has completely decayed.

    What is happening? There is no danger to the United States from the RSD - it is for the Europeans. So, the USA, from their misanthropic point of view, can be understood. They seek to create a strategic advantage over Russia without putting themselves at risk. And where are Merkels, Hollande and others "giants"European politics?

    When about 500 RSD-10 "Pioneer" complexes were on alert, equipped with monstrous head units, the USSR could literally unleash a thermonuclear flurry on Europe, with a continuous defeat of the entire territory of the adversary. The Europeans did not like this much. And now? Now all sorts of non-Poles and Baltic sloops are trying to impudently run into Russia.

    We ought to rein in them; it is necessary to evoke in Europeans a sense of sacred horror so that they finally remember their interests (and not the rights of sodomites). Very good, I am very "behind"if the RS-26 has an adjustable range and, while not formally violating the RSMD, is nevertheless capable of this.
  8. +4
    14 October 2016 07: 29
    I watched here on YouTube how our ordinary locksmith from all kinds of rubbish and broken Chinese consumer goods collects a plasma lighter on his knee. I advise Liberasts to think carefully before making statements about the backwardness and stupidity of Russians. Our people are not just invincible, they will not be defeated in principle. level.
  9. +2
    14 October 2016 07: 30
    A geyropa is sitting on a powder keg, and the Americans are setting fire to the wick, we are trying to put out it, and the geyropa is against, so who is here advocating for human rights by deploying missiles around the world ?! Old Europe has survived completely out of her mind!
  10. +13
    14 October 2016 07: 48
    State hysteria satisfied ...
  11. 0
    14 October 2016 09: 13
    I still do not understand why the article?
  12. +2
    14 October 2016 11: 15
    It’s just that when developing such agreements, it is necessary to carefully and carefully work out each item and necessarily provide for control methods. And do not be shy to blame your partner for all mortal sins. Well, to exit the contract, if the partner is stupid.
  13. +5
    14 October 2016 11: 20
    The red line is a response to the actions of NATO in Europe. The black line is that, according to the Americans, the Iskander of the K version can really.
    I personally do not care about all kinds of Gorbo-Yeltsin’s treaties with the Americans. And as a Russian citizen, I’m only interested in one question on this topic. Why is it that some part of some Portugal and Spain should sleep peacefully? am All! I emphasize that the whole of Europe should know that while they fly to NATO, they will explode and they will not be at any moment.
  14. +3
    14 October 2016 12: 22
    Advertisement Iskander by Sergey Lavrov
  15. +2
    14 October 2016 12: 24
    A shameful agreement must be liquidated. The United States has withdrawn from the ABM Treaty unilaterally. We are there. This exit must be withdrawn from the INF Treaty also unilaterally. Russia's nuclear power will increase tens of times. It’s time to show someone its place at Something. By the way, and the territory of the United States, such as Alaska, will be completely popatos. It is well suited for RSD. But there is an abyss of US weapons.
  16. fix
    14 October 2016 14: 23
    God Himself ordered to install Iskanders in the Crimea.
  17. +1
    14 October 2016 23: 09
    Quote: GSH-18
    Each distinguished NATO country will fly. But first, Seshepe! piss ... and!

    and I wouldn’t lift our nose so much that we’ll all die. Again, until the last day we’ll have a brain that there will be no war and then millions of victims. There are no fools sitting in a puddle either. And our country is not the USSR of that power. So it’s necessary to think over everything well.
  18. +1
    16 October 2016 10: 37
    Quote: Tambov Wolf
    A shameful agreement must be liquidated. The United States has withdrawn from the ABM Treaty unilaterally. We are there. This exit must be withdrawn from the INF Treaty also unilaterally. Russia's nuclear power will increase tens of times. It’s time to show someone its place at Something. By the way, and the territory of the United States, such as Alaska, will be completely popatos. It is well suited for RSD. But there is an abyss of US weapons.

    Puffed up? Well, good. It is especially good that you are not in power and it is not up to you to withdraw from the contracts or not.
    Have you ever tried to write posts not from the point of view of uttering and hatred, but turning on your head and thinking? Did not try? But in vain

    Then, for a change, they would know that the ABM Treaty and the INF Treaty are not mutually related. The Americans completely legally withdrew from this treaty. We - did not come out officially? I'm afraid not. Why didn't you come out? To "kick" the Americans every time? Maybe. But at the same time, our leadership, developing its own missile defense systems, such as the S-500 and others, for some reason did not bother to withdraw from the ABM Treaty. But this will give our adversary an advantage in the information war. Allegedly, the Russians are violating the ABM Treaty. And believe me, no one will remember that the Americans left. The last thing in the conversation is remembered. Remember Stirlitz: "You must be able to enter into a conversation and, most importantly, be able to get out."

    Ma can easily break, as you write "shameful agreement". Although I don't see what the shame is? That we have secured our own people? Unequal - yes, but not shameful.
    Well, we come out of it, and then what?

    We still have one plant, which plows both the fleet and the Strategic Missile Forces. At the same time, it releases a quantity limited to approximately 50-60 missiles per year. Do you want to hang on it also the INF? To bend the rearmament of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Navy? Yes easily. That's just medium-range missiles we need to create and test, but not the Americans. Why, you hope you know. As a result, we will get a ballistic missile reconnaissance in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania with an flight time of not 7-10 minutes as before, but with a flight time of 2-3 minutes (2 to St. Petersburg, 3 to Moscow). At the same time, unlike the previous version, all our bases to the Urals, and even a little further, will be under attack. Do we need it? So that our potential the enemy had the opportunity to multiply by zero ???
    1. 0
      16 October 2016 10: 44
      Quote: Old26
      Ma can easily break, as you write "shameful agreement" ... Well, we get out of it, and then what? ...

      - the funniest thing is that your (absolutely, IMHO, correct) arguments here, in VO, have already been cited as many as ten
      - but on Wolf and others like him all this does not work. How much do not feed the wolf, but he’s all ... carries his own nonsense
      - I'm talking about Wolf Tambovsky specifically, if anyone did not understand Yes

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