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The outgoing UN secretary general attended to the health of terrorists

On Monday, on the occasion of the World Day against the Death Penalty, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made a special video message. In it, he called on all states to abolish the death penalty or impose a moratorium on executions. Ban Ki-moon called the death penalty a cruel and inhuman practice, which has no place in the XXI century. He noted that today the penalty is used in 65 states, but modestly silent about the death sentences in the United States of America, in whose territory the main office of the UN is located.

The outgoing UN secretary general attended to the health of terrorists

Ban Ki-moon relaxed ...

Commented on the video message media stressed that Ban Ki-moon spoke out against the death penalty for terrorists. This part of the statement of the UN Secretary General has caused controversy experts. Many found it inappropriate to care about the subhumans beheading even children. The world has seen their inhuman executions. Therefore, it is natural that the appeal of Ban Ki-moon was not everyone's understanding. Moreover, the world community today does not have a consensus on the use of death sentences.

There is another explanation for this ambiguous reaction to the call of the UN Secretary General. Shortly after his appeal on the occasion of the day against the death sentences, Ban Ki-moon made another demand: “Immediately stop the bombing of Aleppo and other regions of Syria, as well as restore the cessation of hostilities in the country”.

In fact, the UN Secretary General demanded to stop the struggle in Syria against terrorists, whom the organization he heads officially recognized as the main threat to the security of the world. Meanwhile, the requirement of Ban Ki-moon is fully consistent with the policy that the United States of America is pursuing today in the Middle East. The world was opened by the mimicry of the Secretary General of an important international organization, previously hidden by the framework of propriety, which Ban Ki-Moon still adhered to.

Now, when only a few weeks remained before the expiration of powers and his successor was already identified, Ban Ki-moon relaxed and began to play up to the American administration. It was from the depths of the UN that a call was recently issued to deprive Russia of the right of veto on matters affecting the conflict in Syria. Such a statement was made by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jordanian Zeid Raad Al-Hussein.

Experts found the requirement of al-Hussein legally void. After all, the UN apparatus does not have the right to adjust the organization’s charter. There are no practical consequences for the appeal of Ban Ki-moon. Except for one thing - propaganda support for the policy of the United States.

The roots of this support are not difficult to see in the mean biography of the outgoing UN Secretary General. During his school years, he became interested in English. Very successful in this, even won the national competition organized by the Red Cross among his peers. Pan was rewarded with a trip to the USA. For several months he lived and studied in San Francisco. A gifted Korean schoolboy was honored to meet with then US President John F. Kennedy.

Ban Ki-moon will return to America. After graduating from Seoul National University and debuting in diplomatic work, he will study at the Harvard Institute of Public Administration. The curator of the young Korean diplomat will be Professor Joseph Nye, known not only as the author of the foundations of the neoliberal school of international politics, but also with serious administrative opportunities.

At various times, Joseph Nye was the chairman of the National Security Council team on nuclear non-proliferation weapons, Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, Deputy Minister of Defense for International Security.

Therefore, when critics of Ban Ki-moon accuse him of having links with the American special services, maybe they are not so wrong. At least, the mimicry that happened to the UN Secretary General speaks in favor of this version. Especially since a significant part of Ban Ki-moon’s career was spent in the United States - in the Korean embassy and UN structures.

Monitoring on the London couch ...

The haste with which the outgoing Secretary General of the UN recently makes statements does not allow him to rely on authoritative data and facts. So this time, in an appeal on Syria, Ban Ki-moon referred to information voiced earlier by the Syrian Center for Monitoring the Observance of Human Rights.

In mid-September, this center, through the German Deutsche Welle and the British Air Force, spread information that 301781 people had died since the beginning of the civil war in Syria. Of these, 86 thousands are civilians, including more than 15 thousands of children. The losses of the Syrian troops and support forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad amounted to 107 thousand people. The center counted thousands of dead Jihadists 52, the remaining losses were written off to units called rebels and those who could not be identified.

It should be noted, the information of the Syrian monitoring center, many raise doubts about the reliability. At one time, the German Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote about this in detail. She called the center a “dubious death chronicler” and told how immigrants from Syria created several domains in London that accumulate information coming from a war zone from friends and relatives. Combined them under the common name "Syrian Monitoring Center."

As usual in such cases, the domain owners quarreled among themselves for the right to the true carrier of information. The situation was defused by the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague. He met with one of the applicants to "speak on behalf of the Center" - Osama Suleiman. Suleiman spoke under the pseudonym "Rami Abdul-Rahman" and lived in Coventry. Haig blessed the Syrian for human rights work.

The remaining applicants hid, but did not leave "Abdul-Rahman" alone. At least, last fall, RT correspondent Ilya Petrenko did not find him in Britain. The search led Petrenko to neighboring Kazakhstan. When meeting with the correspondent, his travels “Rami Abdurrahman” (as RT presented it) explained with “security concerns”. The head of the “Center” tried to clarify history about the sources of information, but, presenting the "fresh data", completely confused in the testimony. For example, the new information of “Abdurrahman” about the bombing of the Russian militia’s “militia” positions by airplanes was refuted by the latest reports from the combat zone of the authoritative CNN and Al Jazeera. They convincingly proved the work on the divisions of "moderate" aircraft of the Syrian air force.

And on the information of such dubious sources today, in his argument, the UN Secretary General! Moreover, a new statement that President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the death of more than 300 thousand people in Syria, Ban Ki-Moon made three weeks after the publication of data from the Syrian Monitoring Center.

During this time, a wave of new hysteria and wailing about the fate of jihadist units surrounded in the east of Aleppo, who have covered themselves from the advancing forces by civilians, has passed. Syrian "human rights activists" managed to throw in the media a new piece of information about the death of "thousands" of innocent people. Meanwhile, the UN Secretary General, without having his own data, used the September information of the Syrian center.

Ban Ki-moon called on US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia to "restore the cease-fire" in the Syrian state, "so that vital humanitarian aid can be delivered." At the same time, he acknowledged that the United Nations "should have taken up the decision of a humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo earlier." This clarification shows: the matter is not about helping the suffering Syrians, with whom the UN structures have been in no hurry for five years.

The reason for the unprecedented activity of the UN Secretary-General seems to lie in another. Perhaps the answer must be sought in an interview with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, which he gave to the BBC on the occasion of the anniversary of the Russian VKS operation in Syria. Lavrov then stated: “The United States is defending jihadist groups in Syria so that they can help Washington overthrow President Bashar al-Assad on occasion,” and emphasized: “The Americans have never struck, for example, on the Al-Nusra Front.”

In Washington, Lavrov’s statement was called absurd, but no convincing refutation was presented. Instead, a long-time friend and ally of the Americans, the outgoing Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, entered the business. He also did not find new arguments, but took advantage of the dubious data of the sofa human rights center.

This did not add much clarity, but it became clear to many: jihadists in Syria have serious patrons. Such that they are ready to protect terrorists not only from military retribution, but also from the deserved punishment of justice. However, today they are no longer able to reverse the offensive of the Syrian government forces and allied forces. Aleppo is confidently freed from terrorists - quarter by quarter.

The “final argument of the king” for the American coalition was the diplomatic cover of the propaganda war against Bashar al-Assad, which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon tried to do, alas, spoiling his impression of the decline of his political career. The world in Syria did not bring his dubious statement. Very different people will do it ...

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  1. Slon_on
    Slon_on 12 October 2016 15: 20
    All this fuss is connected with the fact that the big-billed polar fox comes to the barmaley.
    1. tihiy
      tihiy 12 October 2016 15: 37
      Quote: Slon_on
      All this fuss is connected with the fact that the big-billed polar fox comes to the barmaley.

      with a squint-eyed, before the extremists-will resign, who will protect?
    2. scaramaks27
      scaramaks27 12 October 2016 16: 10
      sorry, pan. and mob polar furry animal nicknamed scribe !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 12 October 2016 18: 33
        Goodbye Gibon ..))) Wait for the summons to the World Court ...
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 13 October 2016 07: 11
      The outgoing UN secretary general attended to the health of terrorists
      still would...
  2. Skeptic Self-Taught
    Skeptic Self-Taught 12 October 2016 15: 31
    Another nonsense that proves that the UN has outlived itself.
    When people have too much free time, all nonsense begins such as democracy, liberalism, pederasty, and so on.
    If they worked, they would have no time to talk about any crap ...
    1. katalonec2014
      katalonec2014 12 October 2016 17: 15
      Quote: Skeptic Self-taught
      Another nonsense that proves that the UN has outlived itself.

      It is strange that our politicians did not start behind the scenes work on creating a new UN, it is clear that we need to introduce new strong countries to the UN Security Council, and on the contrary, Ukraine will show the door, they are puppets, and will henceforth vote contrary to reason, as they say. Now it’s a dead body (UN) as any resolutions will be blocked by one or another party.
      1. One of you
        One of you 12 October 2016 18: 04
        Quote - "... From now on it is a dead body (UN) ..."
        Here you are wrong, although, of course, honestly, we can say that the UN Secretary General is like a goat’s milk. But the UN itself is needed as a platform for expressing the position of a country on international issues.

        As for the conclusion of the Author of the article that "... UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, alas, spoiled the impression of himself at the end of his political career ...", then one can say only one thing - "The man who stood at the head of such an international organizations like the UN, which signed resolutions on its behalf and is not able to achieve their implementation, a priori cannot spoil the impressions about himself, since in international affairs his power is equal to ZERO. "
        Unfortunately, both the predecessors and the future UN Secretary General, a purely nominal figure in this post whose main function is to put the signature in the right place and make spatial speeches.
    2. OLD FART
      OLD FART 12 October 2016 22: 16
      Quote: Skeptic Self-taught
      Another nonsense that proves that the UN has outlived itself.

      The World and Russia still need the UN ... Otherwise, house and lawlessness will begin! The organization is actually formal and yet ...
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 13 October 2016 07: 13
        Quote: STARPER
        .. Otherwise, the house

        in German Meehan spoke ...
      2. vik669
        vik669 14 October 2016 16: 29
        From this place, it’s more detailed: why, when and where was the UN organized, the goals of creation and RESULTS — result on the face (photo unnecessarily) - Who dances the girl is eating her dinner, and it's time to have lunch (both give, for the gifted)!
  3. snifer
    snifer 12 October 2016 15: 40
    yes, too, the cock is still
  4. Masya masya
    Masya masya 12 October 2016 15: 47
    Leaving, go ... Why not shake the air ...
    1. Cat
      Cat 12 October 2016 17: 57
      And what else remains for him !?
    2. nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn 12 October 2016 23: 05
      that there was no doubt that Ban Ki-moon, a protege of the USA, he served faithfully and now hopes for some warm place, for faithful service to the owner, like a dog in this case he barks and clings to his master's feet, it’s scary to be aground
  5. Phosgene
    Phosgene 12 October 2016 15: 57
    This eloquently suggests that the UN Secretary General is one of the terrorists.
  6. trantor
    trantor 12 October 2016 16: 20
    alas, spoiling his impression of himself at the end of his political career.

    What impression are you talking about? Absolutely colorless technical character.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 12 October 2016 16: 59
      Quote: trantor
      Absolutely colorless technical character.

      And which of the UN secretaries was not biased by the State Department? As long as the UN headquarters is located in the United States and while the main reserve currency is a candy wrapper with the image of the American president, the general secretaries will twitch under the scent of "exceptional", sometimes allowing a retreat from the "mainstream" only on secondary issues.
  7. cap
    cap 12 October 2016 16: 31
    “The King’s last argument” for the American coalition was the diplomatic cover for the propaganda war against Bashar al-Assad, which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon tried to make, alas, spoiling his impression of the sunset of his political career.

    Lost the States of their man at the UN.
    True, we do not know what we found.
    But the successors of the "renegade" Kautsky have a powerful lobby in the Congress of the world hegemon.
    The states in this story (Sharikov) resemble the US position in Syria.
  8. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 12 October 2016 16: 45
    I agree with him, after a fall near the KAB-500, health deteriorates sharply laughing Maybe he will write them sick leave what
    1. Masya masya
      Masya masya 12 October 2016 17: 03
      Also pay wink
  9. iouris
    iouris 12 October 2016 18: 21
    Yes, Korea’s reputation and its own were greatly tarnished, although what can I say - satellites. The next one will be worse.
  10. Saratoga833
    Saratoga833 12 October 2016 18: 36
    In my opinion, the fate of the UN will soon repeat the fate of the League of Nations! Indeed, now the UN does not solve almost any political issues. Just a talking room, a whistle for releasing steam.
  11. Niccola Mack
    Niccola Mack 12 October 2016 18: 47
    He noted that today execution is used in 65 states, but modestly kept silent about the death sentences in the United States of America, in the territory of which the UN head office is located.

    And also in his native South Korea (although it doesn’t really apply), Japan, India, China - half the world.
    Something Ban Ki-moon decided to think about the soul - to see sins burden.
  12. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 12 October 2016 18: 56
    After the collapse of the USSR, the "world democratic hegemon" represented by the SGA did not intend to observe the so-called. international law, the conductor of which d. UN. The UN's role was reduced to blocking any condemnation of the destructive actions of the "hegemon", the implantation of "democracies" by him in the countries of AFRICA and the BW. The spineless policy of the UN General Security Council also played a significant role in this. So goodbye Ban Ki-moon - take a break from the deeds of the "righteous"! bully
  13. OLD FART
    OLD FART 12 October 2016 20: 13
    Meanwhile ... Great job guys! And the screech of the west, to us as applause ...
    Today, a Syrian military source said in the afternoon that the government forces of the Syrian army had dealt a devastating blow to the terrorist positions at Deir ez-Zor. Reportedly, as a result of the offensive by the Syrian army, the terrorist facility was completely destroyed. The militants, including the commanders inside, were killed on the spot as a result of such an onslaught. According to the information received, it was a certain command center for the militants.
    Initially, several dozen militants were neutralized at Deir ez-Zor, namely in the areas of Al-Hamidiyah and Ahoikh. After cleansing these areas, their affiliation with the ISIS * terrorist group was established. After that, the Syrians were able to discover the command center of the militants. It is noteworthy that the main part of the operation was carried out by the Syrian Air Force.
    It should be noted that after the discovery of an enemy cluster site, its coordinates were transferred to the relevant units, namely the Syrian artillery. The 137th artillery brigade of the 17th Reserve Regiment of the Syrian Arab Army fired at an enemy target using both rocket and rocket artillery. It should be noted that the government artillery points of this brigade were located just near the command center of ISIS fighters. In addition, it is important that the shelling was accompanied by devastating airstrikes, which completely excluded the likelihood of jihadists surviving in such conditions. As a result of such shelling and airstrikes, the zone was completely cleared of the terrorist presence.

    No information was received on the exact number of dead terrorists.

    * - The organization’s activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation by decision of the Supreme Court
    tigl ..

    Urine their Assad!
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Orakul2000
    Orakul2000 12 October 2016 20: 50
    Well, something like that to answer him!
  16. Altona
    Altona 13 October 2016 09: 34
    Quote: Skeptic Self-taught
    Another nonsense that proves that the UN has outlived itself.

    If the UN disappears, then all the post-Yalta treaties in the world will become null and void. Do you want that?
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 14 October 2016 22: 57
      All the Yalta agreements have long ceased to operate, look at the redistribution of Europe after 1991. not to mention Ukraine, the Baltic states, and other "tigers". I put a plus, although there is nothing new in the article. A new, large-scale redivision of the world and a great massacre is coming, which we see now. Even in those regions that could not even be thought of. What can you say, another crisis of capitalism, which the West heals only with a world war, they do not know other recipes. We know, they have passed more than once, and all at the cost of tens of millions of lives of the peoples of Russia. And everything now depends on Russia's position. But the next body, such as the league of the nation or the UN, will already resolve all issues, but the most tragic thing is that it will be after the third global war.
  17. Spas77
    Spas77 13 October 2016 12: 50
    One puppet leaves, another comes. I don’t understand how JV Stalin was sold, that he agreed that the UN should be in the United States. It is clear that we had a devastation and so many victims in V.O.V. But we can’t calculate that the dollar will steer around the world, and the UN will become the POCKET organization of those where it is located. The last blue helmets of the UN were in Yugoslavia. After this tragedy (the collapse of Yugoslavia) I do not remember where they were introduced and where they at least ruined something. Sea of ​​Conflicts Rwanda, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine ..... OS where are you? The organization for world peace does not work and there is no sense from it for a long time.

  18. Military Builder
    Military Builder 14 October 2016 05: 41
    Quote: STARPER
    It is noteworthy that the main part of the operation was carried out by the Syrian Air Force.

    'Who is the pilot who shot me down?' -
    One Vietnamese I asked
    Answered me that slant that he commanded the interrogation:
    'Our pilot Li Si Tsin shot you down'

    It is you, the Vietnamese, lying for nothing
    I clearly heard in the headset:
    'Kolya, press, and I'll cover!'
    'Vanya, hit, and I'll cover!'
    Russian ace Ivan knocked me down (C) Chizh and K
  19. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 14 October 2016 13: 33
    Hollande No. 2. Goes away unequivocally - that’s where he begins to carry nonsense, which they put into his mouth amestra.

    Appendage, which in order to eat laughing , usually inflamed in ex or outgoing.
  20. vik669
    vik669 14 October 2016 16: 31
    Quote: Masya Masya
    Also pay

    Why is the deceased money?