Inconvenient questions to Poroshenko will send a Ukrainian student in the "ATO"

Has found its continuation story about how the president of Ukraine recently visited the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Poroshenko, who told students about how he "participated in hostilities" in 1984-1986 on the territory of Kazakhstan (while serving in the SA), pleased even another embarrassment. Going to leave after the lecture in front of the students, Poroshenko heard in his address a question from a student (his name is Taras Starodubets) about when the war would end and when Poroshenko would send his children to the Donbass:

Petr Alekseevich, when will you send your children to the ATO?

To this, the President of Ukraine replied that "his children were already in the ATO" and "have already returned."

From the dialogue:

The youngest is 14 years old. How old are you?

I'm not 14, I'm 22. So when will the war end?

Poroshenko said that for this "the will of two parties is needed" - "Ukraine and the world community - on the one hand, and the aggressor - on the other."

Then we are hostages, it turns out?

Poroshenko, losing patience:
Do you propose to surrender to Russia?

Not. I offer nothing.

Poroshenko, hastily ending the discussion, which he clearly did not add political dividends:
Then listen to what I suggest!

What he offers, no one in the Kiev-Mohyla Academy has not heard. But the debate broke out regarding the "service" Poroshenko's son in the "ATO". Correspondents Ukrainian edition "Vesti" found out that the eldest son of the president was in the “ATO” zone under a strange name, never took part in hostilities, lived separately from other military units, and under the protection of 20 (!) special forces soldiers.

The next day, after uncomfortable questions to Poroshenko, student Starodubets heard (read) the following statement from the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Muzhenko (Facebook), clearly addressed to "embarrassing supreme commander in chief" to students:
The Armed Forces of Ukraine will gladly accept into their ranks as graduates of the glorious Kiev National University. Shevchenko, and other universities of any specialty. There is work for everyone. The defense of Ukraine is our common task.

They say that you will ask a lot of questions, you will zagremish in the Donbass ...

Interview with a student from Anatoly Sharia:
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  1. +3
    10 October 2016 13: 42 интервью с пацаном
    1. +5
      10 October 2016 13: 46
      Quote: n0isy интервью с пацаном

      In my opinion, the only TV channel that showed it was Life News, for which they respected, by the way, the others had shouted earlier that the dude had expelled and calmed down.
  2. +9
    10 October 2016 13: 47
    Well, what - students jumped on the Maidan let it go now jump into the atom
    1. +31
      10 October 2016 13: 55
      Quote: Caserogue
      Well, what - students jumped on the Maidan let it go now jump into the atom

      This one obviously didn’t ride, and my respect for his courage.
  3. +11
    10 October 2016 13: 55
    "were" and "have already returned", but what so quickly? In general, there was a bitch, a too resource-intensive combat unit, moreover, most likely absolutely useless, but now the feathers are like a fan, "I am a member of the database, in one person I plowed an entire Buryat armored cavalry division", these majors are rotten tribe, and this is already regardless of the host country ...
    1. +2
      10 October 2016 14: 21
      sorry the phone sat down - so he would have shown them all right!
  4. +1
    10 October 2016 13: 58
    it was they on Maydaun lol in atoms they cannot be children wink !!! So - "Cut Shura ...! wassat saw !!! " laughing
  5. +3
    10 October 2016 14: 21
    Is this such important and interesting news that it is spread all over the network, as if it’s spread across the face? The boy blurted out and what?
    External news is a necessary thing. But not to such a trifle.
  6. +3
    10 October 2016 14: 32
    It was an interview with the son of Poroshenko. I was in the ATO, commanded a mortar, probably not the Hammer. And everything else is a military secret. Laugh.
  7. win
    10 October 2016 14: 35
    Students are people balancing between the army and higher education.
    1. +5
      10 October 2016 14: 45
      I like your humor, always lively and to the point)))
  8. +1
    10 October 2016 14: 47
    And that there are no normal people in Ukraine? For me, not everything is lost, there are normal, adequate, educated people in the younger generation! And the horses, as usual, are practically uneducated people, at best vocational schools!
  9. +2
    10 October 2016 14: 48
    And what kind of hostilities took place in Kazakhstan 1984-1986gg? Where is this ..... I managed to fight something.
  10. 0
    10 October 2016 14: 51
    Yes, everything seems to be fine with him, but it's all disinfect
    live conversation with a student))
  11. +9
    10 October 2016 14: 54
    Instead of normal work, we already have that we can feed ourselves and our family will not, so go die in the ATO. He also said at a speech that go to the database zone is not a transferable experience, of course not transferable if you are a walking corpse. Young people are fleeing from the country, scientists, too, have been able to work for a long time already in the EU or the Russian Federation. The real genocide is to carry out this power.
    1. +1
      10 October 2016 14: 57
      Holodomor v.2.0

      Adapted to modern realities: Poroshenko & co partners

  12. +1
    10 October 2016 15: 31
    This is a truly democratic European approach, oh you ask me the wrong questions, so get a subpoena in the ATO and there the damned separatists will give the guy a random bullet ... and everything will be fine !!!
  13. +5
    10 October 2016 16: 01
    Freedom of speech, she is. laughing

    That's how much I look at the photos of the hero of the ATO Poroshenko Jr. (part-time, successful businessman laughing ), for some reason it seems to me like vampire ghoul (of the many glamorous sagas of completely stupid pen dos am ).

    1. +1
      10 October 2016 18: 28
      Quote: Gormengast
      for some reason it seems to me like a vampire, a ghoul

      There is something in this - the devil's seed.
  14. 0
    11 October 2016 05: 50
    Here is the Ukrainian nature, that the giraffe, at first they choose the most "worthy" president, and then after a couple of years, they only begin to think, and then not think, but gather their thoughts together wassat So lads, it's time to tie up with mattress democracy and jump to the Maidan "Who doesn't jump, that Mattress" laughing

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